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    Secrets FAQ by SupaSaiyajinBob

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       Clive Barker's Undying
    Copyright EA Games, 02/19/01
           Secret's FAQ
     Written by SupaSaiyajinBob
    |           Introduction            |
    Hello, my name is Bobby and I've noticed that there isn't any comprehensive
    list of all the other things you can do in Clive Barker's Undying. Sure you can
    look real hard and find all the secrets, but can you create a superhowler with
    no legs and a spear through it's face while standing on a giant sheep? You can
    after reading this guide.
    I've tried to be as straightforward as possible to avoid any confusion, and I
    have left out a few development codes in the cheat section that don't seem to
    work with the first release US version of the game. If anyone out there has any
    other codes, cheats, secrets, hints or tips, or especially any more items that
    work with the Bring [Itemname] code, I would be happy to include them, giving
    you full credit. Even if you just want to say, "Hey, Bob. Undying is da bomb!"
    then feel free to e-mail me at Bobbobob12647@Hotmail.com. Happy secret hunting!
    |       01. Table of Contents   |#TC|
    01. Table of Contents              [#TC]
    02. Cheats                         [#CH]
      02a. Item Lists                  [#IL]
      02b. Map Names                   [#MN]
    03. Easter Eggs                    [#EE]
      03a. Butterfly Shooting Gallery  [#SG]
      03b. Miniature Theatre           [#MT]
      03c. Giant Sheep                 [#GS]
      03d. Disco of Death              [#DD]
      03e. Patrick Strikes Out         [#PS]
    04. Tips on Gameplay               [#TG]
      04a. Bosses                      [#BO]
    05. Thanks/Credits                 [#TH]
    |            02. Cheats         |#CH|
    In game, press Tab to open the chat box, type in your cheat, then press enter.
    For the cheats that say [0,1], 1 is on and 0 is off.
    Note: Some cheats only stay active on the maps in which you activated them.
    Code				Effect
    AddAll				Recieve every spell and weapon, with ammo
    AmpAttSpell			Increase current spell level by 1
    AssAll				Summons a Donkey
    Astral				Enable noclip mode
    BecomeLight [0,1]		Toggles a radiant light
    BehindView [0,1]		Toggles 3rd person view
    CastGlow			Makes selected enemy glow white
    CastFire			Makes selected enemy start on fire
    ClearWeather			Stops weather effects
    DeAmpattSpell			Decrease current spell level by 1
    DebugHUD			Toggles a list of debug values
    DebugMsg			Toggles debug messaging
    DestroyJoint			Removes the joint of a selected enemy
    DetachJoint			Detaches the joint of a selected enemy
    Eh				God Mode
    EnemyCrosshair			Prevents the crosshair from turning green when
    				targeting an enemy
    Exit				Exits the game
    ForceHide [Name]		Turns all [Name] sprites invisible
    Flight				Toggles Oneiros flightmode
    GibHim				Turn the selected enemy into gibs
    GiveMe [Itemname] [Amplitude]	Puts item in your inventory with amplification
    				for spells
    Hide [Name]			Turns all [Name] sprites invisible normally
    InfiniteMana [0,1]		Toggles infinite mana
    LoadGame #			Loads the game in slot #
    ModFOV [#]			Modifies the field of view by #
    MShat [#]			Acts as though you were hit by Mind Shatter,
    				# indicates strength of attack
    NoDetect [0,1]			Toggles whether enemies can see you
    PDP				Player Damage Protocol, shakes the screen
    Pie				Restore mana to maximum
    QuickLoad			Loads the quicksave
    QuickSave			Saves a quicksave
    Quit				Exits the game
    RainDance			Makes it rain
    RenderWeapon			Toggles weapon sprite on an off
    SaveGame #			Saves the game to slot #
    SetJumpz [#]			Sets jump height, 250 is default
    set Aeons.[enemy] Health ###	Set the selected enemy's health to ###
