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    FAQ/Walkthrough by elshendee

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 09/06/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Clive Barker's Undying
    Full Walkthrough, v 1.00 (09/06/2009)
    By Elshendee
    2.	WEAPONS
    3.	SPELLS
    4.	ITEMS
    5.	ENEMIES
    a.	Introduction
    i.	 Manor - Front Gate
    ii.	Manor - West Wing
    iii.	Manor - Entrance Hall
    iv.	Manor - West Wing (II)
    b.	Lizbeth
    i.	Manor - Guest Room
    ii.	Manor - Central Upper
    iii.	Manor - Entrance Hall (II)
    iv.	Manor - North Wing Lower
    v.	Manor - Entrance Hall (III)
    vi.	Manor - Central Lower
    vii.	Manor - East Wing Lower
    viii.	Manor - Chapel
    ix.	Manor - East Wing Lower (II)
    x.	Manor - East Wing Upper
    xi.	Oneiros
    xii.	Manor - East Wing Upper (II)
    xiii.	Manor - East Wing Lower (III)
    xiv.	Manor - Central Lower (II)
    xv.	Manor - Central Upper (II)
    xvi.	Manor -North Wing Upper
    xvii.	Manor - North Wing Lower (II)
    xviii.	Manor - Gardens
    xix.	Mausoleum - Approach
    xx.	Mausoleum - Entrance
    xxi.	Mausoleum - Tunnels
    xxii.	Mausoleum - Entrance (II)
    xxiii.	Old Cemetery
    xxiv.	Monastery Present - Cove
    xxv.	Monastery Present - Tunnels
    xxvi.	Monastery Present - Exterior
    xxvii.	Monastery Present - Interior
    xxviii.	Monastery Present - Exterior (II)
    xxix.	Catacombs - Entrance
    xxx.	Catacombs - Saints Hall
    xxxi.	Monastery present - Interior (II)
    xxxii.	Catacombs - Saints Hall (II)
    xxxiii.	Catacombs - Exit
    xxxiv.	Catacombs - Wind Chamber
    xxxv.	Monastery Present -  Interior (III)
    xxxvi.	Catacombs - Wind Chamber (II)
    xxxvii.	Catacombs - Exit (II)
    xxxviii.	Monastery Present - Church
    xxxix.	Monastery Past - Exterior
    xl.	Monastery Past - Interior
    xli.	Monastery Past - Living Quarters
    xlii.	Monastery Past - Interior (II)
    xliii.	Monastery Past - Exterior (II)
    xliv.	Monastery Past - Interior (III)
    xlv.	Monastery Past - Church
    xlvi.	Monastery Present - Church (II)
    xlvii.	Catacombs - Exit (III)
    xlviii.	Catacombs - Lower Level
    xlix.	Catacombs - Well Room
    l.	Catacombs - Lower Level (II)
    li.	Catacombs - Cisterns
    lii.	Catacombs - Tunnels
    liii.	Catacombs - Lair of Lizbeth
    liv.	Catacombs - Lair of Lizbeth (II)
    lv.	 Catacombs - Cliffs
    lvi.	Monastery Present - Cove (II)
    c.	Ambrose
    i.	Manor - Gardens (II)
    ii.	Manor - North Wing Lower (III)
    iii.	Manor - Tower Run
    iv.	Manor - North Wing Lower (IV)
    v.	Manor - North Wing Upper (II)
    vi.	Manor - East Wing Lower (IV)
    vii.	Manor - East Wing Upper (III)
    viii.	Manor - East Wing Lower (V)
    ix.	Manor - East Wing Upper (IV)
    x.	Manor - East Wing Lower (VI)
    xi.	Manor - Chapel (II)
    xii.	Manor - East Wing Lower (VII)
    xiii.	Manor - Central Lower (III)
    xiv.	Manor - Entrance Hall (IV)
    xv.	Manor - Front Gate (II)
    xvi.	Grounds - Dock
    xvii.	Standing Stones
    xviii.	Grounds - Dock (II)
    xix.	Manor - Front Gate (III)
    xx.	Lighthouse
    xxi.	Coastal Ruins
    xxii.	Pirate's Cove - Pier
    xxiii.	Pirate's Cove - Caverns
    xxiv.	Pirate's Cove - Barracks
    xxv.	Pirate's Cove - Treasure Room
    xxvi.	Manor - Front Gate (IV)
    xxvii.	Manor - Entrance Hall (V)
    xxviii.	Manor - West Wing (III)
    xxix.	Manor - Great Hall
    d.	Keisinger
    i.	Manor - Central Upper (III)
    ii.	Manor - Entrance Hall (VI)
    iii.	Manor - Central Upper (IV)
    iv.	Manor - North Wing Upper (III)
    v.	Manor - Widow's Watch
    vi.	Manor - Great Hall (II)
    vii.	Manor - Tower Run (II)
    viii.	Oneiros - Amphitheater
    ix.	Oneiros - Ruins
    x.	Oneiros - Amphitheater (II)
    xi.	Oneiros - Abandoned Fortress
    xii.	Oneiros - Keisinger's Stronghold
    xiii.	Oneiros - Keisinger's Studio
    xiv.	Oneiros - Keisinger's Stronghold (II)
    xv.	Oneiros - Keisinger's Studio (II)
    xvi.	Oneiros - Oracle
    xvii.	Oneiros - Keisinger's Studio (III)
    xviii.	Oneiros - Keisinger's Stronghold (III)
    xix.	Oneiros - Howling Well
    xx.	Oneiros - Ziggurat
    xxi.	Oneiros - Ziggurat (II)
    xxii.	Oneiros - Ziggurat (III)
    xxiii.	Manor - Tower Run (III)
    e.	Aaron
    i.	Manor - Central Lower (IV)
    ii.	Manor - Central Upper (V)
    iii.	Manor - North Wing Upper (IV)
    iv.	Manor - Inner Courtyard
    v.	Manor - Gardens (III)
    vi.	Bethany's Cottage
    vii.	Manor - Gardens (IV)
    viii.	Manor -North Wing Lower (V)
    ix.	Manor - North Wing Upper (V)
    x.	Manor - Central Upper (VI)
    xi.	Manor - Crypt
    f.	Bethany
    i.	Eternal Autumn - Forest
    ii.	Eternal Autumn - Chieftain
    iii.	Eternal Autumn - Airie
    iv.	Eternal Autumn - Chase
    v.	Eternal Autumn - Bridge
    vi.	Eternal Autumn - Lower Dwellings
    vii.	Eternal Autumn - Upper Dwellings
    viii.	Eternal Autumn - Gauntlet
    ix.	Eternal Autumn - Ruins
    x.	Eternal Autumn - Arch
    xi.	Eternal Autumn - Arena
    xii.	Eternal Autumn - Arena (II)
    g.	Final
    i.	Standing Stones (II)
    7.	CHEATS
    The default controls for this game are as follows:
    F3 - Journal entries screen.
    F6 - Quicksave.
    F7 - Quickload.
    1 - Cycle forward through weapons.
    2 - Cycle backward through weapons.
    3 - Cycle forward through spells.
    4 - Cycle backward through spells.
    [/F - Cycle forward through items.
    ]/V - Cycle backward through items.
    Enter/Q - Use selected item.
    E/Delete - Weapon quick select (hold).
    R/End - Spell quick select (hold).
    Alt/Caps Lock - Reload your weapon, or switch to its secondary mode.
    Pause - Pauses the game, not surprisingly.
    W/A/S/D/Arrow Keys - Used for movement and strafing.
    Shift/C - Crouch.
    Space/Ctrl - Jump.
    Left click/Insert - Fire selected weapon.
    Right click/Home - Use selected spell.
    Scroll Wheel - Cycle through weapons.
    2. WEAPONS
    You start the game with this weapon. It never actually becomes 
    useless, since you can use the silver bullets you find later in the 
    game against the stronger enemies, and save the normal bullets for the 
    weaker enemies. You can switch between both types of bullets selecting 
    the right one in the inventory. The silver bullets take more time to 
    load but they inflict more damage. Overall, it's a fast weapon, with a 
    good range, and you can reduce the reload time by using Haste. Ammo is 
    not a problem, as normal bullets are very common. Silver bullets are 
    obviously less common, so save them for the strongest enemies.
    Weapon action: reloads the pistol.
    Best used against: Howlers (all types), Trsantis (all types), Monks 
    (all types), Handmaidens (silver)
    Gelziabar stone
    You start the game with this weapon. When equipped, it rises the 
    selected spell by 1, which comes always handy, and deletes the mana 
    cost of the spell Scrye. Besides, it glows when you can find something 
    in Scrye mode (although if you pay attention, you don't actually need 
    it, since you'll hear some noises then). When used, it displays a 
    shock wave that push enemies backwards. Although it doesn't actually 
    damage them, you could push them down a cliff, and it can be useful to 
    keep them far from you while you use an offensive spell against them 
    (an offensive spell that it's enhanced by the stone). You should be 
    careful, though, because in higher difficulty levels using the stone 
    too much may cause a Hound of Gelziabar to appear. Not a weapon to 
    always have equipped, but it can very useful at times.
    Best used against: Flickering Stalkers, Small Monto Shonoi
    Molotov cocktails
    Not very useful. You can't store many cocktails at the same time, it 
    doesn't have a long range, and unless you hit enemy directly it only 
    torches the enemy. If the enemy has a lot of hit points, only one 
    cocktail most likely won't kill it, and even against weaker enemies 
    the fire takes some time to kill the enemy. It can be useful, though, 
    when fighting enemies directly under you: you safely drop down a 
    cocktail to the enemy, and let the fire do all the work. It could also 
    be useful against Jiles, since they are low on health and they can't 
    move, although you could do the same work with phosphorus shells.
    Best used against: Jiles
    Tibetan War Cannon
    You'll love this weapon. First, it doesn't need ammo, so you can 
    always use it if you low on ammo. Second, its ice blasts will slow any 
    enemy they hit (apart from damaging it, of course), which can come 
    very handy for hit-and-run tactics. Keep pressed the fire button to 
    charge the cannon, what will shoot a stronger blast once you release 
    the button. Be careful if you use this against enemies too close since 
    you can also get hurt in the blast. Its range is not very high, but 
    believe me, it will be very useful during the first part of the game, 
    and it will still give some help later.
    Best used against: Howlers (all types), Scarrows, Skeletons, Monks, 
    Just like the pistol, it has two types of ammo, normal and phosphorus. 
    The phosphorus shells will torch enemies and will inflict more damage. 
    Just like the pistol, the normal shells are very common and you won't 
    have any problem with the ammo, but the phosphorus shells are more 
    difficult to find, so save them for the needed cases. Just like 
    shotguns in almost any game, its damage decreases with the distance.
    Weapon action: switch between one barrel and two barrel mode. The two 
    barrel mode inflicts double damage, but it spends more ammo and you'll 
    have to reload after every shot.
    Best used against: Howlers (all types), Trsantis (all types), Monks, 
    Jiles (phosphorus), Hound of Gelziabar, Big Monto Shonoi
    A melee weapon, although its range is longer than you would expect. 
    It's very powerful, if you're lucky and use Haste you could kill an 
    enemy on a few hits (try to aim to the neck, if they have, to decapite 
    your enemies). It has a big handicap, though: the mana recovery speed 
    will decrease when you have this weapon on your hand, so it's not a 
    good idea  to have this weapon equipped if you need to cast a lot of 
    spells. Later in the game this problem will be solved a bit if you 
    manage to find many arcane whorls. An important remark is that it's 
    the only weapon that can kill most of the bossed.
    Weapon action: turns into Frenzy mode. Any kill will give you some 
    health points while on this state and have the scythe equipped, 
    although it will cost mana (you can slow the mana loss with arcane 
    whorls, though). The hits on this mode are slower but a bit more 
    Best used against: Howlers (all types), Skeletons, Drinens, Sleeds
    You won't find this weapon until the last part of the game, but you 
    will soon realise that it could have been very handy before. It has a 
    very long range, it's quite powerful, and ammo won't be a problem 
    since many enemies during the last levels drop spears. Try to aim for 
    headshots to inflict maximum damage. You can use Lightning to improve 
    its effect: cast Lightning with the speargun equipped and the next 
    enemy you hit with the speargun will be struck to death by a fallen 
    from the sky lightning (remember that this won't work if the enemy is 
    covered by some type of roof, since there's not a way for the 
    lightning to fall). Its only handicap is that it takes some time to 
    Weapon action: turns into sniper mode. You get a closer view of what 
    you're targeting, what allows you to aim for specific points for 
    heads, or shoot enemies very far from you (remember that this weapon 
    has a good range). 
    Best used against: Jemaas (all types)
    Completely useless. It fires a remote controlled, flying firebird that 
    explodes upon impact, or vanishes after some time. Problems? Lots: 
    very limited ammo (phoenix eggs), few damage, hard to control, you 
    don't find it until the last part of the game, and Patrick is 
    vulnerable while you control the firebird.
    3. SPELLS
    Mana cost: 20 (fully amplified)
    You start the game with this spell. Its main use is to see better in 
    darkness, since it will improve your sight (although it reduces you 
    field of vision). Besides, it can be used to see past events, reveal 
    magic objects and, in general, see things hidden to the normal eye. 
    You'll know when something is hidden in Scrye mode because the 
    Gelziabar stone will glow (if you wield it on your hand), and you'll 
    hear some strange voices saying things like "See". This will be 
    important to solve some puzzles throughout the game. Keep the 
    Gelziabar equipped to avoid the mana cost. Amplifying the spell 
    improves its duration and reduces the mana cost.
    Mana cost: 5 (fully amplified)
    It fires magic balls which inflict damage to enemies. Its main problem 
    is that it's not what we could call an accurate attack, since Patrick 
    throws the magic balls around all directions. It's usually enough 
    against enemies, but it makes almost impossible to aim for a specific 
    point. It's not very powerful, but does a decent damage when fully 
    amplified, you can combine it with a weapon, and it's anyway supposed 
    to be used only during the earlier levels. It will be very useful 
    during the first part of the game, although it will become obsolete 
    later in the game. Amplifying the spell improves the damage, allows 
    you to aim better, and the ectoplasm goes through walls.
    Best used against: Howlers (all types), Ghost Monks, Scarrows
    Dispel Magic
    Mana cost: 25 (fully amplified)
    It can be used to delete magic barriers, but its main use is to get 
    rid of the Mindshatter spell used by the Abbott and the Inhabitants of 
    Sil Lith, and the Shield spell used by Trsanti Witches and Keisinger. 
    Besides, it can be used to kill Scarrows. Don't forget that you have 
    this spell and it will come very handy.  Amplifying the spell reduces 
    the casting time and the mana cost.
    Best used against: Scarrows, the Abbott, Trsanti Witches, Sil lith 
    Inhabitants, Keisinger
    Mana cost: varies
    This spell can be used to resurrect enemy corpses to fight under your 
    orders, but honestly, this isn't very useful, as your new minions 
    don't help very much. If you want to try, just approach the corpse 
    before it vanishes and press the cast button. After a while, or if 
    they're killed again, your new minions disappear for good. The mana 
    cost is proportional to the enemy's strength. In my opinion, this 
    spell's good use is as an offensive spell. Cast it on a Skeleton and 
    it will destroy it. It costs a lot of mana, but it kills it for good. 
    It can also be used against Trsantis, forcing them to kill themselves, 
    although you won't get corpses to revive this way. Amplifying the 
    spell increases the revvied minions' strength, so if you seldom use 
    this spell to revive corpses, this spell should be the last one you 
    Best used against: Skeletons, all types of Trsantis but Trsanti 
    Mana cost: 50 (fully amplified)
    It increases for a while your speed and jumping skill. A very useful 
    spell, since it has many different uses. You can use it to reach 
    places, to perform hit-and-run tactics, to get away from strong 
    enemies, to help during combat (since it also increases your attack 
    speed)... Amplifying this spell increases the spell duration.
    Mana cost: 15 (fully amplified)
    This spell creates a magic shield which protects you from physical 
    attacks (it doesn't protect from the spell Mindshatter, for example), 
    mainly those coming from your front, although it's less effective 
    against attacks from the sides, and it doesn't protect from attacks 
    from behind. The shield will break after some time or when it has 
    taken too much damage. Amplifying the spell increases the duarion and 
    the damage it can take. Cast a Shield before a hard combat and you'll 
    notice the difference. Used by Keisinger and Trsanti Witches.
    Skull Storm
    Mana cost: 15 per skull (fully amplified)
    By far the best offensive spell in the game. It allows you throw you 
    explosive skulls towards your enemies. Keep the skulls after preparing 
    them without releasing them and they will start to burn, this way they 
    will cause more damage to your enemies. Of course, the explosions may 
    hurt you as well if you're too close to your enemies, so throw the 
    skulls from a distance or cast Shield before sending the skulls. This 
    spell is your best choice against flying enemies, but it will prove 
    very useful against all enemies (except Scarrows and Drinens). 
    Amplifying the spell increases the damage and allows you to throw 
    several skulls at once. Used by Keisinger, the Abbott, Trsanti Witches 
    and Veragos.
    Best used against:  Flickering Stalkers, Monto Shonoi (all types), 
    Veragos, Jiles, Handmaidens
    Mana cost: 40 (fully amplified)
    Not a very useful spell. It throws a lightning, as you would expect, 
    towards enemies, but it doesn't cause too much damage and it's quite 
    slow. However, it can be used to enhance the speargun. Amplifying the 
    spell allows you to hit several enemies in one hit, and increases the 
    damage. Used by Keisinger, Big Monto Shonoi and Handmaidens.
    Mana cost: 50 (fully amplified)
    Not available normally in the game, only by cheats. Your enemies won't 
    be able to see properly while they're under this spell's effects. Used 
    only by the Abbott and Sil Lith Inhabitants in the normal game. Among 
    the enemies immune to this spell are Aaron, Bethany and Monto Shonoi 
    (both Small and Big).
    Mana cost: a lot
    Not available normally in the game, only by cheats. It creates a 
    glowing rune in the air that throws magic bolts to any enemy on your 
    field of vision, but it drains your mana as hell. Used only by Veragos 
    in the normal game.
    Mana cost: 40 (fully amplified)
    Not available normally in the game, only by cheats. It plants a mine 
    which damage any being that steps on it (including you). When it's 
    fully amplified, apparently traps the enemies and they cant't escape 
    from the mine. Used only by Bethany in the normal game.
    Shala's Vortex
    Not available in the game. It was supposed to bring protection against 
    magical attacks such as the spell Mindshatter, just as Shield brings 
    protection against physical attacks. Used only by Handmaidens.
    Not available in the game. It was supposed to give invisibility: Level 
    1 would make you translucent but not invisible. Level 2 would make you 
    invisible while standing but still translucent when moving. Level 3 
    invisible while walking. Level 4 invisible while running but 
    translucent when firing weapons. Level 5 invisible at all times. Seems 
    to be the spell used by Drinens.
    Incantation of Silence
    Not available in the game. Mutes sound, so that you can be more 
    Not available in the game. An accuracy modifier (allows magic spells 
    to seek, makes opponents glow, especially good in Dispel Magic, when 
    people would hide in dark shadows).
