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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by GNgo

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 02/04/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 FAQ
    Written by George Ngo (a.k.a. Eggo from GameFan magazine)
    Special thanks to my RTS partner in crime, Tao, also of GameFan and 
    NWTR fame.
    Feedback is welcome via E-mail at gngo@earthlink.net
    Version 2.0
    Revision History: 
    2.0 – Added an outline to the FAQ, a section on individual map 
    strategies, and expanded the advanced tactics with some great tricks 
    such as the double War Factory and an alternate build order for the 
    Rhino Rush.  Made significant changes to the Tank Destroyer, 
    Superweapons, and Rhino Rush sections.  Also made scattered revisions 
    all over the place (too many to list).  I'd recommend re-reading 
    everything if you're hungry for information.
    Overview/Objective: I come from a background of playing WarCraft II and 
    StarCraft heavily online.  I've always believed Real-Time Strategy 
    games should be played online against human opponents because fighting 
    the computer doesn't teach you how to play a game.  It teaches you how 
    to defend and build up an overpowering army of outrageous proportions - 
    tactics which DON'T work against a living, breathing opponent.  This is 
    my first F.A.Q. and first time playing a Command & Conquer game.  While 
    I like Red Alert 2, I've noticed that a lot of the players online are 
    not very good.  Sure there are newbies in any online game, but I'm 
    noticing more scrubs in Red Alert 2 than other games.  I'm hoping this 
    F.A.Q. can improve the quality of play online and raise the level of 
    competition so it's easier to get a good game going.  I'll assume you 
    already know what all the units are, what they do, what's needed to 
    build them, etc.  This F.A.Q. just talks strategy and tricks.  I hope 
    all players (be you rookie or expert) find it useful.  
    I.	Soviets
    a)	Unit Descriptions
    b)	Structure Descriptions
    II.	Allies
    a)	Unit Descriptions
    b)	Structure Descriptions
    III.	Strategies/Tactics
    a)	Desolator Bomb
    b)	Rhino Rush
    c)	Rocketeer Rush
    d)	Engineer Rush
    e)	Kirov Escort
    f)	Nighthawk/Tanya
    IV.	Fundamentals
    V.	Individual Map Strategies
    a)	Alamo
    b)	Urban Rush
    c)	Isle of War
    d)	Little Big Lake
    e)	South Pacific
    f)	Anytown, Amerika
    g)	Lake Blitzen
    h)	Golden State Fwy
    Unit Descriptions
    Iraqi Desolator – Pound for pound, the best unit in the game.  
    Excellent for wiping out ALL ground-based infantry including Tanyas, 
    Chrono Legionnaires, and Yuris with its Rad Cannon.  The only exception 
    is the British Sniper… but fighting against Great Britain, you should 
    be able to steamroll your opponent before the Sniper can even come into 
    play.  Deployed Desolators are also great for wiping out ALL Allied 
    tanks, parked Harriers, and to a lesser degree… Rhino Tanks.  If an 
    opponent is using Desolators against you, use Harriers, Rocketeers, or 
    Terror Drones to deal with them.  See the strategy section for tactics 
    such as the Desolator Bomb, which really maximizes this unit's 
    potential.  Desolators also make good base defense.  Keep a few around, 
    standing behind your buildings to wipe out enemy Paratroopers, 
    Engineers, Tanyas, and Chrono Legionnaires.  If you're playing Soviets 
    (and you should be), Iraq should be your first choice.
    Libyan Demolition Truck – Not as well-rounded as the Iraqi Desolator, 
    but perhaps more deadly.  Libya is a great second option for Soviet 
    players.  If you can detonate one of these in a guy's base early, the 
    game should be over.  Just be sure to follow it up with an immediate 
    attack of Rhino's.  I've had a guy 'bus' me three times and take me 
    down to a Con Yard with no buildings, yet he was unable to finish me 
    because he was too intent on attacking with just Demo Trucks.  These 
    things are expensive (1500), and an early one can really set you back.  
    A good player should be able to intercept a Demolition Truck with a 
    Harrier, Rocketeers, or a Terror Drone well before it reaches his base.  
    Building a Truck warns your opponent as the driver says, "My truck is 
    loaded!" when it comes out.  Listen for it!  You should never be 
    surprised to see a Truck drive into your base.  If you are, you deserve 
    to lose.  When steering a Truck, aim for the Refinery early, or the War 
    Factory if he already has two Refinery's built.  Con Yard's take more 
    than two Demo Trucks to destroy, so it's not really feasible to go 
    after it early.  Always try to blow up a Demo Truck in the enemy's base 
    if he builds it!  You hear the warning, and if you can get there in 
    time, you can detonate it in his base, wiping out his forces.  Very 
    entertaining.  Also, Yuri's can turn a Demo Truck back the way it came.  
    NEVER leave a truck parked in your base!  These work GREAT under an 
    Iron Curtain!
    Cuban Terrorist – Cuba would be my third choice when playing the 
    Soviets.  Wan Zafran came up with the crazy strategy of planting 
    dynamite on five terrorists with a Crazy Ivan, then loading them in a 
    Flak Track for a makeshift Demolition Truck.  It's the exact same cost 
    as a Demolition Truck, but there's no verbal warning ("My Truck is 
    Loaded!") when you do this and the Flak Track travels faster than the 
    Demo Truck.  Just park the Flak Track near a guy's Ore Refinery or War 
    Factory and when he blows it up, it will take out the building and 
    damage adjacent structures, while loosing a minor nuclear bomb.  The 
    blast and green aftermath doesn't seem as lethal as the Libyan Demo 
    Truck, but at least there is no verbal warning that you built it.  This 
    tactic is a bit too fancy and time consuming to be practical, but it's 
    fun.  Just build five Terrorists, hotkey them, grab a Crazy Ivan, plant 
    dynamite on all five of them, then load them in the Flak Track.  Don't 
    worry, you have plenty of time to do this before they explode if you 
    use hotkeys, and that ticking sound in your base is natural.
    Russian Tesla Tank – If I see my opponent has a Russian flag as the 
    game loads, I tend to relax.  All the other country specific Soviet 
    units are deadly, but Tesla Tanks don't scare me.  If I'm wrong on 
    this, please enlighten me, but I think Tesla Tanks fire too slowly, 
    thus making Rhinos a better choice.  I hear Tesla Tanks are good for 
    frying buildings, but why not build more Rhinos?
    Conscripts – These guys are not bad, but I don't recommend building 
    them.  Train them only when you need to garrison a building near your 
    town and your initial bunch of conscripts isn't nearby.  While not 
    worth building, these guys are definitely worth getting if you can 
    control an airport on the map.  Towards the end of a long game, you can 
    easily have 50+ conscripts standing around from all the paradrops.  
    This is a lethal force capable of walking right through enemy defenses 
    and annihilating a guy's base.  Just grab them all and watch the 
    creeping wave of death on the mini-map.  A sight the enemy won't soon 
    Attack Dog – Very useful unit early.  Dogs make great scouts in the 
    beginning of the game because of their speed.  Train two or three of 
    these and open up the blackness surrounding the other guy's base BEFORE 
    you build a radar so you can see what he's doing and prepare the 
    appropriate countermeasures.  Dogs are also useful later in the game as 
    infantry killers.  If fighting an American opponent, I like to keep 
    five dogs scattered around my base in case of untimely paradrops.  Just 
    position two dogs below a paradrop (before it lands) and they will make 
    quick work of all the Paratroopers.  If you're really paranoid about 
    Spies, leave an Attack Dog near your Ore Refinery, War Factory, or 
    Battle Lab.
    Engineer – A great all-purpose guy to have on hand.  I always train at 
    least one engineer at the beginning of the game.  If there are derricks 
    or an airport on the map, he's already ready to go.  If there's nothing 
    worth taking in the field, leave him parked behind your Con Yard or 
    other important buildings (War Factory, Iron Curtain) so he can 
    instantly repair them in the event of an emergency.
    Tesla Trooper – I hear these guys are decent, but I've never lost to 
    anybody who builds them and I almost never build them.  The only use I 
    find for Tesla Troopers is to charge a Tesla Coil, giving it added 
    range and power when it ZAPS!  Just stand two or three TT's next to a 
    Tesla Coil and they will automatically charge it with their weapon.  As 
    an offensive unit, they are very slow and not very practical 
    considering their hefty price (500).  You're better off spending that 
    money on a Desolator or Terror Drone.  One interesting note about TT's: 
    it looks like they are not susceptible to being run over by a tank like 
    most infantry.  I'm not completely sure about this, but I don't recall 
    ever running over a Tesla Trooper.  Instead, I just roll by them and 
    watch as they crawl in my wake. 
    Flak Trooper – Don't build these guys.  They're pretty worthless 
    considering they walk soooooo slowly.  Rocketeers and Harriers are way 
    too fast for a Flak Trooper to give chase in the field.  If there's a 
    Kirov in your town, then you can try to crank a few of these out, but 
    chances are if there's a Kirov in your town, you're already dead.  I 
    heard somewhere they are pretty good against infantry, but Desolators 
    and Attack Dogs are much better for that.
    Crazy Ivan – This is one unit I'd like to play around with more.  I 
    think he has potential since his death results in a large explosion 
    which damages things around him.  In the end though, you should find 
    that you don't really need a Crazy Ivan to win.  His bomb-planting 
    isn't as effective as a Tanya, who can blow up buildings instantly with 
    no chance of a bomb being defused.
    Yuri – Excellent base defense in a really long game, especially against 
    a Soviet opponent attacking with Apocalypse Tanks.  I've seen many 
    games end like this: Player A rolls in with 6 Apocalypse Tanks… Player 
    B steals said tanks and turns right around and demolishes Player A with 
    8 Apocalypse Tanks (most of which are Player A's).  Other potentially 
    game-changing units which can be yuri'ed are Tanyas and Libyan 
    Demolition Trucks.  Note: you can not mind-control units in the air, 
    Terror Drones, or already yuri'ed units.  If you yuri a transport, the 
    units inside it are still under the opponent's control.  Because of the 
    shorter reach, it is almost impossible to yuri a Prism Tank and Mirage 
    Tanks usually broil infantry before they can get close.  If your 
    opponent has Yuri's scattered throughout his base, try to take them out 
    with Rocketeers, Harriers, Prism Tanks, Desolators, Terror Drones, or 
    Attack Dogs.
