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"Yes, it's hard. The word "Lemmings" on the box should tell you that,"

Opening Message / Introduction
Too hard? This game is labeled "Lemmings" for a reason, you know.
When I arrived on the reviews page here, I was a bit shocked. Fives and sixes for Lemmings Revolution? This seemed impossible, so I read through the reviews. It seemed that the main complaint was that it is WAY TOO HARD. Of course it is WAY TO HARD! The Lemmings series is renowned for its great difficulty; if you don't want challenge, don't buy something with "Lemmings" in the title. Lemmings puzzle games were designed to challenge everyone, and this one does the job excellently. Don't open the box and expect it to be a breeze.

Lemmings games are puzzle games. Hard puzzle games. The goal of Lemmings games in the past has been to lead enough of the clueless lemmings from an opening trapdoor to an exit door so they can reach a new homeland. The Lemmings series began back in DOS, when everything was flat and you could tell individual pixels apart. The first game in the series was insanely hard; the final difficulty level was labeled "impossible". It would be a disgrace for the series not to live up to its reputation, wouldn't it?


Thanks to your efforts in previous games, the Lemmings reached their promised land and became rich mining for gems. Unfortunately, the weasels, who enjoyed watching films of the lemmings' old adventures, became bored, and wanted to see new adventures. So the weasels kidnapped the lemmings and created new puzzles for them to escape from. The weasels, sadly, prefer to see lemmings get hurt, so they made the puzzles as hard as possible. Fine story for a puzzle game, and it explains why the levels are so hard.


It's gone from pixels to 3D! Nice jump, isn't it?
One of the first things you should notice is that this game is in full 3D. The formerly flat Lemmings are now in gorgeous 3D color, with nice Lemming models and pretty backgrounds. The weasels also look good, as do the other assorted creatures in the levels. The several new elements to the series, such as Laser Gates and Teleporters, also look cool. The 3D level design from rotating the puzzle (see "Gameplay") causes no problems wth 3D, and allows nice side views of several parts of levels. Puzzle games don't need to look great, but this one is beautiful anyhow!


The music is perfect.
I've always liked Lemmings music. The background music is catchy, but not annoying. Just perfect. The Lemmings games have always had nice music, and this one does just fine. I've no complaints, and I see no reason not to give this a ten.


Let's go! Oh no! *pop*
The cute little lemming voices return! The way they talk during levels is just so cute. Though the lemming speaking in the opening cut-scene has a rather deep voice, the lemmings throughout the game retain their high-pitched squeaky voices and their famous phases, such as "Oh No!" before exploding. Winning a level lets you here lemmings cheer and see one applaud, while losing makes you see one cry. The voices are superb, and you will love them.


Hard? Yes. Fun? Yes again.
The rules appear simple: you guide lemmings from a box to a balloon, in which they can escape. The key word is "appear". Lemmings are stupid, and will just walk like zombies with out your commands. You can give orders and certain skills, but only so many in each level. Though they may require reasonably good timing, this is a puzzle game; it's all about figuring out how to use the skills available to escape.

This game has new stuff that the old one did not have. Walls and other devices can be triggered by things like switches, laser gates, and lemming counters. Teleporters and speed boosters have been added. Weasels with boxing gloves roam some levels. This is, by no means, ore of the same - though I would have loved it even if it had been. On top of that, the levels are not flat, but on a cylinder, which you can rotate to see different parts of. Many levels require the use of the wrap-around-type effect of the cylinder, which makes things still harder. Finally, new lemming species have been added. That only means immunities to certain substances for certain species, but the new species have new costumes too - very cool.

The controls are easy; you click a skill, then click a lemming to assign it to. Just right-click and drag to spin the cylinder. They are simple, and never get in the way.


See the word "Lemmings" in the title? That's a clue that it will be hard,
This game is insanely hard. You have been warned. This was designed to offer a great challenge, and will require all of your planning skills. It isn't unfair; the first few levels are designed to (re)introduce you to the series and acquaint you with the controls. Once you've had your chance to get the feel for it, things start getting hard. Don't expect to win every level on your first try. With that said, it would be quite boring to find a puzzle game whose puzzles you could all solve instantly and win quickly. This game offers real challenge to those who crave it.

Replay Value

Yay! I won. Now what?
Now you go back and do it again! Due to the web-like design for unlocking levels, you can complete a final level without winning all the levels. You can even complete every final level without completing all the levels. Once all of your circles are green, which means you've won them all, go back and try them again! Seriously, if you don't remember how you won the first time (which you probably won't), you can re-play levels as though they are new. The fun never ends!

Humor and Nostalgia
Those film clips look familiar...
This isn't a normal catagory, but I need to add it for this game.

This game is funny. Several level titles, such as "Use the Force, Lem", "LEMTRIS", and so on are funny. It also has a mean side to its humor. In one level, where timing clicks was critical, I tried to pause to do it instantly, as you can assign skills while the game is paused. Not oly did the game not pause, but it triggered an evil laugh sound. This was just for that level, so I naturally spent the rest of the level mashing the pause button to hear the laugh.

References are made to the old games. The opening story is based on what happened after them. In the initial cut-scene, two film clips are seen as the weasels watch. Do they look familiar? One is from the original Lemming's first level, "Just Dig!", while the other is from one of the "Impossible" levels, "Steel Works". Many of the level titles, such as "Just ___", match those of the original game. Finally, lemmings still say "Let's Go!" when a level starts, "Oh no!" before they explode, and "Yippee!" when they escape - all in the same high-pitched voices.


Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/09/06

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