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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Xylanic

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 03/18/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

               Clive Barker's Undying
               A Walkthrough by:Xylanic
                Copyright March, 2001.
     Version 1.1
    Table of Contents:
    1. Author Information, Contact Information, FAQ.
    2. General Game Information
    3. Walkthrough Part 1- Opening to Gardens
    4. Walkthrough Part 2-Gardens to Monastery Past
    5. Walkthrough Part 3-Monastery Past to Monastery Present
    6. Part 4-Monastery Present to Lizzbeth.
    More To come as FAQ is updated.
    1.  About Myself, Contact Information, FAQ. 
      A. Contact Information:
        You may contact me at Xylanic@aol.com, or through AIM by Xylanic or 
    Zylnor. Please title your mail with the Heading: UNDYING FAQ. I will 
    give credit to anyone who has items to add or take away from the FAQ. 
    The newest version of this FAQ is always at Gamefaqs.com, don't ask me 
    for it.  Once again, I'm not perfect. I don't need to hear you bashing 
    me for bad grammar or one small mistake.  Although the majority of 
    feedback has been great, one individual can ruin a day.
      B. Who am I?
       As for Myself, I am a professional writer who writes fantasy and 
    horror in my spare time. This will be my first FAQ for this type of 
    game, and the first I have posted to major websites. I decided to write 
    this mainly because so far, nobody else has taken the initiave to write 
    anything intriguing or new for this game, and many people are stuck and 
    looking for answers.  So, being the type of guy I am, I decided to help 
    out. If you would like to have this FAQ on your site, please contact me 
    for further info. Also, I am not perfect. I know I make mistakes, and I 
    may have missed things I would appreciate you contacting me to make 
    this as complete as possible however.
      C. What's in this FAQ?
       This FAQ is designed to get you through the game as completely as 
    possible, with all secrets, spoilers, items,  extra health packs, and 
    amplifiers. It will not have a complete rundown of the weapons, enemies 
    or of how to use the weapons, and the key commands, as that is already 
    written in the manual for your enjoyment.  I will note things I find 
    interesting however throughout the majority of the game.  This 
    walkthrough is written in the NORMAL mode, which is not that different 
    from the other modes.  One day in the future, I may write one for the 
    Nightmare mode. This Walkthrough is written in sections through each of 
    the major portions of the game, with Letters marking individual parts 
    of the main sections for easier reading.
      D. Where can I get the latest Version?
     Currently, this walkthrough should only be at the following websites:
      www.Gamefaqs.com-home of the walkthrough.
      Also, the latest version can ALWAYS be found at www.Gamefaqs.com
      If you would like to post this on your site, Mail me at 
    Xylanic@aol.com. I'm pretty leniant as long as you ask. If you locate 
    this walkthrough at any site not listed above, shoot me a mail please, 
    I would appreciate it.  Note:I have given permission to some smaller 
    sites that I will not list here, but send me a mail just in case.
      E. Version Update Information:
      02-28-01-Released Version 0.1
    03-01-01-Updated to 0.2. Updated Contact Information, Added to Onerios 
    first part.
    03-02-01-Updated to 0.3  Added up to the Gardens, finishing part 1 of 
    the walkthrough.
    03-03-01-Updated to 0.4 Fixed Several mistakes, changed some of the 
    format, and added Characters section.
    03-06-01-Updated to 0.5 Changed some formatting, Added Gardens to the 
    Old Cemetary, added a FAQ section, added Thanks section.
    03-07-01-Updated to 0.6 Changed some problems in the FAQ section, added 
    some detail to some sections, Added Old Cemetary and Cove to Tunnels.
    03-08-01-Updated to 0.7 Fixed all spelling errors, added spaced 
    formatting so it is easier to read due to popular demand, Added a bit 
    more to tunnels and started the most requested section, Monastery.
    03-09-01-Updated to 0.8 Walkthrough is now up to the Catacombs entry 
    after you use the dynamite.
    03-12-01-Updated to 0.9  Completed Boss FAQ in the FAQ section, 
    including the Undying King.  Updated the Catacombs section.
    03-14-01-Now Version 1.0  Completed all the way to Monastery past, 
    added a few alternate ways to do things throughout the FAQ.
    03-18-01- Now Version 1.1 Monastery past completed. Fixed some 
    punctation errors. In the catacombs there is an optional puzzle in a 
    hidden room with symbols and blocks you shoot. If anyone knows the 
    proper soloution without releasing poison water, mail me.
      F. Thank Yous
      Thanks to my girlfriend, Robin, for patience while I write this.
      Thanks to Mike T for the Keisinger Trick in Onerios part 1.
      Thanks to Tran for tricks on using the stone on Tentacles.
       More always coming....
      Thanks to the Guy who felt he needed to take the time out of his day   
    to bash the FAQ for having a couple grammar mistakes.  That's really 
    important in my opinion so a big Loser of The Day goes to this fellow, 
    who out of respect I will not name.
      G. Most Frequently Asked Questions
      This section will be devoted to the questions flooding my email 
    currently. As the walkthrough is not yet completed, this is primarily 
    full of stuff that is not yet in the actual walkthrough. Read at your 
    own risk. Most of this will be covered later in the full walkthrough 
    section. Also, much more detailed boss walkthroughs will be in the main 
      Q.How do I beat Lizzbeth?
      A. Either take care of the skeletons yourself with Invoke, or let her 
    take care of them as she tends to do. Avoid her stones for a while, 
    firing at her with ectoplasm or your war cannon. When she stops for a 
    moment and glows, and her head turns around, use your scythe on her 
    head to behead her.  She is not difficult if you keep your distance and 
      Q.How do I beat Ambrose?
      A.Avoid his attacks by strafing for about a minute. Wait until a 
    Hound, or werewolf, whatever you wish to call it, appears and distracts 
    him for a few moments. While he is distracted, use your pistol, move in 
    close to him, and aim at the jewel on his axe, popping it out.  When 
    the jewel has popped out, he will shrink to a normal size. Scythe him, 
    like his sister, and you have won.
      Q.How do I return to the present in the Monastery?
      A. Once you get the gold key and the lights go out, proceed forward 
    to the open window where the monk lies dead on the floor. Jump THROUGH 
    the window, and head to your left and up towards the top of the 
    building, until you reach a small chimney, and just above you can see 
    an amplifier. Jump onto the chimney, from there do a careful jump to 
    the next part of the roof. Climb to the top after getting the amplifier 
    and leap into the window in the tower to get into the main Monastery.
      Q.How do I beat Aaron?
      A. First note, The true battle with Aaron is the basement of Bethanys 
    room.  The other times you meet him, he haunts you as a ghost in the 
    house, merely use an ether trap to get rid of him. Start by giving him 
    his jaw back when he is hanging there in chains.  Then, he will begin 
    to lash out at you and be a rather pain. First you will chop off his 
    hand with your scythe. Use various attacks for a few minutes, using 
    shield to defend yourself. Eventully, you will manage to dispatch his 
    hand. The easiest way to have this happen? Have him jump at you and 
    strafe aside, and he will run into a wall and fall down. Use your 
    Scythe on the hand.  At this point,  Aaron will back into a far corner 
    of the room and use his wonderful chains to attack you from a distance. 
    Stand behind one of the hanging chains in the room and wait for his own 
    chains to get stuck on them.  When he is stuck, move in with the Scythe 
    and take care of him.
      Q.How do I get to the catacombs below the monastery?
      A.When you have found the dynamite, proceed to the front of the 
    monastery, where you entered, not inside which is what confuses most 
    people. There is a spot here where Patrick says he can see below into 
    chambers. If you look down over this area, you can see rooms below 
    stone blocks. This is where you use the dynamite and drop below.
      Q.In Onerios, I have just killed the Hound behind the energy barrier, 
    and I am stuck needing energy key and theres a lever that I cannot pull 
    all the way. What do I do?
      A.Use a Molotov Cocktail, Skull Storm, or Dynamite to light the 
    cauldron in the room.
      Q.How do I beat Keisinger?
      A.He is easy. In fact, you can beat him in seconds.  Arm yourself 
    with ectoplasm and Scythe, and as soon as you start, RIGHT after the 
    loading screen ends, hit him with an ectoplasm which distracts him for 
    about a second. Rush in and Scythe until he drops into the center hole. 
    Follow him into the center hole, using your flight to avoid falling to 
    your death. Merely follow him around the room, strafing and using 
    Scythe. Should take 2-3 minutes.  If you let him go in the start, he is 
    very difficult, and you will have to hide behind the pillars to take 
    care of him. He cannot be hurt when his shield is up.
      Q.How do I beat Bethany?
      A. Very, Very simple. Take care of her witches that surround her in 
    the start, they take a simple Skull Storm to take care of. Once they 
    are dispatched, fly to Bethany ASAP and use the Scythe on her head 
    while she is about to summon more creatures. Can take less then a 
    minute if you do it this way. She can only be hurt while summoning.
      Q.How do I beat the Undying King? (final boss)
      A. When the battle starts, run to your left and behind you and pick 
    up extra dynamite and Phoenix Eggs.  Equip your eggs, dynamite, and 
    Skull storm. Have skull storm amped to max if possible.  Begin by 
    launching multiple dynamite at his mouth that opens and attempts to 
    suck you in now and then. After a few dynamite blasts, the legs will 
    go, and the mouth will begin to open to suck you in. Stop being sucked 
    in with a quick skull storm. Concentrate on the head above, which opens 
    to a pink brain after the mouth is closed. Use skulls, Phoenix, and 
    Dynamite together on the brain. Try to keep one skull up at all times 
    so that you can take care of the mouth any time it opens to attempt to 
    suck you in.  Keep backed up roughly at where you started the round to 
    avoid tentacles around the island. If you use the Phoenix, Dynamite, 
    and Skull together, he will take about 7 minutes. Hang in there.
      Q.Who is that in the boat in the end cutscene?
      A.Keisinger, in his normal form.  Can you say Sequel?
      Q.Your FAQ is great, you should be a writer!
      A. I know.
      Q. You suck. Why do you even bother writing?
      A. To join my fanclub, send me an email, and you can be a charter 
      Many more coming...
      2.  General Game Information
      A.  Characters in Undying
      Although I have stated I shall not create a guide on the individual 
    weapons (at least at this time) or the key commands and enemies, I did 
    decide to create a description of each of the main characters in the 
    game, and what you can expect from them. This is not a spoiler section 
    on how to defeat the bosses, as that is listed in the actual 
    walkthrough. This is more of a get to know your friends and villians 
      Patrick Galloway-The main Hero of our adventure, the individual who 
    you portray. Patrick is a man who specializes in the occult, due to an 
    encounter with a Trsanti Shaman during World War One.  During that 
    battle, he obtained a curious green stone, and since then has majored 
    in exploring and devoting his life to the occult. During the war, his 
    friend and Squad leader Jeremiah Covenant saved his life. In doing so, 
    Patrick believes that he owes the man a life debt. As our story opens, 
    Jeremiah has hesitantly decided to call on Patrick and take advantage 
    of the debt that is owed.
      Joseph Covenant-Father of the Covenant family. Devoted his life to 
    studying magic and other supernatural doings.  Reliazed what had 
    happened to his children far too late. Killed by his rogue son Ambrose 
    in the game hall with a Pool cue.  Letters of his still litter the 
    house, as the cleaning staff has not bothered to get rid of them and 
    his other books.
      Evaline Covenant-Mother of the Covenant family.  Died giving birth to 
    the youngest of the Covenants, Lizzbeth. Letters lying around the 
    Estate reveal her to be a reflective, thoughtful woman with concern for 
    all of her children. Using scrye in a few spots in the game will give 
    an eerie showing of what happened with this lass.
      Lizzbeth Covenant-Youngest of the Covenant family. Referred to as the 
    beautiful member of the family, the housing staff always doted on her. 
    Until she discovered a nasty biting habit and enjoyed teething on the 
    house staff. Using scrye in several spots on the game will flashback on 
    this habit.  Died at the age of twenty from a wasting disease that 
    caused her to wither and die. It is said she spent her final days in 
    the family crypts, reading through such novels as Dante's Inferno and 
    spending her time conversing with the dead. You will encounter 
    Lizzbeth's afterlife form several times throughout the game, and she 
    will be the first sibling you will confront.
      Ambrose Covenant-Referred to as the Black Heart of the Covenant 
    family. According to the game's journal, he has always been a hellion, 
    fighting and hurting others for the shear pleasure of doing it.  
    Shortly after killing his father and lying about the truth, he left the 
    Estate and became a pirate, sailing off the shore of the Estate and 
    across the sea to other continents. He became involved with the Trsanti 
    clan eventully and their magics during his pirate travels.  Eventully, 
    returned the year before the game starts to claim his inheritance.  He 
    confronted Jeremiah and the constables and other police showed up. Lept 
    off a cliff off the side of the mansion. Presumed dead, suicide. Don't 
    count on it, as he makes his home in the Pirates Cove near the Estate 
    with his friends.
      Aaron Covenant-The artist of the Covenant family.  During his time at 
    the manor, he drew most of the portraits that you will see throughout 
    the game.  Always had a dark, gruesome way of painting, which most 
    people did not see for what it actually was, another world he was 
    working on painting entirely.  During life, he got into several 
    arguements with Bethany while Jeremiah was at the war, and was a manic 
    depressive, subject to severe emotional problems. Dissapeered a few 
    years back, presumed dead. Of all the Covenants, Aaron will cause you 
    the most trouble throughout the game.
      Bethany Covenant-Power. Her whole life, even as a child Bethany has 
    sought power, and sought ways to make herself more powerful. Having a 
    private cottage on the Estate and a greenhouse where she worked 
    horrific experiments, Bethany has always let magic be her true passion, 
    wheras the others had their reading, art or strength as passion.  Her 
    entire life she has contacted the most powerful Magi and Wizards in the 
    world to increase her power, doing anything to learn from them. Sadly, 
    Bethany was killed by Keisinger, who proved to be her better.  However, 
    The curse affects even her, and of all the covenants, she has grown to 
    be the most powerful.
      Jeremiah Covenant-Eldest member of the Covenants. Only surviving 
    member of the family, or so he thinks.  Bedridden, dying from a wasting 
    disease similar to the one that killed Lizzbeth.  Jeremiah is an old 
    friend of Patricks, having saved his life during the war 
    and....ahem...narrowly advoiding dying himself.  Seems very genuine in 
    wanting to have Patrick solve the problems on the Estate, and solve the 
    curse, but He has many secrets....
      Otto Keisinger-Reputed to be the most powerful Magi on Earth. Worked 
    his way into the family by getting close to Bethany, pretending to 
    teach and help her learn when his true purpose was to develop himself 
    even more by tapping into another realm that has it's gateway directly 
    below the Covenant Estate.  When he finally managed to tap into this 
    otherworldly power, he killed Bethany. However, he continued to stay on 
    at the Estate, keeping a guest room in the house while he worked on his 
    magic. Keisinger has indeed grown very powerful bleeding off of the 
    Covenants. Will his confidence be his downfall?
      Sedgewick-The old, yet friendly Lighthouse man, who has run the 
    lighthouse off the coast of the Estate for years. Has a deep dislike 
    for Trsanti and Ambrose, as the Trsanti killed his only son years ago.
      The King-Who, or what is the King that is referred to by the twisted 
    Covenant children? You will find out. Oh yes, you will find out.
      Butler-Although not a main character, he is quite helpful in giving 
    information and somehow staying alive and on staff at the mansion 
    throughout the game.
      Gardners-Several Garden workers throughout the game will also help 
    you although in smaller ways then the butler.
      Maids-The housing staff is very good at getting killed. That is about 
    it, sadly.
      3.  Game Walkthrough Part 1:Opening to Gardens
      A.  Game Opening-Outside.
       Undying begins with a opening in game movie, in which some 
    background information is established and it is revealed that you have 
    been called by your old War Commander, Jeremiah Covenant, to perform 
    him a favor at his estate. Evidently, he is very sick, and as you owe 
    him a life debt for him saving your life during the war, you oblige to 
    travel to his Estate in Ireland.  Little do you know what awaits you 
      When you first get control of your character, you face the large, 
    Imposing Covenant Estate, where lightning strikes down in the distance, 
    and generally adds to the grim decor of the Estate.  Press F3 to open 
    your journal and read some information about both why you are here, and 
    about your current inventory and what you can do with it.  Equip your 
    Revolver, and get ready for a journey into ultimate Horror.
      Head forward, and keep an eye out for small rats that will come up to 
    you and bite you for a point of damage or so. To use bullets on these 
    rats, is, in my opinion, a complete waste of time.  Turn around and 
    walk over to the gate that you used to enter the Estate.  You will see 
    your first glimpse of several small Howlers, then a much larger 
    creature, race across the field behind the gate.  Obviously, this will 
    not be a normal visit.