    Yuri Prime & Chrono Ivan – If you can get these, you deserve to win.  
    Mind-control an opponent's Spy, then send it into an Allied or Soviet 
    Battle Lab.  Whatever… =P
    Rhino Tank – This is, as Dave Kurtzberg said in his excellent early 
    FAQ, your "bread and butter."  This single unit can give Allied players 
    fits.  Considering you start with four of them in a Quickmatch game, 
    it's very easy to train four more and instantly demolish most Allied 
    opponents.  I'll go into more detail about the Rhino Rush in the 
    tactics section.  I don't see why people build Apocalypse Tanks when 
    Rhinos are perfectly capable of dealing with Prism Tanks AND Mirage 
    Tanks.  To a lesser degree, they can also hang with low numbers of 
    Apocalypse Tanks.  Rhinos are only good in large packs however.
    Apocalypse Tank – The upgraded version of the Rhino Tank.  Excellent 
    for taking down buildings in seconds.  A major benefit they have over 
    Rhino's is Apoc's can hit aerial units.  In 95% of my games, however, I 
    don't build a Battle Lab, so I rarely see these guys.  Also keep in 
    mind they are painfully slow to move and train.  Apoc's make excellent 
    'escorts' for a Kirov.
    Terror Drone – When I first started playing Red Alert 2, I thought 
    these things were too good.  Now, I rarely build them.  A good player 
    should have no arachnophobia.  For Allies, Repair IFV's make great 
    exterminators while Soviets can just build a Service Depot to pick any 
    unwanted fleas off their Harvestors.  TD's make excellent base defense 
    however.  They're pretty good for taking out specialized infantry such 
    as Tanyas, Yuris, or Desolators.  If you want to play it safe, leave 
    two or three sitting around in your base for protection.  They'll 
    automatically attack anything that comes near them.  Sometimes they're 
    capable of clearing out Paratroopers, while sometimes they get 
    annihilated.  I'm not sure why it's not consistent.  If an enemy is 
    attacking with a wave of tanks, crank out as many TD's as you can, 
    especially if he's Soviet and doesn't have a Repair Depot nearby.  If 
    you're attacking with a group of tanks and you get infected with 
    spiders, execute your units by force-firing (hold "Ctrl" then target) 
    on them.  They're already dead, and you don't want to risk one spider 
    taking out more than one tank.  Infected Rhinos, however, can usually 
    hang around for a while, getting off a few volleys before you have to 
    put them to sleep.
    Flak Track – This is your anti-air.  Its main purpose is taking out 
    Rocketeers and the occasional Kirov.  Two Flak Tracks should be able to 
    handle eight Rocketeers pretty easily.  Four Flak Tracks should be able 
    to down a Kirov well before it gets near your base.  The other ability 
    of the Flak Track is for transport - great for getting slower infantry 
    around the map in a hurry.  I'll discuss specific strategies in the 
    tactics section.  Little known fact: you can put Terror Drones in a 
    Flak Track!  Great for a Spider Bomb.  They take up two unit spots.
    V3 Rocket – Not completely useless, but kind of risky to build.  These 
    things have the weakest armor of any vehicle in the game.  Their long 
    range attacks are great for destroying garrisoned buildings or picking 
    off deployed G.I.'s on the front lines.  They are also the only Soviet 
    unit which has the distance to safely shoot a French Grand Cannon.  The 
    two drawbacks to V3's are their weak armor and the fact that anti-air 
    weapons can destroy the rockets.  IFV's, Patriot Missiles, Flak Tracks, 
    and Flak Cannons make V3's nearly worthless if the enemy is prepared.
    MCV – On a map like The Alamo, which can result in long, grueling 
    games, it might be worth it to build a second MCV in the event of an 
    untimely air strike.  As long as you have a War Factory and a Service 
    Depot, you can build another MCV.  Or you can just get lucky and find 
    one in a crate.
    War Miner – Definitely the better of the two harvestors.  Don't forget 
    War Miners can attack!  Their weapon isn't great for taking out tanks, 
    but infantry such as deployed paratroopers in the field are no problem 
    for a single War Miner.  If you're under a heavy attack, be sure to 
    grab your War Miners to fight back along with your tanks.  Their tough 
    armor keeps them hanging around a long time in a battle.  I don't 
    recommend going crazy on the harvesting (I usually have only two War 
    Miners at the end of a game), as some people like to crank out over 
    five immediately.  These same people tend to fold like paper to a Rhino 
    Rush, especially if they're Allied.  Harvestors also heal on their own, 
    although it takes a very long time.
    Amphibious Transport – In Quickmatch games, you never need to build 
    these.  If your map requires transportation over water, this is your 
    only option.
    Kirov – The only Soviet aerial unit is a nasty one.  If you can get one 
    of these in a guy's town at full health, chances are he is dead.  It 
    can take out buildings in seconds and has very tough armor.  A level 3 
    Kirov also heals and is a nightmare if it's overhead.  The only way to 
    deal with Kirovs is to down them before they get anywhere near your 
    base.  Allies should use Rocketeers, IFV's, and as a last resort 
    Patriot Missiles to take them out.  Soviets can handle Kirovs with Flak 
    Tracks and Apocalypse Tanks.  Listen for the words "Kirov reporting" 
    when your opponent builds one.  You can hear it, so you should never be 
    surprised by a Kirov assault.
    Attack Subs – I very rarely build a navy, but when I do, this is the 
    first unit I crank out (usually only two, unless my opponent has a 
    navy).  Subs are invisible on radar and can only be seen when they 
    attack.  Definitely worth building if you're getting your feet wet.
    Dreadnaught – As deadly as a Kirov, if not moreso because there is no 
    warning when you build one.  If you're going navy, this is the reason 
    why.  A Dreadnaught can annihilate a Construction Yard in two or three 
    hits and an entire base in a minute.  Like the V3 rocket, Dreadnaught 
    missiles can be shot down by anti-air units.  The range of this unit is 
    unbelievable.  You can target objects that are off-screen.
    Sea Scorpion – This is the anti-air unit of the seas.  Build if 
    Rocketeers, Harriers, or Aircraft Carriers are a problem.
    Giant Squid – A cool looking pet, but seldom used in a "real game."  
    Someone once called this the Terror Drone of the seas, as it can 
    eliminate an entire fleet of ships single-handedly if not dealt with.  
    Allied Dolphins can loosen a Giant Squid's deadly grip by force-firing 
    (hold "Ctrl" while targeting) on the afflicted unit.  I think Squids 
    are also invisible to radar like subs, but I'm not positive.
    Structure Descriptions
    Construction Yard – You'll want to protect this at all costs.  When 
    attacking, this is one of the first buildings you should look to 
    destroy if possible.  I keep an engineer standing next to my Con Yard 
    so he can instantly repair it if it's ever in danger.  Without this, 
    you can't build other buildings or defensive structures such as Sentry 
    Guns and Flak Cannons.  If someone tries to take over your Con Yard 
    with an Engineer, re-deploy your MCV so he can't steal it… deal with 
    the Engineer, then re-deploy.
    Tesla Reactor – You don't need many of these.  Build them over Nuclear 
    Reactors for sure, but you'll be surprised how far you can stretch your 
    existing power without going into the red.  If your bar on the left is 
    in the yellow, you're fine.  If you build lots of Flak Cannons, you'll 
    need more Tesla Reactors.  I think Tesla Troopers standing next to a 
    Tesla Reactor become more powerful by charging their guns with the 
    reactor… whatever.  =P  If you destroy an opponent's Con Yard and don't 
    have enough juice remaining to take down his War Factory, you might 
    want to take out a Tesla Reactor so his Radar will go offline 
    permanently.  When you're low on power, your Flak Cannons and Radar 
    won't work and your unit production will be slowed.  Tesla Reactors 
    aren't very tough, so they're easy to destroy.
    Ore Refinery – I usually have at least two of these per game.  If 
    there's a hospital, airport, repair depot, or derricks on the map, you 
    might want to place your second Refinery next to it so your harvestors 
    will be closer to a remote ore patch.  Instead of building harvestors 
    in the War Factory, you might be better served building another Ore 
    Refinery which comes with its own harvestor.  It's a little more 
    expensive, but it doesn't tie up your War Factory and playing with only 
    one Refinery is kinda dangerous.  If you can take out an opponents' 
    Refinery early and he doesn't have money to rebuild it, the game is 
    over (unless he controls derricks).  Libyan Demolition Trucks are a 
    great way to accomplish this.
    Barracks – Important building to have, as it builds all infantry.  If 
    you lose it, don't worry, they rebuild quickly.  Because of this, I 
    don't recommend taking out an enemy's barracks early.  Focus on the War 
    Factory or Con Yard first.
    War Factory – Protect this at all costs.  Likewise, always keep an eye 
    out for an unprotected War Factory in an enemy base.  It takes a while 
    to build one of these again and it's expensive, but considering this is 
    the source of all your tanks, it's a must-have building.  I'm almost 
    tempted to leave an engineer standing next to my War Factory to protect 
    it, like my Con Yard.  I've seen people build two War Factory's just to 
    be safe.  I wouldn't recommend that, although building one in the 
    middle of the map near a derrick you control is a viable option (it 
    moves your tank production that much closer to the enemy's base, which 
    is where the fighting should be).
    Naval Shipyard – I rarely build a navy, but certain situations (e.g., a 
    standoff) call for it.
    Radar Tower – You need it… but not right away and not all the time.  I 
    often destroy an enemy's Construction Yard before I place my Radar 
    Tower.  Once your Radar is up, be sure to watch the mini-map at all 
    times!  Any enemy movement should be monitored in the event of a Flak 
    Track with Engineers headed your way.
    Service Depot – At first, I scoffed at this building.  Now, I build it 
    if a game goes long or my opponent has a spider fetish.  Great for 
    picking Terror Drones off of infected vehicles or repairing damaged 
    tanks that have survived a fight.  Doing so later leads to veteran and 
    elite units, which are well worth having.  Note: repairing costs money 
    and the second a damaged unit is repaired once, the Terror Drone is 
    instantly removed.  You're better off engineering a Repair Depot in the 
    field then building one at your base, as the Repair Depot will be 
    closer to the action.  If one of your harvestors gets infected by a 
    Terror Drone, you have time to build a Service Depot, place it, and 
    repair your harvestor before it blows up.  I build a Service Depot 
    before a Battle Lab, and it also lets you build another MCV if you so 
    desire (though pray you don't have to).
