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    Starflier Walkthrough by breslin_

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    ==                Freelancer "Starflier" Walkthrough                 ==
    2004-2005 Steve Breslin
    revised 2006
    You will be welcome to republish this howsoever you like, but please do
    not alter the text in any way, and please let me know in advance. My
    contact information is at the end of the file.
    This Starflier Walkthrough is designed purely to stretch your limits as
    a pilot, by setting a single goal: get to the end of the standard
    campaign flying only the Starflier, the ship you acquire when the game
    While the Starflier is the "weakest" ship in the game, it does have some
    significant advantages: the only ship that even approaches the
    Starflier's maneuverability is the Drake. Also like the Drake, the
    Starflier is difficult to hit because it is quite small. With some
    finesse and grace, and relying on the ship's strengths, you can achieve
    this challenge.
    It is crucially important to tailor your weapons loadout to the enemy's
    shields, and to equip the shield that is most resilient to the enemy's
    guns. Before each mission, I make a recommendation on the best equipment
    for the job. -- But you might like to re-familiarize yourself with these
    matters: so, for your reference, I here list the three types of shields,
    and six types of guns, along with some remarks and suggestions.
    ========================= Shields ==========================
    Strong against laser, photon, and pulse weapons.
    Weak against plasma and particle weapons.
    Best shield available to the Starflier:
    Available at Willard Research Station, California.
    Strong against plasma and particle weapons.
    Weak against tachyon and neutron weapons.
    Best shield available to the Starflier:
    Available at Rochester, New York.
    Strong against tachyon and neutron weapons.
    Weak against laser, pulse, and photon weapons.
    Best shield available to the Starflier:
    Available at California Minor, California.
    ========================= Guns =============================
    + Strong against graviton shields.
    - Weak against molecular shields.
    Recommended loadout:
    Lavablade Mk II
    Lavablade Mk II
    Lavablade Mk III
    Available at Fort Bush, New York.
    ** Note: these guns have a slow fire time. I don't use them.
    Laser and Photon
    (Two distinct guns, but having the same strengths and weaknesses.)
    + Strong against positron shields.
    - Weak against graviton shields.
    Recommended loadout:
    Barrager I
    Barrager I
    Barrager I
    Available from Rochester, New York. (Junkers)
    Alternate loadout (faster velocity, otherwise weaker):
    Available at Buffalo, New York. (Rogue)
    Does mostly shield damage.
    ++ Very strong against shields.
    + Strongest against positron shields.
    - Weaker against graviton shields.
    -- Very little hull damage.
    ** Rather ineffective by themselves, but when combined with other
    ** gun types, these are useful and powerful shield-killers.
    Available guns:
    Stunpulse (level 2)
    Advanced Stunpulse (level 3)
    Available Baltimore Shipyard, New York.
    + Strong against graviton shields.
    - Weak against molecular shields.
    Recommended loadout:
    Advanced Scorpion
    Available at Ouray, Colorado. (Xeno)
    + Strong against molecular shields.
    - Weak against positron shields.
    ** Note that this must be matched with other non-tachyon weapons:
    ** there is no level 1 or 2 tachyon weapon, so it must be combined with
    ** other weapon types.
    Recommended when fighting against Molecular shields:
    Matterthief 1
    Available at IMG bases. E.g., Cardiff, Freeport 4.
    + Strong against molecular shields.
    - Weak against positron shields.
    ** The Starflier cannot equip Neutron weapons.
    Nothing really new here: indeed, most people fly the entire Mission 1 in
    a Starflier anyway, although fans of the "Sideplay" walkthrough might
    pick up a Rhino in Pittsburg, during the Mission 1 interlude.
    When you get to Pittsburgh: if you sell your nanobots and most of your
    shield batteries, and if you've flown aggressively, you should be able
    to comfortably afford three Advanced Starbeams, and an Advanced Sentry
    Light Fighter shield. You should get them for the interim, but you won't
    be keeping this equipment for long.
    ==== After Mission 1 ====
    If you have not already done so, you should acquire an Advanced Sentry
    Light Fighter shield from Pittsburg. You'll replace this with a Guardian
    shield when you reach Willard Research Station (during the second
    Because the Starflier has relatively little power, you'll want to gather
    all usable guns and equipment.