    set Aeons.[enemy] Mana ###	Set the selected enemy's mana to ###
    set Aeons.Patrick Health ###	Set Patrick's current health to ###
    set Aeons.Patrick Mana ###	Set Patrick's current mana to ###
    SetFOV [#]			Set the field of view at #, 110 is default
    SetGroundSpeed [#]		Set how fast Patrick runs, 400 is default
    SetSkill [#]			Set the skill of the level
    ShowActorNames			Shows the names of the selected sprite
    ShowAll				Shows all level triggers
    ShowArrow			Shows an arrow at the crosshair pointing at you
    ShowFPS				Shows Framerates
    ShowPawnNames			Shows info on the selected sprite
    ShowStealth			Shows stealth info
    ShowTex				Shows info on the selected texture in debug mode
    Slomo  [#]			Sets game speed, 1 is default
    SnowDance			Makes it snow
    SnuffAll			Removes all sprites from the level
    SnuffPawns			Removes all enemies from the level
    TestBlood [#]			Splatters blood on the screen relative to #
    ToggleHide [Name]		Toggles whether or not [Name] sprites are
    Unhide [Name]			Turns all [Name] sprites visible
    UseAmplifier			Uses an Amplifier straight from your inventory
    UseHealth			Uses a health item straight from your inventory
    UseLantern			Uses the Lantern straight from your inventory
    UsePowderOfSiren		Uses a Powder of Siren straight from your
    UseWizardEye			Uses a Wizard's Eye straight from your
    WeaponSounds			Toggles whether your weapons make any sounds
    Woo				Gives Patrick maximum ammo
    WoundPawn			Sticks a spear into the selected enemy
    Bring [Itemname]		Spawns the requested item
    Open [Mapname]			Starts a new game in the specified map
    Start [Mapname]			Starts a new game in the specified map
    |          02a. Item List       |#IL|
    When using the Bring [Itemname] cheat, insert these codes to get the
    corresponding item.
    MolotovAmmo		A Molotov Cocktail
    Phoenix			A Phoenix that gives you 3 eggs
    Revolver		Your standard Revolver
    Scythe			The Scythe of the Celts
    Shotgun			Your Standard Shotgun
    Speargun		The Speargun
    Stone			The Gel'ziabar stone, cannot use
    TibetianWarCannon	The Tibetan War Cannon
    BulletAmmo		Regular Revolver ammo
    PhoenixAmmo		1 Phoenix Egg
    PhosphorusShellAmmo	Phosphorus Shotgun Shells
    ShotgunAmmo		Regular Shotgun ammo
    SilverBulletAmmo	Silver Revolver Bullets
    SpearAmmo		Regular Speargun ammo
    Amplifier		Increases current spell by one level
    ArcaneWhorls		Increases mana regeneration rate
    Dynamite		A bundle of Dynamite
    EtherTrap		1 Ether Trap
    HealingRoot		Adds 1 to your health items
    Health			Adds 1 to your health items
    HealthVial		Adds 1 to your health items
    Lantern*		Acts as a flashlight
    ManaWell		Increases maximum mana
    MercuryFlask		Quest item, comes with the Monastery Key
    MistFlute*		Cannot use
    MontoHeart*		The heart of a Monto'Shonoi, cannot use
    PowderOfSiren*		Creates a smokey veil
    ScarrowInk*		Cannot use
    SleedSeed*		Cannot use
    StalkerLure*		Cannot use
    TimeIncantation		Quest item, comes with the Silver Key
    TranslocationScroll*	Cannot use
    WizardEye*		Allows Patrick to see the area around where
    			the Wizard's Eye was placed
    AaronsRoomKey		To Aaron's Room, comes with Aaron's Jaw
    AbbotKey		The Abbot's key
    BethanyRoomKey		To Bethany's Room
    BethanysGateKey		Unlocks gate leading to Bethany
    ChapelKey		Opens the Chapel doors
    ChestKey		Opens a chest containing Trapdoor Key
    EastWingKey		Unlocks the East Wing of the Manor
    EnergyKey		Found in Oneiros
    GardenKey		Permits travel to the gardens
    GoldKey			A golden key
    KitchenKey		A key to the Kitchen
    LighthouseGateKey	Opens the gate ot the Lighthouse
    MonasteryKey		Opens the Monastery doors
    PriestKey		A priest's key
    SeaChestKey		Opens the chest in the Cave
    ServantKey		Allows more access to the Manor