      After you witness this scene, head towards the front door of the 
    Estate and use your Scrye spell while looking towards the Entry. You 
    will witness a scene that took place in the past, as a person hangs 
    from the lamp to the right of the door, further letting you know that, 
    Dorothy, your not in Kansas anymore.  A neat little detail of this past 
    scene is the rats drinking the blood from the foot of the lamp. How 
      If you wish, you can head to the left of the doors to see a man 
    working in the Garden. I kind of found it somewhat odd that this man 
    would be pulling weeds and trimming hedges with the current conditions 
    and with rats running around that seem to enjoy human flesh...However, 
    to each their own I suppose.  However, he has nothing special to say, 
    so it's inside of the Estate you go.
      B. Inside the Estate to Jeremiah.
       You will witness another in-game cutscene in which you meet a Maid, 
    also apparently as intelligent as the guy picking weeds outside of the 
    Estate.  She informs you that Jeremiah is in the living quarters, and 
    that most of the house staff was let go a while back.  Also, as a 
    special bonus, seems most of the house is without electricity. Doesn't 
    it just get better and better? She will have you automatically follow 
    her through the Main Hall, which is somewhat Resident Evilesque, and 
    into the entry to the living quarters on the right, which is where you 
    once again take over.
      Head down the hall and follow it to the right and witness your first 
    glimpse of a member of the Covenant family-Aaron.  He will appear for a 
    moment, then glide down the hall away. Continue to follow the hall, and 
    witness a darker, more sinister form appear, which lashes out at you 
    briefly, but causes no damage, and disappears. Well, this is about the 
    point most normal people would leave the premises, but Then, we would 
    not have much of a game, would we?
      Head to the end of the hall, pick up the health pack on the ground, 
    you will need it later, and head back to the door on your right. Open 
    it.  That's one more thing about the Estate, is the damned doors seem 
    to get stuck, jammed, or just won't open. When in doubt, use WD-40. 
    Perhaps then they would not have so many problems with stuck doors.
      You will now witness yet another cutscene, in which you discuss 
    current going ons with the only living member of the Covenant family, 
    Jeremiah.  Seems he is wasting away from an old war wound, and has 
    called you to investigate odd happenings inside his estate that have 
    heated up since he came home.  He mentions that the staff took most of 
    the most valuable belongings in the mansion when he thinned them out, 
    and that they fear the family curse.
      Before you and your friend can further discuss current happenings and 
    which of his maids is the most attractive, you hear an odd growl and a 
    scream from downstairs. With great intelligence, you take out your gun 
    and go to investigate as Jeremiah locks the door behind you.
     C. Investigating the Sounds to Jeremiah.
    Head back the way you came, towards the Main Hall.  As you enter the 
    top floor of the Main Hall, Aaron will fly across the hall, laugh at 
    you, and then fly below and disappear. This guy has a serious staring 
    problem it seems.  Head down the stairs and note that the door to your 
    right is left open. Well, isn't that convenient.  Also note that you 
    can walk behind the stairs, use your Scrye spell to light your way, 
    this area will be important a little later on. Go ahead and enter the 
    door to the next part of the house.
      You have now entered the West Wing. (No, not of the white house, you 
    moron.)  As you walk down the hall, the first door to your right will 
    open. Enter this room and watch as once again Aaron appears, says a few 
    words to you about the bonds of flesh, and then fades away after 
    revealing that he learned a few tricks from the film the Exorcist.  
    Pick up the bullets on the windowsill and continue down the hall to the 
    end, take a left into the next room.
      Don't miss the health pack in the back of this sitting room, then 
    make your way forward, past the door you came in, into the next area.  
    Walk up to the mirror and pick up the bullets from the table, and watch 
    what happens in the mirror. At about this point, you feel as if you are 
    roaming the Haunted Mansion at Disney World, eh?  Head into the next 
    room on your left.  You will hear glass breaking, and a scream, seems 
    like someone has had some bad luck.
      Continue through this room and into the next, where you will meet 
    your first Howler, viscous, fast creatures that usually travel in 
    packs. Luckily, they are not too difficult to kill. The first one will 
    come around the side of the small garden in the middle and rush at you, 
    just back up, aim carefully with your target in place, and two well 
    placed shots should take it down.  Head around the garden and a second 
    Howler will rush at you. Repeat, and look around and reliaze this room 
    looks like it was taken directly from the Haunting.
      Pick up the health pack lying directly below the hole in the glass 
    above, which is where the Howlers entered, and whirl around as a Howler 
    comes from the direction of the little garden. Aim quickly, and waste 
    it. Pity the poor maid lying on the ground, pick up the bullets lying 
    against the wall of the little garden, and head forward into the next 
      As you enter this next small room, another Howler will try to 
    surprise you by dropping from the roof. Back up, aim carefully, and 
    send it to Hell.  Head down the small inset flight of stairs and 
    witness a Howler racing across the next room towards a large curved 
    flight of stairs, somewhat far away. Don't let it fool you. Back up, as 
    another will drop from just above the doorway. Waste both, backing up 
    into the garden room if you have to.
      Enter the room with the large curved flight of stairs, gaze around if 
    you wish, as it is beautiful, with the pattern in the glass far above. 
    None of the bottom doors open, big surprise, so head up the stairs to 
    the Second Floor once again.  Another Howler will race towards you once 
    you reach the landing, and you will hear Jeremiah yell for your help. 
    However, once you kill the Howler, don't respond to him right away, He 
    can wait a bit. Pass by the hall where Jeremiah called for help and 
    into the door at the far right, and enter a small study with a book on 
    the table.
      Read the book, and it will reveal a bit more of Joseph, the 
    Covenant's Father, wanderings and explorations and just what the large 
    Tower and standing stones mean. Now, before you leave the room, push on 
    one of the bookcases set in the walls in the far corner to open up a 
    hidden passage to the balcony above the garden room.  On this balcony, 
    you will pick up your very own, dandy, first Amplifier.  Take it, and 
    head down the hall where Jeremiah still needs some help.
      A Howler is attempting to beat down Jeremiahs door, which of course, 
    we cannot allow. Blow it away, it will not even attack you and should 
    only take a few shots to take down. Enter Jeremiahs room once again.  
    You will witness another cut scene in which Jeremiah will explain about 
    the Howlers, the ritual that may have caused this curse upon the 
    family, and that some of the Employees of the Estate have reported 
    seeing Lizbeth lately. I guess your spotting of Aaron doesn't mean 
    much, hm.  Of course, this is odd, since Lizbeth is long dead.  He will 
    also give you a magic scroll, which contains Ectoplasm, which you will 
    need later in the game. You agree to study it, and head to bed in the 
    Guest Quarters.
      D.  Day Two, Guest Bedroom to North Wing Lower.
      As you wake up (Odd, unlike most Horror Games, seems you had a 
    perfect nights sleep with no disturbances during the night. Personally, 
    I would not sleep well if where I was staying the night had man-eating 
    dog like creatures prowling, however, I suppose Patrick is different. 
    Anyways, move forward and pick up the scroll that Jeremiah gave you the 
    night before, It is the Ectoplasm spell. I personally amplified the 
    spell with the amplifier we found earlier, to give myself more power, 
    but that is up to your discretion.
      Move through your room, pick up the bullets lying on the table, and 
    proceed through the door ahead of you, leaving the Guest Bedroom. After 
    the loading screen, you stand in a Hallway. To your left is a statue 
    and a dead end, to your right is a short flight of stairs heading down, 
    obviously, this is the way you should go.  As you head down the 
    hallway, A butler will pass by and inform you that someone broke into 
    Lizzbeth's room while you slept last night, and that it is quite a 
    mess. After he is finished talking to you, follow him down the hallway.
      All other doors are locked, or jammed, as is per the norm here in the 
    Covenant estate.  Although, take note of Bethany's room, although it is 
    locked, and the study. Proceed into Lizzbeth's open room after the 
    Butler. A maid will approach you.  She will tell you a few interesting 
    details, including that recently the Groundskeeper claims to have seen 
    Lizzbeth somewhere. She will inform you that you can talk to this man 
    by entering the Garden through the Kitchen.
      After this oh so exciting conversation, continue forward into her 
    room to snoop around a bit.  Items of interest in her chambers include 
    a health pack in the bathroom, a diary letter she wrote about the 
    Monastery and how she wonders about what takes place within, and if you 
    use the scrye spell on the painting by her bed, you will see what 
    Lizzbeth has now become. Horrible and tragic, Indeed.
      Head out of her Bedroom, turn left and start to head down the hall. 
    You will hear the sound of breaking glass, and a scream. The Butler 
    will rush past you, yelling for help and injured. Head back towards the 
    room, Ectoplasm and Gun at ready, and let loose on the two Howlers that 
    have just slain the maid that was so helpful before. Back down the hall 
    while firing if you have to. When they are also lying in a puddle of 
    their own blood, follow the hall that you had originally turned down, 
    where the Butler went running.
       When you have almost reached the end of the Hall, two more Howlers 
    will come at you. Back up quickly and fire carefully, keeping out of 
    their range, and bringing them to the ground as well. Continue down the 
    Hall. You will pass the injured Butler, hiding in a corner, holding his 
    arm. Head out the door at the end of the Hall to enter the second floor 
    of the Main Hall. Looks familiar, huh? Notice that the large double 
    doors directly to your left as you enter the Main Hall are open. Go 
    ahead and go inside.
       Entering this room, turn to your left and enter the bedroom. If you 
    wish, use your scrye spell to see what happened during the birth of 
    Lizzbeth. Very lovely.  Pick up the bullets and the letter on the table 
    by the bed, and the health pack in the bathroom.  This was a letter 
    written by Evaline a while back, involving her thoughts on her husband. 
    Very interesting. At this point, two more Howlers will be coming across 
    the room you entered these chambers from. Be ready for them, and slay 
    them as well. If you need to, use a health pack.
       Exit Evaline's bedroom and cross towards where Jospeh's bedroom is. 
    Odd, they slept in separate beds it seems. Anyways, be prepared for the 
    Howler that will drop from the ceiling and attempt to surprise you. 
    Surprise it with a bullet to the head, and pick up the letter on 
    Joseph's bed, and get a better idea of just what is going on here. Go 
    ahead and exit these chambers and reenter the Main Hall.
       You will hear Howler's somewhere below, and as you approach the 
    stairs to go to the first floor, you will hear Aaron's taunting laugh. 
    Go ahead and descend to the first floor. As you reach the landing and 
    are nearly to the bottom, you will clearly hear what sounds like flesh 
    being ripped from bones. This should not concern one as brave as you, 
    should it? Once you have reached the first floor, prepare yourself, and 
    head BEHIND the stairs that I mentioned earlier.
      Here, three howlers dine on a recently slain maid. Take them out one 
    at a time, heading up the stairs if you have to to keep them at a safe 
    distance from harming you. I found heading up the stairs keeps them 
    coming more slowly. Once you have dispatched these three, head back 
    behind the stairs, and pick up the servants key lying by the corpse of 
    the maid. After you have picked up the key, come out from behind the 
    stairs and enter the door on the far right of the Main Hall if you were 
    facing the stairs.
        Once you have entered this hallway, take a left and start walking, 
    turn right into the hall ahead of you as you hear Aaron laugh yet again 
    and the door you came in will slam shut behind you. Fantastic, eh? 
    Proceed all the way to the end of the hall and enter the door on your 
    left, as the one on the right is locked anyways.  Note: If you had 
    turned right at the intersection when you entered this part of the 
    house, you can see a large family painting. If you use scrye on it, you 
    will see a grisly scene of what could be...Proceeding down the hall as 
    if you were going towards the east wing would result in the door 
    slamming shut to the East Wing and Lizzbeth appearing at the other end, 
    where she will release two howlers after you. This is not nessacary, as 
    you will return here later.
      E.  North Wing Lower to Keisinger's room.
      As you enter this small room, proceed forward into the second door on 
    your right and pick up a health pack on the table, you may need it 
    sooner or later.  Leave this little room and enter the wooden door that 
    was not locked.  You have now entered a small dining room, which 
    connects to the kitchens.  Cross the dining room to the door on the far 
    right if you had just entered the chamber.
      Walk around the barrels and other items in this storage room and turn 
    left to enter the main Kitchens, where a blazing fireplace sits in the 
    middle.  On the far right hand side of the room is a health pack 
    sitting on a table, take it. To the right of where the health pack is 
    is the entry into the cellars, although it is locked. You can bring 
    down the small elevator in the wall, but it brings a Howler with it and 
    is pretty much useless. Proceed towards the room to the right of the 
    fireplace, where a large cook who has tasted too many samples from the 
    Kitchens waits.
       She will inform you that although she stands by the door to the 
    Gardens, it is currently locked and she lent the key outside to one of 
    the maids, who is cleaning Otto Keisinger's guest room in the east wing 
    of the house.  After this conversation, read your journal and discover 
    that you have a rather deep disliking for Otto, and if you encounter 
    him within the Estate it will not be a pleasant affair. 
       After you have finished reading this letter, proceed out of the 
    kitchens and back towards the little dining room that you entered the 
    kitchens through.  As you reach this small room, Lizzbeth will come out 
    of the chamber where you entered the North Wing Lower through, and pick 
    up some stones to throw at you. Either strafe to avoid being hit, or 
    back up into the storage room and around the corner.  She will then 
    disappear back into the house, unleashing two more Howler's at you. 
    Take careful aim, and get rid of them. Proceed through the door 
    Lizzbeth popped out of and exit this part of the House, getting ready 
    to head back to the East Wing.
        Once you have reentered the hallway off of the Main Entry Hall, the 
    door across from you will automatically open, the one that was 
    previously locked. Spooky eh? Cross the hall and enter this room.  You 
    have now entered a library, where Aaron's Ghost is flying around, 
    searching for a book. You will hear him yell in anger as he is unable 
    to find what he is looking for, until he floats to a top shelf and 
    discovers it. After leafing through some pages, he will leave the book 
    on a top shelf of one of the bookcases, and exit through a wall.
      Now, use your pistol and fire AT the book. It will fall off the shelf 
    to the floor below, where you can read on just how sick Aaron is, and 
    learn a little bit about Eternal Autumn, for much later in the game. 
    After this fascinating reading, and wondering why Aaron never became 
    the next Stephen King, exit the room back into the hallway and head 
    towards where the locked East Wing Door is that I mentioned earlier.
       Upon entering the hall, two Howlers can be seen at the opposite end, 
    towards where you need to go of course, yet they will run off in the 
    other direction, away from you. Keep walking. Prepare yourself, for 
    just as you pass the locked door to the Main Hall, these two Howlers 
    will drop from the ceiling, attempting to surprise you. Back up and 
    take them out one at a time, and you should avoid damage that them 
    surprising you would have caused. Continue towards the hall with the 
    large painting of the Covenant children and the door to the East Wing.
        Just past the family painting, your old buddy and pal Aaron is 
    floating and will speak for about a minute, about how HE will rise 
    again, and how the ritual continues through the Covenant blood. After 
    this heart-warming, milk and cookies discussion, he will float away and 
    through a wall. Continue to the door to the East Wing.
        You have now entered the East Wing of the house, and stand in a 
    small room with two chairs at one end, and another door at the other. 
    As much you would love to marvel at these chairs for a few hours, go 
    ahead and head through the door at the other end. Go ahead and walk by 
    the Knights in Armor on the wall in this small room, don't worry, they 
    don't jump out at you =).  Go down the little flight of stairs into the 
    next hallway.
        Ignoring the door at the far end of the hall for now, enter the 
    door almost directly across from you. A short cutscene will take place 
    in which you talk with a maid. It appears that this room was formerly 
    Bethany's office.  There is not much to see here, however there is a 
    letter on a small tablestand that reveals Bethany's craving to be a 
    world-class Mage, and if you use Scrye on the picture of the Baby on 
    the wall, you will witness something rather disturbing. Leave the 
    office, holding back the temptation to blow the maid to bits for 
    staying and cleaning a house full of monsters and ghosts, and enter the 
    door I mentioned above.
       Aaron is at the end of the hall, but he does not do much and once 
    again he disappears. However, from the small door to the right further 
    down the hall, two Howlers will come out and race towards you. For some 
    fun, back up into the office where the maid is, and watch them rip her 
    apart, then take them out with your pistol and Ectoplasm. Proceed back 
    to the hallway.  Enter the door in the alcove where the Howler's came 
    out at you, the other doors at the end of this hallway are locked or 
    jammed, as usual.
        At the very end of this hall, you can see some more Howler's 
    enjoying a meal of another maid. Wonderful. Prepare yourself, as you 
    are about to face a total of FIVE Howlers. Begin by taking careful aim 
    and taking care of the one eating the body of the maid. After you kill 
    this one, the other four will come around the corner. BACK UP through 
    the other halls if you have to, always keeping them at least ten feet 
    away from you, as you take them out. Concentrate on one at a time 
    rather then the whole group, and you will have success.  Then, after 
    you have taken care of them, head back down the hall, passing the 
    locked door on your left, and pass the corpse of the maid they were 
    feeding on, turning left.
