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    Background/Schematic Editing FAQ by Count Tyrant

    Version: 1.31 | Updated: 10/16/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                          Of Editing Backgrounds and Schematics
                                   Started 10/19/01
                             Most Current Version 10/16/04
                               Ryan Zielinski/Tyrant234
                                      Version 1.31
    This F.A.Q will tell you how to make your OWN backgrounds for a new 
    character, and how to completely change the current schematics!
     I am currently messing around with the files, and will shortly have more 
    information on how to personalize your game even further.  I.E. changing NPC 
    speech, etc., but I need your help for ideas on what to change!  
    Email me at boba1213@cs.com with things you would like to be able to edit!!!
    This F.A.Q. was written by ']['yran']['234 (Ryan Zielinski), and may only be 
    posted at GameFAQs.com, unless you have my written consent, email 
    boba1213@cs.com with questions.
    Section 1 contains Version information.
    Section 2 Contains information on how to undat Arcanum.
    Section 3 contains the actual information on how to edit Character's 
    Section 4 contains the abbreviations for the Abbreviations and miscellaneous 
    Section 5 contains information on changing schematics.
    Section 6 contains numbers for schematic items
    Section 7 contains information on how to change the main menu text.
    Section 8 contains information on how to change follower level-ups.
    Section 9 contains legal information.
    Section 10 contains contact information.
    Section 11 contains Credits.
    ---------------------------------Section 1-----------------------------------
                                 Version Information
    Version 1.0- Preliminary Version, originally in post form, I will fix it up 
    Version 1.1- Added Section 2, How to undat Arcanum, and started Section 5, 
    making your Own Schematics.
    Version 1.1b Added another way to undat; added a name to credits for this 
    Version 1.2 Added list of item names and numbers for items in schematics
    Version 1.3 Added Follower level-up editing, upon suggestion of skie23
    Version 1.31 Found new place where Undat utility can be downloaded, old place
    removed as it was no longer working (and had not been for sometime)
    ---------------------------------Section 2-----------------------------------
                           Undatting & New Folder Making
    1. Download the undat utility from "http://www.terra-arcanum.com/phpBB/dload.
    php?action=download&file_id=20"; extract the files to your Arcanum 
    2. Create C:\Modding; double click undat.exe in your Arcanum folder 
    3. Quickly, push START, go to run, and type in command or, if using WinNT 
    (and possibly XP) 4 and 2k type in 
    4. IT SHOULD bring up a MSDOS prompt, with C:\Sierra\Arcanum> as the first 
    line, if it doesn't, type 
    CD \  
    CD Sierra\Arcanum 
    5. Type in undat arcanum3.dat c:\modding
    To make your own schematics, follow the same steps, except for step 5, change 
    it to:
    5. Type in undat arcanum4.dat c:\modding
    Also, you must create 2 new folders.  In c:\sierra\arcanum\data create \rules 
    and \mes
    To make c:\sierra\arcanum\data\rules
    And c:\sierra\arcanum\data\mes
    ---------------------------------Section 3-----------------------------------
                                Background Editing
    Browse to the file: C:\Modding\arcanum3\mes\Gameback.mes 
    make a copy of that in C:\SIERRA\Arcanum\data\mes (default, use whatever path 
    Arcanum is. IE if Arcanum is C:\Program Files\Arcanum, place file 
    Gameback.mes in C:\Program Files\Arcanum\data\mes) 
    This is where the games background text is stored. Leave it alone for now. 
    Browse to C:\Modding\arcanum3\rules\backgrnd.mes, and copy that file to: 
    C:\SIERRA\Arcanum\data\rules (again default.) 
    Again, go back to C:\Modding\arcanum3\rules, find file: effect.mes and copy 
    that to C:\SIERRA\Arcanum\data\rules 
    These are the files that we will use to edit the backgrounds. First, open up 
    (with wordpad) gameback.mes from C:\SIERRA\Arcanum\data\mes. Scroll to the 
    bottom of the file, hit enter (to make a line between {1077} and what you are 
    about to type in) and type in  
    {1077} {TITLE HERE 
    A space between the {1077} and the background text you are about to type in, 
    then here you would type in the description, ending with a } 
    Save that file. Move into  
    and open it up. Scroll to the bottom.  
    Type in: 
    {359}{st -3, wp -3, ch +5, in +5, pe +5} // Put whatever you called the 
    Background here  (example of how mine looks, you can do whatever you want to 
    the statistics, and/or skills.  If you need to find out what each of the 
    abbreviations are, they are at the top of the message document, and in 
    Section 3 of this document.)  
    Save the file. 
    Now, open up C:\SIERRA\Arcanum\data\rules\backgrnd.mes 
    Scroll to the bottom. 
    See where it says: 
    Etc.?  Well, this is where you put in your numbers, but first you have to 
    make a new set.  To do this, all you have to do is add 10 to the first 
    numbers.  So,
    {780} Becomes {790}
    {781} Becomes {791}
    Now, check your background description file, and find the number of the 
    background description (it will be before the title in {}'s.)  Place it in 
    the {}'s to the right of the first line.  Now, check the effect.mes file
    (Example of my edit.) 
    {790}{1077}          (Number of background description goes here.) 
    {791}{359}            (Number of edited stats entry goes here) 
    {792}{}                  (Which classes can use it here, read top of file for 
    more info) 
    {793}{0}                (How much money you start with.) 