    I recommend you visit he shipwreck Flint, located in the lower-right
    part of sector 6C. The Azrael guns are useful, so keep them. Sell the
    remaining goods on Manhattan, and you can easily afford the following
    From Rochester, acquire:
    the Sconce shield
    three Barragers
    the Heavy Thruster
    Improved Countermeasures
    one Javelin missile launcher
    one Eraser missile launcher
    one Stalker missile launcher
    From Baltimore (or Newark, etc.), acquire:
    Advanced Stunpulse
    From Fort Bush, acquire:
    Lavablade Mk II
    Lavablade Mk II
    Lavablade Mk III
    (Personally, I don't use the plasma guns, as I find them too slow for my
    combat style. But do pick them up. What's the harm in having them
    anyway, right? The Lavablades are the only plasma guns in the game that
    are available to the Starflier.)
    At this point, you have one of three ideal shields, and three of five
    ideal gun loadouts. 
    Recommended equipment for this mission:
    Advanced Sentry shield
    I recommend a full Barrager loadout for this mission, although I admit
    this is fairly slow-going. In principle, a Lavablade loadout should be
    ideal, but my experience is that the guns are simply too slow, and are
    actually worse than Barragers. Better would be Scorpions, but you
    haven't acquired them yet.
    ==== After Mission 2 ====
    I recommend you visit the shipwreck Balboa, located in the lower-right
    part of sector 5C in California. Sell the goods wherever you like, and
    you will easily afford the following equipment.
    From California Minor, acquire:
    Cuisse shield
    one Slingshot missile launcher
    one Windstalker missile launcher
    From Willard Research Station, acquire:
    Guardian shield
    From Ouray, acquire:
    two Scorpion guns
    one Advanced Scorpion gun
    From Buffalo (or Alcatraz), acquire:
    one Drail gun
    Sell any Starbeams and Justice weaponry you have acquired; the Azraels
    and Drail are better for this weapon type. You might also prefer them
    over the Barragers.
    At this point, you have all three ideal shields, and four of five ideal
    gun loadouts. The only remaining gun to acquire is the Matterthief,
    which you will acquire after you reach Bretonian space. (You might also
    like to scope out the Bounty Hunter Brave I (level 2 particle gun) and
    Gunslinger I (level 2 lazer), available at Sheffield, Manchester. I
    wouldn't go out of my way to get them, however: the Scorpion surpasses
    the Brave; and although the Gunslinger is better than the Azrael, the
    Barrager tops them both by my estimation.)
    Recommended equipment for this mission:
    Cuisse shield
    Barragers or 2 Azraels (or 2 Gunslingers) and a Drail
    (hereafter I simply recommend Barragers)
    For a change of pace, you could approach the second phase of the mission
    with your stunpulse/missile combination of choice. Just make sure you
    have enough ammunition to take out the three Rheinland vessels.
    For the third phase of the mission (defending Willard Station from the
    Rheinland pirates), I suggest you equip the Slingshot missile launcher,
    along with two Barragers.
    Mission 4
    Recommended equipment for this mission:
    Guardian shield
    And either...
      Slingshot missile
      Advanced Scorpion
    The mission is still relatively easy, but you might also want to equip
    the Improved Countermeasure Dropper, and your mine-dropper of choice.
    After arriving at Mactan, switch to:
    Cuisse shield
    And optionally, your missile launcher of choice.
    ==== After Mission 4 ====
    From Cardiff (or any other IMG base), acquire one Matterthief.
    From Cadiz, acquire an Advanced Thruster and an Advanced Countermeasure
    Dropper. (You must be "in the white" with the Corsairs.)
    Before the next mission, acquire one Razor Mine dropper.
    ==== Sideplay challenge ====
    This is not necessary for completion of the Starflier campaign, but it's
    a fun challenge.
    From the Sabre wrecks in Omicron Alpha (4F), acquire at least one Ripper
    Mine dropper, and twenty Ripper mines. (It's practically impossible to
    do this unless you're "in the white" with the Outcasts.)
    Although the fastest way to Omicron Alpha is via Omega-41 and Omicron
    Theta, there are some dangers along this route. Be warned not to
    approach the neutron star in Omicron Alpha. Also, in the likely event
    that Bounty Hunters don't currently feel kindly to you, be ready for an
    ambush as you enter Omicron Theta. It's a good idea to save the game at
    Cadiz, and again at Freeport 9, if you can dock there safely. Don't rely
    too heavily on "Autosave" on your way to Omicron Alpha -- it's possible
    to get into an unmanageable situation.