    4. ITEMS
    They can come in three different shapes, but they all have th same 
    effect: they will heal you on 35 health units, although they take some 
    time to heal. Apparently if you have them selected they will 
    automatically heal if you're low on health, but this doesn't seem to 
    happen in higher difficulty levels.
    These pink stones will permanently increase the selected spell's level 
    by one, up to a maximum level of 5. You will know if there's one of 
    them nearby because they will glow and make a very loud noise, so it's 
    difficult to miss them (another thing is that you figure out how to 
    grab them). Save them for the best spells. There are enough amplifiers 
    throughout the game to amplify all spells to Level 5, but if you miss 
    one of them you won't be able to upgrade all of them.
    Dynamite sticks that explode some seconds after using them. Not very 
    useful, apart from being necessary to solve some puzzles. The fact 
    that you can't just throw it towards enemies means you can't use it as 
    an offensive weapon. The sticks you haven't picked up can be shot with 
    the pistol, though.
    Ammo for the pistol. They come in two types, normal bullets and silver 
    bullets. Silver bullets are more powerful than normal bullets, but are 
    harder to find and you can store less of them.
    Ammo for the shotgun. Again, they come in two types, normal shells and 
    phosphorus shells. Phosphorus shells work a bit like a flamethrower, 
    since they will torch on fire your enemies , and again they are harder 
    to find and you can store less of them.
    Ether traps
    They can be used to temporally send away ghosts. They're mainly used 
    to get rid of the annoying Aaron for a while, although they can be 
    used against Ghost Monks as well (in my opinion, it's a waste, but 
    it's your choice). Just lure your opponent inside the vortex created 
    by the trap. If no enemy enters in the vortex, you can take the trap 
    Arcane whorls
    They increase yor mana recovery rate. Very useful, as they allow you 
    to cast spells easier, and they're helpful for combats with the scythe 
    (since the scythe reduces the mana recovery speed). Used automatically 
    when picked up.
    Mana well
    They increase your maximum mana by 10 units. Only one of them won't 
    give much difference, but after you've taken several of them you'll 
    notice that casting spells easier (even easier if you've found arcane 
    whorls). Used automatically when picked up.
    5. ENEMIES
    Life points: 12,5
    Just normal rats. These animals seldom attack you, but they sometimes 
    do. If that's the case, just jump over them.
    (Darkbat, RestingDarkbat)
    Life points: 12,5
    Again, these animals don't have anything of special since they're just 
    normal bats. Again, they seldom attack, if they do Ectoplasm will be a 
    good choice against them.
    (Howler, HowlerHanging, HowlerEating, AntiTrsanti)
    Life points: 62,5
    Here we go. These ancient supernatural species are under Lizbeth's 
    orders, and they will be the first enemy you'll face on this game. 
    They look a bit like wolves, but they're horned and have claws, they 
    can stand up to attack you, and according to the sound they produce 
    when they move they must have hooves. According to official sources, 
    there are several Howler colonies throughout the world, and Lizbeth is 
    able to control the colony near the Covenant estate. Howlers are not 
    very strong, but they are fast and agile, as they can approach you in 
    seconds and perform very long jumps. Be careful when fighting packs of 
    them, as they can hurt you very badly if they surround you. Pistol and 
    Ectoplasm will be useful at first against them, later the best choice 
    against them is the Tibetan War Cannon or the Scythe and Ectoplasm. 
    There are four main breeds of Howlers, thin one being the most common.
    Speedy Howler
    Life points: 50
    The second breed of Howlers is physically weaker than the main one, 
    but they're faster and more agile than their stronger brothers. This 
    breed has a green colour as opposed to the main breed's grey or brown 
    colours. Although less common than the main breed, you'll still find 
    many of these Howlers. Fight them just as you would do with their 
    stronger brothers.
    Big Howler
    Life points: 125
    The third breed of Howlers is much rarer than the first two. They're 
    much larger and stronger than the other two breeds. Although the same 
    tactic against normal Howlers can be used against them, you should be 
    more careful when fighting a Big Howler because of their power, since 
    they can hurt you very badly and they will take much more damage.
    Ghost Monk
    Life points: 75
    These ghosts for some reason attack you at the manor chapel. I don't 
    know about their origin or whether they're related to the monastery 
    monks. You can only see them properly if you use Scye, otherway you'll 
    see just smoke clouds. Use Ectoplasm against them or just avoid them, 
    as they will keep spawning when you fight them.
    Life points: 75
    Scarrows are interdimensional squatters, we could call them magic 
    scavengers. They're one of the transient races that came to Oneiros, 
    where they became enslaved by Keisinger, who sends them to do their 
    dirty work. They resemble a bit snakes, but they have tentacles as 
    mouth. They're physically a bit stronger than the regular Howlers, but 
    they're much slower, so it's easier to flee from them. However, this 
    isn't a good idea, and they can use a poison spit that not only 
    damages you but also affects you sight. They're able to filter through 
    the floor and come back at another point, what allows them to escape 
    from you if they need to. The best choice against them is the Tibetan 
    War Cannon combined with Ectoplasm. They seem to be immune to the 
    spell Skull Storm, although Dispel can hurt them.
    Boss Howler
    Life points: 175
    The last breed of Howlers is by far the largest, as well as the 
    strongest. They can take quite a lot of damage. Despite their size 
    they're still fast, so you won't be able to run away from them. Use 
    the Tibetan War Cannon or the Scythe and Ectoplasm against them, or 
    use the shotgun if you need to.
    Big Speedy Howler
    Life points: 168,75
    You'll only fight one of these, so I wouldn't call it a new breed. 
    Very similar to the regular Speedy Howlers, but it's much stronger 
    than them. Not much else to say about it.
    (MeleeSaint, FallenSaint, SpawnedBuriedSaint, DecayedSaint, 
    Life points: 125
    They're are the remainings of the monks you fight during your travel 
    to the past. They keep doing after their death what they did during 
    their life: keep the monastery safe from supernatural beings and 
    anything related to magic. They aren't actually under Lizbeth's 
    orders, although they both move around the same places. They hate 
    Patrick because he uses magic and because he was the one who killed 
    them. Since they're already dead, they're resistant to conventional 
    weapons and they will rise back if you try to kill with one of them. 
    The Tibetan War Cannon seems to be a bit effective against them in 
    earlier levels, but it doesn't kill them for good in later levels. The 
    best choice against them is using Invoke, although it costs a lot of 
    mana, which is a problem when you're fighting crowds of Skeletons. The 
    Scythe works too against Skeleton, but it's much slower than Invoke. 
    Some of them are able to throw you stones so be careful. 
    Life points: 125
    The guys who gave problems to Patrick during his trip to Europe will 
    also give him problems this time. This particular group is under 
    Ambrose's orders, who sends them to do their bidding. They are 
    equipped with a pistol to long range combat and a sword for  close 
    combat. Using Invoke makes them kill themselves, which will surely 
    prove very useful. They drop bullets when killed. Best use the pistol 
    against them, aiming for headshots if you can.
    Trsanti Chieftain
    Life points: 150
    These guys lead the regular Trsanti during combat, being stronger than 
    them. They wield two daggers for close combat and a shotgun for long 
    range combat (so they do more damage than the regular Trsanti). They 
    drop shotgun shells when killed. They're also susceptible to Invoke, 
    although you can also use the pistol against them.
    (HoodedMonk, MonkSoldier)
    Life points: 125
    The monastery original inhabitants, you'll fight them during your 
    travel to the past. They use a staff against you. You can use the 
    Tibetan War Cannon and Ectoplasm against them, or use fireguns like 
    the pistol and the shotgun, but Invoke doesn't work against them to 
    kill them themselves.
    Monk Archer
    Life points: 125
    These monks use crossbows against you. Although their accuracy is not 
    the best, they almost always attack you from a distance, which makes 
    them very hard to aim. Ectoplasm doesn't have enough range to hit 
    them, the pistol is a better choice. 
    Life points: 125
    The monastery abbott knows how to use magic. He uses the spells 
    Mindshatter and Skull Storm against you, so he can be very dangerous. 
    He seems to be able to disappear when he's near to death, or resurrect 
    himself a few times after death since you'll have to fight him several 
    times.  Use Dispel to get rid of the Mindshatter curse, be careful of 
    the storms, and kill him using Ectoplasm and another weapon like the 
    Tibetan War Cannon or the shotgun.
    Life points: 62,5
    These plants are planted by Bethany. As you would expect from a plant, 
    they can't move, but they can emit tentacles from the nearby ground to 
    attack you from a distance. Besides, they can throw poison. They'll 
    sometimes be hidden, so you'll have to fight the tentacles for a while 
    before you're able to spot the Jile that is creating them. Skull Storm 
    is by far the best choice against them, since they're quite weak, 
    although a phosphorus shell will kill them in one shot.
    Flickering Stalker
    Life points: 187,5
    Flickering Stalker have a similar origin as that of Scarrows: they're 
    magic scavengers that travelled to Oneiros. They became enslaved by 
    Keisinger, although Bethany is able to control some of them too. These 
    flying eel-like beastsmove very fast, making  hit-and-run attacks. 
    They're difficult to target because of theit high speed. The best 
    choice against them is using Skull Storm to hurt them and the 
    Gelziabar Stone and push them away. You could use the pistol charged 
    with silver bullets or the shotgun, but you won't anything to avoid 
    the Stalker's attack. They will disappear in a cloud of smoke when 
    Trsanti Witch
    Life points: 75
    These female Trsanti are more intelligent as their male counterparts, 
    as they can sue magic. They're physically weaker than the male 
    Trsantis, but they use Shield and Skull Storm against you. Use Dispel 
    to delete their Shield, then use the pistol to kill them before 
    they're able to cast another one. They don't drop anything when 
    Life points: 200
    This banshees were created by Bethany to become her servants, as she 
    missed the ones she had at the manor when she was alive. These flying 
    creatures are similar to Victorian dolls as they have porcelain masks 
    as faces. They use Lightning against you, so cast a Shield and use 
    Skull Storm or silver bullets. Bethany created few of them, and most 
    of them don't get too far from her. They seem to be able to use 
    Shala's Vortex, but it doesn't seem to make much difference.
    Dynamite Trsanti
    Life points: 125
    Perhaps the most dangerous of all Trsanti types, these guys throw you 
    dynamite sticks, which can kill you if they explode near you unless 
    you use Shield, so try to kill them from a distance (using the pistol 
    from example). Be careful when using Invoke on them. They don't drop 
    anything  when killed. 
    Small Monto Shonoi
    Life points: 125
    These interdimentional entities, similar to flying crabs, are summoned 
    by Aaron, as his insanity and drug addiction combined with the curse 
    allow to see other dimentions and tap into them through his paintings, 
    and therefore create a channel for the Monto Shonoi. The smaller breed 
    of the Monto Shonoi floats and attacks you using its large claws. They 
    can fly very fast towards you, so use Skull Storm and the Gelziabar 
    Stone to push them away.
    Sil Lith Inhabitant
    (Inhabitant, AttackInhabitant)
    Life points: 125
    These bird-like beasts were some of the original inhabitants of 
    Oneiros, but they became enslaved by Keisinger when he took over the 
    place and he sends them to do their bidding. They use the spell 
    Mindshatter against you, although physically they aren't very strong. 
    Use Dispel to get rid of the Mindshatter spell, then use Skull Storm 
    against them. You shouldn't have much problem with them as long as you 
    have Dispel ready.
    Life points: 150
    The Veragos are some of the ancient inhabitants of Oneiros, now 
    enslaved by Keisinger. They were great magic users who dabbled too 
    much with the Arcane and ended up being corrupted and all but wiped 
    out by it. They are flying cloaked wizards, who have nothing but a 
    magic ball as face. They can throw two skulls at the same time, which 
    will damage you very badly. Shield isn't as effective against them as 
    against other enemies, because their skulls will most likely hit you 
    from the sides and not in front of you. Use Skull Storm against them, 
    being very careful of their attacks. They explode in blue cristals 
    when killed, but if your attacks don't completely kill them and just 
    leave them low of health, they will use a suicide, lethal attack 
    against you, so try to finish them off in one hit. Three Veragos can 
    cast Powerword against you, which can hurt you very badly.
    Hound of Gelziabar
    Life points: 625
    The Hounds are extradimensional creatures. The Gelziabar stone was 
    used in the past to open a rift between this world and the Hounds 
    dimension, but that rift was never fully closed. Their ability to 
    enter this world is closely tied to the stone: if the Gelziabar stone 
    is used too much, it's possible for the Hounds to appear. The Hounds 
    are big, extremely strong beasts. They can take a lot of damage, so 
    don't hesitate to use your most powerful weapons and spells or you'll 
    die very quickly, since their size doesn't make them slow. One of them 
    was captured by Keisinger, and you'll have to fight it. 
    Big Monto Shonoi
    Life points: 500
    The larger breed of Monto Shonoi is much more powerful, and both Aaron 
    and Bethany are able to summon them. They can take a lot of damage, 
    and are able to do magic: they can use Lightning (seldom), they can 
    create a vortex to attract you to their claws, and the Gelziabar stone 
    is less efective to push them than against rheir smaller brothers. 
    Fortunately, they're much rarer than the smaller breed. Use the 
    shotgun, Skull Storm, Shield, Haste, well... anything. They're one of 
    the strongest enemies in the game.
    Life points: 187,5
    Bethany's elite soldiers. These tall humanoids have a staff and they 
    know to use it. Besides, they can use the spell Phase, which allows 
    them to become intangible for a while. They're completely invulnerable 
    when they're on this state, and they can also pass through you and 
    attack from behind. Their ability to become intangible means that it's 
    not a good idea to use long range attacks against them and instead you 
    should use the Scythe for a melee combat, but this is easier said than 
    done because of their annoying habit of attacking you from behind.
    Life points: 25
    These piranha-like beasts are perhaps the most annoying enemy in the 
    game. They're very weak, but they move very fast, and they are hard to 
    hit because of their small size. Best use the scythe against them, and 
    use Shield to protect you from their jaws.
    Jemaas Fighter
    (MeleeJumper, JemaasDancer)
    Life points: 187,5
    Bethany's main minions. These bulky humanoids are strong as hell, 
    they'll take quite some damage. They will come towards you to attack 
    you with their spears, best try to keep a distance from them (not very 
    difficult since these guys are quite slow) and use the speargun 
    enhanced with Lightning if you can see the sky or Skull Storm if you 
    Jemaas Chieftain
    Life points: 375
    A much stronger Jemaas with a speargun. Use a Lightning speargun if 
    you have the chance, if not use Shield and Skull Storm. They drop 
    spears when killed.
    Jemaas Sniper
    (Jemaas, JemaasJumper, JemaasLongJumper, JemaasCroucher, JemaasRock)
    Life points: 187,5
    Jemaas carrying and using spearguns, and they know how to use it, so 
    you'd better use Shield when you're fighting them. If you use the 
    speargun against them, keep a distance and select the sniper mode. 
    Don't worry about the ammo because they drop spears when killed.
    a.	Introduction
    Manor - Front Gate
    You start with four journal entries: (Scrye), (Revolver), (Gelziabar 
    Stone) and (Remembrances). Ignore the rats and approach the small 
    garden left of the manor door and talk to the gardener. Then use Scrye 
    near the door to see a hanging corpse. Ignore the bats and enter the 
    Manor - West Wing
    Walk a bit and you'll meet Aaron. Walk a bit more and you'll see him 
    again, this time on a much more disgusting form. Take the medikit next 
    to the blue door and enter the double brown door.
    Manor - Entrance Hall
    You've got a new journal entry: (Jeremiah's Conversation). Go back the 
    entire corridor and enter the main hall. You'll see Aaron once again. 
    Go down the stairs and enter the right door.
    Manor - West Wing (II)
    Finally, a bit of action.
    Enter the door right of you. Aaron will speak to you. Take the bullets 
    and leave the room. Now enter the room left of the blue door. Take the 
    medikit at the corner and approach the mirror at the near room. You'll 
    see Aaron again. Take the bullets and continue your way. You'll hear a 
    Enter the room. You'll be attacked by two Howlers. Shoot them (try 
    headshots if you can, but shoot where you're able). They're pretty 
    weak but they're very fast. As long as you stay far from them you 
    shouldn't have too much problem, as you'll only fight once at a time. 
    Approach the maiden's corpse very carefully, because a Speedy Howler 
    will attack you from your back once you're close. Speedy Howlers are 
    slightly weaker than regular Howlers but a bit faster. Once it's dead 
    take the medikit and the bullets nearby.
    Enter the small room nearby, you'll be attacked by a Howler initially 
    hanging from the ceiling. Retreat to the previous room if you need it. 
    Enter the big room with the stairs, look at your right because you'll 
    encounter a Howler and a Speedy Howler. This will be more difficult 
    since you'll have to fight two enemies at the same time. Either go 
    back to the previous room or avoid their attacks as you can.
    Once they're both killed, it's time to go up the stairs. You'll fight 
    another Speedy Howler at the top of them. You'll see the last Howler 
    try to enter Jeremiah's room, kill it fast. Jeremiah will open the 
    door, but go back to the hall with the stairs. There's a door at the 
    top, enter it. You'll find another journal entry on a table (Joseph's 
    note). Go to the shelf at the end of the room and it will move, 
    leading you to a balcony with the first AMPLIFIER. Take it but don't 
    use it yet. Instead go to Jeremiah's room.
    b.	Lizbeth
    Manor - Guest Room
    You've got a new journal entry: (Jeremiah's Disclosure). Approach the 
    scroll on the floor a you'll get a new spell: Ectoplasm. You'll also 
    get another journal entry: (Ectoplasm). Equip Ectoplasm and use your 
    amplifier to upgrade it to Level 2. Jump over the table and get the 
    bullets, then leave the room.
    Manor - Central Upper
    Walk through the corridor. Talk to the two servants and you'll get two 
    journal entries: (Lizbeth's Room) and (Evaline's Death). Take the 
    journal entry near the fireplace (Lizbeth Poetry) and use Scrye near 
    the portrait on the floor to discover who's sending you all those 
    Howlers. Enter the small bathroom and take the medikit. Leave 
    Lizbeth's room and turn left. Halfway the corridor you'll hear noises 
    and screams. Run towards the end of the corridor, but be careful 
    because two Howlers are waiting for you there: time to use your new 
    spell in combination with bullets (you can use a spell while you're 
    firing a weapon). Wait for the Butler to arrive there and go back to 
    Lizbeth's room. Two Howlers will come from the fireplace area, again 
    use both the pistol and Ectoplasm to kill them faster. Once the 
    maiden's death has avenged enter the door where the butler is know.
    Manor - Entrance Hall (II)
    Enter the door on your left. The room leads to another two rooms. Go 
    to the left one. Use Scrye to hear some cries, take another journal 
    entry (Evaline's Letter) a medikit on the bathroom and some bullets on 
    the drawer (you may want to wait a bit to get them as there's a 
    maximum of bullets you can store). Two Howlers will attack you as soon 
    as you leave the room. Head to the second room. A hanging Big Howler 
    will attack you when you open the door. Big Howlers are stronger 
    breeds of the regular Howlers, Ectoplasm and bullets are the key to 
    kill it. Take the journal entry on the bed (Joseph's Letter) and go to 
    the main hall. Go down the stairs. Behind the stairs there's small, 
    dark area where three Howlers are eating a corpse. Killing them will 
    be harder and you may run out of mana if you're using Ectoplasm, if 
    that happens finish them off with the pistol. Take the Servant Key 
    from the corpse, go back to the area with the three doors and enter 
    the left door.