    {794}{}                  (Top of document says something to do with prototype 
    weapons, just leave it blank.)
    ---------------------------------Section 4-----------------------------------
                       Abbreviations and miscellaneous symbols.
    (Probably missing a few, email any you find to me, and I will give you 
    Any of the skills, IE firearms, repair, etc.
    + add to a skill , stat, maxhp, maxfatigue, resistance, reaction 
    -	subtract from a skill, stat, maxhp, maxfatigue, resistance, reaction
    *	multiply life, reactions, or fatigue.  NOTE can ONLY be used with those!
    % must be used with + or - and a number, adds or subtracts a percent of life, 
    heal rate, speed, maxhp, maxfatigue
    in = intelligence
    ch = charisma
    st = strength
    cn = constitution
    dx = dexterity
    wp = willpower
    be = beauty
    pe = perception
    resistpoison = changes your resistance to poison
    resistelectrical = changes your resistance to electricity
    resistdamage  = changes your resistance to damage
    resistfire = changes your resistance to fire
    badreactionadj = bad reaction to you, may be used with * - or +
    goodreactionadj = good reaction to you, may be used with * - or +
    speed = changes speed
    healrate = changes heal rate
    crithitchance = changes chance to score a critical hit
    critmisschance = changes chance to miss a critical hit
    maxhps = changes max hp value
    maxfatigue = changes max fatigue
    poisonrate = changes the rate at which you resist poison
    maxfollowers = changes your max amount of followers
    ---------------------------------Section 5-----------------------------------
    *NOTE* As far as I know, so far, you can only change the current schematics!  
    I have not figured out how to make new ones, while keeping the old ones!  
    Browse to file C:\Modding\arcanum3\mes\schematic_text.mes
    Copy this file to: C:\SIERRA\Arcanum\data\mes
    Browse to file C:\Modding\arcanum3\rules\schematic.mes
    Copy this file to: C:\Sierra\Arcanum\data\rules
    Browse to file C:\Modding\arcanum3\mes\tech.mes
    Copy this file to C:\Modding\Arcanum\data\Mes
    Open C:\Sierra\Arcanum\data\mes\schematic_text.mes
    Say you would like to change the entire class of Herbology.  You would take 
    {10}{Healing Salve}
    {11}{Heal wounds quickly and easily!  Taking full advantage of the natural 
    healing properties of Ginka Root and Kadura Stem, this elixir restores one's 
    health and biological energies without rest or prolonged hospitalization.}
    And change it to something of your own design, like this:
    {10}{Enchanted Sword}
    {11}{Ever wanted to change two crappy weapons into a weapon you could 
    actually use?  Well, now you can!  Through the amazing powers of Blacksmithy, 
    you can combine a rusty sword with a short sword to make an enchanted sword!}
    You would also need to edit the last few lines of text of this file.  
    For our Blacksmithy, we would change:
    //Title Schematics 1000 - 
    {1001}{The Science of Herbology can bring the wounded back from the gaping 
    maw of death! Do not allow yourself to be caught DEAD without the ability to 
    harness the power of plants to bring you back from the edge of certain 
    to this:
    //Title Schematics 1000 - 
    {1001}{With the knowledge of Blacksmithy you have the ability to change one 
    man's junk, into another man's treasure!}
    In the character/schematics screens, in order for it to say Blacksmithy 
    instead of Herbology, you would need to open up
    And change the first line from: 
    Also, change line 16 from:
    {16}{The Herbology discipline concerns itself with the study of herbs and how 
    they affect the body.} 
    {16}{The Blacksmithy discipline combines really bad things to create some 
    nice items for you to use!}
    Obviously, that is just an example.
    You could also change things like Layman or Apprentice to whatever you would 
    like the game to call it.
    Then, you would open up C:\Sierra\Arcanum\data\rules\schematic.mes, and take 
    the first block of text:
    //Heal Lite
    {2000}{10} //Name
    {2001}{11} //Description
    {2002}{532} //Drawing
    {2003}{10061} //component 1
    {2004}{10062} //component 2
    {2005}{10059} //Result
    {2006}{5} // Result Amount
    And change it to this:
    //Enchanted Sword
    {2000}{10} //Name
    {2001}{11} //Description
    {2002}{532} //Drawing
    {2003}{6060} //Short Sword
    {2004}{6056} //Rusty Sword
    {2005}{6042} //Enchanted Sword
    {2006}{1} // Result Amount
    Currently, I don't know how to change the pictures to something more suiting, 
    for I have not had the ability to view the current pictures.  I also do not 
    plan on adding information on how to change the pictures, for you only see 
    the pictures in the background, and for a few seconds.
    ---------------------------------Section 6-----------------------------------
                               Schematic Item Numbers
    These are taken directly from a file in the game, I have not tried every 
    single one of these numbers, and I am betting that some of them are not 
    listed in this area at all.