    Battle Lab – What does this building do?  Beats me since I never build 
    it.  ;)  I hear it grants you the ability to build Apocalypse Tanks, 
    Kirovs, Yuris, a Cloning Vat, Nuclear Reactor, Iron Curtain, and Nuke 
    Silo.  5% of my games require a Battle Lab.  If you're building 
    Apocalypse Tanks before Rhinos, you will die to a Rhino Rush.
    Nuclear Reactor – I never build these.  If you really need power in a 
    hurry, move your MCV to an area far from your base, drop it, and build 
    this.  Then protect it heavily, because a good player will always blow 
    it up, especially if it's in your base.  Stick to Tesla Reactors 
    instead.  They're more expensive, but less dangerous.
    Cloning Vat – A tremendous drain on power, but well worth it in a very 
    long game.  This gives you a duplicate of anything that steps out of 
    your barracks for free.  Great for mass production of Desolators, 
    Attack Dogs, and Yuri's.  You can also send yuri'ed enemy infantry 
    units into the Cloning Vat to die (I think you get $ for this, but I'm 
    not sure).
    Sentry Gun – Decent base defense.  Good for picking off Paratroopers or 
    Terror Drones near your harvestors.  I'll sometimes build one near my 
    Ore Refinery or a few near a derricks to protect it.
    Flak Cannon – Against Allied opponents, if I can afford it, I'll build 
    one Flak Cannon which protects my entire town from Rocketeer rushes.  
    If your opponent is building a ton of Harriers, Flak Cannons won't pick 
    them off on the way in (since he should be striking from the side or 
    back), but they will take down Harriers as they fly back to his base.  
    Place them as far from your town (but facing his) as possible, so their 
    range is used most effectively (i.e., planes get shot on the way in, as 
    they pass the cannon, and as they come back).  I prefer Flak Tracks 
    because of their mobility and usefulness in the field, but one Flak 
    Cannon in the middle of your base isn't a bad idea.  Don't build these 
    if fighting a Soviet (Flak Tracks are a much better answer for Kirovs).
    Walls – I used to build four walls at the corners to completely block 
    off my Construction Yard so it couldn't be engineered.  If you're 
    keeping an Engineer around to repair, however, this doesn't work.  
    Remember you don't have to lay each wall next to each other.  Build one 
    wall, then place the second wall five squares away and it will build 
    the middle four walls for free!
    Tesla Coil – Decent base defense with considerable range.  I don't like 
    to defend my base, but if you simply must defend, you can put up a few 
    of these with Tesla Troopers standing next to them to add to the range 
    and power.  Just know that they don't fire very fast and groups of 
    tanks can wipe them out in no time.  Another way around Tesla Coils is 
    to knock out the power in the Tesla Reactors, however, if they have 
    Tesla Troopers charging the Coil, it should still fire, using the 
    energy from the Tesla Troopers! 
    Psychic Sensor – A bit fancy, but fun if you're in a long game.  Pretty 
    cheap to build (1000) and useful for seeing when your opponent targets 
    your Con Yard with 12 Harriers.  If the game goes this far, might as 
    well build it.
    Iron Curtain – The ultimate closer.  This is probably the best 
    superweapon, and I DO recommend playing with Superweapons on, as they 
    put an end to standoffs (e.g., French Grand Cannon, Patriot Missile 
    B.S.).  Build this whenever possible as soon as possible.  Even if you 
    don't have a force to use it on, just train a bunch of Terror Drones 
    and send them through a guy's base to wipe out infantry, tanks, 
    harriers, etc.  Then follow it up with invincible Rhino Tanks or 
    Apocalypse Tanks.  I think the timer counts down faster after the first 
    successful Iron Curtain.  The time limit on this is five minutes while 
    the Allied Chronosphere is six, I believe.  Reason number 2086 why the 
    Soviets are better than the Allies.  Invulnerable Demolition Trucks are 
    unstoppable.  A good player will attempt to destroy your Iron Curtain 
    before it can go off, so be ready to stop his assault or repair your 
    Superweapon with an Engineer (great if he tries to hit it with a 
    Harrier Strike), especially as the timer reaches 0.
    Previously, I thought the maximum number of units you could get 
    under an Iron Curtain was four.  I'd heard stories of nine Prism Tanks 
    being chronoshifted into a guy's town, but thought that was just a 
    myth.  Thanks to some experimenting by my buddy Tao, he figured out 
    that you can indeed get nine units under either the Iron Curtain or the 
    Chronosphere.  However, there's a slight trick to aiming it correctly.  
    Line up your nine units in a tight 3x3 formation (it should look like a 
    diamond).  Aim the center of the Iron Curtain icon at the bottom of the 
    middle tank.  If you do it correctly, you'll see nine black tanks, a 
    sight which should make you squeal for joy (it's really impressive the 
    first time you see it).  Just don't forget to attack because you're so 
    Nuke Silo – Don't waste your time.  This thing is expensive and you 
    can't destroy a Construction Yard or other Superweapon with it (in one 
    blast, anyway).  The Allied Weather Storm is much more devastating, and 
    you don't want to give him any ideas, so build an Iron Curtain instead.
    Unit Descriptions
    American Paratroopers – This is the side I picked when playing the 
    Allies.  Paratroopers are great because they have an immediate impact 
    on the game right away, whereas all the other Allied country-specific 
    units usually take a while to have an effect.  If you're Allied, you'll 
    be lucky to survive that long.  Always issue the command to Deploy 
    while your Paratroopers are in the air.  When deployed, GI's have 
    increased range and I think increased power.  Prime spots to paradrop 
    are ledges overlooking an enemy's base that he can't see (especially if 
    he's Soviet), your base for defense, or undefended areas of an enemy 
    town such as his War Factory or even Construction Yard.  Always drop 
    your men, even if you don't know where, just so you can get them.  In a 
    very long game, bring your GI's with you in the final assault.  50+ men 
    are vicious, especially when deployed.  A group of seven deployed 
    Paratroopers should be able to mow down three approaching Attack Dogs 
    easily.  They can also demolish tanks or buildings in numbers.  I've 
    seen 10 GI's cut down an Apocalypse Tank in no time.  When these guys 
    get leveled up, watch out.  Free men are a great option, especially for 
    garrisoning buildings near you OR your opponent.  If there's an 
    airport, be sure to grab it so you get the deadly Double Drop.  Dumping 
    16 men in a guy's town is brutal.
    French Grand Cannon – This is my second choice among the Allies.  If 
    you can erect two Grand Cannons which cover each other and then provide 
    adequate anti-air support (e.g., Patriot Missiles and IFV's), you have 
    a nearly invincible defense.  Allies will have problems taking out your 
    Cannons without heavy air strikes and Soviets must use V3's, an Iron 
    Curtain, or many Apocalypse Tanks to breach this defense.  You can try 
    building an advancing wall of Grand Cannons that keeps inching closer 
    to the enemy (usually two or three covering each other, then advance).  
    This will also mess up a guy who is building many V3's as a newly built 
    Cannon will shoot his V3's on the front lines.  One mistake I see 
    people make all the time is expecting a single early Grand Cannon to 
    guard their entire base.  You must still build Grizzly's and GI's or a 
    group of Rhinos will demolish that Cannon in seconds.  Cannon's are 
    especially deadly on maps with elevation or many garrisoned buildings.  
    To get around a Cannon defense, cut the power.  Destroy a single Power 
    Plant and that Cannon should go offline long enough for you to 
    dismantle it or wreak serious havoc.
    German Tank Destroyer – I think these tanks have potential, but they 
    require more testing before I give a hearty recommendation.  While the 
    benefits of a tougher tank (Tank Destroyers have armor similar to a 
    Soviet Rhino and the same 900 pricetag) are nice, the lack of defense 
    provided by other Allied units such as the American Paratrooper or 
    French Grand Cannon are sorely missed when playing Germany.  I messed 
    around with Germany a bit and found the tank production slower than I'd 
    like.  When I switched back to the Grizzlies, which build faster and 
    for less money, I seemed to have better results.  Please let me know 
    about your experiences with Germany if they differ from mine.  Warrants 
    more exploration, if only because these are the most durable Allied 
    Great Britain's Sniper – Great Britain's Sniper is useful against an 
    American opponent for picking off those free G.I.'s deployed outside 
    his town. Against Soviets, who rarely build infantry anyway, the Sniper 
    is almost useless.  The most effective use of a Sniper is to house him 
    in an IFV.  This increases his range, movement speed, and rate of fire 
    considerably.  The beauty of this unit is your opponent can't tell 
    what's shooting his men, as the range is so long and the Sniper doesn't 
    unveil his location when he shoots (like a Mirage tank).  Your opponent 
    just sees his men drop dead one by one.  The Sniper is nice to have, 
    but not essential.  Units like the Grand Cannon or Paratroopers have 
    potential to win a game, while I've never seen a Sniper win a game.  
    Also, instead of dealing with your enemy's free G.I.'s, wouldn't you 
    rather have free men of your own? 
    Korean Black Eagles – I see many rookies obsessed with fleets of 
    Harriers.  This tactic is seldom viable, but if you're going to do it, 
    you might as well pick Korea for the tougher, more powerful planes.  If 
    you insist on building a squadron of planes, be sure to build Grizzlies 
    to defend against a Rhino Rush or you will fold in minutes to a good 
    player.  A Black Eagle rush will NEVER work against a competent player 
    unless you're on a water map where amphibious transport is necessary to 
    attack.  Your eventual goal when being Harrier boy should be to suicide 
    a squadron of Harriers on a guy's town to take out his Con Yard, then 
    hit his power plants so his Flak Cannons go offline, then take out War 
    Factory, Barracks, etc.  Watch out for Desolators in your town, which 
    can fry your expensive fleet of parked planes in seconds!