         Head up the stairs and into a hallway where curtains blow in front 
    of the open windows. The atmosphere here is fantastic. Pass through the 
    hall and enter the door at the far end. You have now entered the East 
    Wing Lower, proper. Go ahead and walk into the door directly across 
    from you, into the children's playroom. Pick up the health pack behind 
    the toy chest in the right hand corner, and read the journal on the bed 
    to understand that Lizzbeth has a biting fetish. Kinky.  If you wish, 
    use Scrye to hear the children breaking things and a maid crying as 
    they torment her. Wonderful family, aren't they? Exit the room.
        Head LEFT, not right just yet as soon as you have left the 
    playroom. Turning the corner, be prepared for a Howler to drop from the 
    roof. Since you know it is coming, take care of it without a problem, 
    and proceed to the door at the end of the hallway. Enter it, and go 
    through another short loading scene. You have now entered the chapel. 
    Yes, that's right, the Covenants have their very own, handy dandy 
    church in the house. Pass through the sitting room without incident and 
    down the little flight of stairs into an antechamber where two open 
    arches are on your right and left. Both lead to the same area, but for 
    the sake of keeping this walkthrough in order, we will go left.
        Once you enter the chapel proper, notice the short flight of stairs 
    going up to the priests room, and the key lying on the rafter above. 
    Climb the stairs, jump onto the BANISTER of the stairs, and use this to 
    jump towards the priests key, and grab it. Pick up the health pack on 
    the table in the priests room, but DO NOT open the dresser in the 
    corner with the key yet, as it brings several ghosts to attack you. You 
    do want to open this, eventually, but wait for now.  Leave the room and 
    head towards where the Amplifier is glowing on the cross at the end of 
    the room.
        Use your pistol and fire at the Amplifier, and watch as it falls to 
    the floor in front of you. Pick it up, and use it how you wish, or 
    conserve it. Now, head back to the priests room and towards the dresser 
    I just talked about. There are several ways you can do this, however, I 
    found this to be the easiest way. Pick up the four ether traps and the 
    bullets, I'm sure your running low on ammo by now, and run down the 
    stairs and towards the exit of the chapel, heading back to the East 
    Wing. As you run, you will hear the voice of the dead priest yelling, 
    Who dares to rifle through my belongings, Guards, At Once!
        Use Scrye as you run which enables you to see the ghosts of the 
    dead monks better, and run right by them. Although you could use an 
    ether trap and send them to another dimension, I preferred to save them 
    for later, and run by the monks by using Scrye to see them better. 
    Conserve your health, ammo and possibly a death and run back to the 
    East wing, safe and sound. Proceed down the East Wing hallway, past the 
    playroom, and activate Scrye again, then switch back to Ectoplasm. Your 
    going to need the light, trust me.
        As you pass by the playroom and enter the next hallway, bam, the 
    lights go out and two Howlers come from one direction, and one from 
    another. Although, if you used Scrye like I suggested, you will be able 
    to see them fine. Take aim at the two first, moving past them if you 
    need to, and bring them down. Then whirl and take care of the third, 
    which should be close to you by now. Use a health pack if you need to, 
    but I took no damage here due to being prepared. Continue down the 
    darkened hall, using Scrye to light your way, and enter the door at the 
    end on your left.
        You now stand in a dimly lit room with a painting of a female on 
    the wall opposite you. Turn to your left and pick up the health pack 
    lying in the corner, then enter the door that you have not been through 
    yet on the other side of the chamber. In this well lit room, with two 
    paintings on the wall, another pair of Howlers will attempt to get the 
    drop on you. Laugh at them, as they are pathetic in trying to scare 
    you, and take them both out with your pistol and Ectoplasm. If you have 
    used the amplifiers on your ectoplasm, as I suggested, you should be 
    able to down them with a couple shots of ectoplasm now without a 
    problem. Enter the next door in this room, in the upper left hand 
    corner if you had just entered.
        You now stand in a small antechamber with a billowing curtain. 
    Proceed forward and stare down the hall to your right, full of curtains 
    blowing in the wind.  The Covenant family has some problems keeping the 
    windows intact and keeping the curtains from blowing, obviously. 
    Prepare yourself for another battle, and begin down the eerie hallway. 
    The first door to your right is jammed, so continue forward slowly, 
    enjoying the breeze. Hehe.  As soon as you hear the howl of a Howler, 
    whirl around and take care of the one behind you first with a bullet to 
    the head. Down it quickly, and turn around again, facing the hall of 
    billowing curtains, where two more race at you.
        Take care of these two however you please, backing into the 
    antechamber if you must, then continue down the hallway. Open the door 
    on your right, where two more Howlers feast on a maid.  Enter the room 
    and strafe around it, firing and using ectoplasm on them at will until 
    they die. Pick up the bullets on the seat in the corner, but do not 
    enter the door on the other side. Retrace your steps into the hall with 
    billowing curtains and proceed to the end of the hallway. Pick up the 
    health pack in this sitting room, and proceed through the double doors 
    into a small chamber with stairs going to the second floor.  
        In this chamber, sits an Amplifier in plain view on a table, almost 
    seeming to say, take me. Well, you can take it, but be careful. See 
    that large chandelier directly above the table? As soon as you take the 
    amplifier, it comes crashing to the floor. So, line yourself up across 
    from the table, run and jump over it, grabbing the amplifier and 
    avoiding the lamp crashing below, which would kill you otherwise.  Now, 
    once again, the lights are out. Avoid going upstairs, there is nothing 
    worth doing there except more creatures which can cause more damage and 
    make your life more difficult. Cross back into the room where you 
    picked up the bullets on the seat and proceed to the door on the other 
        After passing through another doorway, you stand inside a large 
    marble floored room with a grand statue in the center, and a stairway 
    heading up. Go ahead take these stairs, as the door on the other side 
    of the first floor is jammed. Once you have arrived at the landing on 
    the top of the stairway, take the door directly to your right for 
    another loading sequence.
        Allright, now you have entered the Care Bear's realm. No, not 
    really, but I just decided to divert your attention for a moment. You 
    now stand in yet another small room, however we are now close to our 
    goal, Keisinger's room.  Take the open archway to the right and hear 
    muttering and chanting in this large room of paintings. If you use your 
    scrye in this chamber, you will see what Keisinger has now become 
    through the usage of his magic. Well, you never liked the fellow 
    anyways, so does it really matter?
        Proceeding through this room, you will pass a tiny chamber on your 
    left. You can go inside if you wish, but as far as I could tell, there 
    was nothing of interest inside. Proceed up the stairs and turn right. 
    There are some doors at the other end, but both of them are stuck. Go 
    up a tiny flight of stairs and hear more chanting. You are now VERY 
    close to the room you have went through so much danger to get to. Enter 
    the chamber on your right as you go down the hall through the open 
    door, and witness a room that, quite frankly, is rather odd.
        Go through the living room and into the back left-hand corner of 
    the room, into the attached Bedroom.  Notice to your right a door where 
    from what little you can see, something VERY strange is going on. 
    First, however, pick up the journal from your bed and read through it. 
    Spoiler:The person he killed was Bethany, when he first arrived at the 
    Estate, since he seeks all the power for himself.  After reading the 
    letter, head towards the door to the left of the bed.
        Watch as the door floats away, and it appears you are looking into 
    another realm. Well, you are. Enter the door, and proceed to the next 
    section of the FAQ =).
    F. First Visit to Oneiros 
          Welcome to the Dream City of Forgotten Souls, as the game refers 
    to it. Oneiros is a floating, changing world between ours, another 
    dimension, full of magical power. Keisinger has tapped into the power 
    of this realm to make himself more powerful, and you should not be 
    surprised to find him here, somewhere. As you arrive, read your journal 
    to learn a bit more about this city, then begin your journey through 
    the otherworldly hell, which is not as difficult as it sounds.
          As you enter Oneiros, you stand with your back to a great red 
    void. Shapes and stones float through the sky with magical power, and 
    lightning crackles through the distance.  To your upper left is an 
    archway, leading to open ended stairs that go down to another small 
    island. Take the stairs, preparing ectoplasm and be careful not to fall 
    off, as that would be the end of you.
          Once you almost reach the bottom of the stairs, a new creature 
    will appear in front of you, with long tentacles and a curved, worm 
    like body. It has the ability to shoot poison like mind currents 
    towards you, and even teleport through the ground to different areas. 
    Luckily, with ectoplasm, it is not too difficult to defeat, especially 
    if you have amplified your spell.  As the first of these begins to rise 
    out of the ground, fire nonstop at it, until it fades away. 
          After the first is dead, make haste and step onto the island, and 
    look to your right for another Tentacle (I do not have the actual name 
    handy, nor does it matter, you get the idea of what the creature is.) 
    to come out of the ground. Strafe to avoid it's mind shots and destroy 
    AVOID MIND BLASTS AT THE SAME TIME-thanks to Tran END NOTE:) Turn and 
    peer through the archway leading to another part of the island, where a 
    third Tentacle is coming out of the ground. Destroy it as well. Note: 
    If you have taken too much time, these could be anywhere, having 
    teleported around. If you are fast enough, you will catch them in this 
          Once they are defeated, ignore the open archway and head up the 
    tiny flight of stairs into the ruined building to the right of where 
    you came down off the first stairs.  From this building, head out to 
    the right hand side of the island, then follow the edge around a short 
    ways until you locate a health vial in the niche of a small broken wall 
    jutting out of the ground. Directly to the left of this broken wall, 
    over a ways, is a crypt lying on the ground. Push against it, and it 
    shall open for you.
          Go ahead and use the lid you pushed aside as a stepping stool to 
    drop down into the crypt, ectoplasm at ready. You stand in a tiny room, 
    and ahead of you are three stones floating in midair across a void, 
    leading to the next room in the crypt.  Time your jumps carefully 
    across these stones, too fast and you will end up falling to your 
    death, and make your way into the next room. As soon as you enter the 
    chamber, turn to your right and let loose on the rising Tentacle coming 
    out of the floor, taking care of it before it can take care of you. 
    Remember to strafe to avoid it's mind shots.
          There is nothing else of interest in this crypt room, not even a 
    dancing Care Bear to keep you company. Allright, enough of the Care 
    Bear thing. About where the Tentacle came out of the floor is an open 
    arch on the right and stairs heading down to a landing, where yet 
    another health vial is just sitting, waiting for you to pick up. Do so. 
    Continue through the arch on the left, make your way over the floating 
    stones to the next landing carefully, it is possible to fall here, and 
    as I have mentioned before, falling is not fun.
          Head down the stairs off of this landing, avoiding falling into 
    the little gap just before the stairs turn to the right. At this point, 
    you are looking out over a large central island, with an arch at the 
    far end in the remains of some ruined buildings. Take note of this 
    arch, and the arch you can see a distance behind it, as you will need 
    to head this way very shortly, and very quickly.
          Proceed to the bottom of the stairs and onto the island. Watch as 
    Keisinger himself, the bastard, appears in the sky, informs you that he 
    will show you some real magic, and creates a shield about himself. At 
    this point in the game, without cheating, there is no way to beat 
    Keisinger. However, if someone has somehow figured out a way to take 
    him down, even for a short while, mail me and let me know. UPDATE:You 
    can use an ether trap to cause Keisinger to disappear, although it will 
    not kill him. Thanks to Mike T. END UPDATE. Otherwise, as soon as the 
    cut scene ends, head for the arch that I previously mentioned. If you 
    time yourself quickly enough, he will be unable to let off a 
    devastating spell that will destroy you.  Once you go through this 
    first arch, you will see a single island off in the distance, and some 
    silver stones in the air. Run towards these silver stones, and keep 
    running out towards the island. The stones will continue to appear in 
    front of you all the way to the next floating Island. Run to the center 
    where the glowing Tibetan War Cannon, a weapon that can freeze your 
    foes with an icy blast, awaits. Fall through the hole in the center to 
    reenter the beloved Estate.
      G. Back to The Gardens
        Well, you have now made it of the hellish other-world Oneiros 
    safely, however Keisinger still lives. Nevertheless, you shall most 
    likely return later to deal with this chap, and find out what exactly 
    his purpose is at bleeding into the Covenant family and Estate.  Until 
    then, it is now time to head out to the gardens with your nifty new key 
    and meet with the groundskeeper who has some information considering 
    the long dead Lizzbeth walking again. Now, a note for this next 
    part...throughout this run to the gardens, Tentacles will rise up 
    seemingly at random throughout your return. I will not provide a 
    specific fighting strategy for every instance, so it's your choice to 
    run or confront them. I will provide strategy for planned instances 
    when I know they pop up.
       As you arrive, you find that the Oneiros portal has now returned to 
    a simple closet, and the maid that was sent to clean Keisinger's room 
    is lying in front of you, bleeding into the roof. Rather odd, have to 
    see it for yourself. Lying by her crippled corpse is the key to the 
    Gardens. Do I really have to tell you to pick this up before leaving 
    the closet? I didn't think so =).
        Now, attempt to leave the bedroom and his adjacent living room via the 
    door you came in, and it slams shut. Laughter echoes in the shadows, and 
    Tentacles will begin to pop up in the living room.  No matter how many you 
    get rid of, they will continue to come, and continue to wrack havoc on your 
    health supply.  So, rush back into the bedroom as soon as the door slams 
    shut, avoiding the rising Tentacles.  In the bedroom is a fireplace, now no 
    longer blazing. Duck and go THROUGH the fireplace into a room on the other 
    side. Quickly, rise and grab the health pack on the fireplace top, and head 
    to your left from coming out of the fireplace tunnel and to a door. Most 
    likely, a Tentacle will pop up directly in front of the door on your way out. 
    Be prepared, and use an ice blast and an ectoplasm to get rid of it. Go 
    through the door.
      You now stand in the hallway you were in previously, except now it is 
    infested with random teleporting Tentacles, which I advise you to avoid due 
    to sheer numbers at some times. Ignore the passage to your direct right, as 
    it leads to a dead end and most likely a confrontation with more lovely 
    Tentacles, and rush down the hall, straight ahead, past Keisinger's now 
    locked and jammed doorway.
      Once you pass his doorway, head down the little flight of stairs, but do 
    not enter the portrait room to your left yet. Head to the end of the hall and 
    open up the right hand door. Pick up two much needed health packs lying in 
    the room. Piece of advice, strafe throughout here, as the Tentacles are 
    everywhere and will continue to spawn relentlessly.  Leave the room and head 
    into the portrait room I mentioned earlier, avoiding more tentacles.
      Rush across this room to the open archway on the right (not the closed 
    door) and enter. Take the door in this room to exit Keisinger's chambers and 
    return to the East Wing Lower after a brief loading screen. As soon as you 
    enter this chamber, you are on the second floor landing, and a Tentacle will 
    pop up directly in front of you. Be prepared for it, use your Ice blast from 
    the War cannon and a few ectoplasm shots. Only one will appear, as they no 
    longer relentlessly spawn. Yay!
      Head down the stairs to the first floor. Halfway down the stairs, a 
    Tentacle will pop up in front of you. Don't let it surprise you, dispatch as 
    I stated above. Whirl around and deal with the one that tries to surprise you 
    from behind as well in the same manner. Aren't these things pissing you off 
    now too? I felt like taking a Tentacle and serving it at Red Lobster.
      Proceed to the bottom of the stairs.  The door to your left is now jammed, 
    time for some WD-40, so head around towards the door on the other side of the 
    statue.  Enter the doorway and your back inside the hallway with the curtains 
    blowing in the wind. Coming out of the room with the stairs, go right all the 
    way down the hall, rather then left, the same way you went earlier to get the 
    amplifier.  Although, there may or may not be a Tentacle popping up to your 
    direct left, so take care of it first.
      Go all the way to the end of the hall, to the little sitting room, where 
    another health pack is on the table, probably left by a thoughtful yet stupid 
    butler or maid. Pick it up, THEN head back down the hall to the other side.  
    Once you pass the doorway you came through to reenter this billowing hall and 
    enter the little room with the paintings on the wall and the wooden floor, be 
    prepared for a tentacle to come right out of the floor directly in the path 
    of the open arch. Use your war cannon and ectoplasm and send it to hell, 
    proceeding through the arch before more can pop up in this room.
      You have now entered the room with the marble floor and two gigantic murals 
    on the wall that you passed through earlier. A Tentacle will pop up behind 
    you, take care of it so it does not cause you trouble later, and proceed to 
    the open arch at the other side of the chamber. In this next tiny wooden 
    room, another Tentacle will appear, either kill it or avoid it and head to 
    the room on your left.
      You are now in the carpeted hallway that connects to the playroom and the 
    chapel, which are both now locked. Rush down the hall, and take out or run 
    past a Tentacle coming out of the top of the tiny flight of stairs at the end 
    of the hall. Follow the hall to the left and take the door you entered the 
    East Wing through to your right, and exit the East Wing proper, alive.  A 
    Tentacle will pop up directly in front of the east doors, but avoid it and 
    taking more damage and head through the door.
