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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by WZafran

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     Last updated: 12-25-2k, v2.0
     Contact: <white_ultima@yahoo.com> 
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                        { Command n' Conquer: Red Alert 2 }
                          This FAQ is © 2k Wan Zafran.
                         Red Alert 2 is © 2k Westwood.
        LEGAL DISCLAIMER: This FAQ has been created and will remain the
        property of me, Wan Zafran. This guide can not be published on 
        another site, magazines or whatsoever; profit or non-profit 
        without my permission, or will be dealt with legally otherwise. 
        I DO NOT tolerate plagiarism, as it is an act of piracy, and will
        use whatever means possible to bring you down if I find you 
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     I like this game, really I do. But I've gotten tired of updating this
     FAQ, so I'm calling it quits. This will be my final update from now
     on. Please do not email me about RA2, and check for the answers from
     here or other FAQs before attempting to mail me about RA2. If your
     question has answers from the FAQ, then I will ignore it.
     However, if you wanna make friends with me, come on! Drop me an 
     email, and we can start being friends. Alright, seeya in another FAQ!
     units - 
     allied forces                        soviet forces
       -> infantry units                    -> infantry units
            .. gi (soldier)                      .. conscript (soldier)
            .. engineer                          .. flak trooper
            .. tanya                             .. tesla trooper
            .. spy                               .. engineer
            .. attack dog                        .. attack dog
            .. rocketeer                         .. yuri
            .. chrono legionnaire                .. crazy ivan
       -> land units                        -> land units
            .. chrono miner                      .. war miner
            .. grizzly tank                      .. rhino tank
            .. prism tank                        .. flak trak
            .. mirage tank                       .. v3 rockets
            .. ifv                               .. terror drone
            .. allied mcv                        .. apocalypse
       -> air units                         -> air units
            .. harrier                           .. kirov airship
            .. nighthawk                    -> naval units
       -> naval units                            .. sea scorpion
            .. dolphins                          .. submarine
            .. amphibious transport              .. dreadnought
            .. aegis cruiser                     .. giant squid
            .. destroyer                         .. amphibious transport
            .. aircraft carrier             -> special forces
       -> special forces                         .. libyan demo trucks
            .. american paratroopers             .. iraqi desolator
            .. french grand cannons              .. cuban terrorists
            .. british sniper                    .. russian tesla tanks
            .. korean black eagles
     strategies - 
       .. spy/tanya combo
       .. tesla coil charge
       .. nuclear defense
       .. yuri & crazy ivan combination
       .. 25 people in an amphibious transport
       .. crazy ivans and terrorists
       .. special units
       .. long radiation time when desolators deployed
       .. camouflage and hidden units!
     Allied Forces
     The allied forces consist more of technology and stealthy skills 
     rather than head-on destruction. So that's why you're 15 Prism tanks
     are losing against those 4 Apocalypse tanks, :) . Anyway, an allied 
     force basically should play defensively, mostly because they can't go
     head-on with a Soviet force.  However, RA2 has balanced the odds very
     nicely, so what you lose, you gain in another territory. And always,
     as an Allied force, try to use the mind to think of alternative ways
     to defeat your opponent rather than full force, head-on. The rants
     quit here, read on.
    [1] infantry units
     GI - The GI soldier is better than the Conscript, for two reasons: 
          they can create sand barriers when deployed, and because they
          are much stronger than the Conscript. Now, don't think that the
          sand barrier is useless, in fact it's the best thing they can 
          have for themselves. This is just an estimation made by me, but
          I think that when they are deployed, they take only half the 
          damage. Many a fight I've won with my GI's which were deployed 
          near the enemy's base, where they were destroying the enemy 
          base at a considerable rate. Individually, very weak, but in 
          troops they're a nice addition to a battlefield attack on the
          enemy. When garrisoned within a building in packs of 5 or more,
          basically nothing can pass by unscathed (with the exception of
          Curtained tanks, of course). These should not be passed by, as
          they are a valuable addition to any Allied force.
          Pro's: Good in packs; the deploy option is extremely useful; 
                 good when garrisoned; weakens buildings easily; are 
                 practically SEALs without MP5s and C4s when Elite.
          Con's: Cannot move when deployed (very logical...); useless
                 against more than 3 tanks unless they themselves are
                 in big groups.
     Engineer - The Engineer is a great addition to any team, mostly
                because of their ability to capture buildings or repair
                them instantly. Engineers are needed if you want to take
                over Tech Buildings, and some missions require the use
                of them. Previously, in RA1, you could only capture a
                building if it was at least 75% damaged. Now, a building
                can be captured anytime, opening doors to new advantages
                and disadvantages. Just don't overlook these guys,
                they're very useful.
          Pro's: Can capture buildings; destroyed buildings are repaired
                 instataneously; excellent if used with the IFV.
          Con's: Slow movement; the nerdy voice irritates me.
     Tanya - Tanya is the coolest infantry unit for the Allied force. Her
             C4s are great for destroying buildings, boats don't stand a 
             chance against her, and no normal infantry can get past her 
             Colts. A new addition to RA2 is that she can swim! Yeah! 
             Can't get past a certain opponent? Order a spy in to their 
             energy sources, then while their power source is offline, 
             destroy their bases with a simple plant from the C4! Her 
             swimming ability is invaluable, she can reach places far 
             away half the time by swimming. For a sneak attack, she is 
             invaluable. However, keep her far, far away from the Iraqi 
             Desolator and Flak Troopers, the only units hard for her to
          Pro's: Superb building destroyer; amazing infantry killer; can
                 swim; boats can be destroyed with a single C4.
          Con's: Can't destroy tanks with C4, that's all.
     Spy - If you've played the campaigns (go play if you haven't, it's 
           superb), you'll see the uses for a spy. Their ability to 
           disguise as an enemy and infiltrate in is extremely useful. 
           Plus, in RA2, each different building that you infiltrate will
           have different results. But the important thing that you need 
           to remember is that infiltrating power sources (Power 
           Plant/Tesla Reactor) will result in the power going offline for
           a minute. You can find the other results in other FAQs. The 
           cool thing about a spy is that he is virtually unforeseen; so 
           an opponent might not notice what happened until his power 
           support goes offline and all his Power Plants are destroyed. 
           Use this guy well, and he might be your thin line between 
           winning and losing.
