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    FAQ/Walkthrough by SWCarter

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/22/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                 COMMAND AND CONQUER:
                                     RED ALERT 2
                                CAMPAIGN WALKTHROUGHS
                                 By Steven W. Carter
    VERSION 1.0
    Last updated on November 22, 2000
    In the following mission walkthroughs, I’ll provide strategies that worked for 
    me using version 1.002 and the normal difficulty setting.  For the most part, 
    the focus of the walkthroughs will be to finish each mission as quickly as 
    possible, rather than to provide the full flavor of the game.  So, for 
    example, you won’t hear me suggest that you use a weather control device when 
    playing the Allies or use a cloning vat when playing the Soviets.  Feel free 
    to experiment and develop your own favorite ways to complete each mission.
    Mission 1 (Lone Guardian)
    Starting Objectives:
    -- Destroy the Soviet dreadnought fleet.
    -- Make contact with Fort Bradley.
    -- Keep Tanya alive.
    Mid-Mission Objectives:
    -- Destroy the Soviet supply base.
    Par Time:
    -- 10 minutes
    Take control of Tanya and immediately have her sink the four dreadnoughts.  
    (Tanya can swim and place C4 charges on boats.)  Then have her help out the 
    GI’s against the conscripts, both the ones who landed via amphibious assault, 
    and also the ones who will shortly airdrop in.  At some point around this time 
    the Statue of Liberty will crumble because you can’t do anything about the V3 
    rockets, and Romanov will brag a little.  We’ll show him.
    Undeploy the GI’s and move everybody across the bridge to the west.  You’ll 
    encounter two GI’s, and they’ll shortly be attacked by some conscripts.  Kill 
    the conscripts, undeploy the new GI’s, and send everybody northeast.  You’ll 
    face one more conscript, and then you’ll see several conscripts airdrop in 
    near the McBurger Kong restaurant and a gas station.  The Soviets will send 
    regular airdrops to this location, and you can foil them all by using your 
    GI’s to garrison the two buildings.  You don’t need the GI’s for anything else 
    Send Tanya southeast into Fort Bradley.  As soon as you gain control of the 
    base, have Tanya go back outside the base and then to the north where three 
    veteran grizzly tanks are waiting.  Meanwhile, build a barracks, train an 
    engineer, and have the engineer repair the bridge to the south.
    Send Tanya and the tanks to the Soviet base.  Target oil barrels whenever you 
    see them, and they’ll kill conscripts and damage structures.  Use the tanks to 
    destroy the two sentry guns, and then use the tanks and Tanya to destroy the 
    buildings inside.  You only need to destroy the buildings to complete the 
    mission, so you can ignore things like the V3 rocket launchers.
    Also of Note:
    There are two crates in the northwestern part of the map: one for improved 
    fire, and one for improved defense.  But you don’t need them and they’ll just 
    slow you down.
    Mission 2 (Eagle Dawn)
    -- Capture the Soviet-occupied Air Force Academy Chapel.
    -- Destroy all Soviet forces.
    -- Keep Tanya alive.
    Par Time:
    -- 25 minutes
    Do nothing for a couple of seconds and wait for a Soviet patrol of conscripts 
    to show up.  Have Tanya kill the conscripts and then move north to the armor-
    improving crate.  Around this time you’ll receive several rocketeers.  
    Immediately send them to the southwestern corner of the map where they’ll find 
    two veteran rocketeers.  Group them all together.  They’ll be your main 
    fighting force.
    Meanwhile, send your two veteran GI’s to the east.  At the eastern side of the 
    map they’ll find three trucks guarded by two conscripts.  Kill the conscripts 
    and trucks, and you’ll get three crates: one for armor, one for rank, and one 
    for money.  Send the now elite GI’s back to the starting point.
    Meanwhile again, while the rocketeers and GI’s are moving toward their 
    destinations, guide Tanya to the Air Force base.  You can just walk her inside 
    if you want; the lone sentry gun in the way won’t be powerful enough to kill 
    her.  But a better way is to have Tanya swim across the narrow strip of water 
    so she can avoid the guns completely.  Target her movement inside the water; 
    otherwise she’ll probably try to walk around.
    Once inside the base, have Tanya destroy the two flak cannons.  Once the 
    cannons are gone, you’ll receive an airdrop of engineers.  Leave them alone, 
    and they’ll capture most of the buildings inside the base on their own.  Then 
    just use your starting engineers to capture the rest.  But before you can get 
    your engineers inside, order your rocketeers to destroy all of the sentry 
    guns.  You should also have Tanya destroy the gate on the western side of the 
    Now you need to plan your offense and defense.  For defense, start building 
    some grizzly tanks, and just let them sit in the middle of your base.  Also 
    bring in your two elite GI’s and deploy them outside the eastern edge of your 
    base, where a sentry gun once was.  Put Tanya behind them.
    For offense, send your rocketeers north and then east.  They’ll discover the 
    unguarded back of the Soviet base.  Have the rocketeers destroy the two tesla 
    reactors, then the construction yard, and finally the last two tesla reactors.  
    This will completely power down the Soviet base, and it will also cause 
    several Soviet units – including their only two flak tracks – to attack your 
    Nothing inside the Soviet base can now even touch your rocketeers, so just 
    have them methodically destroy everything.  Meanwhile, use your grizzly tanks 
    to help out Tanya and the GI’s against the Soviet attack.  For the most part, 
    the Soviet units will target your miner, and they should be easy to kill while 
    they’re thus distracted.
    Also of Note:
    There is a money crate in the northwestern corner of the map, guarded by a 
    conscript and an attack dog.  You can also get several more crates by 
    destroying the civilian buildings on the map.
    Mission 3 (Hail to the Chief)
    -- Destroy the Psychic Beacon.
    Par Time:
    -- 30 minutes
    Retrieve the engineer out of the middle IFV, and then fill the two empty IFV’s 
    with GI’s.  Move the three IFV’s to the eastern part of your base, to a little 
    corner area that overlooks the western bridge.  Leave them there; they’ll 
    obliterate most attacks before they can even get to you.  Now take 10 of your 
    GI’s and garrison the building closest to the western bridge and then take 10 
    more GI’s and garrison the building closest to the other bridge.  Let the 
    other GI’s hang out somewhere safe.
    Use the engineer who was in the IFV, and have him repair the western 
    garrisoned building.  Use the other engineer to repair the Jefferson Memorial.  
    You’ll receive two crates for the deed: the eastern crate gives money, and the 
    western crate gives rank.  So save the western crate for something useful, 
    like a grizzly tank.
    Meanwhile, get your base going, and then start cranking out grizzly tanks.  A 
    few minutes into the mission, you’ll receive four IFV’s as reinforcements.  
    Run them into your base, repair them if you want to, and then fill them with 
    your leftover GI’s.  Once you have about 10 grizzly tanks, send them and the 
    four IFV’s out to attack the Soviets.  Use the eastern bridge out of your base 
    so you don’t run into any Soviet attacks.
    Then just march north along the center of the map.  Don’t kill everything; 
    just kill tanks and sentry guns that are in the way.  Eventually you’ll come 
    to the Psychic Beacon.  Direct all your units to attack the beacon, and you 
    should have enough firepower to destroy it before the Soviets can take out 
    your attacking force.
    Also of Note:
    There are four damaged monuments on the map.  Once you build an airforce 
    command headquarters, they’ll be revealed.  Like the Jefferson Memorial, if 
    you repair them you’ll earn some crates.
    Mission 4 (Last Chance)
    -- Force a shore landing and establish a base.
    -- Destroy the Psychic Amplifier before it comes on-line.
    Par Time:
    -- 30 minutes
    Use your rocketeers to take out the two grand cannons.  Then move in your 
    destroyers for a shore bombardment.  There will be enemy submarines around, so 
    be careful and watch for them.  Once you’ve cleared out the shore defenses, 
    move in your amphibious transports and establish a base.  I suggest deploying 
    your MCV southwest of the enemy shore base, near the tesla reactors.  From 
    there you can watch two police cars get nailed by Soviet tesla troopers.
    Be careful when you start your base.  You can either destroy the Soviet 
    structures, or you can capture them with your engineers (if you’re quick 
    enough).  But if your units attack the Soviet miner when it unloads at the ore 
    refinery, then Soviet forces will attack you.  Otherwise they’ll leave you be.  
