Review by Vyldin Hanonak

"Not Tribes 1, but still excellent"

You walk into a base...immediatly everything around you explodes, and you find yourself in the corner with almost no health left. Your team mates are storming in, yelling for your back-up. You hold up your rifle, and proceed straight down into hell with them. Welcome to Tribes 2.

Tribes 2 is an online First Person Shooter. It is far different from other First Person Shooters, for a few reasons.
1) You can fly. You can fly all around the map as you wish. Not just in vehicles, but using the jet-pack on your back.
2) The Vehicles let you fly as dizzying speeds, straight into battle.
3) The amount of people. Your capable of having team games, up to 30 Versus 30!

In Tribes 2, you will experiance many types of gameplay.

Every man for himself! You will fight over massive turrains, hiding among pieces of rubble, waiting for your opponenet to show himself...and the moment he strike him down. You win by killing, and not dying.

You and your team must capture as many bases as possible! And hold them against the other team, who will also have bases, in witch you must take! You win by holding a lot of bases for a lot of time.

You and your team have a base, witch you may defend as you see fit! With turrets, sensors and winding hills. You need to capture the enemy flag, and defend your own! You win by capturing the flag...and protecting your own.

Siege has 2 rounds.
""Round 1"" Your team/their team must capture 1 base. (We will say your team goes first) They must storm the base with force, destroying there opposition, and capturing that base!
"Round 2"" will envolve you defending the base, if you attacked it first round. Defend that base at all costs! You win by capturing the base in the FASTEST time!

There are many other forms of play, such as Rabbit, Hunters, Team Hunters and Bounty!

GRAPHICS: 9 / 10
Though it may slow down your computer and cause lag, with the graphic levels turned up relatively high, the game looks superb. Great looking characters and beautiful landscapes, combine with mind-blowing explosions, make the graphics of Tribes 2 really great to look at. However, when turned down, things do tend to look plain.

SOUND: 8 / 10
The music for Tribes 2 is wonderful, but reprtive. The music can really get you into the mood for an extremely large battle, or make you kind of bob your head from time to time. But it does sound the you may find your self turning this good music down.

GAME PLAY: 8 / 10
The game play itself is excellent. From the amazing aerial combat, with easy-to-learn controls. With the vehicles and mass weapons the have great effects that don't get boring. Weapons like the Disk Launcher, Blaster, Chain Gun, Laser Rifle and many, many more. It does, however, have it's down points. Online may get you annialated and leave un-happy. Experianced players will run newbies over. Once you get good enough to keep up with the fast moving pace, it really is a lot of fun.

You can play Tribes 2 for hours, everyday, for a long time. It has offline multiplayer, and a very small single player campaign. So if you can't be connected, tribes 2 still provides. Where it loses it's points, is with the newer players. The game may tend to be boring, always dying all the time. But honestly, between offline and online, the clans, the forum, the chat rooms and the brower, Tribes 2 has massive replay value.

FUN-FACTOR: 9 / 10
Tribes 2 is generally always fun. It is fast paced, action filled just about every second, and the mind blowing explosions will leave you craving more. However, like I have said, it may tend to get annoying when really good players use you like a mop.

OVERALL: 9 / 10
We will put it this way:
For your first person shooter, action craving, PC game fans...Tribes 2 is a definate pick up.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/26/04

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