    // Weapons
    {6038}{Envenomed Sword}
    {6039}{Elephant Gun}
    {6040}{Tesla Rod}
    {6041}{Flame Thrower}
    {6042}{Enchanted Sword}
    {6044}{Fine Revolver}
    {6045}{Repeater Rifle}
    {6046}{Hunting Rifle}
    {6047}{Railroad Spike}
    {6048}{Balanced Sword}
    {6049}{Bronwyck's Gun}
    {6050}{Rusty Dagger}
    {6051}{Fine Steel Dagger}
    {6052}{Throwing Dagger}
    {6053}{Mechanical Dagger}
    {6054}{Mage's Dagger}
    {6055}{Dagger of Speed}
    {6056}{Rusty Sword}
    {6057}{Quality Sword}
    {6058}{Caladon Elite Sword}
    {6060}{Short Sword}
    {6064}{Sword of Defense}
    {6065}{Stillwater Blade}
    {6066}{Rusty Axe}
    {6067}{Quality Axe}
    {6068}{Power Axe}
    {6069}{Feather-Weight Axe}
    {6070}{Reaper's Axe}
    {6071}{Axe of Strength}
    {6072}{Rusty Mace}
    {6073}{Quality Mace}
    {6075}{Rusty Hammer}
    {6076}{Quality Hammer}
    {6077}{Machined Hammer}
    {6078}{Crushing Hammer}
    {6079}{Inferno Hammer}
    {6080}{Old Revolver}
    {6081}{Flintlock Pistol}
    {6082}{Old Flintlock Pistol}
    {6083}{Quality Revolver}
    {6084}{Hushed Pistol}
    {6085}{High Velocity Pistol}
    {6086}{Fancy Pistol}
    {6087}{Schreck's Pistol}
    {6088}{Long Range Pistol}
    {6089}{Quality Broadsword}
    {6090}{Rusty Broadsword}
    {6093}{Barbarian's Heavy Blade}
    {6094}{Sword of Air}
    {6095}{Sword of Sickness}
    {6096}{Compound Bow}
    {6097}{Short Bow}
    {6098}{Long Bow}
    {6099}{Elven Hunter's Bow}
    {6100}{Bow of Terror}
    {6101}{Folding Rifle}
    {6102}{Repeater Rifle Variant 1}
    {6103}{Repeater Rifle Variant 2}
    {6104}{Mechanized Gun}
    {6105}{Looking Glass Rifle}
    {6106}{Marksman Rifle}
    {6107}{Levered Machine Gun}
    {6109}{Rusted Rifle}
    {6110}{Shocking Staff}
    {6111}{Quality Staff}
    {6112}{Staff of Healing}
    {6113}{Shaman's Staff}
    {6114}{Mage's Staff}
    {6115}{Hushed Revolver}
    {6116}{Hand Crafted Flintlock}
    {6117}{Large Pipe}
    {6118}{Hand Cannon}
    {6119}{Clarington Rifle}
    {6120}{Filament Sword}
    {6121}{Finely Crafted Dagger}
    {6122}{Charmed Dagger}
    {6123}{Magick Dagger}
    {6124}{Mystic Dagger}
    {6125}{Arcane Dagger}
    {6126}{Charged Sword}
    {6127}{Charmed Sword}
    {6128}{Magick Sword}
    {6129}{Mystic Sword}
    {6130}{Arcane Sword}
    {6131}{Envenomed Axe}
    {6132}{Charged Axe}
    {6133}{Pyrotechnic Axe}
    {6134}{Charmed Axe}
    {6135}{Magick Axe}
    {6136}{Mystic Axe}
    {6137}{Arcane Axe}
    {6138}{Charmed Mace}
    {6139}{Magick Mace}
    {6140}{Mystic Mace}
    {6141}{Arcane Mace}
    {6142}{Charmed Great Sword}
    {6143}{Magick Great Sword}
    {6144}{Mystic Great Sword}
    {6145}{Arcane Great Sword}
    {6146}{Pyrotechnic Bow}
    {6147}{Envenomed Bow}
    {6148}{Charmed Bow}
    {6149}{Magick Bow}
    {6150}{Mystic Bow}
    {6151}{Arcane Bow}
    {6152}{Rifled Cannon}
    {6153}{Acid Gun}
    {6154}{Tesla Gun}
    {6155}{Grenade Launcher}
    {6156}{Charged Accelerator Gun}
    {6157}{Blade Launcher}
    {6158}{Pyrotechnic Gun}
    {6159}{Tranquilizer Gun}
    {6160}{Charmed Staff}
    {6161}{Magick Staff}
    {6162}{Mystic Staff}
    {6163}{Arcane Staff}
    {6165}{Bladed Boomerang}
    {6166}{Balanced Boomerang}
    {6168}{Serrated Chakram}
    {6169}{Mystical Chakram}
    {6170}{Azram's Star}
    {6171}{Aerial Decapitator}
    {6172}{Void Sword}
    {6173}{Droch's Warbringer}
    {6174}{Large Bore Vendigrothian Rifle}
    {6175}{Oak Axe Handle}
    {6177}{Bone Dagger}
    {6178}{Kite Sword}
    {8042}{Heavy Wool Clothes}
    {8043}{Guard Leather}
    {8045}{Machined Platemail}
    {8046}{Priest Robes}
    {8047}{Mithril Platemail}
    {8048}{Dread Armour}
    {8049}{Nice Suit}
    {8050}{Battered Wooden Shield}
    {8054}{Fancy Ring}
    {8056}{Leather Gloves}
    {8057}{Charged Ring}
    {8058}{Small Heavy Wool Clothes}
    {8059}{Small Guard Leather}
