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    FAQ/Walkthrough by KChang

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                            Dungeon Siege
                  Unofficial Strategy Guide and FAQ
                           by Kasey Chang
                     released February 24, 2003
    0    Introduction
    This section is for "what the FAQ is about" and things like
    that. Feel free to skip this section.
    If you like the FAQ, please send me a dollar. :-)  See [0.3]
    This FAQ is primarily about the single player game, though
    it has some references to the multiplayer game.
    While several FAQs and walkthroughs are available for
    Dungeon Siege, I don't see a fully comprehensive one, so I
    wrote one.
    This is a FAQ, NOT a manual. You probably will not be able
    to learn how to play the game with this document.
    This USG only covers the PC version since that's the only
    version that I have (and existed).
    Some of you may recognize my name as the editor for the XCOM
    and XCOM2: TFTD FAQ's, among others.
    This document is copyrighted by Kuo-Sheng "Kasey" Chang (c)
    2003, all rights reserved excepted as noted above in the
    disclaimer section.
    This document is available FREE of charge subjected to the
    following conditions:
    1)This notice and author's name must accompany all copies
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      Guide and FAQ" is copyrighted (c) 2003 by Kasey K.S.
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    3)No charge other than "reasonable" compensation should
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      If you see any one selling this guide, contact me (see
    4)If you used material from this, PLEASE ACKNOWLEDGE the
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    5)The author hereby grants all games-related websites the
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      you do so, then you are infringing upon my copyright.
      This section was added for any websites that don't seem
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      For the gamers: You are under NO obligation to send me
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      If you don't live in the US, please send me some local
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    Gamers who read this guide are under NO obligation to send
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    However, a VOLUNTARY contribution of one (1) US Dollar would
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    If you choose to do so, please make your US$1.00 check or
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    "2220 Turk Blvd. #6, San Francisco, CA 94118 USA".
    If you don't live in the US, please send me some local
    stamps. I collect stamps too.
    For the record, out of ALL the FAQs I wrote (37 at last
    count) over the past nine years or so, I've received exactly
    7 dollars and 2 sets of stamps, as of release of this guide.
    So I'm NOT making any money off these guides, folks.
    PLEASE let me know if there's a confusing or missing remark,
    mistakes, and thereof... If you find a question about this
    game that is not covered in the USG, e-mail it to me at the
    address specified below.  I'll try to answer it and include
    it in the next update.
    Please do NOT write me for technical support. That is the
    job of the publisher.
    Please do NOT ask me to send you a list of controls, the
    manual, etc. If you borrowed the game without borrowing the
    manual, blame your own stupidity. If you bought the game
    without a manual, blame your own stupidity. If you copied
    the game without copying the manual, you're not only scum,
    but STUPID scum.
    Please do NOT ask me to answer questions that have already
    answered in this FAQ/guide. It makes you REALLY idiotic.
    I will NOT answer stupid questions like the ones above
    unless I'm in a really good mood. If you send questions like
    that, do NOT expect a reply.
    The address below is spelled out phonetically so spammers
    can't use spambots on it:
    Kilo-Sierra-Charlie-Hotel-Alpha-November-Golf-Seven-Seven AT
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    To decipher this, simply read the first letter off each word
    except for the numbers and the punctuation. This is
    "military phonetics" or "aeronautical phonetics" in case
    you're wondering.
    This document was produced on Microsoft Word 97. Some
    editing was done with Editpad (editpadclassic.com).
    0.5    THE AUTHOR
    I am just a game player who decided to write my own FAQs
    when the ones I find don't cover what I want to see.  Lots
    of people like what I did, so I kept doing it.
    Previously, I've written Unofficial Strategy Guides (USGs)
    for XCOM, XCOM2:TFTD, Wing Commander, Wing Commander 2, Wing
    Commander 3, Wing Commander 4, Privateer, Spycraft, 688(I)
    Hunter/Killer. Mechwarrior 3, MW3 Expansion Pack,
    Mechwarrior 4, Mechwarrior 4: Black Knight, Need for Speed:
    Porsche Unleashed, The Sting!, Terranova, Fallout Tactics,
    Starfleet Command Volume II, DS9: The Fallen, DS9: Dominion
    War, Driver, Warlords: Battlecry, Monopoly Tycoon, and a few
    To contact me, see 0.4 above.
    Gas Powered Games (http://www.gaspoweredgames.com/) created
    Dungeon Siege
    Microsoft (http://www.microsoft.com) published Dungeon Siege
    This USG is not endorsed or authorized by ANY of the
    companies mentioned above.
    There is an official strategy guide (ISBN: 0782129447)
    published by Sybex.
    The information compiled in this USG has been gathered
    independently through the author's efforts except where
    noted otherwise.
    This document is based on the V1.1 patch, and thus
    information listed here may NOT apply fully to earlier
    This document is primarily aimed at the single-player game.
    Multiplayer will be discussed briefly.
    0.7   HISTORY
    24-FEB-2003         Initial release
    1    Dungeon Siege General Info
    Q: Can you send me the game (or portions thereof)?
    A: No.
    Q: Can you send me the manual (or portions thereof)?
    A: No.
    Q: Can you tell me what keys to use?
    A: You can look in the game, can't you? It's also listed on
    the official website.
    Q: Can you tell me how to play the game?
    A: Read the manual.
    Q: Can you help me get the game working?
    A: That's the publisher's job.
    Q: How about a patch?
    A: Just 1 patch, at the official site.
    Q: How about a discussion board?
    A: They're all over the place. Try the official website
    (http://www.dungeonsiege.com) for a list of them.
    Q: How about Expansion Packs? More missions? User-created
    missions and campaigns?
    A: Try the mod community at http://www.siegenetwork.com,
    including list of all the mods, including official mods from
    Gas Powered Games (GPG) as well as various balances,
    enhancements, new contents, new maps, new skins, and more.
    Q: How about an editor?
    A: Try the official website. There are two modules you need
    to download, the modeler, and the level/weapon/world editor.
    Q: How about a sequel?
    A: GPG haven't talked yet.
    Q: How do I disband a member?
    A: Select the member, hit disband button on the lower-right
    toolbox. Confirm the choice.
    Q: My guys have fallen over! What do I do?
    A: If the character's portrait is "red", that means the
    character is unconscious, and he'll wake up in a little
    while, albeit with very low hitpoints. The red bar will
    steadily decrease. When the red bar is gone, the character
    will wake up (hopefully not still in the midst of enemies).
    Q: My character's portrait has a tombstone over it! And his
    stuff is scattered all over the ground! What happened?
    A: "He's dead, Jim."  He probably was knocked unconscious
    too many times, or hit a big cache of explosives. If there's
    someone left in your party with resurrect scroll or spell,
    cast it and bring him back to life. Then he can be healed
    and regain his stuff.
    Q: How do I start in the game?
    A: Try reading the manual, then the "Beginner's Guide" below
    at [2]
    Dungeon Siege is the game Chris Taylor set out to make after
    Cavedog went under. It was mainly designed as Diablo-
    killer... Full 3D, seamless world, no poison, no ammunition,
    weapons don't break, self-healing, and things like that.
    Excerpt from the official website, recommended specs are:
    Windows XP, 2000, Me, 98 PC with 333 MHz equivalent or
    higher processor 128 MB of system RAM 1 GB available hard
    disk space 8 MB 3D graphics card DirectX 8.0 compatible
    sound card with speakers/headphones Multiplayer: 56 kbps for
    1-4 players, broadband or LAN for 5+ players
    It takes 1.1 gigs of space to install properly, and maybe
    another 1.1 gig to patch it (as the patch backs up
    From the official website:
    Dungeon Siege is an action Fantasy Role-Playing Game (FRPG)
    that takes place in a continuous and gigantic fully 3D
    world. The design philosophy is to combine the immersive
    qualities of a FRPG model with over-the-top combat and non-
    stop action. Starting with a single character, the player
    adventures throughout the world, adding as many as 7
    additional characters to their party along the journey and
    developing their skills in any way they see fit.
    1.5   BUGS AND FIXES
    The shipped version V1.0 is quite stable as is, didn't
    notice any bugs per se.
    The patch, V1.1 and V1.1a primarily patched the editing
    tools and online experience that allow the people to "mod"
    the game. There is also a V1.1a patch, which fixes up a few
    more minor problems.
    I've left the game running for DAYS (trying to fulfill all
    the quests on the Utrean map) and it NEVER once crashed,
    even when I alt-tabbed into other applications to do other
    There are no official announcements regarding expansion
    packs or sequels.
    Gas Powered Games (GPG) has released other maps, and you can
    play multiplayer maps on your own computer by hosting a
    multiplayer game with no other player connecting to you.
    Diablo / Diablo 2 are in the same genre, except Dungeon
    Siege allows multiple team members.
    1.7   HOW ABOUT A DEMO?
    Try here: http://www.microsoft.com/games/dungeonsiege/8.asp
    Beware, it's a HUGE file (almost 200 megs). You get to play
    the game all the way up to Stonebridge. It gives you a taste
    of what is to come.