    Also, when you deploy your MCV, a timer will start.  You’ll have 50 minutes to 
    destroy the Psychic Amplifier.  Not long after that, you’ll receive four move 
    amphibious transports filled with GI’s and grizzly tanks.
    You now have a sizeable force, so attack!  Up the ramp north of your base 
    you’ll find a damaged building garrisoned by Soviet conscripts.  Attack the 
    building until the conscripts have to abandon it, and then kill the 
    conscripts.  Next head northwest to the intersection and destroy the Soviet 
    forces you find plus the flak cannon.  Then cross the nearby bridge and 
    destroy another flak cannon.
    It doesn’t matter if your attack force survives or not, because during the 
    attack you’ll receive several rocketeers in reinforcements.  Use them in 
    conjunction with your starting four rocketeers to attack the Psychic 
    Amplifier, which you should have uncovered when you crossed the bridge.  
    Attack from the north to stay away from any Soviet flak tracks that might be 
    lurking about.  Your rocketeer force should be able to destroy the amplifier 
    Mission 5 (Dark Night)
    -- Infiltrate the Soviet battle lab.
    -- Neutralize the two Soviet nuclear missile silos.
    -- Keep Tanya alive.
    Par Time:
    -- 30 minutes
    Select your spies and have them take on the appearance of one of the nearby 
    Soviet units.  Then have Tanya walk over and kill those Soviet units.  There 
    will be Soviet patrols in the area, so be careful when you walk Tanya around.  
    (It’s a good idea to keep a finger on the S key so you can stop her right away 
    when you see an enemy.)
    Move Tanya north to the Soviet base.  There will be two tesla coils out front.  
    Tanya can destroy the eastern one by shooting the barrels next to it, and then 
    destroy the western one by just walking to it and planting a C4 charge.  
    (Tanya can take a hit from a tesla coil without dying.)  Then have Tanya enter 
    the base a little and take out all the nearby infantry and attack dog units.
    Move one of your spies into an exposed tesla reactor, and Tanya cwill be able 
    to destroy the remaining four tesla coils in the base.  Start with the eastern 
    ``inside’’ coil, shoot the barrels next to the western coil, and then shoot 
    the barrels next to the two exit coils.  If you can’t get all of this done in 
    a minute, then use another spy in a reactor to give Tanya more time.  (When 
    you use your three spies, you’ll receive another three in reinforcements, so 
    feel free to use them liberally.)
    Now you should be able to move one of your spies into the battle lab.  When 
    that happens, the map will enlarge to show two more Soviet bases.  Each one 
    has a nuclear silo in it, and each one also has its own power grid.  That 
    means if you want to shut down power to one of the bases, you’ll have to get 
    your spy into a tesla reactor in that base, and not just any tesla reactor.
    Head towards the northeastern Soviet base.  Cross over the bridge and notice 
    that the entrance to the base has a tesla coil plus patrols of conscripts and 
    attacks dogs behind it.  You can head straight in if you want, but it’s a 
    little tricky to destroy the tesla coil and still kill the nearby dogs.  So 
    instead head west along the southern edge of the base.  You’ll find some 
    barrels against the wall, and shooting them will give you access to the base.  
    Inside you’ll find the nuclear silo surrounded by a fence, but once again 
    there will be barrels nearby.  So dispatch the silo and the pesky patrols, and 
    then exit the base the way you came.
    Head west and skirt south around the eastern edge of the remaining Soviet 
    base.  Have a spy follow discretely behind because you’ll need him for this 
    base.  Eventually, you’ll come to a farm, and west of the farm will be a ramp 
    leading to the base.  Once again you’ll find barrels next to a wall, so blow 
    them up and kill the nearby conscripts and attack dogs.  Then have your spy 
    infiltrate the closest tesla reactor.  That will allow Tanya to waltz into the 
    base and blow up the last nuclear silo.
    Also of Note:
    You can rescue various units during the mission.  East of your position are 
    three GI’s, north of your starting position are three cows (shoot the barrels 
    by their pen), and south of the northwestern Soviet base are four GI’s and a 
    grizzly tank.  The cows are the most fun, of course.  If you rescue them, you 
    can control their movement and have them scout the map for you.  But be 
    careful; Soviet attack dogs like to eat them.
    Mission 6 (Liberty)
    -- Reinforce and assume command of Allied forces at the Pentagon.
    -- Destroy all Soviet forces in Washington.
    Par Time:
    -- 50 minutes
    It’s difficult but not impossible to keep all of your prism towers intact 
    during the first few attacks by the Soviets.  You’ll have to be quick to 
    repair them, and you’ll have to manually target them so they attack tanks 
    rather than infantry, but it can be done.  It’s also helpful to sell the wall 
    segments behind the eastern pillbox so it can fire at infantry units that get 
    behind it, and so other pillboxes aren’t obstructed.
    Once your forces arrive, move your MCV down the ramp west of your base and 
    deploy it on the coast next to the resource patch.  Then set up one refinery 
    there and another southwest of the Pentagon near the resources there.  Move 
    half the infantry you receive into a building next to your construction yard, 
    and move the other half to help defend the eastern part of your base.  Almost 
    every attack will come from the east.
    Once your base is set up and you’re happy with your eastern defenses (don’t 
    forget extra patriot missile embankments to foil V3 rockets), send a dozen 
    GI’s north along the western edge of the map.  They’ll come to a bridge, and 
    on the western side of the bridge will be a hospital and a house.  Garrison 
    the house, and send engineers to fix the house and claim the hospital.  The 
    hospital isn’t very useful in itself, but it will allow you to build a 
    barracks nearby and also some defensive structures if you want them there.  
    The infantry in the house and some more deployed next to it should be all you 
    need to defend yourself from attacks across the bridge.
    Now build a dozen rocketeers at the northern barracks and send them east.  The 
    Soviets have absolutely no air defenses east of the bridge, and that is the 
    area they use for resource mining.  Your rocketeers should be able to kill two 
    refineries, some miners and various other units.  Don’t have the rocketeers 
    explore too far to the southeast, though, or they’ll hit one of the main 
    Soviet bases, and they’ll encounter air defenses there.  For now just leave 
    your rocketeers in the area to harass whatever enemies wander by.
    Meanwhile, crank out lots of grizzly tanks and send them out in groups of 20 
    or more to inflict major damage on the Soviets.  If you send them east across 
    the bridge, they’ll find a small Brown base, and they should be able to take 
    out the construction yard and some other buildings in the first try, and then 
    take out the rest of the base in the second.  Note that when you destroy the 
    construction yard, barracks, and war factory, the Soviets will sell everything 
    and attack you with what remains.  Since you’ll be in the area with tanks, go 
    on a squash-fest and kill most of the conscripts that way.
    Now you can move on to the Red Soviet base.  It should be hurting a little 
    because you’ve taken out their miners, and you can just pound it with 
    grizzlies until it’s dead.
    Also of Note:
    This map should look a little familiar since you played most of it during 
    mission 3, and the same rules apply here as in that mission.  If you repair a 
    monument, you’ll receive some crates.
    Mission 7 (Deep Sea)
    -- Destroy all Soviet forces.
    Mid-Mission objectives:
    -- Destroy all Soviet forces on or around the Hawaiian islands.
    Par Time:
    -- 70 minutes
    This is a short and easy mission – if you know the trick.  You start out with 
    most of your base already in place, so right away you can start constructing 
    military units.  And that’s exactly what you should do.  Queue up half a dozen 
    destroyers, and change the rally point for your naval yard to the choke point 
    south of your airforce command headquarters.  Move your three existing 
    destroyers to the same place, and ignore your other ships.  You’ll be attacked 
    at the choke point by submarines, scorpions, and dreadnoughts.  Target and 
    destroy a submarine, then target and destroy a scorpion while your planes 
    regenerate, and then repeat.  Don’t forget to repair your pillboxes in the 
    area so they can help out.
    Meanwhile, you should train a dozen rocketeers and send them to the allied 
    base.  The allied base won’t last very long against the Soviet dreadnoughts, 
    and the large supply of barrels in the base will only help the Soviets out.  
