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    Soviet Building/Unit Guide by acidslayer57

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 06/05/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

            Command and Conquer: Red Alert Soviet Building/Unit Guide
                                      for PC
                             Written by acidslayer57
                                    Version 1.00
    Table of Contents
    1) Introduction/Updates
    2) The Standards
    3) Soviet Building Guide
    4) Soviet Unit Guide
    5) Special Soviet Unit Guide
    6) Multiplayer Tactics
    7) Outro
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    1) Introduction
    The Command and Conquer series of games has come a long way. It has been
    2D for quite some time now. Only in Command and Conquer:Renegade did it
    become 3D, but that wasn't a strategy game it was a FPS. So, the
    first truly 3D C&C game is Generals. That means that this game is 2D.
    Although the Graphics look 3D, the game plays like a 2D game and that is
    exactly what it is.
    Even though this game doesn't have the graphical appeal of Generals, or
    the old-school feel of Tiberian Sun, RA2 is my favorite game in the C&C
    This guide will explain to you the diverse units in the Soviet arsenal in
    RA2. In doing so, I will explain to you not only what you require to
    obtain these units, but also how the unit can be used effectively on the
    battlefield and what the units should be used for. Every unit has it's
    role and every unit is useful in certain situations.
    The one, main general tip I will give you is to diversify your units.
    Although in the original Red Alert, you could usually win by "tank
    rushing" that may not work anymore even though you will want to build
    a considerable amount of tanks.
    Simply put don't just build tanks, build tanks and flak troopers or tanks
    and ships. You will probably ending up needing them. Lastly, needless to
    say, don't build tanks if your opponent has just rocketeers, you will
    require some anti-air units to bring along with you.
    Version 1.1
    Fixed many spelling errors and added some more strategies and tips for a
    few units, and added a ton to the strats.
    Final V 1
    Added a few strategies into the guide.
    Version .5
    Made everything including building and unit descriptions.
    2) The Standards
    All this small section will do is tell you how all of the units/ building
    will be presented to you. It is in this quick, easy, and straight-forward
    Building Name: (Name of the building)
    Cost: (Cost of the building)
    Additional Notes/Tips: (More things on the building)
    Unit Name: (Name of the unit)
    Cost: (Cost of the unit)
    Power: (How Powerful the unit is on a relative scale from 1-5)
    Speed: (How fast the unit is on a relative scale from 1-5)
    Prerequisites: What structures are needed in order for you to build this
    Additional Notes/Tips: (More things on the unit)
    3) Soviet Building Guide
    Soviet Construction Yard
    Cost: One Soviet MCV which is $3000
    The Construction yard is an essential part of your base. It is the most
    important building you will ever have because without it, you will not
    be able to build any other structures. You may build more MCV's and
    therefore more Construction Yards when you build a Service Depot. I
    suggest building wall around this structure immediatly to discourage
    engineer rushes and such.
    Tesla Reactor
    Cost: $600
    Tesla Reactors are the Soviet's main form of power. Without multiple of
    these operating at once, your base will not run properly. Almost every
    building uses a certain amount of power and you have to build these
    according to your other building's needs. You can see your power output
    to the left of the interface that has the red, yellow, and green bars on
    it. The red represents how much power is needed to keep your base
    running, while the yellow is just a warning that your power is getting
    low. The green represents that your base is running  smoothly. Side
    effects of having your base underpowered are slightly damaged buildings,
    major defensive structures offline, super weapons stop charging,
    and everything takes longer to build. As you can see keeping your base
    powered up isn't only helpful it's essential. When  you build these
    types of structures, I advise you not to group them into one area.
    If you do they are susceptible to super weapons, Tanya raids, aircraft,
    and spies. If a spy goes into one of your Tesla Reactors, your power will
    go offline for a minute or so. This is not a fun expirience.
    Ore Refinery
    Cost: $2000
    Ore Refineries are yet another building that is essential for your
    survival. What the Refinery does is make a drop of point for your ore
    trucks when they need to drop off ore. It also creates a free truck upon
    being placed on the map. I recommend having two of these structures so
    you don't end up having a traffic jam at the first refinery. Also, a free
    ore truck is a great addition along with the second refinery. These
    structures have very weak armor, so I suggest you guard them well. They
    are very likely to be targeted by aircraft if playing against a computer
    opponent. (Not the this matters :b) Spies are also some units you want
    to kill before they gain access to a Ore Refinery because if they get in
    they steal half of your hard-earned credits.
    Cost: $500
    Barracks are traditionally the building that will create all of your
    infantry. Infantry is a lot more useful in Red Alert 2 then it ever was
    before, so I suggest you use infantry and use it well. Also, Barracks
    are inexpensive and fast to build, so you can build them at additional
    bases fast. Always build barracks as a third building, BEFORE the refinery.
    War Factory
    Cost: $2000
    War Factories produce any vehicles you wish to have in your army, and
    trust me, you will wish to have vehicles. Tanks will probably be the bulk
    of what you build here, but other units are also great to have.
    Naval Yard
    Cost: $1000
    Naval Yards produce every type of boat available to the Soviets. Boats,
    like tanks are extremely useful, but only if the map has a significant
    amount of water on it. If the map does not have enough water to justify
    building this, don't bother with it. This can repair damaged ships. Keep
    in mind that the Allied naval units decimate yours if evenly matched.
