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    FAQ by Leonidusx

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    What Every Hero Needs To Know FAQ
    by Leonidusx
    for Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura Unoffical Arcanum Patch v091225
    copyright 2012
    I came to love this game when I found it a decade after its release, but 
    found there was no real quality explanation of the game to players, and a 
    complete lack of important character information.  My love for the game made 
    me want to change that, to let others appreciate this game like I do.
    This faq is for the beginning arcanum player most of all, but also any player 
    who wants a good guide as a reference to character creation.  It is for 
    anything that will make the game easier: beginning tips, explanations of 
    character development, and the optimization of heroes, particularly in 
    combat.  Consider it an easy reference for quality character 
    creation/development planning, powerful item collection, combat usefulness, 
    and general game information regarding what will affect your character's 
    stats and how.
    It is based on the fan patch version of Arcanum by Drog Black Tooth version 
    Special Thanks
    Thanks to Troika for the amazing game.  They must've spent countless hours on 
    all the little things which we can now spend infinite hours enjoying.  Thank 
    you for the masterpeice that is this game. 
    Thanks to Drog Black Tooth for the patches.  They allow the beauty of this 
    masterpeice game to be seen.
    Thanks to Muro from Terra Arcanum for his extensive weapon database, which 
    allows easy comparison for item damage.
    Finally, thanks to the arcanum community, specifically Terra Arcanum.  It was 
    through a lot of extensive personal testing that I have examined much of the 
    game mechanics, but without the Terra Arcanum forum's deep understanding of 
    every detail, I could not have completed this faq.
    In particular: 
    CJH - FT -2 in combat when round >AP
    Jojobobo - disintegrate recommendation
    Grossenschwamm - herbology advice 
    Darkfool - decency
    ytzk - decency
    For ingame options, I recommend the highest difficulty setting, and turn 
    based combat mode as default.  Otherwise, combat becomes very silly very 
    quickly.  You can change combat mode at will using the space bar.  In the 
    beginning, when it can take many strikes to even land a hit on an enemy, its 
    easier to use real time combat.  Set Floaters to verbose so that you can see 
    proper damage and information.
    GAME submenu in options:
    VIDEO submenu in options:
    The first thing you should do after installing arcanum is downloading the 
    final official patch and then downloading the unofficial arcanum patch.  This 
    fixes countless bugs and makes your game a lot better experience.  Then you 
    should install the High Resolution Patch and the Level Cap Remover (install 
    level cap remover now so you don't even have to worry about it later).  I 
    also recommend downloading the arcanum manual, as a reference.  Then, create 
    a shortcut to your Arcanum.exe and right click the shortcut, go to 
    properties, and under the Target (where it shows what the shortcut links to) 
    add [[-scrolldist:0]] (without the brackets) at the end, after the quotation 
    marks which contain the file location.  This let's you freely scroll in the 
    game to see surrounding area, and is incredibly annoying to play without.  
    For example my shortcut Target looks like: 
    "C:\Program Files (x86)\GOG.com\Arcanum\Arcanum.exe" -scrolldist:0
    The Level Cap Remover is not cheap or cheating, because firstly the game 
    difficulty is not hard to begin with and secondly you can sometimes reach the 
    exp cap midway through the game if you enjoy exploration, so it really just 
    removes an inclination to stop your journey early and start a new hero.
    Note that Drog Black Tooth made the unofficial patch, the high resolution 
    patch, and the level cap remover, and we are all indebted to his service for 
    doing so.  Three cheers for Drog!  What a classy gent.
    {{[[((      DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL BEFORE PLAYING ! !         ))]]}}
    Final Official Patch (ENGLISH VERSION)
    Final Unofficial Arcanum Patch
    High Resolution Patch
    Arcanum Universal Level Cap Remover
    Arcanum Manual
    extremely good crafting and schematics guide:
    Kz3r0 Guide to Arcanum Schematics. (complete) 
    extremely good weapon damage calculator:
    Muro's Aracanum Weapon Database
    -Like Diablo, the red bar is hp, the blue bar is fatigue (endurance for 
    spells, taking blows, attacking and running).
    -Esc is menu
    -Space bar switches between turn based and combat mode.  If you see green 
    lights in a row, you are in turn based combat.
    -Sometimes in turn based combat it seems like an offscreen unit is taking an 
    infinite turn.  Press space bar twice to stop this.  You will lose a turn.
    -R enters or exits combat mode.  You can tell you are combat mode if the 
    cursor is a sword instead of a pointer, and if you have a weapon equipped it 
    will be drawn in a battle stance.  You cannot leave combat mode while under 
    -Right click can also leave combat mode.
    -Running while in combat reduces fatigue.  Doing this unknowingly at the 
    start can cause irritating bouts of unconsciousness.  Leave combat mode to 
    stop this.
    -S brings down the sleep menu, if you are allowed to sleep there.  You can 
    bring this menu by also clicking the box where it originates, left of the 
    day/night display.  You cannot sleep in dungeons, or while in combat.  You 
    can sleep in the outdoors, and can wait while in towns.
    -W brings up the map, either for a town, a dungeon, or the world map for fast 
    -After setting waypoints on the map, they can be deleted in reverse order 
    using the Delete key (not backspace).
    -You can interrupt your travel over the world map by pressing W.  You will 
    stop right where you are.
    -L brings up the log book, with tabs on the right edge for notes, quests, 
    blessings, and more.
    -O is options
    -I is your inventory.
    -To see party members inventory, talk to them about it. Red arrows by their 
    name in the party inventory screen allow for switching to others easily.
    -C opens your character stats.
    -To see party members character stats, talk to them about it.  Red arrows by 
    their name in the party stats screen allow for switching to others easily.
    -To place an item into a hotkey, drag it from inventory into the two sets of 
    5 slots between your hp and fatigue bar.  You can activate the item using the 
    associated number 1 thru 0 on the keyboard.  This is the only way to use some 
    items, like the shovel on a grave for example.
    -You can temporarily store large items like this without them taking up 
    inventory space, but to return to inventory them you will need the available 
    -To pick locks, purchase a lockpick and place the lockpick into a hotkey.
    -Spells or activated skills (like theiving) can also be placed into hotkeys.  
    Open their button menus by your fatigue bar.
    -T opens the tech crafting menu.  Notice the two buttons, one with a 
    graduation cap and the other with a scroll.  Those switch between learned and 
    found schematics.  The tabs on the right edge switch between tech 
    disciplines.  To look at more schematics from the selected discipline, click 
    the arrow at the top right (if you know more than one schematic!).  Press the 
    button with the two arrows pointing inward to attempt to create the item.  It 
    will work only if you have the components required AND the expertise 
    -Tech expertise required is shown as the number at the bottom right in the 
    component box and the discipline is the symbol in the top right.  Your 
    current expertise is shown as a number in the character stats screen on the 
    tech discipline selected.  An item might need 2 different disciplines with 2 
    different levels of expertise as a requirement, and both must be at or above 
    their respective requirements to craft the item.
    -Found schematics must be learned by right clicking them from your inventory.
    -If you are in combat mode, hold alt and click in a direction to force 
    yourself to attack whatever is there.  This is how you bash down doors, 
    attack friendly things, and generally use your sword on things that just 
    clicking isn't doing the trick for.
    -Holding alt and clicking something (enemy, doors, etc) while a gun is 
    equipped will fire at that target while standing from your current position.
    -When directly near a corpse you can hold alt and click the corpse to drag it 
    to your position.  This is good for covering up some murders.
