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"My Review -- Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2"

Gameplay -- 9/10

Red Alert 2 is so much more than the first Red Alert. With many more units, buildings, and missions, it is sure to keep you busy. For the campaigns, you can choose between the Allies and the Soviets. Each side has unique missions. Before each mission, both Allied and Soviet, there is a movie sequence that explains what the situation is, and the acting is terrific. You might recognize a few faces here! For a skirmish you can choose Allied or Soviet countries. Each country has a unique unit which has a strength and a weakness. If the computer player is too easy for you, you can log onto Westwood Online and play against other human players. Your units can gain ranks and become elite, gaining firepower, speed, and rate of fire. GIs and Conscripts can be garrisoned into buildings. Red Alert 2 also has a tutorial which explains very clearly how to play, so even players new to the RTS genre will enjoy it.

Graphics -- 7/10

The graphics are both well designed and appealing; most computers will be able to run this game pretty smooth. Building architecture is amazing. When you garrison inantry into a building, the graphics of that building will change. Sandbags will be at the bottom of the building, and sometimes the soldiers will board up some of the windows. When they fire out of the building you can see the blast. When you destroy a building you can see the rubble--steel beams peek at you from beneath the concrete and drywall. Not only that, but the building actually has stages of destruction. When you get the HP bar of the building down to yellow, it will appear broken, and when you get it to red it will appear as if it could fall down at any second. Keep your eye out for monuments as you are send to different cities across the world; you might run into a few you've seen before. Civilians roam the streets and sidewalks, and you can kill them for fun. Cars also travel the roads--you can destroy those too, and their tires will bounce and roll along the terrain and then disappear.

Sound -- 7/10

The music in this game is very good; there are many different songs for you to listen to. The music is designed to get your adrenaline pumping so you can destroy your enemy, but not all people like that. If you don't you can simply turn the music off in the options menu, and then play a little jazz, rap, or whatever you like. The sound effects are great. You can hear each soldier firing his gun, and each tank shooting at its target. When a ship sinks, you can hear the bubbling waters as the broken hunk of metal goes to the ocean floor. When you move a unit to a location, or order it to fire on something, it has several unique phrases it will say, and these phrases are different depending on which unit you select.

Online Gameplay -- 4/10

The gameplay on Westwood Online can be very tough, if not impossible. It is free though, so what can I say? You can gain ranks online, and you can match up with a player with the same skill as you. There are different game types, and tons of maps for you to choose from, or you can generate a random map. You can play on teams, which is pretty fun. The bad thing is, there are many hackers who can use certain cheat units to destroy you very quickly. Some might even advertise scamming websites, so keep your eye out for these and do not visit them. Despite all this though, the online community is pretty friendly. It is actually more of a fifty-fifty mix, so if you find someone you like you can add them to your buddy list and play with them on a team, or test your battle strategies against them.

Overall -- 8/10

Although Red Alert 2 has been out for a while, it remains one of my favorite games. It is sure to keep you occupied for a long time.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/26/06

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