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"Lemmings With The Challenge Upped by 500%"

The Story
Taking place after Lemmings 2 I guess, the lemmings arrive in their new homeland. The lemmings separate and make their homes in different areas of the island. Some go live by the sea, some in the mines, and some in grassy fields. Life is good until...

... these things called ''weasels'' which look like something out of Who Framed Roger Rabbit? come along and capture all the lemmings in their sleep. They then sabotage their homes into deadly traps, then stick crates of lemmings somewhere for them to find their way to the hot air balloon and to safety.

10/10 - The first thing you may notice upon popping the game in and loading it is that the game is in 3D. The lemmings look good and so do the play areas. The lemmings also animate well. Things like acid and lava actually glow as well. Very nice.

6/10 - While there's new additions to the sound such as a breaking noise when a lemming is bashing or mining, some of the classic sounds were removed. If I recall correctly, you don't even get a ''Let's go!'' at the beginning of the levels. The music isn't exactly great. There's two songs that I really like. There's one song that's so annoying I nuke the level every time it plays to get a new song. There's no way for me to describe these songs and they play randomly, so I can't say which ones these are. The rest of the songs are just there.

10/10 - Take your mouse, point, and click. Simple as that. There's a added goody in the control department. You can use the arrow keys to choose what direction you want the lemming to be going in. Want a lemming going right? Hold the right arrow key and only lemmings going right can be given a command. Nice addition.

7/10 - Select a command, give it to a lemming, they do it. Like the original Lemmings, but you have to rotate the play area by right clicking and moving the mouse left or right to move it. You also have three types of lemmings. One is your basic blue and green or ''Garden'' lemming. Vulnerable to all traps. Second is the blue and white or ''Water'' lemmings. The manual says they can swim in water, but they don't actually swim in it. They just walk along it as if it were solid ground. They're vulnerable to all the other traps. The third type is the green and red or ''Acid'' lemmings. They work like the Water lemmings, only they walk on acid. Keep in mind that each type of lemming has its own balloon and can't go into another else's balloon. If you've got more than one type of lemming, you've got to figure out how to get each lemming to the corresponding balloon. Also, the levels don't go in a predetermined order. They go out in a branching map. When you finish a level, you gain access to one or two (depending on if you've already gained access to a level from a different one) levels which you can choose from. The gameplay itself is good, but...

3/10 - That's not a 3 because it's easy. Sure, in the beginning, the game is laughable. All you do for the first several levels are assign the lemmings one or two commands and let them take care of themselves. After those levels, the challenge is moderate. You have your timing, puzzle solving, etc. After a few of those levels, the game gets nasty. You find your lemmings get sent through teleporter after teleporter, getting trapped in steel boxes, getting flipped upside down only to walk off the top of the screen, tossed off the screen by weasels, and countless other hazards as well as puzzles that make the ones in the original game look like cake. Why's this so much harder? Lots of added traps. There's things like steel doors that slam shut when a certain number of lemmings pass them, spiked wheels that fly around and hack any lemming it touches to mincemeat, weasels that chuck your lemmings off the screen if they meet, beams of light on the ground that flip the lemmings over so they walk on the ceiling. The puzzles can also be a pain, but that's usually because of the traps. My, those weasels did a good job making sure the lemmings wouldn't escape.

6/10 - I played and replayed it for a while when the levels were fun and I could finish them. Then I got to a point in the game where I was totally stuck. I tried taking different routes on the map, but all went to nasty levels that I couldn't finish. I called it quits and haven't had much urge to pick up the game since.

Pros and Cons
Good Points:
- Nice graphics.
- The ability to select which direction you want the lemmings to be going in.

Bad Points:
- The game's challenge skyrockets.

Should I Get It?
If you really love Lemmings.

If the game weren't so hard, I'd have really enjoyed it. It's a real shame. The game had so much promise going for it.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 10/19/02, Updated 10/19/02

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