    The basic game mechanics are already covered quite well in
    the manual. This will primarily serve as the beginner's
    guide, party composition, character list, quest list,
    walkthru, and other misc. reference items.
    1.9   FUTURE PLANS
    I may add the walkthru for Yesterhaven map when I get it.
    2    Beginner's Guide
    2.1   WHAT DO I START AS?
    At the beginning, you will probably start as a melee
    fighter, as you will find shovels and such available as
    weapons. You can branch into combat mage or nature mage
    later when you find some spells around.
    Once you've beaten the game, you can try again as a ranged
    fighter, a hybrid ranged / melee fighter, or other
    For the ultimate challenge, try "solo" the adventure, by not
    hiring anybody! Just hire packmules to carry your stuff.
    If you start as mage, you can hire melee fighters, summon
    beasts, and so on.
    If you start as a ranged fighter, you can learn some lower-
    level spells and branch into melee.
    It does NOT matter how you start. You can finish the game as
    ANY of the professions. You don't even need to specialize,
    as you can hire other party members to specialize for you.
    You enhance STR by wielding heavy equipment and/or weapons,
    as close to your actual STR as possible, and by using such
    equipment and weapons in combat.
    You enhance DEX by using ranged weapons a lot.
    You enhance INT by casting spells a lot. (Using a staff in
    combat does NOT enhance INT, as far as I know)
    The increase also seems to depend on the enemies fought. If
    you fought wimpy enemies, you gain less than if you fought
    more serious enemies.
    2.3   HOW DO I FIGHT?
    How you fight depends on your specialty. Are you a melee
    fighter, range fighter, or mage (combat or nature)?
    2.3.1     Melee Fighter
    Run in there and start bashing, that's the melee fighter
    Try to "tease" a few enemies so they move to attack you
    instead of you fighting the entire group at once (i.e.
    getting mobbed). .
    2.3.2     Range Fighter
    Basically, you're the sharpshooter, going for distance
    You would probably want to keep the weapon with the longest
    range (13 to 15 meters is good) so you can get in more
    arrows when possible. Fast firing rate is good.
    Fight as few enemies as possible at one time, divide and
    You may also want to keep a few melee weapons around, just
    in case.
    2.3.3     Mage
    Again, divide and conquer is best way, fight one at a time.
    Fireshot or Zap is pretty decent early on, even if you're a
    bit weak.
    Later, you can summon beasts to do the combat for you. If
    you have melee fighters and ranged fighters in the party,
    you can cast "buff" spells to pump up their stats.
    2.4   HOW DO I STAY ALIVE?
    RUN AWAY when you can't handle the enemy. Most enemies will
    not chase you very far from their initial location. Heal
    yourself, then try again. By this, I mean RUN into areas
    you've cleared before of any enemies. Running into new area
    means you'll find MORE enemies, not less.
    Use a lot of healing potions (RED ONE!), and the "healing
    hands" spell, which you can cast on yourself. As it's a
    level 0 spell, everybody can use it. Save the potions for
    the heavy battles.
    Try to tease away one enemy at a time, so you don't get
    mobbed. If you get mobbed, run away (and I mean BACK, as
    running into new territory will likely trigger MORE
    Get better armor and better weapons ASAP. Dump the wimpy
    When you get a party, it gets easier, as others can fight
    and/or cast heal on you.
    Initially, grab EVERYTHING. Look for item you can use that
    does the most damage, or best protection, or most enhancing
    your attributes.
    If you need more protection, then look for items that
    enhance STR (so you can wear heavier armor), or has the most
    +armor modifier. Basically, try the item until the "armor"
    reading is maximized.
    If you need more damage, look for items that enhance melee
    or ranged damage, or higher STR or DEX, or just do more
    damage overall. Check if it's one or two-handed weapon
    though. Two-handed weapons do more damage in exchange for
    giving up protection of the shield.
    If you need better spells, look for items that add + nature
    magic or + combat magic, or more INT.
    Dump the items you don't need on the ground or the packmule
    (if you got one).
    You get more gold by killing lots of bad guys. Bad guys
    (including monsters) will occasionally drop gold when you
    kill them. In the later levels, you get thousands of gold
    pieces, maybe over ten thousand from the dead guys, whereas
    initially you get only tens and twenties.
    You also can grab a LOT of loot. You may not be able to
    personally carry them all, so you'll have to pick and
    choose. Some of the best items can be sold for a lot of
    One of the best ways to make money is by selling spells.
    Give spellbooks to all your characters, even if you don't
    plan to use them as mages. Spellbooks are cheap. When you
    get "extra" spells, (those your mage already has, or found
    better ones), dump them into the spellbooks of the
    "holders". It doesn't matter what level the spells are, you
    aren't going to use them any way. Spell books are extremely
    compact, and the first spellbook takes up NO inventory
    space, unlike individual spells! When you reach a shop, SELL
    the entire spellbook for BIG BUCKS. Then just buy one to
    replace it.
    Especially sell the spells that you can't use in the near
    future. If you're level 10, for example, sell the spells
    that are level 20 or higher.
    Another way to get more gold is have your mages (or you)
    cast "transmute" on the discarded items. It's a level 1
    spell. You won't make as much gold as you would have if you
    had sold the item, but at least you're getting SOMETHING.
    You can hold up to 10 million gold pieces (9,999,999 to be
    You should be able to find plenty of mana potions around.
    The combat mage spell "burn body" seems to replenish your
    mana as well, as would similar spells.
    2.8   WHO DO I RECRUIT?
    See [4] for a full list of recruitable characters and where
    to find them, and if they cost anything.
    As you can have up to 8 members in your party (which
    includes the packmule), you probably end up with 7 members,
    that's 2 melee, 2 melee/ranged, 1 ranged or 1 ranged /
    nature, 1 combat mage, and 1 nature mage, and the packmule
    of course. You can vary the ratio to fit your personal
    playing style. More combat mage? More ranged? All up to you.
    There are basically four "groups" of spells: healing, buff,
    direct damage, and summons.
    Healing spells: heal a specific member, or the entire party.
    Healing hand is the first one you get, and it's quite
    usable, even on yourself. Healing wind, which increases
    healing rate, works for the entire party. Resurrect spells
    technically belongs in this group as well.
    Remember to use healing spells, or you'll end up using a LOT
    of healing potions, which eats up inventory space that could
    better to used to carry loot. Mana regenerates faster.
    Buff spells: spells that raise attributes, like "lightfoot"
    raises DEX, "ironfirst" raises STR, "stoneskin" raises
    armor, and so on. Special attack spells like "triple strike"
    would count here as well, as do spells like "mana shield",
    which takes damage out of mana instead of hit points. Useful
    when heading into a big battle. Just beware of limited
    duration. The higher level the caster, the longer the spell
    Direct damage spells: spells that do damage directly. Combat
    mage get most of these, like pillars of fire, and such.
    Lightning, bomb, and firewall are other examples. They can
    affect a single enemy, or an entire group.
    Summon spells: spells that summon big nasty critters, from
    skeleton and hellboars to "mountain giant" or "forest klaw".
    They can add to your attack power significantly. However,
    you can ONLY summon ONE creature at a time. Summon them just
    before battle and they will help a lot.
    If you are solo-ing as mages, summon will be most of your
    combat power, as you can't afford to melee with anyone, even
    with your staff doing a ton of damage (if it hits at all).
    Higher level the caster, the longer the creatures last
    (assuming they aren't destroyed).
    In general, if you want to gain levels faster, use BAD
    weapons. Those that do only tiny bits of damage helps. Drag
    out the fight, take as LONG as possible.
    For healers, let one guy up front soak up the damage, and do
    NOT fight back. (Yes, you can do that). Then let the healer
    heal automatically. Leave him for a LONG time to level up
    the healer. You do need to watch the guy to make sure he's
    not overwhelmed though.
    3    Interface Tips
    It's better to right-click to designate a target instead of
    left-click. Right-click ONLY designates a target, whereas
    left-click, if you miss the target, means you will RUN to
    that spot!
    You can MOVE with left-click, and attack with right-click.
    It's the optimal way.
    In general, you would have melee in 1, ranged in 2, active
    spell 1 in 3, and active spell 2 in 4. Use the 1,2,3, and 4
    keys to quickly select them instead of clicking one at a
    When you get a larger party, you can use the number keys to
    set different "modes" for your party. For example, in
    "layered mode", you would set...
    Character 1 to "melee"
    Character 2 to "melee"
    Character 3 to "ranged"
    Character 4 to "healing wind" (magic slot 2)
    Or "maximum firepower mode"
    Character 1 to "melee"
    Character 2 to "melee"
    Character 3 to "melee"
    Character 4 to "fire rain" (magic slot 1)
    Or "heal mode"
    Character 1 to "healing hands" (magic slot 1)
    Character 2 to "healing hands" (magic slot 1)
    Character 3 to "healing hands" (magic slot 1)
    Character 4 to "healing wind" (magic slot 2)
    The limit is only your imagination.
