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"Tribes 2 my opinion"

First of all, Tribes 2 is one of the greatest games i have ever played. I will attempt to rate it in this review.


The graphics are quite smooth and nice when using an up to date computer, but when using older computers edges can become rough and ugly. This usually does NOT affect the gameplay, although it will unless your computer can't even run the game ;)

SOUND 9/10

Sound is essential when playing t2, as it includes many, many voice commands. It also has the average explosions, bullet ricochets and the catchy chaingun sound (well i think its catchy)The BGM is nothing special, although it does set the atmosphere for snow and desert.


Oh boy. The game play can only be described while you play it. The single player game only lasts for about 20 mins while you learn the controls, and is nothing special. (But at least it has a storyline) You can play BotMatches, although the bots just aren't as fun to kill, and the tactics they use get VERY repetitive.

The Multiplayer Universe, however...

Its amazing. You can join tribes and have online friends and foes. The Single player mode and the Multiplayer mode are almost different games. Another great thing in multiplayer games that lacks alot in the single player games is vehicles (bots can only really be forced into the gunship of a assault tank and the tailgunner of a bomber)
Having a vehicle isnt just a solo task as vehicles such as the tank, bomber and havoc require tailgunners and such. t2 is primarily a team game. There are many tasks to do in t2, including capturing the flag (capping) defending, raping the base and sniping, just to name a few (believe me, there are more). There are also many tactics and approaches at playing the game. Base games include: Deathmatch, Arena (Team Deathmatch with 1 life each), Capture the Flag, Rabbit (you try to capture a the one flag and hold it as long as possible as EVERYONE else is firing their whole arsenal at you. Fun... i guess.) Team Rabbit (just improvise) and Seige (one team has to capture the other teams base, then teams switch) There arem also many other games which can be found on mods, and more guns and vehicles can also be found on these, if you ever get tired of base (i know im not)
To wind this up- the gameplay is fantastic.


This is one of the most replayable games because of the originality in each match you partake. many people have been playing it for 2 + years, not including the original tribes.


Tribes 2 is the perfect online game, and the single player is still quite interesting and replayable.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/24/04

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