          Pro's: Superb way of stealing into the enemy's camp unseen; 
                 has the ability to change into any enemy form; different
                 results in different building infiltrations are very 
          Con's: The ability to change to different forms is useless; 
                 easily noticed if only he is the one moving within a 
     Attack - The only way to distinguish between an ally and a spy, they
     Dog      are needed most of the time to protect a crucial building 
              such as a Battle Lab, Refinery, or Power Plant/Tesla Reactor
              from Spy infiltrations. Their bites are quite lethal too, 
              with a single bite being able to kill most light infantries. 
              Most infantries don't attack the dogs too, so in big groups,
              they're good for keeping all infantries out of the base. 
              Other than that, they're not needed much. Just keep a couple
              around the base, just IN CASE.
          Pro's: Instant death for an infantry if bitten by an attack dog; 
                 will protect your base from spies.
          Con's: Useless against Tanya and other heavy infantries (SEALs,
     Rocketeer - In RA1, these were ground units which were superb against
                 vehicles and flying objects. Now, with their jet booster,
                 they are superb against vehicles and infantry on ground.
                 However, they are very weak and are easily brought down 
                 by a couple of srikes from your missiles or tanks. Don't
                 underestimate them, however. If brought in big amounts,
                 tanks, buildings and normal infantries don't stand much
                 of a chance against them. Use them wisely.
          Pro's: Flying infantries; good soldiers if brought in troops;
                 hard to kill without anti-air infantries or vehicles.
          Con's: Easily brought down; annoying when used by the computer.
     Chrono      - Personally speaking, I never use him. His ability to 
     Legionnaire   teleport between distances and stunning enemies while
                   'erasing' them is, quite frankly, cool, but it's, well,
                   not really that useful. You see, when they are 
                   'erasing' the object, whether an infantry, a vehicle or
                   a building, they also get stunned too, leaving them 
                   extremely vulnerable towards attack. <SNIP> I beg your
                   pardon to any of those I might have offended with this
                   line, but THEY ARE NOT USELESS. Also, Comrade Bronx has
                   mailed and corrected me about these guys. It seems
                   that the further they jump, the longer before they
                   recover from their teleportation. They are also...
                   never mind, here are his words:
          Pro's: Opponent's building/vehicle/infantry will stun while he
                 is 'erasing' them; teleports to target rather than walk.
          Con's: Weak against enemy attacks; stunned status makes them 
                 vulnerable; worth the value according to the way you
                 use them.
     Comrade Bronx's words:
     "They are very good against enemy defenses such as Prism Towers and
      Tesla Coils, if you teleport a few Legionnaires just out of range 
      of the Prism Towers or Sentry Guns, it takes them barely any time to
      teleport in range to attack; Therefore once they DO attack, the 
      towers can't retaliate because they are in the middle of being de-
     My (Wan Zafran) words:
     "Excellent tip. However, I'd still like to stress that if you're
      enemy has worked his base defenses out, he'd most likely have an
      extra Prism Tower or Tesla Coils nearby, so be aware of that too."
     Greg H's words:
     "I just thought I'd like to point out how good Chrono Legionnaires
      are. If they attack your base, an alarm is not sounded. For
      instance,  if you're fighting someoneand your fighting in some part
      of the map, you could send in like 4 Chrono's to attack several
      important buildings, and while he's watching the battle out in the
      middle of nowhere, you're erasing his base from time, and he doesn't
      have a clue. And in an IFV, they kick some ass."
     My words:
     "Superb. But beware though, just in case if the enemy is guarding his
      base while you're attacking him."
     Comrade Bronx's words:
     "I have found 1 more trick....Chrono Legionnaires in a group of 4 or
      more can be VERY useful when the enemy isn't watching their base. 
      Send ONE Legionnaire against one of the enemies defenses and then 
      send another at each of the other defenses that may be in range. 
      This tactic disables all defenses in a particular area and 
      eventually destroys them if the enemy isn't quick enough to stop you.
      It can also be handy when you are attacking with tanks and such... 
      send in a few Legionnaires as backup to stop the defenses damaging 
      your tank..."
     Pyreling's words:
     "Nuclear reactors don't explode when 'erased' by the Chrono 
      Legionnaires, freezes Superweapons while 'erasing' them. War Miners 
      can't fight back when frozen. Their price is steep, but they whip in
    [2] land units
     Chrono - The ore miner from RA1 is back, with a slight change; it can
     Miner    now teleport back to the Refinery, reducing time needed to
              go back and forth. Have a couple of these babies mining ore,
              and watch that cash amount at the top-right side of your
              screen increase...
          Pro's: Can now teleport back to the refinery; hard to destroy.
          Con's: No self-defense; easily destroyed by tanks or normal 
     SPECIAL NOTE: Chrono miners carry $700, not $500 as previously 
                   stated. For crystals, the money carried is doubled. 
                   Thanks Pyreling.
     Grizzly - Grizzly Tanks are equivalent to the Medium Tanks of RA1. 
     Tank      They are good when used to destroy buildings or other 
               vehicles, but try NOT to use them against infantries. 
               Contrary to what most people think of tanks (unintended
               pun), they are actually the worst way of killing 
               infantry's, mostly because they use heavy cannons and
               infantry's are hard to hit. However, you can run them 
               over, one of the best ways to kill an infantry. Beware 
               though, that in big groups of Conscripts, don't try to run
               'em all over, 'cos they're the one's which are most likely
               going to kill you first. If surfaced against Apocalypse
               tanks, well... run. If there are more than 3 Apocalypse 
               Tanks and you have less than 7 Grizzly Tanks, just run.
               You're not going to win. These guys are mostly for base
               and light unit attacks, not for direct confrontation. 
          Pro's: Good for hit and runs; good for destroying buildings; 
                 cheap to build.
          Con's: Near-useless for killing infantries; can't stand up
                 against other tanks that much except in groups.
     Prism - Prism Tanks are powerful... VERY powerful to be exact. In
     Tank    groups of 5 or more, a single simultaneous hit from each 5
             tanks can totally destroy most base defenses, like Tesla 
             Coils or Sentry Guns. Most buildings go down within 3 shots.
             Still, watch out for those base defenses though. Which brings
             me to my next point. They got speed and power, but they lack
             one thing they need the most: armor. Though powerful in packs,
             try sending one to the enemy base. Most likely going to be 
             destroyed easily. A single Apocalypse, if not attacked, can
             destroy a few (Prism Tanks) by itself. They are very weak, so
             if you want to send a few, send it with backup, some other 
             tanks most likely. However, they are very good for 
             hit-and-run assaults. Know this tank well, he's one of the 
             few good tanks the Allied force have.
          Pro's: Superb building destroyers but weak against any other
                 tanks; long range adds to its ability to clear the base
                 of enemy's base defense.
