Review by Lord000

Reviewed: 01/09/04

Tribes at it's finest hour


Tribes 2 is a first person shooter game and is wonderful online…only online…just like tribes 1 the single player modes is boring, you need to get online and start PLAYING THE REAL GAME.

|||~|||Starting Out|||~|||

You customize your voice, skin, and choose either male or female. Then join a server and start playing. Here you can also make your own squad and start to recruit people right away!


Tribes 2 has one of the best graphics I have ever seen for the computer it’s just gorgeous.
The trees and land and sky are the best and were created for the top notch graphic cards.
The shooting guns like the chain gun have greatly improved it fires with pace and the bullets are way more realistic. The maps are SO BIG so when you need to get out of the enemy’s base fast just fly back and run for your life. All the explosions and gun shots tie into a neat little package which gets 10/10 from me.


This is where this game really shines bright. The controls are wonderful and of you don’t like them go to options and just change them for your liking. This game is multi-player strategy and hence you need to work together. My favorite is Capture the Flag but there are many more including capture and hold and hunters. There is WAY more maps than tribes 1 but some of the classic’s still remain. Broadside is my favorite map it is really cool because it is small and always has action going on. There is always something going on like a tournament or a tryout for a clan. The best is the motorcycle looking craft it is quick and reliable to get out of enemy ways.


The music is AWSOME AND FINALLY IN GAME MUSIC! This has greatly improved from Tribes 1. The vehicle and explosion and gun shooting are so perfectly done I really can’t say anymore. You can also talk to your team mates via options. You have the choice to talk to your team privately or to everyone in the arena.


10/10 10/10 YOU CAN’T GET BETTER. This game is the one of the best online games ever period. If you have DSL and a good card you have almost no lag and always crisp game play.

|||~|||Final Statement|||~|||-10/10
Simply the best Sierra© has to offer. I suggest buying the game because you will get addicted and play over and over again.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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