    Radar Station
    Cost: $1000
    The Radar is yet another important building. Without it you will not be
    able to access your mini-map in the upper-right hand corner. This is
    probably the most useful tool you have. So, you will want to have this
    for the mini-map. It also allows  you to go further along in the tech
    tree which is always appreciated.
    Service Depot
    Cost: $800
    The service depots are used to repair mechanical units in your army. It
    repairs all land vehicles. It can also remove those pesky terror drones
    from your tanks. The best reason for owning this building is because it
    allows you to build additional MCVs for more bases. A problem with it is
    that it is out on a limb in the tech tree and often overlooked.
    Soviet Battle Lab
    Cost: $2000
    The sole purpose of this building is to advance in the tech tree so you
    can build the finest units of the Soviet empire. Build a wall around this
    as to ward off any spies and tanyas. Spies will gain a new technology if
    entered into this structure.
    Nuclear Reactor
    Cost: $1000
    The Nuclear reactor is the ultimate power building. It adds roughly 13
    times the power the Tesla Reactor gives you. Despite the uses of this
    building, I suggest you to never build this because of the giant
    explosion it makes when it is destroyed, It can take out units and weak
    buildings around it. Also, since you really only need one of this per 5-6
    bases(which you will probably never have) if it is destroyed, your power
    demands will go through the roof.
    Soviet Fortress Wall
    Cost: $100
    The sole purpose of this building is to be used as a barrier to ward off
    any units that might want to get into your base. You may build this
    around the perimeter of your base if you desire, but it is needed around
    the Construction Yard and the Battle Lab.
    Sentry Gun
    Cost: $500
    The sentry gun is only useful as quick temporary defense in an area, or
    at the beginning of the game. Exceptions are when your opponent is trying
    to Tanya you, or has a lot of infantry. Build these around tech building
    so they aren't captured my an opposing side.
    Flak Cannon
    Cost: $1000
    Flak cannons provide you with a stationary defense over a large radius.
    These cannons are powerful and a few are very useful in backing up
    your IFVs/Flak Troopers against air raids. If you build these near tech
    buildings, it will provide a little resistence to air units that are
    Tesla Coil
    Cost: $1500
    Tesla Coils are very useful defensive structures that should always be
    built in a small group around your base(s).  Although it requires a lot of
    power to run a significant amount of them, they are worth it because of
    the power they have. Use tesla troopers in conjunction with tesla coils
    for a larger tesla coil defence.
    Psychic Sensor
    Cost: $1000
    The psychic sensor tells you what units are attacking your base if they
    are within a certain radius of the building. It can be quite useful and
    other times completely useless. I would use it to warn you of incoming
    planes and paradrops.
    Cloning Vats
    Cost: $2500
    Cloning vats give you an extra infantry unit whenever you build one. It's
    like a two for one deal. You should use this when you are making a ton of
    Yuri's or need extra reinforcements. (Additional infantry will come out
    whether you need them or not.)
    Iron Curtain
    Cost: $2500
    This is the minor Soviet superweapon (if any super weapon can be minor)
    upon being built, it will count down from seven minutes to zero. When it
    reaches zero, you can use the iron curtain which makes up to nine units
    invenerable for a brief period of time. This should be used right before
    a base assault or just to harrass the enemy. It can also be used to kill
    any infantry units that are in the area of it's usage.
    Nuclear Silo
    Cost $5000
    The cost of this structure may be overwhelming, but it makes up for it
    after the tedious ten minute countdown, At that point you can launch a
    powerful nuke at the enemy base. This nuke will destroy/severely injure
    any building and vehicle within its area of effect. It also leaves an
    unhealthy radiation field left to melt any infantry units that somehow
    survived the initial blast. This weapon if extremely powerful and should
    be used wisely as you will not get a lot of them troughout the course of a
    4) Soviet Unit Guide
    Cost: $100
    Power: 1
    Speed: 2
    Prerequisites: Barracks
    The conscript is the first of a lot of the infantry units. It is also the
    most basic of all the units of Red Alert 2. All it can do is attack for
    minimal damage to the enemy. The greatness of the conscript is that it
    can be built on large numbers very quickly and they can garrison
    neutral buildings that can be very useful if you are low on defense.
    Garrison whenever you can. Otherwise, just use this unit to guard your
    base from unwanted intruders and as an early scout.
    Cost: $500
    Power: Cannot Attack
    Speed: 2
    Prerequisites: Barracks
    Engineers can be useful, or useless in any battle. They cannot even
    smack a wrench over a guys head to cause damage, so count them out as an
    attacking unit. They can repair any of your damaged buildings to full
    health instantaneously, so you can use them very defensively in that
    sense. A little better, and cooler way to use them is to put them in a
    transport over to the enemies base and put them all in random buildings
    of the enemies. This will capture all of those  buildings and you can
    sell them for money. Engineers can also repair all destroyed bridges
    and neutral buildings.
    Attack Dog
    Cost: $200
    Power 5 to infantry; Cannot attack to anything else.
