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Reviewed: 09/02/02 | Updated: 09/02/02


Gameplay: Is really fun game, You can choose between the allied army or the soviet army, they have differents weapons and diferent missions.

The controls are easy, you use mouse and keyboard(with the keyboard you command you army, some options are full atack, select all and other options.

The game have 3 difficulty levels, easy,normal,hard. The game is not so easy as it look like in the begining.
The levels are good and all the missions are interesting


Story: The soviet army atack Allied again and this time the atack is harder and better.
Both armies use latest weapons, that include tanks, planes, soldiers and more, much more...
The soviet army have a new weapon, or a new mentor is Yuri a guy who help the soviet to conquer the world, he is a really strange person and nobody know what is he planning.


(Audio,Video: The game music is good, different in all missions, the music are 3-5minutes long and they are played randomly.

The videos are real, interpreted by real actors acconding with each mission, but there are computered videos.

The screen is divided is two sections, one you see the battle and the other you see the weapons(this one is a small box with four diferent options of weapons (building, tanks, soldiers, defense), and two others for general options like audio/video, score and more.

You can see the action really good becouse the weapons have a good size and the special efects are great.

The game have good efects in the game, for example the explosions, movements and the characters are well designed.

You can use a screen resolution maximum or 1200*1100, other modes are 800*600, 1200*800.

The game don't need a grafical card, just only with a P550MB, 64MB and 1GB of hard drive free is sufficient


Replayability: The replaybility of this game is Excelent becose you can chose between allied or soviet.

You can play a solo game againts the computer, maximum seven computer enemies vs you.

You can play on internet in the westwood battle arena againts many other players, thats not all, becouse you can be part of a team an figth with other clans, westwood have competences too.

The official web site have more maps for the solo/multiplayer missions, so you can have new enviroments for fight.


To buy or to rent? If you like strategy games like age of empieres, you should buy this game, IS very GOOD, and you can play a lot of time trying to find the secrets, the prize well i can't say it becose it allways changing so if i give a prize this could be wrong when you read this.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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