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"Comand And Conquer just got better... Much"

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 (PC)

Quick Overview/about the game-

C&C RA2 is an excellent game that features you, as a commander of different countries with the sole purpose of trying to defeat one to eight opponents. If you have a doubt that this game will be just like the others, weather your opinion is that the others were good, or that the others were bad, it doesn't really matter because in this game, you are sure to believe that it is good, one way; or another. The game was originally released by Westwood Studios, and was meant to be an online game. Later, an expansion was released that primarily doubled the play ability of the game.


C&C RA2 has probably one of the best gameplay layouts out of all of the games that I have ever seen. It features you, as the commander, in a 2nd person view of everything that is going on. Although there isn't the same amount of units in the game as there are in games like Empire Earth, but there is still a decent amount to keep you satisfied, and ready at all times to be attacked by multiple units. There are around 8 different countries that you can play as, each of them has there own little “super ability” and it is usually to build a unit that no other country can build. The games sole purpose is to defeat your enemy(s). Another bonus to the game is that it is hardly likely that you will experience lag, unless you are playing online and against some slow people. The game is excellent all around, and even without thousands of units in the game, (if possible, never done it) you will not experience lag. There are some different modes that are also available in the game; you can play either on the soviets side, or on the allies' side. You will fight against the “evil” either way. They will allow you to play about 15 + campaign missions against the enemy, each making it harder than the last. I know you hear that a lot, but it definitely gets a LOT harder than it was previously. If you want a game that will keep you up all night playing the campaigns, this is definitely for you, and you will probably be staying up for multiple nights trying to win. If you still aren't satisfied, then you can play either on a LAN or on the Internet. On the internet version of the game, (by far my favorite) you can play against multiple people or on a team with people or computers against other people or computers. The computers online are much harder than the ones offline. And the players will indefinitely give you a challenge. There are clan rankings, and multiple tasks that will keep you on your feet. The gameplay in this game is fantastic.


Command and Conquer Red Alert 2 has a great storyline, you start out in the middle of a war between the soviets and the allies, depending on who you choose to fight for will depend on your missions, and they are both exciting. You start out in some basic training, and then you get to play as the ‘general' of the game and you will get to command and build everything that you want and ‘conquer' the game. If you like a game that will give you a good challenge, this is it. You probably won't be able to beat the ‘hard' computer for quite some time.

While I cannot say a whole lot about the graphics in this game, it is probably the worst thing about it. The figures and stuff do move nicely, but I personally think that Westwood could have done a nicer job at making the game more graphical, whether or not it was going to take up more memory. The game has a 3D engine, but it is just an image being rotated around on the screen for movement. Although, if you are fond of games that have a overview of the screen, and not being able to zoom in and out on the units and see what they are doing, then this is a good game for you!


Command And Conquer Red Alert 2 has some awesome features added into it; the different races of people are very unique in how they each have their own little special ability, like America's paratroopers, and France's Grand Cannon. They are all unique and can play a very important role in the success or failure of the player. C&C RA2 allows the user to play multiple game modes, and it also allows them to generate random playing maps so that there is enough fun to go around the whole time. If you are getting bored of playing on random maps, or on their default ones, then get the map maker online and start making your own! Making maps is very easy, and can lead to even better gameplay than the default maps can provide; of course, the default ones are much fairer usually.


Well, seeing that you can not rent the game, and since it a computer game, your best bet is to just go and buy it and hope that what I have told you is true. If it isn't true then it will even shock me, since I have the game, and I have been playing it and typing the whole time. The game is awesome and the replay ability of the game is a definite. I don't know if you will want to play the story over and over, but I can guarantee that you will want to play the skirmishes over and over again.

Final Rating- 7/10

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 06/07/04

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