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    Soviet Multiplayer Guide by DHernandez

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    Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2
    Multiplayer Guide
    Author:  Djoaniel Hernandez
    E-Mail:  djoaniel@yahoo.com
    Date  :  Tuesday, May 30, 2006
    Site  :  http://mogster.not-random.com/
    Created 17 November 2000
    Last modified 04 April 2002
    Updated Disclaimer
    Removed Garbage and Rants
    Removed About the Author
    Removed A Road Less Traveled On > My Speech!
    Removed Game Aftermath
    Removed all personal vanity and started with the guide
    Checked wrong spellings
    Probably the last update before I retire
    Added contact
    Changed credits
    Update: May 30, 2006
    ** Removed lots of annoying stuff I wrote as a kid.
    ** Final version, I intend to put an end to this hobby.
    Table of Contents
    1. Author Remarks
    1.1 Disclaimer
    1.2 Introduction
    2. Game Information
    2.1 About Red Alert 2
    2.2 Why Soviets?
    2.3 Campaigns and Aftermath
    2.4 Soviets are Crazy...
    3. Game Guide
    3.1 FAQ
    3.2 Flaws
    3.3 Advantages
    3.4 Inland Strategies
    3.5 Naval Strategies
    3.6 Installing Structures
    3.7 Defensive Installation
    3.8 Soviet Power
    4. Weapon Specific
    4.1 Russia
    4.2 Iraq
    4.3 Cuba
    4.4 Libya
    4.5 Defend Yourselves
    5. Anti Allies
    5.1 USA
    5.2 Germany
    5.3 Korea
    5.4 France
    5.5 England
    5.6 Prepare for War
    6. Social War
    6.1 Russia
    6.2 Iraq
    6.3 Cuba
    6.4 Libya
    7. Laboratory
    7.1 Cloning Vats
    7.2 Iron Curtain
    7.3 Nuclear Reactors
    7.4 Nuclear Silo
    7.5 Chrono Ivan
    7.6 Yuri Prime
    7.7 My Perfect Game (UNDEFEATED yet SOVIET STRATEGY!) 
    8. Closing Remarks
    8.2 Idiots / Losers / Microphone Abusers
    8.3 Credits 
    8.4 Special Thanks 
    8.5 Closing Remarks
    8.6 Copyright
    Author Remarks
    To make the long story short, ripping off other people￾fs work or posting 
    it in your website without permission is punishable. However, if you intend 
    to give me full credit out of it, then by all means. 
    Command & Conquer originated early 90's and Westwood Studios (later on eaten 
    up by Electronic Arts).
    C&C:RA2 follows the canon in terms of story of C&C:RA.
    It is an RTS game where micro, macro, and actions per minute are very 
    important. He who holds the right information and the right reflexes is 
    most likely to win.
    Command & Conquer
         GDI (Global Defense Initiative)
              Ion Cannon
         NOD (Brotherhood Nation of Domination)
              Nuclear Strike
    Command & Conquer: RED ALERT
         Allied Forces
              Chrono Sphere
         Soviet Forces
              Iron Curtain
    Command & Conquer 2: Tiberian Sun
         GDI (Global Defense Initiative)
              Chemical Strike
         NOD (Brotherhood Nation of Domination)
              Stealth Generators
    Command & Conquer: RED ALERT 2
         Allied Forces
              Chrono Sphere
              Weather Machine
         Union Soviet Socialist Republic
              Nuclear Strike
              Iron Curtain
    |-[about red alert 2]-|
    Red Alert 2 is one brutal fast paced (RTS) game that utilizes military units 
    rather that are almost realistic rather than bizarre units used by other 
    real time strategy games. It also uses physics of real world. The only thing 
    unreal about this game is everything, but aside from the game itself it's 
    another world to explore.
    I will give you a briefing regarding units that you may encounter while 
    playing the game. But if you otherwise already know the game like the back 
    of your hand and only looking for other things to do, you may skip this 
    part and move on or just plainly search this guide for strategies not known 
    to you or your comrades. 
    Barracks Units                      | Structures
      GI                                |   Construction Yard 
      Engineer                          |   Ore Refinery
      Racketeers                        |   Barracks
      Spy                               |   Air Force Command HQ
      Attack Dog                        |   War Factory
      Snipers (Great Britain only)      |   Naval Yard
      Tanya                             |   Service Depot
      Chrono Legionnaire                |   Battle Labs
      Psi Commando (special unit)       |   Ore Purifier
      Chrono Commando (special unit)    |   Power Plant
    Factory Units                       |
      Night Hawk Transport              | Defensive Structures
      Grizzly Battle Tank               |   Pillbox
      Prism Tank                        |   Prism Tower
      Mirage Tank                       |   Gap Generator
      IFV (Infantry Fighting Vehicle)   |   Spy Satellite Uplink
      Tank Destroyer (Germany only)     |   Patriot Missile System
      MCV                               |   Weather Control Device
      Chrono Miner                      |   Chronoshepere
                                        |   Fortress Walls
    Airport Units                       |   Grand Cannon (France only)
      Harrier                           |
      Black Eagle (Korea only)          | Super weapons
                                        |   Lightning Storm
    Naval Units                         |   Chronoshift
      Amphibious Transport              |
      Destroyer                         |
      Aegis Cruiser                     |
      Aircraft Carrier                  |
      Dolphin                           |
    Barracks Units                      | Structures
      Conscript                         |   Ore Refinery
      Engineer                          |   War Factory
      Attack Dog                        |   Barracks
      Flak Trooper                      |   Service Depot
      Tesla Trooper                     |   Battle Labs
      Desolator (Iraq only)             |   Radar
      Terrorist (Cuba only)             |   Naval Yard
      Crazy Ivan                        |   Cloning Vats 
      Yuri                              |   Tesla Reactor
      Yuri Prime (Special unit)         |   Nuclear Reactor
      Chrono Ivan (Special unit)        |   Construction Yard
    Factory Units                       | 
      Rhino Heavy Tank                  | Defensive Structures 
      Apocalypse Tank                   |   Sentry Gun
      Terror Drone                      |   Flak Cannon
      Flak Track                        |   Tesla Coil
      Tesla Tanks (Russia only)         |   Nuclear Silo
      Demolition Truck (Libya only)     |   Iron Curtain
      V3 Rocket Launcher                |   Psychic Sensor
      War Miner                         |
      MCV                               | Super Weapons
      Kirov Airship                     |   Iron Curtain
                                        |   Nuclear Strike
    Naval Units                         |
      Typhoon Attack Sub                |
      Giant Squid                       |
      Dreadnaught                       |
      Sea Scorpion                      |
      Amphibious Transport              |
    |-[why soviets]-|
    Soviets are just raw power. They rely on grinding skin to skin against the 
    enemy; it reflects why they don￾ft have long range mobile weapons. The Soviets 
    in RA2 are supposed to be the bad guys. You want to play soviets because 
    you want to grind meat against the enemy instead of using smart antics.