    Once the allied base goes down, the Soviets will transport in an MCV and start 
    building its own base.  But if you have several rocketeers in the area, you 
    can destroy the construction yard right away, plus any other buildings the 
    Soviets manage to put up.  Since the objective will change so you only need to 
    kill the Soviet units and structures on that island, the mission will 
    essentially be over.  You just have to mop up the few tanks, conscripts and 
    transports on the island to finish the mission, and the Soviets will even help 
    you out by moving their units off the island (to attack you) once the 
    buildings are gone.
    Also of Note:
    If you don’t destroy the Soviet base while it’s forming, the Soviets will 
    eventually build a nuclear silo, and you’ll have to deal with nuclear blasts 
    every ten minutes.  In this mission, and every other mission, the Soviets will 
    always target your war factory with their nukes.  Conveniently, you don’t 
    start with a war factory in your base, and so when you construct one you can 
    put it somewhere by itself.
    Also, there is an airport on the northern island.  If you have to assault the 
    Soviet island, it’s useful to take the airport so your can airdrop in GI’s to 
    help out.  The Soviets don’t seem to attack the airport, but it’s still a good 
    idea to garrison one of the buildings next to it, just to be safe.
    Mission 8 (Free Gateway)
    -- Destroy the Soviet Psychic Beacon (within 20 minutes).
    -- Destroy the Soviet forces in St. Louis.
    -- Don’t get Tanya killed.
    Par Time:
    -- 60 minutes
    It’s a good idea to group like units together for this first part of the 
    mission.  For example, have Tanya be group 1, your engineers group 2, and your 
    GI’s group 3.  Then have Tanya lead the way, with the engineers next, and the 
    GI’s protecting the rear.  You’ll face quite a few enemy units on the way to 
    the beacon, and it’s useful to keep your engineers alive.  (The engineers 
    don’t do anything critical, but they’ll be worth 6000 credits if they 
    Send your units west and then up a ramp.  Follow the street to the southwest.  
    You’ll end up pretty close to the beacon.  Deploy your GI’s north of the 
    hospital (so they can see the resource patch), leave one engineer behind them, 
    and send the other engineer to the southern edge of the map, near the middle.  
    There he’ll find a damaged war factory, and when he repairs it you’ll get to 
    keep it.  Plus the timer will reset to 20 minutes (not that you’ll need the 
    extra time).
    Meanwhile, have Tanya assault the beacon compound.  The compound is walled 
    with gates on the north and south sides, but there are barrels near the 
    northern gate, allowing Tanya to get inside.  Have Tanya shoot the barrels and 
    then destroy the two remaining tesla reactors on the northern half.  That will 
    shut down the guarding tesla coils, and you can now send Tanya to the southern 
    side to destroy the other two reactors, plus the coil there.  Then have her go 
    back north and destroy the two coils and two flak cannons guarding the beacon.  
    Finally, use your remaining engineer to capture the beacon.  You’ll 
    automatically sell off the beacon for 3000 credits, plus you’ll also receive 
    five GI’s.
    When you capture or destroy the beacon, three things will happen:
    Citizens will stop attacking you, and many will start walking towards the 
    arch.  So when you keep hearing that your units are getting killed, don’t 
    panic.  It’s just the citizens.  On the good side, they’ll explore a lot of 
    the map for you, and you’ll get an indication about where the main Soviet base 
    is.  You’ll receive reinforcements, including an MCV, prism tanks, grizzly 
    tanks, and GI’s.  A crate will appear next to the arch.  It’s worth 10,000 
    credits.  But this is important: if you save your game after eliminating the 
    beacon but before taking the crate, the crate will no longer be there when you 
    load.  So only save after taking the crate.
    Start building up your base, and get a battle lab up as soon as possible so 
    you can start cranking out prism tanks.  Meanwhile, let your elite GI’s and 
    Tanya creep forward into the nearby resource patch.  They’ll be able to kill 
    just about everything that comes out of the enemy base, and they’ll be able to 
    knock out enemy miners, too.  The potential problem is if the Soviets wise up 
    and send a V3 rocket launcher at them.  That almost never happens, but if it 
    does, retreat your units out of the way, and then have Tanya attack the 
    launcher to scare it away.  She’ll probably get hit by fire from the sentry 
    guns, but she can take a few shots from them.
    Once you have about ten prism tanks, send them against the Soviet base.  Prism 
    tanks are good at fighting infantry units and buildings, and that’s mostly 
    what you’ll face.  Plus, with their long range, they’ll rarely get hurt.  Your 
    ten tanks should be able to destroy the Soviet base with no problems.
    Also of Note:
    Besides the war factory you can capture, there is also an ore refinery.
    Mission 9 (Sun Temple)
    -- Capture or destroy any Soviet attempts to replicate our prism technology.
    -- Eradicate the Soviet base defending their research site.
    Par Time:
    -- 30 minutes
    Send your seals west along the road.  They’ll come to a little hut village 
    with lots of conscripts and attack dogs in it.  Kill the enemies and then 
    notice the two prisons filled with freedom fighters along the southern edge of 
    the village.  Kill the guarding conscripts, and the freedom fighters (GI’s and 
    grizzly tanks) will join your cause.  You’ll also receive five engineers and a 
    helicopter.  Divide your GI’s into two groups and use them to garrison a pair 
    of huts to keep Soviet patrols off your back.  Send one of the engineers to 
    the northwestern corner where you’ll find an airfield.  Capture the airfield 
    so you’ll receive more help as the mission progresses.
    Then send your tanks, seals, and remaining engineers to the eastern entrance 
    of the enemy base.  There is a lone sentry gun guarding the entrance, and your 
    grizzly tanks should be able to dispatch it quickly.  Then send in a seal to 
    shoot the attack dogs, and also shoot the barrels along the northern wall of 
    the base.  The resulting explosions will take out a few enemy units.  Move the 
    rest of your seals and tanks into the base, and then send in two engineers.  
    One engineer should capture the mayan pyramid (a really fast and powerful 
    prism tower) and the other should capture the tesla reactor next to it.  Once 
    the pyramid stops killing Soviet units, manually direct it to kill any nearby 
    buildings (such as the barracks).
    Now you can use one seal to creep south and kill all the infantry units and 
    attack dogs near the second mayan pyramid and the nearby tesla reactors.  Then 
    send your remaining two engineers to capture the pyramid and a reactor.  Be 
    careful of the Soviet miners when you capture the pyramid; they can kill 
    engineers pretty quickly.
    At this point, half of the Soviet base should be gone, and all of the tesla 
    coils should be unpowered.  So use a seal again to start destroying more 
    buildings and killing more units.  The only potential problem now is the pair 
    of sentry guns at the western entrance to the base.  Your tanks won’t be able 
    to kill these alone.  Instead, have your tanks attack the guns, and when the 
    guns target the tanks, use a seal to run in and plant a C4 charge.
    Also of Note:
    You’ll receive two more seals and another engineer in reinforcements during 
    the mission.
    Mission 10 (Mirage)
    -- Ensure the safety of Professor Einstein’s laboratory.
    -- Destroy all Soviet forces.
    Par Time:
    -- 60 minutes
    The mission will start with Einstein showing off his latest creation – the 
    mirage tank.  When you gain control, leave the mirage tanks where they are.  
    They’ll be in a pretty good place to protect Einstein’s lab from V3 rocket 
    launchers.  Plus they’ll defeat the first attack on his lab all by themselves.  
    The unit to move is the MCV currently in your base.  Send it over to 
    Einstein’s lab and deploy it to the south.  Then you can build an ore refinery 
    west of it to take advantage of the nearby resources.
    Not long into the mission, three allied bases to the northeast will be 
    overrun, and new Soviet bases will start up in their place.  They’ll first 
    attack you rather than Einstein, so get your defenses up quickly.  Set up 
    defensive positions to the north and to the east of your base, with a little 
    bit of space between your base and the positions so you have room to maneuver.  
    Start out with deployed GI’s and then eventually add in prism towers and 
    patriot missile embankments.
    Then it’s just a matter of building up your base and building prism tanks.  
    Once you have about a dozen prism tanks, send them out to attack the Soviets.  
    Keep building prism tanks while you attack, and keep re-supplying your attack 
    force.  It shouldn’t take long to finish off the three enemy bases.