    {8060}{Small Chainmail}
    {8061}{Small Machined Platemail}
    {8062}{Small Priest Robes}
    {8063}{Small Mithril Platemail}
    {8064}{Small Dread Armour}
    {8065}{Small Nice Suit}
    {8066}{Large Heavy Wool Clothes}
    {8067}{Large Guard Leather}
    {8068}{Large Mithril Platemail}
    {8069}{Large Nice Suit}
    {8070}{Suede Jacket}
    {8071}{Oiled Thieves Leather}
    {8072}{Mithril Chainmail}
    {8073}{Machined Plate}
    {8074}{Shadowing Robes}
    {8075}{Basic Platemail}
    {8076}{Bronze Barbarian Clothes}
    {8077}{Smoking Jacket}
    {8078}{Small Suede Jacket}
    {8079}{Small Oiled Thieves Leather}
    {8080}{Small Mithril Chainmail}
    {8081}{Small Machined Plate}
    {8082}{Small Robe of the Chameleon}
    {8083}{Small Basic Platemail}
    {8084}{Small Bronze Barbarian Clothes}
    {8085}{Small Smoking Jacket}
    {8086}{Heavy Rags}
    {8087}{Large Oiled Thieves Leather}
    {8088}{Large Basic Platemail}
    {8089}{Smoking Jacket}
    {8090}{Wool Jacket}
    {8091}{Leather Armour}
    {8092}{Oiled Chainmail}
    {8093}{Basic Machined Plate}
    {8095}{Bronzed Plate}
    {8096}{Dark Barbarian Clothes}
    {8097}{Servants Clothes}
    {8098}{Small Wool Jacket}
    {8099}{Small Leather Armour}
    {8100}{Small Oiled Chainmail}
    {8101}{Small Basic Machined Platemail}
    {8102}{Small Robes}
    {8103}{Small Bronzed Plate}
    {8104}{Small Dark Barbarian Clothes}
    {8105}{Small Manservants Clothes}
    {8106}{Large Wool Jacket}
    {8107}{Large Leather Armour}
    {8108}{Large Bronzed Plate}
    {8109}{Large Manservants Uniform}
    {8111}{Studded Leather}
    {8112}{Guard Chainmail}
    {8113}{Guard Plate}
    {8114}{Magick Robes}
    {8115}{Elite Plate}
    {8116}{Red Barbarian Clothes}
    {8117}{Rustic Finery}
    {8118}{Small Jacket}
    {8119}{Small Studded Leather}
    {8120}{Small Guard Chainmail}
    {8121}{Small Guard Plate}
    {8122}{Small Magick Robes}
    {8123}{Small Elite Plate}
    {8124}{Small Red Barbarian Clothes}
    {8125}{Small Rustic Finery}
    {8127}{Large Studded Leather}
    {8128}{Large Elite Plate}
    {8129}{Large Rustic Finery}
    {8130}{Feather-Weight Chain}
    {8131}{Small Feather-Weight Chain}
    {8132}{Copper Ring}
    {8133}{Plain Dress}
    {8134}{NO GOOD}Small Ladies City Dweller Clothes
    {8135}{NO GOOD}Small Ladies City Dweller Clothes
    {8136}{Elegant Dress}Ladies Smoking Jacket
    {8137}{NO GOOD}Small Ladies Smoking Jacket
    {8138}{NO GOOD}Large Ladies Smoking Jacket
    {8139}{Servant's Dress}FEMALE
    {8140}{NO GOOD}Small Ladyservants Clothes
    {8141}{NO GOOD}Large Ladyservants Clothes
    {8142}{Rustic Dress}FEMALE
    {8143}{NO GOOD}Small Ladies Rustic Finery
    {8144}{NO GOOD}Large Ladies Rustic Finery
    {8145}{Venom-Shielded Garment}
    {8146}{Small Venom-Shielded Garment}
    {8147}{Large Venom-Shielded Garment}
    {8148}{Regenerative Jacket}
    {8149}{Small Regenerative Jacket}
    {8150}{Large Regenerative Jacket}
    {8151}{Dragon Skin Leather}
    {8152}{Small Dragon Skin Leather}
    {8153}{Large Dragon Skin Leather}
    {8154}{Creep Armour}
    {8155}{Caladon Elite Guard Chainmail}
    {8156}{Dwarven Chainmail}
    {8157}{Elven Chainmail}
    {8158}{Gnomish Chainmail}
    {8159}{Molochean Hand Amulet}
    {8160}{Medallion of Beauty}
    {8161}{Dorian Amulet}
    {8162}{Decent Gold Ring}
    {8163}{Gilbert Bates Ring}
    {8164}{Ring of Protection}
    {8165}{Fated Ring}
    {8166}{Metal Boots}
    {8167}{Fine Stout Boots}
    {8169}{Worn Shoes}
    {8170}{Worn Boots}
    {8171}{Ladies Fancy Boots}
    {8172}{Worn Ladies Boots}
    {8173}{Elven Boots}
    {8174}{Enchanted War Boots}
    {8175}{Dwarven Gauntlets}
    {8176}{Machined Gauntlets}
    {8177}{War Gauntlets}
    {8178}{Chain Gloves}
    {8179}{Light-Fingered Gauntlets}
    {8180}{Gloves of Dexterity}
    {8181}{Fine Helmet}