    So to speak, Soviets are a no-brainer. However, if you play them with brains, 
    I can￾ft find a reason why you wouldn￾ft win. The purpose of this guide is 
    to enlighten you of the options that you can take to win.
    |-[campaigns and aftermath]-|
    LESSON 1: Your units are created to die. Let them die a reasonable death. 
    Units you produce are for disposal. They are ready to die for your order. 
    Units do not need to be treated like girls that when it gets damaged you 
    run away and let the enemies chase you down. NO. You produce units; they 
    get damage while you destroy something. It￾fs as easy as that.
    LESSON 2: Speeds beats mass. The faster you are, the more damage you can 
    It's a rule that a player who can produce units faster than the other player 
    can surely win the war. That includes fast production of tanks. But don't 
    be left out with the production, USE THEM, RUSH THEM. 
    LESSON 3: Don't go thru the front door so always attack from the back while 
    watching your back.
    If you send your units to the enemy base on the area that it is heavily 
    defended, you will surely lose all your units to the stationary defenses 
    installed on the enemy base. Look for other path to invade your enemy base. 
    Once you see a weak spot you can easily use that spot as a BEACH HEAD and 
    all your incoming reinforcement from your base will go thru there coz that 
    is where your units are deployed and that's the area that is being guarded.
    LESSON 4: Rage against the Range. 
    Protect your ranged units. But if otherwise you don't have ranged units 
    there is no use to protect them. If you happen to encounter Prism Tanks 
    that is supporting or guarding the enemy base, don't attack and fall back 
    and regroup. If it follows you, destroy it. Just make sure it￾fs not supported. 
    LESSON 5: I did it MY WAY.
    Waypoints are your best friend. If your army happens to encounter another 
    army, a fire fight cannot be prevented, move around their tanks in a circle, 
    watch their shells miss your tanks while they are confused on what to do.
    LESSON 6: Defend your base; your base is your house. If you have enough 
    cash, make another house.
    Once you have access to service depot and you have a reasonable number of 
    tanks, find another place where you can deploy your construction yard. It 
    does matter where you deploy it. Make sure you deploy it near a mineral 
    patch or a Gem patch. 
    LESSON 7: War factories make war. The more of them, the more war you get. 
    But the more war they receive the quicker they will fall and quit the match.
    War factories are your best friends here. Make sure you have a reasonable 
    number of war factories on different bases (this works with the LESSON 6 
    setup) they'll just notice that tanks are coming out from everywhere and 
    it￾fs yours. A good player may try something against it, but and inexperienced 
    one will get scared and get just quit the game without a fight.
    LESSON 8: It￾fs not the end of the world.
    The loss of your main base is not the end of the world. If you happen to 
    deploy the other base of yours in a concealed area that is not accessible 
    to your opponent you can actually turn the tides against him a nuclear strike 
    and/followed by a reasonable number of tanks (preferably rhino) is all you 
    need to win war. 
    LESSON 9: Over estimates your enemy. 
    Never under estimate your enemy; it will be your demise. Don't even try 
    to fight against 2 players who know each other. You'll just eat your own 
    dust and humiliate yourself.
    |-[soviets are crazy]-|
    The soviets are really crazy, why? Just think, Tesla Troopers as the battery 
    of the Tesla Coils in case they don't have enough power. They are crazy 
    enough to think of that that means there is not stopping the soviets.
    And as a proof that they are crazy, they are the group that has the most 
    impractically realistic. Desolators are realistically insane but to put 
    it in a way that excessive radiation can totally harm infantry units and 
    too much radiation can also melt tank rollers and other vehicle. 
    Take the demolition truck for example, "My truck is loaded" I mean what 
    the hell the demolition truck driver is thinking. And also, asking, "WHY 
    DON'T YOU DRIVE?" in a wimpy way. Maybe I'm giving the speech too much 
    attention, but take this, a suicide driver. 
    It includes terrorist. And the Tesla Tank a Tesla coil put in tank weird 
    things happen when weird people rule. 
    Q: Personally why do you choose the soviets?
    A: I've always been a fan of the bad guys. But they're not totally bad; 
    they just don't like being oppressed.
    Q: How do you have well at the game? It's only been out for a couple of 
    months since it hit the shelves? About last year?
    A: It￾fs all the in the mind, why don't you think that you're good, try acting 
    you is good, you'll be good finally. And aside from that, I have past 
    experiences about real time strategy games and Red Alert System.
    Q: How do you charge up the Tesla Coils?
    A: Just put 3 Tesla Troopers in one Tesla tower I mean AROUND a Tesla Tower 
    and they will automatically charge the tower and even if you go on low power 
    it will still work.
    Q: Do I have to put three Tesla Troopers per Tesla Coil?
    A: Yes you do, that's additional $1500 but still, you have stationary/mobile 
    ground defense that is inscrutable by tanks. I mean they can't be run over 
    by tanks.
    Q: Why can't I make Tesla tanks? I'm playing Iraq!
    A: Sad thing, it￾fs only available for the Russians but Tesla Tanks is not 
    related and is no use of the Tesla Coil and Tesla Reactor.
    Q: What benefit aside from low power Tesla bolts does the Tesla trooper 
    give to Tesla coils?
    A: Tesla Coils fire at longer range and more accurate if you will dispatch 
    3 Tesla Trooper per Tesla Coil. Note that when you are low power, it won￾ft 
    fire at the range, but still, provides you with basic stationary defense 
    as well as insurance in case that it gets destroyed you have 3 Tesla troopers 
    on the base. 
    Q: Enough with the Tesla info, what's with the Flak Troopers? 
    A: Flak troopers fire flaks. Last time I checked, flaks are metal shards 
    or shrapnel; I￾fm not entirely sure what they are. They just call it flaks. 
    I￾fm too lazy to research it on wikipedia.
    Q: Flak Cannons benefit from Flak Troopers right?
    A: NO! 
    Q: How far can Flak cannon fire?
    A: Further than patriot missiles I think
    Q: Can Conscripts deploy?
    A: NO! They are not trained enough because the meaning of conscript is just 
    a recruit. A grunt, war body count, but be told that a mass of conscripts 
    can spell victory to your hands. In example, if you happen to have Paratroops 
    you can stock up many conscripts and once you have reasonable amount of 
    them, I say about 200 you can attack with them. They can be crushed easily 
    but I think if you waypoint them, they can do damage FOR FREE.
    Q: So Conscripts sucks, but they are the same as GI's right?
    A: NO! Conscripts are cheaper than GI's! You can mass-produce them if you 
    have Cloning Vats.
    A: That is common, both Allies and Soviets have attack dogs, its main purpose 
    is to sniff out spies. But if ever you want an infantry killer in your command, 
    I suggest you build some of this.
    Q: But why don't I have a spy? I built all the structures but still...