    G.I.'s – Much better than the Soviet Conscript, G.I.'s can be deployed 
    for maximum effectiveness (range and power increased, I believe).  They 
    also cost more, which is why you should play America to get FREE 
    Paratroopers every few minutes.  Airports are also a great way of 
    getting free men.  Like the conscripts, a group of 50+ G.I.'s at the 
    end of a game can be devastating.  Just grab all the free men you have 
    and bring them with you on your final assault of an enemy's base.  On 
    elevation, G.I.'s are particularly deadly.  Always deploy your men!  If 
    you want to get rid of an enemy's deployed G.I.'s, use a Desolator, a 
    LARGE pack of Attack Dogs, or just run them over with your wave of 
    tanks.  If you can secure an Airport on the map, the double drop of 16 
    G.I.'s at once is nearly unstoppable if you can hold it for a 
    reasonable length of time.
    Attack Dog – Exactly the same as the Soviet counterpart.
    Engineer – Exactly the same as the Soviet counterpart.  You should also 
    stick Engineers in IFV's to make Repair IFV's.  Bring two of these 
    along with an attack force of Grizzlies to repair them during battle, 
    pick off unwanted spiders, or make a mad dash for his town if things 
    turn sour.  You can then deploy the IFV and take over his Con Yard or 
    Barracks.  See the Engineer Rush in the Tactics section.  Be sure to 
    use the Escort command (hold "Ctrl" and "Alt" while targeting) so your 
    Repair IFV's follow your tanks into battle.
    Rocketeer – A great tool for scouting early.  Capable of revealing the 
    map quickly and with little chance of being shot down.  See the 
    Rocketeer rush in tactics.  Never try to fight Flak Tracks unless you 
    have over 12 Rocketeers, and even then, you might want to retreat.  
    These guys can be expensive if you train a fleet of them, but at least 
    they build quickly.  Great for vacating garrisoned buildings under 
    enemy control.
    Spy – Risky, but potentially game-winning.  A good opponent can see a 
    unit on the radar approaching his town that he didn't put there.  
    However, a Spy could work if your opponent is doing an early Rhino Rush 
    (which goes without radar for a very long time).  Try countering the 
    Rhino Rush by making a Spy ASAP and sending it to his Ore Refinery to 
    steal all his money.  This will halt his production and give you extra 
    money and time to build up your army to counter-rush.  Attack Dogs are 
    the counter if you're worried about enemy Spies.
    Tanya – You shouldn't be able to get a Tanya into a good player's base, 
    and even if you do, he should be able to kill her before she can do 
    much damage.  I recommend training at least one Tanya for the 
    intimidation factor.  She also makes for decent base defense.  It only 
    costs you 1000, and your opponent then has to erect appropriate 
    countermeasures in his base when he hears her unmistakable laugh.  
    Doing this under the protection of a Gap Generator is especially scary.  
    Tanyas are good for taking out ships, swimming through a river to hit a 
    guy's base from the back, or they can just hitch a ride in a Nighthawk 
    Transport.  Always make these under a Gap Generator.  Snipers, Prism 
    Towers, Rocketeers, Harriers, Desolators, Yuris, or Terror Drones all 
    ensure that you'll be getting the last laugh if someone tries to Tanya 
    Chrono Legionnaire – A bit fancy and very expensive, but a very useful 
    unit.  To use as a distraction, teleport him out near the enemy's 
    harvestors.  When he comes to kill the Legionnaire, teleport it around 
    just out of reach.  He should never be able to kill your Legionnaire, 
    assuming you're teleporting to a nearby safe spot.  He's also useful as 
    more than a distraction.  House your Legionnaires in an IFV and the 
    phasing out time is cut down and he's given the added armor of the IFV.  
    If the IFV blows up, your Legionnaire pops out unscathed, ready to 
    phase another enemy out of existence.  An elite (level 3) Chrono 
    Legionnaire IFV is DEADLY, and Harvestors are a great way to level them 
    up.  These guys are also effective for taking Apocalypse Tanks out of a 
    battle, although the Chrono Legionnaire IFV is more expensive to build 
    than the Apocalypse Tank.  Great for wiping out a Superweapon too.  
    Bring a Chrono Legionnaire IFV and a Repair IFV to keep it alive as you 
    attempt to phase that Superweapon out of existence.  If your opponent 
    is building these, try to kill them with Snipers, Desolators, Terror 
    Drones (hidden in the scenery as they phase in), or packs of Rhinos, 
    but don't be surprised if you can't 'catch them.'  The Chrono 
    Legionnaire IFV 'misses' a target sometimes if you target it directly.  
    Instead, move the IFV in range and let him lock-on to the unit 
    Chrono Commando/Psi Commando – If you can get these, you deserve to 
    win.  Send a Spy into an Allied or Soviet Battle Lab to build these 
    guys.  Whatever… =P
    Grizzly Tank – Possessing much weaker armor than the Russian Rhino 
    Tank, Grizzly's are faster and cheaper to build.   If your opponent is 
    rushing you with a bunch of Rhino's, you'd better have as many, if not 
    more, Grizzly's waiting for him or you will die in minutes.  If your 
    opponent isn't rushing with Rhino's, then you might be able to get away 
    with a quick leap to Battle Lab for the much better Mirage Tank.  Be 
    sure to watch what he's doing in his base so you can prepare 
    accordingly.  Against Allied enemies in particular, a Grizzly Rush 
    (same in principle as a Rhino Rush) is very effective for ending the 
    contest early.  I see a lot of Allied players try to build up quickly 
    with lots of harvestors and few Grizzlies, leaving them open to a quick 
    strike by 10 Grizzlies on their harvestors or War Factory.
    IFV – You stick any infantry unit into these and it becomes a new unit.  
    The best combinations are: Chrono Legionnaire, Sniper, Tanya (fast 
    infantry killer), Engineer, or Crazy Ivan.  If you can somehow get 
    Crazy Ivan's into an IFV, it becomes a mini Demolition Truck.  It's 
    actually more powerful than the Libyan Demolition Truck, it's cheaper, 
    it's faster, and there's no warning when you build it!  A really dirty 
    2 vs 2 team tactic is to have your Soviet ally build a barracks in your 
    town, while you crank out IFV's.  Stick Crazy Ivan's in them and start 
    blowing stuff up.  I don't recommend this tactic because it's nearly 
    unstoppable and VERY cheap.  It's no fun for all parties involved, and 
    this is a reason I don't play team games online (you can also disally 
    temporarily to get the super units such as the Psi Commando, Chrono 
    Commando, Yuri Prime, and the Chrono Ivan).  If you're in a team game 
    and you see your opponents dis-ally then re-ally, you know something is 
    up.  Be careful!  IFV's are also a good anti-air unit, the equivalent 
    of a Flak Track.  A group of these (four or five) can take down a Kirov 
    in no time.
    Mirage Tank – The best Allied tank.  They have really weak armor, but 
    they're hard to target, especially if your game is laggy.  Mirage's are 
    very powerful, capable of decimating packs of Rhino Tanks in seconds if 
    not dealt with promptly.  They're even better at wiping out harvestors 
    in seconds.  A major perk of Mirage tanks is they don't warn your enemy 
    when they attack.  If you can creep a Mirage Tank over to his 
    harvestors slowly (move them a small distance at a time, as they don't 
    appear on radar when stationary), you can decimate his resourcing 
    without his knowing.  Mirage also make for great infantry defense, as 
    they roast incoming units automatically.  I recommend attacking with a 
    mixed force of Grizzly's and Mirage Tanks whenever possible.  This is 
    your main answer to the Soviet Rhino Tank, if you can survive long 
    enough to build them.  Mirage Tanks also train very quickly.  Deal with 
    enemy Mirage Tanks with Rocketeers, Harriers, Rhino Tanks, Apocalypse 
    Tanks, or a Desolator Bomb (see Tactics).
    Prism Tank – Great for destroying buildings or fishing out enemies on 
    the front lines.  Prism's have long range, but fire slowly, move even 
    slower, and their blasts aren't that powerful.  A major benefit is if 
    you hit a unit, the blast will refract to hit any units or buildings 
    behind it for massive damage. Always target a unit leading a pack to 
    spread the damage.  Two Prisms along with a pack of Mirage and 
    Grizzlies represent the ideal attack force.  The Prisms will take down 
    Prism Towers, Tesla Coils, etc.  You can also Chronosphere nine Prism 
    Tanks directly into a guy's base, instantly wiping out his Construction 
    Yard and more.  These things build very slowly, so don't build too many 
    of them.  Mirage Tanks are much more useful in numbers.  Deal with 
    enemy Prism Tanks with your own Rocketeers, Harriers, lots of Rhino 
    Tanks, Apocalypse Tanks, or a Desolator/Spider Bomb (see Tactics).
    MCV – Same as Soviet counterpart.
    Chrono Miner – At first I thought these guys were better than Soviet 
    War Miners because they teleported back, so they only traveled half the 
    distance.  That means you're mining faster and getting more money, 
    right?  WRONG!  They only hold half as much as a Soviet War Miner.  In 
    other words, a Chrono Miner is the equivalent of being paid every week, 
    while a War Miner pays you twice as much every two weeks.  You're still 
    getting the same money, the Allies just get paid more often.  If a 
    Terror Drone hops in your Chrono Miner, just teleport it back to the 
    Ore Refinery (the arrows should appear when you put your mouse over the 
    refinery with the Miner selected), and it will leave the Terror Drone 
    behind.  The TD will also be stunned and vulnerable for a while, 
    surprised by the sudden departure of its parasitic host.  Because these 
    guys can't attack, and therefore defend your base, I consider them 
    worse than the Soviet War Miner.
    Harrier – If you want to try a silly Harrier Assault, see the tactics 
    in the Korean Black Eagle section.  I like to just have one Harrier on 
    hand at all times to take out a stray unit in the field, kill scouting 
    units, Desolators, Tanyas, or Demolition Trucks.  The second you hear 
    "My Truck is Loaded!" you should have your Harrier hotkeyed so you can 
    target that Truck before it leaves the War Factory.  One Harrier blast 
    will take out a Demo Truck instantly… all the better if you can do it 
    in his base.  In groups of four, these are good for weakening enemy 
    derricks or finishing off damaged buildings (including garrisoned), but 
    be careful.  Harriers fly extremely slowly.  They also heal 
    automatically and a damaged Harrier will NOT leave the airpad to 
    attack.  When bombing a Con Yard with 12 Harriers, be sure to fly in 
    from the sides or back, not through the front of the enemy base, which 
    should be littered with Flak Cannons/Patriot Missiles.  You will lose 
    your Harriers, but take his Con Yard, power, then the rest of his town.  
