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"Tribes 2 is a excellent game"

What is tribes 2?

Tribes 2 is an online first person shooter type game with futuristic weapons and vehicles. It is solely intended for online play. Tribes 2 is different from other fps's because it involves much outdoor combat over large areas, and has emphasis on aerial combat, and huge team vs. team combat, which can get up to 30 vs. 30. The first time you play you will be awe struck at all that's going on around you, with a huge battle going on and aircraft flying over head.

How does it work?
People customize their character or warrior, to their gender, and voice preferences. Then join a server of the game type they wish. Tribes 2 offers many types of game play for example:

Capture the flag: Each team has a base and a flag, the purpose of the game is to steal the enemies flag and bring it back to yours. (although this sounds simple enough think of it with 30v30 teams all armed to the teeth with plasma rifles and drop ships ;| )

Death match: everyone kills each other, nuff said

Siege: One team attacks a base while the other defends.

and many more....

Are there classes?

Yes, people choose from either light, medium, or heavy armor, a variety of weapons ( some armor specific) and a pack, which has a certain ability, such as healing, cloaking, a remote bomb, turrets, ect. Your load out basically determines your role, or class. Repair pack = medic, Laser rifle= sniper, Heavy with shield pack = Defense, ect.

Is Teamwork essential?


To help with teamwork tribes 2 offers a in depth voice communication system for a variety of situations i.e. defend the flag, cover the flag carrier, ect. The voice message system also offers taunts and frustration messages.. Shazbot! ;|

Tribes 2 also offers in game forums, news, T-mail (like email in game only ) and the ability to create and join tribes.

Also some of tribes 2 vehicles require other people to function to their full ability. such as the bomber, which has a pilot, bombardier, and tail gunner.

Is this pay to play?

Why should I get this game?
When the game first came out, there were many complaints about how peoples computers were not compatible, or did not meet the requirements. Also There were many patches to the game. So you missed all that and now its a stable game, and most computers now can support it.

At about 20 bucks or less its well worth it.

If you have a dsl, cable, or above internet connection it will play smooth.

This game has ENDLESS play value. ( not replay because when you play its usually always new) With all the different modes of play, this game never gets old. Also for the game are many MODS, which are servers that change the game, so there are different weapons and vehicles, if the base game ever gets old.

Why shouldn't I get this game?
If you have a 56k or below this game will play choppy.

If you have a old computer with under a 32mb video card it will play slow.

This game has a long learning curve, and can take some time to get the hang of things.

It may ruin your social life ;)

Graphics ?/10
Its hard to rate the graphics of this game because they solely depend on your hardware and how you set them. So the graphics of this game can range from awful to Wow! that looks great! if you can support it.

Sound 10/10 The sound in the game is great, all weapons and other sounds are superb.

Control 7/10 New people will find the controls standard with most fps's.You can change all controls to how you like.
However the only bad part is controlling the vehicles can be awkward to new people. Just practice and get the hang of it.

Fun Factor 10/10 Many modes of play, this game is pure fun.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/18/02, Updated 06/18/02

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