    {8182}{Pig Face Basset}
    {8183}{Eye Gear}
    {8184}{Eye Glasses}
    {8185}{Top Hat}
    {8186}{Helmet of Vision}
    {8187}{Chapeau of Magnetic Inversion}
    {8188}{Helm of Light}
    {8189}{Geleam's Helm}
    {8190}{Wooden Shield}
    {8191}{Dented Iron Shield}
    {8192}{Quality Iron Shield}
    {8193}{Kite Shield}
    {8194}{Flow Specktrometer}
    {8195}{Shield of Force}
    {8196}{Shadow Shield}
    {8197}{Dwarven Platemail}
    {8198}{Minute Platemail of Regeneration}
    {8199}{Great Helm}
    {8200}{"Sunday's Best" Dress}
    {8201}{Officer's Uniform}
    {8202}{Small Officer's Uniform}
    {8203}{Amulet of Leadership}
    {8204}{Dark Helm}
    {8205}{Teamster Gloves}
    {8206}{Serpentine Necklace}
    {8207}{Wheel Clan Spectacles}
    {8208}{Charmed Leather Armour}
    {8209}{Small Charmed Leather Armour}
    {8210}{Large Charmed Leather Armour}
    {8211}{Magick Leather Armour}
    {8212}{Small Magick Leather Armour}
    {8213}{Large Magick Leather Armour}
    {8214}{Mystic Leather Armour}
    {8215}{Small Mystic Leather Armour}
    {8216}{Large Mystic Leather Armour}
    {8217}{Arcane Leather Armour}
    {8218}{Small Arcane Leather Armour}
    {8219}{Large Arcane Leather Armour}
    {8220}{Qintarra Chainmail}
    {8221}{Charmed Chainmail}
    {8222}{Small Charmed Chainmail}
    {8223}{Magick Chainmail}
    {8224}{Small Magick Chainmail}
    {8225}{Mystic Chainmail}
    {8226}{Small Mystic Chainmail}
    {8227}{Arcane Chainmail}
    {8228}{Small Arcane Chainmail}
    {8230}{Small Electro-Armor}
    {8231}{Large Electro-Armor}
    {8232}{Charmed Robes}
    {8233}{Small Charmed Robes}
    {8234}{Magick Robes}
    {8235}{Small Magick Robes}
    {8236}{Mystic Robes}
    {8237}{Small Mystic Robes}
    {8238}{Arcane Robes}
    {8239}{Small Arcane Robes}
    {8240}{Charmed Traveler's Cloak}
    {8241}{Small Charmed Traveler's Cloak}
    {8242}{Magick Traveler's Cloak}
    {8243}{Small Magick Traveler's Cloak}
    {8244}{Mystic Traveler's Cloak}
    {8245}{Small Mystic Traveler's Cloak}
    {8246}{Arcane Traveler's Cloak}
    {8247}{Small Arcane Traveler's Cloak}
    {8248}{Quality Robes}
    {8249}{Small Quality Robes}
    {8250}{Charmed Platemail}
    {8251}{Small Charmed Platemail}
    {8252}{Magick Platemail}
    {8253}{Small Magick Platemail}
    {8254}{Mystic Platemail}
    {8255}{Small Mystic Platemail}
    {8256}{Arcane Platemail}
    {8257}{Small Arcane Platemail}
    {8258}{Flow Disruptor Shield}
    {8259}{Charmed Shield}
    {8260}{Magick Shield}
    {8261}{Mystic Shield}
    {8262}{Arcane Shield}
    {8263}{Miner's Helmet}
    {8264}{Charmed Helmet}
    {8265}{Magick Helmet}
    {8266}{Mystic Helmet}
    {8267}{Arcane Helmet}
    {8268}{Charmed Gauntlets}
    {8269}{Magick Gauntlets}
    {8270}{Mystic Gauntlets}
    {8271}{Arcane Gauntlets}
    {8272}{Charmed Ring}
    {8273}{Magick Ring}
    {8274}{Mystic Ring}
    {8275}{Arcane Ring}
    {8276}{Vendigrothian Padded Leather Gloves}
    {8277}{Vendigrothian War Gauntlets}
    {8278}{Void Ring}
    {8279}{Emerald Ring}
    {8280}{Ruby Ring}
    {8281}{Sapphire Ring}
    {8282}{Diamond Ring}
    {8283}{Wooden Ring}
    {8284}{Silver Ring}
    {8285}{Mithril Ring}
    {8286}{Emerald Necklace}
    {8287}{Ruby Necklace}
    {8288}{Sapphire Necklace}
    {8289}{Diamond Necklace}
    {8290}{Goggled Helmet}
    {8291}{Large Machined Platemail}
    {8292}{Large Feather-Weight Chain}
    // Food
    {10059}{Healing Salve}
    {10060}{Fatigue Restorer}
    {10061}{Ginka Root}
    {10062}{Kadura Stem}
    {10063}{Coca Leaves}
    {10064}{Tobacco Leaves}
    {10066}{Electrolyte Solution}
    {10067}{Varham's Aqua Vitae}
    {10068}{Monroe's Cleaner}
    {10069}{Potion of Persuasion}
    {10070}{Elixir of Physical Prowess}
    {10071}{Spirit of Camphor}
    {10072}{Famous Blood Pills}
    {10074}{Heal Lesser Wounds}
    {10075}{Strong Poison}
