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    Carcanum Mod Guide by MafiaMizo

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/29/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Arcanum: Of steam works and magic obscura
    Polished Carcanum Guide
    By Mizoodh: (Mizoodh@yahoo.com)
    Polished Carcanum is a Modification by Chris Beddoes, It changes many things.
    For a full list of changes and addition visit http://chris.terra-arcanum.com/ 
    you can also download it from there.
    This guide is copyrighted to Mizoodh (Me) and is meant to be used to personal 
    use only. Not to be changed or used for profit in anyway. I know it's not 
    that great but it is still Guide for fans.
    I'm not affiliated with Sierra or Troika or Chris Beddoes in anyway.
    Version History:
    April 26th 2007: Finished Arcanum with Polished carcanum
    April 27th 2007: Started Writing the Guide.
    April 29th 2007: Guide Completed, I excepted to update it soon.
    Polished Carcanum common Bugs:
    1- In the Explosive tech school, Instead of making fire obscure you end up 
       making Dwarven Ore. Solution: None, you have to live without it.
    2- Some of the new companions (Althea and Helena Sent) get angry when you 
       Solution: None, you can make them wait off screen or just play without them.
    3- Some of the new weapons, when equipped change how your inventory is changed.
       Solution: none
    4- Some Grenades and weapons, when used have the same effect as force shooting 
       party members.
       Solution: If you really care you can avoid using the following items: 
       Grenade launcher, Electrocution grenade, mustard gas grenade and knockout 
    5- more of a glitch, you can rest in all the new dungeons.
    New Additions:
    1- Replicating schematics: allows you to replicate items.
    2- New areas: 17 new locations, not to mention that some old locations have 
       been changed and expanded.
    3- Magic guns: Guns that use your magic aptitude.
    4- Dungeon master: Various choices are made at the start of the game that 
       allows you to adjust its difficulty.
    5- Wondering merchants: Appear like random encounters.
    6- Teleporting: Now you don't need to be a mage to teleport, you need to 
       activate stones (can be found in Tarant, Quinttara, Caladon. to teleport 
       you need a gem (rubies, sapphire and ?) and activate a power rune which 
       can be found in most shrines and alters.
    7- Extra Thief quests, if you've joined the thieves underground you get 
       extra thief quests, you can get them in Shrouded hills and in Quinttara.
    8- Monster immunities: Some monsters have been blessed with huge resistance 
       to elements.
    9- Follower class change: by equipping some gems to companions you can 
       customize their area of expertise, I didn't try it myself.
    10- A Car, you get it pretty late in the game, once you get your own ship.
    New companions:
    Althea: From the start off you get her, I didn't play much with her but 
            I can guess she is a techno fighter.
    Helena sent: Techno fighter, while she says she's interested in electricity,
                 but she actually ends up mastering Gun smithy collage. She can 
                 be found in shrouded hills Inn.
    Arabala: Fan favorite first Kill (smirk!), now he can actually join you for 
             10000 gold, he is a mage.
    Spot: A dog, spots traps. Can be found in a new cave at the crash site.
    Giant Mech spider: Level 50, Powerful melee fighter, can be found at The 
                       Master's home.
    Half-orc Doc: A half-Orc healer, you must be a half-orc yourself. Can be 
                  found in the Half-Orc village, which is a new location.
    New Areas:
    Note: Most of these new areas can be found randomly, by Completing the 
    Wandering merchants quest or visiting the shack at the crash site after 
    hitting level 35.
    Here I'm going to list the Location, coordinates and the special items 
    you can find:
    Haunted Village: (1235,1628) mostly full of high level spiders, 
    for your efforts you'll get a Moordinal looking glass rifle, which is 
    a magical gun.
    Trading Post: (1243,1058) A Smith like Merchant, unlike the Wondering 
    merchants this guy actually buys items.
    Vaselan: (923,1019) Arablah's old village, you can get a Divine Hellish
    bow after a series of tough battles.
    Dark House: (1217,733) a Long series of tunnels and tough maze, with 
    lots of undead to kill. You get a Fear Flamer, which is a magical Gun.
    Half-Orc Village: (564,823) if you're not a half-Orc everyone here will
    attack, well except for the doctor who would actually talk.
    Bank Robbers safe house: (1400,1319) you can get this location after 
    the protect the bank quest in shrouded hills, I don't remember what 
    I got there.
    Unnamed Staff: (1200,1200) a couple of golems and spiders, you get 
    a good magic staff which has no name.
