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"C&C Red Alert 2: The best strategy to date!"

What can I say? RA2 is amazing. Now, I'm semi-new to strategy, Playing only Mech Commander, A Bridge Too Far, and Red Alert 1 so far. I find Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 simply the best.

Sound: 9.9
The sound effects are great. From voice acting to engines on tanks, from gunshots to explosions. The .1 bad thing is 1 or 2 of the songs are annoying, but the one modified from RA1 is the best!

Movie Briefings: 10
The movie briefings are awesome. They're so good I made them a category. Everyone plays their part well (Tanya's a little overplayed but, it's no big deal). I really felt like I seriously knew the characters. When Luiet. Eva says ''Don't worry Commander, I'm not red yet'' she winks and smiles. And I found myself smiling back. And, I don't want to spoil the storyline, but at one point I was detirmined to win the the mission ''This is for General Carville!'' I thought.I know now you think think I'm some nut that becomes emotionally involved with video game characters, no, the acting is just that good, enough said.

Campaign Missions/Artificial Intelligence: 9.8
These Campaign missions are so varied. The ''Incoming Transmissions'' are great. These missions go from: ridiculously easy(yet fun), to insanely hard, to relatively easy just long(this one is what what was -.1). The other -.1 was the small lack of enemy intelligence, when the enemy launches a good attack, the intelligence of it is a combination of large numbers and early in the mission. But This is countered with the Easy/Medium/Hard setting. But all-in-all: fun

Skirmish: 10
Pick your country-pick your map-pick your enemy. It's great, move it totally around your mood. Want a challenge, pick a Hard Enemy. Want a big challenge, pick a brutal enemy. Wanna rip something apart, pick easy :-).

Online: 10
The system is great. I, personally, don't like it because I'm horrible online, but the actual system of ranks and alliances is the best. I recommend you try it. Even if you suck like poo, observe some battles and you can in crease your amount of maps for single-player skirmish. (Hint: look for Prison Break 1.05)

Replayability 9.5
This one's not a 10 because it's one of those games that work like this: Beat a few missions-get stuck-figure out a strategy-beat it(this may repeat)-repeat for opposite side-try all kinds of skirmish combos-try your luck online-leave it on your hard drive for an occasional play-eventually-uninstall it. But, this ''cycle'' does take awhile, so into the mix you may add -start a new game to pass time- So, 9.5 seem appropiate.

Overall Gameplay (average of the gameplay categories): 9.8

Shortest Estimated Time of Completion(for both side on campaign): 20 Hours-My friend accomplished this time with a laptop and a 20hr. car ride.

Recomendation Level: 10
Get the game: rent it if you're low on dough. But once you get enough; get it! There's too much variety in the game to experiance in 5 days.

And the complete average of everything is...whoa, I outdid the scale...11.5 That means I either give a ten or give a category with a bad!

I don't know how you could really despise this game even if you're not big on RTS

Alright, now the complete score is:9.99 or 10! There you go!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/12/01, Updated 09/12/01

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