    Turn right. When you approach the door at the end of the corridor it 
    will close. Lizbeth will appear and she will send you two more 
    Howlers. Kill them and go the other section of the room. Aaron will 
    close the door you entered from as soon as you cross it. Enter the 
    left door (the only one opened).
    Manor - North Wing Lower
    Enter the second door on your right and take the medikit. The big door 
    on the previous room leads to a room with a circle table. Take the 
    door on the right, cross the room and you'll arrive to a room with a 
    fireplace and a medikit on the shelf. A nearby room has a lever on the 
    wall. Push it. A Howler will appear from the freight elevator but this 
    will give you a hint for a later puzzle. Talk to the woman in the room 
    with the big door. You'll get another journal entry (Garden Key) and 
    the East Wing key. Go back to the room with the circle table. Lizbeth 
    will appear again (be careful, she may throw you some stones this 
    time) and she'll send you a Howler and a Speedy Howler. Kill them and 
    go back to the previous level.
    Manor - Entrance Hall (III)
    Aaron will open the nearby door. Enter the library. Wait until Aaron 
    leaves the book on the shelf and shoot it your pistol. Take it once 
    it's on the floor (Moon Door Notes). Make your way to the door which 
    was closed. Two hanging Howlers will attack you near the door Aaron 
    closed before, you may want to use Scrye to see them better. Go to the 
    part where you saw Lizbeth before: this time you'll see Aaron. Use the 
    East Wing key on the door at the end of the room.
    Manor - Central Lower
    Enter the door on your right. A maiden will explain you that it was 
    Bethany's office. Use Scrye on the portrait and take the journal entry 
    (Bethany Writings). Continue your way. You'll see Aaron again but 
    don't approach him as two Howlers will come from your right. Then take 
    the journal entry (Aaron's Letter) near the armour left of the door. 
    Enter the room and you'll another Howler eating from a corpse. Kill it 
    and cross the corridor with the curtains.
    Manor - East Wing Lower
    Enter the opposite room. Use Scrye to hear children noises. Take the 
    medikit behind the chest and journal entry (Playroom Diary) on the 
    bed. Leave the room and turn left. You'll be attacked by a hanging 
    Howler as soon as your turn the corner. Enter the door at the end.
    Manor - Chapel
    You're at the chapel now. Find the cross at the far side. Shoot the 
    AMPLIFIER to make it fall from the cross, take it and upgrade 
    Ectoplasm to Level 3. Go up the stairs. Jump over the banister. You 
    can get the Priest Key from there (it's close to the door). Enter the 
    door, take the medikit and use the Priest Key to open the wardrobe. 
    Take the bullets and the ether traps, which will give you a new 
    journal entry (Ether traps). Lots of Ghost Monks will appear (they 
    appear as smoke clouds, but if you use Scrye on them you'll be able to 
    see them clearly). Any of them you kill will be replace by another 
    ghost, so don't bother on killing them and go back to the previous 
    Manor - East Wing Lower (II)
    Go to the area you didn't explore before. As soon as you are turn the 
    corner the lights will turn off. Use Scrye in order to be able to see 
    the three Howlers attacking you (one in front of you, two from your 
    back). Once they're all killed (a hard task because of the small space 
    they leave you) go to the next room and take the medikit. The next 
    room (with old, stone, multicolored tiles) has two hanging Howlers. 
    You shouldn't have much problem as long as you are quick to give a 
    response. Then enter the room with the corridor with curtains. While 
    you're halfway the corridor three Howlers will attack you (two in 
    front of you, one from your back). This is the same thing as 
    previously, although this time at least you are able to see them 
    without any problem. The big door leads to two Howlers eating from a 
    corpse (they once attacked me at the corridor while I was still busy 
    with the three outside, although it seems it was one chance in a 
    million). There are some bullets near the door you entered from.
    Leave this room and go to the end of the corridor. Take the medikit 
    and cross the door (you may want to use Scrye to see it since this 
    area is a bit dark). Ignore the amplifier for the moment and instead 
    go up the stairs. You'll be attacked by a Scarrow there. Those guys 
    can filter through the floor, making a noise that you'll soon be able 
    to recognize perfectly. They have a ranged attack (they can spit at 
    you, both damaging and blinding you), but they're much slower than 
    Howlers so they're easier to kill. Ectoplasm is the best way to kill 
    it, you don't even need to use the pistol, just make sure you are 
    neither too close (so that it doesn't punch you) nor too far (so that 
    it doesn't spit at you). Once it's killed it will disappear for good 
    on a smoke cloud. Use Scrye on the picture and take the AMPLIFIER 
    downstairs. Once you've taken it the lamp above you will fall, so move 
    quickly. The whole room will now be covered in darkness so use Scrye 
    to find the exit. Upgrade Ectoplasm to Level 4 and go back to the room 
    with the two eating Howlers. Cross the door at its end. Go up the 
    stairs and cross the right door.
    Manor - East Wing Upper
    You'll enter a room with lots of painting. Use Scrye on the portrait 
    of the man with a hat. Enter the small room and use Scrye on the 
    landscape painting. Continue your way and enter Keisinger's room. Take 
    the Molotov cocktails on your right. Take the journal entry on the bed 
    (Keisinger's Note) and approach the strange door. Wow. Cross the 
    Just as you enter this strange world you'll get a journal entry 
    (Oneiros History). Walk a bit and use the floating stairs (don't 
    worry). A Scarrow will appear as soon as you step on the big island 
    (let's call it this way) and a second one a bit later. Use your 
    Ectoplasm Level 4 against them. Start exploring the island: make your 
    way near the border of the island, starting from the direction where 
    the second Scarrow appeared. You'll find a strange flask a bit before 
    you reach the coffin area: take it, it's the Oneiros equivalent of the 
    medikit, and I'm going to call them medikits. A third Scarrow will 
    appear after the coffin area, next to the floating stairs. Move the 
    coffin and it will open. Use the coffin top to jump inside the coffin. 
    Jump over the floating platform to cross the pit. Another Scarrow will 
    attack once you reach the other side. Make your way through the nearby 
    stairs (you'll find there an Oneiros medikit) and go to the second big 
    island. Keisinger will appear, but you're not powerful enough to fight 
    him yet, so it's time to flee. Run to the opposite side of the 
    islands. It seems you can't go any further, but actually if you 
    approach the edge some floor tiles will appear. Use them to go to the 
    well with the strange blue lights. Jump to the blue spiral, making 
    sure you take the strange floating object.
    Manor - East Wing Upper (II)
    You've got a new journal entry: (Tibetan War Cannon). Equip your new 
    weapon since you're going to need it. The cannon throws ice spheres to 
    your enemies, which not only damages them but also makes them go 
    slower. The best thing is that it doesn't require ammo, so feel free 
    to use it as often as you want.
    Take the Garden key from the corpse. Keisinger will close the door 
    where you entered from as soon as you approach it and he will send you 
    lots of Scarrows. Lots of them. Lots. Fortunately they're very easy to 
    kill if you combine Ectoplasm and the cannon. After you've killed lots 
    of Scarrows they'll stop appearing for good, but since it's not 
    required to kill all of them (unless you want to clean the area, like 
    me), you can ignore them. Just go back to the bedroom, crouch and 
    cross the now extinguished fireplace. Take the medikit on this side of 
    the fireplace (if you didn't kill all the Scarrows in the previous 
    room, you may have to fight some of them before you're able to take 
    it). When you approach the door, a Scarrow will appear, even if you 
    had killed all the Scarrows on the other room. Go to the corridor 
    (again, you'll encounter Scarrows here if you didn't kill them 
    before). Enter the room near the big room with paintings, it's opened 
    now and it has two medikits. The last Scarrow on this level will 
    attack you on the room with paintings. Just cross the door you used 
    before to enter this level.
    Manor - East Wing Lower (III)
    Keisinger keeps sending you Scarrows and one of them will appear right 
    after you enter this level. Go down the stairs (two Scarrows will 
    appear). At the bottom, you'll find that the door you used before is 
    closed but the other one is now opened and it leads to the corridor 
    with curtains. Go towards the room where you took the amplifier. 
    There's a medikit at the same place you took one previously, but a 
    Scarrow will attack you where the three Howlers did before. Six 
    Scarrows will attack you at the area before the room with the old, 
    stone, multicoloured tiles. Again, you ignore them, but doing so may 
    mean that they will appear in other parts of the level. Another 
    Scarrow (Keisinger is becoming way very boring, man) will appear at 
    the room where you took the medikit. Enter the corridor leading to the 
    chapel and the playroom. Two Scarrows will attack you there at some 
    point. Leave the level from the same door you originally came.
    Manor - Central Lower (II)
    A Scarrow will attack you at the corridor with curtains. There's a 
    medikit right of the stairs but you'll have to kill five Scarrows 
    before you're able to take it. Remember that the way they appear means 
    that you may encounter only four here but meet the fifth at a place I 
    found safe, so be careful. Two Scarrows will appear at the same time 
    as you follow your way. Enter the room with the armors. There's a 
    medikit next to one of the armors but you'll have to make your way 
    through two Scarrows. Go up the stairs and cross the door.
    Manor - Central Upper (II)
    Make your way to the guest room. You'll have to fight a Scarrow but 
    you'll find a medikit and two ether traps near your room. Make your 
    way towards Lizbeth's room. You'll fight two Scarrows next to 
    Bethany's room (you can't enter there yet). Cross the open door.
    Manor - North Wing Upper
    After you've completed this level you won't encounter more Scarrows 
    for a long time, so patience.
    Cross some rooms and you'll find Aaron. This time he's decided to be 
    more annoying and he won't let you take the amplifier, so approach him 
    and use an ether trap on him before he pushes you. This will send him 
    to another dimension, but only for a short time, so he'll soon be back 
    to annoy you. Take the AMPLIFIER and upgrade Ectoplasm to Level 5. 
    Cross the door.
    Aaron is back and he'll close a lot of doors. Meanwhile, Keisinger has 
    sent you a lot of Scarrows. This is the last battle against Scarrows 
    you'll have for a long time, but this one is going to be as big as the 
    one at Keisinger's room. Remember, you can ignore them (as long as 
    they aren't able to damage you, of course), but if you do so they'll 
    most likely appear at other places. You must make your way to the 
    mirror and jump towards it (you'll go through it, believe me). Take 
    the medikit there and cross the door. Turn on all the torches and take 
    the scroll in the middle of the room. You'll get a new spell and a 
    journal entry: (Dispel Magic). Use Dispel on the magic barrier and 
    continue your way. You'll soon find a door on your left, open it with 
    the Servant key (if you took it previously). Cross that door. You'll 
    find silver bullets beyond the second door on your left and normal 
    bullets beyond the fourth. If you explore a bit, apparently you can't 
    continue since all doors are closed, but you'll find a freight 
    elevator. Do you remember the Howler which attacked you using the 
    elevator? Just jump onto it.
    Manor - North Wing Lower (II)
    A Howler will come from the fireplace room and a second one at the 
    room near the one leading to the gardens. Cross the entire door next 
    to the corpse carefully. Two Howlers will attack you, one over the 
    barrels on your right and other at the end of the cave. Take the 
    medikit on the barrel and leave. Now take the broken door next to the 
    corpse. This area is very dark so you'll most likely need to use Scrye 
    all the time. You'll reach a room with doors on both sides. The left 
    one contains Molotov cocktails but it's guarded by a Howler. Now take 
    the right door. It leads to a large flooded area. You'll hear the 
    noise that means an amplifier is close but before you can seek it 
    you'll have to take care of the two Howlers after you. The AMPLIFIER 
    is under the water (next to one of the corners, I think) so you'll 
    have to walk around the flooded room looking for it. Pay attention to 
    the sound. Once you've grabbed it, upgrade Scrye to Level 2 and head 
    to the room with the three doors. There's a medikit there, and a chest 
    as well, but be careful. Once the chest is opened, a Boss Howler will 
    come from the flooded area. Boss Howlers are by far the most powerful 
    of all Howler types. You may have problems due to the small space you 
    have to fight it, but just use the cannon to slow it and Ectoplasm 
    Level 5 as your main attack (fully upgraded it's quite powerful). 
    There are bullets on that chest so you may want to use the pistol on 
    that Boss Howler. Finally, use the Garden key on the door where the 
    dead maiden was before.
    Manor - Gardens
    Go to the courtyard close to you. You'll see a groundskeeper being 
    chased by a Big Speedy Howler. I think this is the only time you'll 
    fight one of these. He's much more powerful than all of the Speedy 
    Howler you've fought until now and if you want to save the 
    groundskeeper you'll have to run, jump over the pond and attack him to 
    call his attention. Avoid his attacks, shoot it with the cannon and 
    Ectoplasm L5 and he'll leave you some silver bullets as a reward. 
    Leave the courtyard, take the path on your right and talk to the 
    groundskeeper there. He'll tell you that Bethany liked riding there: 
    you'll need to remember it later. Take the last path and talk to the 
    third groundskeeper. You'll get a new journal entry: (Lizbeth 
    Sighting). Cross the door.
    Mausoleum - Approach
    You'll see Lizbeth behind a closed gate. Follow the path until you see 
    the entrance. Two Howlers will come soon after you've crossed it, and 
    two more when you've reached the other side of the mausoleum. Approach 
    the mausoleum door carefully because a Big Howler will jump from the 
    mausoleum roof. Kill it as you want and enter the mausoleum.
    Mausoleum - Entrance
    There are some bullets on the first room if you need them. Go to the 
    room with the two coffins. A Howler will attack you there. Jump to the 
    open coffin. You'll get a new spell and a journal entry: (Invoke). 
    This spell can be used for summon dead enemies, now under your orders, 
    but I used it for other uses. Push the lever next to that coffin (the 
    other one does nothing) and prepare for the battle. Two Big Howlers 
    and a Boss Howler will come for the fence you've just opened. Use the 
    pistol, the cannon, Ectoplasm L5, but kill them. This will be very 
    hard because they're three at the same time and they all are extremely 
    tough. I used the cannon to slow down and ran away from them on 
    circles as I used Ectoplasm on them but may want to try whatever you 
    want. Grab the AMPLIFIER, upgrade Scrye to Level 3 and kill the two 
    Howlers from the nearby room. Enter the tunnel from the broken tomb.
    Mausoleum - Tunnels
    This area is very dark so you'll have to use your Scrye L3. Walk a bit 
    and you'll see some bats flying. They won't attack you so don't worry. 
    However, a bit later you'll find two hanging Howlers, and after that 
    two Skeletons. Skeletons are hard to kill because most times they 
    don't like staying dead and they usually rise again to attack you. The 
    only way to kill them for good is using your new spell Invoke (that's 
    the main use for it) or the Tibetan War Cannon. The problem is that 
    Invoke costs way too much mana (100 points), so if you're being 
    attacked by more than one Skeleton you won't have enough for the next 
    one. On the other hand, the cannon only destroys them if it's the only 
    weapon you've used against them. If you combine it with Ectoplasm they 
    will rise again (even if you did the killing blow with the cannon), so 
    you'll have to use the cannon alone. Nevertheless, if you're fighting 
    Skeletons the cannon and Invoke are the choices. After you've killed 
    the Skeletons, go to the end of the tunnel and use the ladder.
    Mausoleum - Entrance (II)
    You're back at the mausoleum. Take the two medikits near the fence and 
    break the tomb at the corner (you'll know the right one because it's 
    already a bit broken). Enter the tunnel (again, use Scrye). Kill two 
    more Skeletons and use the ladder.
    Old Cemetery
    When you walk towards the door you'll be attacked by the Skeleton on 
    the floor. Kill it and turn left. A Skeleton will appear from the 
    ground near the far corner. Turn that corner to arrive at the second 
    area with tombs. Two Skeletons will come from the ground there but 
    those two don't seem to stay dead if you kill them with the cannon, so 
    best use Invoke. By the way, Skeletons are able to throw you stones, 
    so if you're using the cannon remember not to stay too far from them. 
    Take the bullets and the medikit at the corner and keep exploring the 
    cemetery. Three Skeletons will attack at the third area (one on the 
    floor, two from the ground). Cross the door leading to the fourth 
    area: the Skeleton on the floor will charge. Finally, the last 
    Skeleton will come from the fourth area grounds.
    Now you've cleaned the area, go back to the second area. You'll see a 
    place on the wall where you can climb. Once you're at the top, jump to 
    the tomb on the back (close to the furthest tomb on the back, which is 
    a bit bigger). This series of jumps is hard so you'll have to save and 
    reload several times. From that tomb you'll need to do two more jumps 
    to reach the tomb near the big cross close to the wall (not the one 
    where you started from). From that tomb you can easily jump to the 
    cross, and from the cross to the wall. Now you're up on the wall, head 
    to the first area. You'll see a strange green thing on one of the 
    tombs. Jump towards that tomb to get the ARCANE WHORL. Arcane Whorls 
    increase the mana regeneration speed, which is always useful. Check 
    the new journal entry (Arcane Whorls) and to the boat on the pier.
    Monastery Present - Cove
    Walk a bit. Eventually you'll be attacked by a Howler and two Speedy 
    Howlers. Take the medikit near the corpse where they came from. Keep 
    your way. You'll soon arrive at a tower. You'll see some Howlers 
    fighting some Trsanti. You'd better let them kill themselves, and then 
    kill yourself the remaining enemies (most likely two of the Trsanti). 
    Trsanti have both short (they can stab you with their swords) and 
    ranged attacks (they shoot you with their pistol). You can kill them 
    as you can, either using your pistol (don't worry about ammo since 
    Trsanti always leave you a box of bullets once you kill them) or 
    combining the cannon and Ectoplasm. Just keep in mind that they can 
    hurt you badly if they shoot you.
    Take the medikit at the battlefield and take the path near the tower 
    (up the hill). You'll fight another Howler at the end, near the gate. 
    Take the pistol and the silver bullets from the corpse, but be careful 
    because two more Howlers will jump from behind the gate once you've 
    taken them. The gate towards the monastery is closed so turn back. 
    You'll see a Howler on your left going down the hill, but be careful 
    because it will soon be joined by a Big Howler and three Howlers. You 
    should consider switching to your pistol and shooting them before they 
    get close to you. Retreat towards the gate if you feel it necessary. 
    Go back to the battlefield and take the nearby small path. Take the 
    journal entry (Ingredients) close to the corpse and the donkey.
    Continue your way until you approach the ruins. After the cutscene, 
    switch to the pistol and start shooting the two Trsanti while 
    crouched. This is the best way because those Trsanti will have a hard 
    time realizing where they're being shot from. Once they're dead, take 
    the Tower key from one of them. Approach the big barn on the right. 
    It's closed but two more Trsanti will come after you. Again, pistol 
    works very well against them. Go back to the tower. Three Howlers will 
    come from the gate as you approach it. Enter the tower and take the 
    two objects there. Go back to the barn. As you make your way you'll be 
    attacked by two Howlers in front of you and two Speedy Howlers on your 
    back. Walk towards the barn. The door will fall and a Howler and a 
    Boss Howler will appear. They might be more interested on the nearby 
    donkeys than on you but nevertheless be ruthless to them.
