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"War, war, war! How do you like it? How do you like it?"

Have you ever just wanted to bomb a small nation but can't find the time to do so? Ever want to control an elite legion of the army and use it to stop the evil leaders of the world from being so damn mean? Well look no further! Red Alert 2, the sequel (of sorts) to the original Red Alert, is better than ever.

Command and Conquer:Red Alert 2 was released soon after Westwood's horrific game of C&C: Tiberian Sun. This game delivers more than TS could ever imagine to deliver.

Gameplay: 10

I hope you like using the mouse. It's basically all you'll ever use. The keyboard has it's functions too, but none as important as that mouse of yours.

You start out with your simple Construction Yard. With that built, you have new buildings to build. Power Plants are your basic supple of energy, they keep you powered up and running. Ore refineries are essential, as well as the harvesters. They give you your money, and if you hope to win, you're gonna need lots of it. Barracks give you troops, essential for exploring, and War Factories give you the weaponry essential to victory. As you build more diverse buildings, new options are available, which lead to more units or a higher level of technology available.

Building a strong army for both offense and defense is the only way you will win. The only way. Rushing blindly into combat will result in a quick defeat, so plan your attacks carefully (they don't call it a real time strategy for no reason, now do they?).

Story: 10

Warp back to the 1940's. Time of oppression. Time of hatred. Time of war. In C&C:RA2, you choose your side, the Allies or the Soviets. Think back to history class. America and Britain are the Allies, the Russians are the Soviets. Duh. As leader of a small platoon of the army, it is up to you to destroy the communist Russians or the capitalistic Americans, by any means possible.

Graphics: 10

This depends on what you're set at. Either way you go, after each mission there is a beautiful cinematic scene that is so real.

Music/Sound: 10

RA2 has an abundance of war music, so you'll never be tired of listening to it over and over.

Replay Value: 10

Multiplayer. The only reason I play this game anymore. you can battle it out with your friends, against the computer, or some stranger halfway around the world. This game never gets old.

Is it worth it...

A definite buy. Even if you don't like war RTS games, this is still an excellent game.

You can't get any better than RA2. If you're feeling bored with it, there's an add-on for it. Pick it up. It's fun.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/25/02, Updated 02/25/02

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