    Tricky tip:
    Retrieving the Ripper Mine Dropper and the Ripper Mines from the
    wreckage can be difficult, as the nearby Nomads far outpower your little
    vessel. But with some finesse and patience, it can be done. My strategy
    is this:
    First, fly to the Unknown jump-hole (in Omicron Alpha), then back off to
    a safe distance (between 8-10k, or as far as necessary if any Nomads are
    chasing). You do this so you can get the several Sabre wrecks on your
    scanner (listed under the "bases" readout in this case).
    From a safe distance, kill your engines, and select the first Sabre
    wreck on your list. Then, "scan" it by clicking on the "select target"
    icon in your lower-left hand HUD (it's the picture of a ship with the
    box around it). (Alternatively, you can simply double-click on the
    object in the list.) Scanning the object, you'll be able to see if
    there's a Ripper displayed in the picture; if you're not sure, you can
    click on the "select next sub-component" icon (it's the arrow pointing
    to a round crosshairs). If the ship appears empty, move on to the next
    wreck in the list.
    When you find a ship in which a Ripper displayed, fly to the ship at top
    speed, shoot it, and tractor in the equipment. Then, very quickly back
    away to a safe distance, and repeat the process. You can fly through a
    jump-hole to autosave at any point during this operation.
    Note: I've sometimes gotten a false reading from my scanner, so don't
    get too frustrated if you shoot a ship that should be loaded, but
    nothing comes out. Just back off to a safe distance, and continue the
    operation as usual.
    When you're done, you should have at least twenty Ripper Mines, four
    Ripper Mine Droppers, and some other equipment that you can't use. Sell
    the surplus as you see fit, but I recommend you save the surplus for
    now, so you can sell it later piecemeal, to achieve the inter-mission
    money requirements.
    At this point you have a perfectly equipped Starflier. A rare treasure.
    Mission 5
    Recommended equipment for this mission:
    Cuisse shield
    Barrager, or Javelin missile
    Barrager, or Stalker or Eraser missile
    Matterthief or Slingshot missile
    Razor mine
    (or Ripper mine, but you might want to save the ammunition for later.)
    Note that I recommend against doubling up on any missile: a Javelin and
    a Stalker, for example, are far superior to two Javelins or two
    Stalkers. If you use two of the same missile launcher, you burn through
    your ammunition twice as quickly; and when that's gone, two of your
    three gun-slots become useless.
    You should choose whatever combination of guns and missiles you feel
    most comfortable with. Recall that you'll be fighting Rheinlanders
    packing Tachyon weapons, and using Molecular shields. So the Cuisse
    shield is best, and now is a perfect opportunity to break out your new
    Tachyon weapon, the Matterthief, if you so choose.
    The combat is fairly light in the first half of the mission, so there's
    little chance, during the first part, that you'll run out of ammunition
    for any missiles you select. The second part is a bit more difficult
    than the first, so make any adjustments you like during the intermission
    at Baxter Research Station. If you decide to go with missiles for the
    second half, I recommend using only one. Unless you're a far better shot
    than I, you'll run out of ammunition well before the last Rheinlander
    Before the next mission, acquire one Tadpole Mine dropper.
    Mission 6
    Recommended equipment for this mission:
    Cuisse shield
    Slingshot missile
    Tadpole mine
    The first part of this mission (the race against Dexter Hovis) should be
    very simple. You have the fastest ship in the game, after all. But alas,
    it's not so easy. Your tiny ship has very little inertial momentum, so
    one bump from Hovis, and you go flying out of control. If you can get in
    front of Hovis at the very beginning, you're golden; so definitely hit
    your thrusters as soon as possible, and take the corners fairly hard.
    But if he's in front, give him a wide berth.
    I've found the race far easier if you shoot out the several weapons
    platforms before docking at the Battleship Hood. It may well be
    coincidence, but I have had serious trouble in the race when I didn't do
    this, and it's a snap when I do. So if you're having trouble with the
    race, consider this move. (Hovis will still call a couple of his cronies
    to shoot at you towards the end of the lap, no matter what you do.)
    The second part of the mission consists in destroying the Rheinlanders
    attacking the GMG station Glorius. They are equipped roughly the same as
    the ones from the previous mission. Thus, the recommended equipment for
    this mission is about same, except you will want to upgrade your
    mine-dropper, and I especially recommend the Slingshot missile launcher.
