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    Schematics Guide by KReshana

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 11/15/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Arcanum Schematics Guide
    by Kala Reshana (kala@101freeway.net)
    Rev 1.1 (November 15, 2001)
    Table of Contents
    1.0  Introduction
      1.1  Revision History
    2.0  Schematics
      2.1  Herbology
      2.2  Chemistry
      2.3  Electrical
      2.4  Explosives
      2.5  Gun Smithy
      2.6  Mechanical
      2.7  Smithy
      2.8  Therapeutics
    3.0  Acknowledgements
    4.0  Legal Stuff
    1.0  Introduction
    This is my first attempt at writing a FAQ (even a mini-FAQ) so constructive
    criticism is welcome. Flames and insults will be deleted upon arrival. Also,
    please note that if you email me with other general questions about the game,
    I can't answer them. Check one of the other FAQs on the game.
    This FAQ started out as an attempt to make myself a quick reference sheet for
    the basic schematics in the game, especially since the reference book is
    wrong too often for my liking or just didn't mention the parts I needed. The
    basic schematics listed here are based on what the game says and NOT the
    manual. In the event the manual is actually correct (gasp), I will update
    this mini-FAQ.
    Also, you cannot use the new schematics unless you have a degree in the
    college in which the schematic is for. For example, I have a schematic for
    fuel, which is in the explosives school. Despite the fact that it seems it
    should be a fairly easy schematic to use, no such luck. I don't have any
    points in explosives, so I can't use this. Once I figure out what level of
    degree is needed for the schematics, I'll update the FAQ.
    1.1  Revision History
    Rev 1.0     November 4, 2001
         Started FAQ.
         Posted to GameFAQs.
    Rev 1.1     November 15, 2001
         Added 20 new schematics.
         Gave permission for some sites to host the FAQ. (see the very end)
    2.0  Schematics
    The list of schematic disciplines is in the order listed in the game. The
    schematics within the disciplines are divided into two categories: the
    schematics obtained from degrees are listed first in the order they were
    obtained and then the schematics found throughout the world are listed in
    alphabetical order. The following key can be used to determine how to make
    (or obtain) the "ingredients" to make certain items.
    * Can be made with schematics obtained from purchasing degrees.
    ^ Can be made with schematics found or purchased.
    2.1.a  Herbology
    Healing Salve <- Ginka Root + Kadura Stem
    Fatigue Restorer <- Cocoa Leaves + Tobacco Leaves
    Poison Cure <- Kadura Stem + Venom
    Fatigue Limiter <- Fatigue Restorer* + Witchbane
    Accelerate Healing <- Healing Salve* + Cocoa Leaves
    Wonder Drug <- Accelerate Healing* + Poppy Flowers
    Cure All <- Wonder Drug* + Big Chief Snake Oil
    2.1.b  Found Herbology Schematics
    Miracle Cure <- Wonder Drug* + Fortifier^
         Just when you thought you'd seen all there was to see! Here comes the
         Miracle Cure! By mixing the Wonder Drug and the Fortifier, this
         unbelievable elixir not only completely heals you, but it also
         temporarily increases the rate at which your body heals itself! Do
         miracles never cease?
    Reanimator <- Cure All* + Large Capacitor
         [This schematic is printed on a strange sort of paper, and looks to be
         very old. The writing is faded almost beyond recognition.] Experiments
         upon the life force.....regenerative chemical compounds.....unbelievable
         results.....completely revived and functioning normally.....advances....
         Vendigrothian science.....
    Wheel Clan Spectacles <- Eye Glasses + Kathorn Crystal
         The Wheel cannot be found,
         With the eyes of your birth.
         But only with those of crystal,
         With sight born of the earth.
    2.2.a  Chemistry
    Strong Poison <- Varham's Aqua Vitae + Monroe's Cleaner
    Charges <- Electrolyte Solution + Metal Plates
    Animal Scent <- Bromide + Morning Star Perfume
    Corrosive Acid <- Pete's Carbolic Acid + Sulphur Pills
    Hallucinite <- Mushrooms + Varham's Aqua Vitae
    Paralyzer <- Potassium Chloride + Strong Poison*
    Anaesthisizer <- Hallucinite* + Bromide
    2.2.b  Found Chemistry Schematics
    Fortifier <- Wine + Varham's Aqua Vitae
         Feeling down just before that all-important to-the-death duel? Dozing
         just before the decisive battle? Then look no further than the
         Fortifier! By combining a common bottle of Wine and Varham's Aqua Vitae,
         you can create an elixir to bring back your energy, and make you a more
         formidable opponent! Fascinating!