    -Spells typically need a direct line of sight to be cast.
    -At the top of the screen directly in the middle is where your sustained 
    spells display.  The empty boxes fill when a spell is sustained as an effect.  
    Right click on one to cancel a sustained spell.
    -On the top of the screen there is an infinity symbol with a number below it.  
    That number is the amount of fate points you have, which are gained by making 
    certain decisions throughout the game.
    -Click the button next to the infinity symbol to bring down the fate point 
    menu.  This lists all possible fate point effects and selecting one spends a 
    fate point.  100% Pickpocketing success is particularly useful at times on a 
    non-theif character.
    -Party members need ammunition in their inventory to use guns.  Same with 
    arrows for bows and so on.
    -When trading stacked items (like bullets) you can click the red arrow to 
    trade the max amount, or you can type on the numberpad on your keyboard the 
    desired amount.  Way better than using that damn + or - button on the screen.
    -Items everyone needs to buy: 1 keyring from general store (always available 
    in Tarant), shovel to advance through the storyline, scrolls of exiting to 
    leave dungeons instead of walking all the way out.  In particular, a scroll 
    of exiting is useful after you enter a very holy tomb in Caladon.
    -You can issue orders to party members using the F1 thru F5 keys. F3 and F4 
    are not particularly useful.
    -F1 moves them to where your cursor is
    -F2 makes them try to attack what your cursor is on (including doors, chests, 
    not just enemies)
    -F5 makes them try to stop attacking
    -F7 is Quicksave
    -F8 Is Quickload
    -You will need a shovel to advance through the main storyline!
    -What people say is important!  Don't skip it unless you know what they say 
    from a previous playthrough!
    -Explore!  There's a whole world out there, and there is ALWAYS more to it 
    than you know.  People are still finding things out about this game 10 years 
    Melee fighters are looking for STR and DEX.
    Gunslingers are looking for DEX and PER.  INT allows you to create good guns, 
    but almost every great gun can be found.
    Mages are looking for WILL.  Magic aptitude and int are welcome, but not the 
    main focus at character creation.
    Do not be female on your first playthrough.  +1 CON is rather worthless and -
    1 STR is rather important.
    Half-Ogres are the best melee fighters. +4 STR and +10DR is just amazing.  
    Orcs come in 2nd.
    Halflings are the best for guns, but really any race is ok for guns.    Ogres 
    can use rifles but not pistols.
    Elves and gnomes are the best mages.
    Choose race and backgrounds for stats OR DR.
    Do not choose race and backgrounds for items, gold, npc reactions, magic/tech 
    aptitude, or bonuses to skills.  Sold Your Soul is ok for mages.
    For starting items buy a staff, rapier, and maybe a lockpick.
    POINT OF PERSUASION.  The fifth point is typically necessary to raise the 
    regular 8 dex to 9 for the 2nd rank of melee.  An alternative to minor 
    healing is the first rank of the herbology tech discipline (for crafting 
    healing salves).
    Backgrounds good for melee fighters:
    Ran away with the circus +6 STR (generally the best fighting background)
    Troll Offspring +2 STR +1 DEX
    Tough Hide +10DR (orc or ogre only)
    Escaped Lunatic +25 DR 
    Raised in the pits +2 STR +2 DEX +combat skills
    Beat with an ugly stick +2 STR +2 DEX
    Backgrounds good for gunslingers:
    Raised by orcs +2 PER +2 STR (generally best gunslinger background)
    Raised by monks +1 PER no penalties
    Beat with an ugly stick +2 DEX
    Raised in the pits +2 DEX -6 INT
    Feral Child +3 DEX -6 INT
    Miracle operation is PER +5, which might seem like a good idea but the DEX -3 
    is so limiting that it just isn't worth it.
    Escaped lunatic +25 DR
    Sickly +6 INT -1 DEX -2 STR
    Backgrounds good for mages:
    Only Child +6 WILL (easily the best mage background)
    Escaped lunatic +25 DR
    Dark Elf +2 WILL elf only
    Sold Your Soul - +20% MA is decent
    I do not recommend any of the situational based MA bonus backgrounds (sky 
    mage, etc.)
    Note that the most important part of Arcanum is that you can get through the 
    game with ANY PLAYSTYLE, and a hero of almost every type can do extremely 
    well in battle using the right tactics, items, and so on.  SO DON'T BE AFRAID 
    TO PLAY A CRAZY HERO!  You will be so pleasantly surprised.  This faq is not 
    for placing fun limitations on heroes however, but rather is intended for 
    A magic using, melee and dodge mastered, maximum strength and dex hero who 
    uses fireflash and time spells, wearing heavy armor, rings of protection, the 
    finger of mannox as a necklace, and a good melee weapon with a shield.
    This is because magic items are easier to use and find than tech items, many 
    of the best items are magic, and tech heroes have a harder time healing 
    (potions and heal spells don't work on them, requiring you to craft herbal 
    Melee has a plentiful amount of easily found amazing weapons, applies the 
    huge strength damage bonus and requires no purchase of ammunition.  
    STR and DEX are the two most important combat stats for melee fighters.  A 24 
    strength ogre receives +28 damage per hit.  20 dex gives 25 speed.
    Fireflash can easily destroy large groups of powerful enemies.
    Time spells can increase your speed to insane levels, and reduce the enemies 
    as well.  STR and DEX boosting spells are available from the very beginning, 
    and can help immensely before you max STR and DEX with points.
    C opens the character stat screen, where you see your stats.  Most important 
    are the basic attribute stats (STR, DEX, WILL, INT most of all) and then 
    below that the damage resistance, bonus damage (which is determined by 
    strength), armor class adjustment (determined by dex), and speed (character 
    speed, which is also determined by dex).  You can also easily see your max hp 
    and fatigue here (red and blue).  
    The vertical bar on the right shows magic/tech aptitude.
    The circular meter on the left shows evil/good alignment (notice E&G is 
    written into the center of it).
    AC and Damage can be seen in the inventory screen.  Press I and hover the 
    mouse over the sword or the shield with the red and blue background on the 
    bottom corners of your personal equipment.  The sword shows damage dealt and 
    chance to hit.  The Shield will show your AC and resistances.
    Your skills are in the character stat screen.  The three buttons to the right 
    of your name select different menus for your hero's skills.  Each of those 
    menus has more menu buttons directly below it (for choosing different spell 
    schools, tech disciplines, or skill types).  When you have character points, 
    you can click where the + marks are to increase skills, and if you haven't 
    closed the menu, you can click the - parts to undo the skill increase.  Once 
    the menu is closed, character points spent are permanent and cannot be 
    undone.  Notice the + and - on the hp and fatigue, it can be easy to 
    At level 1, you receive 5 character points (CP).  You receive 1 character 
    point for each level, except every 5th level you get 2 instead of 1 (levels 
    5, 10, 15, etc).  That's 16 total CP at level 10, 40 at level 30, and 64 at 
    level 50.
    CP can raise basic attribute stats (DEX STR CON INT WILL BEA CHA PER) or the 
    vitality stats directly (HP, FATIGUE) or learn spells, skills, and tech 
    disciplines.  One character point spent raises a stat by 1, except hp and 
    fatigue which raise by 4.  One character point learns one spell, one skill 
    rank, or one tech discipline level.
    HP and FATIGUE will automatically raise at level up, without spending any of 
    your character points.
    The basic attribute stats normally cap at 20.  
    If your RACE (NOT BACKGROUND OR SEX) adjusts it, the cap is increased by a 
    bonus or reduced by a penalty.  