    The fight is relatively short, and the Slingshot makes it that much
    The last part of the mission consists in escorting Quintain through a
    couple Rheinland ambushes, and back to Leeds. After re-equipping at
    Glorius, the same loadout should serve perfectly well.
    Mission 7
    Recommended equipment for this mission:
    Cuisse shield
    Matterthief, or Slingshot missile
    Tadpole mine
    Unless you go missile-crazy, you'll easily reach Shinkaku without
    depleting your 50 Slingshots. The missiles are convenient, but if you
    prefer strict gunning, the Matterthief is the best choice against the
    Rheinland fighters.
    Between Shinkaku and Cali lies a small Rheinland fleet. I recommend the
    two Barragers, plus the Slingshot missile, as my strategy is to take out
    the Gunboats quickly with the Slingshots. After this, I make passes at
    the Goethe, flying along its flank, laying Tadpole mines all the way
    down. A few passes like this, and the Battleship is destroyed. Once the
    Gunships and Battleship are dispatched, the remaining fighters are
    relatively easy to handle. You'll run out of missiles, and destroying
    Rheinland fighters with Barragers and mines is, I admit, rather
    slow-going. But you've eliminated the major threats early; anyway, this
    is the safest and most effective strategy I've found.
    Mission 8
    Recommended equipment for this mission:
    Cuisse shield
    Slingshot missile
    Tadpole mine
    The potential problem with this mission is the swift destruction of the
    two weapon platforms nearby Tekagi's transport. There comes "mission
    failure" if they are not dispatched quickly enough. So it is necessary
    to hit the two weapons platforms swiftly and decisively with both
    missiles and guns. After this, the rest is (by comparison) relatively
    Once you're finished, back on Kyoto, you may want to quickly continue to
    the next mission. If you've run out of things to sell, the three wrecks
    in Hokkaido (4C) are nearby, and will easily provide the necessary push.
    Before the next mission, acquire one Driller Mine dropper.
    Mission 9
    Recommended equipment for this mission:
    Cuisse shield
    Advanced Scorpion or Slingshot missile
    Driller mine or Ripper mine
    Here we have the first really difficult mission. There are two main
    parts to this mission, and unfortunately no autosave between them.
    First, you must dispatch Tekagi's patrol, then shoot down the four
    shield generators protecting the entrance to his base.
    The Tekagi patrol is pretty difficult, but luckily you have several
    allies taking a share of the damage. Rely heavily upon them; you're
    playing only a supporting role in this battle. It doesn't help for you
    to draw the fire from the enemy away from your Dragon allies, but if you
    can do some damage to the enemy, this speeds things along.
    It's a good idea to play especially defensively, so as to save your
    shield batteries and nanobots, which you'll want while breaking into
    Tekagi's base. You must rely on your maneuverability, ducking and
    bolting the instant you come under fire. (Bouncing off of asteroids is a
    good way to change trajectory in a hurry.) When your shield goes down,
    go into a purely defensive posture, running and weaving at full
    throttle, using the asteroids as cover. When you get the opportunity,
    try to target the most damaged enemy. Firstly because you want to
    eliminate the number of enemy guns in the battle as quickly as possible,
    and also because you want to avoid a head-to-head battle. If you find an
    enemy who's targeting one of your allies, you need to worry less about
    his gun pointing at you. While, yes, it's easier to aim at a head-on
    target, it's much safer to go for the guy who's weaving: if he's
    weaving, he's not shooting at you, and plus, you'll weave along with him
    as you target him, so the enemies behind you have a more difficult
    When you get to Tekagi's arch, I recommend you go straight for the
    generators, not (as you're instructed) through the cylinder that cuts
    through the giant asteroid. You'll want to use the shield surrounding
    the top of the arch as cover from the Battleship's guns. So, take up a
    position under the arch, so the shield is between you and the
    Battleship: this is your home position for this operation. With the
    shield between you and the Battleship, your position is relatively safe.
    Target any of the generators.
    A couple of the generators are comparatively easy; the arch's shield
    provides perfect cover. Fly slowly towards the targeted generator,
    shooting it the whole way, and when you're just passing it, lay a mine
    and hit your thrusters, turning back towards the asteroid and cylinder,
    to return to your main position under the arch. A few passes like this,
    and the generator will be destroyed.