    Speed: 4
    Prerequisites: Barracks
    Attack dogs are very limited in their usefulness, but when they are
    useful they are extremely so. At the start of the match, build one
    to quickly scout out the surroundings and find out where your enemy is.
    You should also use these if faced with a ton of yuris/anything else
    that can mind control units. Other then those two instances and killing
    a lot of GI's and conscripts, you will find the dogs to be of limited
    Tesla Trooper
    Cost: $500
    Power: 4
    Speed: 1
    Prerequisites: Barracks
    Tesla troopers have such large suits on, that it is impossible to run
    them over with tanks. This comes in handy, as their electrical attack is
    very useful against tanks and other infantry alike. These should be put
    inside your base as a defense against rushes and to power up your tesla
    Flak Trooper
    Cost: $300
    Power: 3
    Speed: 2
    Prerequisites: Barracks; Radar Station
    Flak Troopers are your friends, not your enemies. You simply cannot
    waste money if you invest in buying flak troopers. They are a valuable
    anti-air device and great at stopping incoming paratroopers as well.
    You should have a whole squad at every base you have. Not only does it
    counter air attacks, but it can be used rather ineffectively against
    tanks too. With the help of the cloning vats, massing these is just not
    Crazy Ivan
    Cost: $600
    Power: 5
    Speed: 2
    Prerequisites: Barracks; Radar Station; Battle Lab
    Crazy Ivans cannot attack normally, instead they, crazily, plant a bomb
    on anything you tell them to. The bomb is super-powerful and can destroy
    a power plant and other small buildings with one bomb. It takes two to
    blow up a War Factory and a Construction Yard though. One can easily
    destroy any small installations and tech buildings opponents may capture.
    You can also blow up bridges with him.
    Cost: $1200
    Power: 5
    Speed: 2
    Prerequisites: Barracks; Radar Station; Battle Lab
    Yuris mind control any units that get within their range. This is deadly,
    because not only will you gain a free unit, you take away an opponent's
    unit. Also, they have a crazy secondary attack that you can use by
    double clicking on a Yuri. It will launch a field of Psychic power which
    is deadly to all infantry within the feild.
    War Miner
    Cost: $1400
    Power: 2
    Speed: 2
    Prerequisites: Ore Refinery; War Factory
    War miners are essential to your base because they mine ore and gems for
    you to spend on other units. If these units go down, you go down, so
    protect these miners with your life, and go after other player's miners.
    They have a pitiful rifle mounted on the back of this thing, so it can
    defend itself against say a few guys.
    Rhino Heavy Tank
    Cost: $900
    Power: 3
    Speed: 3
    Prerequisites: War Factory
    The averageness of these tanks is their greatest strength. If you don't
    know what to build, these are mandatory. You will probably need many of
    them come the end of the battle, so you should build them when you can.
    They have good attack power, that in groups is deadly. Be sure to
    upgrade to Apocalypse tanks too, and not to ONLY build these.
    Flak Track
    Cost: $500
    Power: 2
    Speed: 5
    Prerequisites: War Factory
    Flak tracks make excellent scouts early on so you may use them for that.
    There are also a multitude of strategies that flak tracks can be used for
    such as the engineer rush. Just load up a bunch of engineers in the flak
    track and send it into the opponent's base. This ussually prove's to be
    fatal unless the enemy has some idea of what they are doing. They are
    useful as anti-air units as well. Build a handful of these. The problem
    with building these is that you don't want too few to too many. If you
    build too few, the flak troopers you created could be killed(by Tanya
    for instance) and you will not have enough flaks to get there and take
    down the impending air units. If you build too many, you won't have
    enough for tanks when you need them. You should use your own judgement
    when building these. Ussually around 15-20 will suffice.
    Terror Drones
    Cost $500
    Power: 4
    Speed: 5
    Prerequisites: War Factory
    Terror Drones will move quickly throughout the landscape and go into
    tanks and rip them apart from the inside. This is great because it can
    successfully counter a tank rush if used correctly. They can also kill
    infantry quickly. A great strategy is to put them inside of your
    opponent's miners. Apart from being annoying, it works well.
    V3 Rocket Launcher
    Cost: $800
    Power: 5
    Speed: 1
    Prerequisites: War Factory; Radar Station
    The funny thing about V3s is that they are just to slow to use to your
    advantage for long. The rockets are too slow, the truck is too slow, it
    should be used only at the beginning for some quick harrassment. Aside
    you could try it for some base assualt later, but since the opponent has
    anti-air then it probably will do nothing.
    Apocalypse Tank
    Cost: $1750
    Power: 5
    Speep: 2
    Prerequisites: War Factory; Radar Station; Battle Lab
    Despite being unbielevably expensive, these trucks have a HUGE advantage
    in power. They are so ridiculously powerful, it is almost unfair if you
    have huge numbers of these. They have a devastating ground attack, along
    wih a great anti-air missle device. Their Health Points are also nothing
    to laugh about.
    Cost: $3000
    Power: Cannot attack
    Speed: 1
    Prerequisites: War Factory; Radar Station; Service Depot
    The MCV is a base on wheels and is very slow and stuff. It is required to
    have another base with(unless you build off tech buildings) but is
    ussually worth it in the end.
    Cost: $2000
    Power: 5!
    Speed: 1!