    This tactic works on stupid Global Domination maps where it's almost 
    impossible to get to your enemy by land.
    Nighthawk Transport – This guy can be deadly.  Drop a bunch of Tanyas 
    in the back of a guy's base unexpectedly and he could be in for a rude 
    awakening.  Build this under the cover of a Gap Generator so your 
    opponent can't see it, and it's really deadly.  The great thing about 
    the Nighthawk is it's invisible to radar!  Your enemy has to manually 
    scour the large map to see it.  If he's paying attention, he can hear 
    the rotors of the Nighthawk when its in your town or his, but hopefully 
    he won't notice it in time.  On certain maps, you can use a Nighthawk 
    to transport an engineer to a remote island to control some derricks or 
    an airport without building a navy.  If your opponent is building 
    Tanyas and a Nighthawk under a Gap Generator, you're in trouble.  
    Defend your base against Tanyas with Prism Towers, Tesla Coils, 
    Rocketeers, Harriers, Desolators, Yuris, or Terror Drones.  Perhaps a 
    better strategy is build a Nighthawk under the Gap Generator, then 
    Engineer Rush him.  There won't be a verbal warning when you take over 
    his buildings.  Just be sure to distract him with a Chrono Legionnaire 
    or some Mirage Tank movement before you fly in.
    Amphibious Transport – Same as Soviet counterpart, although you can 
    build a kamikaze air force for standoffs, so you probably don't even 
    need this.
    Dolphin – Like the Soviet sub, Dolphins are invisible to radar until 
    they attack.  Great for prying Giant Squids off their targets (Force-
    fire on your unit by holding "Ctrl" then targeting it).  They train 
    quickly and a bunch of these will take out anything in the water, 
    including an enemy Naval Shipyard, in seconds.  I don't think the 
    Soviets have an answer for a large pack of Allied Dolphins.
    Destroyer – Not sure why you would build these when Dolphins and 
    Carriers seem to be better, but I don't spend a lot of time taking in 
    the salty air when I play.
    Aegis Cruiser – Your anti-air on the waters, and a good one at that.
    Aircraft Carrier – The Allied equivalent of the Dreadnaught… the reason 
    you go navy in the first place.  Regenerating planes that are capable 
    of destroying a Con Yard, no matter how much flak the enemy has.  Just 
    build as many Carriers as needed to eventually get through his 
    defenses… (and watch as the game's frame-rate chokes and sputters when 
    100 planes take off at once).
    Construction Yard – Same as Soviet counterpart.
    Power Plant – Generates more power than the Soviet counterpart, but 
    takes longer to build and it's more expensive.
    Barracks – Trains all your infantry.  Much more useful than the Soviet 
    counterpart.  Protect this.
    Ore Refinery – Same as Soviet counterpart, although Chrono Miners can 
    teleport back.  Whee!
    War Factory – Makes your tanks.  Keep in mind that your main attack 
    force and most of your defenses should be tanks, so you know how 
    important this is.  Attack the enemy's, protect your own.
    Naval Shipyard – Same as Soviet counterpart.  Well, if you must… ;)
    Air Force Command Headquarters – One of the drawbacks to being Allied 
    is Soviets tend to take this out because it makes deadly aerial units.  
    The bad part is it's also your radar, so you go blind without it.  
    Also, you need this to get special units such as the Paratroopers or 
    Grand Cannon.  You'll need to build multiples of this if you're 
    training a fleet of Harriers (four per pad).
    Service Depot – Not as necessary as the Soviet counterpart since you 
    have Repair IFV's, which are mobile, and therefore much better.  
    Although building this will let you train another MCV.
    Battle Lab – I see many Allied players make the mistake of 'jumping to 
    Battle Lab' as soon as they can, neglecting Grizzly production.  If 
    you're playing against a skilled Soviet opponent, he should make you 
    pay for this crime with eight Rhino's in your town well before you can 
    crank out enough Mirage's to make a difference.  If he doesn't make you 
    pay right away, though, you're sitting pretty with an early pack of 
    moving trees.  When playing against an Allied player, especially if 
    you're Soviet, ATTACK the Battle Lab first!  It has very little armor 
    and getting rid of it will halt production of those annoying Mirage 
    Ore Purifier – A major drain on power and very expensive, but this 
    increases the amount of money generated when harvestors return.  If you 
    anticipate a long game, go for it… early if you can.  Completely 
    optional though.  I like when I see these in an Allied base.  I tend to 
    leave them alone and hit their Power Plants instead.  Because the Ore 
    Purifier is such a heavy drain on power, blowing up a single Power 
    Plant is usually enough to send them into the Dark Ages.  All those 
    precious Prism Towers and Grand Cannons will go offline until they sell 
    the Ore Purifier.
    Spy Satellite Uplink –  This structure makes for a great newbie 
    detector.  Assuming you are competent, you should have the entire map 
    opened up well before building a Battle Lab.  Use Attack Dogs to do the 
    primary scouting, with Rocketeers to mop up the remaining black spots.  
    I read if someone destroys your Spy Satellite, it resets the map for 
    you.  I have no experience with this, as I've never built one in a real 
    game.  If you see one, laugh whole-heartedly then proceed to pulverize 
    your sorry opponent.  While the Spy Sat reveals the entire map, it 
    won't penetrate the dark cloud around a Gap Generator.
    Walls – Same as Soviet counterpart.
    Pillbox – Same as Soviet Sentry gun.  I prefer deployed G.I.'s for base 
    defense, because they're almost mobile.  A pillbox here or there 
    doesn't hurt, especially near a derricks to discourage hostile 
    Patriot Missile – Same as the Soviet Flak Cannon, but fires wimpy-
    looking missiles.
    Prism Tower – Same as the Soviet Tesla Coil, except instead of charging 
    it up with Tesla Troopers, you power it up with another Prism Tower 
    that's close by… whatever.  Don't waste your money on this unless you 
    expect party crashers like uninvited Tanyas or Engineers.
    Gap Generator – This is the only reason I would ever want to play the 
    Allies.  Assuming you live long enough to erect one of these, it 
    creates a "fog of war" around your base so the enemy can't see what's 
    going on in there unless he actually has a unit under the cloud.  The 
    radius is pretty good, and if you pack your town in tightly, you can 
    cover all of it (except maybe the refinery) with one Gap Generator.  If 
    your opponent had previously scouted your base, the second you place 
    the Gap Generator, that area becomes unexplored to him again.  Gaps are 
    great for concealing tricky tactics such as a Nighthawked Tanya drop, a 
    'surprise' assault of 12 Harriers, or a sudden Grizzly Rush.  If your 
    opponent has Prism Tanks, Aircraft Carriers, or Dreadnaughts, they will 
    have a hard time targeting structures under the Gap, and may even roll 
    into range of your forces as they try to 'see' what's under the cloud.  
    The lack of a "fog of war" (a WarCraft/StarCraft staple) takes away 
    much of the strategy in this game, but the Gap almost salvages that… 
    assuming you live long enough to build a Battle Lab.  This is the first 
    thing I build after placing my Battle Lab.  Beware, it's a power 
    drainer, but it's relatively cheap to build (1000).  Plus, it leaves 
    your enemy guessing as to what lurks beneath.  If you can erect a Gap 
    Generator in the middle of a map like The Alamo, you've pretty much 
    won, as he won't have time to react to a sudden assault from the middle 
    of the screen in any direction.
    Chronosphere – I'd recommend building this before a Weather Storm 
    because of the shorter countdown.  Chronoshift nine Prism Tanks into a 
    guy's town, his units (harvestors or tanks) into the water, or dump a 
    transport immediately in his base and unload.  Any infantry (except for 
    Chrono Legionnaires) under the field of the Chronosphere will die, but 
    you can safely pack them into an IFV or Transport.
    Previously, I thought the maximum number of units you could get 
    under a Chronoshift was four.  I'd heard stories of nine Prism Tanks 
    being chronoshifted into a guy's town, but thought that was just a 
    myth.  Thanks to some experimenting by my buddy Tao, he figured out 
    that you can indeed get nine units under either the Iron Curtain or the 
    Chronosphere.  There's just a trick to aiming it correctly.  Line up 
    your nine units in a tight 3x3 formation (it should look like a 
    diamond).  Aim the center of the Chronoshift icon at the bottom of the 
    middle tank.  If you do it correctly, you should just see the 'feet' of 
    your tanks under the bubble of the Chronoshift.  If you screwed up, you 
    can cancel it and re-target before actually shifting.  Nine Prism Tanks 
    in a guy's town is VERY bad news.  You should wipe out his Con Yard on 
    the way in, and get his War Factory soon thereafter.  This is easily as 
    lethal as the Soviet Iron Curtain, if not moreso.  The only problem is 
    being able to survive long enough to build a Chronosphere and NINE 
    Prism Tanks.
    Weather Storm – This thing is nasty!  If you can get it off, it will 
    devastate a guy's base.  The only buildings it won't destroy are his 
    Construction Yard or other Superweapons.  When you build this, expect 
    your enemy to come knocking at the door in nine minutes, or else he's 
    toast.  Don't expect to get his Con Yard with this unless you follow it 
    up with an immediate Harrier Strike.  Well worth building if you have 
    an impenetrable defense (just hope your opponent doesn't know what an 
    Iron Curtain/Chronosphere is, or your "impenetrable defense" will fast 
    turn porous).  Interesting note: while the countdown on the Weather 
    Storm is close to ten minutes, the countdown seems to go pretty fast.  
    An Allied player does not have four minutes to build a Chronosphere to 
    counter your Weather Storm.  It's more like two minutes.  I've had to 
    do this before, and the Weather Storm actually counts down faster than 
    the Chronosphere!  <gulp>
    The Good Stuff… Strategies/Tactics!
    Desolator/Spider Bomb – The idea for this actually comes from the Mage 
    Bomb in WarCraft II, in which you sacrifice a single Mage to destroy a 
    large number of enemy units with the area effect spell Blizzard.  Let's 
    say your opponent has a seemingly impenetrable front line of deployed 
    G.I.'s, Grizzly, Mirage, and Prism Tanks.  No easy way in, right?  
