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    Item Editing FAQ by Minako

    Version: 2 | Updated: 05/06/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    -                                                      -
    -          Dungeo Seige Item Editing FAQ               -
    -                                                      -
    -    Research by Minako and Jericho, FAQ by Minako     -
    -                 minako@asia.com                      -
    -            Version 2, May 6, 2002                    -
    -                                                      -
    -                                                      -
    -                     Intro                            -
    -                                                      -
    Now that it's possible to edit your dungeon seige characters (Rico Blanko has an 
    FAQ on this over on gamefaqs.com if you need to know the basics) it's time to 
    do more than just change the xp for your character.  This means editing items.  
    Dungeon Seige gives items their powers like this: it has the basic item, and 
    then can have one prefix and one suffix (only one of each, adding more gets 
    ignored by the game).  So, to get a desired effect on your items, load up the 
    party.gas file, find your item and change/add the prefixes/suffixes as desired.
    NOTE: Make absolutelly sure to backup your character.  Even though this is a 
    pretty safe and tested procedure, it's still cheating, so errors, while rare, 
    can and will occur, so make sure you have a backup of your character in case 
    you're one of the unlucky ones to have it blow up on you.  Generally, the game 
    will just ignore the eronious suffix or prefix in items it doesn't like, but in 
    rare cases it will get more upset than that, so make sure to backup your 
    character and editing work periodically.
    -                                                      -
    -                     Tools                            -
    -                                                      -
    The tools for this are exactly the same as for character editing, just three:
     -> Tank Viewer - www.game-editing.net
     -> Tank Creator - www.game-editing.net
     -> Text editor of your choice, wordpad or notepad work
    The rest is just like editing your character.  Open it up, extract to the temp 
    directory of your choice and load the party.gas file up, that's where the items 
    all are (incidentally, the bitmap file there can be replaced with whatever you 
    want looks like too, we haven't looked into it more than just to see it's doable 
    -                                                      -
    -                     Specifics                        -
    -                                                      -
    Now, in this file, at the end obviously are the xp levels for your stats and 
    skill levels, but before that is a huge list of everything you have.  Spellbooks 
    and what they contain are first, then the rest of your items in a format like 
         equip_slot = es_ring_0;
         gold_value = 20727;
         inv_location = il_main;
         modifier_prefix_name = skirmishing;
         modifier_suffix_name = offoresight;
         template_name = ring_common;
         variation_name = s_d_fin;
    Obviously the first number is just what numerical order it is in the list of 
    stuff you have.  equip_slot is where it's at, gold_value is what it sells for 
    (since you can cheat for infinite gold just by changing the value at the end of 
    your save file, but hey, if you wanna, knock yourself out.)  Not so sure what 
    the inv_location means, presumably more of where it is.  Now, the next two are 
    the ones that matter.  This is where you specify the prefix and suffix for your 
    toys.  (note that not everything has a prefix and suffix.  If you wanna add one, 
    then that's fine, every item can have one prefix and one suffix, even if it's 
    not there by default).  Every item, including ones that normally can't have 
    magic (like your freind and mine, the chicken gun) can be made magic like this.    
    The last two feilds appear to be what your item actually is displayed as.  So 
    far we haven't looked to see much about that, so play with it at your own risk.
    Now, for editing it's just a matter of picking what you want, putting it in, 
    saving the file and then reassembling the three extracted files to a complete 
    save file and off you go.  The prefixes and suffixes we've found and gotten 
    specific info for so far are below.
    -                                                       -
    -             Prefix and Suffix list                    -
    -                                                       -
    This list of prefixes and suffixes is by no means complete, it's merely what 
    we've come across since we started researching this, with somewhat of a focus on 
    the high end ones.  Note that the data has to be entered as is (ie suffixes 
    without spaces and with the of<whatever> as is.)