    The function keys F1 to F8 can be used to select the 8 party
    members. S will stop the members in their tracks, and so on.
    You can map the F1 to F8 keys to select specific subgroups
    of your party, like F1 to all melee, F2 to all ranged, F3 is
    everybody except the packmule, F4 is mages, and so on.
    Remap the controls to make them more familiar to you.
    You can BUY items with CTRL-CLICK on the vendor inventory
    instead of drag and drop.
    You can SELL items with CTRL-CLICK on your inventory instead
    of drag and drop.
    Sure saves dragging and dropping dozens of items and wear
    and tear on your wrist and mouse.
    4    Tactical Tips
    Select all members, then select a formation, and move them,
    and they'll stay in that formation as much as possible. This
    makes combat that much easier, as you can put the melee
    people up front and the range fighters (and mages) in the
    back. Try the different formations, as each has its uses.
    4.2   USE THE ALTARS
    If you see altars, fight on/near it as much as possible.
    Life altar makes you nearly invincible, and mana altar give
    you more mana for your mages to cast those mana-heavy
    spells, including mana shield, or ability to recast the
    "buff" spells for a VERY long duration.
    Know when NOT to set "attack freely". Sometimes "defend" or
    "stand ground" may be a better choice tactically, esp. in
    unknown territory.
    Similarly, don't ALWAYS set follow on. Sometimes, like when
    you set the formation and need to "tease" some enemies back
    to your ambush, turn follow off!
    Auto-targeting has only three choices: strongest, weakest,
    closest. It does NOT have the setting you want: most
    The most dangerous enemy is the one doing you the most
    damage, not the one with the coolest sound and visual
    effects or closest to you. Take him out first, then the next
    one down, and so on.
    Melee usually do more damage than ranged, but when you have
    one melee guy with a lots of HP vs. 6-8 different ranged
    shooters shooting you full of holes, which one do you go
    after? You chase after the ranged shooters, that's who. The
    ranged shooters are easier to kill, and you cut down on
    number of hits sooner.
    In general, you should use melee for melee enemies, and use
    range attack on ranged attack enemies.
    You can also RUN after the ranged attack enemies, but that
    MAY trigger more enemies.
    Some spells, like "explosive powder" and "bomb", can
    "bounce" on the ground, giving them even LONGER range than
    those "advertised". This can be used to tease enemies to
    attack you once at a time instead of activating them all at
    Those lucky enough to grab a goblin grenade launcher can do
    the same thing, sending grenades further than the advertised
    If you need to shoot around corners, these projectiles can
    also bounce around corners.
    A lot of bows and crossbows have range 15 m, which means you
    can hit enemies before they can hit back. With a good ranged
    weapon, you can inflict a LOT of damage on enemies before
    they can close their distance.
    If you hit an enemy, that enemy will attack you, but not its
    neighbors (unless one of your stray shots hit them as well).
    So attack one, tease it to you, then kill it. Repeat for the
    next one, and so on.
    "Buff" spells, like stoneskin, eagle eye, and so on are VERY
    useful in battles, as they can make your party stronger,
    take less damage, and so on.
    Many newbies NEVER use buff spells, figure that the effects
    are limited and not worth the trouble. That is simply not
    5    Other Tips
    If you think the game is too fast, slow the game with Ctrl -
    (control - MINUS).
    5.2   USE THE PAUSE KEY!
    Space bar, which pauses the game, is very useful. It gives
    you time to consider your options and issue some orders.
    5.3   SAVE OFTEN!
    This is a "save anywhere" game, so use them! Don't rely on
    auto-save, as that only saves total of eight times the
    entire SP campaign.
    6    Item Guide
    In DS, each character is allowed to equip up to the
    armor -- one set of body armor, one set of gloves, one piece
    of headgear, one set of footgear, and one shield
    weapon -- one melee weapon and one ranged weapon
    jewelry -- one amulet, and up to four rings
    spellbook -- one open spellbook (you can keep more that is
    closed in inventory)
    Each of the items can be plain or magically enhanced.
    There are an infinite number of items in Dungeon Siege, due
    to the prefix/suffix system (sort of like Diablo's system).
    Some prefix and suffix are rare or unique, making them even
    more precious due to a LOT of modifiers.
    In DS, items may have prefixes and suffixes, thus allowing
    one to create almost infinite number of items out of the few
    basic types.
    In case you're wondering what do all the different
    background colors and the color title mean for the item...
    WHITE items are just "normal" items. No bonuses or
    enchantments have been added to them. EX: Steel
    BLUE items are magical items with some bonuses, from +1
    melee to +10 armor to +5 ice damage and so on. The
    possibilities are endless. They usually provide only 1
    bonus, sometimes 2.  They usually have one set of suffix
    applied to them. EX: Steel of Hardiness
    BROWN items are "trade-off" items. While some bonus
    modifiers are positive, there are also some negative
    modifiers as well. For example, the blade may be +15 life,
    but also -12 mana, or +1 STR with -1 DEX, and so on. EX:
    Grounded Steel of Hardiness.
    PURPLE items have double prefixes added instead, and thus
    are rarer. They have at least 4 bonus modifiers, sometimes
    5. They MAY also have a prefix AND a suffix. EX: Illustrious
    Slaughter Steel.
    YELLOW items are very rare and are very difficult to come
    upon, and usually contain 6 different bonus modifiers. They
    have both prefix AND suffix. Usually, they also have unique
    artwork that makes them even LOOK different from the normal
    types. EX: Illustrious Slaughter Steel of the Seasons.
    For a full list of the prefixes and suffixes, see
    It really is pretty pointless to list all of them, so I
    won't. Just note that the chances of you finding something
    is simply affected by a dice roll.
    Melee weapons are for hand-to-hand combat. They differ
    somewhat in the type of damage they cause
    Two-handed weapons require both hands. A shield can be
    equipped, but you only get the bonus modifiers (if any), not
    the blocking bonus nor the armor rating.
    One-handed weapons allow the use of a shield, giving you the
    blocking bonus and armor rating, as well as the bonus
    modifiers (if any).
    6.2.1     Edged
    Edged weapons, as explained, have at least one sharp edge.
    The bigger weapons need high STR to wield.
    Edged weapons can be one- or two-handed, and here's a
    partial list:
    Blade, dagger, sword, long sword, steel, great steel, great
    sword, axe, scythe, gladius, falchion, gut splitter, assault
    axe, cleaver, impaler, etc.
    6.2.2     Blunt
    Blunt weapons have no edge, and rely on brute force to
    inflict damage. You need high STR to wield blunt weapons.
    Blunt weapons can be one- or two-handed, and here's a
    partial list:
    Mace, spiked mace, winged mace, hammer, mallet, ram, club,
    branch, cudgel, scepter, mincemeat, squasher, etc.
    6.2.3     Staff
    Staff is basically a very fancy stick, and requires high
    intelligence to use.
    Staff is always a two-handed weapon and usually can block
    10% melee damage. It may also have other bonus modifiers.
    Some can be bladed.
    Staff can also go by other names, like leg-breaker, bladed
    staff, hooked staff, bent staff, destroyer, etc.
    Staff, at high INT ratings, can be a very powerful weapon,
    doing 100-200 pts of damage.
    All ranged weapons in DS are two-handed weapons.
    6.3.1     Bow
    There are plenty of bows, from simple peasant bow to
    advanced heavy battle bow. In general, bow fires in "slow",
    "slower", or "slowest" speed, and requires high DEX to use,
    though some heavier bows may also need STR.
    The higher the DEX requirement, the more damage the bow will
    do. A bow with DEX requirement in the 50's can do 200+ pts
    of damage per hit.
    6.3.2     Crossbow
    Later you start running into crossbows. The best crossbows
    does about 80-90% of a bow's damage, but can fire about 20-
    40% faster (fast speed), thus more damage overall.
    Crossbows, like bows, require DEX and some STR. They come in
    long, medium, and short varieties. There are also unique
    6.3.3     Other (guns, launchers, etc.)
    When you fight the goblins, you will gain some of the more
    unusual weapons, such as lightning gun, grenade launcher,
    flamethrower, and the minigun. Those don't use ammo (ammo is
    magically self-replenishing, given some time).
    There may be other launchers as well, you'll just have to
    find them.
    They have their own DEX and STR requirements.
    6.4   ARMOR
    DS has armor in five different areas on the character's body
    6.4.1     Headgear
    Headgear ranges from simple hat to heavy helmets. Most of
    these have STR requirements
    Mage's headgear has INT requirements instead.
    6.4.2     Body Armor
    Body armor ranges from rags all the way up to battle plate,
    and everything in between. In general, the best armor has
    tremendously high STR requirements.
    Some of the special cloaks, garments, and so on may have
    high INT requirements instead.
    Consider giving your mages some STR enhancing jewelry and
    items so they can wear better armor. If you can get them up
    to STR of 12 or so, they can wear thin chainmail, which has
    protection of around 100. Some better chainmail, at STR 16
    or so, have protection up to 200.