          Con's: Extremely weak armor; easily destroyed by small groups
                 of enemy tanks.
     Mirage - These are your portable trees, :). Just kidding, anyhow, 
     Tank     their attacks are of medium strength, so bring 'em in packs
              and they'll serve you well. In dense urban places, try not
              to use them too much, but in dense forests, the more you use
              them, the better. If you assemble them in a six pack 
              formation, like this -> ::: <- , they are virtually 
              untrackable, if you're opponent doesn't notice it. They are
              invisible to radar, if I'm not wrong (somebody please email
              me and confirm this). So send them close to the enemy base,
              bring some snipers behind them, where any infantry close 
              within the vicinity will be easy lunch for them. Mirage 
              tanks are good for accompanying your tanks too. If anybody
              else has any info on these guys, please email me.
          Pro's: Good camouflaging hideouts for snipers; powerful in 
                 packs; invisible to radar (somebody, please confirm 
          Con's: Visible when attacking and moving; weak armor.
     IFV - The cool thing about these guys, are that they are 
           transformable. Different infantries inside these guys will 
           react differently. There's an IFV guide on Gamefaqs (Go 
           GameFAQs!), so I won't elaborate the details. Anyway, the good
           thing about these guys are that they are practically anything
           you want them to be, except head-on tanks. By default, they are
           anti-air units and good infantry killers, but put a soldier in
           and they'll be even better. Check out the IFV guide for more 
           info. Oh yeah, one last thing; if an engineer is put in, they 
           become superb mechanics for vehicles and tanks. Have these guys 
           available all the time.
          Pro's: Very good transformable machines; excellent vehicle 
                 medics; good snipers; nice infantry killers; fast; just
                 plain kEwL.
          Con's: Weak; can carry only 1 infantry unit; useless against
     Comrade Bronx's words:
     "If you're using the Soviets and manage to mind-control an allied
      IFV, you can put a Crazy Ivan inside it. This makes a nuke vehicle
      that is very similar to the Libyan Demolition Truck but much, much
      faster, :)"
     Allied - Stands for Mobile Construction Vehicle, which will, when
     MCV      deployed turn into the Construction Yards, your most
              important building in the game. These should be used if you
              want two different bases, with different bases focusing on
              different things. It's specifications are exactly the same
              as the Soviet MCV. Try building one yourself and deploying
              it somewhere. Oh, can somebody confirm this? I think that
              if you have a new base somewhere else, the energy source
              coming from your Plant there will be totally unrelated to
              your first base; meaning that if the second base had lots
              of Tesla Coils, and the first was sold clean of Power 
              Plants; the second base would still be operating because
              it isn't related to the first in any way. Oh, what the
              heck, never mind. This will most probably confuse you,
              but if you understand what I mean, and can summarize it
              in a less-confusing way, please write to me about it.
          Pro's & Con's: You'll have to figure these out yourself.
    [3] air units
     Harrier - These jets can be said as Lesser MIGs, a souped-down 
               version of the old jets of RA1. However in flights of 4,
               they are quite powerful. Don't attack individual units with
               this, they're not worth the time. Instead, concentrate on
               crucial buildings, like the Construction Yard or Refinery.
               Just remember, that buildings such as those require much 
               more heavy attacks, usually around 8 Harrier's. I usually
               just build a couple and don't use them that much, but 
               here's a tip: if you're facing an opponent who uses only 
               ground units, and don't build their base defenses much, 
               then use air units. And if they don't have ANY anti-air 
               units, then build A LOT of Harriers.
          Pro's: Powerful attacks in big groups; very fast, good for
                 scouting; excellent for fighting ground-focusing 
          Con's: Weak, 3 shots are all that's needed before going down;
                 not much use if the opponent has a lot of anti-air 
     Night - The Nighthawk is one of the best ways of transporting Spies,
     hawk    Tanya(s) and Snipers. In fact, it's the only unit the Allied
             force that can bring more than 1 infantry at once.  It's very
             fast, suitable for quick hit-and-runs by infantries. There's
             a strategy I have in the Strategies section about using the 
             Nighthawk and a hit-and-run batch. You'll learn what I mean
             when you read it. The Nighthawk is not capable of defending
             itself , but if attacked, it will fly off to another place 
             where it won't get attacked. A lot of people don't notice 
             this (myself included), but did you know that the Nighthawk 
             can SHOOT? Yes, they shoot very well at infantries. Be aware
             of anti-air units and rocket infantries, though. But still, 
             generally I only use the Nighthawk for transportation only, 
             rather than warfare. 
          Pro's: Excellent infantry transportation; very fast.
          Con's: No defense; will go down easily if shot.
     Comrade Bronx's words:
     "Nighthawk choppers are invisible to radar which makes them quite
      useful in multi-player... <evil grin>"
    [4] naval units
     Dolphin - Dolphins are the only units capable of releasing a Giant
               Squid's grip on a ship. These Allied Dolphins use some 
               kind of equipment strapped on their back which releases
               Sonic Waves. Allied Dolphins do quite well with destroying
               other ships or so, but their weakness lies in their low 
               rate of fire and weak armor; so these guys are basically
               just for backup or protecting immobile boats at the base.
          Pro's: The only way to release a Giant Squid from a ship;
                 powerful Sonic Waves in packs.
          Con's: Extremely low rate of fire; weak armor.
     Amphibious - The AT is a superb way of bringing lots of infantries,
     Transport    or transporting tanks and vehicles in groups quickly.
                  The AT is amphibious (as the name implies itself), so
                  it can move as fast on land as it does on water. And
                  if you're in the mood to haste, then just pack a couple
                  of tanks in the AT and just Chronoshift them anywhere
                  across the map. Beware of exploding AT's when you 
                  Chronoshift them though. However, they are good for
                  transporting large amount of infantries across the map.
                  Check out the Strategies section for this.
          Pro's: Superb way of transporting groups of vehicles or
                 infantries; quite fast on land or water.
          Con's: Very weak armor; if it explodes the infantry or vehicle
                 inside will go with it.
     NOTE: Thanks to The Flaming Koosh of Death for correcting me with my
           mixed names. Also, read his tips too.
     Aegis     - The Cruiser is a superb ship, which can attack land at
     Cruiser     long ranges; and if it ain't enough, it'll send an 
                 aircraft to shoot. These guys should not be looked down
                 upon. Furthermore, they're quick, quite cheap, and are 
                 worth the money. Good for quick assaults, but beware of
                 Giant Squids and Submarines, which is why you must always
                 send these guys with Dolphins or Destroyers. 