      Well, this hall should look familiar. Your back at the hall where five 
    howlers attacked you earlier after feeding on the maid on the floor. Well, it 
    doesn't get any better this time either, tentacle wise. Walk forward going 
    past the blowing curtains and head down the short flight of wooden steps.  A 
    Tentacle will come out of the ground directly in front of the stairs, Use 
    your war cannon and dispatch it with ease before it can even come out of the 
    ground entirely.
      At the bottom of the stairs, turn right first and grab the health pack 
    tucked in a corner on the other side of the stairs, that most people would 
    miss had they gone right and headed back the main way.  Now, with yet another 
    health pack in your arsenal, turn and be ready for quite a confrontation. 
    Now, although you can run past your next challenge, chances are you will take 
    more damage with poison mindblasts by running then by confronting the 
    Tentacles head on. So, here is the best way to conquer this part I have 
      After the health pack, whirl and be ready for the first of a group of 
    tentacles to appear, if it has not already. Get close and freeze it, then use 
    an Ectoplasm. Turn towards the little flight of stairs you came down and take 
    care of the one or two that have now popped up there in the same way, 
    strafing the whole time. Proceed down the hall towards what's left of the 
    corpse of the dead maid (awwww, shes been gnawed on) and one tentacle will 
    appear close by her. Move in and take care of it as well. Continue forward 
    towards the door at the far end of the hall, and be ready for two Tentacles 
    to come out of the floor together, ready to tear you apart. Move in close to 
    one, freeze it and ectoplasm it. Then, back up and using strafe, take care of 
    the other.  Although theres many ways you can handle this large group, I 
    found this to be the easiest way. It's not over yet. Continue down the hall 
    to the door at the far end and enter.
      You will go down another tiny flight of wooden steps and will now be back 
    in the hall with the knights. Head left first, although the door you came 
    through when you first traveled this way is now locked, there is a health 
    pack on the left wall near the door. Take it, adding to your collection, then 
    turn around and continue to the other end of the hall. Two or more tentacles 
    will most likely pop up during this, take care of them by moving in close and 
    using the war cannon and ectoplasm as before, same old, same old.
      Head through the open double doors at the end of the hall, up a tiny flight 
    of wooden stairs (what the hell is it with all these wooden stairs, It's 
    horror on the feet, I recommend Dr. Scholls.) and enter a chamber with a 
    spiral wooden staircase in the upper right-hand corner going towards the 
    second floor. Since the way you originally came is now closed, looks like 
    this is the only way to proceed. Head up the stairs towards the second floor, 
    and enter another pair of double doors, which should bring you into a 
    familiar area.
      That's right, your back in the general area where Lizzbeth and Bethany's 
    room are, and the study, all locked. First, take the hallway to your left 
    that leads back to where your Guest Bedroom is.  In the corridor leading to 
    the bedroom, a single tentacle will pop up, attempting to surprise you. 
    Surprise it with an Icy Cold Mountain De...Er...War Cannon blast.  Head all 
    the way to the end of the hall, where the statue of a head that was there 
    before is now knocked down, and in it's place is a health pack and two ether 
    traps. Take them, and head out of this hall and past where you reentered this 
    part of the house, as your guest room is locked.
      Proceed down the hall and turn left when the option presents itself, as 
    continuing to the end of the hallway only results in Bethany's locked door. A 
    Tentacle will most likely evolve from the woodwork near the intersection, so 
    take care of it with friendly smile and service. The door into where 
    Lizzbeth's quarters and the study are is locked, so instead head left through 
    an open door and watch another loading screen as you pass into the next part 
    of the house.
      There is nothing of interest in this entire rather large room, not even any 
    creatures to attempt to surprise you. Go down...you guessed it....another 
    flight of wooden stairs and cross past the couch to the door. Going through 
    the door, is a tiny hallway with another door at the opposite end. Walk 
    through the hall to the door. Passing through here, you will be in a larger 
    hall, with a door with rather odd designs on your right side as you continue 
    your tour. This would be Aaron's room, however it is locked and you will be 
    unable to visit it until much later in the game. Proceed past the bedroom and 
    through the doorway at the end of the hall.
      This next room is a carpeted study with a burning fireplace, pictures of 
    birds on the wall, a bookcase, an amplifier on the bookcase, and Aaron 
    standing directly in front of the amplifier. You will find that any attempt 
    you make to take the amplifier results in Aaron laughing and pushing you 
    backwards rather forcefully. Yes, there is a way around this. Change your 
    inventory to an Ether Trap, and run forward to directly in front of Aaron, 
    then trigger the trap. With the right timing, you will cause Aaron to be 
    sucked into the Trap and unable to bother you for a while. Yay =). Take the 
    Amplifier and proceed through the door at the other side of the room. 
    Remember, you can pick up any traps you used that did not catch him.
      Entering this next room triggers a neat sequence in which doors slam shut 
    behind you in unison, possibly scaring the hell out of you in the process. 
    This next area also brings back the endlessly spawning Tentacles, so beware. 
    As soon as the little scene ends rush to the end of the hall to a closed 
    door. Either avoid or fight the first of the spawned Tentacles until the door 
    opens automatically, which will be just a few short seconds. Yes, it CAN feel 
    like an eternity. Once it opens, run to the end of this hall to the Mirror 
    and a doorway with a purple force shield on your left. Hmmm, appear to be 
    stuck do you? Well, your not. Leap THROUGH the mirror. That's right, into the 
    looking glass Alice. 
      You have leaped into a tiny chamber with a door on your right. Pick up the 
    health pack lying on the wall banister to your left, then enter the doorway 
    and you have entered a secret room that Aaron used for magic in the Covenant 
    Estate.  Marvel at the Star Shaped Decoration in the ceiling, then proceed to 
    go from torch to torch in the room. You will automatically set fire to the 
    torch with your nifty occult abilities. Once you have lit all the torches, a 
    spell scroll will appear in the middle of the room. This is the Dispel spell, 
    which, you guessed it, you are to use on the purple force barrier back in the 
    hall. So, return to the hallway, jump back through the mirror, and use the 
    spell on the purple force barrier.
      This next part can be a bit difficult, as ever spawning Tentacles are 
    present. Run through this small sitting room, strafing and avoiding the 
    Tentacles. You can kill them, but more will continue to take their place. 
    There is a door in the far right hand corner of the room, take that doorway 
    to enter a small four way antechamber. Head left, and use the Servant's Key 
    that we picked up a long time ago to go pick up some goodies. Run down this 
    hall, go ahead and kill the Tentacles that pop up in front of you here, as 
    they can be a real hindrance in this narrow Servant's hall.
      Pass the first door on your left in the Servant's Hall, as it is locked, 
    and enter the second one.  Here, you will pick up a total of 18 Silver 
    bullets on the ground by the beds in this small sleeping chamber. What a 
    servant needed them for, I do not know, but they will definitely come in 
    handy for you later on. Leave this room and continue down the Servant's hall.  
    Enter the last doorway on the left into another small sleeping chamber. In 
    here, grab the health pack on the dresser and jump onto the small table to 
    take the bullets, which you sorely need as I am sure you are currently short 
    on them.  Go ahead and retrace your steps back down the servant's hall, 
    killing any Tentacles that pop up in front of with your cannon and Ectoplasm.
      Once you reach the Antechamber again, take a left into a room with two 
    doors and the tiny servant's elevator that I mentioned far earlier in the 
    FAQ.  You could go straight through the antechamber, but it leads to a 
    Workroom that you need a key to enter, which is not until far later in the 
    game. With both doors locked in this room, duck down into the Elevator and 
    ride it down into the Kitchens. 
      After another loading screen, you Stand inside the entry of the room where 
    the elevator is in the Kitchens. Somewhere nearby, you can hear Howlers. 
    Seems as if they have managed to enter even this portion of the house. Leave 
    this room through the open double doors to your right. As soon as you enter 
    the room with the Giant Fireplace, you will notice a few changes. For one, a 
    table is pushed against the door in the far left hand corner, as of someone 
    trying to block out creatures within the house. For two, A howler will rush 
    at you. Take careful aim with either the Cannon or the pistol, and take care 
    of it.
      Since the other exits are blocked or jammed, Head into the upper right 
    corner and through the archway, where you first met the cook earlier. Sadly, 
    as you enter the room with the door to the Gardens to your left, turn to your 
    right and see the overweight cook lying on the floor, dead, being tended to 
    by a Howler. Door's lie all over the floor and the door to the cellar is 
    busted down, apparently from the inside.  Seems the poor cook tried to 
    barricade herself in the kitchens but they got to her anyways. After 
    mourning, enter the room where the dead cook rests in peace (well, it 
    probably isn't too peaceful, ah well.) and before entering the broken down 
    door to the cellar, turn to your left and open that door.
      This room is very eerie looking, a large wine barrel storage chamber. It 
    almost looks like a cave. Go ahead and enter and be prepared for one Howler 
    to leap at you from the top of the barrels and another to rush from the other 
    side of the barrel storage area.  Back up into the room where the cook lies 
    and use your pistol and ectoplasm to carefully take aim and dispatch them as 
    they attempt to reach the door. Taking them on in the wine barrel room would 
    most likely cause damage to yourself. Once you have taken care of them, 
    reenter the room for exploring. Inside, is a locked door and a health pack 
    lying close to some wine barrels. Take the health pack, and return to the 
    open Cellar doors.
        Well, although it sure does look eerie down there, what lies below is 
    worth getting before a trip to the gardens. Go ahead and take a deep breath, 
    and make your way into the cellar, heading down the stairs into an eerie 
    darkness, using Scrye to light your way if you wish. Once you have reached 
    the bottom of the stairs, you will have entered the downright creepiest 
    portion of the game so far, an odd fog and ambient lit wonderland where howls 
    echo across the stone walls.  Quite excellent and bone chilling.
      Anyways, upon reaching the bottom, you will be in a room with some wine 
    barrels and a large open area to your right. To your left, is a smaller door, 
    left open. Prepare for a Howler to come out of this doorway, don't let it 
    surprise you as it first did me. Take care of it quickly and carefully, then 
    enter the room it came out of. In here are four handy dandy molotov 
    cocktails, which WILL come in handy later on in the game. Pick them up, then 
    exit this chamber and cross to the large open area. Now it's time for some 
    real fun.  
       You have now entered a central chamber of the cellar of the Covenant 
    Estate, and it appears it is slightly flooded, with water all over the floor, 
    adding even more to the spooky effect. Fantastic, isn't it? As you first 
    enter this large central chamber, use your scrye, if you have not already, to 
    spot the two Howlers across the room. Using Scrye to locate their exact 
    location, target them with your Pistol and take each of them down before they 
    can reach you and rend you apart in the eerie darkness.
       Now, from the doorway entry, head straight ahead to the back wall, where 
    you will begin to hear the familiar sound of an amplifier. Hiding in the 
    water near the back wall is another amplifier. Run back and forth by the wall 
    until you manage to run over top of it. From here, proceed to the archway 
    that you have not yet explored on the other side of the room that you can see 
    rather well from this spot.  This room is slightly raised, and above the 
    water level. In here are three doors, yet all three are locked. Don't worry, 
    you'll return later in the game. For now, pick up the health pack in the 
    corner and open the chest.
      Inside the chest are more bullets, which from fighting the Howlers you are 
    once again in need of. Speaking of Howlers, one is most likely on it's way 
    towards you right now from the central chamber since you picked these items 
    up. Stand in the doorway and dispatch it with ease, then head through the 
    central chamber and towards the stairs of the cellar.  Head up the stairs and 
    once again walk over the dead body of the maid. See, you made it through the 
    cellar without major incident after all.
       Now, after getting all of your goodies, prepare yourself and enter the 
    door to the Gardens to go meet the groundskeeper to speak about Lizzbeth. You 
    won't be returning to the Estate for a while, so I hope you won't miss it. 
    (Yeah, Right.) Use the key on the door to the gardens, pass on through, watch 
    the loading screen and proceed to part 4 of the FAQ. Congratulations.
      4. Game Walkthrough Part 2-Gardens to Monastery Past.
      A. Gardens through Mausoleum
        As you enter the lush Gardens of the Covenant Estate, first notice the 
    archway with two lamps to your upper left.  Go ahead and head this way, 
    equipping your pistol and your ectoplasm. You will enter a middle garden with 
    stone benches and a small stream in the middle with a bridge going over it. 
    Across the stream, A Gardener is running for his life from a Howler. RUN and 
    jump across the water, rather then going across the bridge as it takes too 
    much time, and get in between the running garden worker and the Howler. Fire 
    both pistol and ectoplasm at the same time to take down the Howler, it will 
    take a few shots. Your reward for saving the Garden Worker? A sweet dropping 
    of silver bullets to be tucked away for later. With your newfound loot, leave 
    the man who has returned to working (idiot) and head left out of the archway.
         Note: If you had gone right, you could speak to another gardener about 
    Bethany's hobbies as a youth, but there is nothing else of interest there. 
    Continuing on, pass by the kitchen door and a large gated door and proceed 
    into a small area with a gazebo and several doors. Here also, you will speak 
    to the man who claims he saw Lizzbeth perched on a hill by the family 
    Mausoleum a short time ago off in the distance.  He will also warn you to 
    stay away from the Standing stones, as they are an area of evil. After 
    speaking with him, you decide to investigate his claims by going to the 
    family crypts as he unlocks the gate to the outer grounds straight ahead of 
    you. Enter the gate and you will travel to the family mausoleum.
       Once you have arrived, take in the sights of the sun setting in the 
    distance and the bats flying off of the roof of the mausoleum.  Once you have 
    admired the outside, head off towards the left, following around the side of 
    the gates of the building until you reach a small gate, where lovely Lizzbeth 
    stands on the other side, watching you. She will tell you that you appear to 
    be more of a meal then a man, have a good laugh, then races off around the 
    side of the building. Since the front gate is jammed and locked, continue 
    around the left side of the building, towards an open gap in the gate in the 
        Entering the gap in the gate, you will now be on the far left side of the 
    Mausoleum, inside it's grounds.  From the back of the building, two howlers 
    will come racing at you. Aim with your pistol carefully, a good shot can take 
    them down with no problem.  As long as they stay at a distance, you will be 
    uninjured. After you have taken care of Lizzbeth's pets, proceed towards the 
    back of the building, staying away from the cliff's edge.
        Near the middle of the back of the Mausoleum, two more Howlers will come 
    sprinting at you from across the hills.  Repeat process as before, and if you 
    need to back up, keep an eye on where the cliff drops off.  Continue walking 
    forward, behind the building.  Eventually, reaching the right hand side of 
    the Mausoleum, proceed towards the front, passing a closed and locked gate to 
    your left.  Just past this gate, a Howler will come from behind you, rather 
    silently. Be prepared for it, whirl, and take care of it with a quick pistol 
    to the head before it can take care of you. With that done, proceed towards 
    the front of the Mausoleum.
       Nothing else will pop out at you, and disappointingly, there are no hidden 
    health packs or anything else hiding around the side of the building. Go 
    ahead and enter the front door, taking a final deep breath to prepare 
    yourself for what lies within the family crypts, then prepare for another 
    short loading screen as you enter.
       You have now entered the family Mausoleum proper. Note the blowing red 
    curtain in the doorway directly across from you and the two closed gates to 
    your left and right.  The one on the right has two health packs that you can 
    see, however you will not be coming back here to fetch them until later.  The 
    one on the left has an amplifier, and you will be opening that shortly. Grab 
    the bullets in the alcove next to the gate with the health packs, then 
    proceed towards the red curtain.
       As you enter the room with the red curtain, look up heading up the little 
    flight of stairs. A howler is hiding up there and will drop down to attempt 
    to surprise you. Take care of it by backing up and firing, letting the 
    element of surprise be in your favor. You now stand in a small crypt, with 
    two tombs in the middle, and two levers on either side of the room. The lever 
    on the right, as you enter, will not budge all the way, don't worry about it.  
    Before you pull the lever on the other side, enter the open crypt and get the 
    Invoke spell, which is handy for dispatching skeletons for good.
       Now, pull the lever on the other side of the room, then go back into the 
    open tomb where you got the Invoke spell, and jump onto the lid. Three 
    Howlers will race into the room. From your safe position on top of the tomb, 
    take care of them, they cannot hurt you if you are quick at firing at them as 
    they approach. When you have finished with them, jump down from the tomb and 
    head back out into the central chamber, going through the gate where the 
    amplifier I mentioned earlier is.
      Pick up the amplifier and look into the passage on the right, two Howlers 
    are feeding on the corpse of a man who is obviously not an employee of the 
    Estate. This is a Trsanti.  Anyways, dispatch of them from a distance, it 
    should not be a problem. Also, I amplified my Invoke at this point, however, 
    it is up to you what you wish to amplify.  Go ahead and enter the crypt where 
    the Howler's were feeding on the man.
