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"Hard to get to work on many computers, but great once it does."

Ah, Myst.

The very name either makes a gamer smile or grimace. This was a game unlike any other at the time. The original and its sequel, Riven, are two of the top-selling games for the PC and Mac ever. I still remember the first time I turned on Myst and was enthralled by its world.

Myst III:Exile is a worthy addition to the popular series.

Graphics- 8/10

Well, this is a major part of a Myst game. Exile's graphics are in someways the best of the series. Instead of each frame being a still picture, you can now look 360 degrees around, and some puzzles require that you look up or down in order to complete them(not as many as I expected, however). Other than having the 360 degree view, the graphics are no better than Riven, but come on, better than Riven? That's impossible for a Myst-type game.

Puzzles- 9/10

The creators of this game are faithful to the style of the original two games. An added bonus is that you have a very logical reason for solving puzzles in this game. The bad guy in the story has set everything up for you to find, sabotaging some machinery in order to make it harder for you. Only twice did I scream in anguish over difficulty, which is pretty good for a game. I'd say this game is easier than Riven, but harder than Myst.

]Storyline- 5/10

Not much here. Bad guy. Has a history with Atrus' children. Stop him from destroying a world. The worlds are less developed than they were in Myst and Riven. You didn't find tons of objects or pictures that filled in the backstory. There were a few, but the two journals you find early tell most of the story. There are multiple endings, however, and this is nice.

One final note. This game was nearly impossible for me to get to work on my ''top-of-the-line'' computer. There has been a patch released for this game, and it fixes many of the problems, but didn't help me. I eventually had to refresh my computer and when I did, the game worked fine. I have heard of many other problems that people encounter from within the game, ranging from skipping video(even with a video card) to crashing every time there is a disc change). This game is a gamble. UbiSoft is offering no refunds for the game either; they are working on more patches as of 9/01.

My recommendation? Wait awhile until the game has been all fixed up and then BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT. If you liked Myst and Riven, you will like Exile. If you didn't like Myst or Riven, nothing is new here to draw you in.

I give this game 7/10.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 09/03/01, Updated 09/03/01

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