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    Technomancy Guide by Endarire

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 04/27/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Written by Endarire (R340@wi.rr.com)
    -VERSION 1.1-
    There's little to comment here.
    -NEW THINGS IN 1.2-
    Edited and overall improved the guide by Phrog9 (Phrog9@hotmail.com) who 
    used every ounce of willpower not to add in insults at Endarire the Newbie 
    -VERSION 1.3-
    About a month after receiving Phrog9's 1.2 version, I finally read it and
    corrected some spelling and grammar.  I disagree with his no-Dante rec-
    ommendation, but I trust him enough as to keep it.
    "Victory goes not to the one with the bigger gun, but to the one that can 
    kill most effectively."
    If you want a full game guide, go to www.gamefaqs.com or www.terra-arcanum.com,
    this guide is about building the most effective technomancer possible.
    1: You've installed Arcanum on a computer that can play it and have applied 
    the 1.074 patch if needed to get version 1.074.
    2: You can check for events marked like *THIS* against important events in 
    the game world.
    3: You can play the game and follow me cohesively.
    4: You know what cohesive is or/and where a dictionary is.
    5: You fight everything that's normally hostile toward you and some things 
    that aren't.  (Killing blacksmiths/magic item traders/gunsmiths in towns you 
    don't frequent/need anymore is a great way to get items and cash!  This is 
    bad in Tarant as Tarant's the hub of your adventures.
    6: You leech everything you can from every area you can, with limit only on
    time and ability, without being a lamer.
    7: You don't kill everything in sight for experience.
    8: You use multiple slots to save, and save often.
    9: You outfit your group with the best-for-the-situation gear.
    10: You identify everything and sell what you don't want.
    1: To attack inanimate objects, go hostile then hold ALT and click.  Most 
    melee weapons lose durability from this.  (ALSO: Ore Golems and elemental-looking
    creatures WILL quickly erode your weapons!)  Mechanical gauntlets found in the
    Black Mountain Mines are the best choice when dealing with such objects.
    2: You can equip yourself at the start (when buying things) by pressing the
    circle left of the black one.  You equip group members this way as well.
    3: "Double playing" quests.  Find the Stillwater Bank, defend it, get the
    reward, rob it (on quest), kill the robbers after finishing.  This game 
    earns its M rating.  (Beware on killing Madam Toussuade in Tarant!  If you kill 
    her, you lose 2 CHA but follow her and gain 1 CHA!)
    4: F7 AUTOSAVES and F8 loads the most recent save.
    5: To switch between items on the MIX/MAKE (T) screen, press the arrow in 
    the top right/left corner.
    6: On the MIX/MAKE screen, the numbers displayed next to an item represent 
    how many points you need to in a field (displayed by the symbol, eg. gear means
    mechanical) to make the item.  Tech manuals, bought in Tarant university,
    temporarily increase your skill in that field.  You will always have enough
    skill for schematics that you bought on the CHARACTER (C) screen.
    7: Have your main character stay unencumbered for mobility and, so long as
    they can move, stash stuff on other party members.
    1230, 1530  Wolf Cave: Store stuff here.
    972, 1029  Tarant: Fix stuff here.  ID stuff here.  Buy ingrediants here.
    Shrouded Hills: ID stuff here.  Buy bullets here.
    1236, 1653  Dernholm: Get Dread Armor for Virgil here.  I suggest killing 
    the smith.
    505, 978  Ashbury: Level from the gravyard zombies here before giving the 
    gem to Geoffry.  (NOTE: Only abuse this is if you REALLY suck at the game.
    Otherwise, it becomes too easy.)
    1179, 1466  Liam's Workshop: Level here.  (Get the trap from the house and 
    go south until the second path, then west.  You're fairly safe right of Liam's
    corpse, so lure foes there.  Sleep often.  Same note from above.)
    Sogg Mead Mugg: Shrouded Hills Inn (9 CHA)
    Gar: Tarant, H. T. Parnell's along the main street, left side (2 Persuasion,
    3000 coins)
    Magnus: Tarant, P. Scuhler & Sons which is on the southwest side of the 
    first side street going northwest. Smithy and Mechanical. (1 Persuasion)
    Jayna Stiles: Dernholm, southern most house.  Heals people using healing 
    salves. Therapeutics and herbology. (Some technological aptitude)
    Sebastian: Tarant, in the Boil after you take the quest to "clean it up."