       Walk over his bloodied corpse and enter the open tomb door, marked 
    Covenant, of course, in the left hand side of the room. Follow the little 
    stone passage to the end, go through the opening in the left hand wall.  You 
    have now dropped into the caves beneath the Mausoleum, lovely aren't they? 
    Reminds me of the basement of the Estate.  Keep your invoke handy, you shall 
    need it shortly, and proceed forward into the foggy, ill-lit cave ahead of 
        Follow the cave for a short ways, moving out of the way of a pack of bats 
    that will fly over your head and may take a few points of damage away from 
    you.  Keep your eye on the ceiling of the Cave, eventually, you will spot a 
    Howler hiding up above. Aim with your ectoplasm or pistol, although ammo is 
    getting low now, and take care of it. Proceed deeper into the cave, invoke 
    still ready.  Most likely, shortly after the Howler drops from the roof, 
    another will come from deeper in the cave. Swiftly dispatch of it as well.
       Proceeding forward, almost near to the end of going deep into the cavern, 
    you will see two skeletons, or decayed saints, rise out of the ground ahead 
    of you. With your invoke ready (if amplified this is a lot quicker, due to 
    the amount of mana it takes) run forward to them and use the spell.  They 
    will burst into a puff of smoke. Were you to attack them with a different 
    weapon, they would have merely returned to continue to er...haunt you from 
    the grave. Heh.
       Just past these two boneheads...ok, ok, bad joke...You will enter a 
    chamber with two coffins within. No, Dracula will not pop out of the coffin, 
    although in this place it is expected. The passage will also begin to slope 
    upwards. Take a breath, heal if you have to, then proceed upwards this time. 
    Pass by another unattended coffin, turn right, still heading up, until you 
    reach another stone wall and an opening within it. That's right, enter the 
    opening =).  Should use scrye here as well, as it is rather dark.
       Going through the opening, you will eventually drop down into the other 
    side of the mausoleum, and put up with another loading screen.  You know, 
    they should really fix that lever, the walk around is quite harsh on the 
    feet.  First, go left and pick up the two health packs you spotted earlier, 
    as you will need them eventually. Then, return to the crypt room that you 
    dropped out of and head to the last crypt on the right hand wall. Use your 
    war cannon to blast it open, and then head inside. You will need to duck.
       After a brief crawl, you will once again drop into another cave, full of 
    the ambient fog effect. Having fun yet as an amateur spelunker? Head down 
    through the cave, passing some more coffins just lying around. I tell ya, the 
    way people treat the dead these days. No wonder they keep rising.  Two more 
    skeletons will come at you a short way down, use your invoke as before and 
    they will be no problem. Continue. Eventually, you will see light ahead. 
    Proceeding towards it, you reach a ladder and yet another coffin just lying 
    around. Go up the ladder. Congratulations, you have now reached the old 
      B. The Old Cemetery
        You are now standing outside of an open crypt, where you just climbed out 
    of. Ahead of you are several gravestones...well,  it is a cemetery after all.  
    Looking up, you can see an odd green item on the top of a cross. That is an 
    arcane whorl, which will allow you to replenish mana even faster. However, 
    you can not get to it from this part of the cemetery. So, equipping your 
    invoke spell, which is your best friend here, proceed forward. The skeleton 
    on the ground directly to your left will not pop out at you, however, the one 
    near the archway into the rest of the cemetery will. Use invoke, take care of 
        Proceed through the archway and you find yourself on an island surrounded 
    by the ocean.  Turn left, moving around the side of the building, which is in 
    shadows and a bit darker. Following the side of the ruined building, another 
    skeleton will come out of a gravestone. Use invoke once again, and proceed 
    forward with no worries. Eventually, you will reach the far right hand side 
    of the building, where the wall is open once again. Go into this part of the 
    ruins, invoke ready as two more skeletons will erupt from their sleep to 
    attempt to take care of you. Instead, dispatch them.
        Head into the corner of this ruined room, and by the far gravestone in 
    the corner is a box of much needed bullets and a health pack. However, there 
    is more here. Turn towards the giant cross shaped grave near where you got 
    the health pack and do a jump to land upon the bottom portion of it. A note 
    here, you need to stand on the fallen gravestone on the ground to be able to 
    land on the larger stone. From this stone, do a careful jump to the regular 
    gravestone next to it, which is a bit higher up. You need to land on the very 
    top, raised portion of this grave in order to be able to make the next jump.
        Now, standing on the regular gravestone, turn back to the large cross 
    gravestone you were just on. Jump ONTO the cross this time, as it is within 
    your jumping distance. Now that you have landed on the cross, jump onto the 
    wall of the ruined building. Head left on the wall, passing between the two 
    large remaining walls of the building, continuing to where you saw the green 
    arcane whorl earlier. When you have lined yourself up with the whorl, jump 
    onto it and rejoice, as you just got a rather difficult item to retrieve.
        You will now be back within the room that you entered the graveyard 
    through. This time, turn right going out of the archway. Head straight ahead, 
    towards the water.  Further to your right are more gravestones and skeletons, 
    however there is nothing worth getting here. If any skeletons do attempt to 
    slow you down, feel free to use invoke. At the edge of the island is a dock 
    and a small canoe. Climb into the canoe and you will automatically row to the 
    next area.
      C. Cove to Tunnels  
        As you appear from the loading screen, you are standing by water, on a 
    sandless beach where green hills stretch upwards to two rocks leaning against 
    each other, with a narrow passage in between.  Behind you is your canoe, now 
    left unused, and you can hear thunder in the distance. Seems like a storm is 
    coming. Equip your pistol and your ectoplasm, do not be overly concerned 
    about ammo, you will have it replenished soon to a far greater supply.
       Head forward, approaching the stones and the small entry they form ahead 
    of you.  Once you pass underneath the stones, you will hear a Howler and if 
    your quick enough, see it a ways ahead, on a large rock. Continue up into the 
    hills, pistol ready.  You will pass one rock on your right, theres nothing 
    hiding there, so continue towards another larger one in the distance.
       Just as you reach this second rock, from off to the left a ways, three 
    howlers will come rushing at you.  Aim carefully and dispatch them with the 
    pistol and/or ectoplasm. Then, proceed towards the direction where they came 
    propelling towards you from.  Off in the corner here is the corpse they were 
    feeding off of, a Trsanti. The dead Trsanti also has a health pack lying by 
    him, take it. Look off towards the upper right and you can just see what 
    appears to be a building. Continue in that direction.
       Continuing up the path towards the tower in the distance, if you look into 
    the sky to your left, at the very top of a large hill, a pack of howlers race 
    down the opposite side from you. Don't worry about them though, as they will 
    not be a problem as you shall see shortly. Heading up into the hills, you 
    will pass by the bottom of the large hill where you just saw the howlers and 
    turn into a clearing where you see the tower ahead of you, and a group of men 
    fighting off the Howlers.
       These men are NOT your friends, as I first thought when entering this 
    section. Equip your pistol, and head towards the men and the carnage. Let the 
    men take care of the howlers, they will not attempt to attack you until they 
    kill the howlers.  Take care of them at close range with the pistol, and you 
    will not take any damage. They both drop much needed bullets. With your new 
    ammo, continue forward past the tower, ignoring for now the path through the 
    hills going up to your left.
       Directly next to the tower is the dead corpse of one of the Trsanti's 
    companions, he left a health pack and bullets. Take both, and follow the 
    trail through the hills straight ahead of you, the tower is locked. 
    Eventually, you will see a small valley to your right with a donkey in the 
    distance. Enter this valley. At the end of the valley is a corpse and a book. 
    Reading the book, you will learn more information about the Monastery where 
    Lizzbeth is currently hanging out.
       It seems that there is a legendary weapon called the Scythe of the Celts, 
    that can destroy evil. However, it disappeared and is no longer present in 
    our age. There is a solution though.  Although, there is a time portal within 
    the monastery according to the journal, that can bring you back to the time 
    where the Scythe was present within the monastery walls. However, you will 
    need three items in order to open up this time portal:A golden medallion, A 
    mercury potion, and an ancient scroll with the incantation to open the 
    portal. The medallion is nearby according to the journal.
       Well, seems it's time to do a little searching to get this weapon, to 
    assist you in taking care of the Covenant's. Leave the valley and turn right, 
    continuing towards a rock in the distance. You will approach a ruined 
    farmhouse and barn, where a cutscene will take over. It appears that the 
    Trsanti are using this farmhouse as a refuge. You see three of them chatting, 
    then one breaks off and runs into the farmhouse, closing the door behind him.  
    You watch as Patrick runs forward and jumps and rolls behind a wall in the 
    far left hand side of the farm property.
       Was the roll really needed? I felt like I was watching Galaxy Quest with 
    Tim Allen, where he felt the compelling need to do a flip roll as well. 
    Anyways, when you regain control, you are behind the wall and looking at the 
    two Trsanti. This is one part of the game that I found sneaking saves you 
    from damage. From the wall you are currently behind, sneak towards them, 
    ducking, where another wooden wall is. At the wooden wall closest to them, 
    pop up, and unseen, kill the one on the right. The one of the left will run 
    the other direction generally, take care of him before he comes after you.
       One of them will drop the Tower key and some bullets. Take both, then pick 
    up the bullets from the other fallen Trsanti. You are almost completely 
    restocked on ammo now. At this point, two more Trsanti will come at you from 
    the direction of the hills you entered at.  If you have to, duck behind a 
    wall to avoid their shots, and because the walls seem to sometimes give them 
    difficulty moving past. Take care of them with some pistol shots, as 
    ectoplasm is not that effective.
        Picking up their bullets if you need them, proceed back the way you 
    entered, where the Trsanti just came from.  You can walk around the outside 
    of the farmhouse and the barn if you want to, but at this time you cannot get 
    on. So, it's back towards the Tower with your key. Head all the way back, and 
    approach the Tower door.  Three Howlers will come rushing down the path from 
    the hills, the path you have not yet taken. NOTE: You can, if you wish take 
    this path, but at the end you will only find some silver bullets on a corpse. 
    It's up to you, there are lots of Howlers. END NOTE.  Back up and take care 
    of them with the pistol, avoiding taking any damage in the process. Enter 
        In an alcove in the right hand corner of this small room that is all that 
    remains of the Tower, pick up a chest key and the Sun medallion. See, it was 
    close. Now, two more parts to find. Head to the exit of the Tower. Once you 
    exit, begin to make your way back towards the farmhouse, keeping an eye for 
    possible random Howlers.  Just by the rock that signifies the approach to the 
    farmhouse, you will be ambushed by four howlers. Two will come behind you, 
    two forward. Back up past all of them and pick them off one at a time, 
    retreating back as far as you need to. Then proceed forward to the farmhouse.
        Nothing else will attack you directly on the grounds, so head towards the 
    rotting barn on the right hand side of the farm. As you get close to the 
    barn, the doors are blown out by two Howlers, one that will rush at you and a 
    larger gray one that will go for the nearest donkey.  As usual, back up and 
    take out the little one, which is easy, then move in close and take care of 
    the larger Howler while it is distracted with eating the donkey.
       Approaching the barn, you see blood dripping from the top floor above you. 
    Lovely, eh? Use your scrye if you need to, as the barn is very dark inside. 
    Pass over the blood, entering the barn proper, and proceed to the center, 
    where a ladder leads to the loft above. Prepare your weapons, as another of 
    the tougher Howlers is above you, dining on a meal in the loft. Climb the 
    ladder, and reaching the top, turn to your right immediately.
        Take out the Howler with a combination of ectoplasm and bullets, then if 
    you want you can see that it was dining on a Trsanti. However, this Trsanti 
    has no goodies for you. Proceed to the right hand corner of the barn, where a 
    gap in the roof has some boards and planks. Get on top of the plank and 
    proceed to the open gap, where you look out on the ruins of the farmhouse 
    below, and a large open area that used to be a window. Line yourself up and 
    jump out and through the open gap into the farmhouse.
        You will hear a menacing howl, but nothing scares you now, except for 
    Galaxy Quest like rolls.  Moving forward to the hall ahead and to the right 
    of you, you will see a Howler cause some boards to drop in a small room 
    ahead, then race off across the roof, out of the reach of your bullets. Enter 
    the room where the Howler just caused some boards to drop, listening to the 
    eerie creaking of the rotting planks throughout the farmhouse. In the corner 
    of this room are some more bullets, which you probably can use.
        Leave the room and turn right, down the hall. The Trsanti you saw earlier 
    comes rushing at you. This one can be rather tough, as he has a shotgun and a 
    knife. Head backwards the way you came, firing the pistol and ectoplasm 
    together, until he goes down. Pick up a Shotgun from his corpse, which will 
    be very handy in the monastery, and some bullets. It's about time you got a 
    new weapon. Then, proceed down the hall that you were before the Trsanti came 
    running at you.
        Reaching the end of the hall, turn left, using Scrye if you need to as 
    the shadows are plenty. Pass by the room on your left for now and continue 
    forward, following the bend. Turn right after the bend, proceeding to the end 
    of the hall would just cause you to reach a dead end. To your left and right 
    are two chambers. Enter the one on the left and pick up three molotov 
    cocktails. Leave and head to the room at the end, where you see many wooden 
    boards and the main entry to the house. Open the main door, unlocking it, 
    then head back the way you came as you cannot go past the wooden boards.
        Head all the way back to the room I said to pass by for now in the last 
    paragraph. As you enter, two of the tougher Howlers will leap from the roof 
    above towards you. Take them out with the shotgun and ectoplasm, backing 
    through the house if you need to, then proceed through the room to the 
    archway on the other side. You now stand in a room where you can see some 
    stairs going up to what used to be the second floor of the house.
        Take a left. Right would lead you to the stairs to the basement, but you 
    don't want to go there just yet.  Going left, pass through a small room and 
    an antechamber and climb the stairs to the roof. Theres not much left of the 
    second floor, is there? Walk the planks forward from the stairs to the wall 
    and the window, then walk on a very narrow plank against the wall until you 
    reach a gap between the plank and the top of a section of wall. Note: You may 
    want to go into sneak mode using K to make the little jumps so you don't 
    overcalculate and jump back onto the first floor.
        Jump over this little gap and land on the wall proper, turning to your 
    right and heading to where more planks cover the remains of the second floor. 
    Facing this direction, proceed onwards, passing by the large open space to 
    your left. Pass between the ruins of two walls, but do not turn left just 
    yet. Proceed forward, over a narrow section of wall, and towards the back of 
    the farmhouse. Here, turn left and notice in the distance the room where the 
    Howler originally caused the boards to fall. Following the planks, make your 
    way carefully towards this chamber. In the far corner, you will pick up some 
    more shotgun shells and regular bullets. Return to where I previously said 
    don't turn left yet, and follow the boards.
        You now look out over the entire front of the house, and what remains of 
    the second floor is nothing but boards. You guessed it, your heading towards 
    where the wooden wall was earlier. Make your way forward, following the 
    boards on sneak mode so that you do not overestimate and fall to the ground 
    below. At one point, you will have to walk on the narrow wall of the chamber 
    across from the one that had the molotovs to reach another board. Don't fall 
    yet, your almost there buddy =).
        Cross this final board and drop behind the wooden wall into a chamber 
    with a dead skeleton and a chest. Well, since you have the chest key, go 
    ahead and open it.  Inside the chest is the trapdoor key. Remember the 
    basement I mentioned earlier? It's time to head back that way. Climb the 
    plank in this walled in room to drop to the front part of the house. Make 
    your way back towards the stairwell to the basement. In the hallway, another 
    two Howlers will come at you, Use your combination of ectoplasm and shotgun 
    or pistol to take care of them.
        With them dead, proceed without delay to the stairs, turn right this time 
    and you will find a stairwell going to the basement beneath the stairs that 
    went to the ruins of the second floor. That's right, it's time to go down. 
    Down here is a gauzy curtain, where a health pack lies behind it, and the 
    trapdoor. Open the trapdoor and drop down. You have now entered the Tunnels.
      D. The Tunnels
        When you first enter the Tunnels that lead from the farmhouse to the 
    monastery, you slide down a very long shaft, and land in a heap on the 
    bottom, staring ahead into an eerie, dark passage.  Go ahead and get your 
    invoke spell ready, as you will need it down here.  Then, follow the winding, 
    spider web laden passage forward until you drop into a large sewer like 
    passage that stretches off to the right and left, as bats swoop over your 
    head, but do not harm you.
        Now, if you have not noticed already, there is something very odd about 
    this sewer. Piles of bones lie all around, and the walls are decorated with 
    human corpses. Almost like New York City.  Anyways, turn left down the sewer 
    passage and proceed forward, following the winding sewer tunnel.  Between the 
    first two piles of bones, two skeletons will leap out of the water, 
    attempting surprise you. Surprise them with an invoke, wait for your mana to 
    recharge, then follow the bend ahead through the sewer.