    Climb the stairs and kill the Big Howler on the top. You'll a window 
    close to the ruins. Jump to the ruins from there. Walk and you'll soon 
    meet the Trsanti Chieftain you saw on the previous cutscene. Kill him 
    as you want, but remember he uses a shotgun instead of a pistol so his 
    ranged attack is much more deadly than those of the regular Trsanti. 
    Besides this guy has 312,5 life points instead of the usual 150. Take 
    the shotgun and the shotgun shells he drops. You've got a new journal 
    entry: (Shotgun). There are some bullets on a nearby room. You'll be 
    attacked by two Big Howlers as you enter one of the rooms: that's 
    where you must go. Consider using the shotgun to kill them if you feel 
    it necessary (I didn't but it's your choice). Cross the room, find the 
    stairs to the top and do some jumps over the woods. You'll find some 
    bullets and shells on a ledge. Go to the end of the wooden area and 
    drop to the room with the chest. Use the Chest key to open it and take 
    the last key on this level. Use the plank here to get out. Open the 
    door out of the ruins if you want, take the Molotov cocktails on the 
    nearby room and the kill the two Big Howlers after you. Go to the room 
    where the other two Big Howlers attacked you before. Find the way to 
    the cellar. Take the medikit there and use the Trapdoor key on the 
    trapdoor. Enter it.
    Monastery Present - Tunnels
    Turn left. Two Skeletons will soon appear on the small piles of bones. 
    Kill them as you did on the cemetery. Two more will appear on the 
    large pile. Keep your way. Eventually you'll reach a hole leading to 
    the exterior. Look left and you'll see Lizbeth behind the grid. Drop 
    down the hole.
    Monastery Present - Exterior
    Walk a bit. You'll soon see an area with a medikit. Turn back because 
    you'll see two Howlers running towards you from where you've come. 
    Kill them and take the medikit, but be careful because a Howler will 
    fall from the top of the walls and will attack you. Approach the hole 
    near the stairs. This will give a new journal entry (Blasting Notes), 
    but another Howler will attack you. Go up the stairs and prepare for 
    the battle. First four Howlers will come from the far wall on your 
    left (the path leading there also has a gate). After you've killed 
    them, two Speedy Howlers will come from the next set of stairs. 
    Finally, yet another four Howlers will come from the same spot the 
    previous four came. Once you've finished, use Scrye on the door and 
    you'll see two monks talking. You'll find some shells where those 
    eight Howlers came. Go up the stairs. You'll see a corpse on your 
    right and a medikit next to it. Head to the long causeway. Use Scrye 
    there and you'll see two monks walking. Head to the tower and enter it 
    through the window. The lower levels are very dark so use Scrye to see 
    better. There's a medikit on the lower level but you'll have to kill 
    two Howlers. Head up. When the stairs end, use the plank on the wall 
    to follow, then the fallen rocks, and finally the ladder on the wall 
    (you'll have to jump towards it). You'll get to the top of the tower 
    and you'll find a MANA WELL there. Mana Wells increase your maximum 
    mana by 10, of course it's very useful. You've got a new journal 
    entry: (Mana Wells). Go down to the level from where you entered the 
    tower. Jump over the fallen passage and you'll get to the courtyard. 
    After the stairs you'll find a new journal entry (Monk's Diary). Drop 
    down out of the courtyard, then head to the far end of the causeway. 
    You'll see the entry to the monastery but a Boss Howler will attack 
    you from the top. Kill it and enter.
    Monastery Present - Interior
    You'll see a green light on your left. Head towards it and you'll see 
    Lizbeth again. She'll start throwing you stones so run away. You'll 
    find nearby a set of stairs and a door on its top. Enter the top, use 
    Scrye and you'll see a Howler killing a monk (what on hell was that 
    Howler doing there?). Take the medikit and the skeleton from the dead 
    monk will attack you. Besides, Lizbeth will throw you stones again. 
    Now use the stairs. Inside you'll see a second set of stairs. After 
    that you can up or down. Choose down and you'll arrive at a big room. 
    There's a medikit there but you'll be attacked by two Howlers. Now 
    choose up. A Howler and a Big Howler will appear. Consider using the 
    shotgun since you have little space to fight them. Retreat outside if 
    you feel it necessary. The second room on your left contains a 
    medikit. You'll reach a big area with a large hole on the middle. Use 
    Scrye to see some monks. A Howler will appear as you walk forward. 
    Most likely it will fall to the lower level, if that's the case throw 
    a Molotov cocktail from above. If you hit it straight the Howler will 
    die instantly, if you miss by only a meter or so the fire will burn it 
    to its death. The far room on the left contains another shotgun and 
    dynamite. Check the new journal entry (Dynamite). Go to the hole on 
    the right. There's a second Howler on the lower level, throw another 
    Molotov cocktail. Now use Scrye, look through the hole and you'll see 
    an amplifier on a ledge. Carefully drop to the ledge and get the 
    AMPLIFIER, but don't use it yet. Now head to the door next to the 
    entrance to this level. Use Scrye and you'll see a monk who will 
    notice your presence. Take the AMPLIFIER and prepare for the battle. 
    Three Howlers will fall from the hole on the top, then three more. 
    Upgrade Scrye to Level 5. Go back to the previous level.
    Monastery Present - Exterior (II)
    Go to the area where you got the Demolition Notes journal entry. Use 
    some dynamite there. Drop down through the hole.
    Catacombs - Entrance
    You'll see some stairs nearby. There's a medikit under them, you'll 
    have to crouch to get it. Head to the courtyard (use Scrye to see a 
    monk) and open the closest door. The chest contains a medikit, but the 
    skeleton on the floor will attack when you open it. Be sure to grab 
    the medikit fast because the chest will close quickly and it won't 
    open again. Continue your way. You'll encounter a Big Howler and a 
    Boss Howler even stronger than usual (187,5 and 250 respectively). 
    Kill them (consider using the shotgun). Don't open the door and 
    instead take the dynamite and Molotov cocktail nearby and climb the 
    ladder. Most of the planks are fragile and will fall when you step on 
    them, walk using the planks with footsteps (not sure if you must use 
    Scrye to see it). Push the wall on the far edge and it will reveal a 
    hidden passage with an AMPLIFIER. Upgrade Dispel to Level 2.
    Now comes the tricky part. Drop down to the room and use Scrye to see 
    what's written on the walls. Equip your shotgun, and choose the mode 
    which allows you to kill Howlers in one shot (two barrels is enough in 
    Nightmare, so if you're other difficulty levels maybe you kill them 
    with only one barrel). This courtyard is constantly generating 
    Howlers. No matter how many of them you kill, you'll always be facing 
    Howlers. The only way is keep walking, using the shotgun to kill any 
    Howler you meet fast so that you don't have more Howlers on your tail. 
    Turn right as you leave the room with blooded walls and you'll arrive 
    to an area with a well (the same you could see at the monastery, but 
    seen from a lower level). Two of the doors close can be opened, one is 
    empty and the other one has bullets but don't open any of them unless 
    you're very low on bullets. Instead head left of the well as fast as 
    you can, shooting any Howler you see, and cross the door.
    Catacombs - Saints Hall
    Take a long breath.
    Go up the stairs. You'll soon see some stairs leading down. When 
    you've arrived there, two hanging Howlers will attack. Kill them and 
    walk a bit more. Two more Howlers will charge, one from your left and 
    the other one hanging. Kill them and go downstairs.
    Monastery Present - Interior (II)
    Use the fallen rocks to climb. Again, equip your shotgun and choose 
    the mode which allows you to kill Howlers in one shot. Howlers will 
    constantly go downstairs. Fight your way up (you can see a monk on 
    Scrye mode) and you'll eventually meet a Boss Howler. Killing it will 
    stop the Howler generating cycle so let it know how shotgun shells 
    taste. Once it's dead you're safe and you use Scrye to see the abbot. 
    Take the journal entry (Abbot's Lament) and the objects on the chest, 
    and go back to the previous level.
    Catacombs - Saints Hall (II)
    Follow the tunnels towards the direction from the Howlers came before. 
    A Skeleton will break the wall and come from a hidden room. Kill it. 
    Now comes another tricky part. Go downstairs and you'll a very large 
    pile of bones. Lots (and I mean LOTS) of skeletons will come from that 
    room. Equip the cannon and Invoke and go upstairs. Skeletons will go 
    up, killing them there is safer because this way you'll be fighting 
    them in smaller packs than downstairs. Remember than most skeletons 
    have ranged attacks, so if you're far from them be sure to have some 
    kind of cover so that you aren't hit by their projectiles. Those 
    pillars are perfect for cover. Sometimes the cannon doesn't stop those 
    skeletons for good and they rise again, so pay attention to any 
    Skeleton you kill with the cannon. There's a door downstairs that can 
    be opened, it contains some dynamite and a medikit (behind the door), 
    but the last skeleton will attack you there. Once you've finished with 
    the skeletons (they seem to be infinite, but don't worry, they will 
    end) use the Silver key on the door with the big lock.
    Catacombs - Exit
    The bats here are hostile so hit them with Ectoplasm. Walk across the 
    tunnel, but watch your back, because at some point two Howlers will 
    attack you from there. Then, the tunnel will become wider for a while. 
    You'll be attacked at that point by a Howler and some more hostile 
    bats. Eventually you'll find a room with big barrels. Approach the one 
    which something red close. A Howler will break the barrel and attack 
    you. Kill it and take the phosphorus shells. These special shotgun 
    shells will make your target burn. There's a medikit next to the 
    barrel out of its place. Keep your way and kill the two Howlers. Use 
    Scrye and you'll get a new journal entry: (Abbot Scrye). Go upstairs, 
    enter the left room and use the wheel. Now get out of the hall, go 
    back to the corridor, and cross the dark area. Use the door. You'll 
    see a Trsanti being shot to death by some arrows. Use Scrye to learn 
    the tiles you mustn't step on (they appear marked on red). Cross the 
    trapped floor and cross the door.
    Catacombs - Wind Chamber
     Walk a bit around this new area, until the torches turn off. This 
    area is a labyrinth, with some added problems: it's very dark, and 
    it's full of Skeletons. All I said during the battle at the Saints 
    Hall can be applied here. Use some cover and use the cannon and 
    Invoke. The room you started from can be used for cover but it's very 
    small and you'll have little space to fight the skeletons. Consider 
    using the Gelziabar Stone to keep skeletons away while your mana 
    regenerates. Once they're all down start exploring the labyrinth. 
    Approach the torches to turn them on again, although some of them seem 
    impossible to be turned on. You'll find a medikit close to the 
    entrance and another one close to the exit (I think). The exit is 
    similar to the entrance but it's covered by some kind of cloth (spider 
    Monastery Present - Interior (III)
    Climb the rocks and head to the stairs. There's a medikit close to 
    them. The stairs area seems to be one of those places where Howlers 
    are constantly appearing, so equip your shotgun. If you're skilled 
    enough, you'll only have to fight a few Howlers before you arrive to 
    the part where they stop appearing. Once you're at the top, jump over 
    the big hole and use Scrye to see a monk. Push the button on the wall 
    (it has a slightly different colour). Take the phosphorus shells and 
    the objects in the secret box. Drop down: this is the area where you 
    saw a Howler killing a monk. Approach the door and the floor will fall 
    down, transporting you to the lower room. This time don't drop from 
    the hole you entered from, but through the other hole at the same 
    Catacombs - Wind Chamber (II)
    Soon after you enter the level you'll find a door with some shells 
    (most likely you'll need them a lot). Keep walking and you'll see 
    Lizbeth, who'll send you two Howlers. Use the Monastery key on the 
    door with the big lock. The next area is another one where Howlers are 
    constantly appearing: you know what you must do. You'll see three side 
    rooms around the passage: the first and the third contain medikits, 
    the second a Howler. Eventually you'll arrive at a big room. However 
    the moment you drop down you'll be attacked by a Boss Howler, a Big 
    Howler and three Howlers. You can climb the ladder and fight them from 
    above, and this is perhaps the best tactic, but it has the problem 
    that Howlers don't seem good at climbing where you are so that you can 
    fight them one by one in the tunnel but they're very good at attacking 
    while they jump towards you so that you can't shoot them from the 
    balcony while they're under it. Nevertheless, try to use Ectoplasm 
    when they jump, and even throw a Molotov cocktail if have the chance. 
    Once they're all killed, drop down, get the medikit under the stairs, 
    the Molotov cocktails and the silver bullets on the side room, and 
    cross the door.
    Catacombs - Exit (II)
    Use the wheel and cross the door. Go up the stairs.
    Monastery Present - Church
    Use Scrye to see lots of monks. Take the medikit on the window next to 
    the altar. Take the opposite stairs (close to the entrance to this 
    level) and take the medikit (use Scrye again). Now use the stairs next 
    to the big door. Take the shells. Drop to the ground behind the altar. 
    Use the sun medallion and the mercury flask on the side pedestals, 
    then the time incantation on the central pedestal. Wow. Cross the time 
    Monastery Past - Exterior
    Take the medikit and the bullets (bullets on a Middle Age monastery? 
    What on hell is this?) behind the central pedestal. Now approach the 
    far corner of the monastery. You'll be attacked by a Monk from the 
    nearby fire. Monks are slower than Howlers, and this one doesn't have 
    ranged attacks, so you shouldn't have any problem. Use Ectoplasm and 
    the cannon if you want to save ammo, or the pistol if you don't care 
    about it. Take the medikit and the bullets at the corner. You may be 
    attacked by a second Monk, coming from another fire. Make your way 
    around the monastery. You should see a corpse. Take the journal entry 
    from it (History of Scythe). You'll be attacked by a Monk Archer. This 
    guy will shoot you from height with his crossbow. The canon doesn't 
    have enough range so switch to the pistol, combining it with 
    Ectoplasm. Follow the path and you'll be attacked by a Monk and a Monk 
    Archer next to the door. Kill them and take the medikit and the 
    shells. Continue and you'll be attacked by two Monk Archers. Use your 
    pistol again. They're too high to find Ectoplasm useful but 
    nevertheless try. You can reach the ledge where the first monk was 
    using a ladder on one of its sides. You'll find a medikit there. Drop 
    back and follow your way. After you've crossed the archway you'll be 
    attacked by a Monk and two Monk Archers (one from ground level, one 
    very high). Kill them and take the medikit and the shells on two 
    corners. Continue and go down the nearby stairs. You'll find a Monk 
    near the fire, kill him and take the medikit and the shells. Make your 
    way through the sets of stairs. You'll find some bullets just before 
    the archways but be careful because another Monk Archer will shoot you 
    from its top. Both of you will have a hard time hitting the other 
    because of the banister. Continue and pay attention to the nearby 
    door. It's locked but it has another Monk Archer above it. Head to the 
    causeway (you may remember it from your present experiences). Approach 
    the cliff. Take the medikit and use Scrye. You'll a monk killing 
    himself but be careful because the two Monks near the monastery door 
    may come after you at this moment. Enter the door.
    Monastery Past - Interior
    Make your way through the covered section and you'll fight another 
    Monk. Find the courtyard after the big red door. There's a Monk and a 
    Monk Archer there but also two medikits, although may be attacked by 
    another Monk as you grab them. Make your way to the large garden area 
    with snow. You'll find a medikit and some bullets on a corner next to 
    a door. You'll fight another Monk near the tower. Find the locked 
    door: it has a medikit, bullets, shells and Molotov cocktails. You'll 
    find a medikit and shells near the covered section. Once you've 
    finished exploring the ground, go back to the covered section and 
    cross the door closes to the entrance.
    Monastery Past - Living Quarters
    You'll soon meet another Monk. The first room on the right has a 
    journal diary (Monk's Work). Another Monk will attack you as soon as 
    you turn the corner. One of the rooms near the stairs has a praying 
    Monk. Kill him and grab the medikit under the cross. Go down the 
    stairs. The nearby room has an AMPLIFIER but taking them will make 
    appear three Monks. Kill them (consider using the shotgun there you 
    won't have much space to fight them) and upgrade Dispel to Level 3. Go 
    upstairs again and enter the fireplace room. Kill the two Monks there, 
    take the two medikits on the side room, go through the corridor, kill 
    the Monk there and make your way to the area with the stairs and the 
    archway. The archway leads to a room with a fountain that you'll 
    easily remember, but there's nothing there so take the stairs instead. 
    Make all the way downstairs (you used this room to go back to the 
    monastery from the catacombs), then go up the other set of stairs. 
    Push the level on the room and continue upstairs. Enter the room, jump 
    to the shelf and push the book. Go all the way downstairs again. Jump 
    to the fountain there. A secret passage has appeared there leading to 
    a room with a MANA WELL, silver bullets and phosphorus shells. Now go 
    back to the lever room. Cross the left door.
    Monastery Past - Interior (II)
    Kill the two Monks behind the door. Go downstairs and take the 
    medikit, the bullets and the shells. Go upstairs again, take the 
    shells, the Molotov cocktails, the medikits and the bullets and cross 
    the other door. Turn right and take the ARCANE WHORL. Cross the last 
    Monastery Past - Exterior (II)
    Cross the door: you're now at the tower where you took the first Mana 
    Well. Go downstairs and take the bullets, the shells and the Molotov 
    cocktails. Make your way to the tower top, where you found the Mana 
    Well. This time, you'll find the Abbott there. He has 187,5 life 
    points and he uses the spell Skull Storm, so he's very dangerous. Use 
    the shotgun against him, and combine it with Ectoplasm. Since he's on 
    the opposite side of the tower when you first get to the top, you may 
    want to drop back so that the Abbott approaches the ladder.  Be 
    careful because the explosive skulls he throws hurt a lot. Once he's 
    down, take the Abbott key and go back to the previous level.
    Monastery Past - Interior (III)
    Go down the stairs at the library. This time cross the door, you're 
    back at the big courtyard. Go to the door next to big red one, close 
    to the small side courtyard. Take the medikits and the shells at the 
    fireplace room and go upstairs. You'll fight the Abbott again (I 
    thought I had killed him before!). Kill him again (this time will be 
    easier as he won't be waiting for you). Take the Gold key and the 
    medikit. The lights will turn off. Leave the room. Use the corpse to 
    go through the broken window. Be careful as two Monk Archers will 
    shoot you from the top of the far tower. Time to snipe with the 
    pistol: choose a good spot to shoot them. More shots will be required 
    because of the long distance, but nevertheless eight well-aimed shots 
    will be enough for each one of them. Even if the cursor doesn't become 
    green, shoot them, you'll know if you hit them because they'll do a 
    strange move. Once they're both killed, make your way through the 
    roofs. You'll soon find a medikit, and later an AMPLIFIER throughout 
    your way. Upgrade Dispel to Level 4 and find the broken window at the 
    highest roof. Cross it and drop down.
    Monastery Past - Church
    A Monk will attack you after you've made your first steps. Take the 
    medikit and the shells at the second room and go downstairs. You'll 
    find a medikit under the stairs but a second Monk will attack you. 