    Electricity and explosives.
    (Maybe Dog from northeast Ashbury if you save it in time.  It's a Master 
    melee fighter, and may make the game boring!)
    Why these?  Sogg is strong. Vollinger, Jayna, Sebastian, and Magnus make 
    stuff. Jayna heals.  Gar is a good fighter, if you have the room.
    Sogg Mead Mugg: Shrouded Hills Inn (9 CHA)
    Vollinger: Dernholm, King's Inn & Pub.  Gun smithy and chemistry.
    Jayna Stiles: Dernholm, southern most house.  Heals people using healing 
    salves.  Therapeutics and herbology. (Some technological aptitude)
    Sebastian: Tarant, in the Boil after you take the quest to "clean it up."
    Electricity and explosives.
    Torian Kel: Ancient Temple (Bring him dragon's blood.)
    (Maybe Dog.)
    Why these?  Sogg is strong.  Vollinger, Jayna, and Sebastion make stuff.  
    Jayna heals.  Torian Kel is one of the few good evil characters.
    Dwarf, Miracle Cure
    1 point in Haggle, 2 in Firearms, 1 in Persuasion, 1 in Throwing
    Buy a boomerang, and lockpicks if you want to be a thief-type.
    (Picks can be found in the Tarant trash bin near Poone's Flophouse, but that 
    is probably too late.)
    WARNING: It will be extremely hard to survive in the beginning.  Virgil can 
    tank for a while until you get Sogg, then it becomes easy.
    12 STR
    6 DEX (Charged rings give +4 total)
    15 PER (Helmet of Vision gives +3)
    20 CHA (Jewel of Hebe gives +1)
    1 in Haggle, Apprentice
    2 in Persuasion, Apprentice (3 and Expert if you want +1 party limit)
    4 in Firearms, Master**
    1 in Throwing, Apprentice (for Molotovs)
    7 in Gun Smithing (Elephant Gun, mwahaha!)
    or: get the elephant gun from the Poacher's camp and save 7 points
    7 in Smithy (Elite Plate, Helmet of Vision)
    7 in Electricity (Charged rings, Tesla rod, other pre-godly equipment)
    1 in Explosives (Molotov)
    **Check Smythe's Gun Shop in Tarant for the Hunting Rifle and the Tarant 
    docks for the pipe.  Riz from Shrouded Hills also may have this around level 25.
    Talk to the Doc in Shrouded Hills for Apprenticeship (or Smythe in Tarant) 
    and Expert training and a robed William in Ashbury (southeast of entrance, 
    outside a wooden house) for Mastery.  The Firearms Mastery quest is difficult 
    because of timing- you MUST be swift to run to the barn and get the half Ogre bandit
    off the halfling girl before she dies.  This means you should not be 
       Molotov: Fuel and rag.  I recommend to get fuel from Tarant, Dernholm and
    Ashbury.  Get rags from trash bins.  Strong in the beginning, and knockback 
    helps later.
       Bullets: Saltpeter and charcoal.  Saltpeter is semi-rare, but available 
    in Ashbury's gunsmith and generally in import shops and inventors.  Get 
    charcoal from trash bins.
       Elephant Gun: (12 STR needed) Get the Hunting Rifle from any gunsmith
    (though I recommend Ashbury and Tarant) and the large pipe from an
    importer/inventor/junk shop.
      Blade Launcher, Tesla Gun: Advanced weaponry.  You can find the schematics 
    in shops.  Having both allows you to alternate between bullets and battery 
    Cash has its use and it's here.  Haggle, CHA and items that boost reaction
    (like Smoking Jacket) will better your trade prices usually.  (Things like
    identifying and Expert training are fixed.)  Buy all schematics.
    Main character:
    Body wear: Smoking jacket (Tarant tailor) and Elite Plate
    Head: Eye goggles (Black Mountain Clan forge) +2 PER
    Goggled helmet (if you decide to put in 5 Smithy) +3 PER
    Hand: The best gun for the situation, which is usually the most powerful you
    can find.  Factor resistances too.
    Feet: Strong and preferably light boots.
    Gloves: Machined gauntlets (Take them off if you encounter a difficulty 
    Jewelry: Don't count on much helping due to your technomancy rating.  