    If your RACE lowers a cap below 20, then your BACKGROUND or SEX bonuses can 
    raise the cap UP TO 20, not beyond.
    Items, blessings, and permanent stat raising potions can similarly raise a 
    cap that was brought below 20 back up to 20, but not beyond.
    BACKGROUND or SEX penalties will lower unchanged (still at 20) caps directly.
    It is different if BACKGROUND or SEX penalties will affect caps which were 
    raised by RACE.  The penalty total must overcome the RACE bonus before the 
    cap is affected, and the cap (at the number to where race raised it) is 
    brought down by the amount by which the penalty overwhelms the RACE bonus.
    All ingame effects on the basic attribute stats will abide by these limits 
    set at character creation.
    Formulas for simplification, depending on wether race adds, subtracts, or 
    does not affect the stat:
    If not raised by RACE:
    20 + or - BACKGROUND + or - SEX = CAP LESS THAN OR EQUAL TO 20
    If raised by RACE and (BACKGROUND + SEX) also add a bonus:
    20 + RACE   (BACKGROUND or SEX cannot raise caps above 20!)
    If raised by RACE and (BACKGROUND penalty + SEX penalty) IS NOT greater than 
    RACE bonus:
    20 + RACE
    If raised by RACE and BACKGROUND penalty + SEX penalty IS  greater than RACE 
    RACE - (BACKGROUND + SEX penalty amount) + RACE + 20
    It is important to note that there are ways to temporarily raise stats 
    through spells, items, and potions, then learn what you'd like to which 
    requires that stat while it is temporarily boosted without investing 
    character points.  These will not raise stats beyond their cap or 20, 
    whichever is greater.  
    Through use of the elixirs of intelligence (sold at stores featuring magical 
    potions) you can gain +10 to int, then spend points only on raising your 
    technical field, and saving the points otherwise necessarily spent on 
    Purchasable technical manuals (university of tarant) allow the proficiency to 
    craft found schematics without ever investing CP in INT or tech disciplines.  
    The single point spent into the agility of fire spell allows you to train 
    high in many crucial combat skills, without investing necessary dex into 
    However, in the dex instance, it is not practicable as the combat skills 
    revert to their previous level after the effect ends and the dex requirement 
    is not met (so you have to cast agility of fire before you fight each time).  
    But, items which have +dex will maintain their bonus as long as they are 
    worn.  The charged rings (+2 dex, tech) and gloves of dexterity (+2 dex, 
    magical) are useful for this.
    Two tech potions available around the middle of the game, Brain Builder(BB) 
    and Muscle Maker(MM), permanently alter your basic stats by 1 per potion 
    consumed.  You can craft an infinite amount of them.  
    BB raises INT, WP, PER, CHA but then lowers STR, DEX, CON, BE.  
    MM raises STR, DEX, CON, BE but then lowers INT, WP, PER, CHA.  
    Because they are opposite effects, each potion can be used to reverse the 
    BB/MM will not raise stats beyond 20, or their max, whichever is greater.
    BB/MM lower stat maxes only if their penalties are greater than the sum of 
    all race, gender, background, item, and blessing bonuses (even if the total 
    sum didn't raise the max by that amount!).
    For example, a dwarf who ran away with the circus and wears mysterious 
    dwarven gauntlets has STR bonus of +1 +6 +1 = +8 although only the race bonus 
    increases his max by the +1 to 21.  
    7 Brain Builders later, he still has a max STR of 21 because +8 -7 = +1.  
    At 9 Brain Builders we finally see his max STR lower to 20, because +8 -9 = -
    1 to STR from the STR max of 21.
    Blessings provide permanent bonuses to stats.  Blessings will not raise a 
    stat above 20.  They are almost all gained from providing the right offering 
    at an altar to a god.  The best blessing is from the final offering quest.
    Blessings which are not offerings:
    +npc reaction modifier from Arbalah's quest in beginning of game.
    +1 beauty from stillwater temple quest.  Keeping the statue in your inventory 
    instead gives DEX -3, CHA +1, BEA +2.
    +1 charisma from siding with Madam Toussade in the crystal ball quest 
    (Tarant).  Only given if you have completed the painting heist quest first.
    Two things near the very end of the game give a huge permanent bonus to 
    the vivifier potion (+1 all stats) and 
    the final offering blessing, which gives +4 DEX, +100 HP, +100 Fatigue, 30 
    damage resistance, and significant bonuses to melee, dodge, lockpick, 
    persuasion, and firearms.  
    Planning your hero around this takes either extreme patience or going to 
    secret areas far in advance of the storyline.
    There are some lesser negligible effects of attribute stats which are not 
    mentioned in their description here.
    Overall: if you want good fighting, get your weapon skill to 80% (4 ranks) 
    first, so go for dex then str.  Dex first lets you get the skills you need to 
    even hit the enemy, as well as good speed.  Str then brings in the damage.  
    Gunslingers are different, needing perception to get their weapon skill up, 
    then dex for good speed (and str only for gun minimum str requirements 
    because the damage bonus does not apply to guns).  If you need access to 
    spells, willpower.  If you are crafting as a technician, then get 
    intelligence.  Charisma, Intelligence, and Beauty can impact dialogue 
    Race, Background, and Sex decisions at character creation should be made with 
    these stat facts in mind, unless you make those decisions based on roleplay 
    reasons and not benefit reasons.
    -Increases speed and AC.  
    -Because DEX increases speed, it is good on any hero.
    -Character speed increases by 1 per dex until 20, where it is increased by 6 
    (25 speed at 20 DEX).  After 20 it increases by 1 again.
    -AC reduced by 1 for each point below 10, increased by 1 for each point above 
    10. 20 DEX gives 10 AC.
    -Also allows you to learn many of the fighting skills (dodge, melee, 
    -Also allows thieving skills (pickpocket, lockpick).  You can get through the 
    game easily without pickpocketing, and don't need lockpick if you have good 
    magic ability using unlocking cantrip.  So nonmagic theives need lockpicking, 
    magic users need unlock spell.
    -For Tech heroes, 2 points into the electricity discipline allows you to 
    craft 2 charged rings (DEX +2 each) for yourself, giving 4 dex as long as 
    they are worn for only 2 character points.  This can be done near the very 
    beginning of the game.  If tech aptitude goes below about 14, you will only 
    get 1 dex each, making it silly.
    -Gives damage bonuses in melee combat and gives item carrying capacity.  
    -STR below 10 gives damage penalties.  
    -Each point of STR over 10 gives 1 bonus damage, until 20 which gives a huge 
    11 damage bonus.
    -Each point beyond 20 gives 2 bonus damage.  
    -10 STR is 0 bonus, 19 is 9 bonus, 20 is 20 bonus, 26 is 32 bonus.
    -Highest concern for mages, as it allows spells to be learned.
    -Learning spells is what raises your magic aptitude, which determines the 
    power of many spell effects.
    -This is why high WILL is important at mage character creation.  You can 
    immediately begin learning the best spells and get MA, instead of picking a 
    few bad ones to raise MA.
    -Each school of magic has 5 spells.
    -Required WILL to learn: 6,9,12,15,18.
    -You must have an INT of 5 to learn any spells.
    -Allows technicians to learn disciplines for craftable items.
    -Each discipline has 7 levels to learn.
    -Required INT to learn:5,8,11,13,15,17,19
    -Luxury for mages.
    -Allows more spells to be maintained 
    -INT/4 = allowable maintained spells
    -20 INT can sustain 5 spells at the same time.