    Prerequisites: War Factory; Battle Lab
    Kirovs go into high extremes for power and low extremes for speed. You
    should build a few of these if you can just to scare the crap out of your
    enemies. It's all in good fun. If your lucky you can build one and the
    opponent will massively build anti-air stuff and you mass tanks. That's
    just funny.
    Typhoon Submarine
    Cost: $1000
    Power: 4
    Prerequisites: Naval Yard
    This is the basic Soviet ship. (or sub in this case.) It is a very good
    unit to have around your ships because it can defend all of the other
    ships in your navy.
    Sea Scorpion
    Cost: $600
    Power: 2
    Speed: 5
    Prerequisites: Naval Yard; Radar Station
    This is the Soviet anti-air ship. It shoots flak and is greatly needed
    to ward off any air attackers that will attack the ships. It's fast.
    Giant Squid
    Cost: $1000
    Power: 3
    Speed: 3
    Prerequisites: Naval Yard; Radar Station
    The squid will latch itself onto other ships and slowly smack 'em up.
    Eventually, it will kill it's target. Only dolphins can detach a squid
    once it attacks. This is useful and annoying if you get your naval yard
    up first annd squid everybody's ships before you destory the their
    naval yard itself.
    Cost: $2000
    Power: 5!
    Speed: 1
    Prerequisites: Naval Yard; Radar Station; Battle Lab
    Dreadnoughts are like V3 Rockets in the ocean. This is a lot better then
    the V3 itself because if you have a nought with full support, it has a
    very small chance of being destroyed. Watch for tricky swimming tanyas.
    Amphibious Transport
    Cost: $900
    Power: Cannot attack
    Speed: 2
    Prerequisites: Naval Yard
    What can I say? It's just a transport that can...transport almost all units.
    5) Special Soviet Unit Guide
    Cost: $600
    Prerequisites: Barracks; Radar Station
    Terrorists I have never found to be overly useful. They are good in
    large numbers, but die easily and will explode is shot dead. So bring
    them away from your base. Do some quick raids on your enemies' bases'
    Cost: $600
    Prerequisites: Barracks; Radar Station
    My favorite special are desolators. They are powerful infantry killers,
    great Area of Effect Attack, and are just cool. Build a few of these for
    your base. Deploy a few around choke points.
    Demolition Trucks
    Cost: $1500
    Prerequisites: War Factory; Radar Station
    This is another favorite of mine, and probably the most useful one.
    Demo Trucks are terrorists but in a truck. Demo trucks have a large
    explosion size and leak radiation behind too. Be sure to only build
    a few at a time. We wouldn't want planes to come and shoot this in our
    base would we? Once you build them get them to you bases' perimeter
    immediatly, or just rush them into the enemy base.
    Tesla Tanks
    Cost: $900
    Prerequisites: War Factory; Radar Station
    An overall solid tank that attacks like a Tesla Trooper. It is fast and
    effective in base defense. Also, it can arch it's shots over friendly and
    enemy walls, so you should use that effectively.
    6) Multiplayer Tactics
    General Tactics:
    Getting Credits
    Obtaining credits is the objective of any army in order to crank out
    more units. Remember, that in order to get a steady fund you WILL need
    more then 1-2 ore trucks. On maps with no derricks, I suggest 2 oil
    refineries at every base you own. With a few derricks, one may suffice,
    but always build at least 3-4 spare ore trucks.
    Overall, it all depends on these factors:
     -Amount of Derricks
     -Amount of ore on the map
     -Distance from the ore
     -Amount of opponents
     -Ore type
    With expirience, you will learn to judge effectively all of these things
    and calculate how many refineries, and ore trucks you need. For now, in
    general 3-4 spare ore trucks 2 refineries/base.
    The Art of Harassing
    In the 'Rules to RA2' You'll notice I said a lot about harassing, well,
    it is essential. It is essential because the simple surprise it carries
    with it could potentially take your opponent out of battle right away
    if they are not ready, or if you manage to take out a few buildings, it
    could cripple the enemy and give you the advantage.
    Ways to harass are almost unlimited. The best thing to do in my
    expirience is to just throw a bunch o' tanks at the enemy in relatively
    undefended areas of their base. A quick bunch of tanks can really do
    some damage unless taken care of immediatly. Aside, from being
    distracting, it is effective.
    I'd say rocketeers if you were playing as Allied but that won't do. As
    Soviet the best thing is the group of tanks. apocalyspe is not as
    Once naval warfare comes into play, noughts are also very useful. When it
    comes to rockets, V3's are great very early in the game. No one expects
    them these days, and they do some damage quickly.
    I hate to go into classics already, but nothing beats a well planned out
    engineer rush.
    Boris is excellent at doing stuff like that. He can easily take out power
    plants with a single bomb. Many other structures go down with one as
    Conscript it up. 30 or so Conscripts can kick the crap out of a good load
    of units. If your enemy has no clue how to run these goons over then your
    Garrisonning is essential not only for defence, but for offence too.
    Conscripts are of further use here.
    Yuri's. Nothing is more annoying and distracting as Yuri's. Enough said.
    That should get you started on harassing. In general, just try to harass
    in the worst possible time you can for your opponent.
    Defending Key points:
    There comes a time in every commander's life where they will have to
    defend something essential that if not defended, you will almost
    surely lose the game. Luckily, this section is meant just for that.
