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    Cheap Play Guide by Mochan

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                                The Gothic FAQ v1.0
                              "How to Be a Cheap Ass" 
                         By Mochan <Setsuna@mochan.cjb.net>
                              created February 4, 2002
                           last modified February 4, 2002
    cheap adj(1509) 1: at minimum expense  
                    2: gained with little effort
                    3: obtainable at a low rate of interest
                    4: STINGY
    ass (bef. 12c)  1: any of several hardy gregarious mammals (genus Equus)
                       that are smaller than the horse and have long ears
                    2: a stupid, obstinate, or perverse person
    This FAQ written while playing Gothic v1.08j
    All things written herein were tried and tested using that version only. 
    If anything does not work for you, it might be the game version. If you 
    want to get in contact with me for any reason, write the e-mail above but 
    PLEASE include this tag in your subject line: 
    Thank you.
                                 TABLE OF CONTENTS
    1. Why this FAQ was written
    2. How to Be a Cheap Ass
       2.1. INFINITE FOOD!
       2.2. Free Skin!
    4. CREDITS
    5. OMAKE!
    1. Why this FAQ was written (Wala lang, bored ako)
    Gothic is a nice little game that is everything the utter sheep 
    Ultima 9 should have been. Whatever, this game has its problems
    but overall it's a good game to play and I do not regret playing
    it at all.
    However, it is terribly difficult to get a foothold in this game
    at the start, be it due to missing mice, devilishly tough enemies,
    or whatever. So here I am to help you make the best out of yourself
    and if you are having any trouble playing this game at all, you've
    come to the right place.
    Some things to consider first, though:
    1.) This game uses the mouse!!! 
    I've heard numerous complaints that some people couldn't get the 
    mouse to work. Rest assured it works. At least on my PC, in my
    version. I don't see the cursor though. I've never seen the cursor.
    It really feels like a console game, that you have to press up and
    down to cycle through menus. Unfortunately, the mouse buttons are
    set and you can't reconfigure them, M1 is for "USE" and M2 is for
    That's enough for now. In the future I *may* add a more conventional
    "how to play Gothic" portion somewhere over here to help people play
    the game, because understandably the interface is... unorthodox to
    say the least. But I don't feel like it right now so I'll shut up 
    right here.
    End lecture.
    2.) A question from me: How's your game performance? The game slows
    down on my machine a bit. I have a Athlon XP1600 and a 32MB GeForce
    2 card, I think that's fine, but I only have 128MB RAM. Do you guys
    think this is why the game slows down on my rig when lots of people
    are on-screen and there's lots of scenery details? I'm using 
    1024x768x16 at 60% visual range right now, at first I was at 
    1024x768x32 at 100% without any problem, but as I went along the
    game started chugging. Any input?
    2. How to Be a Cheap Ass
    Well, to be honest I don't have too many tricks yet. I've only been
    playing the game for two days. But I have found out some nice things
    that you might want to know about.
    Yes, believe it or not, my cheating genius has exploited a bug in
    the game which gives me an unlimited supply of food! This probably
    doesn't sound too impressive if you've been playing Nox or something
    where food is laughable. But in Gothic food restores life AND acts 
    as currency in the barter system. In other words, with unlimited
    food you're financially set for life, and you need never fear 
    suffering from wounds again! So what's the secret?
    Step 1: Kill a Scavenger or Molerat, easy prey even for a level 0
    dweeb (which is what you are at the start)
    Step 2: Get the Raw Meat
    Step 3: Go to any of the camps and look for a cooking Pan. It's
    those grey little things stewing over a fire. Now stand in front 
    of it it, and it should say "Pan".
    Step 4: Open your inventory and select "Raw Meat". Hold the Use
    button down, and you should crouch before the pan, as if you 
    were going to cook the Raw Meat with it.
    Step 5: Do NOT press Up or initiate any action, just let go of
    the Use button. Now look at your inventory again and look at 
    your Raw Meat. It's now double the quantity!
    Step 6: Repeat. So if at first you have 1 Raw Meat, after this
    you will have 2 Raw Meat! Nice. After a while you'll have hundreds
    then thousands, I stopped at 60,000+ pieces of Raw Meat, that 
    should be more than enough to keep you financially and healthily
    fit for the rest of the game. And if not, just find another
    frying pan. 
    NOTE: I'm not entirely sure if you can exceed 65,000 pieces, since 
    games usually use a Short for these quantities, which lets values go
    up to some 65,000+. I tried it, nothing happened. I'm just assuming
    that's the limit. I was actually surprised it didn't go negative,
    which is usually what happens.