    Also of Note:
    There is a tech outpost along the western edge of the map.  If you capture it, 
    you can put an ore refinery next to it to take advantage of the nearby 
    resource patch.
    Mission 11 (Fallout)
    -- Build a chronoshpere.
    -- Neutralize the Soviet nuclear threat in Cuba.
    Par Time:
    -- 80 minutes
    This mission is a little bit annoying because your base is all over the place, 
    and you need to do a lot of things at once so that you can defend it.  As soon 
    as you gain control, do the following as quickly as possible:
    1. Start building destroyers.  Squids and subs, not to mention scorpions, are 
    going to visit you quickly, and you’ll need to be prepared.
    2. Send 10 GI’s east of your base to the easternmost building, and garrison 
    it.  If you don’t, the Soviets will airdrop in some conscripts, and they’ll 
    garrison the building instead.
    3. Train a seal, and send him and five GI’s southwest over the bridge to 
    protect the refinery.  Put the GI’s in the light tower, and let the seal stand 
    next to it.
    4. Train another seal and camp him along the southern edge of your main base.  
    A couple of dreadnoughts will visit after a few minutes, and a seal is the 
    easiest way to kill them.  You might also want to put 2-3 patriot missile 
    embankments along the southern edge of your base to protect against 
    dreadnought missiles.
    5. Build a pillbox and place it north of the pillbox already guarding your 
    northwestern refinery.  Then build a barracks and place it southeast of the 
    refinery.  Finally, train a half dozen or so GI’s and deploy them around the 
    two pillboxes.  One of the first airdrops by the Soviets will be five terror 
    drones in the resource patch north of the refinery, and you need the pillboxes 
    and GI’s the protect the miner.  Also, when you see the airdrop coming, move 
    the miner out of the way until the drones are all dead.  Drones move faster 
    than the miner, so keep an eye open.
    6. Train ten GI’s and deploy them in front of the northern bridge leading to 
    your base.  Lots of attacks will come from across the bridge, so you need to 
    keep the area well defended.  Eventually, you can sprawl your base so you can 
    include a pillbox or two in the defense, but don’t use prism towers at the 
    bridge.  The prism towers will break the bridge, and you don’t want to mess up 
    a perfectly good kill zone.
    If you can do all that while fending off Soviet attacks, then you’ll be in 
    good shape.  With three refineries going, you'll have plenty of credits coming 
    in, and that will allow you to quickly build up your base, while also 
    continuing to build destroyers and dolphins.  When you place your war factory, 
    remember to keep it by itself.  About 10 minutes into the mission, the second 
    (southern) half of the map will be revealed, and you’ll find out that Cuba has 
    three nuclear silos that you need to destroy.  It’s possible to disable the 
    nukes before the Soviets can fire, but it’s better to be safe with your war 
    factory rather than sorry.
    Once you have a sizeable force of destroyers and dolphins, send them south to 
    claim the sea.  Start at the western side of the enemy coast and proceed east.  
    While you’re attacking the enemy squids, subs, and scorpions, start cranking 
    out aircraft carriers, and send them to the western coast where they should be 
    safe.  Once you’ve cleared the sea, and once you have three aircraft carriers, 
    it’s time to make some air strikes.
    First target the nuclear reactor in the southwestern corner of the map.  It 
    has two flak cannons next to it, but enough of your planes will get through to 
    eventually destroy it.  Then target the barrels on the western side of the 
    Soviet base.  There won’t be any flak cannons in that area, so the attack run 
    should go smoothly.  When the barrels blow, they’ll take the other nuclear 
    reactor out with them (plus a lot of the Soviet base) and the nuclear strike 
    countdown will freeze.
    In fact, the Soviet base will now be without power, so you just need to target 
    the three nuclear silos to finish the threat.  And, oh yes, at some point you 
    should build a chronoshpere.  You can use the chronosphere if you want, but 
    it’s much easier to use sea strikes since you have to build a fleet anyway.
    Also of Note:
    There are two oil derricks along the western edge of your island.  You have to 
    be reasonably quick in order to capture them, because the Soviets will 
    eventually destroy the derricks even if they’re unclaimed.  If you decide to 
    make the effort, take about a dozen GI’s and walk them carefully to the area.  
    You’ll find lots of crocodiles along the way, and it’s best to clear them all 
    out so you can just tell units to walk to the oil derricks rather than guiding 
    them manually around the crocodiles.
    Mission 12 (Chrono Storm)
    -- Clear the area so chrono reinforcements can arrive.
    -- Eliminate Romanov’s Elite Black Guard around the Kremlin.
    Par Time:
    -- 90 minutes
    Immediately have one of your seals destroy the tesla reactor in the center of 
    the base.  That’s all you have to do for the first objective.  Now that the 
    base is ``clear’’ you’ll start receiving reinforcements.  In total you’ll get 
    an MCV, 8 grizzly tanks, 10 IFV’s, and 4 prism tanks.  Deploy the MCV in the 
    center of the base where the reactor was, and then start building your base.  
    You might want to destroy the fencing around the construction yard so you have 
    more land to build on.
    Don’t use the seals to destroy the leftover tesla coils.  It’s quicker to use 
    the seals, but instead use GI’s.  Start with the GI’s you can free in the 
    northern part of the base, and then add to them after you build a barracks.  
    When a GI destroys a tesla coil, it’ll automatically jump to elite status, and 
    you can get several elite GI’s for free this way.  Keep training GI’s, and 
    after the tesla coils are gone, garrison the four bunkers outside your base, 
    and also garrison a building outside the western entrance to your base.  Send 
    your 8 grizzly tanks to the northern exit; they can guard that area until you 
    get your base set up and are ready to attack.  Use your four prism tanks to 
    help out defending the western entrance, and leave all of your IFV’s next to 
    your construction yard.  Every so often the Soviets will send a kirov airship 
    to attack your construction yard, and you’ll need to intercept it before it 
    gets there.  You might want to sprinkle some patriot missile embankments 
    around also.
    As soon as you have a barracks, train two engineers and use them plus your 
    starting two engineers to capture the four oil derricks in your base.  With 
    those four derricks plus a refinery with two miners, you’ll have plenty of 
    credits to play with.  When you’re ready to build a war factory, first build a 
    power plant and place it a couple squares north of your construction yard, and 
    then place the war factory north of that so the war factory is in the northern 
    corner of the base all by itself.  You’re going to have to face at least one 
    nuclear blast, and the Soviets will target your war factory.  Also, since you 
    know what the Soviets are going to target, as soon as they launch a nuke, 
    immediately sell your war factory.  Selling and then rebuilding your war 
    factory will cost the same amount as sending a spy to reset the nuclear strike 
    clock, and it’s easier to do.
    The bunkers and garrisoned buildings are really the only defenses you’ll need.  
    If you erect prism towers and pillboxes, the Soviets will destroy them when 
    they use the iron curtain, but the bunkers are tough.  Keep an engineer near 
    them at all times, and when their health drops to yellow (or even before then) 
    send your engineer in to repair the bunker.  The Soviets aren’t very good at 
    using the iron curtain – they’ll often protect a single tank with it – and so 
    you won’t have to use an engineer very often.  Sending spies in to reset the 
    iron curtain clock is just a waste of time.
    Your base might start getting a little crowded, so it’s time to go on the 
    offensive.  Use the grizzly tanks at the northern end of your base to sweep 
    east and then south.  They’ll encounter a sentry gun for sure, and maybe a 
    couple other Soviet units.  They’ll also discover an airport and two more oil 
    derricks.  Go ahead and capture the three buildings, even if you don’t need 
    them, just so you’ll have extra space to build.  Finally the grizzly tanks 
    will find a Soviet outpost, and they should stop there and not attack.  The 
    outpost has two tesla coils in it, and the tanks will have problems getting to 
    the coils because of the walls enclosing the outpost.  You’ll lose your tanks 
    if you attack, so just leave the tanks near the oil derricks and garrison a 
    building nearby for extra defense.  (If you really want to attack the outpost 
    now, rather than waiting for enough prism tanks to do the job, then train 
    about 20 GI’s and have them simultaneously garrison the two buildings between 
    your base and the outpost.  They’ll be in range of the coils, and once the 
    coils are history, they’ll also be extra defense for your base since they’ll 
    take out anything that exits the outpost and tries to move towards your base.)