       Things to defend
         If you really need some help, here are some things to defend that
         you will want in anygame of RA2:
         -Your base
         -Any expansions you have
         -Choke Points
         -Oil Derricks
         -Ore fields
    Defending your own base is easy enough. Near the beginning all you need
    is a sentry or two. When the game evolves a bit, you will need to upgrade
    to tesla coils and flak cannons a little. Really, your main base should
    be relatively well defending due to your units generally being built
    Defending expansions, and oil derricks(any tech building wanted) is
    a bit more complicated to judge what you need because you will not always
    be gaurenteed to have units at expansions. In general move a little of
    everything. Some tanks, some infantry, some Anti-Air, some naval. If you
    have some of it, plant some of it near your expansion/tech building
    expansion. This will cause the enemy to do one of many things:
       1) This will anger the enemy and he will want to take it back to in
          a strike where he thinks he can take stuff out, he will rush and
          pray. This is rare in C&C. You opponent is more likely to:
       2) Build a little of everything and try to beat you due to better
          strategy. Give your opponent some credit. He chose the bext thing
          to do. With your defensive structures you built at the expansion
          (yes do so) and with a few more units for reinforcements, you
          should be fine.
       3) Beat you with one type of unit. By one type I mean all ground, all
          air all sea - most likely all land. This is okay. It will probably
          fail unless you have major holes in your defense. Due to your
          vareity you should win especially with Soviet's supirior strength.
       4) Your opponent could do sneaky things or drops to try and get around
          it later in the game when you dont expect it. This is dangerous
          simply because you won't expect it. Having a well rounded defence
          will be the best thing to do here.
       5) If your opponent leaves it alone. Good for you. He either thinks
          the cons outweigh the pros, or is overwhelmed by your brilliant
          defence. Good Job.
    Guarding choke points can be an essential thing to do as well. Simply
    because the more of the map you control the better. Ore fields can
    sometimes be chokes, either way these things are defended simiilarly.
    Remember in the middle of nowhere, there are no defensive structures to
    win the battle for you, so bringing a small squad of just tanks and AA
    may not be enough. That IS the recommended minimal size, but bringing
    a couple yuris and other assorted units will not be bad. Do not bring
    them if needed elsewhere. Chokes should only be defended and camped if
    you are confident in the safety of your base and expansions. Do not
    forget fortress walls, dogs, and sentries on bases and expos.
    Judging Priority Targets
    A priority target can be anything in the game. A building, a unit,
    anything. When it comes to bases, priorities are easiest to find. It
    goes like this:
            -Construction Yard
            -War Factory/Ore Refinery*
            -Barracks/Ore Refinery*
            -Radar Station
            -Any Superweapons and Battle Lab
            -Everything else
    	*Go for the ore refinery if thats the only one they have
             remaining, and they aren't getting money through another source
             (oil derricks)
    Buildings are easy enough to prioritize. If you think you have enough to
    take out a single building, go for the ore refinery or war factory. The
    CS Yard is probably too deep to go for.
    Obviously, superweapons are always a high priority. Sometimes they take
    all priority. Priority 1 targets are the ones that need to be taken out
    Again, this is very simple to figure out building-wise, but with units it
    can become difficult to specify which is the priority 1 target, or the
    ones that should be dealt with first.
    In order to effectively attack and win battles, figuring this out with
    units becomes essential. Battles play out differently depending on the
    core units and the backup units.
    A simple example is if kirovs are attacking your base, while taking out
    an expansion of the enemy. You could focus all AA on the kirovs and leave
    your other units vulnerable, you could take EVERY unit back to your base,
    delaying the attack and take out the kirovs, or you could forget the
    kirovs, take the expo, and hope your base aa will take care of it.
    Well, what you would do depends. If you asked me, priority one is the
    kirovs, then attacking the expansion. If you have MASSIVE AA at your
    base, priority one is the expansion. If they have rocketeers at their
    base, or a ton of defence, priority one is savinging yourself and
    killing the kirovs. This can be changed in many ways each with a
    different outcome. It is almost always situational which is priority 1,
    so teaching it can be somewhat difficult.
    Let's move onto a different example, which takes place near water:
                Side 1(Sov)             Versus        Side 2(Ally)
                 5 tanks                                 8 tanks
                 3 sea scorpians                         2 prism tanks
                 3 apocalypse tanks                      10 rocketeers
    This seems stacked towards the Allied side, but really isn't if using
    proper techniques in prioritizing. Out of this, I would say the
    rocketeers pose the largest threat simply because, they can take out
    your tanks fairly quickly (even the apocalypse) in large numbers. The
    sea scorpians will have to deal with the rocketeers and the AT aerial
    attack. Leading them near the ocean is essential in this battle in order
    to rid yourself of rocketeer troubles.
    So, you've led them fairly close to the water, but the enemy is too smart
    to be fooled by such an obvious attempt at riding them of their
    rocketeers. The sit back, and allow their two prism tanks to do
    long range damage to your tanks. Guess what changes? Priority One changes
    all to quickly. Now, it's all or nothing get those prisms. Rushing the
    5 tanks quickly to the rear of their lines is the best way to go to
    as quickly as possible get rid of those PT's. After that has been done,
    the priority changes to the rocketeers again because, your tanks will get
    killed in the middle of the land, with no AA. Bringing your units quickly
    back to shore will now scare the enemy whose priority is the sea scorpians.