    Enter the altar room. You'll find the Abbott again (what?), and this 
    time he's escorted by two Monks. This time the Abbott will use the 
    spell Mindshatter. You can never cast this spell, but it won't let you 
    to target properly your enemies. Try to attract the two Monks away 
    from the Abbott since they're much easier if the Abbott is not with 
    them. Once the Abbott is alone, use the shotgun (or kill him as you 
    want). You'll see the Scythe on the altar but you can't take it yet. 
    Take the Molotov cocktails and the shells at the sides and take the 
    stairs at the opposite side of the side you came from. You'll find a 
    medikit guarded by a Monk. Now take the stairs near the altar. Take 
    the bullets and push the lever. Go back to the altar and take the 
    Scythe (jump from behind, you can't jump directly). You'll see some 
    dying monks. The Abbott will appear once again (I killed him three 
    times, man, how on hell does he manage this?) and a rock will fall 
    killing him (this time for good). You'll travel back to the present.
    Monastery Present - Church (II)
    You've got a new journal entry: (Scythe). Use the rock next to the 
    altar to climb back. Go back to the previous level.
    Catacombs - Exit (III)
    Use the Gold key on the door where you saw the Abbott and cross it.
    Catacombs - Lower Level
    Turn left at the intersection. Kill the rats there using the Scythe's 
    secondary mode: it will give you some free life points. Now take the 
    other path. You'll reach a bid room with fallen pillars. You'll be 
    attacked by two Speedy Howlers and two Howlers (oh, how I missed them... 
    Wait, I didn't miss them at all). Time to try the Scythe on real 
    enemies. The Scythe is quite powerful but your mana regenerates more 
    slowly while you carry it, so you must choose when to use it. A Speedy 
    Howler, a Howler and a Big Howler will attack you after you start 
    exploring the room. You'll find a medikit on the floor, a journal 
    entry (Lost Trsanti Note) next to a corpse over one of the fallen 
    pillars, and another set of stairs. Push the candle at the top and a 
    secret room will appear. The two rats there will attack you so kill 
    them (use the Scythe's secondary mode again). Take the AMPLIFIER, the 
    bullets and the shells there and go back to the pillar room.
    Upgrade Dispel to Level 5. Head to the next room. You'll see a 
    corridor behind some rocks. Make your way towards it. The roof will 
    fall so run towards the other side before you die.
    Catacombs - Well Room
    You'll be attacked by five Howlers soon after you've entered this 
    level. Scythe combined with Ectoplasm may be a way but it will drain 
    your mana very quickly so be careful. Continue your way. Another 
    Howler will attack you. You'll reach an area with a small pond. Dive 
    to get the medikit, but be careful because three bats will attack you. 
    Kill them with the Scythe as soon as they approach you. Go upstairs. 
    This area spawns infinite Howlers so make your way to the door 
    quickly. Choose wisely which weapon to use through the area. Be 
    careful because some parts of the floor will break if you step on 
    Enter the door on the upper floor. Kill the two Howlers there and jump 
    over the pedestal. Now comes the tricky part. Switch to the pistol. 
    Look at the symbols on the pedestal sides. Now look at the symbols on 
    the walls. You must use your pistol to shoot the symbols on the walls, 
    but only those which correspond to the one on the nearest side of the 
    pedestal. Shooting one of the wrong symbols means death. You must 
    shoot four on the left wall, three on the middle wall, and three on 
    the right wall. The pedestal will rise, be sure you are on the middle 
    of the pedestal when it gets near the top or you'll be crushed. Once 
    you're at the top, take the MANA WELL and the AMPLIFIER and drop back 
    to the pedestal. Leave the room once it goes down again. Go back to 
    the pond, this time take the other passage. You'll soon be attacked by 
    a Skeleton. Kill it and follow the passage. You'll see a corpse with 
    another Howler. Kill it and take the medikit. You'll eventually reach 
    the door leading back to the previous level. Push the lever and cross 
    the door.
    Catacombs - Lower Level (II)
    Go to the passage in front of you. You'll see Lizbeth again. Drop to 
    the hole.
    Catacombs - Cisterns
    Climb the ladder out of the pool. There are two side rooms on this 
    area: the one with the stairs down (left) contains an AMPLIFIER, the 
    one with the stairs up (right) contains dynamite and a lever (don't 
    pull it). Go back to the room, push the lever next to the door and 
    cross it. Take the dynamite next to the door and cross the bridge. The 
    door you've just crossed will open again as you are halfway the bridge 
    and you'll be attacked by two Skeletons. Although you could use the 
    Scythe to fight the skeletons, it's better to use the cannon since 
    Invoke takes a lot of mana and the Scythe won't let you regenerate it 
    fast. Once they're both killed cross the bridge and push the lever on 
    the other side. Four Skeletons will attack you from the other side. 
    Kill them using the cannon and Invoke and drop to the pool. Head to 
    the tunnel on the side and take the journal entry (Cistern Entry) and 
    an ARCANE WHORL. Go back to the room fast because there's nothing more 
    there. Now take the stairs on the right side room (the left one is 
    closed) and push the level there. Now go back to the bridge and drop 
    to the pool down there. Climb the ladder out of the pool and cross the 
    Catacombs - Tunnels
    The grill will close once you enter the next room and you'll see two 
    Howlers behind it. The shotgun and Ectoplasm are useful if you want to 
    kill them, but it's hard, so do it only if you want to clean the area. 
    Take the Molotov cocktail and go down the ladders. The grill with the 
    skeleton will open when a Howler approaches: that's the moment where 
    you must cross it. It doesn't matter if you kill the Howler before or 
    after crossing the grill, just be sure it doesn't close before you've 
    crossed it. Another Howler will attack you. Take the medikit and the 
    AMPLIFIER, and go back. Take the medikit and Molotov cocktail on the 
    next room and listen to Lizbeth. Two Howlers will come from the right 
    grill. Kill them and cross that grill. Two Howlers will come from the 
    left grill. That's the only moment where you can cross it, but since 
    there's nothing behind it just kill them and continue through the 
    right grill.
    You'll be attacked by three Howlers: one from the left grill, another 
    from the right grill, and the last one from the left grill again. 
    There's nothing behind the grills. Jump over the pedestal on the 
    center of the room. Go downstairs and take the medikit. Head to the 
    next room and take the other medikit. Wait for a short time. All three 
    grills will soon start to spawn Howlers until you manage to cross one 
    of them (they all lead to the same place). The left one spawns Speedy 
    Howlers and it's the first one which opens. The best you can do is 
    wait until the left grill opens, avoid the Speedy Howler, cross the 
    grill and kill the Speedy Howler (if you are lucky you won't even need 
    to kill it, since sometimes the grill kills the Speedy Howler when it 
    goes back down). This way the other two grills won't have much time to 
    spawn many Howlers. Take the silver shells and phosphorus shells on 
    the passage and continue. Once you've reached the intersection, kill 
    any Howler that attacks you and take the passage without any grill.
    Catacombs - Lair of Lizbeth
    Walk towards Lizbeth. The floor will open and you'll appear on a room 
    with a lot of Howlers, but soon the grill under you will also open and 
    you'll appear on a second room. Here you'll be attacked by two 
    Skeletons and many Howlers (some from the passages at the sides of the 
    room and some from the previous room that will drop down through the 
    grill). Kill all of them and take the side passages. This area is a 
    labyrinth. You'll be able to find a room with silver bullets, another 
    room with two Skeletons and a medikit, and the exit, guarded by a 
    Skeleton. Once you've found the exit, go up the stairs, wait until the 
    grill opens, go up, and wait until it closes. The room you where you 
    saw lots of Howlers is here. You'll fight some Howlers there but how 
    many will depend on how many dropped before through the grill. You'll 
    also fight two Skeletons from bone piles. You'll find some shells and 
    lots of molotov cocktails around the room. Once you've finished with 
    the room, head to the other side of the passage and cross the door.
    Catacombs - Lair of Lizbeth (II)
    You'll finally fight Lizbeth. Lots of Skeletons are around this area 
    as well, some at the room you start and others at the side passages. 
    If you manage to lure Lizbeth into an area with Skeletons, they may 
    fight among them, which will help at getting rid of those Skeletons. 
    You can use Invoke to kill them too. As soon as you start, run towards 
    the center room so that you aren't surrounded by enemies, then kill 
    the Skeletons one by one.
    The best way to fight Lizbeth is combine the cannon and Ectoplasm. 
    Sometimes she will throw you stones, but most times she will just 
    punch you. The cannon will freeze her so that you can easily avoid her 
    attacks. Ectoplasm will damage her even further. Both the cannon and 
    Ectoplasm will also stun her for a bit if she's not throwing you 
    stones, which will be very helpful. Once she's damaged enough, she'll 
    glow white and she'll jump onto you. She can damage you a lot so uses 
    the cannon to slow her. Once you've damaged her when she's on this 
    state, she won't move for a bit and will look stunned. Switch fast to 
    the Scythe and attack her before she recovers. If you manage to hit 
    her with the Scythe before she recovers, you'll finally kill her.
    Once she's dead, head to the center room. You'll get a new spell. 
    Haste allows you to run faster and jump further, and it also allows 
    you to see a bit better in darkness (sometimes it's better than 
    Scrye). Check the two journal entries: (Lizbeth's Mother) and (Haste). 
    Go to the rooms next to the big hall close to the door. You'll find a 
    journal entry (Cliffside Entry) and a chest with two AMPLIFIERS and a 
    medikit. Upgrade haste to Level 5 and cross the door.
    Catacombs - Cliffs
    You've got a journal entry: (Lizbeth's Death). Use Haste L5 and jump 
    over the cliff onto the hanging rocks. When you're reached the last 
    rock you'll see some vines on the wall. Use them to climb. Again, use 
    Haste to jump onto the rocks, and use the vines near the last rock. 
    You'll reach a cave. You'll be attacked by a Boss Howler. Use Haste 
    and attack it with the Scythe. Your moves will be so fast that the 
    Howler won't be able to defend. Now use Scrye and kill the four bats 
    attacking you with the Scythe. Continue your way through the cave.
    Monastery Present - Cove (II)
    Just drop down to the boat.
    c.	Ambrose
    Manor - Gardens (II)
    Turn back and take the medikit on the covered area. Walk a bit and 
    talk to the gardener. Follow him until he's killed by two Trsanti and 
    a Trsanti Chieftain. Kill them: combine the Scythe with Haste and they 
    shouldn't be much threat. Take the Kitchen key and the journal note 
    (Ambrose Note) and go down the stairs. Turn left. Take the medikit 
    neat the bench and approach the pond. Take the medikit, use Haste and 
    dive to the bottom of the pond. Take the AMPLIFIER. Use Haste again 
    and dive back to the surface. Now take the other path to the 
    greenhouse. You'll find a medikit and bullets left of it and shells 
    right. The maiden will open the greenhouse door. Switch to the shotgun 
    and use the phosphorus shells. Switch to one barrel mode if you are in 
    two barrel mode.
    Enter the greenhouse. You'll fight the Jiles, a new type of enemy. 
    These plants don't move, but they can create tentacles which they can 
    use to attack you from a distance. Approach the main plant and shoot 
    it with the shotgun (a single phosphorus shell is enough even on 
    Nightmare mode). Once the main plant is dead, all tentacles it has 
    created will also die. Make your way through the greenhouse, killing 
    any Jile you encounter. You'll see a statue with two Jiles on its 
    sides. Kill both of them and you'll get a MANA WELL. Continue your way 
    and you'll find a medikit and a journal entry (Aaron's Jaw). Now fight 
    your way to the exit (the corridors you had cleaned before will now be 
    full of Jiles again). Once you're sure you've killed all Jiles, take 
    phosphorus shells until you're full and leave the greenhouse. Go back 
    to the courtyard where you fought the Big Speedy Howler before. Take 
    the two medikits and the two boxes of shells. Now use the Kitchen key 
    on the door you previously used to enter this level and cross the 
    Manor - North Wing Lower (III)
    Go to the room where you found the maiden's corpse. Enter the cave 
    (left door). You'll be attacked by two Howlers, combine Haste and the 
    Scythe and they'll die very fast. Take the medikit. Enter the 
    fireplace. Aaron will start to throw you plates and knives, so use 
    Haste and hide at the elevator room. Go back to the fireplace room 
    once all has finished and take the medikit. Cross the door opposite 
    the one you came there. Enter the dining room. There's an AMPLIFIER 
    there, but taking it will make Aaron throw you more plates and knives, 
    so use Haste and get out of there fast. Now take the other door at the 
    corridor. A servant will enter the door. Cross the door he came from.
    Manor - Tower Run
    Go downstairs. A Trsanti Chieftain will attack you. Haste will prove 
    to be very useful when fighting Trsanti. You can either kill him with 
    the pistol or the Scythe. Combining Scythe with Haste is the easiest 
    way but you can try pistol and Haste. Haste not only lets you run 
    faster but also shoot and reload faster. However, pistol is only for 
    those who want to try a new challenge, in my opinion. A big stream of 
    water goes down near you. Three Trsanti and another Trsanti Chieftain 
    are at its bottom and will come after you. Just do the same thing you 
    did with the other guy. Once they're all dead, take the medikit, the 
    AMPLIFIER and the dynamite near the first set of stairs, and some 
    hidden dynamite near the far set of stairs. Go back to the previous 
    Manor - North Wing Lower (IV)
    Go to the room where you came the first time you entered this level. 
    There's a medikit on one of the rooms there. Now go back to the 
    fireplace room, but be careful because Aaron will throw you more 
    plates as you cross the only room you haven't entered yet this time. 
    Go to the elevator room and cross the door there.
    Manor - North Wing Upper (II)
    Cross the door you opened before with the Servant key. You'll hear 
    some cries if you use Scrye on the third left room, and you'll find 
    some shells on the last right door. Cross the door at the end.
    Manor - East Wing Lower (IV)
    There's a direct way from the East Wing to the North Wing! Why on hell 
    did we have to take that long route after taking the Garden key?
    Talk to the butler. Once he's finished, go downstairs and take the 
    medikit. Cross the door that the butler opened.
    Manor - East Wing Upper (III)
    Once the butler has finished and you've got the new journal entry 
    (Ambrose History), cross the double door next to you. Soon after you 
    enter Ambrose's room you'll be attacked by a Trsanti and a Trsanti 
    Chieftain coming from where you came from. Use Haste and the Scythe. 
    Take the two journal entries (Ambrose Journal) and (Pirate's Info), 
    the medikit and phosphorus shells. Go to the room right of the door 
    you used to enter this level and take the Molotov cocktails. Once 
    you've finished with the level, head to the main hall and cross the 
    door opposite the one you came from.
    Manor - East Wing Lower (V)
    Just cross the opposite door.
    Manor - East Wing Upper (IV)
    Head towards Keisinger's room. The corridor leading to his room is now 
    locked, but you'll find on its end bullets, phosphorus shells and a 
    medikit. One of the rooms near the room with paintings is opened. 
    You'll find some shells there, but Keisinger will send you a slightly 
    stronger Scarrow (70 life points). Even though you have other weapons, 
    Ectoplasm and the cannon is still the best choice in my opinion. Now 
    go to the big room with the paintings. Approach the corner left of the 
    big Oneiros painting on the wall. A secret passage should appear. 
    Cross it to reach a room where you'll find the butler you met before. 
    You'll talk again to the butler. He will flee, only to be killed by a 
    Trsanti and Trsanti Chieftain. The secret room contains two medikits. 
    Go back to the previous level.
    Manor - East Wing Lower (VI)
    When you start going downstairs, Keisinger will send you a Flickering 
    Stalker through the window. Stalkers are perhaps the most annoying 
    enemies in the whole game. Those flying eels are very fast, which 
    makes them very hard to aim. The best way to kill them is using a 
    spell you don't have yet, so you'll have to use Haste and either the 
    Scythe or the pistol (loaded with silver bullets, if you can). The 
    Scythe is better because it doesn't require having as much accuracy to 
    hit them. Shoot it while you move to avoid its attacks (use Haste, 
    don't forget it). Once it's killed, it will disappear on a smoke 
    You can take any of the two doors at the bottom of the stairs as they 
    end up leading to the same place. The corridor with the curtains is 
    safe but the room with the old, stone, multicolored tiles has a 
    Trsanti and Trsanti Chieftain. Continue your way. Two more Trsanti 
    will attack you near the playroom. The first one is far from the 
    corner and if you're using the Scythe he'll enough time to shoot once 
    or twice before you reach him, so best use the pistol to kill them. 
    Once they're both killed enter the chapel.
    Manor - Chapel (II)
    Those bloody Trsanti have tainted a sacred place! You'll fight two 
    Trsanti and two Trsanti Chieftain here. Enter the main room through 
    the right door. Crouch and use the wooden plank at the corner as 
    cover. The Trsanti will have taken positions and will be ready to 
    fight you. The Scythe is a bad choice here since they are four and 
    attacking with a melee weapon doesn't allow you to cover from the 
    other enemies while you fight one of them. So crouch behind the plank, 
    and stand up to shoot a Trsanti. Of course, using Haste is a good 
    idea. Crouch again if you see that another Trsanti is going to shoot 
    you or if you run out of bullets and you need to reload (you'd better 
    get some cover when you're reloading). Once they're all killed, go 
    upstairs and take the ether traps, the bullets and the medikit. Head 
    towards the cross. You'll find a new journal entry on the altar 
    (Priest's Confessional). Go back to the previous level.
    Manor - East Wing Lower (VII)
    Cross the door in front of the playroom.
    Manor - Central Lower (III)
    Cross the door in front of the stairs, but be careful because a 
    Trsanti Chieftain will come from where you entered. Once he's dead, 
    use Scrye and you'll get a new journal entry: (Ambrose Scrye Event). 
    Cross the door. This room has two doors. Open the left and you'll be 
    attacked by a Trsanti and a Trsanti Witch. Trsanti Witches can be very 
    dangerous as they use Shield and Skull Storm. Skull Storm does you a 
    lot of damage, so try not to be hit. When the Witch has casted Shield, 
    you can't damage her until you destroy the magical protection, either 
    shooting at it or (recommended) using Dispel on it. Anyway, if you're 
    fast enough some pistol shoots will kill her before she's able to cast 
    Shield. Once the Witch is dead, kill the Trsanti. Cross the door at 
    the end of the big corridor. Once again, a Trsanti and a Trsanti 
    Chieftain will attack you at the hall with the armors. Cross the 
    nearest door and make your way to the next level.
    Manor - Entrance Hall (IV)
    The door Aaron closed many levels ago will be opened by a Trsanti and 
    a Trsanti Witch. Kill them and cross the door in front of the stairs.
    Manor - Front Gate (II)
    Cross the small door on the left side. Talk to the gardener to get a 
    new journal entry (Stones Location) and cross the door he opens.
    Grounds - Dock
    You'll find two Howlers at the bottom of the stairs. Scythe and Haste 
    will work very well on them, but jump over the banister instead of 
    using the steps so that you have plenty of space to avoid the Howlers' 
    attacks. Continue your way. You'll soon see a sheep chased by two more 
    Howlers. Kill the Howlers and follow the path. Eventually you'll a 
    very thin ledge. Follow it and jump to the boat on its end.
    Standing Stones
    You'll find two medikits close to the boat. Follow up the path to the 
    stones. Switch to the pistol, select silver bullets, and select the 
    amplifiers as your chosen item. Approach the central stone.
