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    IFV FAQ by TSilver

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    "The Incredible IFV" FAQ Version 1.3
    For Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 by Westwood
    Written by Tim Silver (tdog7191@yahoo.com)
    Hello to everyone out there in Red Alert 2 land!  If you're anything like me, 
    you just cannot stop playing this great game.  But sometimes you get that 
    surge of energy to do something good for you're fellow gamers and this is the 
    result of that surge.  Please excuse me if I accidentally do anything wrong 
    with this FAQ.  This is my first FAQ so it may not be the greatest, but 
    please cut me a little slack because everyone has got to start somewhere.
    OK, time to get down to business.  This is a FAQ on the amazing abilities of 
    the Allied IFV (Infantry Fighting Vehicle).  It will discuss the different 
    morphing abilities and tactics possible with this great unit.  This FAQ is 
    mainly for multiplayer games but I guess it could be possible to use this 
    guide in the solo missions.
    Getting this FAQ on your site:
    If you would like to post this FAQ on your web server you can e-mail me at 
    tdog7191@yahoo.com.  I will then take a look at your site and how you run 
    things and then decide if your site is worthy of this FAQ.  Let me say this, 
    if your site looks like a bunch of s***, I will assume that you are not 
    worthy of this FAQ and that's it.  No questions may be asked.
    November 11, 2000:  I started this FAQ.  I finished all of the combinations 
    for the Infantry Fighting Vehicle.  I will update as soon as people send me 
    November 13, 2000:  Added a site for this FAQ to be posted on.  Added info 
    for getting this FAQ on your site.
    November 17, 2000:  Added some more sites for this FAQ to be posted on.  
    Remember, if your site is not on the list, this FAQ is not on your site.
    November 21, 2000:  Added some sites for this FAQ to be posted on.  Added a 
    tip about the Engineer IFV.  Realized that the Psi-Commando made the IFV turn 
    into a Machine Gun IFV.
    Combinations (Ingredients in parenthesis):    
    Rocket IFV (IFV):
    This is the standard version of the IFV.  Not the most amazing piece of work, 
    but in packs they can get the job done.  And at only $600 for each IFV, those 
    packs are pretty easy to build.  The IFV's strong point lies in its 
    unbelievable ability to take down air units.  Plus the IFV is great for 
    shooting down Soviet V3 rockets and Dreadnought missiles.  These are always 
    the cheapest and best pieces of equipment for air defense.  Place them where 
    the Aircraft Carriers or Dreadnoughts attack from the sea or where the 
    Harriers and Kirovs attack out of nowhere.  Don't forget to always have a 
    couple stationed around the base to help the Patriot Missiles shoot down V3 
    Rockets.  Other than air defense, the IFV is almost useless in its regular 
    form, though in packs it can take down lone squads of infantry or straggling 
    tanks.  Also, an IFV is one of the best scouting units.  It is useful for hit 
    and runs on enemy tech buildings where it can outrun the tanks.  It also 
    works for hit & runs on enemy miners.  Just make sure to stay out of the 
    range of the war miner, or you can kiss your precious IFVs good-bye.
    Machine Gun IFV (GI or Conscript or Spy or Tanya or Chrono Commando or Psi-
    Commando + IFV):
    This is just like the Ranger from Red Alert 1 for those of you who played it.  
    It is excellent at taking out squads of infantry and for protecting from 
    engineer rushes.  It is also very well suited for defending your tech 
    buildings from engineers.  The Machine Gun IFV can also destroy lightly 
    armored vehicles, but the Rocket IFV might be a better choice.  One again, it 
    can also hit lone tanks in groups, but most likely you'll lose a couple.
    Engineer IFV (Engineer + IFV)
    This is a lot like the Mobile Repair Vehicle from Tiberian Sun.  It is good 
    for repairing vehicles that are part of a base defense or repairing units in 
    an attack force as long as you can keep it alive.  One use for it that is 
    really effective is keeping it near an ore field and using it to repair 
    injured miners.  The Engineer IFV is also great for transporting engineers 
    around the map when the Black Hawk Transport won't do.  
    Nospamfake sent me this tip on engineer IFVs:
    "As you know, you cannot chronoshift infantry without killing them.  So 
    throwing 8 engineers into IFVs then shifting those into the heart of an enemy 
    base can be a very evil engineer rush.  This works quite well against an 
    opponent who has neglected inner base defense in favor of a strong outer 
    defense.  I typically will send 4 legionnaires along with the shifted 
    engineers in IFVs. These are cannon fodder at the worse to let your engineer 
    get in and sell stuff and at best they can freeze/erase some of the defensive 
    structures in the base.  Another useful aspect to this is now you have 8 IFVs 
    inside a base.  Start hitting the Construction Yard or War Factory and launch 
    an air strike at the same time. Chances are that you will likely take all the 
    capital buildings in a base before your opponent can respond properly.  
    However, if your opponent has left snipers or dogs roaming about the base, 
    this will likely fail to do more than send 8 useless IFVs into the heart of 
    the lion."
    Chrono Legionnaire IFV (Chrono Legionnaire + IFV)
    This is my personal favorite IFV.  Since in most cases what the IFV does is 
    enhance the infantry's weapon, the Chrono Legionnaire IFV zips around erasing 
    things from time even faster than the normal Legionnaire.  There aren't any 
    real strategies to using this weapon.  I just like to use about 3 or 4 and 
    attack an enemy's base.  Try to concentrate on having them each fire on one 
    unit or structure at a time and try not to attract any more attention.  If 
    you do, than your IFVs will become overwhelmed.  This will usually wipe out 
    everything.  It should also make most of them elites or veterans because that 
    is figured by the unit's value and the IFV's value is very little only now it 
    is a very potentially strong unit.  If this move doesn't work, which it very 
    rarely does not wipe out the whole base, than at least all of the enemy units 
    should be dead and all of the defensive structures destroyed (or should I say 
    "erased from time").  Than just move in a force of mixed units and your 
    opponent will perish.