    -20+ INT gives a special 10% bonus to the success rate of all skills.
    -INT below 5 renders your dialogue retarded.  Many people react differently 
    and some quests/options will not be available, but it is hilarious.
    -High INT rarely affects important dialogue options.
    -Important for gunslingers.  
    -Also affects prowling, but prowling can be easily ignored throughout the 
    -CHARISMA/4 = followers allowed (+1 if persuasion expert) 
    -Rather negligible unless going for a character or party theme.  
    -20 Charisma and expert persuasion allows 6 companions.  
    -A few companions will join regardless of the cap, but most will not go over 
    the limit.
    -Rarely affects important dialogue options
    -Only affects how people react to you, negligible importance.
    -If extremely low, may cause people to attack you.
    -Affects hp and fatigue, which you will gain plenty of through leveling up 
    (without spending character points).  Negligible.
    HEALTH (HP) (red)
    -Max increases automatically with levels.
    -Your health.
    -You die when this is 0 (surprise!)
    FATIGUE (FT) (FTG) (blue)
    -Max increases automatically with levels.
    -When this is 0 you become unconscious and are easy prey.  Same for enemies.
    -Reduced mainly by being hit and casting spells.
    -One turn based combat round where you use more speed than available 
    (orange/red lights) reduces fatigue by 2.
    -Running during combat reduces fatigue.  This can lead new players to 
    constantly run and pass out without knowing why or how to stop it.  Right 
    click or press R to attempt to leave combat mode (if under attack you cannot 
    stop being in combat).
    DAMAGE RESISTANCE (DR) reduces damage by its percentage.
    -Increased by items.  
    -Ogres have a natural 10DR and a background with 10 more!  
    -Human background Escaped Lunatic gives 25 natural DR!
    -Easy DR items: rings of protection, ring of poison resistance from spider 
    pit, metal boots, war gauntlets, pig faced basset helmet, metal armors, 
    dragonskin leather armor, evil helmet from the Ancient Maze tomb top left 
    -DR maxes at 95
    ARMOR CLASS (AC) reduces enemy chance to hit you.
    -Increased by items, and a little by DEX.  
    -Easy AC items: quality iron shield 30AC, metal boots, metal armors, pig 
    faced basset, sword of defense (AC 15).
    -AC maxes at 95. 
    -Reduce the chance or damage of the associated effect.  -Negligible.  
    -Note that MR in particular can be very bad to have, as it will prevent 
    healing and positive spells that are cast on you.  Only a handful of enemies 
    will cast magic directly on you.  
    -The enemies who use fire or poison or elec damage are not difficult enough 
    to care about these resistances.  
    -Traps deal damage using many of these damage types, but you can just cast 
    heal after you walk over a trap.  
    -Basically, you will not need to worry about these resistances.  
    -Many items give bonuses to these which I have not included in the item data, 
    because it is so irrelevant.
    -Resistances max at 95
    SPEED (Character speed)
    -Character speed (listed on character stat screen) is independant of and 
    different from weapon speed (listed on item).
    -Is most important in turn based combat (activated by space bar) and 
    increases number of actions during your combat turn.  
    -The green lights (Action Points or AP) at the bottom of the screen during 
    turn based combat which are used up when you move or cast or attack determine 
    how long your combat turn lasts, and this is what speed increases (1 action 
    point per character speed shown in the character stats screen).  
    -VERY IMPORTANT STAT.  One of the best ways to do better in turn based combat 
    is increase speed or lower your enemies speed.
    -Speed is raised directly by DEX, and some items (enchanted war boots, dagger 
    of speed, etc.). 20 DEX gives a base speed of 25 (6 more than 19 DEX).
    -Speed can also be raised by spells (hasten, tempus fugit (the final time 
    spell), agility of fire raises dex thus raising speed also).
    -Speed is lowered by encumberance, so lighten your load to remove speed 
    -To get more attacks per turn without changing your character speed, use a 
    weapon with a higher weapon speed.
    -Not as important in real time combat but still affects striking speed and 
    running speed.
    RANGED DAMAGE is determined by the gun/bow.
    MELEE DAMAGE is determined by the weapon, plus strength damage bonus (and any 
    extra magical damage or effect on a few special weapons).  The STR bonus 
    increases minimum and maximum listed damage equally, but maximum damage from 
    only the physical attack will not be greater than (3 x listed max damage 
    only, does not factor magic bonuses) and minimum damage is never over max 
    damage.  So a 26 STR character with +32 bonus damage from strength using a 
    weapon listing 3-14(+20) will do 42 to 42.  The max is 42 because 14 is the 
    listed max damage, and 3 x 14 = 42.  A 15 STR character with 5 bonus damage 
    from strength using the same weapon does 28-39. 
    MELEE DAMAGE = Between ((Min Dmg + STR Bonus) <= Max dmg) and ((Max Dmg + Str 
    Bonus) <= 3 x Max Dmg)
    BACKSTAB (when you have the skill and strike from behind the opponent) causes 
    your damage to ignore armor and does additional damage.  Only works with 
    daggers unless you receive expert training to allow axes and swords.  If your 
    backstabs aren't doing more damage than regular hits, be sure you have ranks 
    in the skill and are using an appropriate weapon and are directly behind the 
    opponent.  BEST DONE FROM BEHIND ON A STUNNED CREATURE for insane damage.
    HAND TO HAND DAMAGE begins at 1-5, and then determined by the gauntlets you 
    wear and strength damage bonus.  Gauntlet bonus damage increases only the 
    maximum damage, but strength bonus is direct. Machined Gauntlets are the 
    easiest way to deal large hand to hand damage.  YOU MUST BE UNARMED, NO ITEM 
    UNARMED DAMAGE = Between Min Dmg ((1+STR bonus) <= Max Dmg) and Max Dmg (((5
    +Gauntlet Bonus) + STR Bonus) <= 5 + Gaunt Bonus x 2)
    Useful Magic and Tech items which seem to ignore aptitude:
    tech mixtures and medicines (like fatigue restorer, etc.)
    scroll of exiting
    explosive grenade
    stun grenade
    Magic aptitude (MA) and tech aptitude (TA) are kind of like an alignment 
    range except for magic vs tech instead of good vs evil.  When you press C to 
    go to your character stats, the rightmost horizontal meter that says Magick 
    Tech Meter when you hover the mouse over it displays your rating.  The number 
    above and below it is what we are concerned with (top is magic, bottom number 
    is tech).  Think of the top as a positive number and the bottom as a negative 
    number, for simplification.  Negative means how technical you are, on a scale 
    of -100 most technical (shown as 100 on the bottom) to 0 neutral.  Positive 
    signifies how magical you are, with 0 being neutral and 100 being most 
    magical.  This affects how tech and magic affect you, ESPECIALLY ITEMS AND 
    SPELLS.  Spells will fail on highly technical targets.
    MA is increased by learning spells and wearing some items, TA is increased by 
    learning tech skills (firearms, lockpicking, etc) and learning tech 
    disciplines (explosives, electrical, etc.).  That which increases MA, 
    decreases TA, and vice versa.
    Tech items are almost always influenced only from 0 to a positive range, but 
    magical items are influenced from a negative range to a positive range 
    (ranges determined by item). So, neutral 0 allows 50% magic benefit from most 
    magic items, and 100% benefit from tech items.  100 allows little or no 
    benefit from tech items, and 100% benefit from magic items.  -100 allows 
    little or no benefit from magic items, but 100% benefit from tech items.  