    SilverKey		A silver key
    StudyKey		Opens the Study doors in the manor
    TowerKey		Unlocks the Tower doors
    TrapdoorKey		Allows access passed the Trapdoor
    WidowsWatchKey		Permits entry into Widow's Watch
    WorkRoomKey		Opens the Workroom door
    DispelMagic		Cures status effects and removes magic barriers
    Ectoplasm		Shoots streams of energy
    Firefly*		Doesn't work
    Haste			Quickens Patricks movements and attacks
    IncantationOfSilence*	Doesn't work
    Invoke			Kills Skeletons, resurrects dead enemies
    Lightning		Shoots a bolt of lightning, charges spears
    MindShatter*		Severly limits enemies field of vision
    Phase*			Doesn't work
    PowerWord*		Continually hits all visible enemies for massive
    			damage; very high mana consumption rate
    Scrye			See passed the corporeal plane
    ShalasVortex*		Doesn't work
    Shield			Cretes a frontal shield
    SkullStorm		Summons skull bombs
    Ward*			Places an organic booby trap, can hurt Patrick
    AaronBoss		Summons Aaron during the boss fight, invincible
    AaronRevenant		Summons Aaron who flies around
    Ambrose			Summons Ambrose, invincible
    AttackInhabitants	Summons a Sil Lith Inhabitant
    Bethany			Summons Bethany, invincible, creates Stalkers
    BethanyFlickeringStalkerSummons Bethany's Stalkers
    BethanyMonto		Summons Bethany's greater Monto'Shonoi
    BossHowler		Summons a strong Howler
    DarkBat			Summons a bat
    DecayedSaint		Summons a Skeleton
    Drinen			Summons a Dri'nen guard
    FlickeringStalker	Summons a Stalker
    GuardianPhoenix		Summons a Phoenix
    HandMaiden		Summons a Hand Maiden
    HoodedMonk		Summons a hooded Monk
    Hound			Summons a Gel'ziabar Hound
    Howler			Summons a regular Howler
    HowlerEating		Summons a regular Howler eating
    HowlerHanging		Summons a regular Howler hanging
    Jemaas			Summons a Jemaas tribesman
    JemaasChieftain		Summons a Jemaas chieftain
    JemaasCroucher		Summons a crouching Jemaas tribesman
    JemaasDancer		Summons a dancing Jemaas tribesman
    JemaasJumper		Summons a Jemaas jumper, can jump from high heights
    JemaasLongJumper	Summons a Jemaas jumper, can jump long distances
    JemaasRock		Summons a Jemaas tribesman
    Jile			Summons a plant that attacks with vines
    Jile_Tentacle		Summons the vine of a Jile
    Kiesinger		Summons Otto Kiesinger, invincible
    King_Ass		Part of the Undying King
    King_Body		Part of the Undying King, attacks
    King_L_Arm		Part of the Undying King
    King_L_Mandible		Part of the Undying King, attacks
    King_Mouth		Part of the Undying King
    King_R_Arm		Part of the Undying King
    King_R_Mandible		Part of the Undying King, attacks
    King_Tentacle		Part of the Undying King
    Lizbeth			Summons Lizbeth, invincible
    MeleeJumper		Summons a Jemaas jumper, has no speargun
    MiniBoss		Summons a Green Howler
    MiniMonto		Summons a lesser Monto'Shonoi
    MonkArcher		Summons a Monk with a Speargun
    MonkSoldier		Summons an unhooded Monk
    Monto			Summons a greater Monto'Shonoi
    Rat			Summons a rat
    RestingDarkbat		Summons a bat hanging upside-down
    Scarrow			Summons a Scarrow
    ScryeMonk		Summons a Monk only visible with Scrye
    ScryeSoldier		Summons an invisible Monk
    Sleed			Summons a Sleed
    SpeedyHowler		Summons a weak but fast howler
    Tribesman*		Summons a Jemaas tribesman
    Trsanti			Summons a Pistol Trsanti
    TrsantiChucker		Summons a Dynamite Trsanti
    TrsantiLt		Summons a Shotgun Trsanti
    TrsantiWitch		Summons a Witch Trsanti
    UndyingKing		Summons the Undying King, unable to attack, invincible
    Verago			Summons a Verago
    AaronsJaw		Quest item, comes with Aaron's Room Key
    BigSheep		Summons a BIG sheep
    Butler**		Summons a butler from the manor
    ChunkyMaid**		Summons a fat maid from the manor
    DamageTrigger		A trigger to cause damage to an object. Some projectiles
    			cannot pass through it.