    2.2. Free Skin!
    You actually don't need this trick after learning the Raw Meat trick
    above, but it's good for laughs. 
    Step 1: Learn "How to Skin Reptiles" from Drax or whoever. 
    Step 2: Go to the Brotherhood swamp camp. Run to the swamp and find
    a swampshark.
    Step 3: Run close to the shark and have it chase you. Run towards
    the Templars. If they stop chasing run back to them and hit them or
    just make them chase you again. This can be hazardous but with 
    practice you can do it. 
    Step 4: Watch Templar whack Shark and then pick up the skin when
    it's dead. That's a free 100 Ore!
    Step 5: For fun, lead the shark over to the novices and the Baals
    harvesting swampweed, and watch it kill them (if they don't run 
    away). Hmm, this can get you in trouble finishing some quests, so
    don't do it, but it is fun to watch. ^_^
    NOTE: This works with any monster actually, but it is quite 
    dangerous to try it with some enemies (like Snappers, who are 
    faster than you!)
    Okay, those are all the tricks I have right now. Sorry, I've only
    been playing for about 15 hours. 
    Please read my Evil Summoner FAQ also available at GameFAQs which
    will tell you what you can do with this document. Or you can try
    my Counter Strike Tactics FAQ (I think Gamespot calls it the Zen
    of Counterstrike, whatever that meams). Do not do anything with
    this material until you have read either of the two. Or else. Heh
    heh heh.
    4. CREDITS
    To my Internet provider PLDT DSL who finally after months of my cursing, 
    coaxing, and pestering, finally decided to approve my application and 
    let me get on the net to upload this for your viewing.
    That's it! 
    5. OMAKE!
    Since this FAQ is so pathetically short and devoid of content, I think I 
    will do a mini-review here for your reading (dis)pleasure and to make this
    FAQ a bit longer and less embarassing.
    Setsuna's silly little Gothic Review:
    Gothic is a nice little (or big?) RPG which reminds me a lot of Ultima 9.
    NO! Do not take that badly. Ultima 9 was crap, but Gothic gets things right
    where Ultima 9 messed up big time.
    First of all, the game looks a lot like U9 -- third person view with full
    3D landscape. The world is very interactive, though not quite as fully
    interactive as the Ultima world. Still, this game is a big improvement 
    because it doesn't have all the silly things that made U9 such a bad game.
    The graphics are nice, they are not exactly breath-taking or stunning by
    today's standards but for an RPG they are good. The character models aren't
    exactly pretty, you yourself look like an idiot but overall the graphics
    are good. However, you should be using at least 800x600 resolution or they
    will look bad. But if you run at 1024x768 they are quite nice indeed.
    On the downside clipping is still a big problem, hey what 3D game doesn't
    have this problem, arms still go through walls, if you fall down a cliff
    onto rocky ground actually your body will look embedded in the rock (maybe
    it is, hmm). The people in the game really look barbaric though. Whatever.
    The world graphics are a bit static, you won't see moving trees or
    shrubbery here like in Ghost Recon or Hitman, the water effects are
    normal and not worth commenting on, overall decent graphics, but nothing
    Sound is very impressive, every single line of every single conversation
    (and there is a lot) in the game is voice-acted, this game is practically
    no-reading required. However, on the down-side many voices are shared.
    For instance, Cavalorn is a very distinguished gentleman who talks with
    a rather haughty accent. But when you piss him off by standing in his 
    way for instance or drawing a weapon he uses the default "get angry voice"
    which everyone else in the game uses. Ah well, we must cut corners 
    One more thing: where are the WOMEN in this game?! Are all the convicts
    men or something? Someone tell me there's a hot babe somewhere in this
    game aside from the Saving screen. I mean I got this group picture and
    there's a red-head in it. There has to be a girl here somewhere right?
    The music on the other hand is nothing special. The music changes to fit
    the mood of whatever's happening. During morning the music is different
    from nighttime, and when you're in combat the music becomes a stirring
    action piece. But the music actually reminds me for some reason of the
    new music from Ultima 9 (I'm not so sure why, but they sound similar).
    This is NOT good, since the new music in U9 was very boring (the classic
    tunes remixed in U9 were good, but the new music was mostly terrible).
    This is the good part of the game. The game is non-linear, in that you
    can go anywhere and do whatever you want. There are a bunch of 
    quests for you to do, and you can accomplish them more or less in 
    whatever order. However, each quest has a set outcome, I don't think
    you can take multiple paths to solving a problem like in Fallout 2.