    6.4.3     Gloves/Gauntlets
    Gloves and gauntlets protect the hands. Most have high STR
    requirements. Still, that's not a lot of protection. You
    mainly wear them for the modifiers.
    6.4.4     Shields
    Shields are only used with one-handed weapons. In general,
    the larger the shield, the more attack it blocks. So the
    best would be "large kite shield", blocking 35% of melee and
    ranged attacks. Of course, you also need to be at least
    strength 38 to wield one.
    The next best down is heater shield (20%/10% blockage), then
    painted shield.
    6.4.5     Footgear
    Footgears are your basic boots, greaves, and such that
    protect the feet. Usually they have STR requirements, esp.
    the heavier ones.
    Best ones are those with modifiers, as they don't add that
    much protection overall.
    6.5   JEWELRY
    6.5.1     Amulets
    Amulets are worn around the neck. Each character can wear
    only one. So pick the right one. They usually provide only
    one bonus.
    6.5.2     Rings
    The character can wear up to four different rings. The
    effects are cumulative with any other items the character
    may be wearing. Some special rings may be rare or unique,
    providing multiple bonus modifiers.
    6.6   SPELLBOOKS
    A character is allowed to OWN more than one spellbook, but
    can only be equipped with one spellbook at a time.
    To add spells to the spellbook, drag the spells from your
    inventory list onto the spellbook's slots. Remember, only
    two spells can be active at the same time.
    Consider giving spellbooks to non-spellcasters. They can
    help you store the extra spells for sale later.
    More expensive spellbooks can have bonuses, like blocking
    magic damage, increase dexterity, and so on. You can still
    buy them, but you can't equip them.
    6.7   NOTES ON ITEMS
    Only "equipped" items (i.e. those IN the slots on the "paper
    doll" screen) apply their bonus to the character. Items in
    inventory do NOT apply their bonus to the character.
    A shield's bonus modifiers STILL applies (from what I heard)
    even if you are using a two-handed weapon, as long as the
    shield is still "equipped".
    Give each character a set of armor and weapons and such that
    they will "soon" be able to use. For example, if the
    character's STR is 24, give him/her some stuff that requires
    STR 25 or 26. That way, the character can upgrade as soon as
    their attributes improve.
    Any stuff that you can't use in the near future (i.e. stuff
    that requires too much STR or DEX or INT) should be dumped
    on the packmule to be sold for lots of gold. Revise the
    packmule inventory as your character grows.
    Any stuff that is WORSE than what you can use should
    probably be transmuted into gold (if possible) and you're
    running out of room to carry them all.
    When you get to a shop, sell the stuff you have on the mule,
    the spare spellbooks (with the extra spells). Then buy stuff
    for your characters so you maintain a full set of things you
    can use (if possible). Pass down the items from one
    character to next to make sure everybody has the best items
    7    SP Campaign Recruitable Characters
    Here is a list of all the recruitable characters in the
    single player campaign:
    7.1   ULORA
    Where: Ulora is hiding near the end of the Crypt of the
    Sacred Blood.  She'll join for free for rescuing her from
    the Crypt.
    Stats: STR 10, DEX 10, INT 10, Melee 1, Ranged 1, Nature 1,
    Combat 0.
    What to do: She is a bit weak melee-wise, so you may want to
    push her toward archer or nature mage (or both), though she
    can work as a melee if you train her up a bit. Still, it's
    better to have a complementary team member.
    7.2   GYORN
    Where: Gyorn, your first objective, is near the entrance to
    the town of Stonebridge. Go in, look a little to the right,
    and there he is. He's also free.
    Stats: STR 11, DEX 10, INT 10, Melee 2, Ranged 0, Nature 0,
    Combat 0.
    What to do: He is already a melee fighter, so keep him that
    way. You can also train up a bit on ranged fighting.
    7.3   RUSK
    Where: Rusk is on the second floor of the inn at
    Stonebridge.  He is sleeping in a bed, and once you get near
    him, he falls off and staggers to stand up. Rusk needs some
    gold to pay off his drinking debt.
    Stats: STR 11, DEX 10, INT 10, Melee 3, Ranged 0, Nature 0,
    Combat 0.
    What to do: Rusk is a melee fighter, so keep him that way,
    if you hire him.
    7.4   NAIDI
    Where: Naidi the archer was recuperating at the temple in
    Stonebridge.  She, unfortunately, has a healing bill she
    needs to pay.  She is a bit expensive, so unless you've
    dumped a lot of loot at the shop, you may not be able to
    afford her.
    Stats: STR 10, DEX 11, INT 10, Melee 0, Ranged 3, Nature 0,
    Combat 0.
    What to do: She's already an archer, so keep her that way.
    7.5   ZED
    Where: Zed is near the exit to the next level in
    Stonebridge. He said he needs some excitement, so why does
    he ask for a ton of gold?
    Stats: STR 10, DEX 10, INT 12, Melee 0, Ranged 0, Nature 3,
    Combat 0.
    What to do: He's a Nature Mage, so if you've made Ulora
    nature mage already, you may not need Zed.
    7.6   GLOERN
    Where: Gloern is at the entrance to the Glitterdelve Mines,
    fighting all the Krug raiders. Help him, then talk to him,
    and he'll join your party for free.
    Stats: STR 13, DEX 11, INT 10, Melee 5, Ranged 0, Nature 0,
    Combat 0.
    What to do: He's a decent fighter, so keep him that way.
    7.7   KRODUK
    Where: Kroduk is in Glacern, on the second level of the inn,
    near the Overseer.
    Stats: STR 15, DEX 12, INT 10, Melee 8, Ranged 0, Nature 0,
    Combat 0.
    What to do: He likes to smash, bash, and crash things.
    Therefore, he makes a good fighter, right?  Consider
    replacing your worst fighter with him.
    7.8   LORUN
    Where: Lorun is next to Kroduk in the Inn at Glacern, second
    Stats: STR 11, DEX 11, INT 16, Melee 0, Ranged 0, Nature 0,
    Combat 9.
    What to do: He's already a combat mage, so keep him that
    7.9   MERIK
    Where: Merik, the objective of one of your quests, can be
    recruited as well, and he's a very good nature mage. You
    can't miss him near the exit of the level... Break the hold,
    and watch the cutscene... Then talk to him to recruit him.
    Stats: STR 11, DEX 12, INT 21, Melee 0, Ranged 0, Nature 13,
    Combat 4.
    What to do: Merik is an excellent nature mage, with some
    good equipment as well. Use him!
    7.10  PHAEDRIEL
    Where: Phaedriel is just down the road from the Traveler's
    Camp. She costs quite a bit to hire though...
    Stats: STR 14, DEX 20, INT 12, Melee 0, Ranged 17, Nature 0,
    Combat 0.
    What to do: She's already an excellent archer, so give her
    some armor and your best bows and crossbows... Her strength
    means she can wear some decent armor as well.
    7.11  ANDIEMUS
    Where: In a hut in the swamp, just before the witch shop
    Stats: STR 13, DEX 14, INT 26, Melee 0, Ranged 0, Nature 24,
    Combat 0.
    What to do: this guy is a good nature mage, but do you
    really want to replace Merik? If Merik haven't improved, you
    MAY want to replace him with Andiemus, or you can wait.
    7.12  BORYEV
    Where: Boryev can be found just after you've beaten the fury
    and re-emerged into sunlight. He said he's looking for the
    treasure that Phaedriel is looking for.
    Stats: STR 20, DEX 16, INT 27, Melee 18, Ranged 0, Nature 0,
    Combat 34.
    What to do: He's a decent combat mage, but cost quite a bit
    of $$$, whereas Sikra is free later. You may want to leave
    him be, but he can hold his own in a melee, esp. with those
    super-damage staves (100+ damage per hit!!!)
    7.13  RHUT
    Where: just inside Fortress Kroth. He cost quite a bit of
    Stats: STR 33, DEX 19, INT 14, Melee 38, Ranged 0, Nature 0,
    Combat 0.
    What to do: Rhut is a fine fighter, though not that
    interesting. Still, he's very high level, and if your
    fighters haven't grown much, you may want to hire him to
    replace your worst character.
    7.14  SIKRA
    Where: Inside the Hall of Skulls, find the secret switch and
    open the secret room where she's imprisoned. She'll join you
    for free.
    Stats: STR 14, DEX 17, INT 36, Melee 0, Ranged 0, Nature 20,
    Combat 38.
    What to do: she's a dual combat/nature mage. You may need to
    let someone go to fit her into your party.
    7.15  ULFGRIM
    Where: Just before you reach the dragon, in the red cliffs.
    He wants money, and quite a bit of it too.
    Stats: STR 34, DEX 20, INT 13, Melee 39, Ranged 2, Nature 0,
    Combat 0.
    What to do: Ulfgrim is probably the best fighter you
    encountered so far, unless you have been specializing in
    melee fighting (or designated someone to do so). He has very
    good STR, so give him the heavy armor and tough weapons.
    Where: Just before Castle Ehb. He tells you the King is
    missing and hopefully safe, but he must find the King...