    He will now wait a little for some destroyers, which were hidden in shroud
    to you. These will take out your sea scorpians in no time and allow him to
    camly rid himself of your ground force. Good thing you forsaw this and had
    loads of subs to protect your sea scorpians just for this moment. By the
    way, your priority over the last ten seconds in which the destroyers came
    in is the destoryers. Why?
    Destroyers can destroy your AA, which you need in order not to get killed
    by air that the enemy has. Since, your ground to ground attacking forces
    are the ones that deal the major damage, and win the most battles often
    priority can be discovered simply by seeing what units your ground needs
    to be killed in order for them to survive. Working backwards from there
    will give you the priority one. Very hard to say such a simple task, but
    this task is essential.
    A list of units that carry high priorities and can change priority to
    themselves very fast are:
     -Crazy Ivans
     -Demo Trucks/Terrorists
     -Large rocketeer groups
     -Prism Tanks
     -Aircraft Carriers
    Okay, back to the battle. As soon as your opponent sees his destoryers
    killed, he will probably either retreat and live to fight another day, or
    test his luck and get destroyed. Trust be, three sea scorps are more then
    a match for 10 rocketeers. With the rockets dead, the remaining stronger
    tanks should be able to decimate the enemies forces rather quickly.
    No battle is this clean, and I can admit that it's all theory, but as
    examples go, its not half bad.
    Don't worry about prioritizing when you first play, often times it is
    quite obvious, and if it isn't there may not BE a priority, in which case
    both teams are equaly equipted to deal with each other, rare but
    possible, If your opponent is going hardcore defensive structure to give
    him the advantage, which is a decent idea, it's best to go after miners.
    No funds no units.
    Turtling with oil derricks is deadly, as it can be a loooooong game with
    no clear ending aside from who chooses to give up first. If you really
    need to win this one, just minimize it and do something else. Check every
    3-5 minutes in case your opponent comes up with some brilliant srategem
    that needs to be countered right away.
    Remember deciding what unit needs to be dealt with first is how you play
    RA2, sometimes it can be confusing, but choosing the best targets to
    attack first is many times the difference between life and death.
    Attacking Tactics
    I have to admit that almost all decent RA2 games get into parts
    with massive amounts of tanks, backup, air aupport, and further units.
    I mean, most of my strategies are really just preparing you into getting
    a steady flow of credits, and preparing you into getting a ton of units.
    What you actually do with these units, however, has not really been
    covered. I may have covered them all individually, but what good
    will that do you when they are in a group?
    Here I will explain when to attack with what and the best way to attack
    with groups.
    1)When sending a land army over large areas, its obviously best to send
      tanks as the front line of defence, and then sending flak tracks,
      backup whatever.
    2)Seeing as you will have a variety of units, do not just send them
      in blindly. Plant to attack by means of killing the least possible
      units in your squad. This means being patient and taking garrisoned
      buildings out from a distance, while tanks run over the men.
      destory tanks in large numbers unless you run them down. The easiest
      way to do this is take a single tank, hold ALT and then click on the
      soon to be squished infantry unit. The quickest way (and sometimes
      the most effective getting most or all the infantry) is to take a
      small group of tanks and hold ALT, then click passed the group of
      infantry. The tanks ignore everything to get to that spot.
      Ignoring infantry included.
    4)Focus firing is pretty much proven to be more effective then any other
      method. This simply means that you should use the queueing ability
      correctly and make tanks while effectively microing the battles.
    5) Focus firing is done most efficiently by use of CTRL + (number)
       Doing this will allow you to creat fireteams within your army.
       The advantage to this is that you dont have to group all tanks,
       and then attack one enemy with ALL of them.
       This, being the definition os focus firing seems strange that you
       wouldn't use all your units to attack one single one, but instead
       group your tanks into a bunch of fairly even fireteams because you
       can. Now, group one fire at a single unit, group two a different one
       etc. Now you can take out MORE units with focus firing faster.
       It only takes about three shells to kill a basic tank with another
       basic tank. This really means you only NEED three tanks/fireteam.
       I suggest 7 or 8 each team. This is because not all of your tanks
       will be attacking the enemy at once instantly, and the extra amount
       will replace lost tanks as well.
    With these 5 methods, making successful strikes upon enemy bases should
    be much easier.
    Must I explain the greatness that is garrisonning? Without a doubt it is
    something that you HAVE TO DO. If there are buildings to garrison around
    your base or not, you get there first and you garrison those things.
    Aside from giving 8 infantry added defense, and becoming a great offense
    or defense, they give you control of an area of the map that no one
    really has control over. If opponents don't notice the garrisons, they
    can easily take out a squad on the way to your base without you even
    knowing. Better for you when they can't find their units they swear they
    Just garrison and like it.
    Essential Scoutage
    Scouting for Soviet is very important early game. With no spy sat uplink,
    you will need to get all the map possible in your radar screen. Send dogs
    in every direction early on to do the scouting for you. Without seeing
    whats going on you will be almost useless, also, scouting early can give
    you tips on what the enemy is making quickly. If he rushes, you will be
    ready for what me may throw at you.