    Once you have a battle lab up, build a half dozen chrono legionnaires.  While 
    they’re training, get a spy satellite up and find the six nuclear reactors 
    employed by the Soviets (two along the eastern edge of the map, and four at 
    the southern edge).  Every single one of the reactors is defenseless to 
    legionnaire attack.  Go ahead and take down the eastern reactors with whatever 
    legionnaires you have trained, but wait for all six to be ready before you go 
    to the southern reactors.  There are war factories and barracks near the 
    southern reactors, and it’s possible for Soviet units to wander by while 
    you’re removing the reactors, so it’s best to have several legionnaires so 
    they can remove the reactors and deal with enemies at the same time.  Once the 
    six reactors are history, the Soviet bases will all power down, and the timers 
    for the iron curtain and nuclear strike will stop.  Your legionnaires will now 
    basically be useless.  You can play with them and see how much of the Soviet 
    base they can destroy before being killed (a lot), but they’ll get killed 
    against Romanov’s elite apocalypse tanks, and so they can’t help you there.
    To get to Romanov, you can pick your attack style, but I used prism tanks.  
    Prism tanks are just too much fun to ignore for a job like this.  But before 
    building your attack force, first train a spy and infiltrate an enemy war 
    factory.  The one in the outpost east of your base might have attack dogs near 
    it, but the one on the western side of the map usually doesn’t.  Then with a 
    dozen or so veteran prism tanks, start marching south towards the Kremlin.  It 
    should be a slaughter, and by the time you get to Romanov’s personal forces, 
    most of your prism tanks should have reached elite status, making the final 
    battle a slaughter as well.  Simply destroy Romanov’s four apocalypse tanks, 
    plus the pairs of flak cannons and sentry guns guarding the Kremlin (but not 
    the Kremlin itself), and the mission will be over.
    Mission 1 (Red Dawn)
    -- Destroy the Pentagon.
    Par Time:
    -- 15 minutes
    You don’t need much in the way of strategy for this mission.  You’ll start 
    with enough units, and gain enough reinforcements along the way, that you can 
    simply overwhelm the Allied defenses and march your way right to the Pentagon 
    without stopping.  But just in case…
    Deploy your MCV where it stops, and then build a tesla reactor and a barracks.  
    You don’t need an ore refinery for this mission, but you can build one if you 
    really want to.  Once your barracks is complete, train an engineer and send 
    him to follow your conscripts.
    Speaking of your conscripts, immediately march them northeast.  They’ll come 
    across three deployed GI’s at an intersection, and then more GI’s in a small 
    Allied base.  Simply storm the GI’s with your conscripts and kill them with 
    concentrated fire.  There is a broken bridge northwest of the Allied base, so 
    send in your engineer to fix it.
    Combine your conscripts with the reinforcements you’ll receive, and then cross 
    the bridge.  You’ll find an Allied defensive position with two pillboxes and a 
    few deployed GI’s.  Split up your conscripts into two groups and have them 
    garrison the two nearby buildings.  Once the Allied defensive position is 
    history, empty the buildings and enter this second Allied base.  You’ll find a 
    few deployed GI’s, but they’ll be no match for your army of conscripts.  
    Ignore the airport in the base; you’ll finish the mission well before you can 
    get an airdrop.  Lastly, as before, when you receive reinforcements, add them 
    to your attack force.
    Now head towards the Pentagon to the northeast.  You’ll have to fight through 
    four pillboxes and a few GI’s to get there, but you should have more than 
    enough conscripts to blow right through them.  When you get to the Pentagon, 
    you’ll receive even more reinforcements, including over a dozen rhino tanks.  
    You won’t need them.  Just have your attack force target each of the five 
    Pentagon sub-buildings, and the mission will end when you’ve destroyed them 
    Also of Note:
    There are a slew of trucks on the map that you can destroy for useful crates.  
    Their locations are: in the drive-in parking lot (firepower), in the parking 
    lot northeast of the Iwo Jima Victory Memorial (money), in the parking lot 
    northwest of the drive-in (armor), at the docks east of your base (rank and 
    speed), in the parking lot past the broken bridge northwest of the second 
    Allied base (speed).
    Also, if you repair the bridge northwest of the second Allied base, and travel 
    past the bridge, you’ll receive four rhino tanks in reinforcements.
    Mission 2 (Hostile Shore)
    -- Force a landing and set up a base.
    -- Destroy all enemy forces.
    Par Time:
    -- 35 minutes
    Watch the dreadnought smack the Allied coastal defenses, and then take charge 
    of your troops once you’re able.  When you’ve finished off the pillboxes, 
    you’ll receive an MCV.  Deploy it where it stops.  Then build a tesla reactor, 
    an ore refinery, a barracks, and finally a naval yard.  Once you have the 
    naval yard, spend the rest of your money building submarines.
    Meanwhile, move your land forces west, and have them shoot the barrels next to 
    the two ore refineries.  That will destroy the refineries.  Then have them 
    start sweeping south, destroying any Allied units that get in their way.  
    Eventually you’ll come to the north shore of the harbor, and there you’ll find 
    a hotel.  If you destroy the hotel you’ll get a promotion crate.
    Keep moving your forces south/southwest until they reach the Allied base.  
    Ignore the frequent video sequences and attack the Allied defenders.  At some 
    point you’ll receive four submarines in reinforcements.  Keep them where they 
    are, and add your submarines to them.  At some point after that, the Allies 
    will attack your naval yard with several destroyers.  If you have six or more 
    submarines, then they should be able to defeat the enemy destroyers on their 
    own, and you can keep guiding your land forces.  Otherwise, guide your 
    submarines manually and make sure they do the job.  Then just continue the 
    land battle until all of the Allied forces are dead.
    Also of Note:
    Along the northern edge of the map are two oil derricks, and next to them to 
    the east is a truck with a firepower crate in it.  Also, in the middle of the 
    map, you’ll find a McBurger Kong restaurant with a money crate in it.
    Mission 3 (Big Apple)
    -- Capture the American battle lab.
    -- Build and defend a Psychic Beacon.
    Par Time:
    -- 30 minutes
    Deploy your MCV where it stands, but instead of building a refinery next, 
    build a barracks.  There are three oil derricks south of your base, and it’s 
    useful to capture them right away.  Then build your base as normal, but start 
    cranking out conscripts so you can garrison the building next to the oil 
    derricks.  That building is all the defense you need, but keep an engineer 
    next to it in case it takes too much damage.
    Then start building rhino tanks, flak troopers, and an engineer.  Leave the 
    troopers at your base for now, but once you have ten rhino tanks, move them 
    out to attack the Allies.  Start by moving northeast parallel to the raised 
    road.  You’ll find a barracks that you should destroy.  Then cross under the 
    raised road and continue southeast a bit until you come upon a war factory.  
    Destroy that, too, and move your flak troopers and engineer to the spot where 
    the barracks was.  That area should be safe now.
    Move your tank force northeast and you’ll soon find the main Allied base.  It 
    is lightly defended, and your tanks should be able to destroy its buildings 
    and defenses at will.  Take out any pillboxes you see, and keep moving 
    northeast until you find the enemy construction yard (east of the battle lab).  
    Once the construction yard is gone, move your flak troopers and engineer into 
    the Allied base.  While they’re en route, let your tanks destroy at will.  The 
    two skyscrapers next to the battle lab contain crates: the eastern one gives a 
    promotion while the western one heals your units.  So definitely grab those, 
    and also kill all the Allied defenders near the battle lab.
    Once your engineer reaches the Allied base, send him right in to the battle 
    lab.  The lab will automatically be replaced by a Psychic Beacon, and you’ll 
    receive numerous reinforcements.  All you have to do now is defend the beacon 
    for a few minutes, and you’ll win the mission.  The Allies will send several 
    rocketeers to attack the beacon from the west, so position your flak troopers 
    west of the beacon.  The Allies will also send in GI’s and tanks, but your 
    veteran/elite tank force, plus all of the reinforcements, should be able to 
    handle those easily.
    Also of Note:
    There are three tech outposts on the map, two along the northern edge and one 
    along the southern edge.
    Mission 4 (Home Front)
    -- Establish a base.  Defend the homeland.
    -- Destroy all enemy forces.