          Pro's: The ability to use plans with the Cruiser is a nice
                 addition; fast and strong attacker; reasonable price.
          Con's: The planes get shot down easily; no defense against
                 Giant Squids or Submarines.
     TFKOD's (The Flaming Koosh of Death) words:
     "Aegis Cruiser - Air defense. They shoot missiles that destroy 
      anything in the air. V3 and Dreadnought rockets, Hornets and 
      Harriers all die really fast. Kirovs take longer but that is 
      expected. They are not the only units that can target submarines,
      but they suck against subs."
     Destroyer - Very good naval attackers, they can shoot at extreme
                 long ranges without much problem, and they're the only
                 ones capable of attacking submarines. One problem:
                 they're damn slow, so if you're sending them with
                 some cruisers, don't send them long ranges, instead 
                 slow down the cruisers so that the destroyer can follow
                 them. And all-rounder naval unit.
          Pro's: Able to shoot submarines; long-ranged attacks; strong
          Con's: VERY slow; expensive; cannot protect itself from Giant
     TFKOD's words:
     "Destroyer - Good all around ship.  Has an Anti-Sub Warefare plane
      (ASW) and a normal deck gun on it.  These destroy subs rather fast, 
      and if the plane is destroyed, it is replaced for free. Good all 
      around ship."
     Aircraft - These are superb naval units. They send 3 powerful
     Carrier    aircraft's to shoot down submarines, or other ships.
                They shoot land or sea perfectly, and if the aircraft's are
                shot down, they regenerate back quickly. They are also
                very strong, being able to shoot down most buildings or
                units VERY quickly, and if sent in groups of 4 or more,
                are very destructive. They also have good armor, but are
                a bit slow though. And expensive.
          Pro's: Very strong; regenerating aircrafts; good armor.
          Con's: Slow; very expensive.
    [5] special forces
     American - Think these guys are worthless? Think again. They drop 
     Para-      down anywhere within the map except water, they're good
     Troopers   GI's, and most will survive if you send them to attack the
                enemy's base. I can't explain further in any more detail, 
                you just have to test it out for yourself.
          Pro's: All that the GI has; come in troops of 5 or more; time
                 counter for dropping paratroopers quickly refreshes; 
                 nice for quick assaults.
          Con's: All that the GI has.
     French  - Looking down on those? Just because they're immobile? Heck,
     Grand     they're the best base defense any Allied force will want to
     Cannons   have. Why? Cos' they're super-powerful (heck, even 
               Apocalypse tanks will go down in 2-3 hits), have tough 
               armor and have long ranged attacks. Churn out a couple of 
               these around your base and then just concentrate on 
               defeating your opponent, leaving the Cannons to guard your
               base. These guys are superb. No tank, even Prisms can get 
               close enough to your base without getting shot if you have
               these guys around. If your opponent built a couple of these,
               well... pray that he doesn't have anti-air units. That's 
               the only way to destroy these guys, air. Naval force might
               work if your enemy's base is close to the shore. If he has
               all his base defenses worked out, it's gonna be a long time 
               before you defeat him.
          Pro's: Superb base defenses, excellent infantry killers and 
                 tank destroyers; long-ranged cannons, good for 
                 destroying tanks before they come within the vicinity
                 of your base.
          Con's: Cannot move; easily destroyed if placed far from other
                 Grand Cannons.
     British - British Snipers are excellent infantry-killers in group 
     Sniper    behind buildings or trees close to your base. Personally, I
               love these guys. Many times have my opponents sent Tanya, 
               and these Sniper's eliminated her without much problem. If
               you've played Half-Life's Counter-Strike before, you'll 
               probably know how strong the Artic Warfare Sniper Rifle is,
               which is what these guys are using. Their (Snipers) ability
               to shoot across long ranges perfectly totally blend with
               your infantry base defenses. Just a tip: never have a lone
               sniper, if you want to protect against mass attacks by 
               enemy infantries. Have at least 3-5 Snipers guarding the 
               place you want, and hide them behind some bushes or trees.
               That way, if your opponent sends a wave of infantries, 
               he'll be constantly wondering why his infantries keep dying
               when passing a certain point. Just don't put a sniper in 
               guard mode, or not he'll chase the enemy if he runs away. 
               The bottomline: just try this guy. You may like him or not,
               it's up to you. I hope in the next patch or so, Westwood 
               will add the ability to snipe above the buildings like a
               real sniper or deploy sand barriers. That would be really
          Pro's: Extreme infantry killers in groups of 3 or more; 
                 excellent infantry base defense; a single shot kills
          Con's: Very weak, easily killed; they're rate of fire is VERY
                 BAD; huge infantries rushing in will easily overwhelm
                 them; his gun has no effect on buildings and vehicles.
     Korean  - I once thought that these could be of no difference to the
     Black     Harriers, just a powered-up version of them. I was
     Eagle     wrong. These guys are superb destroyers in pack of 4's, 
               each packing twice the strength of a normal Harrier. In 
               packs of 8, they can easily destroy any building you want
               them to in a single wave (a rush attack). Their armor is 
               also of a higher level; the Harrier being able to take 3 
               hits from anti-air units and the Black Eagle being able to
               take 6. If you know an opponent that uses ground units 
               only, then choose Korea. Build up at least 4 of these, and
               watch his buildings decimated slowly by you. A small tip: 
               Try to go for an opponent's Construction Yard first. If
               possible, send a suicide wave early, so that their 
               Construction Yard is destroyed early and their economy
               weakened easily. If you don't understand, read the 
               Strategies section. If I had the money, I would really 
               invest in these guys. When I play against people or the
               AI, I usually have about 4 Airforce Command Centers.
               Buy these guys, I really recommend that you do.
          Pro's: Very powerful in packs; good armor; very fast.
          Con's: Expensive; slow to build.
     Soviet Forces
     With the Soviets, it's a simple case: seek n' destroy. Their weaponry
     most of the time, even in small doses are very lethal. Their power
     lies in their tanks and base defenses. Most of the time, you just
     have to concentrate on the TANKS and base defenses. Build these up
     real well and you don't have to worry much.
    [1] infantry units
     Conscript - A lesser version of the GI, they cost the same but are
                 produced faster than the GI. However, they are much, much
                 weaker. Personally, I only build these guys if I need to
                 garrison my buildings, because they don't stand a chance
                 against vehicles and even other light infantries. They
                 also lack the sand barriers that the GI has, so they're
                 easily killed. Their only true ability is their rate of 
                 fire, which is twice as fast as the GI, I think. Use them
                 as you wish, but don't rely on them for heavy warfare.