    Scouting later is not as essential as there is not really fog of war
    that reappears in RA, but early game you should focus on it, and once
    you get about half the map, all your opponents' bases and your immediate
    area you can back off a little on scouting.
    Rules of Red Alert 2
    This section is based upon a Starcraft FAQ I saw a little while ago.
    This FAQ (by Lord Zero thanks.) explained a sample game from the
    Terran point of view and gave you essential rules that should always
    be followed when playing with Terran.
    I am going to do something similar only with Soviet in RA2.
    When it comes to tactics, it all comes down to money. Without money, you
    can't make the ultimate set if units you were planning to. So what you do
    is get yourself set financially, then build lots of units and stuff while
    making small attacks at the enemy.
    Rule #1: Without funds you will lose.
    So, what you want to do at the beginning of the game, is Deploy your
    construction yard, then build a power plant and set that in your base.
    After that, you will always want to build a barracks. You build a
    a barracks first simply because you want to scout. After your barracks
    is up you will have three tabs of thing you can build(structures,armory,
    and infantry.) You will want to use those three things to your advantage
    and build something in each. Build an ore refinery in one tab, a wall in
    the next, and a dog in the infantry tab.
    Your ore refinery will take the longest to complete, so build a few more
    wall sections when that one is done. You will want to put these walls
    around your construction yard. This is essential to ward off any early
    engineer rushes that will come your way. (and they often will)
    While you are building these walls, you should be scouting the corners of
    the map with your dog(s). Here is another rule.
    Rule #2: If you fail to scout prepare for a loss.
    Scouting is very, very important. More so if you are Soviet. First of
    all you must scout to find out what your enemy has in mind and to keep a
    close eye on him. See what he is doing and find a way to counter it.
    It is very important as Soviet because, you KNOW that an allied opponent
    will see wherever you are whenever you are. This is due to the Spy
    Satillite Uplink, and because they have Gap Generators it will be very
    tough to scout them out a second time.
    Okay, now you should be able to see if there are any tech buildings
    around you because of your scouting. This is your next step. You want to
    put engineers in most/all of those buildings. You should put engineers in
    all of those buildings putting the oil derricks more important then any-
    thing else, then the airports. After those two things, the other
    buildings are less useful, so you could just forget about them. While you
    are doing this you should be building a War Factory and about 3-4 sentry
    guns in strategic spots around your base this will further help destroy
    engineers and small infantry rushes, as well as para-troopers.
    When your War Factory is up, this is the part where you want to judge the
    amount of War Miners you will need in order to keep a steady inflow of
    cash. Keep in mind how much ore is there, how far away it is, and how
    many derricks you have. In general, 3-4 extra miners is sufficent. Fewer
    if you have more derricks. Once you have a steady inflow of cash, you are
    good to go build a lot of units.
    Keep in mind that this type of build ect is NOT to be followed exactly.
    If you see that the enemy had  rocketeer or two at his base when you
    scout it, you know that a few flak troopers will be required to
    dissipate this rush.
    This brings me to two rules:
    Rule #3: Build counter units to everything that your opponent may attack
    you with.
    Rule #4: If you don't do a lot of small strikes to slow the enemy's
    building down...well not too much will happen, but it does give you an
    advantage if you are destroying the enemy's battle lab and spy satillite
    or stopping the enemy's power every five minutes.
    There is a certain amount of skill required to make small base harrasses
    work, but this is discussed in another section. The Art of Harassing.
    Now  you will want your radar to be put up. You simply have to build a
    radar station and place it. After this you will have all of the basic
    buildings down, but remember, buildings are not what is going to kill
    your enemy. While all this is going on, you will want to be pumping
    out rhino heavy tanks constantely.
    At this point you will be set up at a good position, having good funds, a
    few flak troopers and tanks is always a great basic defense.
    Rule #5 Without tanks, you WILL DIE!
    Rule #6 Without a good amount of anti-air units, you will be venerable to
    annoying air strikes and rocketeers. You should build a small group of
    flak tracks and be building flak troopers like it's your purpose in life.
    This is the point where making a few rushes/destroying a bit of your
    enemies base or just scaring him a little, should be put into effect. As
    Soviet, your choices in doing this is a bit limited. You should try a
    small tank rush, while not using all of your tanks to have some base
    defense. If you have paratroopers trying to take out a power plant or
    two is never a bad idea. I'm sure you will eventually get this part down
    with practice.
    This is the time to build a very over-looked structure, the Service
    Depot. it is kind of on a wind in the tech tree, so I can see why this is
    a bit over-looked, but don't skip it. You want this because of the great
    ability to make an MCV. If you build a new base at chokepoints around
    your base, you will probably be able to defend yourself better.
    Never stop building tanks unless you sense that the enemy will attack
    with a lot of air units.
    The main goal of the middle stage of the game(from the point you get your
    battle lab) is to build as many units as you possibly can. The problem
    is, if you build just one type of thing. Like tanks for instance.
    Building a ton of tanks isn't bad, but you will be extremely venerable
    if the enemy attacks you with air strike, rocketeers, or kirovs. So you
    want to build a mix of units that do different things for you. For
    instance, build tanks and flak troopers at the same time. This way you
    have anti-air and good ground units.