    A couple of the generators are not so easy; the arch's shield does not
    provide adequate cover from the Battleship. The pattern is basically the
    same, but you'll have to do more runs, because you have to take the runs
    at full thrust. When you've returned to your position under the arch
    (and away from the Battleship's guns), take a moment as necessary to
    recharge your shield. (Don't take any runs with your shield down.)
    Beware any incoming missiles; they're fairly easy to out-maneuver, and
    it's worth the trouble, as one blow will knock out your shield.
    The instant the last generator is destroyed, dock on the arch. You'll be
    close enough that you'll immediately get into the familiar "letterbox
    screen" part of the docking pattern, which means you're no longer
    vulnerable to enemy fire. Landing on the arch means finally achieving a
    much-sought-after autosave.
    You'll have to deal with a few fighters and a couple Gunships shortly
    after the interlude concludes, and you probably will have few if any
    shield batteries or nanobots. Nevertheless, this battle will seem fairly
    easy compared to what you just went through. For fun you might begin by
    selecting a gunship to terrorize. Remember to get behind it, and make
    passes at it so you can use your Driller mines on it. (Your guns may be
    relatively weak, but those mines are pretty good.) Alternatively, you
    can just concentrate on the fighters.
    Mission 10
    Recommended equipment for this mission:
    Cuisse shield
    Barrager, Javelin, or Stunpulse
    Barrager, Stalker or Eraser, or Stunpulse
    Matterthief, Slingshot, or Advanced Stunpulse
    Driller mine
    In the first couple parts of this mission, your role will be one of
    minor support, the main point being simply to stay alive. Thus, the
    suggested loadout is pretty open-ended.
    Along the way to New Berlin, you'll encounter a small Rheinland fleet.
    Although their guns are a significant threat, and you should certainly
    keep your distance from the battleship, you can mostly just stay out of
    the way and let your allies take care of the enemies. After a certain
    number have fallen, your group will retreat and proceed to New Berlin.
    Upon your approach to Bruchsal, some Rheinlanders attack. These are rather easy,
    and again your allies will do the heavy lifting.
    After reaching Bruchsal, you should change your loadout to the following:
    Cuisse shield
    Javelin missile
    Stalker missile (or Scorpion)
    Slingshot missile
    Driller mine
    Your main goal in what follows is the destruction of one Nomad
    Battleship, so you're equipping for maximum damage. If you've equipped a
    full-missile loadout, you have barely enough juice to destroy the
    battleship, but don't miss many shots. If you decide to take a Scorpion
    along for the ride, you're sure to have enough firepower for the job,
    but the going is slower.
    When you reach the battleships, select one and focus your firepower on
    it. Be careful to avoid the crossfire, but otherwise stay focused on
    your Nomad Battleship. You must make every missile count, but they alone
    will not sum enough damage to destroy the Battleship: you will need your
    Driller mines also. You can use your mines to good effect, if you fly
    down the flank, dropping mines as you blast missiles at it.
    Or better, if you can find a relatively quiet place near the battleship,
    and can risk killing your engines for a few seconds, come to a stop and
    release mines while you're facing the Battleship. They are seekers, and
    should find their way to the right target; but if they're not connecting
    with the Battleship, maneuver your vessel a bit and try again.
    If all of your missiles and most of your mines hit the target, it will
    Mission 11
    Recommended equipment for this mission:
    Guardian shield
    Advanced Scorpion
    Driller mine
    The Navy fighters that ambush you as you enter New York are relatively
    harmless. The satellite installation is quite a challenge by comparison,
    in part because it's in open space, and also because there are weapons
    platforms to contend with.
    You can actually take down the satellite fairly quickly, simply flying
    tight circles around it and dropping mines, but as it's not a threat,
    it's best to ignore it until the fighters are destroyed. (You'll have to
    destroy the fighters anyhow.) Once they are destroyed, you can position
    your ship such that the large "shield" on the satellite (which I'm
    guessing represents a the satellite's solar array) stands between you
    and the weapons platforms. From this position, you can destroy the
    satellite with your guns (or mines), and the weapons platforms can do
    nothing to stop you.