    He'll join up for free if you want to fit him in.
    Stats: STR 38, DEX 21, INT 13, Melee 43, Ranged 0, Nature 0,
    Combat 0.
    What to do: He's a real heavy melee hitter, though not
    necessarily better than what you got by now. If you got the
    gold, go for it!
    8    SP Campaign Outposts and Shops
    Here is a full list of outposts and shops in the single
    player campaign.
    There's a shopkeeper in Stonebridge. As this is the
    beginning, most of the stuff is not that good.
    8.2   WESRIN CROSS
    You can find a seller nearby with stuff you need.
    8.3   CAMP
    Just before you reach the Glitterdelve Mines, you'll run
    into this little "camp" where the two keepers will sell you
    8.4   GLACERN / ONOC
    Onoc in Glacern sells potions, spells, and spellbooks. He
    has no weapons, armor, or other stuff though.
    The blacksmith is the shop in Glacern, and he has pretty
    decent stuff.
    You find this place just as you're about to ENTER the Ice
    You find this place as you enter the "Dark Forest", after
    you got through the Ice Caves.
    You find this hut in the middle of the swamp, on those
    wooden bridges. There's a sign pointing to it too.
    You find this place after you got out of the Goblin caves.
    There's a sign pointing to it.
    The quartermaster got himself killed, so you get his
    substitute instead.
    Once you completed the quest to pacify the Droog village,
    you also get to shop with the Droog leader.
    Yep, there's a shop in the dungeon jail beneath Castle Ehb.
    He's off to one side though, so you may not find him in the
    first attempt. He has pretty decent stuff too, being the
    "final" shopkeeper.
    9    SP Campaign Full Quest List
    It is NOT necessary to find and fulfill all quests. In fact,
    I missed about 1/3rd of them during my first attempt to
    solve the campaign. However, that's the fun part about
    Dungeon Siege... You can go back and try again!
    Some quests are marked CRITICAL. Those are MUST-DO quests.
          Seek Gyorn in Stonebridge (Given by: Norick) CRITICAL
      How to get: Norick is the wounded guy you see on the
      bridge. Talk to him and you'll get this quest. Then he
      How to solve: Just make your way to Stonebridge, and talk
      to Gyorn. He's just inside the town entrance.
      Reward: some experience, and ability to recruit Gyorn.
          Clear Edgaar's Basement (Given by: Edgaar)
      How to get: Move around a bit and you'll find Edgaar's
      house. Talk to him and he'll explain the Kroog have taken
      over his basement.
      How to solve: Walk outside, open the door to cellar, walk
      down, clean it out, , take the "elevator" down, and take
      out Brankar, the Krug leader, and you can take the stuff
      for yourself.
      Reward: some decent items for you to start. When it's
      done, go back, talk to Edgaar, and Edgaar will give you
      some potions
          Clear Glitterdelve Pass (Given by: Town Guard)
      How to get: The guard in Stonebridge hands you this
      assignment if you talk to him.
      How to solve: Make it to the other side of the door, blow
      up the explosive barrel next to the door to clear the
      rocks, and talk to the guard captain near the door.
      Reward: none?
          A Sister's Message (Given by: Ella Riverstarn)
      How to get: If you visit Etan Roost's Inn and talk to
      Ella Riverstarn on the second floor, she'll ask you to
      deliver a message to her sister in Glacern.
      How to solve: Once you get to Glacern, look for Ada
      Riverstarn's house. Talk to Ada and you'll get a small
      reward. The house is to the north side of Glacern, with a
      couple legionnaires living inside.
      Reward: a +3 armor ring (Lloyd's Ring)
          Ordus' Axe (Given by: Ordus Jarrell)
      How to get: Find Ordus, one of the wounded soldiers, at
      the burned out house near the blacksmith
      How to solve: If you make your way out, you can find his
      axe in the tower's BASEMENT. The tower is to the north of
      town once you exit the town through the other side.
      Reward: the axe itself (not too bad)
          Deliver Gyorn's Report (Given by: Gyorn) CRITICAL
      How to get: Once you talked to Gyorn (and fulfilled the
      first quest), he said the message must be delivered to
      the Overseer at Glacern.
      How to solve: Find the overseer (in the main building) at
      Reward: you'll gain a bit of skill and attribute when you
      finish this.
          Rescue Torg (Given by: Gloern)
      How to get: As you come to the Glitterdelve Mines, you'll
      find Gloern fighting some Krugs. Kill the Krugs and talk
      to him. He'll help you locate his brother Torg. He'll
      even join up for free.
      How to solve: near the exit, there's a bunch of elevators
      reaching underground. Explore each and every one. Torg is
      down there in one of those underground chambers, maybe
      with some Rockbeasts. Take out the enemy and talk to him.
      He'll give you the next quest.
      Reward: Torg gives you a decent amulet, the Goldsniffer's
          Report Torg's Findings (Given by: Torg)
      How to get: fulfill the previous quest, locate Torg.
      How to solve: Torg also insist that you find the Overseer
      at Glacern, so you can fulfill both quests (Gyorn's and
      Torg's) at the same time.
      Reward: you'll gain a bit of skill and attribute, but
      that's together with Gyorn's report.
          Book Return (Given by: Ardun)
      How to get: Talk to Ardun, Onoc's assistant in the
      Magicatorium. He'll say something about the two other
      people have borrowed two other volumes and he needs it
      back. He'll drop the first volume. Pick it up.
      How to solve: move around Glacern. You need to talk to
      Elio, who's in the building next to the Magicatorium.
      He'll give you one volume. The other volume is held by
      the Southern tower archer (ride the elevator up and talk
      to him). Then go back and see Ardun with all three
      Reward: some gold pieces?
          Quest for Merik (Given by: Overseer) CRITICAL
      How to get: Talk to Overseer in Glacern. He explains that
      the guardian mage Merik has been missing for several
      How to solve: You can't miss it as you must pass through
      that area to exit the level.
      Reward: you can recruit Merik into your party. He's a
      good nature mage.
          Reinforce Fortress Kroth (Given by: Overseer) CRITICAL
      How to get: Talk to Overseer, like above. You get both
      quests together.
      How to solve: Continue to Fortress Korth, and defeat
      necromancer Gresh there.
      Reward: none?
          Homeless Blacksmith (Given by: Orlov)
      How to get: Orlov is in Glacern, in the blacksmith shop,
      and he complains that frost monsters have taken over his
      How to solve: get into the forest, (go north, after the
      bridge) find Orlov's house, clean out the basement.
      Reward: some stuff in his basement.
          Merik's Staff (Given by Merik)  CRITICAL
      How to get: if you find Merik, he'll explain that you
      must find his staff.
      How to solve: keep going, you'll get it back when you
      finish the goblin level by defeating the Robo-Goblin.
      Then pull a switch to open the holder and retrieve the
      Reward: Merik's staff, best used by Merik himself, is a
      very good and unique staff.
          Confront the Bandit Boss (Given by: Razvan)
      How to get: Razvan is in the Explorer camp, after Black
      Forest, in one of the tents. Talk to him to get the
      How to solve: Find the bandit camp (follow the torches).
      When you reach crossroad, turn right to the cave, and
      you'll find the bandit boss with a few bandits. Kill them
      Reward: none? (other than loot)
      NOTE: Nong will mumble about his daughter Sikra taken by
      the Droog, but it's not a quest. In any case, you can
      find her in the "Hall of Skulls". She's a very good
      combat mage.
          Purify the Temple (Given by: Azunite Scholar)
      How to get: you come to the wounded scholar in the swamp,
      near the sign pointing to Bonepicker's Post. Before he
      dies, he hands you this artifact and asks you to purify
      the temple.
      How to solve: fight your way into the temple / graveyard,
      defeat the boss undead there, and "use" the center table,
      which will automatically "use" the artifact on it.
      Reward: none (?)
          Reinforce Fortress Kroth {Given by: Legionnaire
      How to get: As you emerge from the caves, you should see
      the Legionaires off to the left side. These Legionnaires
      have been blocked from reaching Fortress Kroth and they
      can't go back either.
      How to solve: Defeat the necromancer Gresh when you get
      there should do it.
          Missing Treasure Hunters {Given by: Gregor}
      How to get: Talk to Gregos, who's in one of the houses by
      the lake. If you fought the "boss" Larch called "Infested
      Larch", you're getting close.
      How to solve: Explore the "flooded dungeon" (there should
      be at least one entrance nearby) and you will eventually
      locate their bodies.
      Reward: some gold, about 15000 pieces, if you go back and
      see him.
          Subdue the Droog (Given by: Tarish) CRITICAL
      How to get: Talk to Captain Tarish in Fortress Kroth.
      How to solve: Make your way through the Droog village
      (later) at Cliffs of Fire, kill any one who fight you,
      all the way until you get to the leader of the Droog
      village, and talk to her. She'll surrender.
      Reward: none
      NOTE: The village leader also sells things.
          Journey to Castle Ehb (Given by: Nonataya) CRITICAL
      How to get: Nonataya is the leader of the Droog village.