        Continue forward, following the water towards a very large pile of bones 
    at the end of the passage.  Skeleton's howls can be heard deeper within the 
    tunnels.  When you reach this large pile of bones, two skeletons will leap 
    out. Once again, use your invoke to take care of them, then wait for it to 
    recharge before you continue to follow the passage forward.
        You will reach a large well at the end of the tunnel, dropping into 
    darkness below.  Do not fall into the well, as it leads to your certain 
    death. Instead, jump up onto the walkway and enter the archway on the left 
    hand side of the well.  More bats will swoop over your head here, and if you 
    look up, you are walking underneath the floor of the monastery above.  I 
    reccomend using scrye here, as this area is very dark and tough to see.
        Follow the bends of the passage, listening to the Howlers on the floor 
    above you.  You will eventually see a Howler run over the floorboards atop 
    your head, but it is out of reach of you currently and will not attack. Keep 
    going.  As you continue onward, more bats will fly over your head and another 
    Howler will race across the floorboards above. However, this area is mainly 
    meant to scare you, not hurt you. Eventually, you will reach a left hand turn 
    where you can see the opening into the hills.
        Proceed down this corridor, but just before the end, turn left and look 
    through a gate.  You will spot Lizzbeth staring at you, then see her rush off 
    into the darkness, beyond your reach. Go ahead and head forward and drop into 
    the hills.  Very short, very easy area to go through.
      E.  Monastery Exterior to Interior
        You now stand on the edge of the tunnel that you just emerged from, 
    looking out over the hills that surround the front of the ancient monastery.  
    Personally, I would use your pistol and ectoplasm here, as there are many 
    howlers and quick reloading is a must. Proceed to drop forward out of the 
    tunnel and onto the ground below, getting ready for a romp towards the past.
        Begin to make your way to the right of where you fell, following the 
    monastery wall. It is rather dark against the wall, so you may wish to use 
    scrye.  Howlers will howl and moan as you walk, but will not attack you just 
    yet. Proceed forward, following the bends of the wall, until you see a raised 
    platform, a corpse of a Trsanti upon it, and a health pack on the corpse.  
    This platform is just behind a rather large bend of the monastery. Climb up 
    onto it, get the health pack, then whirl to prepare for a Howler to fall from 
    above. Take care of it.
        Wait here for a brief moment, for another Howler to come from above, 
    saving you time later from being attacked from behind. Dispatch it as well, 
    then continue forward to where there are some steps leading further into the 
    monastery. Just before you reach these steps, turn again and look out over 
    the plain you just used to get here, two more Howlers are on their way. Since 
    they are at a distance, they should be easy to take care of.
        Now, take note of the area to the direct LEFT of these stairs, where you 
    can see rooms beneath you and the blocks are spaced out.  Patrick even says 
    to himself, How can this be breached, and enters a journal entry.  This is 
    where, a bit later on, you will use the dynamite to blast into the catacombs 
    below.  Take note of it, as this is one of the number one questions I get 
    asked. Now, go ahead and proceed up the stairs to a small midlevel. Take the 
    next set of stairs on the left and reach a larger area.
        You now stand on a grassy area, where ahead and to your left is a large 
    building with some locked doors. If you use scrye here, you can watch a short 
    scene with some monks discussing matters. Head forward until you reach 
    another set of stairs on your right. Now, directly forward of you, is a large 
    clearing like area, and in the distance you can see the corpse of someone, 
    and an item. The item is shotgun shells, and you do not want to head out into 
    the clearing. Why?
        Because, heading out into the clearing triggers about 9 howlers to jump 
    the wall by the corpse, one at a time, and is more trouble to deal with then 
    you need, especially for a box of bullets. Instead, take the stairs to your 
    right to the next level of the monastery. You are now on another grassy mid-
    level. Turn to your right after going up the flight of stone stairs. Ahead 
    and to the left a ways is another short flight of stairs. Begin heading that 
        Just before you reach the stairs, most likely a Howler will leap at you 
    from above. One well placed pistol shot should dispatch it. Proceed up the 
    next flight of stone stairs.  From off to your upper left a ways, a Howler 
    will come rushing at you. Since it is in the distance, it will not be too 
    difficult to take care of. Still standing at the flight of the stairs, go 
    right to a corpse lying on the edge of the cliff. Take the health pack on it.  
    If you look down, you can see the path you took to the monastery, your a ways 
    up now.
        Now, turn and make you way back towards the stairs.  Walk underneath the 
    collasped bridge connecting the Tower and building above you (don't worry, 
    you'll be there shortly.) and cross the grassy inner clearing towards your 
    upper right, where a stone wall narrows enough to allow you to the next 
    level.  You now stand on a large, flat stone walk, which stretches to your 
    left and right.  Use Scrye and you can watch some more monks in a 
        Instead of going left, the longer way, and the way into the Monastery 
    proper, take a momentary detour and turn right, towards the Tower.  Walk 
    around the tower and you'll find an open window leading inside. Go ahead and 
    jump in.  Use scrye as it is rather dark inside this tower. Notice stairs 
    going up and down. For now, you will want to go down, where you hear Howlers 
    dining on a meal.
        Reaching the bottom of the tower, which is covered with grass, you may or 
    may not encounter some Howlers. Take care of them. Regardless, go around the 
    circular room and pick up a health pack left on a corpse of a Trsanti who was 
    snooping around in the wrong spot, eh? Now, proceed back to the stairs and 
    climb back up to the level you were just on.  Be prepared for another attack, 
    as two Howlers are sometimes in this chamber, and usually come from behind. 
    Fire up from the basement if you have to.
        After they are dealt with, ignoring going up for the moment, cross to the 
    open doorway on the other side of the midlevel tower room, which brings you 
    to the broken bridge we passed under earlier.  Hop across the ruins of the 
    bridge and cross to the building on the other side. Proceed forward and 
    notice a large hole in the ground to your right, reached via an opening.  
    Enter the hole ::no, this is not a sick joke, heh. Pervert!!::  and on your 
    right is a flight of stairs leading up. Take this flight.
        You are now on a small stone level, where another Trsanti corpse is 
    rotting away. This individual has a very interesting book to read, which 
    shines more on the Scythe, this monastery, and what happened within it's 
    walls in the past. Now, finished with your required reading course for the 
    day, drop back into the grassy clearing below and make your way back to the 
    tower window that you originally used to enter it.
        This time, you are going...thats right, ya guessed it, up. Head up the 
    tower stairs, using Scrye to light your way.  You now stand in a ruined 
    section of the tower, where several holes in the roof shine some light on the 
    situation. Proceed to a wooden plank falling from the level below and climb 
    up it to the next floor.  You are now VERY high above ground, but you are not 
    done yet.
        You now stand on a floor with a health pack and giant stone slabs falling 
    in from the floor above you.  Pick up the health pack and head up the stone 
    slabs, jumping to get on top of them.  Climb up to the remains of a wooden 
    floor, which is not much more then a small walkway along the sides of the 
    room. Notice on one side of this floor, a ladder hanging onto a wall, leading 
    to the top of the tower. However, the floor is gone and you cannot reach it. 
    What to do, what to do.
        You guessed it. Line yourself up with the floor the closest to the 
    ladder, just before it falls into the space of the floor below.  Run, jump, 
    and reach the ladder on the wall.  Climb it to the very top of the tower, 
    enjoying the view.  Your reward for going this far out of the way?  A rotting 
    skeleton of an ancient monk lies on the ground, and next to his body...your 
    very first Mana Well. This enables you to increase your current available 
    mana. A very good find =).
        With your prize in tow, head back to the ladder and climb down.  Make 
    your way back to the window you used to originally enter the tower, nothing 
    will attack you.  Just be careful not to fall anywhere and take some damage. 
    Jump out the window onto the large stone wall, and start going forward to the 
    very far end, scrying if you wish to watch the scene with the monks I 
    mentioned earlier.  Note:You will have to use scrye quite a few times to 
    watch the whole scene.
        Now, head all the way to the very end of the wall, and look to your left, 
    as there is a small entry going into the monastery. However, first turn 
    around and prepare for a Howler to drop from above. Take care of it, backing 
    away if you need to. Now, with it dead, use the stone blocks here to jump up 
    into the corridor above, and enter the Interior portion of the Monastery.
      F.  Monastery Interior to Dynamite
        Welcome to the inside of the Monastery grounds.  In this section, your 
    goal is to find some dynamite, which of course, just happens to be lying 
    around in here somewhere. As you come out of the loading screen, follow the 
    stone walkway forward, enjoying the ambient, foreboding music playing in the 
    background. As you continue forward, look to your left to look out upon the 
    inner grounds, and see a fantastic shadow effect on a far tower, and an odd 
    green light on a wall in the far distance. Keep going to the end of the walk, 
    where an opening is in the wall to your right.
        Drop down through this opening into a grassy clearing, using the stones 
    to go down. Use scrye to watch a monk ask himself what was that, then 
    dissapeer. Very odd. Notice at the far end of this clearing, an amplifier, 
    just sitting there. Knowing amplifiers, this is not going to be as easy as it 
    looks. Make your way to the amplifier, take it, then turn around, looking up 
    to your left where there is an open arch on the top of the wall.
        Three Howlers will come out of this opening, however they come roughly 
    one at a time. Get close to them and take each out with one pistol. Then back 
    up and wait about ten seconds, as three more are about to jump through. 
    Repeat the same process as before. If you let all of them gather together, 
    you are as good as dogmeat. With this threat taken care of, go ahead and head 
    back to the stone walkway, climbing the stones to leave this clearing.
        Now, in the distance, see the green light? Head straight for it, nothing 
    will attack you crossing the open courtyard.  Enter stage right, our old 
    friend Lizzbeth. After a brief discussion, she will proceed to start throwing 
    stones at her. Although you have the inkling to fire at her, don't, she shall 
    not die...yet. Instead, run around the base of the tower here to the right, 
    and keeping the wall of the monastery to your left, follow until you reach a 
    small corner with some more shells to add to your collection.
        At this point, cross all the way to the opposite side of the courtyard, 
    strafing away from any rocks Lizzbeth attempts to throw at you from the 
    rooftops.  Walk by the well, you cannot go down there yet, and head to the 
    very far wall.  You will eventully reach a building with an open archway, go 
    ahead and go inside to enter a very small inner room, with no exits, and a 
    skeleton and a health pack. Use scrye to watch a very disturbing scene, then 
    use invoke on the skeleton as it rises from the ground. Take health pack, 
    then run out of the room as Lizzbeth will come in from above and fire at you 
        Exiting this room, turn to your right, and you will notice a small flight 
    of stairs going down to an open door. Go ahead and take the stairs down, 
    humming to yourself and enjoying a cold miller light on your way 
    down...er...scratch that =/.  Entering the room at the bottom, notice the 
    door with rocks in front of it to your right, and a flight of stairs heading 
    up into this building. At this time, you cannot go through the door with the 
    rocks, so go ahead and climb up the stairs to the next floor.
        Up on the landing, a darkened hallway leads straight ahead, and a more 
    lit hallway goes to your left. Take this lit hallway first, follow the bend, 
    and enter a large chamber with a ruined roof, where all that remains is 
    planks, a large fireplace (cold of course) and in the corner, a Trsanti with 
    a health pack for you. Notice the humming of an amplifier. You will get that 
    shortly.  Start to cross the room to pick up the health pack, and prepare for 
    two Howlers to drop from above. Keeping the blocks covering the floor between 
    you and them, take both out with swift pistol shots and ectoplasm.
        Pick up the healthpack, then return to the dark corridor I mentioned 
    previously, at the top of the stairs landing. Keep yourself well armed, you 
    will need it.  Using scrye if you have to, go to the end of the dark hall and 
    turn right, climbing the flight of stairs towards the top, where you saw the 
    ruined roof earlier.  When you are almost at the landing at the top, two more 
    Howlers (man, they breed like rabbits.) will race at you. Back up down the 
    stairs, as one of them is one of the tougher, green howlers, and take them 
    out. Keep as much distance between you and them as possible.
        After you have dispatched of them, head to the top of the stairs and 
    notice a small hallway going to the right, with two rooms on the lefthand 
    side of the hall.  The first room is empty, so pass by it, but the second 
    contains yet another health pack for you. Picking it up, leave the room 
    without falling through it's open floor, and head to the end of the hall and 
    a large, airy open room.
        This is the room above the chamber you were just in below. The sounds of 
    the amplifer are very loud here. First, head towards the far right hand side 
    of the room, closest to the hall you just came out of and use scrye.  Witness 
    another disturbing scene...then make your way to the fireplace up here and 
    turn on your sneak mode, default being the letter k.  Line yourself up with 
    the top of the fireplace and look down. Lying on a ledge there is an 
    amplifer.  Note:Without sneak on, it is very difficult to get this.
        Taking very tiny baby steps, step out into the chimney of the fireplace 
    and if you were slow enough, you will land on the ledge and right on top of 
    the amplifer. If you wish, amplify a spell or save it for later, then drop 
    all the way to the bottom.  To reward your progress, a Howler waits just 
    outside the fireplace. Don't keep him waiting, be a good guest.
        After you have dispatched of it, proceed back to the second floor and the 
    open room you were just in.  This time, head to the far left hand side of the 
    room, using Scrye again, and watch another discussion scene between two 
    monks. Now, notice on the wall opposite the fireplace, two doors. The more 
    center archway has nothing of interest within it, the one you want to enter 
    is the one closest to the far wall. Go inside, and carefully walk on what 
    remains of the wooden floor around the right hand side of the room to a 
    corpse, and a shotgun and Dynamite!
        With the dynamite in hand, a Howler may or may not jump down from above. 
    Either way, it isn't much of a threat.  Drop through the open window in this 
    room, where the corpse is leaning against, and you will be back in the main 
    entry where you came into the interior of the Monastery. Go ahead and return 
    to the Exterior, as for now you have completed all you can in the inner 
        After the loading screen, you are back out on the large stone wall. Now, 
    there are two ways you can return to where the floor is able to be 
    breached...crossing through the middle, where more Howlers will attack you, 
    or the easiest way, head straight forward to where a slope goes down the hill 
    to the bottom. If you head down this slope, you will reach where you 
    originally dropped out of the Tunnels, and end up avoiding as much danger as 
        With an odd sense of Deja vu, follow the wall of the monastery all the 
    way around to the first set of stairs, that was mentioned earlier in the FAQ.  
    Reaching the stairs, and without any Howlers or other creatures attacking 
    you, drop a stick of dynamite on the area to the left of the stairs, where 
    you can see through the blocks to the room below. Back up from the dynamite 
    so you do not blow yourself up, then watch as a hole is opened. Drop into the 
      G. Catacombs To The Past.
        As you enter the catacombs, you have dropped from the Monastery above 
    into a narrow corridor. Proceed forward into a larger chamber, where to your 
    right is a flight of stairs heading up to a locked door. Although the door is 
    locked, duck underneath the side of the stairs to pick up a health pack. 
    Proceed through the only open archway at the other end of the room as 
    harmless bats fly over your head.
        You have now entered a series of chambers with skeleton covered doors. If 
    you use scrye you can watch a monk....walk around in a circle. Exciting huh? 
    Anyways, head forward as soon as you enter this hall and the series of 
    chambers, to the wall and a closed door a few feet from the archway you used 
    to enter. Inside this room is a skeleton and a closed chest.  Open the chest, 
    with evoke equipped, and get the health pack inside before you whirl to 
    confront the rising skeleton, or else the chest will close.
        After you have dispatched the skeleton, leave the room, and head forward 
    into the hall, taking a right, and passing the gate on your left, which is 
    closed anyways.  At the end of this hall are two doors. The one on the left 
    wall is open, however, there is only a corpse inside, and appears to be 
    nothing more. Follow the hallway to the right, passing the crumbled wall, 
    taking a brief turn, and eventully an open archway will be on your left, 
    leading into another area.
        You can hear the sound of running water, and see a blue tint to this 
    chamber.  Equip your ectoplasm and shotgun, and enter.  You will watch a 
    short scene in which two Howlers are dining on the corpse of a recently slain 
    Trsanti.  Afterwards,  they will come for you.  Both of these Howlers are 
    stronger then the normal ones. My suggestion is to back up into the crypt 
    hallway and take them out while moving backwards, to take as least damage as 
        Back inside the room, it is filled with water dripping from rafters 
    above, fallen barrels, and puddles of water on the blue stoned floor. At the 
    far end of the room is a closed doubledoor.  Pick up the molotov cocktail and 
    the dynamite on the boxes here, and climb one of the two ladders on the 
    lefthand wall to the rafters above. Once you are up here, use your Scrye.
        Scrye will reveal a series of boards with bloody footprints on them.  
