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"In this case, a sequel can be better than the original"

I was so excited when I heard that htye were making a sequal to one of the best multiplayer action games! I played Tribes more than any other game until Counter-Strike came out :) Anyway, Tribes 2 delivers all the things Tribes had plus more!

Graphics- The graphics in Tribes 2 need a descent system to run well on. I have AMD Athlon 600 MHz with a GeForce 256 card, and 128 megs of ram and the game runs fine. The graphics of the game are in top notch form adding the best and newset graphics for top of the line video cards. All of the scenery and buildings have perfect shapes and very detailed insides. The outside secenery of Tribes 2 has to be the best I've seen. The landscapes as far as I can tell, last forever. I know this buy running from the enemey when I'm low on health :) The explosions are the best I have EVER seen on any PC game.

Gameplay- This is your basic online multiplayer strategy game you have your objectives to Capture The Flag, Capture and Hold, Hunters, and some others. The best part of the game in my opinion has to be the vehicles. There are quite a few number of vehicles in Tribes 2. There is one special one that drives on the ground, it's a mobile base unit, it has a rocket launcher on top and a place on the back to restock on ammo and health. There is also a motorcycle type of hovercraft which is super fast for those quick matches.

Sound/Music- The sound is excellent! The explosions, vehicle sounds, turrets, etc. are perfectly done. I can't really review the music because it would get on my nerves when I couldnt hear what was going on because of the music, so I turned it off. But, when I did have it on the first time I played it was quite nice. Also, the voice acting in Tribes 2 is near perfect for an exceptional one or two voices.

Online- The reason why I gave this game a 9/10 is because of the lag. I have a 56k modem and I could lag at some times, but it was never major lag.

Overall- This in my opinion, is one of, if not the best multiplayer game out there. It provides hours of enjoyment for all kinds.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/23/01, Updated 04/23/01

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