    A: Stupid answer, we don￾ft have a King. Spies do it for King and Country.
    Q: What can I do with rhino tanks?
    A: Your meat grinder and bread and butter in battle are this amazing rhino 
    tanks. Ok so NOT amazing like WOW but just look at the bright side, it's 
    fast, cheap powerful and it can take out any base. ANY BASE that is not 
    infested with terror drones.
    Q: So how do you make those infamous Chrono Ivan and Yuri Prime?
    A: in order to build a Chrono Ivan you must infiltrate a spy and steal the 
    Chrono Module design from the Allied Battle Lab and just create a Chrono 
    Q: How about their allied counterpart The Chrono Commando and the Psi 
    A: Simple! Just do the same! Steal from Allied battle lab and soviet battle 
    lab. Using the allies you don't have to have a Yuri just produce a spy.
    Known flaws of the soviets are the lack of heavy air support, not that it 
    have the Kirov Airship Bomber as a heavy support, I mean HEAVY DUTY air 
    support such as the airplanes and other air born vehicle. The naval force 
    is also kind of shabby when it comes to destroying enemy base, and again 
    not that they have weak naval army, its just, you can easily shoot down 
    missiles, but compared to the Aircraft Carrier that all it needs is one 
    Giant Squid and one Attack Sub to destroy its support (if there are any 
    submerged dolphins, that's a problem) and you can entirely wipe out the 
    naval force. 
    Soviets have many flaws, but you can also use them as your advantage, the 
    lack of heavy air defense and air support, just look at the bright side, 
    just pop out some flak cannons, yeah it misses like crap, but its still 
    Another bright side is you won￾ft have to worry about commanding an air strike 
    force; instead you can concentrate on a brute ground crushing army that 
    will surely destroy your enemies.
    Here is a list of the crappy soviet weaknesses. Know your weakness first 
    before bragging about how good you are.
    Soviet Flaws
    Weak Water-Ground penetration, high duration though if you can outgun and 
    penetrate the Flak Cannon and Patriot Missiles.
    Dolphins and strike the Giant Squid may easily counter giant Squids if the 
    enemy is smart enough to notice it.
    Destroyers can shell Typhoon Attack Sub if used properly.
    The War Miner makes a lot of ruckus and attracts attention easily
    No air transportation means. 
    Cash, they can't collect cash as fast as the allies. (They don't have Chrono 
    capabilities because of game balancing)
    War Miners have to fight their way out. It will get them in trouble.
    Basic infantry units (I mean the conscript) are good for additional damage. 
    That's it.
    Tesla Coils do not have coordination like the Prism Tower that can bounce 
    off laser beam from tower to tower.
    The Chrono miner can easily escape the grips of the Terror Drone by Chrono 
    shifting back home.
    All of your units (except the ones under iron curtain) are susceptible of 
    being Chronoshift to the water by the allies. That will instantly destroy 
    V3 Rockets needs to penetrate before they can hit the target because they 
    can easily be intercepted. 
    Now that I'm giving a general low down on the soviets here are country 
    specific flaws that you need to be aware.
    Country Specific Flaws
    Although Tesla Tanks does damage, they're range are considerably short.
    Terror Drones can easily kill desolators.
    Its not as strong as expected, you have to spend 1200 to demolish a building 
    and release nuclear radiation. That's not so cool.
    A mass of Terrorist will get burned easily if one is shot.
    If you want to hear the low-down on everything and the advantage of those 
    specific units, check out the Weapon Specific Section of this FAQ.
    Their weapons are for head on battle. Not that the allies don't have any 
    head on weapons, it￾fs just the Soviets are better in meat grinding that 
    any other. 
    Take the Rhino Heavy Tank for example, fast, agile, and destructive. 
    Especially with masses, 10 of these could spell victory if used properly. 
    The Dreadnaught, a slow moving ship that deploys destructive and powerful 
    target guided homing missiles. If happen to have a mass of these, you won't 
    encounter any problems dealing against Patriot Missiles even if there are 
    a dozen of them waiting. 
    And now, the Apocalypse tank is the ultimate, just be careful not to Get 
    it Chronoshift and mind controlled by enemy psychic. But aside from that, 
    if only you￾fre Apocalypse can penetrate in the enemy defense, or searching 
    the base for weak spot, you can absolutely crush them effortlessly with 
    5 Apocalypse and some support Rhinos.
    And the most of all, the cloning vats, the most evil of all bad structures, 
    and probably the most useful of them all, you don't have to have any problems 
    regarding base defense, you can produce Tesla Troopers at the same rate 
    and double the results. Flak Troopers can support your air and some Yuri's 
    can control some minds. 
    Yuri's can take out an entire squadron of tanks of an inexperienced player.
    Apocalypse tanks are effective against everything. Just don't get it 
    outnumbered by other units.
    Keep your units moving and you harm will come to them. I mean no SERIOUS 
    harm will be dealt to any moving units unless everyone in the opposing squad 
    is aiming at it. 
    Dreadnaughts are the best if you happen 5 of them. They can outgun stationary 
    defenses and IFV.
    Kirov Airship Bomber is most effective when ground units take out air 
    defenses or it has V3 Rocket support to draw out fire from Stationary Defense.
    To double your production of Tesla Troopers that can charge up your 
    Stationary Defense and Flak Troopers can support your air Territory with 
    the rest of your Flak cannons.
    Soviets have heavy armor for their tanks. Take out as many as you can in 
    a firefight. LESSON 1
    |-[inland strategies]-|
    There are many types of ways to win battles such as these but your main 
    strategy is to build a war factory, get a couple of War Miners and, start 
    cranking a few Terror Drones before Building a mass of Rhino Tanks. 
    Finish the game quickly but scouting at the start of the game. Here is the 
    random map setup for you to generate.
    Any time of the day (I prefer morning)
    Any climate (I prefer a winter wonderland)
    Extreme Resources
    6 numbers of players
    this setting will fit for a 3 free for all or 4 free for all battle, alliances 
    can also be considered just make sure there are vacant slots. 
    So now what are you to do?
    2-4 players
    10000 cash
    1 number of units
    MCV Repacks      OFF
    Super Weapons    ON
    Crates           ON
    That's all you have to think. Now in the game what do you do? Try this, 
    and try other variations about this strategy. My original award winning 
    (call it winning while singing) strategy and have won many campaigns and 
    battles for me.