    These are the ones ya should walk on, as the others will rot and fall, 
    sending you to the ground below in frustration. Follow the bloody brick trail 
    (ok, bad joke number two) across the boards to the other end of the rafters.  
    Against the far wall is a Trsanti sleeping on the job...for good...and a 
    lever above his head, where you hear an Amplifier happily humming away. Pull 
    the lever.
        The wall will slide in and away, and reveal an Amplifier sitting in a 
    narrow passage. Pick it up, and follow the passage forward, ignoring a right 
    hand turn that leads to a dead end where some boulders fell.  Instead, go 
    straight and drop down a hole onto a crate. Use Scrye in this room to see one 
    of the MOST disturbing scenes in the entire game so far.  Pick up the shotgun 
    shells on the crate near you and then head out through the open arch, where 
    the door is lying on the ground.
        You are now in another circular series of hallways, except in this one, 
    Howlers will continue to leap over the gates on either side and bother you 
    incessantly.  Coming out of the room you dropped into, you will see a series 
    of stairs straight ahead of you, and passages leading off left and right.  
    The stairs lead to the bottom of the room with the rafters, so head right 
    from where you are, and begin to either fight the howlers or just run. Either 
    way, they will continue to jump over the gates. Follow the corridor, running 
    past the gates...one note:There is a door on the wall by the gates that opens 
    into a room with a chest with bullets. Although it can be somewhat dangerous 
    to get, bullets are in short supply.
        Continue running, pass a well with crumbled blocks lying all around it, 
    and ignore the passage leading off to your right from here, it merely wraps 
    back around. Instead, head straight to a door at the end of the hall, which 
    opens into the next area, which is called the Saints Hall.
        You stand in a small chamber at the bottom of a flight of stairs lined 
    with cobwebs to your right. Proceed up the flight, and at the top you will be 
    staring upon a hallway where two Howlers hang from the cieling just ahead.  
    Aim and drop them before they drop you, backing into the chamber at the 
    bottom of the stairs if you have to.  Head forward a few feet, and watch as 
    Brad Pitt walks by in a towel. No, that doesn't really happen, come on now. 
    It's Britney Spears.
        Anyways, there will be another flight of stairs on your right. Take them 
    down and you will go through yet another loading screen.  You now stand in 
    the basement of a portion of the monastery.  Crumbled and falling stones are 
    in the left-hand corner of the room, which you should climb up by jumping.  
    At the top of these stones you are outside once again, and there is an open 
    arch in the corner of this little area leading into more rooms. Equip your 
    weapons of choice and enter.
        The voice that tells you to use Scrye speaks, but DONT.  It takes seconds 
    away from having your precious ectoplasm equipped, and causes more Howlers to 
    come out. Instead, run forward through two empty stone rooms to a flight of 
    stairs going up.  Head up the stairs and kill two Howlers on their way down. 
    These two are rather simple, and should not take much to defeat. A note, if 
    you were to wait below, you would have legions of endless Howlers come at 
        Now, use Scrye and watch as the Abbot comes up the stairs and turns a 
    corner, follow him onto a balcony, then through an open arch into another 
    small room with a door on the left. Equip ectoplasm and prepare for two more 
    Howlers, one being one of the tougher, Grey howlers.  Back to the stairs if 
    you have to. After they are dispatched, enter the room through the left door.  
    You stand in a chamber with a chest, two ruined bookshelfs, and some benches, 
    now open to the sky. With your Scrye spell, you can watch the Abbot play with 
    the chest.
        Proceed to the back bookcase and pick up a thick book, and go ahead and 
    read it.  You will learn how the Scythe has fallen into the hands of evil, 
    and with great forethought, The Abbot has designed a way to go back in time 
    and correct that error, to bring it into the hands of an enlightened one. 
    Into your hands. Putting down the book, go ahead and open the chest against 
    the wall.  Inside is the Time Incantation and the Silver Key. Good Job!
        With two of the three items needed, return down the stairs, heading to 
    where you entered this part of the monastery below the ground.  Nothing else 
    will attack you as you head back into the Saints hall by going up the stairs 
    below ground.
        Coming out of the stairwell, turn to your right, heading to where there 
    is a crumbled wall blocking the way. From here, turn left, heading down the 
    hall like the gullible little hero you are.  Continue to the end, where there 
    are some lovely skulls and ribcages stuck in the wall. Well, Martha Stewart 
    was never in this place, that's for sure. Follow a slight turn to your right 
    here, and continue forward.  Halfway down this hall, you will begin to hear 
    Skeletons Shrieking.  The wall on your left will explode and a skeleton will 
    come out, meaning to surprise you. Have invoke ready, and surprise it by 
    sending it to hell.
        Continue forward to a flight of stairs going down into a room full of 
    bones.  This is where it gets fun. I had invoke maxxed to full here, and it's 
    not a bad idea.  Skeletons will continue to pop up forever if you stand in 
    this room of bones, so keep moving via a passage in the lefthand side of the 
    chamber, using invoke on any skeletons in your path or bothering you.  At the 
    end of this little passage is another crumbled wall, turn right and pass 
    between two doors. Quickly, open the door on your right and pick up a health 
    pack and some dynamite, taking care of the skeleton inside.
        Leaving the room, turn right, go to the end of the hall, then right 
    again.  Run all the way to the end where you see a closed door with a silver 
    lock on it. A rather large Silver lock, even a blind, deaf and dumb person 
    could spot this. Here is where you use your silver key, and head into the 
    next area, which is the exit to the Catacombs.
        As you enter this area, once again you are at the bottom of a winding 
    flight of stone stairs.  Head up the winding stairs and you will be in 
    another series of tall, well-lit halls with bats flying around your head. 
    Dispatch of these bats with ectoplasm, as they will bite at you and cause 
    minor damage otherwise. Take the only hallway out of this room, yet proceed 
    slowly.  Around about the second bend, a Howler will leap from a darkened 
    area above you. Whirl and dispatch of it.
        Proceeding down the hall, passing some more bends, you will arrive at an 
    area with some skylights in the roof, shedding some light on a dark 
    situation. Continue following the hall with the skylights, listening to the 
    crickets outside.  Once you reach the end, and to your left is a pile of 
    ruined blocks, turn around and kill the Howler running through the skylight 
    corridor after you. Continue following the hall, dispatching of some more 
    bats along the way.
        You will arrive at another crumbled wall, and a flight of stairs going 
    down. Proceed down the stairs.  You are now in a wine cellar. In the left 
    hand corner of the room from where you are standing, right next to a wine 
    barrel, are some red Phosphorus shells. Equip your shotgun and head forward 
    to get them. The barrel will explode outward, a Howler leaping out. One shot 
    with the shotgun will take care of it. Turn to your right and in the other 
    corner of the wine cellar is a health pack. Take it.
        Now, leave the cellar through the open archway in the left hand corner of 
    the room. Entering into a hallway, to your left you will see a chamber with a 
    large pair of double doors and a large double flight of stairs. Use scrye 
    while standing at the door and watch the Abbot proceed to the door, opening 
    it in the past. Read your journal and discover that these chambers are where 
    Lizzbeth is most likely hiding currently, and where you should be looking for 
    a way in.
        However, at this time, you cannot do anything in these chambers, so 
    instead, continue following the darkened corridor around a bend, through a 
    door, around another bend, and then watch a Trsanti get nailed by some spears 
    in the wall ahead of you.  Knowing that this hall is trapped, proceed forward 
    to it, and use your Scrye within to help you better illuminate the red tiles.  
    Pick up the Trsanti's bullets, then go to the end of this hall, jumping over 
    the red tiles to avoid getting hit with some high damage spears.
        Reaching the end of the trapped hall, feeling like Indiana Jones, follow 
    a new corridor to your left, open a door, and enter the Wind Chambers.  After 
    a brief loading screen, you stand at the top of a rather small ramp in a room 
    with a beautifully decorated cieling.  Arming yourself with INVOKE and 
    whatever weapon you wish to, head down the ramp, passing through the cobwebs.  
    You now stand in a long corridor with eerie wind drifting through it, 
    stretching to your right and left, lit only with torches. Piles of bones lie 
        Take a left, and follow the corridor around a bend. On your left is a 
    large darkened arch with a gigantic cobweb floating over it. Enter this 
    little alcove and pick up a health pack.  Head back into the corridor, and 
    follow it to the end, turning right.  Follow this hall for a little ways, and 
    then the torches, your only source of light,  will go out. Now, RUN back to 
    where you entered this area, where the ramp is, and wait.  Eventually, about 
    six-eight skeletons will come at you, slowly making their way up the ramp 
    towards you.
        However, being up here, you are unable to be surprised. Take them out one 
    at a time with invoke. Once you have cleared them, head back into the wind 
    tunnle, invoke ready in case there are any stragglers.  Using Scrye to light 
    your way, or lighting the torches that blew out by walking up to them, and 
    turn right this time, following the passage until there is another tunnle on 
    the right wall. This is merely a circle tunnle, yet enter it and wrap around 
    it, picking up the health pack in a corner.
        After leaving this circular tunnel from the other end, take the first 
    passage on your right. If you had skipped the circular tunnel entirely, it 
    would be on your left at the end.  Follow this quite a ways, killing the 
    straggling skeleton or two with invoke, until you reach a ramp on your right 
    hand side with a large cobweb hanging just before it. Climb up this ramp, to 
    another loading screen.
        You are now in another ruined basement portion of the monastery. I swear, 
    allowing this place to fall into derelict, the management of this Monastery 
    has some answering to do. Anyways, climb the rubble out of the basement into 
    the next room.  You are now in the old water room of the Monastery, where 
    they got their fresh water. In the upper left hand area of the room is 
    another hole into a different basement area, ignore this for now, pick up the 
    health pack by the stairs then climb the stairs nearby, ectoplasm and weapon 
        As you reach the top, you will notice three Howlers in the small landing 
    area.  I noticed that standing on the stairs seems to cause them not to react 
    sometimes. Either way, take them out however you choose, although the Shotgun 
    works fine for quick disposal. If you have to, back up into the basement. 
    With them taken care of, climb the next flight of stairs in this small 
    antechamber to the outside once again.  You will pass through a small door 
    here and enter a small, open roofed chamber with a health pack. Pick up the 
    pack, then enter the opposite door, taking care not to fall through the 
        This door leads to an area above the monastery proper, where you had 
    Lizzbeth firing rocks at you a while back. Follow the walkway up top here 
    around, and use Scrye to watch a monk tinkering with the wall.  Grab the 
    phosphorus shells on the ledge, then tinker with the same wall that the monk 
    was. It will open a hidden hatch next to you, go ahead and inspect this 
    hatch.  Inside, is the Mercury flask and the Monastery Key. Well, you now 
    have all three parts for the spell, now all you need to do is find the time 
    portal. Drop into the open area below you, and act as if your heading for the 
    door to the Monastery grounds.
        When you are almost to the door, the floor will fall out beneath you and 
    drop you into the basement once again. NOTE: I found it IS possible to jump 
    over this hole before it falls beneath you and go out the door. However, for 
    what possible reason you would want to do this for is beyond me. End NOTE.  
    You will now be back in the basement, and by the hole you entered through. 
    Instead of going back this way, cross to the hole by the stairs, and head 
    down here.
        You are in the catacombs, yet again. Wonderful.  Enter the large corridor 
    entry, wait through a loading screen, then you are once again in a series of 
    tunnels. Follow the tunnel to the right hand wall, just before the hall takes 
    a left for a ways. Use your scrye to see and then open a door into a small 
    chamber.  Open the chest, pick up some shotgun shells, then leave the room, 
    turning right and following the hall towards the torchlight at the end.
        Lizzbeth will appear, giving you some nice chest views as she bends over 
    and laughs, and calls you an Interloper. She then sends two Howlers at you. 
    Back all the way down the hallway if need be to take care of them, then 
    continue to the light where she had appeared. The door to your right is 
    locked, so instead continue following the hallway to the left.  The corridor 
    will wrap all the way around until you see another small door, with a VERY 
    large keyhole. Go through this door, using your Monastery key.
        You are now in some very darkened chambers, where a very small, very 
    narrow hallway proceeds forward just ahead of you, filled with fog. Welcome 
    to the Twilight zone. Equip Ectoplasm, and the shotgun, and proceed through 
    the small hall.  Just up a tiny flight of stairs, if you glance to your left 
    you will see the tiny hallway continuing off into the distance. First, enter 
    the chamber right ahead of you and pick up another health pack. Now, return 
    to where you just were and follow the tiny hallway to the end, entering 
    another chamber and passing by a small hallway on the right.
        In here is a single Howler. Quickly kill it with ectoplasm and the 
    shotgun, then prepare to stake out this room for a bit. About six howlers 
    will come at you, but being inside this room you can easily hold your own 
    against anything entering, and have time to reload.  You should make it 
    through this with no problems. When you have finished with these Howlers, 
    exit the room, turning left down the next tiny hallway from standing outside 
    this chamber.
        You will climb another flight of tiny stairs and pass another tiny 
    hallway on your right, which appears to open out to somewhere. However, first 
    grab the health pack in the chamber at the end, then go into the tiny hall.  
    You find yourself looking out over a room with a ruined staircase and a dark 
    passage in the right corner. Drop into the chamber, ready for battle.
        You drop into the room with the stairs, first, turn to your right and the 
    open passage and race that way. Two of the tougher howlers come from out 
    beneath the stairs, but have not followed me into the next room. In this dark 
    chamber at the end of the passage are three of the easy Howlers. However, for 
    some reason, they don't react very fast and are VERY simple to take care of.  
    Dispatch them, then pick up the silver bullets and molotov cocktails within 
    the room.
        Now, head back into the room you dropped into, using a combination of 
    strafe and running, dispatch the two stronger Howlers. Back into the room at 
    the end if you have to.  Dance the Macarena with them as well, it makes them 
    happy. When they are done, go underneath the stairs to pick up a health pack, 
    then climb to the top and go through a door into the next area.
        You now stand in a room with a massive wheel on the right hand wall. Walk 
    up to the wheel and you automatically use it, and hear something opening. 
    Exit the room through the door, and you stand on a stone landing. To your 
    right is the room you gazed upon earlier, where the Abbot used the key to go 
    towards the deeper part of the Catacombs. Cross the landing to a broken down 
    door on the other side and pull another wheel. You have now opened the door 
    to the outside, which you reach from the flight of stairs going UP from the 
        Leaving this wheel room, head out to the landing and fight two Howlers 
    which come from the room below.  They are simple.  You can go down the stairs 
    to the room below if you wish, but you need the Gold Key, and can only get 
    that in the past. Instead, climb the stairs to the outside.  Another loading 
    screen will commence.
        You now stand in the ruins of the Monastery proper, the roof gone, gazing 
    into the sky above. Use Scrye, and watch the altar directly ahead of you, as 
    you witness a scene from the past. The Abbot and several monks seem to be in 
    ceremony. You can even hear snippets from the ceremony, which, small spoiler, 
    is over the Scythe. After enjoying this blast from the past, turn around 
    towards where you came in.
        Go all the way to the end of the Monastery proper, to the double doors 
    which would lead to the courtyard outside if they worked. To your left is a 
    small flight of stairs which leads to some shotgun shells. Take them, then 
    proceed back towards the altar.  From the altar, turn right, staying in the 
    Monastery for now. Off to your left is a lake with three podiums. This is the 
    time portal, you will go there shortly.
        Just off to the right of the altar and the praying monks from the past is 
    a large flight of stairs going up. Climb these, pick up a health pack, and if 
    you wish, watch a monk there praying.  Go down the stairs and head towards 
    the pond in the grass ahead of you, behind the ruins of the monastery proper. 
    Indiana Jonesish music will play. Walk to each podium around this pond, using 
    the Mercury flask, Sun Medallion, and finally, in the center podium, the Time 
    Incantation. They are used automatically.
        A brief flash of light will take place, chanting music will play, and the 
    image of a perfectly good looking Monastery in Winter will appear in the 
    pond. After a deep breath, enter the pond, and you will be zapped into the 
    past, and the next portion of the FAQ. Congratulations for making it this 
      5. Game Walkthrough Part 3- Monastery Past to Present 
     A.Arrival to Monastery Interior    
        As you arrive in the past a great blizzard will be taking place and the 
    chanting music of monks that you briefly heard earlier will be playing once 
    again.  You stand in the frozen lake, now covered by snow. As you start, turn 
    around and approach the center podium. Behind this podium is a health pack 
    and some bullets, pick it up.  Facing the podium and the monastery, begin to 
    head off to your left, where there is a fire and a monk.
        I found the monks to be rather easy to take out, a shotgun blast or two 
    is enough to drop him to the ground.  They do have some rather amusing 
    sayings, such as I shall kill you in the name of God, and I come oh Father.  
    After easily dispatching of the monk, pass by the fire and pick up another 
    health pack and bullets in the far left-hand corner of the building.  A side-
    note...Isn't it rather odd that here in 400 BC roughly, according to the 
    journal entries earlier, we have bullets and medical kits lying around? Heh.