    Rule #7: If you don't build a variety of units, you will lose.
    This brings me to building ships before your battle lab. If there is
    water on the map(a lot of water that you can access enemy bases with)
    then ships would be a very very good idea before you gain a battle lab.
    This is because it is not as essential for Soviet players to go into
    the tech tree before the allied do simply because there main tank is
    very strong.
    After the naval yard, you should build a few sea scorpions if no one else
    has a naval yard. If they do have a naval yard, then build submarines
    and switch to sea scorpions when you feel you are safe from good attack
    from the enemy ships. This will help you to gain a good harrassing and
    destroying position on the enemy later in the game, and will help you
    defend against air/naval strikes. In fact if your opponent(s) don't
    have naval yards yet, one of the absolute BEST things you can do is
    rule the seas. If you see this occur DONT STOP building subs unless you
    think you will be overwhelmed by land or air units and need money.
    Send a small group of subs o every enemies' base and right when they
    choose to build a naval yard, destroy it. Now just back the subs up
    with sea scorps, maybe a few squids and definitley noughts for harassing
    and annoying purposes and see the game shift is your favor. Watch the
    yuris. If they get your ships you will have to kill your own units.
    You will want to build a battle lab right after you have a naval yard up.
    You may want to build a few spare power plants before you do so because
    the battle lab really drains the power from your base. I am assuming you
    have the sense to build power plants as you need them.
    At the deployment of a battle lab you have a lot of options you might
    want to consider. You will want to switch to building apocalyse tanks
    instead of rhino heavy tanks. With your navy, you might want to build
    a dreadnaught and some sea scorpions. This will give your navy a great
    position because it will be able to defend against air, land, and other
    naval units. You can go without the noughts, but never exclude
    building sea scorpions because the anti-air they give you is irreplacable
    and they will save the life of your navy countless times.
    You will also want to build some technological units such as Yuris, Crazy
    Ivans, Kirovs, and others. These units will give you a great advantage
    over the enemy depending on the situation.
    Build a few Kirovs because they will scare the enemy into building a
    bunch of anti-air units. This will waste their funds because you should
    only build one or two and keep them in case.
    At this stage in the game you have to build a ton of everything. Remember
    it is variety that will save your life ALONG with a massive amount of
    Okay, let's review the 7 rules that will be needed:
    Rule #1: Without funds you will lose.
    Rule #2: If you fail to scout prepare for a loss.
    Rule #3: Build counter units to everything that your opponent may attack
             you with.
    Rule #4: If you don't do a lot of small strikes to slow the enemy's
    building down...well not too much will happen, but it does give
    you an advantage if you are destroying the enemy's battle lab            and
    spy satillite or stopping the enemy's power every five               minutes.
    Rule #5: Without tanks, you WILL DIE!
    Rule #6: Without a good amount of anti-air units, you will be venerable
    to annoying air strikes and rocketeers. You should build a small          group
    of flak tracks and be building flak troopers like it's             your purpose
    in life.
    Rule #7: If you don't build a variety of units, you will lose.
    These are fairly general rules that you should follow on every game
    with Soviet. Again, every game of RA2 is different, therefore different
    strategies may be used and you will have to adapt. This small section,
    along with ALL of my tactics are certainly not written in stone.
    Playing With Superweapons
    Superweapons are an option that completely change the game around. This
    may make some players play VERY defensively and cause them to turtle in
    in order for their superweapon to arrive and then they unleash the
    force and clean up.
    I don't happen to play with superweapons, and all of my srats will still
    work when playing with the superweapons, but it forces you to think a
    little more about how you can attack him if he is one of the above
    mentioned players. Harass him like ,ad if you know he is one of the
    above. Just do anything to prevent the weapon from going off.
    Why I don't play with them is simple. I fear them way too much. >_> The
    power to change the game with one weapon is just too great in my
    opinion. If you don't think their that overpowered think of:
     -Just the pure destructive power of the Nuke and Weather Storm
     -Iron Curtain Demo Truck or apocalypes.
     -Chronosphering 9 prisms into your base and raunching you.
    These weapons DO have the power to change the game. Never underestimate
    7) Outro
    This guide is for non-commercial use only. It is also copyright 2003
    acidslayer57 and therefore you are not allowed to distribute any of it without
    my permission, although you can print it out and read it whenever you want.
    Basically, just ask if you want to use any part of this guide, I will most
    likely say yes, but if you want to print it out for personal use go right ahead.
    That is my guide for Red Alert 2's Soviet units/structures. I hope I gave
    you some nice beefy tips and the overall just of the units you can have
    as Soviet.
    Thanks to the following people:
    Westwood Studios- For without them what would this guide be about?
    EA - Well they are the larger company Westwood belongs to now aren't
    CJayC - For hosting this FAQ on GameFAQs.
    Neoseeker - For also hosting my other guides.
    Lord Zero - For letting me use his hilarious and cool Rules system
                for the tactics.
    The sites that this FAQ is allowed on are:
    If you have any questions, comments, or spelling/punctuation corrections, email
    me at acidsy57@hotmail.com and use an appropriate subject.
                                       The End

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