    Mental Inhibitor <- Acid + Mind Marvel*
         Looking for an extra advantage against that inimical magick user? Look
         no further than the amazing Mental inhibitor. Through combining Acid and
         the Mind Marvel, you can create an insidious weapon to dull the wizard's
         willpower! You'll have him run through while he's still trying to
         remember even the most basic of spells!
         Note: I don't know yet whether this needs Pete's Carbolic Acid or
         Corrosive Acid.
    Necromizer <- Fortifier^ + Large Capacitor
         Are you always the last man standing? Surrounded by the corpses of
         friends who just didn't make the grade? Well, with the astonishing
         Necromizer, you can put those comrades to good use! By combining the
         Fortifier and a large capacitor, you can raise even the most mutilated
         of corpses to fight mindlessly by your side!
    Potion of Paralysis <- Strong Poison + Wine
         Oftentimes, death need not be the only solution, and the Potion of
         Paralysis was made with this in mind! A combination of the Mushrooms and
         the Varham's Aqua Vitae, this lethal liquid will leave their bodies
         completely disabled while you choose their fate. Be merciful, or save
         them for torture! Either way, you've won the day!
         Note: The text on the schematic calls for Mushrooms and Varham's Aqua
         Vitae while the pictures on the schematic call for Strong Poison and
         Wine. I believe Strong Poison and Wine should be used since the
         Mushrooms and Vitae should make Hallucinite.
    2.3.a  Electrical
    Electrical Light <- Lantern + Filament
    Charged Ring <- Copper Ring + Capacitor
    Flow Specktrometer <- Small Electrical Parts + Compass
    Shocking Staff <- Large Capacitor + Staff
    Chapeau of Magnetic Inversion <- Electrical Coil + Top Hat
    Healing Jacket <- Electrical Harness + Leather Armour
    Tesla Rod <- Tesla Coil + Shocking Staff*
    2.3.b  Found Electrical Schematics
    Flow Disruptor <- Electrical Harness + Quality Iron Shield
         Only now have we discovered the magick-disrupting properties of
         electricity, and those properties are taken full advantage of in the
         Flow Disruptor! This incredible shield, made by combining an Electrical
         Harness and a Quality Iron Shield, not only protects you from physical
         attacks, but also interferes with spells thrown at it! Stupendous!
    2.4.a  Explosives
    Molotov Cocktail <- Fuel^ + Rag
    Flash Grenade <- Magnesium + Wine
    Smoke Grenade <- Tom's Fertilizer + CK Sugar
    Stun Grenade <- Stearic Acid + Saltpeter
    Explosive Grenade <- Black Powder + Metal Can
    Fire Obstruction <- Kerosene + Liquid Soap
    Dynamite <- Nitroglycerin + Saltpeter
    2.4.b  Found Explosives Schematics
    Bullets <- Saltpeter + Charcoal
         With the recent advances in the field of Gunsmithing, it only follows
         that similar steps forward are necessary in ammunition and explosives.
         Using the reactive properties of Charcoal and Saltpeter, a new and
         better bullet can be manufactured quickly and inexpensively. Effectively
         used in both pistols and rifles.
    Concussion Grenade <- Explosive Grenade* + Sheet Metal
         Looking to do some real damage to those pesky ogres? Then the Concussion
         Grenade is just what you're looking for! The combination of the
         Explosive Grenade and Sheet Metal, the Frag Grenade was created for the
         technologist who just needs that extra bit of assurance. They won't be
         getting up after this one rips them to tatters! Outstanding!
         Note: The use of the words 'Frag Grenade' concern me slightly here since
         this is supposed to be a Concussion Grenade. Please note that you might
         not get what you think you will here. When I find out what it makes,
         I'll update this note.
    Electrocution Grenade <- Flash Grenade* + Large Capacitor
         Unfortunately, some creatures are well fortified against the raw forces
         of a standard explosive grenade. For those special occasions, there is
         the Electrocution Grenade! By combining a Flash Grenade and a Large
         Capacitor, you can surprise them with an electrical explosion that
         should leave them wilted and whimpering!
    Fuel <- Wine + Brewer's Yeast
         Today's technologist is often in need of a quick and accessible source
         of fuel, and knowledge in chemistry makes this a reality. By using
         easily found objects as a bottle of Moone's Fine Wine and common
         brewer's yeast, an efficient fuel is created. [Warning: Personal
         consumption of fuel not recommended.]
