Review by computerguy1489

Reviewed: 07/07/05

A game worth buying!

Let me start off by telling you that this is a game worth buying, like said above. Everything in this game is great and I know you will just love this game. This is a great strategic game. This game is about after the war ends in Red Alert 2.

Of course there is a story to this game. Well the Soviets are at it again and now they have this psychic guy named Yuri helping them. He can take over minds a.k.a mind control. The Allies once again have to save mankind from the Soviets and Yuri. As the Allies, you try to destroy the Soviets and capture their leader, Premier Romanov. As the Soviets, you have to destroy the Allies and rule the world!!!!!!!

Game play:9/10
The game play is awesome! There are a ton of missions to play and each of them are really challenging and good, though some missions are short and easy. You can play as both sides of the war and there is a skirmish option too! In multi-player, each team has a different specialty and that is what makes skirmish fun.

The graphics are also really good. All the tanks, airplanes, buildings, and infantry units all look really good. The environments are made nicely too. However, the water in the lakes or rivers should move a bit and not just stay still. That is the only unrealistic part of the graphics. It especially looks cool when aircraft actually fall out of the sky, where in previous games aircrafts just exploded in midair when destroyed.

The controls are really easy to learn. If you have played Red Alert 1 then you should know most of the controls. Basically, all you have to do is build a base, select some guys, and order them to kill the enemy. The rest of the game is just watching your units follow your orders.

The sound is really awesome! Every different gun has a different sound that it makes when it fires. The tanks and jets are the same. The defense buildings are also the same. The only bad part is that all your tank units say the same thing when you select them, unlike in Yuri's Revenge where everyone has different sayings. It also sound cool when something explodes or when an infantry unit is killed. It gets annoying though when the person keeps saying "unit lost" every time a unit gets killed.

I'm pretty sure that most action craving fans would just love to replay this game over again. Once you beat the Soviets, why not try to join the Soviets and destroy the Allies? After you beat both sides, there is always a good skirmish game for up to seven A.I's and a lot of maps to choose from.

Buy or rent: I think that if you are looking for a great action game, then you should buy Red Alert 2. If you have never played Red Alert, then i suggest renting and see how the game is like. If you like to kill people or have people killed, then this is the game for you.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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