    demolishing: +7 melee
    devastating: +5 melee
    ravaging: +4 melee
    butchering: +2 melee
    goring: +1 melee
    soaring: +5 ranged
    launching: +4 ranged
    driving: +2 ranged
    gliding: +1 ranged
    essential: +6 nature magic
    earthen: +3 nature magic
    terestrial: +2 nature magic
    organic: +1 nature magic
    skirmishing: +6 combat magic
    fighting: +4 combat magic
    brawling: +3 combat magic
    scuffling: +2 combat magic
    conflicting: +1 combat magic
    stern: magic damage reduce 5%
    unyielding: piercing damage reduced 13%
    resistant: piercing damage reduced 9%
    respected: melee damage reduced 9%, +2 dex, 3% damage reflected, +1 stregnth
    exceptional: +9 armor, magic damage reduced 8%, +17 health, +1 mana/hit
    trusted: magic damage reduced 5%, melee damage reduced 5%, +1 melee
    hulking: +150 armor
    brawny: +15 armor
    sustained: +13 armor
    calloused: +10 armor
    enforced: +8 armor
    rough: +3 armor
    intact: ranged damage reduced 4%
    solid: ranged damage reduced 3%
    harsh: magic damage reduced 11%
    perserving: +5% chance to block magic
    obscrure: +10% chance to block melee, +1 melee
    secret: +9 armor, +1 melee
    relentless: melee damage reduced 5%, piercing damage reduced 4%, +2 melee
    elite: +1 dexterity, +1 health/hit, +1 melee
    prized: mele damage +10%, +1 dexterity, +3 nature magic, +2 health/hit, +1 
    radiant: magic damage reduce 5%, piercing damage reduce 7%, +5% chance to dodge 
    ranged, +13% chance to hit
    remarkable: ranged damage reduced 3%, +1 combat magic, +1 nature magic, +1 
    daring: +5 aromor, ranged damage reduced by 3%
    peerless: +13 armor, +5% chance to block magic, +5% chance to block melee, +1 
    nature magic, 3% of damage reflected to enemy
    marvelous: +17 armor, +48 health, 3% of damage reflected to enemy, +1 stregnth
    uncommon: +7 armor, +12 health, 3% of damage reflected to enemy, +1 stregnth
    vengeful: +5% chance to block ranged attack, +1 ranged skill
    flourishing: +5% chance to block magic, piercing damage reduced 3%
    stupendous: magic damage reduced by 5%, melee damage reduced by 5%, +8 health, 
    +23 mana
    grounded: melee damage reduced by 10%, -3 ranged skill
    ofgrandeur: +9 stregnth
    ofvirulence: +4 stregnth
    ofrobustness: +3 stregnth
    ofsturdiness: +2 stregnth
    ofhardness: +1 stregnth
    ofthedexterous: +6 dexterity
    ofthedeft: +4 dexterity
    ofthenimble: +3 dexterity
    ofthespry: +2 dexterity
    oftheswift: +1 dexterity
    offoresight: +9 intelligence
    ofjudgment: +6 intelligence
    ofknowledge: +3 intelligence
    ofinsight: +2 intelligence
    ofawareness: +1 intelligence
    ofthepanther: +415 health
    ofthebear: +320 health
    oftheram: +163 health
    ofthewolf: +89 health
    oftheboar: +42 health
    oftheserpent: +37 health
    ofthedog: +21 health
    oftheowl: +17 health
    ofthebadger: +12 health
    ofthefox: +7 health
    ofrestoration: +275 mana
    ofrecover: +203 mana
    ofrevendication: +53 mana
    ofrefreshment: +20 mana
    ofrenewal: +12 mana
    ofexchange: 5% of damage reflected to enemy
    ofreversal: 3% of damage reflected to enemy
    ofinfluence: +13 health, +1 health/hit, +1 mana/hit
    ofprivledge: +1 health/hit, +2 stregnth
    ofsorrows: +12 health, +1 health/hit, +2 mana/hit
    ofyouth: +8-13 damage, +13 mana
    ofcautery: +40-85 fire damage
    ofscorching: +16-34 fire damage
    ofthestartled: +16-20 lighting damage
    ofthunder: +4-5 lightning damage
    ofaffluence: +3 health/hit
    ofdeception: +1 helth/hit
    ofexactness: +10% to hit with melee weapon
    ofshadows: +7 mana/hit
    ofdusk: +6 mana/hit
    ofthetheif: +6 mana/hit
    ofpurpose: 3% chance to inflict a piercing hit
    ofteeth: +12-28 piecring damage
    ofspikes: +7-16 piercing damage
    ofbriars: +4-10 piercing damage
    ofpuncture: +27-48 damage
    ofperforation: +23-33 damage
    ofhorizon: +5-11 damage
    ofthejarred: +5-7 damage
    ofthesavage: +54 max damage
    ofdisease: +45 max damage
    ofinfirmity: +39 max damage
    ofsickness: +3 max damage
    ofexpanse: +4 max nature damage
    ofprotest+3-8 combat magic damage
    ofstability: +1-4 piercing damage, -2 stregnth
    ofmonstrosity: -1 dexterity, +1 stregnth
    ofrefuge: +15 health, -12 mana
    ofseasons: +1 ranged, +8 health, +1 health/hit, +1 mana/hit
    ofchilling: +15% chance to freeze, +6-11 cold damage
    ofsnowflakes: +5% chance to freeze, +2-4 cold damage
    -                                                      -
    -                      Updates                         -
    -                                                      -
    Version 2, May 6, 2002:
         added 31 prefixes, 45 suffixes, misc minor revisions
    Version 1, May 4, 2002:
         origional text, 16 prefixes, 21 suffixes
    -                                                      -
    -                   Conclusion                         -
    -                                                      -
    Obviously, there's a ton of prefixes and suffixes, and since some do more than 
    one thing, are a bit difficult to get down exactly without a ton of time and 
    effort.  We're still working on it, and will update as, well, we get more done.  
    If anyone wants to help, or has work of their own already done they'd like to 
    contribute, mail us at minako@asia.com  Hope this guide helps.  Have fun 
    cheating ;)
    This FAQ copyright 2002, Andrius Adomavicius and David Spalinski
    This is being submitted to www.gamefaqs.com, if you like and and would like to 
    reuse it somewhere else, please e-mail me and let me know what you're doing.  As 
    long as you don't charge for it, it should be fine.

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