    Charged rings, requiring 2 in Electricity, give +2 DEX each to those with a high 
    (Sogg gets +1 each)  The Jewel of Hebe (amulet) in the Panarii temple in 
    Tarant gives 2 beauty and 1 charisma.
    =Be careful when giving items to your group- the game is screwy in equip
    priority.  (Gar's no body armor makes him a great armor carrier.)
    =Most items with goldish colored text aren't worth keeping.
    =Half-Ogre body wear is rare: Chukka (Bill Gates's/Gill Bates's) bodyguard 
    has the only Smoking Jacket I've seen and the half-Ogre that pummels the girl in
    the Firearms Mastery quest (Ashbury) is the only studded leather I've seen.  Stuff for
    midgets and stumpies is more common and every living armorer with inventory
    sells human-sized body wear.
    Your job as gunner is mainly to lure foes into your group of attackers, then
    shoot or/and throw Molotovs at the baddies.  Because of this (and so it's
    faster to travel off the World Map) you want to be UNENCUMBERED.  To check
    encumbrance, look at inventory (I).  If you don't see NONE on the left side
    above the items, I advise giving things to your group.  (It doesn't matter 
    how heavy they're anchored unless they can't move.  Sogg's naturally high STR 
    max makes him a great stash!)
    Because of your (hopefully) great PER you should notice packs of foes before
    they near.  Molotovs are great to throw to get packs' attention, and usually
    don't hurt your group!  Later in the game their knockback purpose is handy 
    (They hurt other NPCs; beware during the Firearms Mastery quest!)
    Virgil will do most the fighting until you get Sogg, then Sogg and Virgil 
    will do most the fighting.  You'll start fighting around Expert and be a major
    killer after an Elephant Gun is your weapon.  Until then, use a bladed 
    By the time you talk with the *SHROUDED HILLS BRIDGE THIEVES* you should be
    level 5 at least.
    By the time you talk with *BATES* in Tarant, you should have around 16 CHA 
    and 2 persuade.
    Around *LEVEL 20* you should have 20 CHA and 2 persuade, enough to free Gar 
    if you're a goody.
    Around *LEVEL 25* you should have 4 points in Firearms and the Elephant Gun,
    depending on how soon you get to Qinterra.
    Around *LEVEL 35* but by level 40 you should have a Blade Master and Tesla 
    Get to Qinterra ASAP.  Once on the other side, you can visit the Bedokaan
    village, do the poacher quest, and grab the elephant gun, which becomes the 
    blade launcher.
    Dread armor: Kill the Dernholm smith ASAP and have Virgil use it.
    Myrth's amulet: Steal it from him in Stillwater, or kill him for it after he
    plots Qintarra.
    Filament sword: Get the mine's deed from a man in Tarant (on the right side 
    of the street in a dingy looking warehouse) and give it to Sarah Toone in
    Dernholm.  Booyah.  (|=^)  Technological swords are better, though.
    I highly recommend doing these quests.  They can save character points (CPs) 
    and improve your character.  Steven W. Carter's guide at GameFAQs.com has all 
    the  information needed for this.
    [Any site listed here may post my guides if I submit them and they don't 
    modify them without my permission.  Standard stuff.]
    I recommend the 127 level patch- it changes the max level to 127!
    Other files, like the character editor (I recommend it because I disagree 
    with group member level schemes) at Terra Arcanum.
    RPGamer, a popular and large RPG info site.
    NeoSeeker, like GameFAQs but with hardware reviews.
    The Hunger Site- click and donate free (to you) food.  Works once per day 
    with a reset at 2AM CST daily.  Same for Breast Cancer and Rainforest.  (Click 
    the tabs.)
    Mail: R340@wi.rr.com
    ICQ: 33013974, 43937461 (Rarely used)
    AIM: Endarire
    Version 1 was completed at 10:37 PM CST my watch time on 12 26 1.  I was 
    hungry and tired from much Arcanum and planning to send this to GameFAQs and 
    1.1 was completed at 11:41AM CST 1 4 2.  I'd been playing Black and White 
    and thought it a slow game, but enjoyable.
    1.3 was completed at 8:14 PM CST 4 27 3 after being IMed by someone asking about
    my Technomancer guide.

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