      When you talk to her to finish the "subdue Droog" quest,
      you'll get this one automatically.
      How to solve: Make your way near Cable Ehb. When you walk
      on the drawbridge, this one's done.
      Reward: none?
          Slay the Ancient Dragon of Rathe (Given by: Crusader
      How to get: Just outside the Droog village, you'll find
      Crusader Goquua fighting a drake. Kill the drake and talk
      to him.
      How to solve: you'll find a sign pointing to the dragon,
      which is slightly off the path to Castle Ehb. Go in
      there, and kill the dragon. He's pretty tough though,
      with over 20000 hit points.
      Reward: none? (except any goodies in the chests nearby)
          Search for the King (Given by: Bolingar)
      How to get: Talk to Bolingar, who's standing on the path
      fighting the few skeleton mercenaries and archers.
      How to solve: explore the castle for the hidden path into
      the jail below... Then explore the jail.
      Reward: none?
      NOTE: Bolingar can be recruited into your party. He has
      very good stats as a melee fighter.
          The Chamber of Stars (Given by: King Konreid)  CRITICAL
      How to get: locate the King (hiding inside the jail) and
      talk to him..
      How to solve: find your way to the Chamber of Stars
      entrance, use the key on the "keypad", then go there and
      solve the little "puzzle" inside the chamber...
      Reward: LOTS of unique and rare items, really need stuff,
      4 chests full of them.
          Vanquish the Seck (Given by: King Konreid) CRITICAL
      How to get: you get this quest along with the previous
      How to solve: technically, you don't do it in this
      chapter, but the next. Defeat the final boss and that's
      Reward: none, see next quest.
          Vanquish the Seck (Given by: nobody) CRITICAL
      How to get: you get this automatically
      How to solve: defeat the end boss, Commander Gom, who's a
      really nasty critter with a LOT of hit points. Not to
      mention he summons more nasties, and he comes BACK with
      more hitpoints after you beat him the first time!
      Reward: when you beat this baddie, you get a LOT of super-
      duper items, and you can go back through the game for
      things that you missed...
    10   Condensed Walkthru
    Here's a short walkthrough for each and every chapter, just
    to make sure you don't miss anything.
    Talking to Norick and get the first quest, get to Gyorn at
    Stonebridge. (QUEST1)
    Grab some weapons and spells, and start bashing any Krugs
    that you see. They're pretty weak (but then, so are you!)
    Look for the bear cave. While the bear has 50 hp, he's not
    THAT hard to kill if you have some patience and a bow or
    some magic attacks. The cave also has gold and armor you
    will need.
    At Edgaar's house, talk to him and he'll ask you to clear
    his basement (QUEST2). Clear out his basement to finish the
    second quest. (END QUEST2)
    Look for another cave, and defeat the Krug "boss" Klandank
    and his minions.
    Fight your way to the bridge. You will find the bridge is
    gone. Talk to Skartis at the bridge. He'll tell you that the
    only other way to Stonebridge is through the Crypt.
    Look for the life shrine, and the "alpha wolf" wolf boss
    Make your way to the Crypt, just follow the signs, and head
    Make your way through the Crypt, and get to the boss... the
    Ruby Gargoyle. Kill it.
    Continue, and you'll find Ulora. Go ahead and recruit her.
    Once out of the Crypt, fight your way to Stonebridge.
    Once inside Stonebridge, talk to Gyorn, (END QUEST1) then
    recruit him for your party. You also get another quest...
    Take the warning to the Overseer at Glacern. (QUEST3)
    Stock up and sell excess inventory.
    Speak with Ordus (QUEST4) and Ella (QUEST5) to receive their
    quests. Also speak with the guard and get the quest to clear
    Glitterdelve pass. (QUEST6)
    Recruit Zed the mage, Naidi the archer, or Rusk the fighter,
    which one is up to you.
    Get a packmule (or not) and head out of town.
    Fight your way through, then head north to find the Northern
    Guard Tower. Clear it to complete Ordus' quest, and take
    Ordus' Axe. (Hint: clear the BASEMENT) (END QUEST4)
    Make your way the gate to Glitterdelve. You find it is
    completely blocked. The only way to get there is to get to
    Wesrin Cross, then make your way back.
    Enter Wesrin Cross, fight your way through to the circular
    platform/gondola that drops you into a dungeon.
    Clean up, kill lots of spiders, keep exploring, kill the
    nasty spider boss (who sits still and spits poison).
    Continue to the elevator lifting you back out of the
    dungeon... On the other side of the gates.
    You can clear the gate by igniting the explosives next to
    the door. Talk to the soldiers to clear the "Reinforce"
    quest. (END QUEST6)
    Now the gate's open, consider moving back to Stonebridge
    with your new loot and hire more members for your party.
    Explore Wesrin Cross a little, more stocking up to do.
    Fight your way to town of Glitterdelve, watch Gloern fight
    the bad guys. Help him, then recruit him. He'll give you a
    quest to locate his brother Torg (QUEST7)
    Make your way through the Glitterdelve Mines. There are a
    LOT of side doors to explore. Watch out for those red
    explosive drums. You don't want to be too close to it when
    it goes off. Basically, fight lots of scorpions and moths
    and so on. Keep exploring.
    Go down the second-to-the-last elevator. (In fact, try every
    elevator) Speak with Torg, Gloern's brother. (END QUEST7)
    He'll give you a message to deliver to Overseer as well
    (QUEST8) Look for a hidden wall nearby if you can't find
    Torg.  He'll give you an amulet as well.
    Ride up in the elevator, then exit the mines. Fight through
    the snowy forest to Glacern.
    Inside Glacern, go to the Lucky Hurgiss Inn, and talk to the
    Overseer to complete the quests. (END QUEST3) (END QUEST8)
    He'll tell you to go find Merik if you can (QUEST9), and to
    reinforce Fortress Kroth (QUEST10).
    Recruit either Kroduk or Lorun, then restock at the
    Magicatorium or the outpost.
    Talk to the apprentice in the Magicatorium (octagonal
    building), then find his books (QUEST11) Solve this in town
    (END QUEST11) by doing some running around for the books.
    Talk to Orlov near the blacksmith to get the "clear my
    house" quest (QUEST12)
    Head out of town through the large doors in the "back" of
    the place. It leads down into the Ice Caves. Fight your way
    through the Ice Caves
    Sidetrip: Find Fury's Eye if you see a staircase.
    Fight your way to Merik, the man trapped in ice. Free him
    (END QUEST9), and recruit him if you wish. Merik needs you
    to help him reclaim his Warding Staff (QUEST13)
    Exit the Ice Caves into the next level...
    You're in the Dark Forest. Buy and sell things at the
    trading post, stock up.
    Continue along the path to the cave at the end. Fight your
    way through another dungeon.
    Follow the path to the Travelers' Camp. Speak to the leader
    of the group, Razvan to hear about the bandit problem, and
    how you're the solution. (QUEST14)
    Walk a little further down to restock at the merchant.
    Recruit Phaedriel near the exit of the camp if you want.
    Take the right path at the fork, through the bandits' camps.
    Defeat the Bandit Boss near the cave. (END QUEST14)
    Backtrack, then take the left fork into the Eastern Swamp.
    Follow the path to the right to find Orlov's house. Clear
    it, and claim his stuff in the basement. (END QUEST12)
    Enter the swamp on the small bridge.  Keep following the
    bridges and islands.
    You should run into the Azunite Scholar on the bridge. He
    said the temple was desecrated, and he failed to purify it,
    and it's your turn. (QUEST 15) Take the artifact, and clean
    out the temple and surrounding graveyard of zombies and such
    (clear out the boss zombie inside too). Then use the main
    "table" to place the artifact. (END QUEST15)
    You'll run into Andiemus in a hut. Recruit him if you want.
    Keep going on the bridges.  Make your way to the witch's
    shop in the middle of the swamp. Restock
    Keep fighting and exploring the swamp until you locate the
    entrance to the Goblins' caves. It's REALLY small and easy
    to miss, but if you fought two Gobbots with flamethrowers,
    you're at the right place. Look for a tree with a hole big
    enough to walk into.
    Go down into the Goblin Caves, then fight your way through
    the Goblin caves to a platform with a "rotating" bridge. Go
    straight, and it'll force you to curve to right, and circle
    around. Rotate the bridge again to set it so you can
    Keep heading deeper into the caves, and you're near Goblin's
    Fight the Goblin Inventor and defeat him in his Mecha-
    Gobbot. He disappears.
    Take Merik's Warding Staff. (END QUEST13)
    Continue out of this dungeon by using that elevator. Feel
    free to destroy those inactive Gobbots.
    Talk to the legionnaires just outside the cave to get
    another quest... It's STILL "reinforce Fortress Kroth"
    (Still QUEST10), so just go ahead.
    Follow the path along to Bonepicker's Post. Restock as you
    see fit.
    Make your way to Gregor's house (near the lake), and talk to
    him. He'll ask you to locate some of the... "customers" of
    the outpost. (QUEST 16)
    Look around for entrance to the underground flooded Temple
    Ruins. You should locate the "customers" Gregor mentioned.