    NOTE: to understand the "> STUFF" see CODE CONTROL below PATH C
    Construction Yard
    Tesla Reactor
    Ore Refinery  > circle
    Barracks  > square
    War Factory  > code water
    Tesla Reactor  > switch
    Radar Tower
    PATH A                             PATH B
    Flak Cannons |                   | Flak Cannons | Service Depot > code 
    Flak Cannons | Battle Labs       | Sentry Gun   |               > M
    Flak Cannons |                   | Sentry Gun   | Battle Labs
    Flak Cannons |                   | Flak Cannons | Nuclear Reactor
    Sentry Gun   |                   | Tesla Coil   | 
    Sentry Gun   | Nuclear Reactor   | Iron Curtain | Cloning Vats > code T
    Sentry Gun   |                   | Nuclear Silo | Nuclear Reactor
                 |                   |
    Iron Curtain | Cloning Vats      |
    Nuclear Silo | Ore Refinery      |
                 | Service Depot     |
    PATH C
    >From CODE WATER you'll be able to produce tanks and terror drones, and 
    after square you may be lucky to reveal the position of your enemy and scout 
    a little. ALL TANKS including the initial one, by that time, your enemy 
    might be unprepared of your approach that will give you a chance to. Find 
    a weak spot and strike when they're pants are down. if you seem to face 
    an experienced player, attack the miners, that will slow down their cash 
    flow and when tanks come after you your terror drones will take care of 
    An experienced commander will attack even if your Terror Drones get into 
    them, so you have to counter strike. If you're Terror Drone destroys their 
    vehicle, it will hunt another. And it still lives, but if you destroy (with 
    your own tank shell) the tank that is infested with a Terror Drone, you'll 
    destroy the terror drone with it. 
    Luckily for soviets, those units that are infected with Terror Drone become 
    more vulnerable to enemy fire. 
    Code control
    code circle: 
    (its not official) you waypoint your tank around your base IN CIRCLE. In 
    the junction, while you're building your first ORE REFINERY have your tank 
    scout the area of your base. AROUND YOUR BASE, and by doing this you'll 
    know where you are in the map, when you cant go anywhere further then it 
    means you're on top bottom or in a corner (a much preferable position)
    code water:
    W War Miners first, build 3 of them.
    T Terror Drones, 4 of them.
    R Rhino Heavy Tank, as many as you can click. 
    (not official) operation water means you'll bounce anything you push inside 
    there, its some sort of a Chinese saying, that bounce situations like water 
    does. MAKE LOTS OF TANK that they'll take out anything on their path. 
    code square:
    Build 2 attack dogs, and get them exploring 2 corners of the map. Once you 
    get a radar, pay attention to your lost dogs, if they died, you'll know 
    that he's there, if its still alive, you'll find him on you're radar.
    code t
    You are required to have cloning vats before you REALLY produce infantry 
    units. Tesla Troopers are you choice of unit. You can charge up your Tesla 
    Coil with them and you have a respectable ground defense that cannot be 
    crushed, literally. 
    code m
    Build an MCV, find colored Money and mow the field with your war miners. 
    Build a war factory there where you've put your MCV and a few Flak Cannons, 
    and start cranking up those Rhino Tanks...
    That is the winning strategy you must master to do quickly, the faster you 
    build the more efficient your army will be, the faster the rush you'll do, 
    and the fewer defenses you'll encounter once you engage into a fire fight 
    with the enemy. 
    Hmm, that is the basic strategy however if you really get in the game, you'll 
    be picking your favorite country or weapon for the country that you are 
    picking. To be specific, check out the Weapon Specific section of this FAQ. 
    |-[naval strategies>]-|
    My knowledge about naval war is not as extensive as I am good at with land 
    assault. However, I don't take advantage of my strong naval army if ever 
    I will create one. I'll rather make a naval army and defend my ground forces 
    from enemy navy.
    I am not to fan of naval war the settings and other stuff that I am not 
    aware so lets just consider you're playing team continents.
    I don't have multiple paths here for its only the speed that matters. But 
    I suggest you do the same as the inland strategies that is:
    INITIAL DEPLOYMENT (Naval Version)
    NOTE: to understand the "> STUFF" see CODE CONTROL below PATH C
    Construction Yard
    Tesla Reactor
    Ore Refinery > circle
    Barracks > square
    War Factory > a light defense
    Naval Yard > ss launcher
    Tesla Reactor > switch
    Radar Tower
    PATH A                             PATH B
    Flak Cannons |                   | Flak Cannons | Service Depot > code 
    Flak Cannons | Battle Labs       | Sentry Gun   |               > M
    Flak Cannons |                   | Sentry Gun   | Battle Labs
    Flak Cannons |                   | Flak Cannons | Nuclear Reactor
    Sentry Gun   |                   | Tesla Coil   | 
    Sentry Gun   | Nuclear Reactor   | Iron Curtain | Cloning Vats > code T
    Sentry Gun   |                   | Nuclear Silo | Nuclear Reactor
                 |                   |
    Iron Curtain | Cloning Vats      |
    Nuclear Silo | Ore Refinery      |
                 | Service Depot     |
    PATH C
    As soon as you get a naval yard, if you have enough funds (assuming that 
    you haven't put up too many flak cannons for defense and your base is lightly 
    defended BUT defended) produce 4 subs and start exploring the region, your 
    enemy wont find you in sight because subs are submerged, after you have 
    produced enough subs that you think you can cover your part of your map, 
    try cranking up squids for offense and for destroying their ships. Then 
    when you get super weapons online, in example, the enemy has Chronosphere 
    and it￾fs possible for him to take your units out of the water and to the 
    ground, try scattering your navy. Or he might think of another way to stop 
    you, and Chronoshift some prism tanks to your base and start destroying 
    your structures. A war miner can easily deal with them, so it won￾ft hurt 
    if you'll keep a war miner in your base. But if you have a reasonable tank 
    stock and you're reasonably good. Well you can ignore the prism and 
    concentrate on your attack force. Dreadnaughts can cause massive damage 
    to major structures, which is if it is not sold. The allies have a Spy 
    Satellite Uplink so it can pose a threat, they can easily acquire the location 
    of your weak spot of the base, once you have access to cloning vats, try 
    scattering Tesla Troopers for basic defense.
    How are we supposed to pinpoint the location where our navy will strike? 
    The answer is we don't. What we do is we'll send a scout that in invulnerable 
    under iron curtain try a flak track with a Crazy Ivan inside. Once you have 
    scouted the area, in case they have a gap Generator, you simply destroy 
    it with Crazy Ivan, be aware that you can put dynamite on your truck so 
    if ever it explodes it can still cause damage. Then focus on one target 
    at a time. I suggest power plants and war factories because it is the main 
    power of the enemy, after that focus on the super weapons if any is available, 
    you do all of that after you eliminate all the anti air defense.
    You are probably aware that I am not trying to tell you what to do; I'm 
    basically giving you an idea how to fight your own fight. 
    CODE SS LAUNCHER (unofficial strategy)
    Ss launcher means you make Submarine, Squid then Dreadnaught Missile 
    Launcher because before you make air defenses, it￾fs important to have your 
    offense, and for air defense, you make a Sea Scorpion later.