    {10076}{Cure All}
    {10077}{Cure Poison}
    {10078}{Fatigue Limiter}
    {10079}{Accelerate Healing}
    {10081}{Poppy Flowers}
    {10082}{Big Chief Snake Oil}
    {10084}{Wonder Drug}
    {10085}{Corrosive Acid}
    {10086}{Animal Lure}
    {10087}{Animal Scent}
    {10088}{Brewer's Yeast}
    {10089}{Pete's Carbolic Acid}
    {10092}{Sulphur Pills}
    {10094}{Morning Star Perfume}
    {10095}{Dragon Cologne}
    {10096}{Lingham's Belladonna}
    {10098}{Mind Marvel}
    {10099}{Tonic of Increased Reflexes}
    {10101}{Doolittle's Glyceride}
    {10102}{Nerve Pills}
    {10103}{Liquid of Awareness}
    {10104}{Nimm's Phosphorous Tincture}
    {10106}{Witch Hazel Extract}
    {10107}{Rheumatism Cure}
    {10108}{Migraine Cure}
    {10109}{Tincture of Arnica}
    {10110}{CK Sugar}
    {10111}{Elixir of Hypnotic Suggestion}
    {10112}{Brain Builder}
    {10113}{Muscle Maker}
    {10116}{Miracle Cure}
    {10117}{Mental Inhibitor}
    {10124}{Vial of Dragon's Blood}
    {10125}{Passion Root}
    {10126}{Chateau de Be'ron Brandy}
    {10127}{Dwarven Snuff}
    {10128}{Elven Spring Water}
    {10129}{Earl Grey Tea}
    {10131}{Sweet Cakes}
    {10132}{Vendigrothian Elixir}
    {10134}{Greater Healing}
    {10135}{Light Fatigue Restore}
    {10136}{Greater Fatigue Restore}
    {10137}{Heal Poison}
    {10138}{Morgana's Tears}
    {10139}{Fatigue Slower}
    {10140}{Essence of Intellect}
    {10141}{Potion of Haste}
    {10142}{Liquid of Skin Thickening}
    {10143}{Kalispi's Venom}
    {10144}{Restore Life}
    {11059}{Scroll of Disarm}
    {11060}{Scroll of Unlocking Cantrip}
    {11061}{Scroll of Unseen Force}
    {11062}{Scroll of Spatial Distortion}
    {11063}{Scroll of Teleportation}
    {11064}{Scroll of Sense Alignment}
    {11065}{Scroll of See Contents}
    {11066}{Scroll of Read Aura}
    {11067}{Scroll of Sense Invisible/Traps}
    {11068}{Scroll of Divine Magic}
    {11069}{Scroll of Vitality of Air}
    {11070}{Scroll of Poison Vapours}
    {11071}{Scroll of Call Winds}
    {11072}{Scroll of Body of Air}
    {11073}{Scroll of Call Air Elemental}
    {11074}{Scroll of Strength of Earth}
    {11075}{Scroll of Stone Throw}
    {11076}{Scroll of Wall of Stone}
    {11077}{Scroll of Body of Stone}
    {11078}{Scroll of Call Earth Elemental}
    {11079}{Scroll of Agility of Fire}
    {11080}{Scroll of Wall of Fire}
    {11081}{Scroll of Fireflash}
    {11082}{Scroll of Body of Fire}
    {11083}{Scroll of Call Fire Elemental}
    {11084}{Scroll of Purity of Water}
    {11085}{Scroll of Call Fog}
    {11086}{Scroll of Squall of Ice}
    {11087}{Scroll of Body of Water}
    {11088}{Scroll of Call Water Elemental}
    {11089}{Scroll of Shield of Protection}
    {11090}{Scroll of Jolt}
    {11091}{Scroll of Wall of Force}
    {11092}{Scroll of Bolt of Lightning}
    {11093}{Scroll of Disintegrate}
    {11094}{Scroll of Charm}
    {11095}{Scroll of Stun}
    {11096}{Scroll of Drain Will}
    {11097}{Scroll of Nightmare}
    {11098}{Scroll of Dominate Will}
    {11099}{Scroll of Resist Magick}
    {11100}{Scroll of Disperse Magick}
    {11101}{Scroll of Dweomer Shield}
    {11102}{Scroll of Bonds of Magic}
    {11103}{Scroll of Reflection Shield}
    {11104}{Scroll of Hardened Hands}
    {11105}{Scroll of Weaken}
    {11106}{Scroll of Shrink}
    {11107}{Scroll of Flesh to Stone}
    {11108}{Scroll of Polymorph}
    {11109}{Scroll of Charm Beast}
    {11110}{Scroll of Entangle}
    {11111}{Scroll of Control Beast}
    {11112}{Scroll of Succour Beast}
    {11113}{Scroll of Regenerate}
    {11114}{Scroll of Harm}
    {11115}{Scroll of Conjure Spirit}
    {11116}{Scroll of Summon Undead}
    {11117}{Scroll of Create Undead}
    {11118}{Scroll of Quench Life}
    {11119}{Scroll of Minor Healing}
    {11120}{Scroll of Halt Poison}
    {11121}{Scroll of Major Healing}
    {11122}{Scroll of Sanctuary}