    Donkey			Summons a Donkey
    Evelyn			Summons Eveline's zombie
    Gibs			Creates blood, has no use
    Groundskeeper**		Summons a Gardener from the manor
    Jemas_FirePot		Creates a Jemaas Fire Pot, does not explode
    Jeremiah**		Summons Jeremiah
    Patrick			Summons Patrick, freezes game
    LightningRod		Summons the lightning rod used to learn Lightning
    Maid**			Summons a skinny maid from the manor
    MaidTarget**		Summons a skinny maid from the manor
    MonkStaff		A monk's staff, cannot use
    OldPot01		Creates a very large empty pot
    OldPot02		Creates a medium empty pot
    OldPot03		Creates a small empty pot
    OldPot04		Creates a large empty pot
    Projectile_Book1	A Poltergeist's book, cannot use
    Projectile_Candle1	A Poltergeist's candle, cannot use
    Projectile_KitchenKnife	A Poltergeist's knife, cannot use
    ScriptedPlate		A Poltergeist's plate, cannot use
    Scroll*			A random scroll, has no use
    Sedgewick**		Summons Sedgewick from the lighthouse
    Sheep			Summons a sheep
    Torch			Creates the flame of a torch, has no use
    WaterGlobe		A candle meant to work underwater, has no use
     * Not available normally in game
    ** Killing them ends the game.
    |          02b. Map Names       |#MN|
    |          03. Easter Eggs      |#EE|
    Throughout the game are a couple areas only accessible to those players who are
    observant and persistent. Below are the five hidden places and the rewards of
    finding each.
    |03a. Butterfly Shooting Gallery|#SG|
    Begin the game. Continue through until you first see Aaron's ghost. Shoot the
    two square panels at the top of the door at the end of the hall, by the health
    pack. Inside is a ten-level minigame in which you have to shoot butterflies.
    |      03b. Miniature Theatre   |#MT|
    Open Manor_EntranceHall_FromKitch and there should be three paintings to your
    left. Jump into the two at the ends and you should hear a click. The middle
    painting will rise and a short theatre programme will follow.
    |         03c. Giant Sheep      |#GS|
    Open Monastery_Present_Cove and continue through this level normally until you
    have entered the barn. Jump over to the ruined building and continue up the
    stairs to the destroyed second floor and head back towards the barn. In an
    enclosed space should be some ammo and behind you is the barn itself. Walk out
    onto the plank facing the barn and jump several times until a giant sheep walks
    out from behind the barn.
    |        03d. Disco of Death    |#DD|
    Open Oneiros_HowlingWell and continue into the building above you. On the wall
    behind the purple barrier is a square button. After pushing it, fly up onto
    the roof of this building and scrye until you see a purplish haze. Fly into
    the haze.
    |     03e. Patrick Strikes Out  |#PS|
    Open Manor_Entrancehall_Night_ReturnFromCove and go through the double doors.
    A fat maid will come out of the door to your left when you try to enter it.
    Follow her up the stairs to the window and stand between her and the window
    until Patrick makes his comment, then chase her around the stairs.
    |       04. Tips on Gameplay    |#TG|
    This section contains all the information that I've gained that's helpful about
    this game. Nothing in the section is madatory to beat the game, or even any of
    the "side-quests", such as getting all the amplifiers, etc.
    Even though it might appear as though they can't, both rats and bats can hurt
    you. Simply avoid them.
    Always keep an eye (or ear) out for places that you can Scrye. Even if it does
    not give you any useful information, it's usually pretty cool and adds to the
    atmosphere of the game.