    I suggest Build 4 subs, that's 4000 then 3 squids well those are major funds 
    but once you have around 6 subs 4 scorpions 4 squids and 4 Dreadnaught you 
    wont run across any problems, just put the submarines and squids in the 
    line of fire, the allies don't have any defense against submerged units 
    and their only ways of escaping the hold of a Giant Squid of the soviets 
    are effective dolphins, your submarines that have been deployed first can 
    draw fire while your fast moving Giant Squids penetrate and get a hold of 
    the enemy ships.  
    Once all of that are met you can lay siege on enemy shores. They would not 
    last for long. Just remember that you should be the faster one to build 
    the structures
    |-[installing structures]-|
    The construction yard is the biggest unit in the game, unlike in Red Alert, 
    it's just as big as the refinery, now it's the biggest structure, meaning 
    to say it takes up a lot of space. Another thing to consider is that defensive 
    mechanisms (more on that later) are no longer able to connect your structures 
    (means the advance Power Plant, Tesla Coil, Power Plant, Tesla Coil chain) 
    chains are broken by defensive structures. Fortunately, you can still put 
    them in a longer distance.
    If you are playing with super weapons and you are not afraid of super weapons, 
    remember this, you're power is your base, and your base is your power. If 
    your war factory happens to be destroyed by a super weapon along with other 
    of your structures, you're in deep crap! 
    Scatter your structures, build multiple of them, and put the newly developed 
    unit rally point into use. What I mean is, you don't need to put your structure 
    in a location so exposed. Scatter them and your rally points should be about 
    20 game blocks away from the structure itself.
    In case of a lightning storm attack, because the lightning storm is shabby 
    and crappy, you can still have a chance to sell your buildings, so don't 
    hesitate to sell up when ever you encounter some lightning storm.
    The Nuclear Silo, Iron Curtain, Nuclear Reactors are immune to weather 
    changes, and won't be destroyed in one weather storm. Your construction 
    yard however maybe affected, but will still be in one piece. If you're 
    fighting against the allies, chances are, you'll be sticking them together, 
    MEANING place your super weapons closer together and the weapon producing 
    structures away from your main base as possible.
    |-[defensive installations]-|
    Those are stationary defenses that really can defend your base against 
    undetected attacks. And it￾fs not always around your base. (consider 
    Chronoshift or for the Paratroop to succeed) so how do you put them. Tesla 
    Coils are your tank eater... once a mass of armor approaches your base, 
    and you want to stay in once piece. In early rushes this wont be useful 
    but since the allied have air capabilities and poor ground coverage, you 
    may want to build about 4 Flak Cannons, they work best against allied air 
    But otherwise if you encounter soviet rush, and you're not really prepared, 
    have a couple of Tesla Coils by your base and some Tesla Topers. Tesla 
    Troopers will short circuit the enemy capability to run so you'll really 
    If you'll be using your tanks to counter-act against enemy rush, make sure 
    he's not smart enough to find the weak spot of your base, or if its too 
    late, move all your tanks to the location, make sure they are concealed 
    and they don't attract attention because enemies always poses a threat.
    I happen to encounter a good player once, when I was still a newbie, it's 
    the first time I lost to a person. (I never lost to a brutal enemy, no matter 
    how many they are) he's soviet, Libya, he was doing the Tsunami Rush. The 
    match took about 30 minutes before I end up being crushed by my opponent. 
    Short Game is activated so it￾fs not a problem, I lost immediately, but when 
    I know I'm losing, I took all my tanks and went to his base to attack him. 
    Hopefully it bought some time and the tanks that are partially distracted, 
    it all came back to his base, and I'm able to destroy his war factory, all 
    Tesla Reactors and his construction yard. His base is NOT DEFENDED. That's 
    why it's dangerous to rush like that. My opinion is he didn't even bother 
    to install some stationary defense. It's his biggest mistake. Don't do that 
    at home!
    Tesla Coils works best when you place some Tesla troopers around them, the 
    ideal number of Tesla troopers are 3 per coil. But that will mean 1500 per 
    coil? Just to improve the range and to be "power shutdown proof?" anyway 
    2 Tesla Troopers will do. But if you want do defend an area, make sure you're 
    Tesla Coil is near to a structure as in BESIDE and make sure its supported 
    by other 2 coils so it can defend itself against incoming assailants. Be 
    sure you have defensive tanks around your base to support your coils. If 
    you can do it around your base the 6 tanks are enough. The only drawback 
    of this is that when super weapon hits you but if you can manage to destroy 
    the weapons, well you'll be winning the battle soon. 
    Sentry gun installations must be near your construction yard. Put some Tesla 
    coils around there too. Sentry guns are not that impressive but it can take 
    out those pesky infantry units. 
    Do some scouting and don't be too defensive. Any defense can easily be crushed, 
    but if you have a good offense, you can always build a replacement. There 
    is no replacement for a steady offense and a good defense.
    |-[soviet power]-|
    The only living things that will be living after a nuclear holocaust are 
    tanks and inside the armor. That means the nuclear don't hold back, even 
    if its super weapons you're aiming at. And even if there are tanks they 
    will be destroyed. Even if there are stationary defenses it will be crushed. 
    Abuse the power of the soviets. Build tanks in masses, there are no counter 
    defense against tanks (unless you're enemy has a number of tank destroyer) 
    as long as you build tanks you will never lose. Abuse the weakness of your 
    allied enemy. That can be weak ground support, and weak ground infantry. 
    Bring some flak tracks on your way, if you're building an army of 30 tanks 
    about 8-10 flak tracks will defend them against the air. Assuming you already 
    has cloning vats and you have flak troopers inside them.
    Dreadnaught missiles are deadly if used properly; always keep them concealed 
    and away from other cruisers. Your giant squid however are your first line 
    of defense against those naval attacks. Abuse your unit power, and create 
    a few supportive submarines against dolphins that attempt to foil your plan. 
    "If you surrender now, I will kill you quickly" - Russian Commander (serious 
    Russians are perfect against infantry, against naval army, against tanks 
    and structures. Russian Tesla Tanks are superb in firepower. The only 
    fallbacks of them are the weak armor. But everything that supports them 
    will make up for that.
    WEAPON SPECIFIC. Tesla Tanks are highly reliable units IF supported by a 
    mass of Rhino Tanks. Always build Tesla Tanks according the number of Rhino 
    Tanks you build. It does not mean that you have the Tesla tanks that you 
    can replace the rhino tank with it. NO MAN! You just have to put it in your 
    arsenal. Tesla Tanks are made to support your army, not to win your army.
    This is a solid tactic, it will also require money, but if you'll pull this 
    out, you'll end up having elite Tesla Tanks that are extremely helpful in 
    other firefights.
    Build a group of Tesla Tanks, hopefully they are fast enough, corner a lone 
    miner (war or Chrono) and its most best if they are all there, just destroy 
    those miners and they should be promoted. Now if you happen to have elites, 
    remove them from your squad immediately because they are no longer entitled 
    for promotions, even if they destroy a base. 
    Promote some Tesla Tanks
    5 elites will do
    On a rhino attack position them behind everyone
    That will support your attackers with sure destruction in a unit. And will 
    short-circuit heavy units and kill infantry units.