    {11123}{Scroll of Resurrect}
    {11124}{Scroll of Illuminate}
    {11125}{Scroll of Flash}
    {11126}{Scroll of Blur Sight}
    {11127}{Scroll of Phantasmal Fiend}
    {11128}{Scroll of Invisibility}
    {11129}{Scroll of Plague of Insects}
    {11130}{Scroll of Orcish Champion}
    {11131}{Scroll of Guardian Ogre}
    {11132}{Scroll of Hellgate}
    {11133}{Scroll of Familiar}
    {11134}{Scroll of Magelock}
    {11135}{Scroll of Congeal Time}
    {11136}{Scroll of Hasten}
    {11137}{Scroll of Stasis}
    {11138}{Scroll of Tempus Fugit}
    {11139}{Kerghan's Death Scroll}
    {11140}{Kerghan's Attack Scroll}
    {11141}{Scroll of Exiting}
    {11142}{Med Spider Heal}
    // Keys
    {12061}{Iron Clan Key}
    {12062}{Vorman Manor Key}
    // Key Rings
    {13061}{Key Ring}
    // Written
    {14064}{Tarant Newspaper}
    {14066}{Gorad's note}
    {14070}{The Legend of T'erre-d'-V'nt}
    {14071}{Professor Eakin's Telegram}
    {14072}{Vendigroth Newspaper}
    {14075}{Clockwork Physician}
    {14076}{Miracle Cure}
    {14077}{Mental Inhibitor}
    {14081}{Potion of Paralysis}
    {14082}{Lemon and Potato Charges}
    {14083}{Charged Sword}
    {14084}{Flow Disruptor}
    {14085}{Tesla Gun}
    {14087}{Electro Armour (Medium)}
    {14088}{Pyrotechnic Bow}
    {14089}{Knock Out Gas}
    {14090}{Hallucination Grenade}
    {14091}{Electrocution Grenade}
    {14092}{Grenade Launcher}
    {14093}{Time Bomb}
    {14094}{Concussion Grenade}
    {14095}{Paralysis Grenade}
    {14096}{Mustard Gas Grenade}
    {14099}{Flame Thrower}
    {14100}{Mechanized Gun}
    {14101}{Acid Gun}
    {14102}{Accelerator Gun}
    {14103}{Pyrotechnic Gun}
    {14104}{Blade Launcher}
    {14105}{High Velocity Pistol}
    {14106}{Schreck's Multi-Barreled Pistol}
    {14107}{Long Range Pistol}
    {14108}{Tranquilizer Gun}
    {14109}{Poison Arachnid}
    {14111}{Compound Bow}
    {14112}{Envenomed Bow}
    {14113}{Medical Arachnid}
    {14114}{Illuminated Decoy}
    {14115}{Explosive Decoy}
    {14116}{Automaton Gunner}
    {14117}{Goggled Helmet}
    {14118}{Machined Platemail}
    {14119}{Wheel Clan Spectacles}
    {14120}{Envenomed Sword}
    {14121}{Envenomed Axe}
    {14122}{Miner's Helmet}
    {14123}{Pyrotechnic Axe}
    {14124}{Rifled Cannon}
    {14125}{Mechanical Dagger}
    {14126}{Elixir of Hypnotic Suggestion}
    {14127}{Brain Builder}
    {14128}{Muscle Maker}
    // Items
    {15065}{Generic Item 1a}
    {15066}{Mechanized Arachnid}
    {15067}{Stillwater trap (empty)}
    {15068}{Stillwater trap (full)}
    {15069}{Metal Plates}
    {15070}{Electric Light}
    {15074}{Potassium Nitrate}
    {15077}{Metal Shavings}
    {15078}{Gun Chassis}
    {15079}{Revolver Chamber}
    {15080}{Spike Trap}
    {15081}{Auto Skeleton Key}
    {15082}{Large Spring}
    {15083}{Small Spring}
    {15085}{Pure Ore}
    {15086}{Iron Ore}
    {15088}{Fine Hilt and Guard}
    {15090}{Small Steam Engine}
    {15091}{Large Gears}
    {15092}{Mechanized Arachnid (poison)}
    {15093}{Ancient Gun Chassis}
    {15094}{Mithril Ore}
    {15095}{Wine Glass}
    {15096}{Empty Vial}
    {15097}{Crash Site Camera}
    {15098}{Small Statuette}
    {15099}{Chest of Gold}
    {15100}{Bear Trap}
    {15101}{Metal Clamp}
    {15102}{Trap Springer}
    {15103}{Pocket Watch Parts}
    {15105}{Music Box}
    {15106}{Candle Stick}
    {15107}{Old Gears}
    {15108}{Electrical Harness}
    {15109}{Large Capacitor}
    {15110}{Tesla Coil}
    {15111}{Black Powder}
    {15112}{Fire Obstruction}
    {15113}{Breach Loading Chamber}
    {15114}{Auto Loading Chamber}
    {15115}{Clock Parts}
    {15116}{Clockwork Decoy}
    {15117}{Pocket Watch}
    {15118}{Small Metal Tube}
    {15119}{Leather Straps}
    {15120}{Electrical Component}
    {15121}{Looking Glass}
    {15122}{Dwarven Ore}
    {15123}{Spool of Heavy Wire}
    {15124}{Oak Axe Handle}//REPLACE ME PLEASE!!!!
