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"The best RTS you ever played!"

First I would like to tell you that, among other things, I like playing games the most. But the best games , according to me, the strategies. It was a while (after Star Craft and Age of Empires) , that something changed on the Real Time Strategies market. All the strategies were one another , they were seamless, the story was always the struggle between two fractions (where god always prevailed), ... To tell you the truth, there were some games (Dark Reign 2), which indeed jumped after the competition. But Ground Control is the first one to see the space-lift glory.
Behind this game are Massive entertainment, a Swedish software group (don't ask me to explain why the main hero is major Sarah J. Parker).Massive entertainment maybe didn't have any famous names before, but with Ground Control they surely hit the target.Ground Control is a game on which the Swedish were working for a long time(i think), because they took care of every tiny little detail. For example, the shells of the rockets, the footprints on the ground, humans siting in the vehicles...They really tried to impress you with this game.
The story in Ground Control is based on some after WW3 time, when the Corporations and The Order of the New Dawn are fighting for Earth's colonies all over the space. The first thing you will notice in this game is that it has taken some very good things from Star Craft. The briefings, the story line and the turnovers in the story , they remind me too much on Star Craft.But , let us keep on the story.The story is not about the war between this two fractions, but it is about an Alien technology which was left by some much more advanced race. You will be Major Sarah J. Parker, a major in Creyven Corporations , which will reveal a conspiracy within the corporation. She will also reveal the secrets of the alien technology and of the Alien artifacts (Xenofacts).The both fractions will fight over the technology, and ... You must play it yourself to find out more.
The graphics are wonderful and full with colors. The explosions are quite an art , and so are the in-game movies.Surely by now you are questioning yourself, why 9?
Because this game in certain parts too much reminds me on Star Craft , and it is obvious that they were stealing some parts from it.But , still this is a game that it's worthy to buy.
Recommendation: Buy it without a delay.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/05/01, Updated 08/05/01

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