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Reviewed: 02/02/03 | Updated: 02/02/03

This game should not be Exiled

When you play Myst III: Exile you will be put into strange and fascinating worlds full of wonderful puzzles to solve. As the game progresses you will see more and more of these wonderful worlds. You will be engulfed by the environments and you will want to play this every second that you can due to the pure commitment that you will have to completing that ''impossible'' task.

Graphics (9/10)
These environments are simply awesome. Part of Myth III's appeal is the ability to explore all the different worlds you encounter. Each of these worlds are very easy to explore since every where you look around the textures look so real. Really the only problem that I had with the graphics were that sometimes the cutscenes would look really out of place and fake. Otherwise, the graphics are a force to be reckoned with.

Sound (8/10)
There really isn't much music to the game. The music that it has seems cool as you travel through the different worlds, but it will often times add to your frustration of not solving a puzzle. You will be trying to pull a lever that is not working and the some what tedious music will not help.

What is the big influence in terms of sounds are the actually sound effects. Yes they thought of everything. Once you get the lever to actually work you will hear the creek of it being slowly pulled proceeded by some gears starting to spin. Sounds effects will even play important roles as you solve puzzles. They did a very nice job when implementing the sound effects.

Story (6/10)
Like the previous games, there really isn't much story. You are chasing around a man trying to find out information. That is pretty much it. The story told in journals can often be bland and boring, or just not really say any relevant information. However, I did enjoy how they were able to use what little story was they used and create a remarkable ending.

Gameplay (9/10)
The gameplay in Myst III: Exile, was very engaging. The puzzles can be very difficult to decipher. The particularly interesting thing about the puzzles is that they would each be associated in unique ways as you would travel to each world and attempt to solve each world. They often used Rube Goldberg (cause and effect) type puzzles that were very intriguing and fun to watch. You will be glad to know that you feel extremely rewarded after completing those hair pulling puzzles.

Replay Value (1/10)
The replay in Myst III is pretty much non existent. Once you have figured out the puzzles you are not very likely to forget them. Maybe if you go back 6 months later they will be out of your mind and you can replay this game safely, but by then all initiative will be lost. The good thing is that it will probably take you quite a while to finish this game, if you don't cheat. It took me about a month to complete it, and other people I know said it took them a little over a month.

Myth III: Exile is definitely worth the money simply because the puzzles are very fun and the graphics are lustrous. If you have a friend that will let you borrow their copy then you will want to do that. Either way, you should try out this game.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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