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"A good game which might just last..."

Red Alert 2 is the sequel to Red Alert 1. I personally have never played another C&C game so I'll give an unbiased review based on my opinion. I have however, played other RTS games such as Total Annihilation, Dark Reign, Age of Empires, Age of Kings and many more.

Red Alert 2 is based on the story that the alliance between Russia and USA is broken when Russia sends out attackers to destroy the USA.

The story is quite ingenious and sets the mood during all those missions for the soviets and the allies.

Red Alert 2 has the most functional interface I've ever seen on a PC game. Hard to believe. The buttons work, everything is easily reached, the keyboard is effectively used, the number keys can be assigned to units.. the list goes on..

There are many units to muck about with. Including on the SOVIET side, the Nuclear Missile and the Cloning Vats. The SOVIETS have different units to the ALLYs, and each country that belongs to either SOVIETs or ALLY have their own special unit.

There is also a classic skirmish game for those just wanting to get into a duel with the CPU. But note, there are no team battles.. I'm not sure why...

Red Alert 2 has nice graphics but they aren't anything we haven't seen before.

Sometimes however, the screen is too bright and becomes really bad for the eyes and other times, its too dark to see.. Its quite annoying though.

The videos of the commanders and the crew are excellent and help to set the mood of the game.

Red Alert 2 has some excellent audio effects especially with the videos. The mission briefing audio and the unit sound effects are excellent.

The music however, is just constant beats to a rhythm. Even though not the best, but who listens to the music when your controlling nuclear silos?

The units all make noises and usually have the word ''responding'' with their accent in every phrase.. Gets annoying...

Other/Overall Presentation
The load times are there but you get to read the mission briefings and in skirmish, you get to read about what special unit your side has and this may excite you... It definately cuts the load time (not really) but it does help you think..

The presentation is top notch!

Multiplayer on the internet rocks!!!! Its just good.


RENT or BUY - Rent for 3 nights
Are you like me? I prefer to muck about with all the units.. There are alot of units but the fact is that you cannot download new units so it makes the game.. rather short.. The missions are there but they aren't of much difficulty and are rather un-inspired and boring.

You'll probably explore all the units in 3 days and play alot of skirmish before getting bored.

BUY IT if you like it still (after 3 nights) and if you want to play multiplayer on the internet.


Story - 8
Excellent. Puts you right in the mood.

Gameplay - 10
The most intuitive and well-planned interface.

Graphics - 8
Nice but nothing we haven't seen before. At times, a bit too bright/dark for me to see. The actors and actresses do make the mission briefings interesting though.. But Tanya.. (they gave her too much energy to do the acting)

Sound - 7
Great but the music brings it down.. The units are nice though but it gets rather tiring after a while.

Other/Overall Presentation - 8
Load times are helped by the briefings but the fact is, they are still there.. The menus are good though.

OVERALL (not an average) : 9

Author's Comment
Rent this game and see if you like it. It depends on your tastes.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/31/01, Updated 06/14/01

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