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"Sometimes you win; sometimes you lose."

The bleak shore of the Russian demesne, sidled with the small farmlands drenched in the blood of the peasants. Tanks marching two by two against the backdrop of a Red Sun. And yet, the Allies march in their masses of troops towards the Russian front lines. Is it Libya, and America at each other's throats? Or not? We'll see..

Graphics: Graphics wise this is a decent game. The details are pretty straight forwards and the explosions are well rendered. I can not really say too much as far as -bad- goes. They are still Dune remeniscent, but they still have that charged sort of motion to them. Vigor without monotony. And the tanks rocking when a little bugger drone slips into the tank or vehicle and begins chewing his little heart out.. well it looks nifty. (although they ANNOY the living hell out of me..) Anyways, considering it looks pretty nifty. Thumbs up here Westwood.

Sound: Okay, in the rush of combat and the pulse of destruction this game has excellent sound capabilities. As far as the techno rush and the beat it's well co-ordinated. I find myself tapping my foot or leaving the game on sort of a hiatus to wander around the house. Considering this is when you boot it up? Well, you get the picture. Anyways, I'd like to be able to select the tracks from onscreen game tabs. But, I'm sure you already can. In.. some way or another. Not that I'm inclined to waste my time doing that.
The voice acting's not bad, either.

Story: Straight out of a B film, yeah! I mean considering you're not really playing this game for the great literary quantity oozing from the sides like some masochistic twinkie. Although, I did like the different little viewpoints on the different sections inside the game on the missions. Although, I had to really like the Russian one (well.. mainly for the laytex, heh heh.) Anyways, considering it all to be one pretty funny storyline, and it went along with the missions. Next.. gameplay.

Gameplay: Now here is where it gets messy. Considering that the game is set up to be easily played by any number of folks and learning the quick keys and setting up different squads of troops sure, it's a cakewalk. And YES! Even the game on hard as far as one player goes is well.. a little bit easy. Save for like one mission out of the lot on the Allies and Russian side which are usually you start off with nothing computer starts out with everything and then it becomes a war of atrition. Which is sort of fun, but.. in the end not so suprisinly.

Multiplayer is pretty fun against other human opponents. Of course if you find a good person to play against, you're gonna have a challenging time (even if you do get the chrono Tanya's don't count on using them too much, heh heh.) Considering the fact that the computer on BRUTAL is one cheating sonuva bitch, then sure you could play the computer all day. Although the AI isn't fantastically smart, and you can usually figure it out in like oh.. I'd say 30 minutes if you pay attention to choke points. The one beef I had was the Brutal setting of the computer on multiplayer. It really sucked, I mean I and a friend of mine played it and I goofed out early and watched him play. The computer, --BUILT INSANE FAST-- more so than you did. And the fact that it spent money it didn't mine? Well that's just plain, stupid. I mean if you're going to make it hard, make it hard as in the AI gets smarted and starts deploying tactics. Although I have to say the computer AI is mainly just annoying. They will use the flak track - engineer 'take it over man!' tactic from the get go. Which means you have to micromanage everything and put up a system to make sure you get down all your production. And with a computer on hard, you have to basically become a production manager. Tactics? Sure! It means you become a logistics expert and well.. go go gadget Prism Tank. That's about the only beef I had. THO! I did like the multiplayer CO-OP mode. Not many games today have that sort of cooperative sort of modes to them.

Personally? I'd like to see a game that's made for co-op. Like say a Strategy OR a Shooter. But that's my two cents, you don't have to take my word for it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/31/01, Updated 03/31/01

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