    "There goes the neighborhood" - Iraqi Desolators
    Iraqi Desolators are the perfect base defense. It its almost useless in 
    offense but on offensive measures you can deploy it near the enemy barracks 
    if you're already rushing. Place your desolators AROUND your base and make 
    sure your base looks green. If your base is already covered with toxic waste, 
    you won￾ft make any more units. You don't have to sentry guns, because you 
    already replaced it with a better unit. 
    Iraqi Desolators are also effective against tanks if you happen to have 
    a mass of them. Note that when you already have cloning vats you can actually 
    use them as a mobile defense against tanks. THEY CAN SHELL TANKS and when 
    the enemy tanks reach your base they are already slightly damaged. 
    NOTE that your desolators will shell any tank destroyer when deployed. 
    The only fall back of the desolator is that Terror Drones will kill them 
    easily and without even taking damage. Because of the logical reason, that 
    TD have feet that are mechanical and the one that touches the ground are 
    more like needle, they wont sustain any damage, because tanks rollers in 
    order to move, if they move into a toxic area, they will melt.
    Legionnaire and other pesky infantry. Be wary of snipers. Keep Tesla Coils 
    in position. DON'T PUT YOUR WAR Factory's rally point in an area where 
    radiation is deployed. It will also kill friendly units. It won't kill enemy 
    WEAPON SPECIFIC: keep you base green, don't let the drones in, Legionaries 
    are quite pain in the ass, and you're all set.
    "We must revolt!" - Cuban Terrorist
    Cuban terrorist are fanatic for the soviet cause. They will carry a bomb 
    disguise and then BOOM detonates. 
    Cuban terrorist have limited use, but when a base is left off guarded, it 
    can totally a base with just a number of them. 
    I see no much use of the Cuban terrorist but one thing for sure, if they 
    explode with the c4 and crazy Ivan's dynamites, it can do more damage that 
    way. They only cost 200 so they are cheap. You can mass-produce them with 
    cloning vats if you're looking for an easy explosion and base destruction, 
    make sure they are away from each other and they won￾ft make the towers recoil. 
    My suggestion is to penetrate into their defenses and deploy them.
    WEAPON SPECIFIC: Cuban terrorist, and a mind controlled IFV is a demolition 
    truck tat cost 200 and a Yuri, in which means if there are Crazy Ivan's 
    around, put dynamite first there, then put the Terrorist in the IFV before 
    you make the demo thing in the enemy base.
    "Why don't you drive?" - Libyan Demolition Truck
    Yeah why don't you drive that demolition truck? Uhm this uhm trucks (poor 
    drivers) are created to die, not to kill, but to die with a structure, 2 
    demolition trucks can demolish a construction yard. so if you'll rush using 
    this, well you can totally win over your enemy. Be warned, it caused 1500 
    and you have to think about it first. What if it dies in a stupid way? You 
    lose that big time.
    There is not too much strategy to this truck, but the very idea is to sneak 
    it in a weak part of a base and then demolish your target. All infantry 
    units after that will be destroyed within the radiation radius. 
    One-way trip!
    |-[defend yourself]-|
    One way of getting in a lot of mess when you get used to one unit and you 
    rely on one unit and you CANT LIVE without that unit because you simply 
    want to concentrate on that unit, this goes for super weapons ok? You'll 
    screw up a couple of times. Just think of this, some guy, I'm not being 
    specific about this ok? Some guy just relied on too many desolators to defend 
    his base. He spent his lifetime savings just to train desolators. He is 
    not aware of its vulnerability to terror drones and to IFV snipers or plain 
    snipers. Yes he is defended against most types of attacks, but that's there, 
    he can't go any further than defending his base, unless he has both weather 
    storm and nuclear strike. That is a different story. But still, you have 
    to be aware of the harm these special units might cause to yourself. 
    In a way of saying this, an army of Tesla Tanks cannot match an army of 
    Rhino Tanks under your command. But the destructive power of the Tesla Tanks 
    are very essential if it is available IF you'll just include a few of them 
    IN YOUR ARMY of Rhino Tanks.
    But Rhino Tanks are all Rhino-ey if you'll concentrate with them you'll 
    surely lose a huge amount of money especially when your enemy is investing 
    a huge amount of cash, producing terror drones. So what do you do when that 
    situation comes? First you can avoid it by building a few terror drones 
    for yourself. Second, a good commander will always bring some defense in 
    everything, anti air, anti navy and your offense. And to those who don't 
    quite understand this, BUILD A FEW FLAK TRUCKS with Flak Troopers inside 
    (this is pretty sneaky) Third, scatter your units, I don't mean PRESSING 
    X button, what I mean is, divide them in a few groups, about 8 tanks in 
    a group. (so when the drones are in, you will easily detect them)
         Not to have to rely on a single type of unit
         Allowing you to build a balanced army
    Rhino Tanks with a few special units
    Few Flak Truck with conscripts or/and Flak Troopers inside
    A few terror drones for yourself
    WAR MINTER it can draw out fire because of its armor. And it can take out 
    prism tanks easily,  
    "That was a cowards tactic!" - American General (Taunt)
    The United States does not have special weapons, however their Airborne 
    GI's are extremely useful in many ways. They can either defend their base 
    or rush effortlessly with their GI's. Be aware that packs of GI's are able 
    to shell our vehicles comrade, defend against these we must do. And what 
    makes the situation worst is that they get it constantly for free and a 
    base infested with them can be a pain in the Rusher's 
    A perpetual supply of grunts, that can pose a threat if not stopped early 
    in the game. Allied players who are experienced enough however won't be 
    deploying all of them in a spot where it counts. We all know that our nuclear 
    capabilities are vicious enough to counter-act such strategy.
    If your IRAQI you are probably aware and you already know that those same 
    GI's can be killed by a lonely Desolator. And as described in the IRAQI 
    strategy (search string <IRAQ>) 
    You are immune to this kind of strategy or rush if you're equipped with 
    "DEPLOYED" Desolator. If you're not Iraq then you can use flak trucks to 
    crush and bury them under the ground. Attack Dogs CAN ALSO eat up GI's as 
    long as they are firing in another somewhere anyone else anywhere else but 
    not the dog get it? It goes for Terrorist too, and Terror Drones and Demo 
    trucks. If you happen to penetrate in the enemy defense and be able to pull 
    out a stunt such as those, you're with lady luck.
    If we are to deploy a mass of GI in our command (basically because we have 
    captured an air force command hq) we will collect them and scatter them 
    around our base for stationary defense. Deploy them as soon as they are 
    selectable. Deployed GI's can cause damage and we respect them. So we would 
    not under estimate our enemy even if they hide in cowardice. Also we can 
    deploy them in ore patches.
    Demo Truck (must penetrate)
    Terrorist (must penetrate)
    Attack Dogs (must be supported)
    Desolators (duh!)