    The standoff at the gate into Alaska is more difficult still, as now the
    Navy fighters have equipped Nomad weaponry. Nevertheless, if you're
    careful to avoid the line of fire, you can pick a few of them off. If
    you get into trouble, you can go into a circle pattern around Walker's
    Once you've made it to Alaska, the worst is over. You'll be attacked
    again upon your exit, but you can just stay in cruise the whole time,
    avoiding all fighting until Walker heroically dispatches the two
    Battleships. Upon your return to New York, you'll automatically drop out
    of cruise as you approach another enemy Battleship. Here you can simply
    return to cruise and evade the crossfire, while you wait for the Osiris
    to appear once again.
    Mission 12
    Recommended equipment for this mission:
    Guardian shield
    Slingshot missile
    Driller mine
    I've tried this with many different loadouts, and the above
    recommendation is the only combination that I've had any success with.
    Unfortunately, even if you've done the Ripper sideplay challenge, you
    only have 20 Ripper mines, which is not enough for successful completion
    of the mission. Drillers are necessary.
    Given the Starflier's limitations, this is the most difficult challenge
    of the Starflier campaign, the "make it or break it" mission, so good
    luck, and brace yourself for a challenge.
    The strategy itself is pretty simple. Find a relatively safe spot within
    around 150 meters of a Generator, face the Generator and cut your
    engines. Then give it everything you've got, keeping a close eye on the
    mines, to be sure they're moving towards and hitting the Generator.
    (Repeat the process for all three Generators.) When you run out of
    missiles and mines, you'll still have enough time to take out the rest
    of the last generator with your guns alone.
    This is fine in theory, but finding an even relatively safe spot is
    rather difficult at times. Keep it icy, man! And don't get too
    distressed if you have to try this mission many times. I did.
    Once you've acquired the power cell, get out of there quickly, before
    the jump-hole collapses. On the other side is a fleet of Nomads. At this
    point you probably have zero mines or missiles, zero shield-generators
    and nanobots, and you're probably also somewhat damaged. This makes
    things a bit tricky, but be heartened -- the really difficult part is
    You can go into cruise and fly around the perimeter of the battle,
    avoiding cruise-disruptor missiles with cruise disruptors and fancy
    flying: your allies will eventually destroy the Nomads. However, this is
    time-consuming and also dangerous, so I prefer to go into the thick of
    battle immediately. With a little luck, you'll make it through after a
    few tries.
    This battle may remind you somewhat of the Tekagi patrol, although it is
    more difficult. I have the same battle-advice as above, but also recall
    that Nomad Interceptors drop much-needed shield generators. So for each
    one of them you take out, you substantially improve your position. The
    Gunships are easier targets, though better armored. They're worth your
    effort also, because they're dangerous; however, they don't drop
    anything useful.
    Mission 13
    Recommended equipment for this mission:
    Guardian shield
    Slingshot missile
    Driller mine or Ripper mine
    The early parts of this mission are relatively easy and straightforward.
    You can even be somewhat reckless in the first part of the mission,
    since after the evacuation you'll have a chance to repair and re-equip
    on the Osiris.
    You'll then encounter relatively light resistance outside the Nomad
    jump-gate. Avoid contact with these enemy ships, so you can save your
    ammunition, shield batteries and nanobots for the main assault. After
    you get through, fly straight for one of the power generators, and take
    each one with the familiar combination of guns, missiles and mines. (Be
    aware that these things are quite large in size, and it is therefore
    difficult to judge how close you are; judge your distance from the meter
    display, not visually, and be careful to fire your mines only when
    you're close enough to make them count.)
    The shield generators (a.k.a. "Nomad Satellites") around the central
    Nomad fortress can be taken simply with your Scorpions. Evade the Nomad
    ships, but otherwise concentrate on the generators. The safest position
    (away from the Nomad weapons platforms) is between a generator and the
    main Nomad fortress.
    When you've destroyed two of the several generators, you're done. You've
    accomplished the most difficult challenge there is to find in
    Freelancer. Welcome to the Starflier Elites.
    Anyway, I hope you found this walkthrough enjoyable. Let me know if
    there's anything significant that I have left out.
    This trail was blazed by Sherlog back in 2003, on the forums
    of <http://www.lancersreactor.com/> -- I just came later to perfect the
    plan a bit, and mostly just to revise and document.
    Steve Breslin
    versim at hotmail dot com
    Corrections and suggestions are warmly welcome.
    Please put [freelancer walkthrough] at the beginning of the subject
    line, to make sure I don't accidentally delete your mail. 
    === End ===

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