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"Hmm..good, but there'd best be more in IV"

I got his game cheap at $35 dollars, so I'm not sorry I bought it, but not thrilled either. Myst III is a great game, really, just a few setbacks and other small things in the gameplay that keep it from getting a perfect 10.

Gameplay: 8/10

Gameplay is great, allowing it's featured 360 views everywhere, giving it an extra demension that the first two lacked. That somewhat increases gameplay, but unfortunately, the game really doesn't require you to look up and down to complete an age. I'm giving it an 8 because, like all adventure games, if you're stuck, all you can do is walk back and forth until you find something. Thank God for the walkthroughs, though.=P

Storyline: 10/10

Not complex, but a presence, to be sure. It has a structure to it that is revealed throughout the game by the 'villain'.
The opening scene is the most clumped together story part in the whole thing, but there's so many bits and pieces to it that it comes together well. You'd recognize the elements of the 'greater goal' if you read the Myst books that I bothered to read from the creators of the game. It's extremely creative, too. Just the concept its, really.

Graphics: 10/10

Duh. It's so good, that the first day I got it I spent about an hour on it and when I got off I was like, disoriented because of all the realistic views. The graphics really deserve like a 100/10, but I'll make it official-like.=P

Fun: 10/10

Totally fun, once you start you will not play another game until you finish. It's so...intriguing, I guess you might say. You want to see what will happen next, that sort of thing, and the puzzles are fun too. Great fun.

Replay Value: 2/10

Erm, this is the setback. You've played it once, and you know how, you know the ending, there are no variables (except 'multiple endings', but those last a few seconds. It's not like a whole nother game springs up for you to play). I do replay it because of it's graphics, occasionally. They're woth it. But all in all, almost no replay value. But I'm not going to average this one in, because it's a dismal factor in all adventure games. I mean, it's sort of unavoidable.

Reviewer's Tilt: 10/10

Yay. I liked this game a lot, for an adventure game, just like Riven and Myst. I still revisit the game, just to be in my favorite Age, Ametaria, the most beautiful and amazing in my eyes. So, I highly reccomend that you get this game if you can get it for a low price.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/07/01, Updated 10/07/01

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