    Place five Desolators in a Flak Track (make sure the Desolators 
    are hotkeyed before you do this) and drive right up to the front line.  
    The enemy units will vaporize the Flak Track instantly.  When that 
    happens, your units will pop out unharmed.  Now you don't have a lot of 
    time, as your men are about to be lit up by Mirage Tanks and Prisms, so 
    instantly select the group of Desolators with the numbered hotkey, hit 
    "S" to stop them from using their Rad Cannon, then hit "D" to deploy 
    them right in the face of the enemy.  Assuming you lose about two 
    Desolators before they can deploy, you should have at least three 
    Desolators sitting down in a very dark patch of green.  ALL Prism 
    Tanks, Mirage Tanks, and sandbagged G.I.'s should fry or melt before 
    they have time to get out of the goo.
    If your opponent can react fast enough, he might be able to 
    salvage some of his Grizzlies, but everything else should be dead.  
    3500 spent on five Desolators and one Flak Track to take out a small 
    army.  Well worth it if you ask me.  If there are a lot of Mirage Tanks 
    and Prisms out there, you might want to do a double Deso bomb with two 
    Flak Tracks loaded with 10 Desolators.  "Take off, nuke the site from 
    orbit… it's the only way to be sure."  Just be careful about rolling 
    your army through that green before it dissipates.  Try to go around it 
    or you'll arrive half dead too.
    If someone tries a Desolator bomb on you, it's pretty hard to 
    deal with.  Pull your tanks back as fast as you can.  Do NOT try to 
    kill the Desolators with your tanks.  That will only prolong their stay 
    in the green surroundings.  Once your units are safe, mop up the 
    Desolators with Rocketeers, Harriers, or Terror Drones.  A Desolator 
    Bomb is also great for taking out squadrons of parked Harriers.  It 
    will fry them in seconds if they're not airborne.
    You can also do a Spider Bomb (Terror Drones) by packing them in 
    a few Flak Tracks.  Terror Drone's take up two spots, so you can only 
    fit a max of two in a single Flak Track, but three Desolators and one 
    Terror Drone in the midst of a surprised enemy army could cause quite a 
    stir.  Multiple Flak Tracks shuttling Terror Drones could get them 
    close enough for them to hop in Prism Tanks, while if they tried to 
    walk over there normally, they'd get blasted long before they could get 
    in range.  The Desolator Bomb is definitely much more useful than the 
    Terror Drone Bomb, which makes for a better diversion, causing 
    temporary insanity (i.e., chaos).  The reason the Deso Bomb works so 
    well is it negates the one disadvantage of the unit: its slow walking 
    The Almighty Rhino Rush – The equivalent of a War 2 Grunt Rush, this is 
    how I win 95% of my matches online.  The general idea is you attack 
    with 8-10 Rhino Tanks before your opponent has time to up significant 
    defenses.  Hit his harvestors to halt his production dead in its 
    tracks.  With no income, he should fold in no time when you follow up 
    right away with another 8 Rhinos.  If he can't deal with your initial 
    group of Rhinos, demolish his Construction Yard, War Factory or 
    Refinery (especially if he only has one built).
    The 'trick' to a successful Rhino Rush is to keep moving.  It's 
    VERY hard to deal with 8-12 Rhinos in your base if they're stationary.  
    It's nearly impossible to deal with them if they're moving.  While your 
    tank is moving, it will fire accurately at anything near it, while many 
    of your opponent's shots will miss, since your tanks are 'dodging' the 
    Say you roll in and see his main base is well defended.  Wait 
    till all your tanks are together, then make a break for his harvestors, 
    which should be relatively undefended.  If there's deployed G.I.'s 
    there, you can just run over them with your 8+ tanks, suffering minimal 
    damage.  Blow up a Chrono Miner… or two… or all of them if he doesn't 
    react fast enough.  Chances are, he will undeploy any G.I.'s at his 
    base and come after you with his Grizzly's.  If they're far away, the 
    Grizzly's will come at you single-file, which spells doom for them, as 
    your tanks should be grouped in a pincer-like formation from 
    concentrating firing on the Chrono Miners.  If his tanks come in a 
    group, just move your tanks to the other side of his base.  Your shots 
    should be connecting, while his should miss, for the most part.  Now 
    you should be near a vulnerable part of his base.  Let's say his Air 
    Force Command HQ.  If you have time, take it out.  Chances are his 
    tired G.I.'s will still be marching your way.  If they don't have time 
    to reach you, take out a building or two.  Con yard and War Factory are 
    prime targets if they're available.  Once his G.I.'s come in range, he 
    will want to deploy them.  Either run over them with your tanks by 
    going back the way you came, or keep going the other direction so the 
    G.I.'s have to pack up and follow you once again.  Basically, you're 
    doing laps around his base, all the while blowing up everything in 
    sight, while his G.I.'s never get a shot off.  His Grizzly's shouldn't 
    be able to hang with that many Rhino's, especially if his shots are 
    missing.  I see no way an Allied player can cope with this strategy, 
    which is why I stopped playing them.  If your enemy is lucky, there'll 
    be a garrisoned building near his base, but there's usually an 
    alternate way in which isn't as well guarded.  Even if your opponent 
    has a garrisoned building, if there's only one G.I. in there (you can 
    tell from the damage it deals), you can roll all your tanks by it 
    without taking too much damage.
    If you're playing against a Soviet opponent, the Rhino Rush is 
    still viable, but it can be countered with Terror Drones and Rhinos of 
    his own.  Soviet vs Soviet can lead to lengthy games if both players 
    know how to defend with Terror Drones and both are building an army of 
    Also, if you're playing Allies, a Grizzly Rush is just as 
    feasible as a Rhino Rush.  Just build 10-12 Grizzlies instead.  Their 
    faster speed makes the lap-running and hit-and-run tactics easier as 
    The key to a proper Rhino Rush is speed.  To get the most Rhinos 
    in a guy's town in the fastest time, I recommend you try this build: 
    Deploy Con Yard, Tesla Reactor, Barracks (Train three Attack Dogs and 
    send them out to scout), Ore Refinery, War Factory (Train eight 
    Rhinos), Ore Refinery, Tesla Reactor, Radar.  This build order drops a 
    War Factory as soon as possible and trains as many Rhinos as you can 
    muster ASAP as well.  Don't waste time building War Miners in the War 
    Factory, since the second Ore Refinery gives you a free harvestor 
    without tying up the War Factory production.  Two War Miners is plenty 
    against an Allied opponent.  The danger of this build is your power is 
    almost always in the yellow.  If a fleet of Rocketeers comes over your 
    town, you could be in trouble.  One thing I also do is build a Flak 
    Cannon without placing it.  If I see Rocketeers in the enemy base, I'll 
    build an extra Tesla Reactor, then place the Flak Cannon.  If he has no 
    airforce, I right click on the Flak Cannon (not having placed it) to 
    cancel it and get all my money back.  If you want to play it safe, 
    build one or two Flak Tracks before starting Rhino production.  It's up 
    to you.  Right before you attack for the first time, cue eight more 
    Rhinos to build.  They will be ready for you when your first group is 
    An alternate build that I've had a lot of success with is the 
    following (again, thanks to Tao for figuring out this build order): 
    Deploy Con Yard, Tesla Reactor, Barracks, Ore Refinery, War Factory 
    (train optional Flak Tracks, 1-2 harvestors, then eight Rhinos), Radar, 
    then Ore Refinery.  At this point, your Radar will go offline due to 
    lack of power.  If it's a tight situation and you need that radar back 
    ASAP, sell the Refinery.  You will still have the harvestor and the 
    radar will come back online; although you'll be down to one Refinery 
    (somewhat dangerous against a Libyan opponent).  If the situation isn't 
    too bad, go without Radar for five seconds while you build another 
    Tesla Reactor.  The benefit of this alternate build is you have up to 
    four harvestors early and plenty of resourcing for the late game.  
    Against Soviet opponents, in which the game can go long due to Terror 
    Drones and Rhinos of his own, I recommend this second build.
    Here's an advanced trick which you might not have known about: 
    Owning two War Factories speeds up your tank production!  No, you won't 
    be able to build tanks out of both factories, but the speed at which 
    each tank builds is slightly faster than a person with only one War 
    Factory.  Here's an example: Player A has two War Factories and is 
    cranking out Rhinos nonstop.  Player B is doing the same, but with only 
    one War Factory.  By the time Player B has four tanks, Player A will 
    have five.  When Player B has eight, Player A has ten.  It may seem 
    insignificant, but in the long run, those extra tanks can turn the tide 
    in your favor.  One benefit of the alternate (albeit slower) build for 
    the Rhino Rush is your production is strong enough to handle a second 
    War Factory after the second Tesla Reactor builds.  I recommend the 
    second War Factory before the Battle Lab (unless you're going for Iron 
    Curtain), because it gives you that edge in the tank battles.  Also, if 
    you happen to lose a War Factory due to unforeseen circumstances, you 
    always have a back-up so your production never slows.
    Rocketeer Rush – This tactic is unique to the Allies and it's capable 
    of ending a game quickly, but it requires a little luck on your part.  
    Assuming your opponent isn't ready for a quick aerial assault, you can 
    cripple him early with 8-10 Rocketeers.  Fly into his town (preferably 
    you scouted his base earlier with Attack Dogs so he had no idea you 
    built Rocketeers) and take out one of his Tesla Reactors right away.  
    This will prevent Flak Cannons from coming online, and it should drop 
    him in the red power-wise, also slowing his production of Flak Tracks 
    or Flak Troopers.  Use these precious moments to take out his War 
    Factory and Barracks if you can.  If you can destroy a Soviet War 
    Factory, you've usually bought enough time to win the game (ensuring 
    you can get to Battle Lab safely).  If you can take out his War Factory 
    and Barracks, focus on another Tesla Reactor or his Construction Yard.  
