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"Got some time on your hands and about a gig of harddrive space? Get Tribes 2 now."

When I first saw Tribes 2 being offered for free a while ago on, I thought it was just an old school crappy FPS, but wow, I was wrong!

Gameplay – 10/10 – Though this game seriously lacks in singleplayer, only 6 missions to be exact with very little story, the multiplayer makes up for it. In fact it over makes up for it as this game is meant for online play, the singleplayer is more of a tutorial to prep you up for the online play. It features several gameplay types like your typical deathmatch, team deathmatch, rabbit, and so on, but the Capture the Flag mode is what makes this game worth playing. This game is built around teamwork and is meant for teamwork, which is why capture the flag is the most played and the best mode of the game. The object of this is that there are 2 opposing teams, each with their own base and flag, and it is up to you and your teammates to capture the enemy flag and return it to your base to get points. Though it may sound simple, the vehicles and complexity of the levels really toss things up a bit making it a very fun and challenging game mode. A big feature of this game, is the vehicles. There are 6 of them, including: Wildcat Grav Cycle, Scout Flier Shrike, Beowulf Grav Tank, Havoc Transport, Jericho Mobile Base, and the Thundersword Bomber. All of which are very fun to pilot or to be piloted in. My personal favorite is the Bomber because it is multiseated for one person to pilot, one person to be the tailgunner, and one person to control the bombs and everything which is very fun to do if I say so myself. There are around 15 different weapons and grenades which all can be used for various tactics during games in different situations.

Graphics – 9/10 – For the time this game was made these graphics were great, although now they are somewhat dated, I am rating it according to the year it was made to be fair. The effects are decent and it looks pretty good even now.

Sound – 8/10 – The sound effects are somewhat mediocre and overused, although the voice commands are well done with good voice acting. But the explosion noises get repetitive after a few hours. The soundtrack is very good in my opinion and I even ripped the songs from the game and put them on my mp3 player cause I liked them so much.

Learning Curve – 1-2 hours – It will take a while to get used to the numerous controls you will be using often and the vehicles are somewhat difficult to pilot at first, it is pretty easy to start playing, but hard to get good and rack up lots of kills in multiplayer due to the fact that the only people who still play are battle hardened online veterans so it is difficult to get into it.

Replayibility – 10/10 – The numerous dozens of maps, online community, vehicles, skins, and game modes will keep you busy for a LONG time and it difficult to put down once you get into it

Overall – 9/10 – Everything about this game is good for the most part, and the online play makes for an extremely addicting game, with very few flaws and a large online community. I would reccomend it to just about anybody who enjoys FPS games.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/15/05, Updated 06/05/06

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