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"The best game in a brilliant series!"

This is the most recent game to have appeared in the much loves Command and Conquer series.

Presentation- 10 out of 10

Red Alert 2 has some of the best presentation that I have seen in a game ever!! The in between level cutscenes are of a brilliant standard (especially the Allied ones where you get to see Tanya! *drool*) They contribute to the story excellently, aswell as during the game you get some mini-cutscenes happening in the top right corner.

Story- 10 out of 10

To explain the story let me take you back to the original Red Alert. Einstein makes a time travelling machine which he uses to assasinate Hitler to prevent World War 2, however in doing this a worse threat happens in a man named Joseph Stallin. He is killed and to prevent the Soviet Union from attacking the United States again, they instate a dictator names Romanov. He acts as if he is on the side of the Allies, but is secretly planning to get revenge for the harm done to his beloved Russia. And so Red Alert 2 begins.

Graphics- 8 out of 10

The best graphics so far in the Command and Conquer series, although the graphics are nothing special by today's standards. However this does not necessarily make them bad. In fact, they are probably some of the best 2D graphics ever in a strategy game!!
No longer are the units tiny and blocky like previous C&C games. They are big enough to include details and be able to tell the difference between Allied GI's and Russian Conscripts.
The buildings are 'pleasantly chunky' although aren't excactly going to set the gaming world on fire. In fact, the buildings are probably the worst looking 'units' in the game. But then, the tanks and soldiers look great, so it isn't a major problem.

Sound- 7 out of 10

The rock music suits the game well, and whilst fairly repetitive, it doesn't get annoying. The sounds that the units make are good enough, especially the spy! It made me laugh the first time I heard it, as it is the sterotypical 'snobbish' British accent. And why are spys all ways English?? lol.
The sound in the cut scenes are top notch, although it was quite 'jumpy,' and this is considering I have a 1.9 GHz Pentium 4 processor, 512 MB ram, 40 GB hard drive, a GeForce II graphics card and a 'SoundMax Digital Audio' sound driver. This has also happened on a few other machines but a patch probably fixes it. This takes down the score a little.

Gameplay- 9 out of 10

As with all games, this is what counts the most. Who cares about fancy graphics if it plays horribly? The answer is no-one.
Thankfully, this game plays just aswell as everything else in the game.
The game is fun,but the campaigns are generally too easy, even on the hard difficulty setting.
And once the campaigns are complete you can play skirmish games, choosing from the Allies- USA, Britain, France, Germany and Korea. Or the Soviets- Russia, Libya, Cuba and Iraq.
They all have their own unique units like the Russian Tesla Tank or the British Sniper.
However, playing against the computer is nothing compared to playing against a human, and so if you want to really want to have fun on this game, make sure you have at least an ISDN connection.

Good points

+Great multiplayer
+Excellent cut-scenes
+Brilliant campaigns
+Decent graphics

Bad points

-Repetitive music
-Campaigns are generally too easy
-A fast internet connection needed to enjoy the game the most.

Hot or not?? This games is definitely worth a purchase and you should be able to pick it up cheaply now.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/26/02, Updated 10/26/02

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