    Mustard Gas Grenade <- Corrosive Acid + Explosive Grenade*
         Newly developed by the brilliant scientific minds of our age, the
         Mustard Gas Grenade demoralizes one's opponents by burning the very
         membranes from their lungs! You'll have no trouble dispatching those
         maniacal mages as they lie suffocating! Absolutely fascinating!
    Pyrotechnic Bow <- Fire Obstruction* + Compound Bow
         Plain old wooden arrows just not getting the job done? Well, we've just
         the solution! The amazing Pyrotechnic Bow, made by combining the Fire
         Obstruction and the Compound Bow, shoots flaming arrows, which not only
         cause more bodily harm, but are also perfect for setting fire to that
         orcish village you've been depising for so long! Unbelievable!
    2.5.a  Gun Smithy
    Hand Crafted Flintlock <- Broken Flintlock Pistol + Small Metal Tube
    Fine Revolver <- Revolver Parts + Revolver Chamber
    Repeater Rifle <- Hunting Rifle + Revolver Chamber
    Hushed Revolver <- Fine Revolver* + Engine Muffler
    Looking-Glass Rifle <- Marksman's Rifle + Looking Glass
    Hand Cannon <- Clarington Rifle + Fancy Pistol
    Elephant Gun <- Hunting Rifle + Large Pipe
    2.5.b  Found Gun Smithy Schematics
    Bronwyck's Gun <- Ancient Gun Chassis + Mithril Ore
         [This schematic is printed on a strange sort of paper, and looks to be
         very old. The writing is faded almost beyond recognition.] Bronwyck's...
         powerful chassis.....Unparalleled design.....chemical properties of
         mithril.....violent reactions.....controlled destruction.....gunsmiths
         of Vendigroth.....
    Charged Accelerator Gun <- Electrical Coil + Repeater Rifle*
         Speed often equates to power. The Charged Accelerator Gun illustrates
         this, clearly and fatally. By using the magnetic forces of an Electrical
         Coil with the trusty Repeater Rifle, this amazing weapon fires
         ammunition further, and with more destructive power than any weapon to
         date! Incredible, but true!
    High Velocity Pistol <- Accelerator Gun^ + Fancy Pistol
         Speed is power, and nothing shows this better than the incredible High
         Velocity Pistol! The combination of the Accelerator Gun and the Fancy
         Pistol, this marvelous little firearm accelerates its ammunition to
         unbelievable speeds, doing considerably more damage upon impact! Never
         before has so much power come in such a small package!
    2.6.a  Mechanical
    Spike Trap <- Railroad Spike + Large Spring
    Trap Springer <- Metal Casing + Small Spring
    Auto Skeleton Key <- Lockpicks + Small Spring
    Eye Gear <- Pocket Watch Parts + Eyeglasses
    Bear Trap <- Metal Clamp + Large Spring
    Clockwork Decoy <- Clockparts + Small Spring
    Mechanized Arachnid <- Small Steam Engine + Large Gears
    2.6.b  Found Mechanical Schematics
    Automaton <- Mechanized Arachnid* + Elite Plate*
         The future has arrived! The greatest minds in the Mechanical discipline
         have collaborated to create the most unbelievable and unparalleled
         technological creation of all time. All hail the Automaton! With even
         more armor and power than the Mechanized Arachnid, this bipedal behemoth
         is the ultimate destructive force!
    Goggled Helmet <- Eye Gear* + Helmet of Vision*
         Find yourself needing increased perceptive powers? Your prayers have
         been answered! The incredible Goggled Helmet, the combination of Eye
         Gear and the Helmet of Vision, will increase your perception beyond what
         anyone thought previously possible! Absolutely flabbergasting!
    Machined Platemail <- Minute Steam Works + Elite Plate*
         Behold the ultimate in armors-Machined Platemail. Powered by a Minute
         Steam Works, this technological miracle uses Elite Platemail for it's
         defensive properties, while increasing the wearer's strength and
         resistance to most kinds of damage. This armor is a weapon in itself!
    Medical Arachnid <- Mechanized Arachnid* + Wonder Drug*
         In need of a technological ally with the healing power of the greatest
         Tullan mages? Look no further than the Medical Arachnid. By combining
         the Mechanized Arachnid and the Wonder Drug, you get a caring companion
         without the inevitable fuss and bother of a sniveling mage! Staying
         healthy has never been easier, or more enjoyable!
