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"Bug spray could have saved this game"

You’ll get my title later. Project Eden had the potential to be a great game but lost it. I got this game a while back as a gift, and I looked at it and I thought “wow, this looks like a good game.”</sarcasm>. So I put it in and I play for a while and I was surprised to find that I actually enjoyed it. But then that feeling was completely eclipsed by bugs and irritating gameplay elements that ruined that game.

You start out the game following a troop of peacekeepers of some sort who are sent into a meat factory where it appears that evil is afoot. Some technicians have disappeared. You go in and are required to “pull the plug” at the plant. The story then takes off from there. On the way you encounter unique creatures that are intent of stopping you from achieving your objectives. This is where the game becomes quite irritating. The battle starts and you try to kill an enemy that is attacking your friend but you can’t because you might hurt them. The game prohibits fire anywhere near your team. So the person ends up dying and they have to start all over again from the last checkpoint.

You can control all four of the characters by toggling through them with each of the directional pad buttons, one for each person. This is somewhat irritating for someone like me who is accustomed to using the directional buttons to play.

There is little music in this game and the sounds really aren’t much to brag about. The footsteps are about the only things that sound good in the game. The graphics are the least you would expect out of a PS2. Textures and all of the environments are detailed but they are not very well modeled.

You have a very limited weapon inventory and you can only give the weapon to one person. Then if they do not use that particular weapon for a while they will put away in favor of a much weaker weapon, the default weapon. When time comes for the battle you are surprised to find out that you have an incredibly weak weapon and you have to toggle through your inventory to pull it out, meanwhile your enemy is wearing your health down incredibly fast.

The story is wonderful. It is simple and interesting. Some parts will actually give you the chills for a few minutes and maybe even ruin your sleep at night. I don’t want to spoil anything so I’ll leave it at that.

The part where this game succeeds is in the gameplay. You have to solve puzzles which can be incredibly complex. For instance, turning levers A and B will activate part of the machine that you need to accomplish another separate objective, which came as a result of the failure of objective 1. These are quite difficult at some times, which makes me wonder how some people actually completed the game. Which is almost impossible for another reason.

BUGS!!!! There are so many bugs and complications in this game that it completely takes out any fun at all in the game. For instance, you have a flashlight that enables you to see in dark places (obviously) and when you turn it on everything in its cone becomes a single indecipherable shade of gray. This causes you to have to blindly navigate through an area, where by some chance of luck you emerge into the area you want to be in. What really makes me laugh is that there is a battle that takes place completely in the dark, so you firing around blindly trying to hit something.

Another one really gets me. The game freezes at so many different points that you resort to cheats to get past the level. Meanwhile you miss half of the story, which you really want to find out what happens. So you probably will end up playing it once and leave it on the shelf to be forgotten. Actually, you might not even complete the game out of the frustration of the bugs.

So overall here are the scores,

Story- 10/10

Gameplay- 6/10

Graphics/Sound- 4/10

Replayability- 2/10

Overall- 4/10

Final Recommendation- well, make your own judgment from what I said. You will probably conclude that this game isn’t even worth renting. So if a friend or someone you know has it borrow it from them. If you rent it, it will be impossible to complete it within 5 days, because of all the glitches and also because of the puzzles that it has.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 07/06/03, Updated 07/06/03

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