    (END QUEST16)  They're dead, of course.  If you go back to
    Gregor and inform him of the news, you'll get a reward.
    Keep going, and find the entrance to the OTHER dungeon. Keep
    fighting your way down, and meet the level boss... "Fury".
    Take it out (this is one nasty looking critter).
    Exit the dungeon, and you should run into Boryev. Recruit
    Boryev if you wish.
    Continue on the "green plains". You'll run into Gresh, the
    necromancer, who's the one sending all those skeleton
    archers and mercenaries against the Fortress. Defeat Gresh
    and his minions, and Fortress Kroth is relieved. (END
    Make your way into Fortress Kroth...
    Inside Fortress Korth, Captain Tarish is happy to see you,
    and they saw your battle with Gresh. However, the Droog have
    settled in the village, and Captain Tarish wants YOU to
    pacify it (QUEST 17). He said the Droog has the woman
    (Sikra, you heard about her back in Traveller's camp).
    Recruit Rhut if you want.
    Head out the Fortress via the "backdoor", into the caves.
    Keep going, and you'll locate "Hall of Skulls". Explore it,
    and look for a statue that can be clicked on. Use it, and
    you'll free Sikra, who's a combat mage AND a nature mage.
    Recruit her if you want.
    Exit and you're in the "river valley" area. Kill sand mages
    as you go. You're near Cliffs of Fire. Fight your way
    through the landscape, killing critters, Droog soldiers,
    sand mages, and others.
    Make your way through the village itself. You'll find one or
    two groups attacking you, but the villagers will simply
    kneel and pray.
    Make your way to the top of the village and talk to the
    Droog village leader, Nonantaya, who surrenders the village.
    Apparently, they've been tricked by the Seck, who are
    somehow making a comeback... (END QUEST17) Nonantaya asks
    you to check out Castle Ehb as soon as possible...  (QUEST
    Walk out of the village, clear out any fanatics that attack
    you. Continue down the path, and you'll run into Crusader
    Goquua, a Droog, who's fighting a drake. Help him, then talk
    to him. He'll explain that the Ancient Dragon of Rathe is
    somehow under Seck control, and you must slay it. (QUEST
    Continue down the road, and you should run into Ulfgrim,
    who's a good fighter. Recruit him or not, that's your
    There's a sign pointing to the dragon's cave further down
    the road. Feel free to take him out. (END QUEST 19) He's
    nasty, but not impossible.
    Continue down the road, and you'll run into Lord Bolingar,
    who explain to you that Seck have attacked the castle and he
    and King Konreid got separated. Recruit him or not, it's up
    to you. Any way, you must look for the king (QUEST 20)
    Continue down the road to Castle Ehb, which is clearly
    overrun... By unknown forces. (END QUEST 18).
    Fight your way through the castle, and explore every square
    inch. It may look complicated, but there's really only "one"
    path. Eventually, you'll make your way onto the top of the
    castle, where you will find a "round" elevator that drops
    you into the bowels of the castle... the dungeon / jail.
    Explore the surroundings in the jail. You may run into the
    local shopkeeper (behind bars)!
    Eventually, you run into the room with jails on the sides,
    and one room in the middle. Open the one room in middle, and
    you've found King Konreid. Talk to him. (END QUEST20)
    King Konreid gives you two quests... First, take the Star
    Key, and open up Chamber of Stars, which should give you a
    lot of rare and powerful items. (QUEST 21) Use them to
    defeat the Seck (QUEST22).
    Continue down the path, and eventually, you'll come to this
    T junction. To the left is nothing. To the right is a locked
    Have the character with the key "use" this rotating thing on
    the ground, and you've opened up Chamber of Stars as the
    bridge comes into view to left. Head inside into the Chamber
    of Stars.
    However, your job is not done yet. Go inside, and "click" on
    all four statues. When the 4 statues have been activated,
    the Star Chamber will go active, and after a cool light
    show, you'll see four chests that weren't there before
    around the circle. Inside those chests, you'll find a lot of
    rare and unique items. (END QUEST 21)
    Come back out, and that previous locked door is now open.
    Continue on for more fun.
    Now's the grand finale... Fight your way all the way down
    into the dungeon, which looks like Dante's Inferno.
    Eventually, you'll come to Commander Gom's place. You must
    defeat Commander Gom, leader of the Seck, to vanquish them
    Watch the cinematic, then start fighting. When you defeat
    him the first time, he comes back even stronger, and he
    summons a LOT of other nasty critters too. Keep beating up
    on him and other critters, and eventually he'll go down.
    (END QUEST 22), dropping a TON of unique items and gold.
    Congratulations, you've finished Dungeon Siege's single
    player campaign! Grab the goodies, and you can go back and
    visit all the other things you missed... Or export your
    characters to multiplayer and have fun on other maps... Or
    try some of the siegelets (mods) available online.
    11    Utrean Peninsula MP Map Walkthru
    This walkthru mainly is about the MAIN quest. There are some
    side quests such as "clear barracks", "clean sanctuary", and
    so on. There may even be missing quests.
    You MUST complete the first quest at Elddim to get the
    Utrean signet ring. Without the ring, you'll be told to
    return to Elddim by subsequent priests and priestesses and
    prove your worth first.
    TIP: First thing to do when you arrive in each town is
    locate the "HUB" and the "transporter" if available. The HUB
    allows you to jump to any town directly, where as the
    transporter allows you to jump to specific spots on the map
    between towns.
    11.1  TOWN OF ELDDIM
    If you start in Elddim, first thing you need to do is visit
    the smithy (the house you start next to). Talk to the
    smithy, who'll tell you to see the guard captain.
    The guard captain is standing alone by himself near the
    central path through town. Talk to him, and he'll say
    something about the crypts infested, by Lord Horvath and his
    undead minions. You also need to locate "Gavel of Convening"
    in the crypt, in the part known as "Hovart's Folly". Once
    you got that, take it to Crystwind and see the guard captain
    Follow the sign to the crypt. You can't miss it. Cross the
    rope bridge when you get to it.
    Fight your way through the crypt (lots of Krugs around too).
    You should be able to find the Gavel of Convening as well.
    Keep going, and you'll find Horvath. Kill Horvath when you
    find him (he drops a pretty decent armor for newbies).
    Continue to town of Crystwind, and return via HUB to Elddim.
    Talk to the priestess, who'll tell you to recover the
    townstone in the crypt.
    Keep searching, you'll find it in a side room with hidden
    door. Continue again to Crystwind. Return yet AGAIN to
    Elddim. Return to the priestess, who'll tell you to travel
    to the next town. She also hands you this signet ring as a
    "pass". Pick it up, as you'll need it at each of the
    subsequent towns.
    Use the hub and jump to Crystwind.
    Talk to the guard captain, which ends the quest from Elddim,
    if you haven't done so.
    The mage Trella (next to the smithy), has a quest. She wants
    you to head into the ruins just outside the town and locate
    a "diamond runestone" for her.
    Kill lots of Krugs in that area and one of them will drop
    the runestone after you kill enough.
    Take the runestone back to the mage Trella, and she'll drop
    the Crystwind Townstone. Pick it up.
    Fight your way to the next town, Fallraen, through the
    Talk to the guard captain just outside of town, he'll
    request that you clean out the barracks just south of town,
    which was infested with ice creatures. Simply kill
    everything and exit. If you exit and the quest still not
    complete, you left something alive.
    Fallraen is larger, and you can find the apprentice at the
    Magic Shop (Lyceum Magick Arcani). He'll give you the quest,
    about the Fallraen Townstone lost in the caves on the way to
    Meren. Apparently the priest took the stone and tried to get
    to Meren, and was never seen again.
    Head out toward Meren, get into the caves, fight your way
    through, and you'll find the stone next to a robe and staff.
    Apparently the priest was killed in the caves...  Continue
    down the path.
    Continue on your way to Meren. You can return via HUB there
    to Fallraen and talk to the apprentice, who then tells you
    to go back to Meren and see the priestess. Go use the HUB
    11.4  TOWN OF MEREN
    Once you're in town, find the temple and talk to the
    priestess. If you have the ring, she'll tell you that the
    stone is up in the mountains, in a "hidden" sanctuary.
    Fight you way through the mountain, and when you see a fork
    in the road, with the Azunite priest nearby, take the one
    that does NOT lead to the next town, and you'll find the
    stone in the mini-temple. Just take it.
    Return to main path and fight your way to next town, Lang.
    11.5  TOWN OF LANG
    Once you're in town, locate the priestess (in the magick
    shoppe). She'll just hand you the stone (drop it on the
    ground, actually).
    The priestess will also tell you about the flooded sanctuary
    just east of town. Clear it out to fulfill another quest.
    Pick it up, and fight your way to the next town, Quillrabe.
    Once you're in town, make your way up to the top of the town
    (Droog Village), and find the priest. The townstone was
    taken by the dragon queen. You'll need to get it back.