    You've got a new spell and two new journal entries (Shield Spell) and 
    (Covenant State). However, Bethany has sent you a Handmaiden (it seems 
    that she didn't like you destroyed all her plants at the greenhouse). 
    Handmaidens are levitating, Banshee-like female creatures that use the 
    Lightning spell against you. Again, the best way to kill them is using 
    a spell you don't have yet. Since they can fly and therefore it will 
    be far from you, you must use a long-ranged attack, that's why you 
    must use the pistol, and Handmaidens are very strong, that's why you 
    must use silver bullets. After the cutscene, switch fast to the new 
    spell, upgrade it to level 5, and cast Shield L5. The shield can 
    absorb some of its lightnings, but it will eventually break down, so 
    cast another one when it happens before it throws another lightning. 
    She flies quite fast so wait until she stops before shooting it. Once 
    it's dead, go back to the boat.
    Grounds - Dock (II)
    Follow the thin path. You'll encounter, on this order, a Trsanti 
    Chieftain, a Trsanti, and a new type of Trsanti, the Dynamite Trsanti. 
    Dynamite Trsanti will throw you dynamite sticks, which can even kill 
    you. It's a good moment to start mastering the use of Shield. You have 
    a lot of spells and weapons, so it could be a good idea to start 
    selecting hotkeys to your favorite spells and weapons, so you can 
    switch fast from Shield to haste, for example. The Scythe could be 
    useful to kill these Trsantis.
    Once you've killed all three, head to the first set of stairs. You'll 
    be attacked by two Trsanti up there (one from your left, one from your 
    right). Remember that the shield only protects you from attacks in 
    front of you, so it won't protect you from those Trsantis' attacks 
    unless you're facing them. Again, use the Scythe. Another Dynamite 
    Trsanti will come from the far second set of stairs. Kill him as fast 
    as you can. Climb the second set of stairs. You'll be attacked by a 
    Trsanti Chieftain on your left and another one on your right, but they 
    are very hard to see (consider using Scrye). Kill them and go up the 
    last set of stairs.
    Manor - Front Gate (III)
    Head to the fence you appeared at the beginning of the game. Talk to 
    the gardener, who will give you a new journal entry (Lighthouse 
    Keeper) and follow the path.
    Enter the lighthouse. Jump from the stairs to the elevated platform 
    and take the medikit. Go all the way up. You've got a new journal 
    entry (Sedgewick Info). After the cutscene, go to the nearby house. 
    After entering turn left, cross two doors and take the medikit behind 
    the barrels. Use the stairs on the first room to reach the upper 
    level. Take the medikit and open the chest. Take the Lighthouse key 
    and the silver bullets. Leave the house, take the path leading to the 
    gate and cross it.
    Coastal Ruins
    Enter the ruins. Kill the Trsanti and the two Trsanti Chieftains and 
    take the Molotov cocktails on the ledge, near the fire. Drop through 
    the hole on the pedestal and you'll get a journal entry (Trsanti 
    Confirmation). Use the hanging ropes to safely descend to the floor. 
    Once on land, kill the two Trsanti there and take the shotgun, the 
    phosphorus shells and the bullets. Cross the tunnel.
    Pirate's Cove - Pier
    Make your way across the floating platforms. Once you're at the solid 
    pier, you'll fight another Trsanti. You'll soon reach a door with a 
    Trsanti. Dive to the two medikits and the bullets underwater (next to 
    a lamp) and use the ladder to go back to the pier. Follow your way and 
    take the medikit in the next room, but be very careful because a 
    Dynamite Trsanti will throw you dynamite from above. Use Shield to 
    protect you from it. Climb the vines, then jump to the ones on your 
    left, then drop to the balcony and kill the Dynamite Trsanti and the 
    Trsanti Chieftain as fast as you can. Enter the big room with the 
    stairs, but be careful because a Trsanti Witch will attack you from 
    the top. Use Haste to get there as fast as you can and kill her. Enter 
    the next room and take the medikit and the shells. You'll find a MANA 
    WELL on a side room. Continue through the corridors, you'll soon be 
    attacked by two more Trsantis. You'll find two medikits in the next 
    room. Use Scrye on the wall next to one of them to see a weird symbol. 
    Jump onto it to reveal a secret room. Kill the Trsanti and the Trsanti 
    Chieftain there and take the two medikits and the AMPLIFIER in the 
    chest. Follow the last corridor.
    Pirate's Cove - Caverns
    The first room contains a medikit, bullets and shells, but it's 
    guarded by a Trsanti and a Trsanti Chieftain. Enter the next big room 
    (be careful with the dynamite) and kill the Trsanti Chieftain that 
    attacks you. Enter the corridor where he came from, using Haste to 
    avoid the traps (including a shooting cannon), and kill the Trsanti. 
    Take the AMPLIFIER in the chest, the dynamite and the shells (both 
    normal and phosphorus). Use the lever and take the medikits inside the 
    jail. Now go back to the previous room and take the elevator on the 
    last corridor (again, avoid the dynamite). Use the level and step on 
    the elevator before it rises. Once you're at the top, you'll be 
    attacked by a Trsanti and the Dynamite Trsanti that was attacking you 
    before. Kill them and dive to the pond. You'll find at the middle of 
    the tunnel an alcove on the top where you can breathe and take a 
    medikit, bullets and shells. Swim to the end of the tunnel and go out. 
    You'll find another Trsanti at the end of the next corridor, and a 
    Trsanti and a Trsanti Chieftain inside the hut. You'll find a medikit 
    and some molotov cocktails at the lower level.
    Pirate's Cove - Barracks
    Use Shield and Haste and cross the corridor as fast as you can. There 
    will be some explosions, stay around the middle of the corridor to 
    avoid damages. When you've reached the end, turn left and kill the 
    lonely Trsanti, then kill the other Trsanti and the Trsanti Chieftain. 
    Turn right and shoot the dynamite boxes. Cross the hole on the wall 
    and take the AMPLIFIER in the chest and the medikit. Then go back to 
    the main room. Use the lever, then turn left and climb the ladder. 
    Grab the medikit, use Shield and shoot the dynamite box. Use the 
    stairs and kill the Trsanti Witch at the top. Take the journal entry 
    (Trsanti Witch), the medikit, the molotov cocktails and the shells, 
    and drop down the hole. Swim to its end, take the medikit on your 
    left, and kill the Trsanti and the Trsanti Chieftain. Use the stairs 
    and kill the Trsanti and the Trsanti Chieftain. Enter the open side 
    room, take the medikit and use the lever. Enter the other side room 
    and take the medikit, the dynamite and the shells. Continue through 
    the last door. Enter the left side room. You'll be attacked by a 
    Trsanti, kill him. Use the lever and cross the corridor as fast as you 
    can (use Haste). Take the MANA WELL and use the lever. Again, cross 
    the corridor as fast as you can. Follow the main corridor. Shoot the 
    dynamite boxes to kill the attacking Trsanti. Cross the door.
    Pirate's Cove - Treasure Room
    Take the medikit. Shoot the dynamite box next to the closed gate. The 
    room will begin to collapse, so cross the now open gate before you 
    die. Once you're safe, Ambrose himself will appear will start a fire.
    Once you're at the treasure room, open the chests. You'll find a 
    medikit and silver bullets in one of them, a medikit and phosphorus 
    shells in another, and a medikit and dynamite inside the last one. The 
    true reward, however, is the spell at the far side of the room: Skull 
    Storm, the best spell in the whole game. This spell allows you to 
    throw exploding skulls towards the enemies, which will soon prove to 
    be very useful. Once you've taken it, however, a statue will start to 
    throw poison gas, so use your new spell to open a hole and get out of 
    Manor - Front Gate (IV)
    Upgrade Skull Storm to Level 4 and check the new journal entry (Skull 
    Storm). Cross the main door.
    Manor - Entrance Hall (V)
    Cross the door, then cross the door the maiden just opened.
    Manor - West Wing (III)
    When you enter the big room with the stairs, you'll be attacked by two 
    Flickering Stalkers, so use Shield, equip the Gelziabar Stone and use 
    Skull Storm L4 (5 with the stone) against them. You can throw them 
    more than one skull at once, and even make the skulls burn, if you 
    wait a bit before throwing the skulls. With Shield and Skull Storm, 
    those monsters shouldn't be a threat. Once you've finished, cross the 
    door at the bottom of the stairs.
    Manor - Great Hall
    You'll finally fight Ambrose. Ambrose will constantly jump towards 
    you, and if he manages to do so, he will hurt you very badly, so avoid 
    him as best as you can. Haste will be the best choice here. Ambrose 
    can also hit you with his axe if he gets close to you, but most likely 
    it won't happen very often. There's no way to damage him, so don't 
    waste bullets or mana against him and instead try to dodge his 
    attacks. After a while, a Hound of Gelziabar will appear and it will 
    start to attack Ambrose: that's the moment to attack. Switch to the 
    pistol and shoot the stone on his axe. Once the stone is out of the 
    axe, take it and use the Scythe against Ambrose to get rid of him for 
    good. You can find some bullets around the room if you don't have 
    enough of them.
    d.	Keisinger
    Manor - Central Upper (III)
    Check the two new journal entries: (Jeremiah's Death) and (Tower 
    Entry). After you've walked a bit, you'll see Aaron. Leave the room to 
    find a butler. Go to the long corridor next to Lizbeth's room. Aaron 
    will appear again, but this time he will send you a Small Monto 
    Shonoi. These flying beasts move fast, so use the Gelziabar Stone to 
    avoid contact with them. Use Skull Storm against them, and use Shield 
    to avoid being hurt by your own attack (the exploding skulls have 
    quite a large range). Turn the corner to find a second Small Monto 
    Shonoi. Kill them as you did with the first and cross the door.
    Manor - Entrance Hall (VI)
    Go downstairs. You'll be attacked by two Small Monto Shonoi, one when 
    you approach the front door and another one when you check behind the 
    stairs (there are molotov cocktails there). Kill them as you did with 
    the other two. Go upstairs again, go to the end of the corridor, and 
    take the door on the left. You'll find some bullets (both normal and 
    silver) in a side room and a medikit in the bathroom. Take the journal 
    entry near the bed and use Scrye there. Check the two new journal 
    entries: (Jeremiah's Journal) and (Jeremiah's Room). Get the study key 
    over the fireplace and go back to the previous level.
    Manor - Central Upper (IV)
    Another Small Monto Shonoi will appear as you cross the corridor. Open 
    the door at the end of the opposite corridor. At the study, you'll 
    find a medikit at the bathroom (as usual), some ether traps, a journal 
    entry (Joseph Spell) and the Widow's Watch key. Aaron will appear 
    again, but this time he's much more aggressive and he will attack you. 
    Since he's a ghost, the only thing it works against him is ether 
    traps, so use one of them. Now cross the door next to Lizbeth's room.
    Manor - North Wing Upper (III)
    Aaron will start to use all of his power against you now. He will send 
    you a Small Monto Shonoi as you walk in front of his room, will wait 
    for you behind the door to the next room (use another ether trap, then 
    take the medikit), will send you a second one at the next room, and a 
    third one at the mirror room. You'll find a medikit near the workroom 
    door. Head to the door you opened before with the servant key.  Aaron 
    will send you another Small Monto Shonoi there. The first room on the 
    left and the first on the right contain a medikit and molotov 
    cocktails respectively, but Aaron will throw you things there (use 
    Shield). Cross the door at the end of the corridor.
    Manor - Widow's Watch
    You'll soon be attacked by another Small Monto Shonoi. Go downstairs 
    and cross the door you never used before. Cross the left door. You'll 
    encounter two Jiles, use Skull Storm (one skull should be enough), and 
    cross the door there. You'll find a medikit and shells, and you'll 
    hear a noise that most likely you've learnt to fear, but the Monto has 
    actually appeared in another room. Go back to the first room, and this 
    time take the right door. You'll soon be attacked by the Small Monto 
    Shonoi you heard before. Follow your way to a big room. You'll find a 
    medikit on a table, but you'll also fight a Flickering Stalker. The 
    same tactic for Montos will work for the Stalkers. Go upstairs. The 
    door is closed, but you'll fight another Small Monto Shonoi. Once it's 
    dead , head to the gap where the Flickering Stalker entered and use 
    the wind strom to go up. Drop down to the nearby roof. Turn right and 
    head to the walls delimiting the courtyard below. Safely drop down to 
    the walls, then to the ground. You'll find a medikit and an AMPLIFIER. 
    Upgrade Skull Storm to Level 5 and use the ropes to climb back. Now 
    head to the left side and do the same. You'll find below a medikit, 
    some bullets and molotov cocktails. Climb back and enter the room. 
    You'll find some shells and a lightning rod. Go out and put the 
    lightning rod on the pedestal. You'll get a new spell, but it's rather 
    useless, so don't use it unless I tell you to do that. You've also got 
    a new journal entry: (Lightning). Two Howlers (one in front of you, 
    one behind) will attack you, let them know you have now the spell 
    Skull Storm. Once they're dead, go downstairs and use Lightning 
    against the left door, then cross it.
    Manor - Great Hall (II)
    Enter the side room. You'll find a journal entry (School director 
    letter). Jump to the box on the right side of the room, then jump over 
    all the crates until you reach the plank on the left side of the room 
    (use Haste if necessary), once there grab the AMPLIFIER. Upgrade 
    Lightning to Level 2. Go back to the previous room, take the bullets 
    and go downstairs. Cross the nearby door, take the two medikits and go 
    back. Now take the furthest door. You are now on a balcony above the 
    area where you fought Ambrose. There are some shells here, but be 
    careful because two Small Monto Shonoi will appear. Haste, Shield and 
    Skull Storm will be a good choice here. Take a good place once they 
    appear and start throwing them skulls until they both fall. Remember 
    to use the Gelziabar Stone if they get too close to you. Once they're 
    both dead, cross the door at the other side of the balcony.
    Manor - Tower Run (II)
    Use Lightning against the lever on your right. This will make a ladder 
    to rise, but a Flickering Stalker will appear: again, use Skull Storm. 
    Climb the ladder and walk among the roofs. Before you reach the 
    corner, you'll be attacked by a second Flickering Stalker, so be 
    ready. You'll eventually see a sealed door with a glass above it. 
    Break the glass using Skull Storm and use one of the inclined ledges 
    on its sides to cross it.
    Once you're inside the tower, you'll constantly hear bird-like noises. 
    You'll be facing now a new enemy, the Sil Lith Inhabitants. These 
    pelican-like beasts can use against you the same energy beam which 
    used the Abbott against you, that one which didn't allow you to target 
    enemies properly. Use Dispel to get rid of it, then use Skull Storm 
    against them. Once you're free of the annoying Mindshatter spell, they 
    shouldn't pose much threat. You'll first fight three of them at the 
    bottom of the tower. Depending on where you land (there's a strong 
    wind strom in the tower), you may be able to kill them from the ledge. 
    Once all three are dead, go down to the bottom and take the AMPLIFIER. 
    Upgrade Lightning to Level 3 and started climbing the tower. Because 
    of the wind strom you don't need to run before jumping, but be sure to 
    aim properly. You'll fight another Sil Lith Inhabitant on one of the 
    ledges. Continue your way to the top. Once there you'll find the 
    source of the wind strom. Jump towards the vortex, aiming towards the 
    hole on the ceiling.
    Oneiros - Amphitheater
    You've got a new journal entry: (Keisinger and Oneiros). After you've 
    crossed the bridge, you'll be attacked by five Sil Lith Inhabitants: 
    two from the elevated ledge in front of you, three from ground level. 
    Use Skull Storm and Dispel if necessary, using the Gelziabar Stone if 
    they approach too much. Now head to the corridor on the left side of 
    the area. You'll see an Oneiros medikit, jump towards the floating, 
    moving ledge (be VERY careful) in order to grab it. Safely go back, 
    and jump towards the blue spiral.
    Oneiros - Ruins
    Jump over the gap. If you look at the area in front of you, you'll see 
    a Verago. These cloaked specters use Skull Storm (and they can throw 
    two skulls), and they explode on blue crystals when they die. They 
    have suicide attack which they use when they're low on health, so 
    using anything other than Skull Storm against them is a bad idea. 
    Because of their Skull Storm, it's better to use Shield when fighting 
    them. Once it's dead, turn right, then right again. You'll see an 
    amplifier on a far ledge. Use Haste and jump towards the wind strom to 
    grab the AMPLIFIER. Do the same to go back. Upgrade Lightning to Level 
    4 and cross the door in front of you. You'll find a medikit nearby. 
    You'll be attacked by a Scarrow. Scarrows are perhaps one of the two 
    only enemies (we'll meet the other one later) not to be attacked with 
    Skull Storm, as they seem to be immune to it, so use either Ectoplasm 
    or Dispel (yes, it can kill them). You'll reach a big area with a 
    medikit on a pedestal, a Verago on the top and a Scarrow. The Verago 
    is much more deadly than the Scarrow, so it has priority. Use Skull 
    Storm against it. Once they're both dead, use Scrye and use the blue 
    spiral which appears. You'll appear on another area. Do some jumps 
    until you get the energy key, then use the blue spiral here to go back 
    to the previous area. This part shouldn't be hard at all. Once back, 
    go back to the area where you found the blue spiral. Cross another 
    door to a room with a pit and a wind strom. There are two gaps above 
    with medikits on it, but taking them will cause two Scarrows to 
    appear. Once they're both dead, keep your way. You'll find another Sil 
    Lith Inhabitant on the next area. Kill it and keep your way. You'll 
    find another blue spiral. Use it to go back to the previous level.
    Oneiros - Amphitheater (II)
    Head to the corridor on the opposite side of the area. Turn right, 
    turn the corner using the thin ledge, and use the floating ledge to 
    get to the other side of the gap (or use Haste). You'll find an 
    AMPLIFIER and a journal entry (Sil Lith History), but taking them will 
    make a Flickering Stalker to appear. You'll also a find a medikit 
    nearby. Upgrade Lightning to Level 5 and use the floating ledge to go 
    back (this time you don't have enough room to use Haste), and go back 
    to the main area. Now head to the corridor on your right. Use the 
    energy key on the hole, cross the bridge and drop to the blue spiral.
    Oneiros - Abandoned Fortress
    Jump to the large structure in front of you. Border it from its right 
    side. You'll soon see a medikit on a small open area. Keep your way 
    until you reach another building. Enter it, there's a medikit but 
    you'll fight a Flickering Stalker. Go back to the first structure and 
    enter it. You'll find a medikit on the right corridor. Use Dispel on 
    the magical barrier at the far side of the room, but doing so will 
    cause four Scarrows to appear, what means a battle like old times. 
    Cross the next room until its end, where you'll see two balconies on 
    the sides. The left balcony contains a medikit. The pit below has two 
    Sil Lith Inhabitants. Kill them using either molotov cocktails or 
    Skull Storm, then drop down. Take the left corridor, you'll be 
    attacked by a Flickering Stalker. Jump to the ledge with pillars in 
    front of you. Head to its side closest to the nearby AMPLIFIER. Jump 
    towards it: if you did it properly, you'll safely step on some tiles 
    which have appeared from nowhere. Upgrade Invoke to Level 2. Jump back 
    to the pit and this time take the other corridor. You'll reach some 
    stairs leading down. Follow them, on the way you should see a far 
    floating structure with a Sil Lith Inhabitant, throw some skulls. 
