"A great RTS and a wonderful ally to the Red Alert series"

The original Red Alert game was a big leap forward in RTS gaming, and Red Alert 2 takes it one step further.

Graphics - 7
On 1024 x 768 the graphics are the best, but as you use smaller resolutions they will become more and more blocky. They are not that much different from Red Alert, just now have more of a 3D feeling. The buildings and Units are all pretty plain except for a select few.

Prism Tower - This masterpiece was a great addition to the allied defences, while one of them may not be so powerful, if you put 3 or more around each other, they enemy get a laser light show (in their heads) when they attack. The prism towers out of range will power up and shoot its teal laser beam into the prism in range, which will shoot a much larger beam at the enemy depending on how many prism towers have powered it up. The prism tower is a great addition and is beautiful to watch.

Tesla Coils - Man, who doesn't like these, although they may not be as powerful as they are in Red Alert (due to the fact that they spend all their power on one infantry unit, rather then 3). If you put a Tesla Trooper next to it, he will power it up giving it more range and damage. Its nicer looking and the soviets defence would be at a great loss without it.

Cloning Vats - Another Soviet only Building. This one allows you to build 2 infantry units for the price of one. When you have one, and you build a infantry unit from the barracks, another one will come out here. Very useful. Soviet need things like this where there up against Prism Tanks.

Iron Curtain - BIG IRON SPHERE over round object is the only way to describe this structure, but I couldn't stop gazing at it. Let it chare up and cast it to make all units and buildings within a small casting radius Invincible for an amount of time. Although keep it away from your infantry, because it will fry them,

Chronosphere - This thing looks like a jail cell for a VERY dangerous criminal. Casting it will teleport the selected units to any area of the map for an amount of time. Useful? VERY!

Dolphin - That’s right you get to have you're very only Dolphin if you're allied. They are a clocked naval unit that attacks with a sonic device. Very useful for fighting the over-powered Soviet naval force.

That’s enough select few for now. Play the game and find out you favourite ones.

Controls - 9

The Controls are all using the mouse, except when you need to make shortcuts for unit groups (a VERY useful item). Left click to select a unit and tell it where to go, what to attack, where to place buildings, and Right click to deselect / cancel buildings. They are easy for anyone to learn.

Sound - 9

All of the sounds in this game sound really nice. Weather its bullets hitting a tank, or a Prism tank firing a chromatic beam onto someone. They are all very realistic. The music is, of course, very nice to listen to when playing the game as the RA series has always had strengths in this department.

Gameplay - 10

This is where the game shines. With two teams to choose from and 3 difficulty settings for each, the missions in this game are really fun. You play though them as either the good Allied, or the Evil Soviet who have a mad Mind control FREAK on their side. Some of the acting in the movies is a bit dodgy, and I DON’T think it was necessary to have the Presidents secretary cast as a Monica Luinsky (or however its spelt) look-alike. Apart from that the movies are good and you'll want to play through the game to see them all. Once you’ve clocked both teams in hard (which is VERY hard), you can play online or play some fun skirmish missions. Overall there's lots to do and it will keep you occupied.

Ease of Use - 10

Save, load, difficulty setting its all right in front of you and you wont need a PhD to learn how to play the game. The training mission is ok but I find the best way to learn is ''learn by doing'' so just jump right into a mission and see how you do.

Overall - 10

I truly great RTS game. If you want a game that’s relatively fast paced, can be a good challenge, and is very fun to play then Red Alert 2 is perfect.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/14/03, Updated 04/14/03

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