    SCROLLS AND POTIONS ARE MAGIC- so your aptitude WILL affect failure chance of 
    these items, which can be critical when you're trying to drink a potion of 
    health in combat to avoid death.  Tech users should buy healing mixtures from 
    herbalist shops, or craft your own.
    Spell effects usually increase as magic aptitude increase, but some have 
    certain caps, while others will benefit as long as aptitude increases (even 
    if you push MA over 100 and it only lists 100 on the character stat screen).
    Charged rings have an unlisted required tech aptitude to receive the full +2 
    DEX.  The requirement is 13 TA or more.
    High MA prevents the use of trains or subway systems.
    Skills require a stat be at a certain number before you can increase it 
    further.  The requirements are:6,9,12,15,18.  The stat differs between 
    Skills are maxed when you spend 5 character points into them, so they are 
    divided into 5 'ranks'.  Differences can happen due to ability stat effects, 
    item bonuses or penalties, racial or background inherent bonuses or 
    penalties, and so on.  But all of these lesser effects on a skill are almost 
    never equal to one full character point spent towards that skill.
    Weapon skills (melee, throw, firearms, bow) main purpose is increasing the 
    chance to hit an enemy using that type of weapon, and it is painful to try 
    without a high rank in the skill.
    You should focus on one weapon skill and use that type of weapon through the 
    game, so as not to waste character points.
    It's a good idea to increase your weapon skill (melee, most likely) very 
    quickly and very early, or it can take forever just to hit your enemies 
    enough. Getting 4 ranks into your weapon skill is usually one of the top 
    priorities for a hero.  Mages can get by with spells, if you prefer (but even 
    mages with some melee makes otherwise frustrating fights much easier).
    Pretty much everyone benefits from dodge.
    Skill training is separate from skill rank.  Skill training level is written 
    next to skill name in parenthesis on the character stats screen, and is blank 
    when untrained.
    Skill training provides certain extra related benefits and is purchased by 
    asking someone who can train you.  Basic training can be found all over, 
    especially from city guards, but only certain people can provide expert and 
    mastery.  You need at least some of the skill ranked to receive basic 
    training, and you need about over half to receive expert.  Master training 
    will probably be refused unless the skill is fully ranked (red bar fully 
    across the skill in character stats screen) and usually involves a quest.  
    Benefits of training are listed in the arcanum manual, downloadable at: 
    melee (the manual states apprentice training gives speed+5 but doesn't seem 
    to work)
    Anyone doing combat needs at least some dodge (2 ranks is ok, more is 
    better). Anyone using melee needs melee.  
    backstab (limited normally to daggers, expert training allows backstabs with 
    swords and axes)
    firearms (master firearms training makes your chance to hit ignore distance 
    persuasion (expert gives +1 follower)
    Overall, melee is incredibly favored in this game.  Good melee weapons are 
    literally found everywhere, and melee almost always does the most damage.  
    Guns come in 2nd, and can do extremely well, but after much more time and 
    investment and constant purchasing of ammo.  Throwing weapons and Bows pale 
    in comparison to melee and guns.  
    If you listen to the war stories of the "Grizzled Veteran" pacing near the 
    mayor's office in Blackroot and choose the dialogue options sympathetic to 
    knights, magic, and Cumbria, then he will train you to be an expert in dodge, 
    melee, and firearms.
    The repair, haggle, gambling skill can be completely ignored.  Shops repair 
    items for extremely low cost, and you can find more than enough money to buy 
    anything you need as you play through the game.
    Heal, spot traps, disarm traps, and prowling are of extremely minimal use.  
    Prowling is good for backstabbing, but a waste of points when 2 points spent 
    to get the stun spell provides the same effect.
    Casting spells reduces fatigue.
    If you don't have enough fatigue to cast a spell, but try to anyway, it will 
    fail and you will fall unconscious.
    You must have an INT of 5 to learn any spells.
    Spells have a level requirement, listed on the character stats screen spells 
    section (where you learn them).
    The level required for the spells of each school are always: 1,1,5,10,15.  
    Order is 1st spell to 5th spell, so at 15 you can learn any spell.
    Line of sight is required for many targeting spells.
    Casting a spell on a technical target will increase your chance of failure.
    Fireflash will hurt enemy armor and can break open chests, doors etc.  
    Spells have a level requirement, listed on the character stats display spells 
    section where you learn them.
    The level required for the spells of each school are always: 1,1,5,10,15  
    combat spells:
    damage can be reduced by enemy resistances of course
    harm - single target, long range dmg.  DMG = 5+(MA/3)
    fireflash - aoe dmg, doesnt hurt allies, will hurt enemy armor. Also useful 
    for destroying locked chests and doors.  DMG = 12+(MA/5)
    disintegrate - extreme damage in the thousands but costs 50 fatigue and 
    destroys corpses and items! Not always helpful or efficient.
    minor healing
    congeal time
    you won't need more combat spells than these.  Fireflash and minor healing 
    alone can get you through the game.
    sustained spells:
    agility of fire - raises agility by 4 (can affect same target multiple 
    strength of earth - raises strength by 4 (can affect same target multiple 
    shield of protection - raises damage resistance by 25+(MA/5)
    hasten - doubles speed (best applied after tempus fugit)
    tempus fugit (final time spell) - slows enemies, increases you and allies 
    speed by 10
    useful spells:
    unlocking cantrip
    conjure spirit (talk to people you've killed)
    PENNY! Only available in scroll form from shops.  You should always keep 2 of 
    these in your inventory once you can afford it.
    MSR = Minimum Strength Required
    NP = Noise Penalty (negative is bad for prowling, positive is good for 
    All resistances = DR, MR, ER, PR, FR
    All other resistances = bonus applies only to resistances not listed on the 
    The bonuses of a few items are MA or TA based even though it is not shown as 
    Some items are quite good but by the time you find them they are equal to or 
    worse than other items you should easily have by then.  Such items will be 
    largely ignored by any discerning player, and have been ignored by this faq.
    If an item says a stat is x(+x) then the (+x) is determined by magic 
    aptitude, and a certain MA (usually over 50) allows 100% of the bonus
    Tech items have a similar function, but having MA causes it to give less 
    bonus, so neutral characters receive full benefit.
    If an item says "+x all resistances" then that is in addition to any listed 
    bonuses to resistances INCLUDING DR.
    There are almost no restrictions on equipping items, unlike other RPGS.  Weak 
    mages can wear platemail or wield swords, ogre fighters can weild staves, 
    gunslingers can wear magic robes, etc.
    Basic armor peices are tech neutral or essentially tech neutral, even though 
    you could imagine there is sophisticated smithing involved in plate mail and 
    so on.  
    Because of this, even magic using heroes can appreciate basic metal armor 
    pieces.  If you are having trouble in combat, get your characters outfitted 
    with metal boots, pig faced basset helmets, war gauntlets, and a quality iron 
    Chest peice armor (usually called just "armor") is restricted by size, which 
    is determined by race.  Short races wear small armor only, ogres wear large 
    armor only, others wear the normal armor only.  Gauntlets and boots and so on 
    are not dealt with in the same way, they are one size fits all.
    Weapons can deal both hp and fatigue damage, listed by the item.  
    Weapons have minimum strength requirements (MSR), and if you are below it 
    then you can still equip it but have less chance to hit.  Holding a two 
    handed weapon in one hand (equip a shield and the weapon) increases the 
    minimum strength requirement.