    Try to save two Amplifiers so that when you get Skullstorm, it will start off
    at level 3. At this level, Skullstorm will take less mana to cast and will have
    2 skulls instead of one. You should eventually get Skullstorm to level 5, where
    it will summon 3 skulls total.
    If you're running low on ammo, the Gel'ziabar Stone and Ectoplasm make a great
    combination. You can either blast them back and avoid them, or keep them at bay
    while you hit them with your spell. Of course, ammo doesn't become a problem by
    the time you get the War Cannon, and then the Scythe.
    Also, another good combination is the Scythe and Haste. The scythe usually will
    kill an enemy in one hit if you decapitate it, Haste ensures you can strike
    faster and retreat quicker if your hit was not successful. It also saves ammo
    for those enemies that would require a ranged weapon.
    When Aaron first starts attacking you, before the boss fight under Bethany's
    room, he is invincible. Simply use an Ether Trap and he will be gone for the
    next few minutes.
    When attacking in frenzy mode with the Scythe, it drains a lot of mana. To fix
    this you can simply turn frenzy mode on and attack, and as soon as the hit is
    successful, turn frenzy mode off. It doesn't need to be active to process the
    health, though the Scythe does have to remain equipped.
    |           04a. Bosses         |#BO|
    Equip the Stone and Invoke and concentrate on the Skeletons. When they're gone,
    switch to the War Cannon and Ectoplasm and keep up the damage on Lizbeth. When
    it looks like she is dizzy, decapitate her with the Scythe.
    Avoid his attacks until a hound leaps from the wall and distracts him. Haste
    makes this easier. When he is busy with the hound, shoot the stone from his axe
    with your Revolver until it pops out, then just hit him with the Scythe.
    As soon as the loading screen finishes, hit him with Ectoplasm to distract him
    and then hit him with the Scythe until he falls down the center hole. Follow
    him, using Flight to avoid falling to your death, and strafe and use Skullstorm
    until he dies. If he escapes during the first part (before falling into the
    hole), then hide behind the pillars and use Skullstorm to take out the Veragos.
    As soon as the loading screen finishes, hit him with your Scythe to lop off his
    arm. He will move into the center of the room and fire off his chains at you.
    Hide behind pillars or the hanging chains and when his chain gets caught, run
    up to him and hit him with your Scythe.
    The easiest way, if you can manage it, is to very quickly dispatch her guards
    with Skullstorm and fly up and behead Bethany with the Scythe while she is
    summoning more guards.
    The usual way is to defeat her guards with the War Cannon or the Shotgun and
    Skullstorm, then kill every Monto'Shonoi she sends at you. When
    Bethany tires of this tactic, she will fly to the other end of the ring, where
    you can jump up and behead her with the Scythe.
    Undying King
    Place about 5 or 6 sticks of Dynamite at the Undying King's base to quickly
    blast away it's legs and really get the battle going. Use the Gel'ziabar stone
    to amp up Skullstorm to level 6 (or at least one level higher than it already
    is) and blast away at it's head when it opens to reveal it's brain. Eventually
    it will close and open it's mouth to suck you in. If you have time, throw in a
    fully charged Skullstorm, but even one skull will do enough damage to close his
    mouth. Then his head will open again. Repeat attacking his head and mouth with
    Skullstorm until he dies. Stay away from the shoreline to avoid the tentacles,
    but don't get too close to him or he'll suck you in. It shouldn't take more
    than 8-10 minutes, tops.
    |        05. Thanks/Credits     |#TH|
    Thanks to EA Games for putting out this awesome game that has consumed the
    better portion of a year for me.
    Thanks to CJayC and www.gamefaqs.com for hosting this FAQ and all the others
    that have helped me throughout the years.
    Thanks to www.cheatbook.de for some different tips on boss battles.
    Thanks to www.undying.3dactionplanet.gamespy.com/ for it's comprehensive
    information regarding game mechanics.
    And thanks to everyone who has played this game, I hope you had as much fun
    playing it as I did.
    If anyone has anything to add, my e-mail again is Bobbobob12647@Hotmail.com.
    Thanks for reading!

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