        Anyways, turn and be prepared for another monk approaching you from 
    across the snowy waste. Dispatch of him with a shotgun blast to the head as 
    well. Make your way forward, passing by the lake and podiums, wrapping around 
    the monastery past the second fire and around the corner of the building.  
    You will see the dead body of a monk lying on the ground just ahead, with a 
    book by his side. Before you head forward to pick this up, use your pistol to 
    take out the monk on the wall to the left of the corpse before he takes you 
    out, strafing to avoid his crossbow shots if you must.
        Pick up the journal and spend some time reading about what has taken 
    place in this monastery. When you have finished proceed forward with the 
    power of knowledge.  After a few moments you will arrive at the front door of 
    the Monastery, where a monk calls out his fellow brothers to arms. If you are 
    fast, you can take care of him before he reaches the front door of the 
    building and calls a second monk to his aid. Both are easily taken out with 
    the shotgun. With them dispatched, pick up the shotgun shells and the health 
    pack here, then continue down the snowy hill ahead of you.
        At the bottom of the hill is a small ledge with a monk atop of it.  Use 
    your pistol and ectoplasm to dispatch of this monk first. At this point, turn 
    and confront the brother on the ground who will be very close to you at this 
    point.  A shotgun shell to the head will do the trick nicely.  Finally, use 
    your pistol and ectoplasm to take care of the monk acting as a sniper on the 
    uppermost wall high above so he does not bother you later.
        With all of them dispatched, take a side-trip for a moment. Turn around 
    and away from the monastery and follow the snowy path leading away from the 
    building behind you, to the gates where the ocean is.  If you need them, pick 
    up the molotov cocktails here. With your weapons in hand, return to the 
    smaller ledge where you killed the first monk a moment ago. A small ladder is 
    on the other side of this ledge. Use it to climb up and take a health pack.
        Jump down from the little ledge and continue to proceed around the right-
    hand side of the Monastery.  All the way around the building is an arch way 
    leading into a portion of the Monastery. A monk will come out of the archway, 
    take care of him with a shotgun shell. Enter through the archway into a small 
    courtyard and aim upwards at the wall high to your left, taking care of the 
    monk sniping at you.
        Standing at the arch, head to the corner to your left, underneath the 
    wall where the sniper just was and pick up another health pack. Turn and this 
    time begin to head to the right of the arch.  You will see an archway with 
    some steps, but ignore this for now and continue forward until you reach a 
    flight of steps going down to a small area near a large locked door.  
    NOTE:Interesting mistake by the Developers...the building here had a door in 
    the present, but has no door here in the past. Funny. END NOTE::  At the 
    bottom here is a fire and a praying monk.  A single shotgun blast to the head 
    will kill the monk. Pick up the health pack and shotgun shells, then retrace 
    your path to the archway with steps you just passed.
        Head up these steps, pass through a small snowy landing type area, and up 
    another small flight of steps.  You will see a bridge ahead of you, this area 
    looks familar, no?  A monk will be atop this bridge, take care of him before 
    he takes care of you. Just before the bridge, pick up some bullets hiding to 
    the right. Pass underneath the bridge and  notice the stone wall to your 
    right, as before in the present, you have to go to the very end to get atop 
        First, turn and take care of the sniper monk hiding on a small balcony in 
    the left-hand corner. When he is dispatched, proceed onto the wall.  Pick up 
    the health pack in the center area of this large wall, and use Scrye to watch 
    a suicidally depressed monk kill himself. With your health pack, continue 
    forward.  When you are almost to the end, two monks will come around the 
    corner.  A single shotgun blast at close range will take care of both. 
    Continue around the corner and through a doorway to enter the Monastery 
      B.  Monastery Interior to Abbot Key   
        Well, Well, this area also looks very familar. Follow the stone walkway 
    here all the way to the end.  Gaze out to your left if you wish, across the 
    Monastery grounds. At the very end here, take care of the monk with a shotgun 
    blast, then enter the door on your right. Another load screen will commence.
        You are now inside the Monastery proper. Head up the stairs directly in 
    front of you, turn the corner, and enter the first open room here. Pick up a 
    journal that gives you a clue that there is a broken window somewhere in the 
    church. That is important later. Leave the room and proceed down the hall, 
    killing the monk pacing up and down.  All four doors are locked so head all 
    the way to the end, to an intersection like area.  A monk will come from 
    straight ahead, from a flight of stairs. Take care of him with shotgun.
        Enter the room on your left before going down the stairs, where a monk is 
    praying to God in front of a holy cross. Heh. Approach him, and give him a 
    single shotgun blast to the head.  Pick up the health pack. Now, before 
    leaving to the stairs, can somebody tell me what the writing on the wall says 
    above the dresser? It appears to be backwards, and could be an easter egg.  
        Leave the room and head down the stairs, hearing an amplifier in the 
    distance.  You are now in a basement study room.  Prepare for a battle and 
    enter an open doorway on the other side of the study room.  An amplifier is 
    sitting on an altar here. Pick up the amplifier and prepare for a group of 
    very angry monks to enter the room.  Take care of them with the shotgun, then 
    go back up the stairs and enter the room to the left of the top of the 
        A monk will most likely be standing right here, take care of him with 
    shotgun (getting old, huh?).  Proceed through a small windowed room and into 
    a hallway with a fireplace. A monk stands by the fire. Give him some medicine 
    with your shotgun.  In the room across from the fireplace, pick up two health 
    packs then head back to the hall.  Follow the hallway around, and stop at the 
    first door on your right. There is a monk chanting something in latin inside, 
    but you can't get in there. A special prize to anyone who can tell me WHAT he 
    is chanting in Latin.
        Proceed all the way to the end and go down another flight of stairs to a 
    stone landing area.  Ignore the chamber on the right from this landing, as it 
    merely has two more monks inside which are not worth fighting. Instead, 
    proceed down another flight of stairs.  The door at the bottom to your right 
    leads outside, but we do not want to go there yet.
        Instead, head left and down a flight of stairs into the monks water 
    processing chamber, where a stream is full of water in the center. This room 
    will be VERY important in a moment.  Head up the curving flight of stairs on 
    your left to another landing area.  Enter the chamber here, ignoring the 
    stairs going further up for now.  Just to the left of the door you entered 
    through is a lever. Pull this lever.  Ignoring the two doors at the end of 
    this chamber, leave the room and proceed up the flight of stairs.  
        You now stand inside a small study with a locked door and no visible 
    items. Useless right? WRONG. Jump up onto the bench, onto the study table, 
    then jump onto the book on the shelf, knocking it over. You will hear 
    something open. Now, retrace your steps all the way back to the water 
    processing room at the bottom.  The water has now stopped from the lever, and 
    because of the book, a secret room has opened at one side of the water 
        Enter the secret room and pick up a Mana Well, a health pack, and several 
    phosphorus shells and silver bullets. By the way, the shells are great fun to 
    use with the shotgun.  Leave the secret room and go back up to the chamber 
    with the lever. Enter the door at the far left hand corner of the room, which 
    brings you back outside to a tiny bridge crossing to a Tower.
        After a loading screen, cross the bridge and enter a very large study 
    room, with many benches and tables. Dispatch the two monks that were reading 
    in here before they can get to you. Proceed straight ahead and go down the 
    flight of stairs.  Pick up the much needed shotgun shells and health pack and 
    ignore the double doors going outside. Head back up the stairs to the study 
        Head to the end of the room and up the set of tiny stairs to a landing 
    and the open door. Ignore the door for just a moment and go up the next 
    little flight of stairs.  On this landing, pick up the bullets, two health 
    packs and if you need them, the molotov cocktails. Now return to the open 
    door and go through it.
        Turn to your right in this next passage and pick up an arcane whorl. 
    Believe it or not, nothing will attack you. This is the easiest whorl in the 
    game to attain. Now cross to the other side of the hall and enter the closed 
    door at the top of the stairs.  Open the door to go through another loading 
        You will now be atop another bridge leading to the tower that in the past 
    you used to pick up the hidden Mana well.  Cross the bridge and open the 
    door.  The winding stairwell that you remember from the present is here. Head 
    to the basement first by going down. Yes, there are some people who would go 
    up to a basement if I didn't tell them better. Heh. Some people.
        Down in the basement are some more cocktails and even better, several 
    shotgun shells and bullets. With all of them in your pocket, climb the stairs 
    to the level above the one where you entered the tower proper.  A bookcase is 
    here, and a ramp-like staircase to the next level. Climb this staircase.  You 
    are now in a large empty room with windows looking out on an excellent view. 
    Climb the winding staircase around the corner of the room to the ladder and 
    prepare yourself for one heck of a battle. Use a health pack if your at low 
        Up the top of this ladder is the first Abbot of several.  He has the 
    power to cast Skull storm for a LOT of damage. Climbing to the top, jump off 
    the ladder to the right or left and turn to confront him. I found the easiest 
    way to beat him was to use a shotgun with a phosphorus shell, took me one 
    shot up close.  Make sure you don't have to reload or his skull storm could 
    take you out. When he drops, he will drop the Abbot key as well. Good Job!
      C.  Abbot Key to Gold Key
        With the first Abbot defeated, head all the way back down the tower to 
    the little bridge crossing to the church. Go ahead and head back through the 
    door to the hallway where you got the arcane whorl.  Head back into the study 
    room and go down the stairs in the center, where I told you not to head 
    through the double doors before. This time, go ahead and go through the doors 
    to the inner courtyard.
        Just outside the doors will be a monk just wandering around in the snow. 
    What a smart fellow. Blow his arse away with the shotgun then turn to the 
    right of the door you came out of (towards the main doors of the monastery) 
    head forward until you reach the end of the wall on your right.  Turn right 
    and pick up a health pack and several shotgun shells as well as cocktails if 
    you need them.  From this alcove, cross towards the Main monastery doors. To 
    the right of the stairs leading up to the main double doors is a health pack 
    and more bullets.
        Climb the stairs, but ignore the double doors as they are locked. 
    Instead, turn left facing the doors and follow the stone walk.  Just a little 
    ways to your right is an open area leading to a snowy courtyard.  Go ahead 
    and enter the courtyard.  First, pick off the monk on the ground here with 
    your shotgun, sending him to hell.  Then, use your pistol to take out the 
    sniper on the outer wall, strafing his crossbow bolts.
        With them both dead, pick up the two health packs here, one on either 
    side of the snowy courtyard.  When both are picked up, another monk will come 
    from the main courtyard. Take care of him with a gift from mother of a 
    shotgun blast, then head back out to the walkway in front of the double 
    doors, turning right towards the door at the far end.  Ignore this door for 
    just a moment and head down the stairs on your left instead into the main 
    snowy courtyard once again.
        Pass by the well, following the building on your right. You will go by a 
    locked double door, and then in a small corner there will be a health pack 
    and some more bullets. Get both, then go back to the door I just asked you to 
    ignore, opening it and heading inside.  You now stand in a small chamber with 
    two bookcases.
        Go through the open archway on your left entering a much larger chamber.  
    In the far lower lefthand corner of this chamber pick up the two health packs 
    and the shotgun shells sitting around a table and a bookcase.  At this point, 
    have you pondered on why a monastery dedicated to God has it's decorative 
    windows covered with little demons? Isn't that a bit odd? Hmph.
        Anyways, from where you got the health packs, cross the room to an open 
    archway leading into a small room with four bookcases and a closed door.  
    Open this door and you will automatically use your Abbot key to head into the 
    Abbot's chambers.  You now stand at the bottom of a large flight of stone 
    stairs heading up.  Go up the stairs and through the archway into a long 
    chamber with a fireplace and some more bookcases. There is nothing at the end 
    of this room, so prepare yourself for another battle and turn to your right 
    through another arch.
        This chamber has a single bookcase and a table with some clutter. The 
    archway on the left here leads to a room with another Abbot. Prepare yourself 
    with your shotgun and health to full and enter the room.  The easiest way to 
    take care of this Abbot is to strafe back and forth through the open arch.  
    When he is taken care of, enter the Abbots bedroom. Pick up the health pack 
    sitting next to his study table, then pick up the Gold key sitting on his 
    bed.  The lights will go out, lightning will flash, you will hear a scream.  
    Head into the next section.
      D.  Gold Key to Scythe
        The lights have just gone out and you now stand on the Abbots bed, 
    wondering what the scream was.  Head back out into the study room, and then 
    into the longer room with the fireplace.  A dead monk lies on the ground here 
    and the window is shattered.  Now, in a moment that 90 percent of people seem 
    to miss, you will climb OUT the damn window. Thats right, climb OUT the 
    window. THROUGH the window. Atop the body and THROUGH the shattered window.  
    Sorry for the emphasis, but I am tired of fifteen mails a day on this =).
        Once again, going OUT the window, you stand on the roof of the walkway 
    below. First things first. Turn to your right from coming out of the window 
    and notice two monks firing at you from the tower across the courtyard.  Use 
    your pistol to snipe at them and take them out, as they can be quite an 
    annoyence while crossing the roof. If you have to, drop to the ground and 
    head closer to the tower to snipe at them, then climb back through the Abbots 
    quarters and back out onto the walkway.
        Standing on the walkway roof, turn to your left and get on top of a very 
    narrow section of wall. Follow this wall towards the main monastery building, 
    jumping up a couple of stone blocks to reach the side of the building. Now, 
    follow the roof of the Monastery around the front, you will be right above 
    the main locked double doors to the building and will go right by a very nice 
    looking window with a dragon on it.
        Descend down the other side from the window atop the double doors and 
    head around to where there is a flat area and a health pack sitting in the 
    center. Take the health pack then climb up the three small stone blocks to 
    the next part of the sloped roof. At the far end of this sloped roof, jump to 
    the next portion of roof, which is a little bit higher.  Here, there will be 
    a chimney.  You also notice an Amplifier sitting on the next sloped area of 
    roof above you.
        Now, this jump can be frustrating. You have to be on the very center of 
    the chimney, and basically make a perfect jump to get to the next portion of 
    the roof. However, with practice, it can be done, and it has to be done.  
    Making the jump, pick up the Amplifier.  Both Amplifiers that I picked up 
    here I have saved for use later, as you will need them in the future.
        Feeling a bit better about yourself now, turn to your left from where you 
    got the Amplifier. See that tower over there? Cross towards it and notice 
    that it is missing one window. Remember the letter you read in the monks 
    quarters earlier? This is the window they were talking about.  If they had 
    only repaired it, they could have been saved. Ah well. Jump through the open 
    window into the tower.  You will notice a large hole in the ground in one 
    corner as the monks chanting music picks up a notch. Drop through the hole.
        You stand in a stone antechamber, the hole high above you.  An archway is 
    straight ahead.  Heading towards it, a monk will come out of it. Blast him to 
    the past. Heh.  Go through the arch and notice a giant cross-shaped window on 
    your left. You can peer through this to see the main church portion of the 
    Monastery, the Scythe on an altar, and an Abbot and many monks praying. Oh 
        Cross the room after watching all you want to and head down a long 
    winding flight of stairs.  At the bottom, pick up a health pack just 
    underneath the stairs and take out a tougher then normal monk that comes 
    through the open door here.  You now stand in the main chamber, and just 
    inside the main double doors that have been locked. Prepare yourself for the 
    battle for the Scythe.  Now, you stand before a giant wall that wraps around 
    and seperates this entry chamber from the main Church. Go around to the LEFT, 
    if you were standing at the entry doors.
        Pass the locked door on your left and go up the flight of stone steps, 
    ignoring the central chamber for a moment.  Blow the monk away at the top of 
    the stairs, and pick up the health pack.  Putting your health to full, head 
    down the stairs and enter the central chamber.  Two monks and an Abbot stand 
    before the Altar, their backs to you, blessing the Scythe. Can you guess who 
    we should target? That's right, target the Abbot. Get as close as you can to 
    him without disturbing their ritual, and blow him away first.
        Once you have downed the Abbot, the other two monks are simple enough. 
    Just strafe around the room, shooting at them with pistol or shotgun until 
    they fall.  If you don't take out the Abbot first, your a goner usually.  
    When they are all dead, it's you and the Scythe. First, pick up the shotgun 
    shells on the raised platform and the molotov cocktails in the right hand 
    alcove if you need them.  When you have taken them, passing by the Scythe, 
    cross to the small room to the right and go up a flight of stairs.  Pick up 
    the bullets and pull the lever, lowering the platform with the Scythe.
        Head down the stairs and get the Scythe.  You will now watch the greatest 
    cut-scene yet.  In this scene, you witness how the Monastery was destroyed, 
    and a rather humorous scene involving an Abbot praying to God. I won't reveal 
    all of it, but Patrick escapes through a window and automatically returns to 
    the present, with the Scythe, ready to confront Lizzbeth.  Congratulations.
      6. Game Walkthrough Part 4-Monastery Present to Lizzbeth
      Coming soon.

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