    All weapons have an innate stat which determines how much time is used up by 
    attacking during turn based combat (measured in Action Points, the little 
    green lights in a row near the bottom of the screen during turn based combat 
    which are reduced after moving/casting/attacking/using items).  It is almost 
    always (8 - (weapon speed/3)).  If you can't read that, then that says: take 
    weapon speed divided by 3, and subtract that number from 8. The result cannot 
    go below 1 (or you could attack forever) and fractions are ignored (so 5.33 
    is just 5, 5.66 is just 5).
    Armor can be damaged from traps, fire spells, certain enemies striking you 
    (some fiery spiders, golems, fire elementals, gore guard zombie, some 
    others).  Fireflash will not harm you or your party's armor, but it will 
    damage the enemies'.
    Weapons can be damaged from striking durable enemies or breaking durable 
    environment items (breaking open doors and chests and things).  GAUNTLETS 
    (HAND TO HAND) ARE NOT DAMAGED IN THIS WAY and thus are perfect for fighting 
    golems or bashing down doors.  You can get a free pair of decent gauntlets 
    very early by going to Blackroot (as east and north as you can from Shrouded 
    Hills on the south side of the river) and being compassionate to the orcish 
    Critical hit or critical miss effects can cause damage to armor or weapons, 
    and sometimes drop your weapon on the ground.  Be sure to pick it up!
    If an item is damaged to 0 durability it cannot be repaired by a merchant!
    There is one part of the game (seemingly some form of trap) that always 
    destroyed whatever weapon I had equipped (super f***ing annoying): the 3rd 
    and final level of Bellerogrim's Lair.  Save beforehand, and unequip your 
    weapon when the time requires.
    Everything listed here can be done very early in the game, often right after 
    leaving Shrouded Hills, and definitely before the Black Mountain Clan mines.
    It is a list of easy things you can do or find to give you an advantage early 
    the willoughsby house chest and razor's point chest require zero fighting and 
    shrouded hills bank robbery - 500g in vault
    chest in willoughsby house, tarant 3600g - you can destroy this without 
    anyone noticing.
    blackroot taxes quest - sell chest of gold instead of returning it 2000-
    3000g.  Sells for more at herbalists and no one knows why.
    razor's point aria corpse and chest - 275+1200g. Amulet sells for about 400g 
    to gypsies.  Razor's point is as far south and west as you can go along the 
    eastern side of the Stonewall Mountains.  The coordinates are 1505 W and 1770 
    S on the world map, but anywhere near there will snap you right to the 
    metal armor pieces make a fine choice for any party
    all metal armor peices are easily purchasable from shops (except large 
    barbarians in kree (iron shield, fine helmets, heavy boots)
    master firearms quest in ashbury (almost every metal armor).
    good early available melee tech - pyrotechnic axe schematic in willoughsby 
    trapdoor, tarant (fight mechanical arachnids).  Requires a featherweight axe, 
    which can be found on an angry dwarf at the inn attached to the hotel of 
    good early available tech armor - machined plate in ashbury house, fight 
    mechanical arachnid and automaton
    good early available guns - master firearms quest in ashbury.  lots of metal 
    armor also.
    good early available guns - Hand cannon on the insulting halfling by 
    Kensington Park subway station in Tarant.  Hand cannon from ogre gang leader 
    in the Boil of Tarant, accessable early through the old sewers entrance 
    southwest of the gypsy.  Go east through the old sewers past zombies until 
    you see rats again by a ladder, up to the ogre leader.
    great later available guns - tarant orc factory uprising (not gates factory 
    sabotage).  Only seems to happen sometime after qintarra.  Elephant gun on 
    poachers near Bedokaan Village.  
    good early available tech rings - 2 into electricity and craft charged rings 
    (copper ring from stillwater smith, capacitors from any inventor).
    good early available magic gloves - Gloves of Dexterity DEX+2 from Ashbury 
    elven trader
    good early available magic ring - Poison ring from Forgotten Pit east of 
    good early available magic boots - Enchanted War Boots +5 Speed from magic 
    smith in Tarant
    good early available magic sword - Sword of Baltar from pickpocketing/killing 
    Lelliana in Durnholm
    good early available magic robes - Silent robes found on the magic item shop 
    merchant in Blackroot
    all crafting listed here is very easy to find components for and provides 
    something very beneficial
    any decent craftsman buys the schematics for bullets and fuel as soon as he 
    sees them at a merchant!
    gunsmith final level allows elephant gun.  The hunting rifle can be purchased 
    in almost any gun shop, and the large pipe is commonly found in trash bins.
    smithy level 2 allows balanced sword.  Components commonly sold at merchants.
    smithy level 3 allows featherweight axe, made easily into the amazing 
    pyrotechnic axe
    electrician level 2 allows charged rings, +2 DEX each. Components commonly 
    sold at merchants.
    electrician level 5 allows +20 DR helmet.  Components commonly sold at 
    explosives level 1 allows molotov cocktail, an excellent grenade.  Also gives 
    enough expertise to make bullets.  Components commonly found in trash and 
    sold at merchants.
    explosives level 4 allows stun grenades, which are extremely good in combat 
    and profitable to sell.  Components commonly sold at merchants.
    explosives level 5 allows explosive grenades, which are good in combat and 
    extremely profitable to sell.  Components commonly found in trash and sold at 
    mechanics level 4 allows eye gear, which is useful to gunslingers and quite 
    profitable to sell.  Components commonly sold at merchants.
    Items which mainly give resistances other than damage should be largely 
    A ! near an item stat notes that it is one of the best in it's class for that 
    Items named with arcane, magic, mystic, charmed can be found randomly in 
    Where I have noted (negligible) after a stat bonus, it is safe to consider 
    that stat bonus entirely unimportant.
    Statue of the Godess Geshtianna - DEX -3 BE +2 CHA +1 while in inventory.  
    It's a statue for the altar quest in Stillwater.
    charged ring - DEX +2 - craftable from the very beginning of the game in 
    Shrouded Hills. Dex+2 at tech aptitude of 13 or more.
    fated ring - crit chance +5, gambling +1 (negligible)
    ring of protection - (+10) AC (+10) DR! - best ring in the game.  One is on 
    the male innkeeper in Roseborough.
    ring of poison resistance - (+10) AC (+20)PR(negligible) - great ring 
    available from the spider pit east of Tarant very early on.
    ring of dark magics - (+1) INT MR+20% DR/PR/ER/FR -50% - cursed ring from the 
    Stonecutter Clan which raises INT by 1, lowers DR and other resistances but 
    increases MR.
    ring of influence - (+3) BE (+3) CHA (+3) Persuasion (+3) Haggle - on the 
    gnome in Grant's Tavern in Tarant.
    ring of virility - +2 CON - on Mr. Franklin in Tarant (rich housing area).  