    {15125}{Sheet Metal}
    {15127}{Crystal Ball}
    {15128}{Rough-Cut Sapphire}
    {15129}{Rough-Cut Emerald}
    {15130}{Rough-Cut Diamond}
    {15131}{Rough-Cut Ruby}
    {15132}{Explosive Grenade}
    {15136}{Potassium Chloride}
    {15137}{Small Electrical Parts}
    {15140}{Electrical Coil}
    {15141}{Metal Can}
    {15142}{Engine Muffler}
    {15143}{Metal Casing}
    {15145}{Tom's Fertilizer}
    {15146}{Stearic Acid}
    {15147}{Liquid Soap}
    {15148}{Broken Flintlock Pistol}
    {15150}{Flash Grenade}
    {15151}{Smoke Grenade}
    {15152}{Stun Grenade}
    {15153}{Fire Obstruction}
    {15154}{Revolver Parts}
    {15155}{Dwarven Steel}
    {15157}{Component 1}
    {15158}{Component 2}
    {15159}{Jade Wizard Statuette}
    {15160}{Kathorn Crystal}
    {15161}{Knock Out Gas Grenade}
    {15162}{Hallucination Grenade}
    {15163}{Electrocution Grenade}
    {15164}{Concussion Grenade}
    {15165}{Paralysis Grenade}
    {15166}{Mustard Gas Grenade}
    {15167}{Boat Rigging}
    {15168}{Noise Maker Decoy}
    {15169}{Clockwork Physician}
    {15170}{Illuminated Decoy}
    {15171}{Explosive Decoy}
    {15172}{Automaton Gunner}
    {15173}{Time Bomb}
    {15176}{Medical Arachnid}
    {15177}{Minute Steam Works}
    {15178}{Crude Lockpicks}
    {15180}{Deed to the Bessie Toone Mine}
    {15183}{Mnura Coin}
    {15184}{Lava Rock}
    {15185}{Olive Branch}
    {15187}{Black Diamond}
    {15188}{Chemistry Manuals}
    {15189}{Explosives Manuals}
    {15190}{Herbology Manuals}
    {15191}{Electrical Manuals}
    {15192}{Therapeutics Manuals}
    {15193}{Mechanical Manuals}
    {15194}{Smithy Manuals}
    {15195}{Gunsmithy Manuals}
    {15196}{Vendigrothian Sheet Metal}
    {15197}{Unknown Chemical Compound}
    {15198}{Void Animal Carcass}
    {15199}{Authentic Stillwater Giant Pelt}
    {15204}{Star Ruby}
    {15205}{Star Sapphire}
    {15206}{Medical Kit}
    {15209}{Molotov Cocktail}
    {15210}{Wisp Essence}
    {15211}{Volar's Wisp Essence}
    {15212}{Medical Arachinid}
    ---------------------------------Section 7-----------------------------------
                                Main Menu Text Editing
    Browse to C:\modding\Arcanum3\mes\mainmenu.mes
    Copy this file to c:\sierra\arcanum\data\mes
    Open it up, it should look like this:
    // Main Menu
    {10}{Single Player}
    {14}{Exit Game}
    Say you wanted to change the first button to Best Game Mode, all you would 
    have to do is change the text:
    {10}{Single Player} 
    {10}{Best Game Mode}
    It's that simple.
    Everything else in this file should be self-explanatory.
    ---------------------------------Section 8-----------------------------------
                            Follower Level-up Editing
    Browse to file c:\modding\arcanum3\rules\gamelevel.mes
    Copy it to C:\sierra\arcanum\data\rules
    You can edit: 
    {50}-Necromancer		{necro_evil 1, cn 9, necro_good 1, necro_evil 2, 
    necro_good 2, melee 4, dx 9, necro_evil 3, cn 11, in 12, necro_good 3, 
    necro_evil 4, necro_good 4, cn 13, necro_evil 5, necro_good 5, melee 8, dx 
    10, wp 20, cn 15, dx 12, in 18, cn 20, st 20}
    to anything using these abbreviations:
    Stats - st, dx, cn, be, in, pe, wp, ch
    Skills - bow, dodge, melee, throwing, backstab, pickpocket, prowling,
            spottrap, gambling, haggle, heal, persuasion, repair,
            firearms, picklock, armtrap
    Spells - conveyance, divination, air, earth, fire, water, force,
             mental, meta, morph, nature, necro_evil, necro_good,
             phantasm, summoning, temporal
    Tech - anatomical, chemistry, electric, explosives, gun_smithy,
           mechanical, smithy, therapeutics
    Misc - maxhps, maxfatigue
    Now, to explain this.  See how it says necro_evil 1?  That means he makes the 
    skill tree of necro_evil go up to level 1.  Cn9 means that he puts points 
    into constitution until it reaches level 9.  And so on.  If you need more 
    information email me.
    ---------------------------------Section 9-----------------------------------
    This document Copyright 2001 by Ryan Zielinski.  You may not take it or use 
    it in any way shape or form, thank you.  It is only to be used on 
    gamefaqs.com or terra-arcanum.com
    ---------------------------------Section 10----------------------------------
    I can be reached at Boba1213@cs.com, and will try to get back to all 
    questions, ASAP.
    ---------------------------------Section 11----------------------------------
    Me: For making this F.A.Q.
    Myself: For looking through the files.
    And I: For spending the time to figure out how to change everything.
    Stop being so conceited :p
    com2kid; from the terra-Arcanum message boards: informed me how command 
    prompt works in WinNT (and possibly XP) 4 and 2k.
    skie23; asked for follower level-up editing

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