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"Join the Red Revolution"

Westwood has done excellent with their new C&C game, Red Alert 2. well i shouldn't say new because Renegade came out but eh.

Sound 9.9- The sound is totally excellent, and if you have Audigy's Soundblaster 5.1 platinum. Then and only then will it feel like you are in the game.

Pre Game Breifing- Never even cared about it since i never payed any attention, but on occasions if i do. an 8

Campaign Missons 10- The beginning few missons for either side are pretty easy, but once you get to around missions 5 or 6. Pray to god you survive because, well, you better have a plan before you go gung-ho into those missions.

Artifical Intelligence 10+- There were some problems with it since the AI computer sends like small attack groups which I can take care of in less than 30 seconds. But with the last few campaign missions, brother, those attack groups are huge. I really had no problem with it.

Skirmish 10- Skirmishes Rule! For new people playing this game and who don't want to jump right into the missions, this is for you. You can practice using the skirmish feature. To really get the full blow feature of the AI in campaign, set the skirmish level to brutal or medium enemy, and have fun.

Online mode 8-The system is ok. I don't like it because I'm horrible online, but the system of ranks and alliances is the best. try it. Even if you don't win or end up in a tie , observe some battles and you can very much improve though what other people do. Just don't do what i did, which was send 12 prism tanks into a base surrounded by yuri primes and kirovs.

Replayability-9.5- It's worth replaying if you want to master it. But go though it on medium then hard and let me know how you feel after that.

Overall I gave this a 9 since there were a few things that could of been better, but eh, there's always Command And Conquer Generals. This took me 45 hours to complete. 10 devoted to Allied mission number 11. I highly recommend getting this game. If you don't have the money, go to your friends who have it and play till you die. Or just go over there, and get it burned, because this will make time go by very very fast on those days that you have nothing to do.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/08/02, Updated 08/08/02

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