    Bonus is neutral, so applies equally to all heroes.  It's a shame CON is 
    rather useless on all heroes.
    there are many different amulets which give beauty +2
    finger of mannox - WP +1, Melee +2, +crit chance, pr+20% - available late in 
    the game
    amulet of n'tala - STR(+1) CON(+1) +50% healing
    great aunt ester's amulet - Beauty (+2)
    queen k'na s'ea amulet - Beauty (+2)
    medallion of silence - prowling +2 - found in the elven ruins.
    jewel of hebe - BE+2 CHA+1 - panarii temple chest.
    metal boots - 10 DR
    enchanted war boots - 5 DR 6 AC (+5) speed - best boots in the game as you 
    don't need the extra few DR from others but speed always helps a lot.
    boots of the dark toll - DEX +2 Fatigue DOT - Cursed.  Quickly knocks you 
    unconscious.  Notable only for the +2 dex.
    pig faced basset - 10 AC 12 DR - best easily purchasable helmet.
    nature's wrath helm - AC 15  DR 5(+20)! - Cursed, but no bad effects.  Never 
    seems to give the full 25% DR, but it comes close enough.  Best helmet in the 
    game.  Available very early, in the tomb casket in the northwest part of the 
    Ancient Maze (which is northwest of Dernholm).
    arcane helm - AC 10(+10) DR 8(+12) - one of the best helms in the game
    chapeau of magnetic inversion - DR +20 - the only good tech helmet, and it is 
    a great one.  Still +20 DR for magic users! Available very early in the game 
    from completing the Liam's Workshop quest starting in Blackroot.
    eyewear - PE+2 - craftable.  One available in the Black Mountain Clan mines.
    goggled helmet - AC 6 DR 9 PE+3 - crafted.  Schematic purchasable in shops.  
    Best helmet for gunslingers.
    helmet of Yzar's Cost - DR-50% MR-50% PE(+4) Bow+2 Lowers Max Hp and Fatigue 
    - Cursed.  Best helmet for magical bowmen.
     Not great for gunslingers because the PE bonus is magic aptitude based.
    note that glove/gauntlet damage bonus applies only to unarmed hand to hand 
    arcane gloves - AC 5 DR 5(+5)! - the best gloves in the game for DR.  One 
    always found in the Ruby Glade (location from halfling's quest in 
    war gauntlets - AC 6 DR 8 Damage +10 - purchasable in shops.
    machined gauntlets - Ac 5 DR 7 Damage +15! - one is in the Black Mountain 
    Clan mines, where it comes in handy.
    gloves of dexterity - DR 5 DEX (+2)! - purchasable from the elven trader in 
    Ashbury by the docks.
    vendrigothian war gauntlets - AC 15 Damage +15! - Available only near the end 
    of the game.
    mysterious dwarven gauntlets - AC 3 DR 5 Damage +7 STR+1! CON+1! DEX+2! - 
    worn by Magnus, the dwarf waiting outside Schyuler and Sons in Tarant.  The 
    bonus stats are only given to dwarves! 
    I have not seen arcane platemail after 7 playthroughs, so I cannot offer 
    stats on it.
    Regular Size Armor:
    silent robes - AC 5(+6) DR 7(+12) MR(+10) - on the magic item merchant in 
    Blackroot, and so is available very early in the game.
    magick robes - AC 5(+6) DR 7(+12) MR(+10)
    mystic traveller's cloak - AC 3(+15) DR 3(+15) - sold uncommonly by gypsies
    arcane traveller's cloak - AC 3(+20) DR 3(+20) - sold rarely by gypsies
    studded leather armor - Ac 10 DR 18 - good easy to find starter leather 
    dragonskin leather - Ac 9 DR 16(+10) - good purchasable expensive magic 
    leather armor.
    arcane leather - AC 9(+10) DR 16(+10) - found randomly, sold at gypsies at 
    higher levels
    mystic leather - AC 9(+15) DR 16(+15)! - found randomly
    dread armor - Ac 19(+31)! DR 5 - 10,000 durability.  Purchasable in many 
    magic shops.
    there are many variations of chainmail, which are all essentially the same as 
    basic chain.
    caladon crusading chain - AC 14 DR 25 STR(+1)! DEX(+1)! CON(+1) BE(+1)
    mystic chainmail - AC 12(+15) DR 23(+15)!
    basic platemail - AC 15 DR 36
    basic machined plate - AC 20 DR 30 - found in an ashbury home at the request 
    of the resident.
    machined plate - AC 25 DR 45 - crafted.  Schematic found in the Wheel Clan 
    elite plate - AC 20 DR +40 - crafted
    mystic platemail - Ac 15(+8) DR 36(+8)!
    heroes weakness barbarian armor - AC 11(+20) DR 16(+39)! - Best medium sized 
    armor in the game.  Sets your magic resist to 0 (negligible) and has an 
    insane DR, much higher than the listed 20%.  Cursed, but extremely good.  Its 
    only negative effects are that it reduces some of the other resistances, 
    which is negligible.  Found in the Ruby Glade (location gained from a 
    halfling's quest in Stillwater).
    Small Size Armors
    small elite plate - AC 20 DR 35 - crafted
    iron clan armor - Ac 45! DR 50! - best small armor in the game.  Found in the 
    Iron Clan vault, late in the game.
    small machined plate - AC 25 DR 38 - crafted.  Schematic found in the Wheel 
    Clan dredge.
    small mystic chainmail - AC 12(+15) DR 10(+15)
    Large Size Armors
    large elite plate - AC 20 DR 45 - crafted
    large basic platemail - Ac 15 DR 38 - purchasable in shops only at later 
    levels it seems.  Ogre destroyers have these in the orc bandit encounters on 
    the Morbihan Plains at higher levels.
    large arcane leather armor - AC 9(+20) DR 18(+20) - one of the best large 
    armors in the game.  One can always be found in the Caladon palace treasure 
    large machined platemail - AC 25 DR 53! - crafted.  Schematic found in the 
    Wheel Clan dredge.
    the best shields must be stolen or taken by force from blacksmiths.
    screaming shield AC 30(+10)! DR+10! - On the blacksmith in Roseborough.
    tempered shield - AC 30 DR+10! - On the blacksmith in stillwater.
    quality iron shield - AC 30 - purchasable in shops.  Some barbarians in Kree 
    wield one.
    shield of force - AC 30 electrical damage to attacker
    flow disruptor - AC 30 MR+30 - this might seem good, but if you are a tech 
    user then you don't have to worry about magic being cast on you anyway, and 
    if you aren't a tech user than you actually want magic to be cast on you from 
    your allies or the use of potions (or especially a revive scroll).  So in 
    every case it is better to just use a quality iron shield (except the 
    extremely rare fight against a magic using opponent if you actually need the 
    help to win).
    Neutral (Neither Magical Nor Technical, Anyone Can Use)
    Balanced Sword - 3-12 DMG Speed 23 - wonderful sword for early in the game, 
    and easily craftable.  Slightly technical but anyone can use it.
    Katana - 3-12 DMG Speed 20 - great easy to find weapon, purchasable in some 
    Sword! - 10-15 DMG Speed 20 - special sword from the arena in Isle of 
    Despair, must loot from the third fallen opponent (barbarian female).  One of 
    the best weapons in the game for the majority of playtime in the game for any 
    melee character, and is extremely easy to get at a relatively early stage in 
    the game.
    Barbarian Heavy Blade - 8-20 DMG Speed 17.  Easy to find and extremely good.
    Sword of Baltar - 15-25 DMG Speed 15 - extremely good sword and available 
    very early, found on Lianna in Dernholm.  Shown as magical, but has no listed 
    magical bonuses and seems to work fine on any hero.
    Harrow - Speed 11. special axe looted from Loghain in wheel clan dredge.  
    Damage determined by race and good/evil alignment.  Best DMG (10-42) at 50-
    100 good alignment dwarf, 2nd best (8-34) at 0-25 alignment dwarf.  You will 
    not gain exp for hitting or killing monsters with Harrow.
    Arcane Sword - 1-8(+16) DMG Speed 15 - better than arcane great sword if 
    strength is less than 14.
    Arcane Great Sword - 4-16(+16) DMG Speed 13 - better than arcane sword if 
    strength is over 14.
    Arcane Axe - 3-14(+20) DMG Speed 12 - better than both arcane sword and 
    greatsword if strength is less than 20.
