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Reviewed: 01/20/02 | Updated: 01/20/02

Antoher well done RTS game by Westwood Studios

Red Alert 2

Another real-time-strategy game by Westwood for the PC, and a worthy purchase if you’re a fan of Command & Conquer or a fan of strategy games overall. With several missions and a variety of units it will surely keep your interest for a while.

Story: 8/10
Einstein made a device called a chronosphere that allows one to travel through time and/or teleport. He went back in time and erased Hitler from time. As a result, Stalin rose to power and attempted to take over the world. It looked like he was going to succeed, but the Allied nations rallied, eventually crushing the Russians. They then put Commander Romanov into the presidency of Russia. Now, he is launching an attack on the United States and trying to conquer the world just as Stalin did.

Gameplay: 8/10
As a real time strategy game, you have to build buildings and units to conquer your enemies. The controls are the same as previous C&C games and are overall excellent. As in Tiberian Sun, the difference in the angle and type of terrain you are crossing depends how fast your units will move. Rather than tiberium, you harvest ore, either precious metals or gems (gems being worth more then metals) to make money and pay for structures and units. There are also naval units, which give you another level of gameplay and special weapons, such as nukes and lightning storms. The missions are a bit too easy (you can beat the whole game in easy mode in matter of hours) but are innovative and fun none the less. There is also a major difference in the control bar, you have 4 different sections rather than just two columns for buildings and units. There is a building menu, a defensive structure menu, (which includes special weapons) an infantry menu, and a vehicle menu.

Graphics: 7/10
As in Tiberian Sun, you view everything from an angle, giving it a 3d look. But unlike a true 3d game, you change the view. The units and structures look nice, and the explosions are okay, but I thought that they had a cartoony look to them. Like when you drop a nuke, the ground turns green and the infantry melt into green goo, not exactly realistic. The effects are nice, but as with everything else, it looks cartoony.

Sound: 7/10
Nice sound effects, from missiles and lasers firing down to the cows mooing and the polar bears growling. The music is average at best I’d say, not quite as good as previous C&C titles.

Replayability: 8/10
This is where this game shines, including a skirmish mode, where you go head to head against 1 to 7 AI players. There are several maps to choose from and a random map generator which provides literally infinite ways to play. And with online play, which is free through Westwood Online, you can play 2 to 8 player games against players from all over the world.

Buy or Rent: Buy
as with most recent games, it includes a CD key to prevent pirating, so with a rental it’s not likely that you will able to play online, and that’s the best part in my opinion. So its worth the $20-$30 you’ll pay for it.

Overall: 8/10
It’s a good game, but lacks a bit in the difficulty and graphics departments. None the less its worth a look for any strategy fan.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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