    Par Time:
    -- 30 minutes
    This is a mission with a trick to it.  If you know the trick, it is very easy.  
    Otherwise, you’ll have to do more work.  Regardless, deploy your MCV where it 
    is, and then start your base like normal.  Once you have a barracks, put three 
    or four flak cannons near the lighthouse.  When the timer hits 5:30, a pair of 
    harrier jets will attack your base, and you’ll be attacked by more harrier 
    jets for the rest of the mission.  Also train ten conscripts and have them 
    garrison the two houses east of your base.  Get a second miner going, and then 
    start cranking out rhino tanks.
    When the timer runs out, the Koreans will land some tanks and GI’s on the 
    south shore.  The garrisoned conscripts plus one tank can hold off the attack.  
    Two destroyers will also attack your naval yard, but they’ll completely ignore 
    your submarine, even if you attack with it.  So you can destroy the two 
    destroyers with your lone sub.  Just be sure to repair the naval yard while 
    it’s under fire.  You might want to build another sub or two just to be safe.
    Once the battle is over, send your rhino tanks to the eastern edge of the map, 
    about a third of the way down.  They should find a shore with a nearby 
    lighthouse.  This is the point where the Koreans will start up their base, but 
    they’ll have to transport in their military units and their MCV using 
    amphibious transports.  If you have tanks stationed there, you can either 
    destroy the transports before they unload, or you can quickly kill the enemy 
    units right after they unload.  Once you’ve destroyed all of the enemy units, 
    the mission should end.
    Mission 5 (City of Lights)
    -- Energize the Paris Tower with three tesla troopers.
    -- Defend the Paris Tower from Allied attack.
    -- Defeat all remaining Allied troops.
    Par Time:
    -- 20 minutes
    Take your starting conscripts and have them garrison a building to the west.  
    Basically, you’ll want to advance west building by building -- or by pairs of 
    buildings, to increase your firepower -- killing Allied troops as you go.  
    Eventually you’ll come to an oil derrick, and you can use one of your 
    engineers to capture the derrick so you can earn more money to create even 
    more conscripts.
    North of the oil derrick you’ll get a single flak track added to your arsenal.  
    Add it to your conscripts and keep going north.  You’ll find a soccer field 
    guarded by two tanks and four GI’s.  Just charge in and kill them, and feel 
    free to use the nearby barrels to help damage the tanks.
    Continuing north you’ll come to a street leading northeast.  Follow the street 
    and you’ll receive some tesla troopers in reinforcements.  Add them to your 
    attack force and keep going.  Eventually you’ll find an Allied defensive 
    position with two pillboxes and four GI’s.  Again, use brute force to kill 
    them, and then send the tesla troopers to the Paris Tower.
    When the tesla troopers get to the Paris Tower, the tower will turn into a 
    super tesla coil with great range, power, and speed.  It will be able to kill 
    any Allied unit with one hit, so you won’t have to defend it.  The Allies, 
    meanwhile, will suddenly decide to attack, and most will charge your starting 
    position.  Keep cranking out conscripts and eventually they’ll kill all of the 
    Allied attackers.
    Mission 6 (Sub-Divide)
    -- Establish a base in the Hawaiian islands.
    -- Destroy the Allied navy.
    Par Time:
    -- 45 minutes
    Move your military units out of the way, and deploy the MCV where it comes out 
    of the transport.  Get your base going, but don’t bother to build a war 
    factory.  Build two ore refineries, and put a couple tesla coils near the land 
    bridge northwest of your base.  Place your two tesla troopers next to the 
    coils to make the coils more powerful.  Then use your conscripts to garrison 
    one of the huts west of your base, and put the dogs next to the hut to help 
    out.  That’s all the defense you’ll need against land attacks.
    Now you can concentrate almost all of your remaining credits on building up a 
    fleet of submarines and scorpions.  Explore the waters west of your base, and 
    you’ll find a small island with a bunker on it.  If you garrison the bunker, 
    you’ll receive a money crate, but don’t expect the bunker to help much in the 
    battles ahead.  However, station your sea units next to the island, because 
    that’s where the Korean fleet will head when the 15-minute timer runs out.
    The Koreans will have several destroyers and aircraft carriers, but you should 
    have over a dozen subs and scorpions on your side.  Plus, with about 3:30 left 
    on the timer, you’ll receive a couple of scorpions and three dreadnoughts in 
    reinforcements.  Place the dreadnoughts out of the way, because they’re bad at 
    ship-to-ship combat.  If the enemy ships are moving around, then dreadnoughts 
    will be just as likely to hit your ships as the enemy ships.
    When you finally start fighting the Korean fleet, direct your submarines 
    manually, but let the scorpions work on their own.  They’ll do a good job of 
    killing planes and helicopters while your submarines sink the ships.  If any 
    of the Korean ships get past your blockade, don’t worry.  The ships will 
    circle back and either attack your fleet or attack your naval yard.  So if you 
    want to be careful, leave a couple submarines behind at your yard for defense.  
    You might also want to train some flak troopers and station them next to your 
    naval yard.  It’s possible the main Allied fleet will send in some aircraft 
    carriers while you’re busy elsewhere, and the flak troopers will be able to 
    shoot down their planes.
    Once the Korean fleet is out of the way, you’ll be able to hunt down the main 
    Allied navy.  It will be hiding in Pearl Harbor, north of the center of the 
    map.  The entrance to the harbor will be guarded by some prism towers, but you 
    can use your dreadnoughts to take out the towers.  Then just advance your 
    fleet into the harbor, use your dreadnoughts to destroy any other prism towers 
    you find, and use your subs and scorpions to sink all the Allied ships.  You 
    don’t have to destroy the naval yards or amphibious transports to finish the 
    Also of Note:
    On the most western island, you’ll find an airport.  If you capture the 
    airport, you’ll receive a money crate.  There is also another money crate a 
    ways north of the airport.  If you decide to capture the airport, you’ll have 
    to defeat a couple of Korean destroyers guarding the coast (but which you can 
    otherwise ignore), and you’ll have to defend the airport because the Allies 
    will send amphibious assaults against it.
    Mission 7 (Chrono Defense)
    -- Defend your battle lab at all costs.
    Par Time:
    -- 30 minutes
    You’ll begin the mission with 20,000 credits, so start spending your money 
    like crazy.  Build a tesla reactor first so you can also build flak cannons, 
    sentry guns, and tesla coils right away (without cutting power to your base).  
    Then build an ore refinery and tell the miner to collect ore from the resource 
    patch near the southern entrance to your base.  That will create a little 
    extra room, which you’ll need.  Then build the rest of your base, and try to 
    fit everything in so you’ll still have room to maneuver.  Attacks will come 
    primarily from the west and south, so protect those entrances the most.
    The first Allied attack will consist of GI’s and a sniper, and will come from 
    the south.  So move all of your infantry and dog units out of the way to the 
    north, and let your sentry gun take care of them.  (The sniper has a very long 
    range, and he’ll pick off your units if they’re too close.)  The next attacks 
    will have tanks and GI’s, so start cranking out tesla troopers.  The dogs you 
    start with can mow down the enemy GI’s but you’ll need the most help with the 
    tanks, and tesla troopers are good at killing tanks.  Plus you can use the 
    tesla troopers with your tesla coils later when you have time to build the 
    While building mostly tesla troopers, don’t neglect your dogs.  The Allies 
    will use spies quite a bit in this mission, and they’ll try to shut down your 
    power just before attacks.  So try to keep a dog or two at all of the 
    entrances to your base.
    After the first wave of attacks, you’ll learn that the Allies have a 
    propaganda truck in the northwestern village.  Send a few conscripts over 
    there to kill the truck.  The truck can’t attack them or run over them, so you 
    can just direct the conscripts to walk to the area the truck patrols, and 
    ignore them while you work on your base defenses.  The conscripts will 
    eventually destroy the truck, and you’ll be awarded with a money crate and a 
    satellite image of the map.