    Assuming he gets a Flak Cannon online somehow, pull your Rocketeers 
    back and roll in with your initial Grizzly Tanks and G.I.'s.  Once he 
    starts building ground defenses, return with the gnats.  Repeat until 
    Mirage Tanks enter the fray.  The great thing about the Rocketeer rush 
    is you can crank out a bunch of Chrono Miners from your War Factory 
    because the Rocketeers train in the Barracks.  You're simultaneously 
    getting your production rolling while generating a quick army.  One 
    Flak Cannon or two Flak Tracks, however, will negate this tactic's 
    effectiveness tremendously.  This strategy is usually susceptible to 
    the Rhino Rush also, as your Chrono Miners are relatively undefended 
    and eight Rocketeers can't kill eight Rhinos fast enough.
    	A great late game tactic is to build a large force of Rocketeers 
    (10-20) if you see your opponent has minimal air defense.  Try to hide 
    it under the cover of a Gap Generator so he has no time to prepare.  
    Build the flying army quickly, then strike while the iron is hot.  Take 
    out what minimal air defense he has (e.g., one or two Flak Tracks or 
    hit a Tesla Reactor to shut off the Flak Cannons), then wipe out his 
    Con Yard and War Factory.  With over 10 Rocketeers, those structures 
    will go down fast.  This tactic works great on a small map with lots of 
    resources like the Alamo.
    Engineer Rush – If you're able to distract your opponent with a jumping 
    Chrono Legionnaire or a Spider/Desolator Bomb, you might be able to 
    sneak a Flak Track/IFV or a Nighthawk Transport carrying Engineers into 
    his base.  If you take over his Barracks, there won't be a vocal 
    warning that a building was lost.  You can switch it to your primary 
    Barracks (select the building, then double click it), then start 
    pumping engineers in his town to start taking over his buildings.  Once 
    you do, sell them right away so he can't take them back.  If you're 
    really mean, take over his Construction Yard, then build 
    Pillboxs/Sentry Guns in his town before selling the Con Yard.
    Kirov Escort – Kirovs are incredibly powerful, but also incredibly 
    slow.  The best way to deal with them is to blow them up before they 
    get anywhere near your base.  Rocketeers, IFV's, and Flak Tracks are 
    the best way anti-air measures.  Yet these units are also all 
    incredibly fragile.  A good tactic to try in a game which goes to 
    Battle Lab is to 'escort your Kirovs' with Apocalypse Tanks or Flak 
    Tracks to take down the Kirov-killers.  If you can get it into his town 
    mostly undamaged, one Kirov can easily wipe out an entire base, 
    especially when it becomes elite.
    Nighthawk/Tanya – This tactic shouldn't work on a good player, as it's 
    very hard for an Allied player to survive long enough to build a Gap 
    Generator, Tanyas, and a Nighthawk Transport, but it's doable every 
    once in a while.  Build the Gap Generator so he can't see what you're 
    doing, train those Tanyas and load them in the Nighthawk.  Since the 
    Nighthawk is invisible to radar, he won't be able to track its movement 
    on the mini-map.  So just create a diversion or attack him with your 
    tanks so he isn't paying attention at his base.  Then drop in his town 
    and hope he doesn't hear the rotors of the Nighthawk.  If he's 
    prepared, Prism Towers, Rocketeers, Harriers, Terror Drones, Yuris or 
    Desolators should halt your Tanya from blowing up his entire base.
    Hotkeys – Use them!  They're the key to speeding up your game, and RTS' 
    are all about speed.  Select entire groups of units with the number 
    keys for fast unit manipulation and menu navigating.  The "grab all 
    offensive units" key is an important one to have for maps that don't 
    last until War Factory, and it's great late game tool for grabbing 
    everything you have for final assault.  Sorry I can't tell you what the 
    default setting is.  I re-mapped mine to the "A" key.
    Waypoints – Holding the "Z" hotkey sets a waypoint.  Your unit(s) will 
    move to this waypoint, before going on to the next.  This is useful for 
    initial scouting with your Attack Dogs or Rocketeers (to clean up the 
    scattered black spots on the mini-map).
    Rally Points – I normally don't use these, but they're good to know 
    about.  Select a unit-producing structure then left click elsewhere on 
    the map to set a rally point.  All units made from this building will 
    automatically travel to the rally point.
    Escort Function – I don't think this is documented in the instruction 
    manual, which is why I'm mentioning it.  With a unit selected, hold 
    "Ctrl" and "Alt" together and you'll see a shield emblem appear.  
    Target another unit with these keys held and the original unit will 
    'escort' the second unit you clicked on.  This command doesn't seem to 
    work very well, as the escort tends to lag behind the escortee by a 
    large margin, but it has its uses.  My friend Tao likes to tell his 
    Repair IFV's to 'escort' the pack of Grizzlies into battle.  Although I 
    usually end up manually steering my Repair IFV's in the end, this trick 
    keeps them in the vicinity of the action at least.
    Listen for verbal warnings!  Kirovs, Tanyas, and Libyan Demolition 
    Trucks all give verbal cues when they are trained.  If you have to, 
    turn down the music and turn up the voices in the options so you can 
    hear better.
    Don't play a lot! – This sounds like a foolish tip, but it's the most 
    important one I can pass along if you're serious about winning.  It's 
    just common sense.  Like driving, you shouldn't play when you're tired 
    or not paying full attention.  Because the quality of competition is 
    pretty low in this game, it's tempting to run off 10 straight wins in 
    one sitting, but I highly discourage this.  By the time you get to your 
    tenth game in a row, you'll be very lax.  When you're fresh, you're 
    continually alert, watching the mini-map at all times, your reflexes 
    are faster, you're hungry for a win, etc.  When you do come across that 
    rare opponent who can hold his own, you have to be at the top of your 
    game to do the little things it takes to win a game.  Even against 
    mediocre players, if you make mistakes, you'll be able to turn around 
    losing efforts and win games you're not supposed to win if you're 
    playing your best.  You won't be playing to your full potential if you 
    get 'in a rhythm' through long continuous hours of play.  Instead, play 
    four or five games per sitting, take a break, then come back and play 
    more.  I can't stress enough how important this is if you're committed 
    to winning and putting together long winning streaks (which is how you 
    raise your rank, if you're worried about that nonsense).
    Individual Map Strategies
    Thorough knowledge of the maps can determine the outcome of games, 
    especially when both players are good.  Getting the first step on your 
    opponent is usually the key between winning and losing at the elite 
    leveling, and knowing the maps plays a large part in that.  There are 
    only about 15 maps used in the Quickmatching rotation, so you don't 
    have to worry about memorizing all 38.  After a lot of play, you should 
    be able to recognize what map you're on just by moving your units 
    around a little bit (i.e., before placing your Barracks).  I haven't 
    listed strategies for all the maps, because frankly, many of them don't 
    have a lot of strategy.  The ones that do have strategy, I've tried to 
    cover.  As a general rule for the maps which I don't talk about, try to 
    control the derricks or airports, then attempt to Rhino Rush your 
    The Alamo – Throughout this F.A.Q., you'll see me make numerous 
    references to strategies specific to this map, because it plays unlike 
    most Red Alert 2 maps.  Your first priority is garrisoning the Alamo.  
    It's the large building in the center of the map, surrounded by the 
    colorful gems.  As soon as the game starts (I can recognize the streets 
    of the Alamo right away), I grab all my units (using the 'grab all 
    offensive units' hotkey) and make a mad rush for the center.  
    Completely garrison the Alamo, and you should have about two Conscripts 
    left.  Head directly north with your tanks as escorts, and garrison the 
    building next to the airport and the one directly south of it.  Send an 
    engineer to take over the airport ASAP and drop some Sentry Guns or a 
    Flak Cannon next to it, depending on whether your opponent is Soviet or 
    Allied.  Also engineer the derrick that's right next to your starting 
    position.  Send every harvestor after your first to mine from the gem 
    patches in the center of the map.  Be aware there's a derrick to the 
    far southeast, next to the expansion ore for the player on the right 
    hand side.  If you have time, send an Attack Dog to guard that derrick 
    while your Engineer takes the long journey down there.  This should get 
    you off to a great start.
    	Fighting on the Alamo usually goes one of two routes: either one 
    player folds immediately or the game goes very long.  If your opponent 
    is inept or his defenses aren't very good, Rhino Rush him and get it 
    over with immediately.  If your enemy is on the left, don't worry about 
    garrisoned buildings.  Enter his town from the south; there should be 
    only one garrisoned building you have to worry about (usually people 
    will only have one man inside).  If it's not heavily garrisoned, just 
    roll by it with your tanks without batting an eyelash.  Kill his 
    harvestors or his War Factory, then Con Yard and the game should be 
    	If the game goes long, your first task will be garrisoning all 
    the buildings on the map.  Since you should control the airport, you 
    should be on even ground with an American opponent when it comes to 
    Paradrops.  If for some reason you don't have control of the airport, 
    destroy it immediately with your tanks.  If it's well-defended, strike 
    his town while he's spending money fortifying the airport.  If you let 
    him hold the Double (Para)Drop for long, you will lose.  Basically, in 
    a long game, this map comes down to fighting with garrisoned buildings.  
    There's plenty of resources available with the derricks, crystals, and 
    ore all over the map, so don't worry about running out of resources.  
    Since this map comes down to garrisoned buildings, the main unit Allies 
    will be using is Rocketeers (to destroy your garrisoned buildings).  
    Soviets might go V3 or lots of tanks.  Prepare accordingly.  Against an 
    Allied opponent, try to garrison the buildings on his side of the map.  
    Assuming he's already occupied the ones near his town, take the ones 
    guarding his expansion ore.  If he's on the left, his expansion is to 
    the north.  If he's on the right, his expansion is to the south.  Most 
    likely, he'll try to take down your garrisoned buildings with 
    Rocketeers.  Have an army of Flak Tracks handy in the center of the map 
    (protected by all your Conscripts in the Alamo) so they can reach all 
    locations in seconds.  While your enemy tries to figure out a way to 
    unman your garrisoned buildings outside his town (Prism Tanks work 
    pretty well for this), build up an army of tanks and hit his harvestors 
    or Con Yard.  If you're unable to get either of those, aim for the 
    derricks in his town.  Speaking of derricks, if you can grab the third 
    free derrick in the southeast and fortify it, build your second Ore 
    Refinery down there near that expansion ore.
