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"Awesome movies, shame about the actual game."

Red alert 2 is one of the most overrated games ever. Its preached far and wide in all mediums as one of the greatest all time classic RTS games ever.

This game is garbage because of a few things.

One the AI is crap. One of the worst ever. You can rush the ai with your starting units as the soviets on brutal difficulty, the hardest and you can crush them utterly before they even get a building built in under a minute. Friendly unit AI is also bone headed they won't move to engage by themselves even if they are fired at if the enemy is even slightly out of their range. Brilliant. It's the worst I've seen in an rts game. Even the original wasn't as stupid as this one is.

Two the Soviets are overpowered to the extreme. They have far superior tanks able to shred the allies' tanks and level their buildings in seconds and can be produced long before the allies can crank out their prism tanks, which are powerful but very lightly armoured anti amour units. Allies will die from a rush in skirmish regardless of the difficulty level. Their infantry isn't much worse than the Allies and the Soviet conscripts are much cheaper and can be made incredibly fast. They also have Tesla Troopers that cant be crushed and rape tanks. The allies are total wusses and only have a good super weapon and base defences to save themselves both of which take time to build leaving them ample time to be owned by the soviets. The Allies navy is also completely dominating but they rarely get to use it.

Three buildings are unbelievably weak. A group of eight infantry paradropping into your base can shred two buildings with their rifles before you can even react. Tanks can destroy your construction yard in literally 5 seconds because it's so stunningly weak.

Four the game is too FAST! Tanks move more like cars, even heavy tanks. Infantry are very quick for footsoliders, stuff builds very fast and the harvester also harvests very fast but again the harvester is so weak you can lose it in the blink of an eye if it's ambushed especially since your troops are just too dumb to attack the enemies attacking it unless you tell them to. It's so easy to have an entire base razed in under half a minute, it's not funny.

Other things also annoy like the fact you can't set teams in skirmish, it's always free for all and everyone attacks only you and not each other. The tech level also can't be changed when it could in the previous game. Even with the fully patched version in the First Decade this happens. Making it unplayable, unless you stick to 1v1 games which you can win in the blink of an eye. Tanya is more annoying than ever this time around with her shocking voice clips, the mission are so fast and stacked against you it's not funny.

The AI is cheats with no consequence and is completely annoying to fight because it always knows exactly where your harvester/refiner is and will target it and only it with bits entire force OVER AND OVER AND OVER. That is the entire extent of the campaign AI's tactics. Having your refinery/harvester destroyed again and again by units the AI constantly gets for free is about as fun as bowel cancer

The ai is very stupid in other ways as it hasn't evolved one iota over the earlier games. It still blindly runs into base defences and attacks you with small groups except now it knows magically where your refinery/harvester is and will relentlessly destroy it over and over until you uninstall the game in frustration. The extremely weak buildings don't help either since soviet tanks rush into your base and destroy your construction yard or refinery in under tend seconds, base defences or not so you don't get a chance to even react. V2 missile launchers, long range artillery can fire twice each and boom your refinery's gone, time to quit the mission again

The graphics are decent and a lot more cartoony than red alert 1. The infantry is larger and much better animated and buildings and units are much more detailed. There are also resolution settings now.

The sound is a mixed bag. The unit speech is good as always and the mission briefing cut scenes are just as awesome and entertaining as ever. Sound effects are also well done. The music is also very good as it always is in command and conquer

Westwood should have stopped here. The C&C games just got worse and worse after this. It's no surprise they got swallowed by a crap company like Electronic Arts. This game is crap. It is nothing but crap and if you think otherwise, you aren't a RTS fan or you're extremely easy to please. Don't play this tripe and don't play the ones after it either. The only reason I even played though this game was for the cut scenes.


Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 09/16/09

Game Release: Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 (US, 10/21/00)

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