                 However, if you feel that they should be rated better,
                 contact me and give me your opinions.
     Comrade Bronx's words:
     "...and once you get a Cloning Vat, they become quite handy because you
      can train 2 soldiers for $100."
          Pro's: Higher rate of fire; faster to produce than the GI; good
                 for garrisoning buildings; destroys buildings very fast
                 in troops.
          Con's: Cannot deploy; weak against practically all units.
     Flak    - These guys take care of infantries quite nicely. They are
     Trooper   also quite well in the defense department, and won't go
               down easily. They're good at taking care of tanks and
               air units too.
          Pro's: Good infantry killers; cheap to produce; quite good 
                 against vehicles.
          Con's: Slower than normal infantries; not as fast as the Flak
                 Cannon though.
     Tesla   - These guys are NOT worthless as I previously said. They
     Trooper   have longer range than the infantries, but when brought
               against Tanya or the SEALs, they are easily killed.
               His price is a bit steep though, but he is extremely weak 
               against Tanks. Overall, a good but not-very useful unit.
     NOTE: I am wrong again about that worthless thing, sorry. Oh, and
           there's a feature I didn't write about, it's the Tesla Coil
           Charge thing. Look at that in the Theories section.
          Pro's: Good against light infantries.
          Con's: Expensive; slow; useless against Tanks.
     Engineer - See Allied Engineer above.
     Attack - See Allied Attack Dog.
     Yuri - Yuri is a superb unit when used with the Crazy Ivan. Many
            infantries or vehicles can't get near him because of his
            ability to mind-control them. Practically anything which
            can move is mind-controllable. He is also able to 'deploy',
            which will create a field of aura which will immediately
            kill or hurt any units close to him. Yuri, if used with the
            Crazy Ivan, is a potential unit of destruction (see
            Strategies section). His only weakness lies in the ability
            of being unable to protect himself from tanks or vehicles.
            Even so, try employing his mind-control power creatively.
     Comrade Bronx's words:
     "Yuri's cannot mind control dogs which makes them very vulnerable to
      their attacks."
     My words:
     "Hmm, a way to counter the above is to 'number' the Yuri team, and if
      needed, 'deploy' the Yuris whenever a dog gets near. Don't worry if
      there are other Yuris nearby, since they won't be injured from their
      own explosions."
          Pro's: Can mind-control everything which can move; ability
                 to deploy can kill or severe units badly.
          Con's: Can only mind control one unit at a time; defenceless
                 against long-range attacks.
     Crazy - Is either plan annoying, or plain cool. They're ability to
     Ivan    plant dynamites on buildings are really effective, because
             it cannot be removed, and just have to wait from being
             destroyed. They're the guys who killed General Carville (or
             whatever his name is, the fat guy in the Allied campaigns who
             commanded you). Used sneakily, they can totally wreak havoc
             on Allied forces. Try finding ways to sneak in enemy bases
             unspotted, and destroy!
          Pro's: Excellent building and infantry destroyer; ANYTHING can
                 be planted with a dynamite.
          Con's: If he dies, anyone within the radius of 2 yards will die
                 with him.
    [2] land units
     War   - The War Miner is exactly the same as the Miner from RA1, with
     Miner   an exception: they're armed. Anything within the vicinity
             of 2 yards will most likely be shot at, and they can continue
             mining while doing this! Miners, both Allied and Soviet have
             one of the toughest armors in the game, and with it's armor
             and machinegun, this miner is one tough guy to crack. An
             experience I had: my 10 Prism tanks were against 2 of these
             guys, and guess what happened? (no prizes though) Yeah, they
             lost to these 2 miners, an example of how tough these guys
             are. They're only weakness lies in attacks by group of Allied
             tanks, the Chrono Legionnaire and if the opponent is playing
             the Soviets, the infamous Terror Drones. That can be easily
             repaired, though. Just send these guys to the Service Depot
             and they'll be fixed. But only use these guys as your last
             resort, if you're totally famished of all your resources.
          Pro's: Hard to destroy; machinegun adds superb anti-infantry
          Con's: Slow; useless against a group of tanks.
     SPECIAL NOTE: Chrono miners carry $700, not $500 as previously 
                   stated. For crystals, the money carried is doubled. 
                   Thanks Pyreling.
     Rhino - These are the Heavy Tanks of RA1, and they live up their
     Tank    name very well. Sent in packs of 5 or more, they're ability
             to destroy buildings and opposing tanks are very well-to-do.
             When sent in groups with infantries or other vehicles,
             they tend to help attract the attention from other opposing
             attackers, leaving the infantries or other of your vehicles
             to dispose of them. They're also quite good in destroying
             naval units, though I recommend that you use an Apocalypse
             to do so. This is a tank worth the money and investment,
             so always have a couple of these in an assault.
          Pro's: Nice all-rounders; good for quick assaults; reasonable
                 price; good for scouting the map early in the game.
          Con's: Very hard to kill infantries because of the cannons.
     Flak - The APC from RA1 is back in Red Alert 2 with a new name for a
     Trak   new side. A superb way of carrying huge amount of units, read
            the Strategies section for this. It is also capable of 
            shooting infantries, but it's main use is for transporting
            infantries across the map at high speed. It's weak armor is
            a disadvantage for using the Flak Trak, but it can be 
            reversed if you're using Cuba. Bottomline: if you need some
            crucial infantry across the map quickly, use these guys.
          Pro's: Fast; good way of transporting infantry; has an
                 anti-infantry machinegun.
          Con's: Weak armor, easily destroyed. 
     V3     -  The V3 Rocket is a superb unit for destroying buildings;
     Rocket    and you can see why by looking at the huge rockets on it's
               back. Good for back-of-the-lines in an assault, they should
               never be put in the front lines. Their armor is very weak
               and any tanks or even infantry (Garrisoned buildings work
               the best) will be able to destroy one easily. They make up
               for this with their long range: send a few with some
               Apocalypse tanks, have the Apocalypses go attack in front
               while the V3's wreak destruction from afar.
          Pro's: Powerful missile attack; quite fast; super strong in
          Con's: EXTREMELY weak armor; long reload time; turning itself
                 in any way takes eternity.
     Terror - Does what it does the best, terrorizes me, :). Anyway, these
     Drone    guys are a real annoyance for your enemy if you send them in
              packs, so if possible, attack all the tanks you can. Quite
              cheap and fast to produce, they can be sent to the enemy
              base to destroy some tanks quickly. You will know if a 
              vehicle has been 'infected' if it constantly shakes by 
              itself for no reason. Their armor ain't the best in the 
              world; a few shots from any light infantries will totally
              destroy them. Just sneak 'em in, and let them do their work.