    Keep building tesla coils and tesla reactors.  With six or seven tesla coils 
    around the perimeter of your base, you should be all right.  Construct a few 
    apocalypse tanks as well for a mobile defense.  If you need extra money, three 
    trucks will appear on the map after the third or fourth wave of Allied 
    attacks.  If you’ve already gotten the satellite image of the map, then the 
    trucks will stick out like a sore thumb when they appear.  Killing the trucks 
    will net you two money crates and an armor crate.  Plus, you can also take 
    over three oil derricks on the eastern side of the map.  Be prepared to defend 
    them, however, because they’re right next to an area where the Allies will 
    airdrop in troops, and they’ll be attacked often.
    There are about six waves of Allied attacks, and you’ll be informed when the 
    last one arrives.  Remember that you only have to protect your battle lab.  If 
    things start going badly, just pull in your defenses and concentrate on 
    protecting the lab.  The Allies don’t use their military units very well – 
    they’ll drive their prism tanks right up to your defenses, for example – and a 
    few apocalypse tanks can probably destroy everything the Allies throw against 
    you all by themselves.
    Mission 8 (Desecration)
    -- Capture the White House.
    Par Time:
    -- 45 minutes
    Move your tanks and conscripts to the east and your desecrators to the north.  
    That will clear room around your MCV, allowing you to deploy it.  The enemy 
    will send three airdrops at your base in short order.  The first will arrive 
    from the north (where your desecrators should already be stationed).  The next 
    will come from the southwest, and the third from the east (between the 
    bunkers).  Just move your desecrators to the next landing zone as soon as you 
    see a plane start to drop off conscripts, and you should be able to defeat the 
    attacks easily.
    Meanwhile, move your two apocalypse tanks to the north and have them destroy 
    the Lincoln Memorial.  You’ll get two crates for this: one money crate and one 
    promotion crate.  Have the tanks grab both crates, and then bring them back to 
    your base.  Also move your starting conscripts into the bunker near the 
    resource patches.  As soon as you build a barracks, train an engineer to fix 
    the other bunker, and then fill it with conscripts.  Bunkers are tough, but 
    you’ll still want to support them with some tesla coils and flak cannons (to 
    defeat V3 rockets).  Leave your desecrators near the northern bunker, since 
    that’s where most of the infantry attacks will come from.
    Notice that the resource patches near your base aren’t self-sustaining.  That 
    means you’ll need to make your attacks count because you won’t be able to 
    afford to waste any money.  So get your base going and then construct about a 
    dozen apocalypse tanks.  Send the tanks east (north of the bridge), and 
    they’ll discover the resource patches that are being used by the enemy.  Don’t 
    destroy the refinery you’ll find there.  Save it so you can capture it later.  
    Go ahead and take down the Washington Monument while you’re in the area, and 
    you’ll earn a money crate for your troubles.  Also feel free to kill any 
    miners you come across.
    Then send your tanks south to deal with the Brown enemy base.  With a dozen 
    apocalypse tanks, the destruction should be relatively quick and painless.  
    But keep pumping out apocalypse tanks to add to your attack force.  South of 
    the Brown base will be a broken bridge.  If you repair the bridge, you’ll find 
    six trucks (with crates) and the Jefferson Memorial.  If you keep running out 
    of money, this little area will solve all your problems, and it’s lightly 
    defended with only a couple of tanks and tesla troopers.
    Now just march your apocalypse tanks northeast to the White House.  Destroy 
    everything you come across, and then send a spy into the White House to 
    complete the mission.
    Also of Note:
    You can also destroy the Smithsonian Museum and Castle for extra crates.
    Mission 9 (The Fox and the Hound)
    -- Use mind control to capture the President.
    Par Time:
    -- 20 minutes
    Watch the demonstration of the Allied defenses, and then take control of your 
    two psi troopers.  One psi trooper will almost immediately take control of an 
    IFV, and that’s all right.  The IFV will prove useful.  Use the second psi 
    trooper to control one of the deployed GI’s guarding the nearby barracks and 
    battle lab.  Your GI will immediately start firing on the other GI, and you 
    can use your IFV to finish off whichever GI survives.  Then use your free psi 
    trooper to take control of the two engineers and have them capture the 
    barracks and battle lab.
    You’ll start the mission with 4000 credits, so go ahead and train ten GI’s and 
    two spies.  Then send your GI’s to the intersection south of your base, and 
    have them destroy the patrolling IFV that will eventually show up.  Next have 
    the GI’s move east around the north end of the enemy base (being careful of 
    the prism towers) and have them kill a patrol of two attack dogs and one GI.  
    That will clear the north end of the map of enemy units.
    So send your IFV and psi trooper through the clear area of the map to the 
    Light Blue base on the eastern side.  Park the IFV behind the western corner 
    of the base so it can attack the pillbox without the pillbox being able to 
    fight back.  Use your psi trooper to control the sniper, and have the sniper 
    kill the deployed GI’s in the base.  Then switch control to the grizzly tank, 
    and have it and your IFV take out the remaining pillbox.  Finally, use the IFV 
    and tank to kill the IFV patrolling on the eastern side of the Dark Blue base.  
    The tank and IFV will now be useless to you, so have them charge at the Dark 
    Blue base and get destroyed.
    Control the sniper again, and have him kill all of the seals and attack dogs 
    at the two entrances to the Dark Blue base.  Then bring your sniper, a spy, 
    and a psi trooper to the western entrance (but out of range of the prism 
    towers).  Send the spy in to infiltrate a power plant, then bring the sniper 
    to the entrance of the base so that it can kill any infantry units that get 
    into range, and finally tell your psi trooper to target the President (in the 
    blue suit). The psi trooper will only have to travel to the entrance of the 
    base to get within range of the President, and the sniper will prevent any 
    enemy units from attacking him.
    Also of Note:
    There are six crates in the southeastern corner of the map.  The eastern 
    crates will give money, and the northern crates will give a promotion, 
    increased firepower, and improved defense.  You can create a pretty powerful 
    IFV if you want to.
    Mission 10 (Weathered Alliance)
    -- Capture the American battle lab to locate the weather control device.
    -- Destroy the weather control device.
    Par Time:
    -- 105 minutes
    This is a mission where you’ll have to work quickly.  It won’t take long for 
    the Allies to attack you by the land, sea, and air, and so you’ll need to put 
    up a variety of defenses right away.  First things first, though: move your 
    MCV a little to the north and then deploy it.  Move your conscripts to the 
    northern shore between the sentry guns, and leave your tanks where they are.  
    Since you have a radar tower already, you can immediately start building tesla 
    coils, and you should build two: one next to your radar, and one on the 
    southern shore near wherever you decide to place your naval yard.
    Because tesla coils drain your energy by so much, the first structure you 
    should build is a tesla reactor.  Then you can build your base in the regular 
    fashion, but don’t delay building a naval yard very long.  You should 
    definitely build a naval yard before building a war factory because the Allies 
    will send dolphins against you, and you have to have some submarines in the 
    water before the dolphins arrive if you want to save your naval yard.
    The first attacks will feature GI’s.  An amphibious transport will land at 
    your northern shore, between your sentry guns, and the guns plus your 
    conscripts should be able to handle them.  The next amphibious attack will 
    arrive next to your radar station, but placing a telsa coil there should 
    defeat it.  After that you’ll face an amphibious attack where grizzly tanks 
    are transported in rather than GI’s, but your rhino tanks should be able to 
    run over and stop it.  And then you’ll face repeated attacks by rocketeers, 
    destroyers, dolphins, and aircraft carriers.  Where they land depends on your 
    base, so you need to put up several flak cannons (or flak troopers) to protect 
    yourself, plus build up a fleet.
    Speaking of your fleet, once you have six or seven submarines, take them to 
    the beach where the game suggested that you make your landing.  You’ll find an 
    enemy naval yard there, and you should take it out.  There is also another 
    naval yard to the southeast, and once you take it out as well, you won’t have 
    to worry about enemy ships any more.  But you will have to deal with seals, so 
    keep your submarines near the beach so they can intercept the seals as they 
    approach your base.
    When you have superiority on the seas, build two or three dreadnoughts and 
    start pounding the enemy coastal defenses.  (You can get a reinforcement 
    dreadnought by sending a ship to the southwestern corner of the map.)  Take 
    out the pillboxes, tanks, and any prism towers you can find.  Use your 
    scorpions to scout around and ``detect’’ prism tower locations.  Then once the 
    beach is clear, start building apocalypse tanks and V3 rocket launchers, and 
    land them on the beach.  If you haven’t built a nuclear silo yet, now is the 
    time to do so.