    Poison Arachnid <- Mechanized Arachnid* + Strong Poison*
         This new and improved version of the popular Mechanized Arachnid comes
         fully equipped with poisoned blades. This fast acting poison not only
         weakens opponents, but also does so faster than most poisons available
         today! With added armor strength for durability and improved hydraulics
         for increased speed, the Poison Arachnid is a must for today's
    2.7.a  Smithy
    Pure Ore <- Iron Ore + Steel
    Balanced Sword <- Pure Ore* + Fine Hilt & Guard
    Feather-weight Axe <- Dwarven Ore + Oak Axe Handle
    Dwarven Gauntlets <- Sheet Metal + Leather Gloves
    Helmet of Vision <- Great Helm + Leather Straps
    Feather-weight Chainmail <- Spool of Heavy Wire + Leather Armour
    Elite Plate Mail <- Dwarven Steel + Feather-weight Chain*
    2.7.b  Found Smithy Schematics
    Envenomed Axe <- Feather-Weight Axe* + Strong Poison*
         Is the old faithful axe on its last leg? Then the Envenomed Axe is just
         the thing you need! By combining the Feather-Weight Axe and Poison, you
         can have a weapon that's reliable in close combat, and that makes sure
         they stay down even from the most negligible of flesh wounds!
    Mechanical Dagger <- Fine Steel Dagger + Clock Parts
         Has nature or nurture left you limp-wristed? Don't have the vim or the
         verve to drive home the killing blow? Then the Mechanical Dagger is for
         you! Made by combining a Fine Steel Dagger and Clock Parts, this
         technological wonder makes every strike a fatal one! Unbelievable!
    Miner's Helmet <- Helmet of Vision* + Electric Light*
         Ever wonder how dwarves see so well in their caverns? Wonder no more!
         This authentic dwarven Miner's Helmet, a combination of the Helmet of
         Vision and an Electric Light, will have you seeing in those dark caverns
         like the most experienced dwarven sappers! And it's comfortable too!
    2.8.a  Therapeutics
    Elixir of Persuasion <- Migraine Cure + Thermometer
    Elixir of Physical Prowess <- Famous Blood Pills + Spirit of Camphor
    Liquid of Awareness <- Migraine Cure + Doolittle's Glyceride
    Tonic of Increased Reflexes <- Tincture of Arnica + Rheumatism Cure
    Mind Marvel <- Nerve Pills + Potion of Persuasion*
    Energizer <- Quinine + Elixir of Physical Prowess*
    Revitalizer <- Mind Marvel* + Energizer*
    2.8.b  Found Therapeutics Schematics
    Brain Builder <- Pete's Carbolic Acid + Mind Marvel*
         Have you realized that your combat skills just aren't taking you as far
         as you'd hoped? Wishing you would have hit the books a little harder? No
         worry! With the Brain Builder, a combination of the Pete's Carbolic Acid
         and the Mind Marvel, you can have that grey matter for the small price
         of your physical prowess! Wonderful!
    Elixir of Hypnotic Suggestion <- Elixir of Persuasion* + Hallucinite*
         Science has finally unlocked the deepest secrets of the mind! With the
         Elixir of Hypnotic Suggestion, made through combining Elixir of
         Persuasion and Hallucinite, you can easily control both friend and foe
         alike with only the sound of your voice! They'll be completely unable to
         resist your commands! Utterly fantastic!
    Muscle Maker <- Charges* + Elixir of Physical Prowess*
         Got the brains, but need the brawn? Look no further than the amazing
         Muscle Maker! Made by combining Charges and the Elixir of Physical
         Prowess, you can use this elixir to make you an instant bodily behemoth
         while shedding some of that needless intellect as well! Absolutely
    3.0  Acknowledgements
    I'd like to thank my boyfriend for letting me use his computer to play video
    games while we wait for the parts to get mine fixed to come in.
    I'd also like to thank Alexei for confirming that you do need a certain level
    of degrees to use some of the schematics.
    4.0  Legal Stuff
    This mini-FAQ is copyright 2001 Amanda Torline (aka Kala Reshana). You may
    not copy this document without permission unless you are copying onto your
    computer for your own personal use. Under no circumstances may you take
    credit for this FAQ or distribute it for profit. If you want to use this on
    your own site, please ask first.
    If this text is found posted on a site other than GameFAQs, DLH.net,
    neoseeker.com, or actiontrip.com, is has been posted illegally.

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