    Flak Trucks (must be supported)
    The Germans also devised a new form of attack against our tanks. The Tank 
    Destroyer is the superb tank-destroying machine you'll ever want. And it 
    is also the best harvester crusher of them all. Harvesters are totally 
    crushed by this that in only a few shells, a group of this Tanks Destroyer 
    can crush anything that is armored. That includes Apocalypse Tank and other 
    Brutal ground tank crushing units that can over ore patches if defended 
    against and is also the best anti tank vehicle available in the game (aside 
    from the slow moving Apocalypse.
    If you have Terrorist or Desolators and Flak Trucks you can give it a hard 
    time and attack it with infantry. A relentless infantry attack and a feeble 
    commander will easily spell its demise. But a wise commander won't try to 
    kill your desolators and infantry with its Tank Destroyers and evade until 
    it dies. To be really relentless about the attacking, a Flak Truck is required, 
    for it moves quite fast. But if it will go head on defensive structures, 
    it won't do much harm.
    When you're young free and happy, nah I'll cut it. Anyway defend army against 
    this. The perfect solution is to have a balanced army. 
    Assuming that Yuri have captured them, If were to command this units. We 
    shall respect their power and use them to guard our harvesters. Our 
    harvesters indeed can fend for themselves, but what about tank attacks. 
    So the best solution for tank attacks are to destroy them. It's a perfect 
    combination. This tanks + anti infantry guns of the harvester. And another 
    advantage of this is, once the competition for ore gets too tight, that 
    we have to share ore patch with enemies. The tanks themselves will destroy 
    the enemy's ore miner. Pretty sneaky huh? 
    Flak Troopers (relentlessness)
    Desolator (must be deployed)
    Terrorist (enemies must be close to each other) 
    Conscripts (just be relentless)
    Tesla Troopers (ultimate counter measure slow moving though)
    Koreans, they plainly suck. But if a competent commander happens to command 
    the birds and abuse them, he has to hold off all defenses and concentrate 
    on an attack. Its very difficult to deal with the Black Eagles when it comes 
    to an air war coz were low on air defenses, that why the Flak Truck loaded 
    with Flak Troopers comes to play AGAIN. It's basically your first line of 
    defense against this vicious airplane.
    An aircraft equal of an entire army, we must respect their damaging power 
    and at the same time deal with them because it is decisive to protect our 
    base against them.
    Flak Truck loaded with Flak Troopers and mainly, a defensive setup that 
    is impenetrable, hmmm maybe not that impenetrable but a strong defensive 
    setup consisting of multiple flak cannons near your base and a few outside 
    your base and about 12 flak cannons near and 5 in the perimeter if you happen 
    to encounter an army of this. Be warned that they will take out structures 
    that are not properly defended against their attack. And if the commander 
    you're facing is a good one well he'll just probably destroy your incoming 
    tanks later at game with the planes alone. That's when the Flak LOADED comes 
    to play. If you detect or you think that he'll strike, deploy the flak 
    This is a bit of tricky; you have to let the Flak Trucks lead while the 
    rest of your army follows. And if you happen to encounter a commander that 
    really kicks ass, you're flak trucks will be demolished with mirage tanks 
    before you even know it before he strikes with Black Eagles. So you must 
    be aware of its presence. 
    But if you feel that he is lightly defended in the ground aspect. No need 
    to plan an attack, with your army of flak troopers and flak trucks you can 
    rush the opponent before he can pose a threat with its Black Eagles. 
    They don't need support from the ground for they move a lot of fast. So 
    they won￾ft be sending too much ground units when they attack. They may attack 
    before or after a super weapon launch. They may kamikaze into your 
    Construction Yard (about 12 of them) not thinking of the damage they will 
    deal to themselves. Or they may just plainly poke your base and launch a 
    ground assault. There are various uses of the plane. An early ground assault 
    is the most effective offensive strategy that you can use. A soviet rush 
    is unstoppable if you choose a road less traveled on or when you take out 
    ore miners first. 
    If we are to command this, I am not quite sure how do we use them properly. 
    Maybe we can make them follow the ore miner just to ensure the safety of 
    our miners. But as long as were doing an air strike without warning (such 
    as this) we may catch on the enemy off guarded. Only cowards shroud the 
    open air.
    Observe the terrain, build cloning vats and build an army of "flak trooper 
    reporting" guys. 
    Flak Truck LOADED with FLAK TROOPERS
    Flak Troopers
    Flak Cannons
    Flak Jacket (just playing u!)
    That's it, and an early attack that will cripple them. FOR GOOD in which 
    means we can abuse the time while we build more tanks while they are busy 
    getting rid of our forces there.
    It is the only special structure you can build, and also the (suck) worst 
    of them all. But in some cases, they can be utilized for offensive use. 
    And you still must respect its range and damaging power because it can kick 
    rear at times. 
    The ultimate cannon that can crush our great ground assault army. We must 
    cut off the power before thy can pose further threats. The ultimate defense 
    against these is a super weapon strike or a mass of unstoppable Kirov Airship 
    because it only covers the ground. 
    Invulnerable units, or else we have to sacrifice some of our units just 
    to cut off the power of our enemy. It is vital that we cut off the power 
    source before they can harm us more. But if the power source is far away, 
    we must then concentrate our attack in a less defended part of their base. 
    Be warned that it can still reach us because of its extensive range and 
    devastating firepower. On the less defended part of the base, a "NEAT" human 
    player will put his power plant at the same location, which will spell his 
    demise. Sneaky huh?
    No units are created to defend against these stationary titans. The only 
    way to defend us in our offense is to cut off its power.
    <Great Britain>
    British Snipers are the killer of our desolators, eliminator of our 
    conscripts and a ranged one on an IFV makes it impossible to kill with an 
    infantry unit because it can fire from a range, and is (somewhat) immune 
    to ground unit fire. 
    There are not too much to expect from this snipers.
    Snipers that can take out enemy infantry from a distance, the best-RANGED 
    infantry killer of them all units in red alert 2. 
    It can be used to eliminate ground defense from afar, for example, we have 
    an army of flak troopers for defense against harriers and air borne 
    racketeers. Snipers may be used against us to kill and reduce our defense. 
    It is imperative that we move our infantrymen away from the sniper if we 
    know where he is striking, then send an attack or simply crush the sniper. 
    Then you'll be the one saying that "he's a dead man"
    Not a threat if treated properly, but must be respected. They can take out 
    infantry defense before they launch a full-scale attack.
    |-[prepare for war]-|
    Allied weapons versus our weapons, they can indeed pose a threat but if 
    treated properly, and to be specific, if you rushed it first rather than 
    waiting for it to rush you, then you can have the edge over them. Be warned 
    about the GI's because they can damage our tanks. The best defenses so far 
    against these are our desolators if you'll utilize them properly assuming 
    that you are not facing soviets.