    Again, at the bottom tiles will appear from nowhere. Follow them until 
    you can't move forward, then turn left. Follow that way, you should 
    then see tiles making stairs on your right. Go downstairs. You'll 
    reach a place where apparently you can't move anymore, but if you 
    stand near one of the edges there, you'll see one or several tiles 
    appearing a bit further. Jump there. More tiles will appear and you'll 
    drop safely. Twice more you'll have to jump to reach the next tiles, 
    then the way is easier. Once you've reached the solid part, go 
    upstairs. You'll find a medikit, silver bullets and phosphorus shells. 
    Jump to the blue spiral to finish the level.
    Oneiros - Keisinger's Stronghold
    You'll soon be attacked by a Flickering Stalker. Enter the building 
    and drop down. When you approach the blue spiral you can see, 
    Keisinger will throw a lightning to the bridge, rendering it 
    completely useless. You have no choice but head to the other side and 
    drop down to the blue spiral.
    Take the stairs. You'll fight three Sil Lith Inhabitants at the next 
    room. Once they're all killed, take the medikit on the small fountain 
    and cross the door at that room.
    Oneiros - Keisinger's Studio
    You've got a new journal entry: (Keisinger's Presence). The next room 
    is guarded by two Sil Lith Inhabitants and a Scarrow, and it contains 
    two medikits and bullets. Follow your way until you reach a closed 
    door. Step on the nearby tile to open it. Go downstairs and use the 
    wheel to turn on the water supply. Go upstairs and use tile to open 
    the next door. Jump to the big pond and enter the underwater tunnel. 
    Turn left and take the sextant at the end of the tunnel. Swim back to 
    the surface. Use the sextant on the nearby pedestal. Now you can swim 
    up. Swim out to the metal platform which appears and head to the blue 
    Oneiros - Keisinger's Stronghold (II)
    You'll see a Hound of Gelziabar behind some magical barriers. The area 
    with the Hound has medikits on the sides. When you're ready to fight 
    it, use Dispel. The Hound will charge. He will take LOTS of shots, so 
    you'd better use Shield, because he will have lots of chances to hit 
    you. He's immune to the Gelziabar Stone, so don't try pushing it. Use 
    the shotgun and Skull Storm against it, avoiding its attacks as best 
    as you can. A tactic you can follow is going back to the green spiral 
    you came: the Hound can't reach you there, so you can shoot it safely 
    from there. Once it's dead, go back to the room where it was and take 
    the MANA WELL. Now head to the area with the stairs. You'll find a 
    nearby door leading to a room with a huge bowl. Throw a skull to turn 
    on the fire, use the wheel to turn on the water supply, and take the 
    medikit. Now use the stairs, follow them towards right. You'll find a 
    room with a lever, push it to open the gate and take the energy key. 
    Now head to other side of the stairs. Use the energy key on the hole 
    to open the gate and keep your way.
    Oneiros - Keisinger's Studio (II)
    You'll find a medikit behind an altar. Push the coffin to open it. 
    You'll see blood appearing out of nowhere, and eventually the nearby 
    door will open. Cross it and use the blue spiral.
    You've appeared on another place. Cross the door to find an area with 
    lots of doors. Cross the one directly in front of you and take the 
    blue spiral.
    Oneiros - Oracle
    Soon after you start, a lightning will strike the building and three 
    Veragos will appear. Shield will be very important, although being 
    three attackers at the same time it won't protect you from all of 
    their attacks. Throw them skulls, while trying to cover from theirs. 
    Once they're all dead, enter the building. You'll find a medikit and a 
    journal entry (Verago Background), guarded by another Verago. Jump 
    over the rock next to the medikit, and use it to jump to the blood 
    pool. Use haste and swim across the tunnel. You'll find an ancient 
    artifact and, near the end, a medikit. Swim out and approach the ugly 
    statue. Use Scrye on it. Equip the scythe and use it against the 
    statue's heart. Take it and wait a bit. Swim up, take the medikit and 
    approach the gate. It will open as you approach it, but you'll find a 
    Scarrow as soon as you reach the surface. Once it's dead, check behind 
    the bloodfall to find an AMPLIFIER. Upgrade Invoke to Level 3. Enter 
    the blood pool nearby, you'll find a medikit at the bottom. Swim to 
    the surface, cross the bridge, and enter the next blood pool. There 
    are two medikits at the bottom. Swim to the surface.
    Now comes one of the hardest parts in the whole game. As soon as you 
    leave the blood pool, you'll be attacked by seven Veragos. Use Shield, 
    be ready to use medikits (you'll need to more than one, most likely), 
    and throw skulls towards everything you see. The Veragos here will use 
    a special attack: three of them can use against you a red lightning. 
    Besides, when they do so they will move in circles, making them harder 
    to hit.  Enter the blood pool again if you need some cover. Remember 
    that Veragos can use a suicidal attack if they're low on health. These 
    Veragos are sometimes so close amongst them that targeting one of them 
    will make you hurt others. Besides, the Veragos are so far that skulls 
    seem to be less powerful than usual. All of this means that sometimes 
    alive Veragos will be low on health even if you try to do one shot 
    kills.  Once they're all dead (that seems easy when written), approach 
    the pedestal and put the human heart. Once below, take the ARCANE 
    WHORL and use the blue spiral.
    Oneiros - Keisinger's Studio (III)
    You're back to the area with many doors. Use Scrye on the obelisk: it 
    will glow a certain colour. Check the doors and find a pedestal which 
    glows the same colour as the obelisk when using Scrye. Put there the 
    ancient artifact. Go back to the obelisk. Push the nearby lever and 
    take the new spell. You've got a new journal entry: (Flight). Fly to 
    the blue spiral above the door where you first entered this area.
    Oneiros - Keisinger's Stronghold (III)
    You're back to the area where Keisinger destroyed a bridge. Head to 
    the area where you previously found the blue spiral. Look right and 
    fly to the floating medikit. Now head to the broken bridge. Fly over 
    it and take the blue spiral.
    Oneiros - Howling Well
    Use your new skill to fly over the floating platforms. Use haste if 
    you need it. Be careful because two Flickering Stalkers guard the 
    zone. Once you've reached the building, border from one of its sides 
    (it doesn't matter which one) and head to the building's back side. 
    There you'll find two medikits guarded by two Veragos and another 
    Flickering Stalker. Go back to the front side, then enter the 
    building. The purple field hurts you if you're inside, so use Haste 
    and Shield, enter it, take the ARCANE WHORL, and leave it as fast as 
    you can. Push the button on the other side. Now leave the building and 
    fly to the top. You'll have to fight two Flickering Stalkers along 
    your way. Once at the top, feel free to use Scrye, you might find 
    something interesting. Then come back to the building. Cross the door 
    at the other side of the building. Fly to the blue spiral on the 
    ceiling, using the ledges on the walls to recover the flying energy.
    Oneiros - Ziggurat
    Turn left to find an area with medikits, bullets and shells guarded by 
    a Flickering Stalker. Cross the door to leave the ziggurat and use the 
    stairs. A Verago and Keisinger himself will appear. Use Shield and 
    first get rid of the Verago. Keisinger will throw you lightnings, 
    which can break your shield very fast, so if your shield breaks, stop 
    throwing skulls and cast a new shield. Be ready to use medikits. After 
    a while, Keisinger will disappear. Border the ziggurat from its right 
    side. A Verago will attack you, and Keisinger will throw you some 
    rocks in a desperate try to kill you. Kill the Verago and fly to the 
    hole, then to the next level of the ziggurat. Follow the stairs to the 
    top, but be careful because you'll find another Verago, and Keisinger 
    will throw you more rocks along the way.
    Oneiros - Ziggurat (II)
    You'll fight Keisinger again. This time, besides Lightning, he will 
    use Skull Storm. He will throw three skulls one after one, although 
    they're quite easy to dodge. Don't forget to use Shield constantly to 
    defend you from any of his attacks. Sometimes he will cast himself a 
    Shield, feel free to use Dispel. Throw him some skulls whenever he 
    doesn't move, and after a while he will disappear again. Enter the 
    ziggurat through the hole in the middle.
    Oneiros - Ziggurat (III)
    Wait for the grills to let you pass while you charge some skulls and 
    let them burn. Once you spot Keisinger, throw him the skulls. Here he 
    will use the Phoenix, a weapon you don't have yet, but it's not that 
    hard to dodge. After a few shots, he should fall dead.
    Manor - Tower Run (III)
    You've been given by the Sil Lith Inhabitants a MANA WELL and you've 
    got a new journal entry: (Keisinger's Death). Safely go down to the 
    bottom of the tower and cross the door.
    e.	Aaron
    Manor - Central Lower (IV)
    You'll find two medikits here. Cross the open door. Aaron will close 
    you the door at the far end of the room, so you have no choice but use 
    the stairs. When you approach them, Aaron will appear and attack you 
    (use an ether trap), then he will send you two Small Monto Shonoi. 
    Kill them and use the stairs. Cross the door.
    Manor - Central Upper (V)
    Aaron will send you two Small Monto Shonoi as you approach Bethany's 
    and Lizbeth's rooms, and he will attack you himself again. Get rid of 
    all three with appropriate method and cross the door next to Lizbeth's 
    Manor - North Wing Upper (IV)
    Aaron will attack you again and will send you a Small Monto Shonoi as 
    you approach the nearby stairs. Follow the corridor until their end 
    and head to the workroom. The butler there will give you the workroom 
    key, and you've got a new journal entry (Aaron's Studio). Use it to 
    open the nearby door and cross the door.
    Manor - Inner Courtyard
    Push the statue at the top right, then drop down. Go down through the 
    broken trapdoor. You'll find a room with an ARCANE WHORL on the left 
    side, on the right side there are three doors which contain phosphorus 
    shells, silver bullets and a hole which allows you to see Aaron's 
    corpse. Go out and head to the stall. You'll find two medikits on a 
    table. Go out again. Use the ladder to get to the roof, then use the 
    second ladder. Use Haste and jump to the roof on the nearby building. 
    Enter through the open window. Take the dynamite, the molotov 
    cocktails and the journal entry: (Aaron's Journal). Use the ladder to 
    go down, take the molotov cocktails, then approach Aaron. Once he's 
    finished his picture, a Big Monto Shonoi will appear, one of the 
    toughest enemies you'll face in this game. These beasts are much 
    larger than the other Montos and hence stronger. Besides, they can use 
    Lightning against you (rarely, though), the Gelziabar Stone is much 
    less effective against them than against their smaller brothers (thus 
    you can't use it to avoid them getting close to you), and they can 
    also create a vortex to attract you towards their claws. Cast a Shield 
    as soon as you regain control, then use Skull Storm against the Monto 
    while you run backwards. You can try to use the Gelziabar Stone to 
    push it (don't put your hopes on this), or you can use your shotgun to 
    make a double attack. Once it's dead, take Bethany's gate key on the 
    floor and climb the ladder again. Use Haste and jump towards the 
    painting to get the MANA WELL. Leave the studio and cross the gate 
    near one of the corners.
    Manor - Gardens (III)
    The nearby warehouse has two medikits and dynamite. Once you've taken 
    them, head to the gate next to the path leading to the greenhouse. 
    Open it with the key you've just taken and cross it.
    Bethany's Cottage
    You'll soon reach a cross. The right path leads to some ruins with two 
    medikits and shells (normal and phosphorus), but Bethany has left two 
    Jiles to guard them. The left path leads to the cottage. Enter it and 
    cross the only open door. Take the dynamite and use Scrye to see 
    Bethany inspecting the corner. Throw a skull to the corner and take 
    Aaron's jaw and Aaron's room key. You've got a new journal entry: (The 
    You'll hear noises from the last surviving Howlers. This will be the 
    last time you'll fight them, but they've decided to give you an 
    unforgivable farewell. Go upstairs. A Big Howler and two Speedy 
    Howlers will come from a door on the far side. Speedy Howlers will now 
    constantly coming from this door, while Howlers will constantly come 
    using the stairs you've just used. Cast a Shield, switch to the 
    shotgun in the mode which allows you to kill Howlers on one shot, and 
    select Skull Storm. You should use Skull Storm to kill the Howlers 
    before they get close, and the shotgun if they get too close. Once 
    you've killed the first three Howlers, cross the left door and jump 
    over the gap. Take the shells and anything else there, then jump back. 
    Kill any Howler there and cross the door the Speedy Howlers are using. 
    Jump to the roof on the right, crouch and enter the window. Get the 
    AMPLIFIER. A Big Howler will break the door and attack you, killing it 
    will stop the Howlers generation cycle. However, most likely there are 
    still some Howlers. You may find some Speedy Howlers at the upper 
    level, some Howlers at the stairs, some Howlers at the main door, and 
    some Howlers around the pond outside. Use Shield, Skull Storm and the 
    shotgun against them. Now make your way to the gate you used to enter 
    this level. This won't be a quiet trip, however, as Aaron has left you 
    two Big Monto Shonoi, one at the cross and another near the gate. They 
    don't seem to want to move if you're very far, and they rather prefer 
    to create an attracting vortex. Avoid it, while you throw skulls 
    towards them, and they shouldn't be much threat this time. Once 
    they're dead, go back to the previous level.
    Manor - Gardens (IV)
    Go back to the manor using the kitchen door.
    Manor - North Wing Lower (V)
    Once you've entered the fireplace room, Aaron will appear and later 
    attack you, while he throws you plates and knives. Use an ether trap 
    and cast Shield fast to protect you from any attack. Take the medikit 
    and use the stairs near the freight elevator.
    Manor - North Wing Upper (V)
    Aaron won't last on appearing once again, use another ether trap (I 
    hope you have enough). Head to Aaron's room and open it with the key. 
    Take the molotov cocktails, the medikit and Bethany's room key. When 
    you try to leave the room, you'll find out that Aaron has teleported 
    it to another dimension! There's an absorbing vortex, which will suck 
    anything in front of the door, starting from the table and ending with 
    you, if you let it. Position yourself at one side of the door and wait 
    until the door closes. Open it again, fortunately you're back at the 
    normal dimension. Now head to the other side of the corridor, and 
    cross the door on its end.
    Manor - Central Upper (VI)
    Aaron's ghost will attack you here one last time. Get rid of him and 
    head to Bethany's room. Open it with the key. Use Scrye to hear drums 
    and approach to the mirror. Take the journal entry there (Bethany's 
    Journal). You'll see Bethany on the mirror. When you leave behind the 
    mirror, you'll find out that a secret passage has been opened, and 
    it's guarded by one of Bethany's elite minions: a Drinen. These 
    humanoids have the unique skill to become intangible, what means that 
    no attack can damage them when they're like that. They also seem to 
    move faster when they're in that state. Skulls thrown by you just pass 
    through them when they're intangible, so they're the second enemy not 
    to be attacked with Skull Storm. Instead use the Scythe, but be 
    careful because these guys have the annoying habit of becoming 
    intangible again, pass through you and attack you from behind. Once 
    it's dead, enter the passage and go down the ladder.
    Manor - Crypt
    Use the Scythe on frenzy mode against the rats to recover some health 
    and enter the crypt. Put the jaw on Aaron's body and he will come back 
    to life. He will, of course, attack you. Hit him with the scythe 
    whenever he's not glowing white. Aaron will then throw you his chain 
    from the center of the room. Cast Shield and place yourself near one 
    of the hanging chains around the room. Your objective is waiting for 
    Aaron to hit the hanging chain with his chain, getting trapped. It 
    will most likely require some tries before you find the good place. 
    Once he gets trapped, hit him with the scythe again to get rid of him, 
    this time for good.
    f.	Bethany
    Eternal Autumn - Forest
    You're now at Eternal Autumn, Bethany's own world. You'll find some 
    healing roots (the Eternal Autumn equivalent of the medikit), and 
    another ones inside a nearby pot (break it with the scythe). The 
    Scythe along with Skull Storm should be your choice around this world. 
    Bethany will appear to leave you a journal entry (Nightmare). Make 
    your way across the path, you'll find two Jiles, and then you'll be 
    attacked by three piranha-like small beasts, called Sleeds. These 
    beasts are very weak and they will fall under a single scythe hit 
    (which is the best choice against them), but damn, they're fast as 
    hell. Keep your way, kill two more Sleeds, and kill two more Jiles 
    near a waterfall. You'll find a medikit, another Sleed and the 
    speargun (we'll save this weapon for a concrete type of enemies) 
    inside the pots. Fly over the river until you reach a small island in 
    the middle of the river, with a medikit and the last AMPLIFIER. Use 
    Haste, because you will die if you're carried by the strom. Upgrade 
    Invoke to Level 5 and go back to the waterfall. Use the fallen tree to 
    reach the other side (there's a medikit inside). Another Sleed will 
    wait for you here (I think Sleed appear constantly here). You'll later 
    encounter a Drinen and a Jile, try to kill the Jile as fast as you can 
    because its tentacles will make killing the Drinen a very hard task. 
    Use Scrye to see a Drinen with a corpse. You'll find some spears in a 
    pot. Follow the path and you'll encounter three Jiles, one of them 
    high on a rock (their tentacles won't let approach them, use Haste to 
    pass before they appear) and two prehistorical humanoids, the Jemaas. 
    Those guys are very strong, although not very fast. The best against 
    them is the speargun, improved with Lightning: select the speargun, 
    then cast Lightning, finally shoot the Jemaas: a lightning will strike 
    them, killing them in one shot. You'll find a medikit in a nearby pot. 
    Keep your way, destroy a bunch of Sleeds, kill two more Jiles, and 
    head to the next level.
    Eternal Autumn - Chieftain
    Kill two Jiles and a Jemaas Chieftain (a stronger Jemaas, carrying a 
    speargun, and dropping spears when he's dead). The Lightning speargun 
    may not work here because you need a clear way for the Lightning to 
    strike, and that area is a bit covered. Past the area with corpses, 
    kill another Jile, and you'll soon start a fight near a cliff with 
    three Jiles and two Jemaas Snipers. Here you can use the Lightning 
    speargun again, but save it for the Jemaas and use Skull Storm against 
    the Jiles. Three more Jemaas Snipers will jump to the path as you 
    follow it. The speargun has an alternate mode where you can use it as 
    a sniper rifle to target better enemies who are far from you. Here it 
    can prove useful to hit them from a distance. Keep your way and you'll 
    see two Jemaas Fighters dancing. Use the speargun's sniper mode to 
    kill them from a distance before they realise you're there. You'll 
    find two medikits in nearby pots, and an ARCANE WHORL on a ledge above 
    the cave entrance. Enter the cave.
    Eternal Autumn - Airie
    You can't use the Lightning speargun during this level. Open the door 
    to meet a Jemaas Sniper. Throw him some skulls, then finish him with 
    the scythe. Open the door there, a Jemaas Fighter waits for you 
    behind, and another one will attack you when you enter the next room. 
    You'll find there medikits and phosphorus shells (free or in a pot). 
    Take the left door. A Jemaas Fighter and a Jemaas Sniper will come 
    after you, the latter will drop another speargun. Go down the ramp. 