    Fight your way into the caves, and you eventually come to a
    narrow cave with small bits of gold lying on the ground.
    You're getting close...
    The easiest way to take on the Dragon queen is with a 15-
    meter range bow or crossbow. The ranged weapon hits her, and
    her flames didn't burn me that bad. It takes a LONG time to
    wear her down but she'll fall eventually. If you got burned,
    backup slightly, heal, and repeat.
    The stuff are in those chests, magically sealed. You can
    only open them after you've taken out the dragon queen. Grab
    the goodies and the townstone.
    Continue and fight your way into next town, Hiroth.
    11.7  TOWN OF HIROTH
    Hiroth is a big town around this big lake. Again, the
    priestess can be found in the magick shoppe. The Hiroth
    townstone is already on the HUB-like devices north of town.
    You can leave it there, and/or drop your other stones on the
    respective places. However, you're missing one... Townstone
    of Grescal.
    Talk to the priestess, and she may ask you to return to
    Elddim (for what reason, I have no idea, as I already have
    the townstone). Go, talk, return.
    Talk to priestess in Hiroth again, and she'll tell you about
    Grescal, out beyond the endless dunes.
    The way to Grescal is through Castle Hiroth, infested by
    undead and other nasties. THEN you have to trek through the
    Once you're fought your way through the castle and located
    the exit, head STRAIGHT from that last sign that says
    "Grescal 12", for MANY screens with nothing, and you'll
    finally see the town of Grescal.
    Once you're in town, look for the two large tents. One's the
    smithy, the other is the magick and potion shop.
    Talk the to priestess in the magick and potion shoppe, and
    she'll explain Grescal townstone is lost in the temple ruins
    just northeast of the town.
    Head northeast and head down into the ruins. Fight your way
    through. When you come into this huge room, clear it out,
    and look for a "brick" on the wall you can push. Push it,
    clear out the final enemies, and you'll locate the Grescal
    townstone, along with a couple chests of gold and rare items
    (pretty good ones too!).
    Return to the priestess, who'll tell you to head back to
    Hiroth. Use the HUB.
    11.9  HIROTH AGAIN
    You're back in town, so go see the Priestess, who'll tell
    you to try the townstones on that device. She seems to think
    it's a way to allow anyone to travel through the hub, not
    just Legionnaires and warriors.
    Go and place all the stones (if you haven't done so) and
    you'll activate the elevator in the middle of the device.
    Lightning start to flash and thunder rolled across the
    landscape... Not good, not good!
    Go back to the priestess and talk to her. She'll explain
    that somehow you've opened a gateway and released a bunch of
    evil creatures. She has this "Tenstone" left from the days
    of the Tenth Legion. You must travel down into the
    catacombs, place this stone in their center of power, so the
    creatures will be stopped forever.
    Click on the middle button of the center platform to go
    down. Clear the room, and you'll find this book called
    "Trial of Gallus".
    Again, fight your way through the catacombs, to the place
    where you can place the stone (it's surrounded by 4
    sacrophagi). If you see "inner sanctum", you're there.
    Drop the Tenstone on the platform. There's a door behind it
    that's locked, but it'll open once you place the Tenstone.
    Inside are some pretty good items.
    Once you've return to the priestess, she'll give you an
    Utrean Helm for your troubles.
    That's it for the multiplayer campaign! You can try to
    locate the Trial of Gallus (decipher the riddle in the
    book), or try to locate the lost pyramids that the Grescal
    townspeople have talked about...
    12   Interesting Things
    12.1  FURY'S EYE
    Lots of people asked where is the thing. The answer is
    simple: it's in the Ice Caves, near the exit. Look for a set
    of stairs going down. There's a bunch of Trog warriors
    guarding the place, and some trick to open up the next
    Basically, flip the switch (if there is one) near the door.
    Then clean out the guards. Then drop an item on each of the
    "step plates", which should reveal a hidden door or the
    staircase. If there's a hidden door that opens, there's
    ANOTHER step plate inside. Again, flip all switches you see,
    and leave something on the step plate to hold it down.
    You have to go down like 3 or 4 levels.  When you clear out
    the end, you see Fury's Eye over to the left of the room,
    and several chests.
    You can pick up all the stuff when you come back up.
    It's not particularly valuable, just a very rare item.
    However, the armor and such you get from the chests can be
    pretty valuable.
    (Oh, and it can be used as a key for the Chicken Level. See
    In the cells around King Konreid, there's a room with a
    pushable brick. Push it, and the bottom grill drops down
    into the caves below... Ever wonder where that leads?
    If you look around, you often see pixies flying around. They
    cannot be targeted, but they CAN be destroyed if bombs go
    off near them. Don't attack them though... They often guide
    you to interesting areas.
    The purple pixie gives you mana. If you run into one, it'll
    say "the pixie gave you mana!" I'm not sure about the white
    ones. I can't see to make them do anything.
    Even if you're finished the single-player campaign, it's not
    the end. Take your character to multiplayer by going to
    multiplayer, import your character, then start a game (all
    by yourself). You can play in that place all alone.
    The Utrean map gives you teleporters so you can jump from
    one town to another or to specific spots on the map. You'll
    still have to run through the dungeon yourself a bit, but it
    saves a bit of running back and forth, esp. if you need to
    get from one town to another.
    Diablo has a "cow level" (technically that was just an urban
    legend, but Diablo 2 made it real), so Dungeon Siege has a
    "chicken level". It's NOT in the SP campaign. It's actually
    on the MP Utrean map.
    Instead of repeating all that, I'll just refer you to the
    existing Chicken Level FAQ on Gamefaqs.com.
    Yes, the pyramids are REALLY there. Finding them, however,
    is a different problem.
    13   Miscellaneous
    In MP mode, you control a single character, not a whole
    party. You also can't buy any packmules, or hire any one.
    Other than that, the game is the same.
    The party dynamics are quite different, as different people
    do different things. Instead of ordering YOUR mage to do
    healing, you have to rely on someone else do healing on you,
    or you do healing on others.
    If you are playing solo, things can get interesting, as
    being mobbed can be a serious problem.
    The enemies are "scaled" to the size of your party though,
    so if you're playing solo, the enemies are significantly
    weaker than if you're playing with a full party of 8.
    Everything is balanced... mostly.
    There are three command-line parameters for Dungeon Siege
    that makes the game behave differently.
    To add a command-line parameter, create a shortcut to the
    main EXE file. (or make a copy of the existing shortcut).
    Then right-click the shortcut, and edit the "Target" box.
    The target box will probably say something like:
    "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Dungeon
    Yes, it has quotes around it. Add the command-line parameter
    AFTER the quotes, with a space in between.
    For example, say you want to try the hi-res 1600 x 1200
    mode. The parameters are:
    width=1600 height=1200
    So your target box should say:
    "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Dungeon
    Siege\DungeonSiege.exe" width=1600 height=1200
    Then you run the game from the new shortcut
    13.2.1    High Resolution Mode
    To force Dungeon Siege to run in undocumented video modes
    (to show off, mainly), use the following parameters
    width=X height=Y
    where X and Y are valid resolutions for your video card and
    monitor. Usually, people try 1600 and 1200, respectively.
    BEWARE! Using the wrong resolution can severely damage your
    13.2.2    Windows Mode
    If you want to run Dungeon Siege in a window (sharing the
    desktop with other programs), use this parameter
    13.2.3    Skip the Intro Movies
    If you want to skip the Microsoft and Gas-Powered Games
    intro movies, add this parameter
    13.3  CHEATING
    To use a cheat code, hit ENTER (as if to chat), then enter
    these codes. + to turn on the effect, - to turn it off.
    The cheat codes are as follows:
    Code          Effect
    +zool            "I am invincible!"
    +chunky          Always real chunky.
    +superchunky     Even more chunkier than chunky.
    +version         Displays game version.
    +drdeath         All stats go to 150.
    +shootall        Make it even easier, no more bothersome
    +sixdemonbag     Six powerful summons.
    +loefervision    Turns off the Fog of War.
    +xrayvision      Removes all textures (wireframe mode)
    +minjooky        Tiny characters.
    +maxjooky        Real big characters, watch out...
    +checksinthemail adds 999,999 gold.
    +sniper          Increases range on all bows to 100 meters.
    (including enemy weapons!)
    +mouse           Enable cursor.
    -rings           Disable selection rings.  (on by default,
    so you may want to turn it off)
    +movie           Record a movie.  (Warning: HUGE file sizes,
    as it saves BMPs!
    +faertehbadgar   gives you full set of Badger items. FAER
    TEH BADGAR!!1!
    +potionaholic    gives you 3 Super Health Potions and 3
    Super Mana Potions.
    +resizelabels    Multiplayer only, makes your label larger
    -gui             Turns GUI off. (all the onscreen menus,
    turn off for clean screenshot)
    +                Turns cheats on
    -                Turns cheats off
    Please check the official website about "Siege University",
    the articles put out by GPG explaining the process of
    creating siegelets, or "mods" for Dungeon Siege.
    --THE END--

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