    Arcane Staff - 1-8 DMG 3-12(+24) FT Speed 13 Mana+80 - Gives 80 mana for 
    spells and does insane fatigue damage in melee, but low hp damage.
    Bangellian Scourge - 5-20(+10) DMG Speed 15 - best evil sword from bangellian 
    depths (north of grey mountains).  Casts damaging spells.
    Blade of Vicious Haste - 5-15(+15) DMG Speed 15 Speed+4 - found in a 
    magically locked chest in Tseng Ang (late in the game) Cursed, chance to 
    damage wielder.
    Filament Sword - 1-8(+12) DMG Speed 15 - good sword for early in the game, 
    and it changes the effect of your criticals.
    Staff of Xoranth - 1-4 FT 2-9 Speed 13(+25) - Has a speed bonus dependant on 
    magic affinity, maxing at a 25 bonus for 38 total speed at optimal use.  
    Received from Jormund in Qintarra.
    Sword of Sickness - 5-20 DMG Speed 13 - the first good purchasable sword, in 
    Shrouded Hills at the gypsy for about 1500-2000g.
    Sword of Air - 4-16 DMG Speed 17 - great purchasable sword.
    Sword of Baltar - 15-25 DMG Speed 15 - extremely good sword and available 
    very early, found on Lianna in Dernholm.  Shown as magical, but has no listed 
    magical bonuses and seems to work fine on any hero.
    Sword of the Derian Ka - 1-12(+5) DMG Speed 20 - This sword is unique in that 
    it has a damage bonus of 5 that is not listed on the item and not affected by 
    magical aptitude at all.  It simply always does +5 damage.
    Kryggird's Falchion - 35-50 DMG 10-20 FT Speed 20 - best weapon in the game, 
    available only at the very end of the game.
    Torian Kel's Ancestral Sword - 10-25(+10) Speed 35! - The speed of this 
    weapon is actually adjusted by magic aptitude (15 at tech 100, 25 at 0, 35 at 
    100). Available only near the very end of the game.
    Charged Sword - 4-32 DMG Speed 15 - craftable.  Schematic purchasable in 
    Charged Axe - 1-12 +20-30 Electrical DMG Speed 10 - from Sebastian in The 
    Boil of Tarant.
    Featherweight Axe - 1-16 DMG Speed 17 - craftable.  Schematic purchasable in 
    Pyrotechnic Axe - 31-62 DMG Speed 10 - craftable. One of the best melee 
    weapons in the game, available very early in the game.  Schematic found in 
    the sewers room beneath the trapdoor in Willoughsby's House (Tarant).
    Iron Clan Hammer - 15-35 +1-5 Fire DMG Speed 15 - available only near the end 
    of the game.
    Power Axe - 5-18 DMG 3-11 FTG
    -Require ammunition in the wielder's inventory
    -Your followers need ammunition in their inventory too.
    -When trading ammunition, use the red arrow button to trade the max amount, 
    or simply type in the numberpad on your keyboard the desired amount.
    -Rifles cannot be used while equipping a shield
    -great guns which MUST be crafted: tesla gun, blade launcher, droch's 
    warbringer, tranquilizer gun
    Blade Launcher 30-60 DMG Speed 6 - craftable.  Schematic purchasable in 
    Flame Thrower 16-34 DMG Speed 7 - craftable.
    Charged Accelerator Gun - 1-15 +10 Elec DMG Speed 13 - craftable. 
    Long Range Pistol - 10-30 DMG Speed 10 - craftable.
    Looking Glass Rifle - 10-30 DMG Speed 6 RNG 35 To Hit +20% - this gun is 
    notable because it's range is so long that you can attack enemies at such a 
    distance that they will not retaliate.
    Repeater Rifle - 5-12 DMG Speed 19 - craftable.
    Tranquilizer Gun - 1-15 DMG 25-125? FT DMG Speed 1 - craftable.  Schematic 
    sometimes found in gun stores.  Does an unlisted amount of extremely high 
    fatigue damage.
    Levered Machine Gun - 1-40 DMG Speed 25 - Takes lots of bullets, but one of 
    the best guns in the game.  Best machine gun.  Outperforms Droch's Warbringer 
    versus low armored opponents.  One is found in Tarant on a Tarant Officer 
    during the orc worker uprising that is directly south of Bates's Factory NOT 
    Mechanized gun - 1-30 DMG Speed 25 - craftable.  2nd best rapid fire gun. One 
    is found in Tarant on a Tarant Officer during the orc worker uprising that is 
    directly south of Bate's Factory NOT THE ONE AT BATE'S FACTORY.
    Hand Cannon - 5-35 DMG 1-10 FT Speed 9 - craftable.  One is worn by Sammy 
    White the insulting halfling right by the Kensington Park subway station in 
    Tarant.  One can be received by accepting the assassination quest from the 
    Ogre gang leader in the Boil ghetto of Tarant and saying you are a tech user.  
    Simply go into the closed old Tarant sewers (entrance on the single room 
    structure southwest of the Tarant gypsy on the penninsula, bottom right 
    section of the city) then go through the zombies to the left until you find 
    the ladder right to the secret entrance to the Ogre leader's room.
    Rifled Cannon - 10-30 DMG Speed 7
    Droch's Warbringer - 20-40 +10Elec DMG Speed 13 - Best gun in the game.  
    Schematic found near the end of the game.
    Tesla Gun - 11-84 DMG Speed 6 - craftable.  One of the best guns in the game.  
    Electricity technicians can craft this item.  Schematic purchasable.
    Elephant Gun - 20-50 DMG 1-15 FT Speed 9 - craftable.  Any gunsmith should 
    try to craft this gun as soon as possible.  Best gun for most of the game.
    Mystical Chakram - 1-10(+7) Speed 19 - better than serrated chakram
    Balanced Boomerang - 1-10 Speed 19 - best to start your thrown weapons 
    adventure with one of these.
    Serrated Chakram - 1-10(+5) Speed 17 - good common magic thrown weapon
    Azram's Star - 1-10(+20) DMG Speed 21  - best magic thrown weapon in the 
    Aerial Decapitator - 20-40 DMG Speed 17 - looted from a hermit at a secret 
    location in the grey mountains. Best nonmagic thrown weapon in the game.
    Explosives are very good thrown weapons:
    Place the explosive from your inventory into a quick slot, and use the 
    associated number on the keyboard.
    Stun grenade - makes every fight easy
    Explosive Grenades - black powder + tin can.  Very profitable to craft and 
    sell also.
    Molotov Cocktail - cheap and good, craft from rags and fuel.
    Dynamite is not thrown but set on the ground and requires precise timing.
    All four of those are craftable.
    -Require arrows
    -note that all bows pale in comparison to melee and guns as far as damage 
    capability is concerned.
    -some of these stats are taken from Muro's Weapon Database, so I did not 
    personally see some of these items
    Arcane Bow - 4-16(+4) DMG Speed 13
    Blessed Bow - 1-5(+4) DMG Speed 10
    Bow of Damage - 1-8(+4) DMG  Speed 15
    Bow of Terror - 2-18 DMG Speed 13
    Bow of the Chill Reaper - 5-18 Speed 11
    Hurtful Long Bow - 30-50 DMG Speed 13 - cursed, will hurt you too.  Best 
    damage bow in the game.
    Mystic Bow - 20-50 DMG Speed 9 - best non cursed bow in the game.
    Pyrotechnic Bow - 1-10 DMG Speed 25! - craftable.  One of the best bows in 
    the game.

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