    Flak Trooper IFV (Flak Trooper + IFV)
    This unit is essentially Flak Track without the ability to carry five 
    soldiers.  It is just like the Machine Gun IFV in its ability to kill 
    infantry but it fires very fast and continuously.  Also, it is horrible at 
    destroying tanks and other heavy weapons.  If anyone has any tactics that 
    they would like to share about this unit, please feel free to e-mail me (my 
    e-mail address is at the bottom of the FAQ).
    Tesla Trooper IFV (Tesla Trooper + IFV)
    This unit is like a Tesla Tank without the armor or power, but it is a nice 
    addition to any task force for a player who is not playing as Russia.  It 
    destroys units and structures very easily but it is almost not worth the $600 
    for something that is just as strong as a Tesla Trooper. For that price you 
    can build two Tesla Troopers.  If fact it is probably harder for a tank to 
    kill a Tesla Trooper than it is to destroy an IFV.  So take my advice and 
    stick to just plain Tesla Troopers.  The IFV version is only good for it's 
    speed and it's ability to not have it's occupant killed by an Attack Dog.
    The "Nuke" IFV (Crazy Ivan or Cuban Terrorist or Chrono Ivan + IFV)
    I call this the "Nuke" IFV because it is just like the Demolition Truck for 
    Libya.  The blast radius and the overall strength, I think, are a little 
    weaker than the Demo Truck but a terrorist and an IFV equal only $800 
    compared to $1500 for a Demo Truck.  I recommend this unit because it is 
    relatively fast and it can get to its destination before it prematurely 
    detonates.  These are good for quickly burning those pesky squads of scouting 
    infantry and temporarily radiating the ground.  They can also do considerable 
    damage to structures.
    The Yuri IFV (Yuri or Yuri Prime + IFV)
    These units are also very nice for taking out squads of infantry or perhaps 
    undeployed Desolators.  Their unique weapon is the mind blowing Yuri attack 
    when you deploy him only the radius is multiplied at least twice.  A little 
    plus, the blast also remains in the air until the IFV moves making the ground 
    impassable to infantry (please correct me if this is wrong).
    The Sniper IFV (Great Britain Sniper + IFV)
    If you happen to play as Great Britain, this is a must have unit.  The range 
    of this unit is probably twice as far as the regular Sniper.  This allows you 
    to quickly take out infantry from a very safe range.  This unit is a must 
    have for killing Yuris and Desolators.  This is also a great defensive unit, 
    killing any infantry before they can even see your base.  Great for taking 
    out those pesky Flak Troopers before an air raid or killing those dang GIs or 
    Conscripts before a tank rush.  Over all this is a must have unit no matter 
    how you use it.
    The Desolator IFV (Iraqi Desolator + IFV)
    This unit is like a Tanya on wheels for the Soviets.  It's useful for 
    repelling infantry just like the Sniper IFV.  In fact, it is basically the 
    exact same as the Sniper IFV except for it's range.  So feel free to use this 
    unit however you like.
    General IFV Tips:
    1. Never try to put a Rocketeer into an IFV.  It just doesn't work.  Don't e-
    mail me asking why.  Instead, e-mail Westwood, they might know.
    2. Putting an Attack Dog in an IFV is total worthless.  The IFV stays as a 
    Rocket IFV.  This may only be good for sneaking your dogs past tanks, but I 
    don't know why you'd even want to do that.  (Someone wrote to me and said 
    that putting a Dog in an IFV makes the IFV fire on spies.  Would somebody 
    please confirm this?)
    3.Remember, your IFV is it's own anti-air defense.  If an air raid is coming 
    to dismantle your squad just deploy all the infantry and let the IFVs take 
    care of themselves.
    4. IFVs are very fast.  Don't forget to take advantage of this ability.  It 
    can be very useful for responding to attacks on your units and bases.
    5. Remember that most of the different morphs of the IFV are strictly 
    infantry directed, meaning that they do not work well on tanks and 
    structures.  Excuses to this would be the Chrono Legionnaire IFV and the 
    "Nuke" IFV (this works on only structures, not tanks).
    6. Never overlook the transporting ability of your IFVs.  They are very well 
    suited for speeding past defenses and stuff like that.
    7. Lastly, your IFV is your friend, take good care of it and it will take 
    good care of you.
    That's all for now.  Hopefully, there will be more updates to this FAQ.  It 
    all depends on if you e-mail me back with new tips and corrections to 
    mistakes that I have made on this FAQ.  My e-mail address is:  
    I would like to thank the following:
    God-for giving me this ability to write
    My mom-for giving me life
    Westwood-for giving me Red Alert 2, the best game ever
    My dad-for discouraging me
    and finally, JC-for forgiving humankind's sins
    This FAQ Copyright 2000 Tim Silver
    Any reproduction of this FAQ for profit purposes or for placement on any 
    other site other than the sites listed below is strictly prohibited and is a 
    violation of copyright laws.  If I find this FAQ on any other site I will 
    track you down and force you to destroy it.  Also, if anybody reads this FAQ 
    on another site, please e-mail me with the site address.  Please note: 
    plagiarism is a mean and cruel thing.  Let's say you wrote a FAQ and I 
    illegally posted it on my site, I don't think you would be too happy about 
    it.  Neither would I.  So please, obey the law and ask permission
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