          Pro's: Nice way of 'terrorizing' your opponent; cheap and fast
                 to make; moves very FAST; destroys any opposing player's
                 tank quickly.
          Con's: Very weak armor; a bit irritating if you're playing the
                 Allied forces.
     NOTE: Correction! 'The Flaming Koosh of Death' (TFKD) sent me some
           things about them. They are not Kamikaze drones, as previously
           said. After killing a vehicle, they will go on to 'terrorize'
           the next, and next, and next, continuing until either all the
           enemies within it's area or itself is destroyed. Also, if they
           are sticking to an Allied Chrono Miner, when the CM teleports
           back, they will still be left there, stunned. Thanks TFKD.
     Pyreling's words:
     "If a terror drone infested vehicle is force fired on and destroyed,
      the terror drone will also explode."
     Apocalypse - Now this is what everybody's talking about, yeah! This
                  baby can be considered the 'Mammoth Tank' of RA2, with
                  an exception: it's better. It's got all the three
                  ingredients needed to make a super tank; speed, power.
                  and defense. It's very powerful, 2-4 shots from it is
                  enough to destroy most tanks; it's extremely tough
                  and it moves fast enough to dodge some attacks.
                  Seriously, if I was in a long-running game and I want
                  my opponent decimated quickly, I'd build these guys.
                  They are superb in the long runs. One drawback, though.
                  The hefty price. For $1750 per tanks, it might make
                  a hole in your pocket easily. So my advice is to
                  basically make one for every $3000 that you have. When
                  you have at least 5, go on a rampage. Virtually 
                  unstoppable, if I may so myself.
          Pro's: Tough armor; quite fast; very powerful; nice investment
                 in the long run.
          Con's: Very expensive; slow to make.
     Soviet MCV - See Allied MCV.
    [3] air units
     Kirov    - The Kirov Airship is one of the most feared units in RA2,
     Airship    if not the most (it's my most feared unit).  If faced
                against an opponent who is coming to my base with this,
                I will quickly, very QUICKLY build on my anti-air base
                defenses. Be, very, very afraid of these guys. Two bombs
                should be enough to destroy most buildings, and they're
                extremely tough. They'll take more than a dozen blows
                from any anti-air units before going down. And if they
                come in packs of 2 or more, pray that you have enough
                power and anti-air units. Plainly speaking, wise
                investment and reasonable price, but one thing really
                bugs me, the speed of the Kirov Airship. It's both an
                advantage and disadvantage really, but bring a couple
                of Kirov's and your enemy will most likely fall easily.
          Pro's: EXTREMELY powerful air unit; worth the money and time;
                 very tough.
          Con's: VERY slow, to the point of 1-2 yards per second.
    [4] naval units
     Sea      - These are great naval anti-air units. When positioned
     Scorpion   with your other naval units, incoming shots from Aegis
                Cruiser's, Destroyers or Aircraft Carriers will be dealt
                with easily. If brought in packs, they are good for
                taking out incoming shots from other naval units. Good
                for backup, but nothing else. They are easily destroyed,
                which means that you must always keep in these guys in
                the back lines.
          Pro's: Cheap; good anti-air units; excellent for removing
                 enemy naval units' shots; fast movement.
          Con's: Weak armor; useless if brought by themselves.
     Submarine - Cool units, made for heavy duty naval destruction.
                 Nothing is able to hit it, except for when it is 
                 surfaced. Even so, it is still prey against the Allied
                 Dolphins. Good if you're trying to defeat the Allies using
                 naval force, but it can only shoot within the water, 
                 unlike the Dreadnought.
          Pro's: Quite powerful; invisible to radar; very good addition
                 to any ships in packs.
          Con's: A bit slow; can be seen when shooting.
     Dreadnought - In the first Allied campaign, Tanya is required to
                   destroy these. These guys are great for attacking
                   buildings or other ships, but they are a bit low
                   in the armor department, though. They are also subject
                   to Tanya's C4, so be wise and keep them far, far
                   away from Tanya.
          Pro's: Powerful attacks; cheap and fast.
          Con's: Easily destroyed because of weak armor; useless against
                 Tanya's; easily destroyed by Allied ships.
     TFKOD's words:
     "I love the Dreadnoughts.  IF you get more than 5 of these, the 
      enemy's base is pretty much screwed.  5 Dreads mean 10 rockets at 
      once, hard for any anti-air combo to kill.  They do need backup of
      Squids, to kill Tanya and SEALs, Subs to destroy ships and Scorpions
      to kill aircraft carrier F-18's.  IF they get that, they are almost 
     Giant - I hate these guys, truthfully. Well, if I'm on the Soviets,
     Squid   I love em, but if I'm on the Allied forces... anyway, these
             guys are superb for halting ships and the likes from getting
             away. They are quite powerful, but their best features are
             being able to stun your opponent's ship while your other
             naval units attack the ship. The only thing able to 'shoo'
             them away from attacked ships are the Allied Dolphins. 
             They are actually very weak, and have extremely low defenses.
             A few blows from an Allied Dolphin will most likely kill
             them, and 2-3 blows from any ship is instant death. They will
             serve you well if you know how to use them though.
          Pro's: Attacked ships are stunned while the Giant Squid is
                 holding them; good for sneak attacks or patrolling the
                 base; fast movement.
          Con's: Very weak; a bit expensive.
     Amphibious - See Allied Amphibious Transport.
    [5] special forces
     Libyan     - What's the use of wasting money on a truck which you're
     Demolition   supposed to destroy, that doesn't even cause much 
     Trucks       damage? Besides, by the time it gets near the enemy base,
                  his tanks or infantries should already be ready to destroy
                  it. Or even worse, his Prism Tower's or Tesla Coils will
                  take care of it from afar, rendering this vehicle useless.
                  But if Curtained, the demo trucks can be really useful.
                  Read The Flaming Koosh of Death's tips that he gave
     TFKOD's words:
     "The Libyan Demo Trucks. These things are awesome. Imagine you have 3
      Trucks. Imagine you have a charged Iron Curtain. Imagine what would
      happen when they can't destroy 3 trucks before they park next to a
      Construction Yard. Imagine how much the enemy will be sworn out
      after the yard is gone. Imagine your delight." 
          Pro's: Releases a nuclear radiation field around it's vicinity
                 when destroyed; fast movement.
          Con's: Expensive; easily destroyed; just plain useless.
