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"An Endless Addiction."


Now this is one Real Time Strategy game you will not be able to get off of. This game also has one pretty solid online feature as well. You can order your troops and command armies to Conquer your foes even over the internet, which is new for the Command & Conquer series!

Gameplay :8

The game itself is comprised of many different skirmishes in two different campaigns of your choice. You can either choose the Allied side (ex. America) or the Soviet side (ex. Russia). You play the game's skirmishes by using the forces that they give you and using them to accomplish many different goals like obliterating all enemies, usually on the other side of the battlefield, or by establishing a base somewhere. Most missions take at least 30 min. to one hour. There are not many missions, however. For some of the missions, you get to establish a base, and the other times commanding a select few men around to do small-time work.

There is also an internet component where you can use maps you make or by using the ones provided for you and waste your opponents across the world! You can create or join a game and then choose who you will fight for and with. This game although doesn't require uber-strategy for the basic stuff as simply smothering your foe will overcome his awesome strategy if he isn't prepared enough. Some matches last way too long as you are waiting for some structure to build and it gets boring after a while. It is a very fun game, but not for long periods of time.

Sound: 6

Annoying after a while. The sounds are pretty realistic, but get really repetitive really fast. There is not much else note-worthy else in this field...let us move on.

Music: 6

All of the music in this entire game is composed and produced by one amateur named Frank Klepacki. There are about 5 out of the 35 tracks in the game that actually sound like it wasn't produced on a synthesizer. Most tracks sound unnatural but they aren't totally crappy. It's okay.

Replayability: 10

An almost un-endless addiction. Wonderful for passing the time away. You will be hooked the on this game forever. Now this isn't one of those crappy games that you hate it so much because you are hooked on will actually like this one.

Difficulty: 10

I have no idea who you will choose to battle via the Internet, but as far as the campaigns go they are obviously easy in the beginning but later on they will require major skill. For through the 11 missions on both sides of the war, they give you a steady increase of pain. Very fun.

Graphics: 8

It's hard to rate graphics for this era of gaming as I don't know the standards of back then, but this game doesn't look like NES era and it doesn't look like the developers had a small budget either. They look decent for a Windows 98 game and it is good enough if you are mature enough. It won't sting your eyes.


This is one solid game overall and will keep you busy on end. The expansion pack Yuri's Revenge adds another two campaigns for you to tackle and that is enough to kill a goat.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/29/05, Updated 09/05/07

Game Release: Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 (US, 10/21/00)

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