    Secret Level: (641,1203) it's also called the strange encounter, 
    you can find the frozen beauty gantlets which increase your beauty 
    if you have a magic aptitude above zero, you can also find a Moordinal 
    blessed bow.
    Undead City: (1000,1019) No monsters or goodies here, you'll find 6 undead
    merchants, and  you can trade with them.
    Lucky alter: (1217,1098) and alter and a shrine, you gamble here. By 
    paying 1000 gold and getting a random item, your character will feel 
    either very lucky or have a bad feeling about the bet.
    The Old Prison: (692,1031) another hack and slash (or shoot) area, 
    It's near the elven ruins. You get a chakram of Incineration, which 
    is pretty decent weapon.
    The Arena: (666,849) now this is one hell of a place, it's quite big.
    You can collect around 20000 bullets from the undead here, not to mention
    Machined plate mails in all sizes and of course the Politician justice 
    rifle, a weapon which rivals the mechanized gun, actually it's more powerful.
    Ignore the building in the middle since there's no way to access, except at 
    the game ending. Also it's full of traps, and there's a glitch in the eastern
    area that kills anyone who steps in a certain area, save often.
    The Sewers: (576:1202) you get a hint about this place if you manage to go
    to the Bagallion deeps or have finished the wandering merchants quest, you
    get a very powerful magic sword: Red Sword of Bagallion Scourge, which is
    as powerful yet it's not cursed.
    Shady grove: (1076,732) a very boring place, you can watch an endless 
    battle between males and females or you can join in and kill them all
    (you should be in turn based mode, otherwise they will be untouchable).
    You can also get a Fawn's bow and a Staff of Xoranth.
    Sherwood Forest: (1576,745) Robin and friends!! For some reason they 
    hate you and you'll have to fight them, each of them carries a unique 
    weapon: Little john's staff, Robin's bow and Maid Marian's sword.
    Portal: (743,763) Accessible only when you're level 50, you can store
    stuff there, rest, recruit the giant mechanized spider. there's also portals
    to Tarant, Caladon, Quinttara, Vendigroth ruins, Kree and a portal which 
    triggers end game. Finally there's a sphere called the Medusa device which 
    when used, spawns Arryas. Each time you click it spawns even more, when you
    leave the area and returns its starts over.
    Assassin's village: you get this marked on your map once you talk to 
    wandering merchants about trades. you get A divine fire pistol.
    A magical weapon.
    Modified Areas:
    Crash site: You've got 2 new caves, once which leads to the kite king
    area (minimum level 35). you can get a Mystic great sword and a prismatic
    shield. In the other cave you find Spot. Also if you move from the crash 
    site towards Shrouded Hills, by actually walking for while staying to the 
    left side, eventually you'll come across 2 safe's, one has demigod cheat items
    and the other has full god cheat items.
    Kree: on the ground there's a nameless tesla gun, but it's nothing compared
    to what lies in the sewers of kree, a lot of level 50 enemies are in there,
    for your efforts you get the Silver terminator. a weapon that's quite powerful
    but slow and heavy for my taste.
    Shrouded hills: You can enter the well and fight some powerful Raven like 
    enemies. also you can get some hemp leaves, which acts exactly like necromizers.
    Blackroot: another sewer system, I don't exactly remember what I got there but 
    there are some powerful werewolves.
    Dernholm: A sewer system, sadly I don't remember what was there.
    Liam's workshop: You can find Liam's flamethrower, since all the new monster
    immunities it's quite useless. 
    Black mountain mines: You can now find a mace of elements, a balanced boomerang
    of thunder and Moordinal's longbow.
    Wheel clan caves: in the derge you can find a prism harm rifle which is a magic
    weapon, 2 divine prism harm daggers, a divine prism harm bow, a divine hellish 
    looking glass rife. you can also find a divine poison rife, 2 arcane bows of
    prism harm, a divine prism harm claymore and a divine prism harm flameberge.
    Stillwater: At the Ogre's lair you can find a thunder star chakram.
    Quintarra: At one of the shops you can find yourself a Great LIGHT SABRE. Now 
    Darth Arronax should really fear you :)
    The Bog: You can find a Divine Prism Staff.
    Now if you're really wondering what does Divine, prism harm, Hellish and that
    entire staff means, you can find a good explanation by Chris in Althea's house
    at shrouded hills.
    Final Words:
    I wish to thank Troika games for their great work, I would also like to thank
    Chris For his great mod.
    Any Submissions are welcome, and keep the Board alive!!
    Copyright © 2007 By Moataz Tawfik

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