     Iraqi      - Plain simply, I really hate it if my opponent has a
     Desolator    couple of these by their bases. They're a total pain in
                  the ass, cos it's really hard to get past them. They
                  use some sort of nuclear-radiation weapon, which makes
                  it near-impossible for any of your allies to get near
                  him. They also have long-range, good strength. They also
                  can deploy, releasing a nuclear radiation field for as 
                  long as you want (I think). However, this will harm both
                  friend and foe, so I don't suggest you do this unless 
                  these are the only guys you have on the battlefied. 
                  These guys are quite good, I suggest you try using them.
          Pro's: Fast-killers; powerful; infantries (except his type) 
                 and vehicles within his death vicinity will die with him; 
          Con's: A bit expensive; kills own infantries too.
     Cuban      - Cheap and fast to produce, these guys can be really
     Terrorist    amazing sometimes. If killed, they will release a 
                  powerful bomb on their bodies. They are fanatics for
                  the Soviet cause, and they will kill themselves with
                  anything you command them to. I suggest you send 
                  these guys inside the enemy base with a vehicle, then
                  attack any buildings you're able to. Quite good,
                  actually. Read the Strategies section for a way of
                  making them detonate with Crazy Ivan.
          Pro's: Fast and cheap to produce; powerful explosions.
          Con's: Easily killed; any infantries around will go on fire
                 if he is killed.
     Russian     - Plain simply, this is a Tesla Coil... on wheels. Though
     Tesla Tank    relatively weaker than it's original counterpart, in
                   big groups it is a superb unit, as it's heavy duty
                   electric charge easily weakens enemies, and it's speed
                   more than makes up for it's low armor. Try to keep them
                   in the back lines, however, as they cannot withstand
                   a direct confrontation for a long time.
          Pro's: Powerful; quite cheap; fast movement.
          Con's: Weak armor; slow to produce.
     This is the section that most of you readers will be skipping to, I
     guess. However, read also the Allied and Soviet sections for some
     tips. This section will contain strategies, of three categories:
     Unit Strategies - regarding units, Base Strategies - anything to do
     with buildings and your base, and General Strategies, which means
     that it's possible to do the strategy anytime with whichever side
     you're on. Remember, if you have any good strategies or hints/tips
     or bugs, please send 'em to me at <white_ultima@yahoo.com> !
     Strategy count: 9
     *Spy/Tanya Combo*
     You can easily destroy an enemy's base defense with this. However,
     check to see that your opponent doesn't have any outer base defenses,
     such as Sentry Guns, Grand Cannons, Desolators, Prism Tower's or 
     tanks. If there are infantries, Tesla Coils or Dogs, don't worry. 
     Okay, first train a Spy and Tanya, and buy a Nighthawk. Disguise the
     spy, then enter the Nighthawk with Tanya. Land a bit far away from 
     the enemy's base, and infiltrate his power plant. With his power
     source offline, most of his buildings shouldn't be working, and send
     Tanya in and C4 the base! It is advisable that you destroy the
     War Factory or Construction Yard first, and have a spare Tanya or
     Spy just in case.
     - Wan Zafran.
     *Tesla Coil Charge!*    Status: Working!
     According to The Flaming Koosh of Death (TFKOD), you can actually
     "charge" the Tesla Coil. From a white-blue attack, it'll turn
     into yellow-blue, which is essentially the charged-up version. To
     do this, order your Tesla Troopers to 'force fire' on a Tesla
     Coil (to force fire, hold the CTRL button and click). I tested this
     out, it worked, and it worked perfectly. An Apocalypse can lose
     1/6 life with a normal Tesla bolt, while a charged-up Tesla
     Coil can take up to 1/3 life of an Apocalypse, which is literally
     50% more. Very powerful, I suggest you do so.
     TFKOD's words:
     "The Tesla Troopers aren't that worthless, as they can charge Tesla
      Coils. I once had over 10 troopers charge a 'Coil and an Apocalypse
      was dead in 2 shots."
     Beau Lilly's words:
     "You actually don't have to force fire on the Tesla Coils, just stand
      next to them."
     *Nuclear Defense*
     What would happen on the occasion of a Lightning Storm or a Nuclear
     launch? And if it landed on your base? So, here's some tips on
     minimising nuclear destruction:
     1. Scatter your buildings. Try not to make 'em too close, or too far.
     2. Try putting needed infantries somewhere safe.
     3. To save money on tanks, build some Mechanics (or Repair IFVs).
     4. If possible, move your MCV somewhere else when you see the
        00:00 Nuke Timer.
     5. Have a backup MCV.
     6. If possible, when the timer starts, build as many tanks, vehicles
        boats or whatsoever, and before the timer ends, gather the forces
        somewhere, and sell your base. Have a backup MCV to make a new
        base, just in case.
     7. Go tackle your opponent's power source.
     8. Try building as many Black Eagles or Harriers as possible, and
        attack the opponents power source. Divide the planes for each
        each power source, and attack.
     9. If you're playing the Soviets, use the '25 People In An Amphibious
        Transport' theory for keeping your infantries, then store all your
        vehicles inside the other Amphibious Transports. So if the enemy 
        nuked you, just send the Amphibious Transports somewhere else.
     10. Don't play with Superweapons enabled, simple as that, :)
     - Wan Zafran
     *Yuri and Crazy Ivan Combination*
     I read this in an interview featuring one of the game's designer, 
     but I can't remember who. Anyhow, for this trick, you need a Yuri,
     a Crazy Ivan and an anonymous victim, which can be anybody or
     anything. First, train a Crazy Ivan and a Yuri. Then find a victim,
     a monkey, alligator, enemy tank, enemy dog, or whatsoever, which
     can creep into the enemy base SAFELY. Mind-control the victim, and
     bring Yuri and Ivan close to the base, but just out of harm's range.
     Do the same to the victim too. Now attach a dynamite to the victim,
     and send the victim to the enemy base. *KABOOM!* Here's an easier
     to follow guide:
     1. Train a Crazy Ivan and a Yuri.
     2. Mind-control an animal or an enemy object.
     3. Go to their base (all three of them) but keep out of harm's way.
     4. Attach a dynamite to the victim, and send it to the enemy's
     - Wan Zafran (not mine, just posting it)
     *25 People In An Amphibious Transport*
     Did you know that you can put 25 infantries in an Amphibious
     Transport? Yes, you can! I was reading some of my old Red Alert 
     books, and stumbled across this one. However, to do this you must be
     on the Soviet's. First buy 5 Flak Trak's and an Amphibious Transport.
