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Reviewed: 11/27/00 | Updated: 11/27/00

Exit Tiberian Sun .Enter Red Alert 2

Wow.....Red alert 1 was a good gameplay but a bad story.Tiberian Sun got good story but a bad gameplay(after I played finish the whole's very boring).Red alert 2 got better gameplay,story(but lousy acting) and detail graphic.The Crap with the crapping Tiberian Sun(TS)...ENTER RED ALERT 2(RA2) NOW.

Ok using 640x480 is a very lousying graphic.800x600 have a better graphic and 1024x768 have very good and detail graphic but too damn small(the smaller the bigger view you get).Now the units in RA2 have a diffrent look of buildings,soldier and tanks.Got a better explosion of graphic.If you use the 640x480 is damn crapping and the worse graphic i have ever seen.

It's voice is something like RA1 but the special unit have their own voice like the Navy Seal say ''Who's your Daddy?'' and POW you are dead.Explosion have improve but screaming is like getting shot at private part.

Music:6/10 TS....but i prefer the C&C 1 or RA2.Honestly,it's not bad but sightly better than TS.RA2 got Hell march 2.

It's have a beter gameplay now.More units to play.Knowing the Allies's infantry can deploy in a defense(putting sandbag around himself) but more expansive.Soviet infantry is the same as the old soldier in C&C.Miner now is better,the allies's miner can teleport to base after finish harvested and soviet's miner have machine gun to defend itself.It is now better than TS and RA1 because got more air fighters and naval ships.It's have better defense for allies and soviet and unlike the TS tower of light....the Ra2 recharge faster.As always RA got Tanya in the game as the good guy(Kari Wuhrer) and acting really horrible in cutscene.Soviet have Yuri a mind control guy.I can tell that he's the most powerful unit i can click on the guy and he's your to command but one mind control for one unit only.Still the allies good in air attack and soviet is good in ground attack.There is a new thing that westwood make for the multiplayer.Knowing that RA have few nation like Russia,Germany,and so on have their gooodies like more fire power or cheaper unit.Well,RA2 do have something like this but more diffrent.There is 7 nation for RA2,the America have paratrooper,Russia have tesla tank,Germany have tank destroyer,Great Britain have snipers and so on.There is more to say but you better find it yourself.

Well...Story is just like RA1 but sightly better.The whole game story is diffrent.It's only depends on which side you played.Cutscene is better than TS it's more sharper and clearer.One thing for sure...Bad actors.One story is good is the Soviet's story and Allies's story about the America city been destroyed.TS story is much better.C&C1 is the best story for all C&C game.

Multiplayer rating:9/10
It's more balance than that so-called TS.The TS Nod have the most powerful Artillery that can shoot so accurate and far.It make the TS a crap multiplayer game.The rocket Infantry is idiot soldier because they dont fly when they on the ground or go to short distance,only far distance they fly up.At Last RA2 have repair the stupidity of the units.It's more balance than the TS,there is rocket Infantry but always float in the air(At last a improve).Still there is bad thing about the multiplayer is...Construction yard is easy to be destroyed.It have harder armor now but still it is easy to be destroyed by the air units.Now the there is counter-VR rocket that is shoot down the big missle from the sky.Air defense can destroy their rockets but if there is a lot of missle coming down....then some unit must have destroyed.

Good things: Got more units,better gameplay,better graphic,beter cutscene view(sharper and beautiful movie) and some unit can deploy themselves for extra attack.
Bad things : Some Units are too powerful,Construction yard still easy to be destroyed,bad actors,powerful nuke bomb and it's still lost to starcraft

So the RA2 is a very good improvement.It is wise to try it out.To all the Fan this is the game for you.Can finish this within one day for some people but i finished slowly....need to know more units.All I can say is THIS GAME ROCKS AND IT IS RECOMMENDED.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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