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"Another great RTS title....."

Command and Conquer : Red Alert 2 is another in the Real-Time Strategy series from Westwood.

GamePlay : 10/10

First, the gameplay isnt revolutionary, but it doesn't have to be. Its the same simple interface that you've seen before. Even if you are new to the genre, you wont have much difficulties in figuring out the controls, and there is a helpful tutorial built in the missions to get you playing right away. Learning Curve : 30 - 60 minutes...

Learning the interface and controls are merely the start, however. The different units and structures take longer to learn and understand their capabilities. This is half the fun of the game, simply because every battle is different and unique in its own way, which is enjoyable.

Simply stated, you can play as the Allies or the Soviets. The allies share the same units, as do the soviets... But there are further breakdowns too. There are 5 playable countries in the allied camp (America, Korea, Great Britian, Germany, and France) and 4 more for the soviet cause (Iraq, Libya, Cuba, and Russia). Each of these countries have their own special unit to add to the mix (ie . America has a paradrop, or the ability to land a set of GIs anywhere on the battlefield at certain time increments)...

The gameplay is what will keep you coming back for more, because it extends far beyond your basic singleplayer missions (which can be played through as either side).

The skirmish mode is next. It allows you to customize nearly everything about your battle from what countries you and your enemy are to the skill level of the enemy, or the map that you play on, with numerous other options. The only flaw here is that you will soon find how easy the computer is to beat even when you set it to the 'brutal' enemy. That, however, is where the multiplayer shines...

The next step : online play. Obviously the difference is in how hard the game becomes. You are now playing against human people who think out more complex strategies and use tactics that the computer simply could not. This is the most addictive part of the game, and provides great entertainment, which is true of most RTS titles...

For the record, you can also play over a local area network if you have one set up. I enjoy this myself because i can have a few friends over and we can have 2 v 2 tournaments or whatnot...

Story : 7/10

The story isnt anything to write home about, but one is so into the gameplay that it really doesnt have to be. In case you are wondering, its a simple cold war plot of allies against sovs. It is accompanied by videos of what happens and why you fight the battles that you do...

Sound : 9/10

The in-game music is what you would expect, nothing special, but not bad itself... You can change it to what you want if one of the tunes catches your fancy.

The best part of the sounds are most definitely in the units and infantry. Each has a different voice and says different things.

Extending the quality of the sounds are the multiplayer taunts that can be used in the middle of battle to taunt your enemy. These are unique to each country, so the French taunts actually sound like a French guy. Some of them are quite enjoyable too such as, ''Even a trained monkey could execute that maneuver!''...

Graphics : 8/10

There isnt much here that will impress you, but you don't feel that the graphics need to be better. They are simple and clear, which is what you need for RTS gaming....

The videos which come in between the singleplayer campaigns are quite good, and the opening video the first time you start the game is excellent.

Lasting Appeal : 8/10

This all depends on if you take to the multiplayer internet games or not. Without playing on the internet, the lasting appeal can greatly decline. But if you play on the internet with your friends or in the online tournaments, it can become quite addicting. LAN play further extends that enjoyment and will keep you playing this game for a long while...

Final Conclusion

This is normally the ''buy vs rent'' spot, but since no one in my area is stupid enough to rent you a computer game anymore, its not a choice, but, luckily, in this case, it doesnt matter.

This is a definite buy. Even if you are new to the RTS genre, this game will get you into it and possibly addicted. Great game all around !

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/13/02, Updated 08/13/02

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