    Still, there's a lot to do and it's more or less fun doing it. 
    Many of the quests, though, still fall into the "FedEx Style" which
    turn you into an errand boy running around the map fetching this and
    that for whom and whomever. Although you will be running around a lot
    in the game over the vast, lush world, it is still quite fun assuming
    you're the nature-lover type who loves to stroll around the woods with
    lots of wild monsters waiting to eat you.
    Oh yeah, speaking of monsters, this game has a pathetic combat system.
    It's the biggest complaint I have actually. First of all, it is very
    hard to get a foot hold in this game, at the start you will likely be
    mauled left and right by all the monsters. As you grow stronger and
    learn better techniques this will abate, but it can be very frustrating
    at the start. I suggest getting the Bone Bow in the mines (it's quite
    easy to get if you know how, and it's a very good bow which will put
    you away from danger's path. Hmm maybe I will write here how to get
    the bow in a future update).
    Basically to fight, you have to press the combat key to enter combat
    mode, and hold the "USE" button down while pressing a direction key
    to attack. Very awkward, to say the least, and sidestepping is also
    not very smooth in this game. End result, it's quite hard to fight. 
    Better than the U9 system, I think, but still a bad system.
    Morever, all your weapons are practically the same, there is no
    difference from a sword, a mace, a scepter, or whatever. You all
    use them the exact same way. So much for variety. There are only
    basically two weapons in the game -- sword and bow. Each with many
    different stats for damage and strength/dexterity requirements, 
    but in the end they're all the same weapons. Boring.
    Speaking of strength and dexterity, the character system is very
    bland and primitive. You cannot create your character, you start
    off with this wimpy looking blond guy, and you just bulid him up
    however which way you want (much like Planescape: Torment).
    However you only have two stats: Strength and Dexterity. After
    that you, have I think 8 skills: One-handed weapons, Two-handed
    weapons, Bows, Crossbows, Sneak, Acrobatics, Pick Locks, and
    Pickpockets. And also magic "on" skill. That's it. That's ALL!
    That SUCKS! Talk about lack of variety. Even the AD&D system,
    primitive as it is, was more advanced than this!
    To make this game closer to perfect I would have liked to see
    something at least like the Fallout perk system, better yet
    the best RPG system ever made, the Final Fantasy Tactics job
    system! Yeah. But unfortunately there's no such thing, I wish
    you at least had special attacks in this game but there is no
    such thing. Boring. 
    What else can I say... gameplay is more or less nice, though the
    combat is a real bummer. There also seem to be numerous bugs 
    which can stop you from solving the game. Right now I closed the
    gate to the Old Mine, and when I tried to open it again it WON'T
    OPEN! Gundam! I think I'm screwed and actually at this point I
    can't do anything more in the game. I think I might have to 
    restart from scratch or find a walkthrough with cheats in it. Ah
    well. It sucks. Things like this should not happen in a game!
    The interface is primitive, to say the least. There is no mouse cursor,
    you have to use the Up and Down keys to cycle through menu options. The
    Z and Y keys are interchanged, I have no idea why. Keys are remappable,
    but not all of them can be remapped. The left and right mouse keys are
    set to "Use" and "Jump" respectively, and as far as I can tell it is 
    not possible to change these.
    There is also no tutorial to ease you through the learning process. If 
    you're a veteran gamer/RPG player you can pick up easily from experience,
    I can see problems arising, especially in using items or distributing
    things during trade agreements. Well, good luck. When in doubt download
    a more complete FAQ detailing all these things.
    All in all, despite its problems, Gothic is a good game, it's easily
    the best offering we've had since Arcanum. Hmm, wait, come to think 
    of it, I don't think there were any other RPGs on the PC since Arcanum. 
    Damn. You can see how sad PC RPGs are these days. Ah well. This is a
    much needed game in a landscape that is devoid of its ilk. That alone
    should make you buy it if you are an RPG lover.
    Action gamers and RTS gamers probably won't like this game, RTS gamers
    you are way out of your territory, action gamers will not appreciate
    the flaky combat system and squiggly movement. However an RPG gamer,
    especially the jaded Ultima fans who were expecting a lot from U9
    but were let down miserably, will probably appreciate this game. So
    go get it now, Avatar!
    NOTE: I will probably revise this review after I play the game more,
    after all I've barely played it for ten hours! Not enough time to 
    really review a game, you know. 

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