    	If your opponent is good, and his main base is well-defended, you 
    have two options: get a Superweapon to crack that defense or starve him 
    out at his expansion.  In Quickmatch games, Superweapons are turned on 
    only half of the time.  If you're lucky, get Iron Curtain/Chronosphere 
    and roll right through those defenses.  If Superweapons aren't turned 
    on, you'll have to do it the hard way: kill his harvestors as they 
    attempt to mine ore from that expansion.  He shouldn't be able to 
    defend his main base and that expansion ore at the same time.  Try to 
    get that derrick in his town at any cost.  Without a steady flow of 
    cash coming in, he should eventually fold to repeated assaults.  If 
    you're playing against France, this can be very tough.  Try to target 
    his Power Plants.
    	If you're playing Allies and the game goes long, give strong 
    consideration to a large army (10-20) of Rocketeers.  There's plenty of 
    money on the map and they can take down derricks and buildings in 
    seconds.  A great closer for this map, especially under cover of a Gap 
    Urban Rush – There are two predominant strategies for this map.  Both 
    emphasize speed and high elements of risk.  As soon as the map starts, 
    you'll recognize it by the ridge either directly to the left or right 
    of your starting position.  'Grab all offensive units' and move to the 
    center where the airport is.
    The first strategy is to hold the center by garrisoning the 
    buildings there and controlling that airport.  You can heavily garrison 
    the buildings flanking the bridge entrances to the center that your 
    opponent will most likely take.  Control the airport, drop a few Sentry 
    Guns or Flak Cannons for added defense, then garrison the other 
    buildings eventually and build up.  Your opponent will have to come 
    through that city (which you control) before he can get to you, so 
    you're relatively safe.  His harvestors will also get shot up as they 
    go for the expansion ore to the north or south of the city area.  If 
    you find that your opponent controls all the buildings in the center, 
    don't give up.  There's a back-up plan which works especially well if 
    you're Allied.  Look carefully and you'll see there are explosive 
    barrels at the corners of the city.  Blow these up with either 
    Rocketeers, a Rhino Tank, or V3's, and the ensuing explosions will 
    destroy many of the troublesome buildings.  It only takes one shot to 
    blow up these barrels.
    The second strategy is much more risky, but it tends to beat 
    people who go with the first strategy.  What's not so obvious about 
    this map is there are actually six entrances to the center.  There are 
    two bridges on either side, and land entrances to the north and south, 
    bypassing the bridges entirely.  If your opponent has garrisoned the 
    buildings guarding the two bridges near your town, take the land route 
    and roll ALL your forces safely by and into his base.  You should be 
    able to destroy his Construction Yard well before he can even drop a 
    War Factory or get his troops back.  If your opponent garrisons the 
    buildings guarding his bridges, your forces will get slaughtered, so 
    this strategy is VERY risky.  Also, if you manage to wipe out his Con 
    Yard, be sure to fortify your base with Attack Dogs and Sentry Guns so 
    he doesn't retaliate.
    Isle of War – Tao came up with the great strategy for this map.  
    Assuming your opponent attacks by land, the only real way into your 
    base is through the narrow forest valley in the center of the map.  As 
    soon as it starts, grab your Conscripts or G.I.'s and stand them 
    (deploy your G.I.'s if you have them) on your side of the bridge 
    (you'll have to walk them through the dilapidated cityscape first) so 
    they overlook the forest.  From this vantage point, they should be able 
    to safely shoot any trespassers wandering below.  Park your tanks at 
    the mouth of the canyon (entering your base) so no sudden tank rushs 
    can sneak by.
    	Here's where it gets good.  Train three Engineers and about six 
    more Conscripts or G.I.'s.  Use the Engineers to repair the building 
    closest to the bridge on your side, the bridge itself, and the building 
    closest to the bridge on your enemy's side.  Now have your original 
    group of Conscripts garrison the building on his side and your freshly 
    trained troops garrison the building on your side.  It doesn't look 
    like it, but those two buildings will shoot anything that moves down in 
    the forest-filled trench below.  You can also send your tanks over the 
    bridge and surprise the enemy if he's waiting for you at his side of 
    the forest.
    If the game goes very long for some reason, beware of a naval 
    assault (Allies can spot this much easier because their Rocketeers can 
    clear out the darkness over the water).  If it ever becomes necessary, 
    a deployed Desolator in the forest will affect units on the ridge or 
    bridge above or immediately around him.  Varying elevation does not 
    affect his radiation!
    Little Big Lake – This is one of my favorite maps because it's over so 
    quickly.  If played correctly, your opponent should be dead before he 
    can even place his War Factory.  Since it's such a small map (you're 
    literally right on top of each other, with north/south starting 
    positions), you're going to have to attack and fortify early.  Move 
    your men towards the center of the map (the halfway point between you 
    and the enemy, left of the lake), but keep them closer to your town 
    slightly.  Drop your Barracks and waypoint units to the center of the 
    map.  Train five Attack Dogs, then eight Conscripts/G.I.'s.  Once all 
    five Attack Dogs are ready and hotkeyed, advance on the enemy town.  
    Wipe out his infantry and park your leftover dogs outside his Barracks 
    to give him something to think about.  Now, with your group of four or 
    five tanks and about 12 Conscripts (however many are trained at that 
    point), crush the enemy tanks, then his Construction Yard and the game 
    should be over before he can drop that War Factory.  If you can, drop 
    the War Factory in your base (the game should be over by then) and some 
    Sentry Guns just in case he tries to backlash.
    South Pacific – I really hate this map.  There are so many variables 
    you have to worry about.  I tend to fight Libyan players on this map 
    and it gets very ugly really fast.  This map has the most resources of 
    any of the Quickmatch maps, so money is NEVER a problem.  There are 
    derricks at all of the starting locations, so control your derrick, and 
    the one directly north or south of you (the alternate starting 
    position).  Also grab the airport directly between those starting 
    positions (either east or west of the map center) you.  Your opponent 
    has probably done the same.  If you can, engineer the derrick opposite 
    your opponent's starting location (many people don't realize it's 
    there) so you control three derricks.  If your opponent is controlling 
    his airport or derrick opposite him, try to destroy them with your 
    	Low level infantry are really good on this map.  Not just 
    paratroop-dropped men, but infantry in general.  Because there's so 
    much money, you won't be able to spend it all at once.  I recommend 
    continually training Conscripts out of your Barracks (they will train 
    almost as fast as you can cue them)  Try to train men constantly.  At 
    the same time, build up your Rhino Rush as usual.  By the time you're 
    ready to go, you should have about 10 tanks and over 50 Conscripts.  
    This is a pretty deadly force.  Watch for paradrops in your town; have 
    Attack Dogs or a few Desolators standing around in your base and near 
    your airport just in case.  You can also sprinkle your town with Sentry 
    Guns/Flak Cannons.
    	The nasty part about this map is taking to the seas often wins 
    it.  If you can control the ocean, you will win, provided the enemy 
    can't crack your main base defense.  Superweapons can also be a 
    problem, as there's so much money to go around.  If you can get 
    Dreadnaughts in the water and protect them, you can obliterate the 
    enemy base in seconds, shooting anything he builds from the water.  
    Watch for an opponent's navy, Superweapons, and Paradrops, all while 
    building up and fortifying on your own.  Chances are you won't be able 
    to drop a Naval Shipyard until you open up the area in the middle of 
    the map just outside your town (don't worry, you can build the shipyard 
    that far from your base).
    Anytown, Amerika – This map can result in some long games if your enemy 
    is good enough.  Because of this, I recommend going with four early 
    harvestors to really get your resourcing rolling early (two from Ore 
    Refineries, two from the War Factory).  As expected, garrison any 
    buildings close to your base so the opponent doesn't do it for you.  If 
    you start at the southwest position (the best starting position), be 
    sure to garrison the two buildings southwest of your town near the 
    crystal patch.
    	The Rhino Rush is still a good option on this map.  You're just 
    going to have to know how to assault the seemingly impenetrable defense 
    of garrisoned buildings around your enemy's town.  If he has the 
    northwest position, you'll want to come in from the northeast.  Head to 
    the right of the map, then go north, then cut west across his gems 
    (from where he should be mining) and into his town safely.  If he has 
    the northeast starting position, I recommend heading east and coming up 
    from the south.  There are a few garrisoned buildings on the way, but 
    they are small and you can destroy them if you really want to (don't 
    waste your time).  If he starts at the southwest position, take the 
    same route (far east) by heading east then south for a straight path to 
    the back of his town, bypassing that nasty city area to the west of his 
    town.  If he has the southwest position (the best spot), try to 
    garrison the buildings near his crystal patch.  If you can't get that, 
    then try to hit his harvestors as they go for those crystals.  Then 
    slowly work your way in.
    	Your third and fourth harvestors should be sent to mine from the 
    crystal patches to the side of your town (directly north and south of 
    the middle).  Don't send your first harvestor to the crystals because 
    it takes so long to travel there, your production will stall 
    momentarily.  If you want, engineer the hospital and build your second 
    Ore Refinery next to it so you can be close to an expansion ore patch.
    Lake Blitzen – This map comes down to the Rhino Rush.  There are 
    derricks to the east and west which you should go for, but NEVER leave 
    your base undefended.  This map is totally about the blitzkrieg 
    assaults (hence the name) and defending against the rush.  If for some 
    reason it goes long, Allied players should Nighthawk Engineers over to 
    the islands in the center to take over the four derricks and the 
    airport.  You should also build a Patriot Missile on one of the islands 
    so your enemy has to build a navy or a Kirov to eliminate you from the 
    Golden State Fwy – The Soviets own this map.  It's completely wide 
    open, with no real threat of garrisoned buildings for base defense, and 
    there's no elevation to worry about.  If your Allied opponent wants to 
    survive, he will try to fortify his base as well as he can.  While he's 
    doing this, build up your usual Rhino Rush, but also control the four 
    derricks in the middle of the map.  If your opponent tries to control 
    the derricks and fortify them, his base won't be as well protected.  Go 
    hit his harvestors (you can come in from any direction) with your tanks 
    and the game will be over.  If your opponent fortifies his main, you 
    control four derricks and won't be able to spend the money fast enough.  
    Don't get so caught up in controlling the derricks that you forget 
    about your main.  A blitzkrieg rush by the enemy can put a quick end to 
    the best laid plans of mice and Desolators…

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