     Then train any kind of infantries that you want, and store all of
     them in the 5 Flak Trak's. Now, select all 5 Trak's, and click on
     the Amphibious Transport. Voila! 25 infantries stored in the AT!
     This is great for quick Conscript, Terrorist or Engineer rushes!
     - Wan Zafran
     *Crazy Ivans and Terrorists!*
     I was toying around with my terrorists and Crazy Ivan's today
     (29/11/00), when suddenly I had found the perfect way to have
     Demolition Trucks without being a Libyan. They are very powerful, 
     but cost a little more than a normal Truck. Still, this is a manual
     version of the Demo Trucks, so you can shift the strength of
     your Hand-Made Demo Trucks (HMDM) by removing and inserting 
     terrorists as you wish. 
     1 Terrorist = Light Explosion; enough to severely destroy an enemy
                   Barracks, but not worth it.
     2 Terrorists = Small Explosion; okay, good for removing tanks or
                    weak buildings.
     3 Terrorists = Medium Explosion; Nice for quick bombardments.
     4 Terrorists = Powerful Explosion; A light demo-truck.
     5 Terrorists = Super Explosion; THE DEMO TRUCK, only missing the
                    nuclear radiation.
     Now, to do this HMDM, first train as many Terrorists as you wish,
     and a Flak Trak. 
     1. Get a Crazy Ivan
     2. Plant the dynamite on a terrorist.
     3. Order the terrorist into the Flak Trak and repeat as necessary.
     Don't worry, the Flak Trak won't explode. I don't know if it's a
     glitch in the game or whatsoever, but it's a cool one. DO NOT
     DEPLOY IT! Now, bring the Flak Trak to the enemy base. It's best
     if you do it like a Demo Truck really does, so send it Curtain'ed.
     If you want to maximise the destruction, just make more HMDMs.
     Bring it anywhere within the enemy's base, and DEPLOY. As soon as
     it is deployed, *BOOM!* . Very powerful, if I have to say so
     myself. And guess who discovered it? *hint* *hint* Me! Now, if only
     I could add a radiation field to that... hmm...
     - Wan Zafran
     *Special Units!*
     Special units are begotten when they infiltrate an enemy Battle Lab,
     or Barracks. Comrade Bronx has given me some tips on spy infiltration
     "I've done this a few time in long multi-player games.. I managed to
      mind-control 2 spies when I was a Russian, with which I sent both
      back to an enemy Battle lab,... This gave me two special units, Yuri
      Prime (an upgraded Yuri) and a Chrono Ivan (Crazy Ivan that can 
      teleport!). I used mainly the Chrono Ivans to teleport into the
      enemy mining areas and cause havoc on their miners! Also, I have 
      been messing around with Spies some more, and if you are the Allied
      forces, and you infiltrate a Soviet Battle Lab, you get 2 units. The
      PSI Commando, practically a Yuri that can blow stuff up like Tanya,
      and the Chrono Commando, which is exactly the same as a SEAL except
      they can teleport."
     - Comrade Bronx
     *Long radiation time when Desolators deployed!*
     Here's a way to cover some place wherever you wanna guard from enemy
     infantries or to purge enemy tanks.
     "Find a key spot to defend and make some Desolators. Deploy them in 
      the spot you want them to defend. While deployed, have them 
      force-fire right next to them. You should see them do something. 
      Undeploy them and leave. The radiation should fade away, but a very,
      very, very, VERY long time. All infantries crossing will die. Tanks
      Fully healed tanks will get through, though. However, Terror Drones
      won't get hurt, since they don't have any living part inside 
     - Beau "The Shady Milkman" Lilly
     *Camouflage and hidden units!*
     "Here is a Soviet tip that I use against the allies:
      Build a Flak Cannon and place it directly behind the Soviet barracks.
      It will be hidden away and your enemy will not notice it unless he
      looks carefully. It works for me all the time and kills a lot of 
      Allied Rocketeers. You can also hide Sentry Guns behind the sides of
      your own buildings, too, only the gun barrels will be poking out the
      side of the buildings. You could place one in line with the Flak 
      Cannon you built behind the Barracks. Both hidden away.
      Why advertise where your defenses are? Be a sneak. Hide things out
      of sight, behind trees and the buildings in the urban battlefields.
      I crack up when my enemy run his units straight into my little 
      traps. "
      - Hone Thomson
     Some things are left for the mind to wonder. When we're eating,
     reading, sitting in the toilet, walking, and thinking of Tiberian
     Sun, we might suddenly have a brainstorm. "Can we do that?"
     "Hmm, if I take this and this..." "If the IFV and Engineer..."
     This is your section. Post your comments to me on your theories,
     and let's try it out. To anybody who can help me confirm some of
     it, please do; and if anybody has any theories to submit, please do
     at <white_ultima@yahoo.com> ! Here's how it's listed: if it's a
     theory, then it'll be listed here, until it's confirmed or tried
     but won't work. If it's works, it'll be put up in the Strategies
     section, got it?
     Theory count: 2
     *25 People In An Amphibious Transport - Status: Working!*
     *Crazy Ivans And Terrorists - Status: Working!          *
     It is a tremendous task to write all of the people and their 
     contributions here, so I will write their names and email addresses
     only. Now, if anybody wants to have me remove their mail address from
     the list, please inform me if so.
     The Flaming Koosh of Death - riceboy9@hotmail.com
     David Goldberg - Mrniceguy@deal-maker.com
     Comrade Bronx - comradebronx@hotmail.com
     Paul Murphy - mystr_2002@yahoo.com
     Beau Lilly - beau@cdlilly.com
     Greg H - gregh@qa.prestige.net
     Hone Thomson - hone.thomson@xtra.co.nz
     Pyreling - waterrunner@hotmail.com
     v1.0 - All Allied Units Strategy added.
     v1.2 - Allied Special Forces added.
     v1.3 - Soviet Units added.
     v1.4 - Soviet Special Forces added.
     v1.5 - Theories and Strategies added.
     v1.6 - Everything ready, please send in your Strategies or Theories!
     v1.7 - Added the HMDM, got first strategy submission by TFKOD!
     v1.7.1 - Added some other strategies, fixed some stuff.
     v1.8 - Added Credits, Cmrd. Bronx and Beau Lilly Strategies. Also
            I fixed some stuff and added my own words to some tips.
     v1.8.5 - Added some people and their tips, listed above.
     v1.9 - Some new people added, some tips and stuff and fixes.
     v2.0 - Final version, no more updates. Fixed some stuff, corrected
            this and that.
    © 2000 Wan Zafran. Thank you for reading.
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