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"Half revolution, half missing"

You jump into your vehicle bay, and waiting for you is your Trusty Shrike. You jump in, soar out towards the enemy base, and engage in aerial combat with a bomber headed to your base. You destroy the bomber, but someone from below knocks your shrike out of orbit, so you jump out and, occassionly using short jetpack thrusts, slowly lower to the ground. You snag their flag, run out to see a tank waiting for you. Fortunately it is your teammate's tank. You hop in, take the gun, and start making muck out of anybody that gets too close.
Sound like fun? It sure is. Sometimes.
Great teamplay if you can find it, and awesome vehicles. However, there aren't many vehicles. there is like a whopping 6. However, if this game was perfect in all other areas. That would be OK. But it isn't. This game also fails to have a variety of weapons. Did I mention the weapons it has all suck? Almost all of them are slow-moving super-explosive projectile shooter thingies. The only variance is color, size of explosion, and damage. And its not very fun just shooting those everywhere. If this thing had good weapons, it would be ALOT better off. And the maps...well...aren't really much of maps. They are just areas with different hill/water formations. I have never seen a door in the maps, indicating there is little or no complication to maps which, well, makes them quite boring, even if they are HUGE.
Alot of teamplay is needed, for all sorts of things like repairing your base, destroying theres, capturing flags, setting traps and the list goes on. You'd really need a good clan to get the full teampaly out of this. However, this may be a little OVER complicated.
*sigh*... this thing is pretty sad. Even with up to date patches, it often crashes. Makes it pretty impossible to play, not to mention whenever I'd play training, it would crash soemtimes and I would need to reinstall to play training more. So I had to learn the hardway.
Ooh la la! Even though these can slow down some systems, just turn down your graphics settings. Giant hills, cool ships (even cooler exploding ships :)) plenty of explosions (perhaps too many, see gameplay) There really isn't much left to be wanted to see.
Sound (7/10)
Constant PZEWWW POW! from the small selection of guns gets quite annoying, along with the constant hum of vehicles. Why put it up to 7? The music! The music is great, adreniline pumping, and fits the mood. It wouldn't be a bad idea to buy the sound track. Some times I still get the music stuck in my head, or find myself humming it.
Replayablility (4/10)
There was a little addiction, but it was soon lost because of the poor few weapons, few vehicles, and so-on. I stopped playing it pretty fast and can' touch it without it crashing.
-Cool vehicles
-Nice Graphics!
-Extensive teamplay
-Nice music!
-Few weapons, which particularly suck
-Few vehicles
-A bit too complicated
-Poor replayability
-Not stable

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 09/20/01, Updated 09/20/01

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