    When you have about six apocalypse tanks and three V3 rocket launchers on the 
    beach, send them northeast.  You’ll find a war factory, and you can either 
    capture it or destroy it.  Enemy miners will also be in the area, but if you 
    attack one, the Allies will send a bunch of grizzly tanks at you.  Use the V3 
    rocket launchers to destroy enemy prism towers when you find them, because the 
    towers will be able to kill your apocalypse tanks in one hit.
    Once you’ve cleared a route to the battle lab, send in an engineer to capture 
    the building.  The map will expand, and you’ll be shown the weather control 
    device in the northwestern corner.  Just use a nuclear strike to take out the 
    device, and you’ll finish the mission.
    Also of Note:
    There is a tech outpost on an island in the southeastern part of the map.
    Mission 11 (Red Revolution)
    -- Destroy Yuri’s headquarters – the Kremlin.
    Par Time:
    -- 90 minutes
    Immediately move all of your forces north to the resource patch to get them 
    out of the way.  Then send a couple of tanks and several conscripts north of 
    that.  They’ll find an oil derrick and a couple of nearby houses.  Garrison 
    the houses with the conscripts and leave the tanks nearby to help defend the 
    derrick.  Send your two kirov airships northeast to an area of raised land 
    where Yuri has a couple of flak cannons and a tesla coil guarding two tesla 
    reactors.  Have the airships destroy the cannons and coil, but leave the 
    reactors alone so you can capture them later.  Send the rest of your units to 
    guard the eastern entrance to your base.
    Meanwhile, start building up your base.  You don’t have to worry too much 
    about tesla reactors in this mission; not only will you be able to capture two 
    reactors away from Yuri, but you’ll also be able to construct a nuclear 
    reactor, and that will take care of all of your power needs.  Build your war 
    factory on the raised ground between the two captured reactors, and then put 
    several tesla coils on the perimeter of the raised ground.  With about six 
    tesla coils there, plus tesla troopers to make the coils more powerful, you’ll 
    be able to stop just about every attack on your base before it gets there.  
    Then the mission will simply be about destroying the Kremlin.
    Perhaps the easiest way to destroy the Kremlin is with two nuclear strikes.  
    However, once you build a nuclear silo, Yuri will send his ``air armada’’ at 
    you.  What that means is that every couple of minutes, pairs of kirov airships 
    will attack from the northeast and northwest.  So prepare your base before you 
    build a silo.  Put several flak cannons or flak troops or flak tracks around 
    the edges of your base, watch the first wave of airships come in, and then 
    improve your defense if you need to.  (The airships will always follow the 
    same path.)
    You could also forgo nuclear strikes and use your own kirov airships.  There 
    is a layer of flak cannons and tesla coils north of your base, but once you 
    get past that you’ll have a relatively clear path right to the Kremlin.  With 
    ten airships, you’ll be able to destroy the Kremlin with no problem.  But 
    whichever method you choose, once the Kremlin is gone, the mission will be 
    Also of Note:
    There are two more oil derricks, a tech outpost, and an airport east of your 
    base.  Unfortunately, they’re mostly right in the path Yuri will use to attack 
    your base, so you’ll probably never be able to capture and keep them.
    Mission 12 (Polar Storm)
    -- Destroy the chronosphere.
    Par Time:
    -- 120 minutes
    The bad news is that you’ll face numerous Allied attacks during the first ten 
    minutes of the mission, and that the Allies will make extensive use of their 
    chronosphere.  The good news is that the attacks are scripted and will always 
    take place at the same times, with the same units, and in the same places.  
    Once you’ve seen where the attacks will come from, it’s not too hard to defend 
    against them.
    As in Mission 10, you’ll start with a radar station, and that will allow you 
    to immediately start building tesla coils.  Do just that, and make a tesla 
    reactor the first regular building you construct so that your coils will have 
    power.  Then build your base like normal, except you should put your tesla 
    coils in the interior of your base (near the rocky areas), rather than on the 
    perimeter.  Put flak cannons on the perimeter, but build your tesla coils 
    Here are the first six attacks you’ll see from the Allies:
    1. IFV’s will appear in the northeastern part of your base, south of the 
    resource patch.  Tesla coils and a few conscripts should be able to handle 
    2. Rocketeers will arrive and attack your construction yard.  Three or four 
    flak troopers will be able to kill them.
    3. Grizzly tanks will appear in the northernmost of the two western rocky 
    areas.  Again, tesla coils and conscripts should be able to do the job.
    4. An amphibious transport will appear in the southwestern shore of your base 
    and unload four seals.  If you have any infantry units in the area, move them 
    out of the way and let your tesla coils kill the seals.  (If you put a naval 
    yard near the southwestern shore, then the seals will destroy it, and there 
    isn’t anything you can do about it, so either build your yard somewhere else, 
    or wait for the seal attack to end before building it.)
    5. An aircraft carrier will appear in the sea north of your base.  Use the 
    flak troopers that killed the rocketeers to down the carrier’s planes until 
    you can get a naval yard up and sink the carrier with submarines.
    6. More grizzly tanks will arrive, but they’ll appear in the southernmost of 
    the two western rocky areas.  For the third time, tesla coils and conscripts 
    should be able to handle it.  If your conscripts get killed when dealing with 
    the IFV’s or tanks, remember to train more so you’ll always have a mobile 
    fighting force.  You probably won’t have enough time to build any tanks of 
    your own to deal with the threats.
    Once you’ve survived the above six attacks, start building up a small navy – 
    something like five scorpions and five submarines – and then go explore the 
    waters west of your base.  The Allies will have a few destroyers along their 
    coast, but you should be able to take them on one or two at a time.  
    Concentrate your firepower to sink the destroyers quickly, and let your 
    scorpions shoot down the enemy helicopters.  Once the seas are safe, destroy 
    the enemy naval yards, and then build some dreadnoughts so you can bombard the 
    land defenses.  Once you’ve cleared a part of the beach, start ferrying over 
    apocalypse tanks.
    Now you just need to inch forward along the beach, letting your apocalypse 
    tanks do the scouting.  If you find something easy to kill, let your 
    apocalypse tanks do it.  Otherwise, call in your dreadnoughts for the job.  Be 
    careful of the northwestern part of the enemy base.  There will be prism 
    towers on higher ground that will do bad things to your tanks, and there will 
    also be a couple mirage tanks hiding next to the enemy refinery.  You have to 
    force-attack the mirage tanks to kill them.
    Don’t destroy all of the Allied buildings.  Save the war factory for sure, and 
    also save any other buildings you happen to like.  Once you capture the war 
    factory, defend it with some tesla coils, and build a few apocalypse tanks for 
    defense.  Every few minutes the Allies will chronoshift in some IFV’s and land 
    them in the resource patch north of the war factory.  However, if you have a 
    few apocalypse tanks sitting there, the Allied attacks will end even before 
    they can begin.
    Once your foothold is secure, start cranking out kirov airships.  Also, if you 
    haven’t built one yet, now is a good time to construct a nuclear silo.  Once 
    you have six airships, send them west of your base, and then north.  They 
    should find lots of prism towers and patriot missile embankments.  Destroy 
    what you can, but the main purpose of the attack is to uncover the map in the 
    area.  If the airships get far enough north, they’ll uncover the enemy 
    chronosphere (located on the western edge of the map, about halfway up).
    Now you can do two things:
    1. Bring your dreadnoughts to the western edge of the map, where they can 
    destroy quite a few enemy buildings (but not quite reach the chronoshpere).
    Nuke the enemy patriot missile embankments.
    2. While you do the above, keep building kirov airships.  If you get bored, 
    and if you have some extra apocalypse tanks around, you can send them 
    northeast.  They’ll find several enemy buildings with almost no defenses 
    around.  Eventually they’ll arrive at the northeastern corner of the island, 
    and there they’ll find an airport – and, more importantly, you’ll receive 
    three kirov airships in reinforcements.
    Once you’ve decimated as many enemy patriot missile embankments as you think 
    necessary, send in several airships and have them target the chronosphere.  
    Airships are lethal to big structures, and you only need one to get to the 
    chronosphere to destroy it.
    Copyright (c) 2000 by Steven W. Carter

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