    Before you attack them, launch a super weapon attack against them. After 
    that, you can easily take out the defensive turrets that does not require 
    power along with the power plants that the nuke strike didn't took out. 
    When planning an attack, always look in the damage side. If you can inflict 
    maximum damage with minimum casualties then your economy won￾ft go so broke. 
    Fighting against Russian Tesla Tanks is a snap. You won￾ft encounter too 
    much problems with Tesla Tanks as long as you yourself have a number of 
    Terror Drones (that can eat out Rhino Support Tanks) or plainly a 
    concentrated amount of Rhino Tanks. Especially, keep your tanks moving 
    because moving objects are REALLY hard to hit rather than stationary units 
    because even if it's a sure shot. It will miss sometimes if you'll move 
    and you'll have a better edge against those Weak Armored comrades or Tesla 
    Tanks. But be warned against those, elites are more deadly than the 
    Apocalypse but if treated properly (Terror Drones or simply outgunning the 
    Tesla Tanks)
    These poor trucks are quite a pain in the rear, especially if it managed 
    to sneak inside your base. So the best defense against this demolition trucks 
    are to intercept it them before they even reach your base. Or if you have 
    too many things to do, cover the perimeter of your base with sentry guns 
    and other defensive structures. Desolators around your base will destroy 
    the trucks because they can't pass if they get damaged on the way. A better 
    solution later in the game is Yuri's. mind control them, and send them where 
    they came from (that is the war factory) and in case you cant send them 
    where they came from, just find a place where there are LOTS to demolish. 
    This goes to POWER GENERATORS especially the HARVESTERS and ORE REFINERIES.
    A good Terrorist will not kill the hostages, nah I'm talking about 
    counter-strike. Anyway Terrorist are cheese, desolators can take them out, 
    attack dogs can take them out, terror drones can take them out, my grandpa 
    can take them out. EVERYONE anything as long as it's not terrorist again 
    ANYONE can take him or her out. But a better way to deal with them is sentry 
    guns and defensive units. You'll never in trouble or anyone will use Cuba.
    Iraqi Desolators are a lot to think about. If you can only see the potential, 
    5 desolators (that is 3000) can take out an entire number of them, as well 
    as the actual tanks because even if they get run over, the radiation when 
    they are deployed can still damage and eat them up inside before they can 
    fight. Imagine they deployed 5 desolators around your tanks and before you 
    engaged into a fire fight your force is already damaged, the thing to do 
    is to rely on terror drones, they get minimum damage from them and again, 
    kill them instantly, since they are not affected by the radiation emitted 
    by the radiation cannon, they can take out this impressive psychos! 
    |-[Cloning Vats]-|
    I really don't know how to use this structure, a mystery is that when you 
    put a unit inside it replicates. I don't have much advice to give you but 
    to build a mass of Desolators Yuri's and especially Tesla Troopers if your 
    enemy doesn't have too much dogs or desolators. 
    |-[Iron Curtain]-|
    I can advice you to activate the invulnerability to units that have higher 
    rank or higher fire power because when you'll penetrate the enemy base 
    defense, its much advisable to disable the defensive towers by cutting off 
    the power with your invulnerable units. Or you may want to destroy the heart 
    of the base with the invulnerable guys. But since you can do anything you 
    want when you're invulnerable the best way to destroy stuff with them is 
    to launch a full scale nuclear attack on the enemy base and make sure you 
    kill enough structures and power plants then activate the iron curtain on 
    your units and finally engage into a firefight. If your enemy is a smart 
    one he'll move all his units to your base and will try to crush you before 
    you can crush him. But since it's a general fight, you'll get to destroy 
    all units and save all the units under the iron curtain.
    |-[Nuclear Reactor]-|
    Nuclear Reactors are stationary nuclear time bombs that are waiting to be 
    blown up. But since the reactors are harnessed and this means you won￾ft 
    need any more Tesla Reactors, you can think of building 2 nuclear reactors 
    just in case the one blows up. Any structures nearby will be blown to 
    smithereens so keep it away from your structures especially from your war 
    factory if possible build a Tesla Reactors then build a nuclear reactor 
    beside it AWAY from your structures. Make sure the area is concealed enough 
    that it won't be accessed easily and if air attacks happen, you can always 
    build up flak guns and clone flak troopers
    |-[Nuclear Silo]-|
    If armed and destroyed, it explodes, but if not, then you're lucky. If your 
    nuclear missile is launched directly on your enemy's construction yard, 
    you'll just scratch it, might as well drop a nuke attack on power plants, 
    if it happens to be scattered drop a nuke attack on the area that is quite 
    condensed, if the base is well scattered just try to drop on the where you'll 
    invade or where you'll start an attack, or in his war factory if you're 
    not planning to attack.
    |-[Chrono Ivan]-|
    Requirements: Yuri and Allied Enemy Battle Lab
    Measures: Infiltrate an allied battle lab.
    Chrono Ivan is a Crazy Ivan equipped with a Chrono Module. It is useful 
    for many things, since they can teleport. But it requires a lot of attention 
    and you should only use it to sneak in an attack to your enemy vehicles 
    since it could spread damage if units are get in touch with each other or 
    they are just tight.
    If the heart of the base is unguarded, go for the radar module, then hit 
    any structure that is at close range it will deal damage, to unguarded. 
    |-[Yuri Prime]-|
    Requirements: Yuri with Soviet Enemy
    Measures: Infiltrate a Soviet Battle Lab
    Yuri Prime (I think) is the real Yuri since you can create only one of them 
    (2 actually if you have cloning vats). It needs no recoil when you are 
    deploying them, meaning even if you don't have desolators (nothing can 
    replace desolators) to shell infantry units (be warned of dogs and terror 
    drones) and again, its mind control radius is far superior to the sniper. 
    I guess that's covers up the Yuri prime. 
    Watch out for this Yuri's because if your not listening to sounds and your 
    not paying attention when Zofia is telling you that "UNITS LOST" you'll 
    end up losing all your units from a single or double Yuri's 
    |-[Perfect Game]-|
    my perfect game is...
    deploy the construction yard ASAP
    Place a Tesla Reactor
    Ore Refinery
    War Factories
    2 Dogs
    Ore Refinery > FLAK CANNON (place it beside your CY)
    >QUE THIS > WAR MINER (1 or 2) > RHINO TANK (3) > TERROR DRONE (1) > 
       > after this queue more rhino tanks and star building an army. Watch 
         out for rhino tanks
    Radar Facility
    You￾fre all set. Its up to you what super weapon you choose, watch out for 
    Para drop. Try to use variations. THIS IS A RUSH ATTACK. terror drones can 
    mess them up. And trust in god. I leave you now.
    |-[special thanks]-|
    All the girls I loved before.
    You inspire you nurture you flourish. And you have to go...
    Copyright Djoaniel Hernandez 2000
    (c)2002-2003 Djoaniel Hernandez
    Made in the Philippines

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