    You'll soon fight another Jemaas Sniper. Follow the corridor until its 
    end Push the rock on the far side. This area of the cafe is getting 
    full of lava, so go back fast to the room with two doors. Now take the 
    right door, go up the ramp, then through the corridor (there's another 
    Jemaas Sniper), and you'll eventually fight the Guardian Phoenix. It's 
    very weak, but hard to target, so use the scythe against it. Once it's 
    dead, push the small lever on the wall to open a window: the air strom 
    will move the fire column. Fly to the floating Phoenix and get it. 
    This weapon seems powerful, but it's actually quite weak, it's hard to 
    use, and you'll seldom find ammo, so don't bother using it. A door is 
    now open, you'll find two phoenix eggs in pots, then cross the tunnel.
    Eternal Autumn - Chase
    You'll find first a pot with a phoenix egg, then some others with a 
    medikit and spears (break them with a skull, because an explosive pot 
    is next to them). Fly safely down to the ground below. You'll soon 
    find a Jemaas Sniper. It could be a good idea to finally use Invoke on 
    the corpses you kill, so that they help you to kill the following 
    Jemaas. Go up the ramp, you'll fight another Jemaas Fighter after you 
    spot a drum, then another one. Soon after that you'll have a good 
    fight: you'll find a Jemaas Fighter and a Jemaas Sniper, then another 
    Jemaas Sniper will jump over the cliff to join the fight, and you'll 
    be attacked from the distance by another Jemaas Sniper (use the 
    speargun's alternate mode). Fly over the cliff, break pots to find 
    spears, a medikit and phosphorus ammo, kill another Jemaas Sniper at 
    the other side, then use the tree and the vines to find some bullets. 
    Fly back to the main path. Follow your way, you'll find a Jemaas 
    Sniper, then another one, then a Jemaas Sniper and a Jemaas Fighter, 
    and finally a Jemaas Fighter and a Jemaas Chieftain. You'll find two 
    Jemaas Snipers below, kill them safely from above. Drop down, watch 
    out any Sleed attack, take the spears, the bullets, the medikit and 
    the phoenix egg, and continue.
    Eternal Autumn - Bridge
    This side of the bridge is guarded by two Jemaas Snipers, one at 
    ground level and another on a tower, but two Jemaas Fighters will soon 
    join them.  As you try to cross the bridge, two more Jemaas Fighters 
    will come after you from the other side, a Jemaas Sniper from behind, 
    and two more on a tower on the other side. Another Jemaas Fighter will 
    join them later. Try to fly to the tower on the initial side as soon 
    as possible in order to defend you from the Jemaas Fighters. You can 
    use molotov cocktails there to damage any Jemaas below. Once they're 
    all dead, cross the bridge and continue through the tunnel.
    Eternal Autumn - Lower Dwellings
    You'll fight a Jemaas Sniper and a Jemaas Fighter. Break the pots to 
    find a medikit. Go upstairs. You'll be attacked by a Sleed when you 
    enter the next room. There are some spears in one of the hanging bags. 
    Take the stairs on the left side. Kill the Jemaas Sniper on the top 
    and break the pots to find spears and phosphorus shells. Look to the 
    window to see five Jemaas crossing the bridge you've just been. Wait 
    for them and kill them when they come after you. Now take the stairs 
    on the right side of the area. The pots at the top contain an ARCANE 
    WHORL, a Jile and a medikit. Now take the stairs on the middle of the 
    area. Kill the two Jemaas Snipers and keep your way.
    Eternal Autumn - Upper Dwellings
    You'll soon fight another Jile. Climb the ladder and kill the Jemaas 
    Sniper. Enter the next room, take the medikit, shells, dynamite and 
    molotov cocktails in the pot and go upstairs. You'll find another 
    Jemaas Fighter. You can go back to the previous room and fly where you 
    found the medikit: the Jemaas can't attack you there. Continue, you'll 
    soon be attacked by two Sleed and a Jile. You'll later find a phoenix 
    egg and spears in pots, then you'll find another Sleed and a medikit 
    in a pot. Use the stairs, kill the two Jemaas Snipers, then continue.
    Eternal Autumn - Gauntlet
    Kill the two Jemaas Snipers. Take the bullets in the pot and move the 
    big wheel in the center to open the door. Once past the door, you'll 
    fight two Sleed, then a Jemaas Sniper, then another Sleed. Keep your 
    way, you'll find a medikit and a Sleed in pots, then you'll fight a 
    Jemaas Sniper hidden behind a rock. You'll later find another medikit 
    in a pot, but be careful because two Jemaas Snipers will come from a 
    tunnel on the right side. Enter the tunnel, killing the two Jemaas 
    Snipers that attack you from behind, the use the stairs. Follow the 
    cave to its end. You'll find two medikits, a Sleed, silver bullets and 
    phosphorus shells in the pots. Go back to the tunnel exit. Keep your 
    way across the thin path near the cliff. You'll find phosphorus shells 
    and molotov cocktails in pots, but a Jemaas Sniper will attack you 
    from behind. Continue, another Jemaas Sniper will attack you. Continue 
    as more Jemaas Snipers attack you (one of them from behind) until you 
    reach an area with a tunnel. The pots there contain a Sleed and 
    phosphorus shells. Enter the tunnel.
    Eternal Autumn - Ruins
    You're outside again, so you can use the Lightning speargun again to 
    kill the Jemaas. You'll soon be attacked by two Jemaas Snipers and a 
    Sleed. The first tower contains nothing so you can avoid it. Keep your 
    way, you'll find two more Jemaas Snipers. The second tower contains a 
    medikit on the top. The third tower has two medikits on the first 
    floor and a Jemaas Sniper and a Sleed on the top. Keep your way, three 
    more Jemaas Snipers will attack you near the fourth tower (two from 
    inside, one behind the tower). It contains spears on the first floor. 
    There's also a medikit behind the tower. The fifth tower has spears on 
    the first floor.
    Head to a pit near the first tower. You can find there a tower with a 
    Jemaas Sniper and a Sleed on the first floor, and spears on the top. 
    Go back near the fifth tower. Fly to the nearby area where you can see 
    some pots. Three of them contain Sleeds, the other one a medikit. Take 
    the nearby path and you'll see the last two towers. The first one 
    doesn't have a door, but fly to the top to get some medikits. The last 
    tower has a door but it's closed, so enter it from the window and move 
    the central wheel. You can open the door from the bottom of the tower. 
    Kill the Jemaas Sniper waiting outside the tower and take the tunnel 
    at the end of the path near the last two towers.
    Eternal Autumn - Arch
    After you spot the corpse on the wall, look around you two find some 
    Jiles on an elevated alcove on your right. Killing them will be 
    slightly harder as it's more difficult to target them here. The next 
    room contains a pot with phosphorus shells guarded by a Drinen. Once 
    it's dead, head to the nearby river. Fly over the rocks to get to the 
    other side (you may want to use Haste). At the other side, you'll find 
    several buildings. The first one has a Drinen nearby and contains 
    spears. The second one has a Handmaiden and a Drinen nearby and 
    contains two medikits. You'll soon spot a door, heavily guarded by two 
    Jiles and another Handmaiden, best take them over from a distance.
    Eternal Autumn - Arena
    Bethany is starting to use all of her power against you. The next room 
    has two Jiles hidden behind the wall at the corners. You'll need to 
    throw a skull to the corner to see the Jile. Moving around the room is 
    difficult because some Jile tentacles will appear all around the room 
    from holes on the floor, even after both Jiles are dead. Once the 
    Jiles are dead, the nearby door will open and three Drinens will 
    appear. Attacking them directly is a suicide, so best fly to one of 
    the holes left by the Jiles (one of them has a medikit9, where they 
    can't reach you (when they're tangible, at least). You can use Skull 
    Storm against them this time, since they won't become intangible. 
    You'll find a medikit on the next room. You'll see some stairs and 
    after that, a room with a medikit and a Drinen. The door leading out 
    is guarded by two Drinens. Try to find a safe place to attack them, or 
    use Haste and make your best to avoid as many of their attacks as 
    possible. The door will open when both of them are dead. Outside 
    you'll find a medikit. You'll fight two Handmaidens before finding a 
    medikit and some buildings. You'll fight yet another Handmaiden, kill 
    her, and then climb the nearby hill, taking the medikit near the top.
    Eternal Autumn - Arena (II)
    You'll finally fight Bethany. She'll summon Flickering Stalkers 
    constantly, and she has two Handmaidens to escort her, so you'll be 
    fighting four enemies at the same time: use Shield during the whole 
    fight. Bethany can use the spell Ward (she throws you a vegetal bomb) 
    and she can magically push you away. Nothing at this moment can damage 
    her, so kill the two Handmaidens on the towers on the sides and the 
    Flickering Stalker. All Flickering Stalkers summoned by Bethany lose 
    constantly life points, but you can't just wait until they die, so 
    throw them some skulls to make it faster. You'll find a medikit on the 
    top of the third tower, the one without a Handmaiden. Once her two 
    Handmaidens are dead, she will stop summoning Flickering Stalkers and 
    instead she will summon Big Monto Shonoi. Again, her Big Monto Shonoi 
    constantly lose life points, but you can't just wait. Right after she 
    has summoned a Big Monto Shonoi she will look like stunned: that's the 
    moment where you must hit her with the scythe.
    g.	Final
    Standing Stones (II)
    What... is ... this?
    OK. Don't get too far from the King, as some tentacles will attack you 
    if you get too close to the water. Instead, use Shield to protect you 
    from the acid it throws at you, and attack to the big grey thing the 
    King has on its top, it seems to be the part where he's more 
    vulnerable. Best choice is the pistol and Skull Storm. After some 
    time, you'll see that the King will open a huge mouth and will try to 
    eat you. Of course, don't let it to do so! Shoot at the mouth whenever 
    it's fully open to hurt the King and force it to close the mouth. Once 
    it's covering its mouth, attack again to the big grey thing with 
    pistol and Skull Storm. Actually, I think you should use the pistol 
    mainly for its open mouth, and save Skull Storm for the big grey 
    thing. Although you'll see some phoenix eggs and dynamite nearby, 
    don't use or take any of them. They're completely useless and, what 
    it's worse, you'll be exposed to the King's tentacles. The King will 
    still throw you acid, so never forget to use Shield. The King can 
    obviously take lots of damage, but it will finally die. Once it's 
    dead, watch the final cutscene.
    7. CHEATS
    addall - Obtain all weapons and spells 
    aerial - Activates walking on the air
    ampattspell - Increase selected spell's level  (deampattspell has the 
    opposite effect)
    assall - Creates a donkey
    astral - Enable no clipping mode (activates walking on the air + going 
    through walls)
    becomelight 0 - Extra light off
    becomelight 1 - Extra light on
    behindview 0 - 3rd person view off
    behindview 1 - 3rd person view on
    bring - Summon item 
    castfire - sets fire to the character the cursor points at
    castglow - casts fluorescence on the character the cursor points at
    clearweather - stops snow/rain
    debughud - shows rather useful (for cheaters) information
    debugmsg - shows the name of current map and some comments
    eh - Enable god mode 
    enemycrosshair - the cursor will remain red even aimed at a character 
    (repeated input returns green color)
    flight - Enable flying mode 
    forcehide # - makes object or character # invisible (but doesn't 
    destroy it), unhide # returns visibility
    gibhim - destroys the character you are taking aim at (cannot be 
    applied to bosses)
    giveme - Summon weapon to inventory
    infinitemana <0 or 1> - Toggle unlimited mana
    invisible <0 or 1> - Enemies do not attack 
    mshat # - shatters your mind with intensity # (from 1 to 5)
    open # - see start #
    pie - restores mana after a spell
    raindance - starts rain (clearweather cancels)
    renderweapon - Invisible weapon
    set # ? $ - a multipurpose command for changing parameters. # - the 
    character, ? and $ - the parameter and its value (see showpawnnames). 
    For example: if there are howlers and a trsanti named trsanti5 on the 
    map, set howler enemy trsanti5 will set all the howlers on this 
    trsanti. Two most popular variations of the code are shown below
    set aeons.patrick health 999 - Set health to 999
    set aeons.patrick mana 999 - Set mana to 999
    setgroundspeed ### - Set ground speed (default value is 400)
    setjumpz #### - Set jump height (default value is 250) 
    showactornames - shows the name of the object and its state (waiting, 
    dying, etc.)
    showall - Show event triggers
    showfps - Show frame rate 
    showpawnnames - shows detailed information of the character
    showstealth - Show stealth factor 
    showtex - shows information of the surface texture
    slomo <1-5> - Set game speed 
    snowdance - starts snow (clearweather cancels)
    snuffpawns - deletes all characters
    timedemo 1 - shows time (0 instead of 1 hides the line)
    walk - Disable no clipping mode
    woo - gives you Molotov cocktails
    woundpawn - makes the character you are taking aim at bleed. He won't 
    suffer, but you'll be pleased with the sight
    Note: If the game detects you have a health over 100, the Boss 
    Creatures will not attack. Since you must exploit weaknesses during 
    their attack, you will be unable to proceed. Use the health cheat to 
    set your health back to 100 before confronting bosses!
    Using these map cheats, you can jump to any level within the game. The 
    "CU_nn" maps are cutscenes, and "playground" and "SmokeTest" are test 
    levels. Enter these cheats the same way as other codes.
    start Aeons
    start Catacombs_Cisterns
    start Catacombs_Cliffs
    start Catacombs_Entrance
    start Catacombs_Exit
    start Catacombs_Exit_After
    start Catacombs_LairOfLizbeth
    start Catacombs_LairOfLizbethPostCU
    start Catacombs_LowerLevel
    start Catacombs_SaintsHall
    start Catacombs_Tunnels
    start Catacombs_WellRoom
    start Catacombs_WindChamber
    start CU_01
    start CU_02
    start CU_03
    start CU_04
    start CU_05
    start CU_06
    start CU_07
    start CU_08
    start CU_09
    start CU_10
    start CU_11
    start CU_12
    start CU_13
    start Entry
    start EternalAutumn_FinalFight_Arch
    start EternalAutumn_FinalFight_Arena
    start EternalAutumn_FinalFight_ArenaBattle
    start EternalAutumn_FinalFight_Ruins
    start EternalAutumn_Ravines_Airie_Interior
    start EternalAutumn_Ravines_Bridge
    start EternalAutumn_Ravines_Chase
    start EternalAutumn_Ravines_Chieftain
    start EternalAutumn_Ravines_Forest
    start EternalAutumn_Transition
    start EternalAutumn_Waterfall_Dwellings_Lower
    start EternalAutumn_Waterfall_Dwellings_Upper
    start EternalAutumn_Waterfall_Gauntlet
    start Grounds_Cottage
    start Grounds_Dock_Night
    start Grounds_Lighthouse
    start Grounds_Mausoleum_Approach
    start Grounds_Mausoleum_Entrance
    start Grounds_Mausoleum_Tunnels
    start Grounds_OldCemetery
    start Manor_CentralLower
    start Manor_CentralLower_After
    start Manor_CentralLower_Night
    start Manor_CentralLower_Storm
    start Manor_CentralUpper
    start Manor_CentralUpper_After
    start Manor_CentralUpper_PostOneiros
    start Manor_CentralUpper_Storm
    start Manor_Chapel
    start Manor_Chapel_Night
    start Manor_Crypt
    start Manor_EastWingLower
    start Manor_EastWingLower_After
    start Manor_EastWingLower_Night
    start Manor_EastWingUpper
    start Manor_EastWingUpper_After
    start Manor_EastWingUpper_Night
    start Manor_EntranceHall
    start Manor_EntranceHall_FromKitch
    start Manor_EntranceHall_Intro
    start Manor_EntranceHall_Night
    start Manor_EntranceHall_Night_ReturnFromCove
    start Manor_EntranceHall_Storm
    start Manor_EntranceHall_ToKitch
    start Manor_FrontGate
    start Manor_FrontGate_Night
    start Manor_FrontGate_Night_Return
    start Manor_Gardens
    start Manor_Gardens_Night
    start Manor_Gardens_Storm
    start Manor_GreatHall_Night
    start Manor_GreatHall_Storm
    start Manor_InnerCourtyard
    start Manor_InnerCourtyard_Storm
    start Manor_NorthWingLower
    start Manor_NorthWingLower_After
    start Manor_NorthWingLower_Night
    start Manor_NorthWingLower_Storm
    start Manor_NorthWingUpper
    start Manor_NorthWingUpper_Night
    start Manor_NorthWingUpper_PostOneiros
    start Manor_NorthWingUpper_Storm
    start Manor_PatricksRoom
    start Manor_TowerRun_Night
    start Manor_TowerRun_Storm
    start Manor_WestWing
    start Manor_WestWing_Hall1
    start Manor_WestWing_Night
    start Manor_WidowsWatch_Storm
    start Monastery_Past_Church
    start Monastery_Past_Exterior
    start Monastery_Past_Interior
    start Monastery_Past_LivingQuarters
    start Monastery_Present_Church
    start Monastery_Present_Cove
    start Monastery_Present_Entrance
    start Monastery_Present_InnerSanctum
    start Monastery_Present_Tunnels
    start Oneiros_Amphitheater
    start Oneiros_City1
    start Oneiros_City2
    start Oneiros_HowlingWell
    start Oneiros_Intro
    start Oneiros_Oracle
    start Oneiros_RetreatBath
    start Oneiros_RetreatExterior
    start Oneiros_RetreatSecondFloor
    start Oneiros_RetreatStudio
    start Oneiros_ZigguratInterior
    start Oneiros_ZigguratLower
    start Oneiros_ZigguratUpper
    start PiratesCove_Barracks
    start PiratesCove_Exterior
    start PiratesCove_Pier
    start PiratesCove_Pool
    start PiratesCove_TreasureRoom
    start Playground
    start SmokeTest
    start StandingStones_FirstVisit
    start StandingStones_KingFight
    start Start
    These are the objects compatible with bring and some other cheats. 
    scrye (you have it by default)
    ghelziabahrstone (you have it by default) 
    revolver (you have it by default) 
    To get the Molotov cocktail use woo. 
    In most cases you won't be let into the room before the appointed time 
    even with a dozen keys in your pocket. 
    fallensaint (not visible)
    spawnedburiedsaint (not visible)
      NPCs: (killing them ends the game)
    patrick (crashes the game)
    * Not available normally in game 
    Level: Manor - West Wing
    Walk to the door at the end of the hall (it's where you see Aaron in 
    his revenant form and take a health kit). Shoot at two dark panels on 
    both sides of the door to open it. You'll find yourself in a shooting 
    gallery. You'll have to shoot bats coming from four different places, 
    and Flickering Stalkers in bonus rounds. After you manage to complete 
    10 rounds, you'll get a shotgun as well as shells (both normal and 
    phosphorus) as a reward. It's very hard, so don't frustrate if you 
    Level: Manor - Entrance Hall (III)
    Right after you start the level, jump onto the smaller paintings 
    (you'll hear a click) and watch the show.
    Level: Oneiros
    Type bring speargun to get a speargun. Search the area with three 
    windows on a wall and shoot a spear through the middle window. Search 
    nearby on scrye mode to see a blue spiral floating on the pit. Jump 
    towards it and you'll appear in a building with a talking donkey. When 
    you get into the room with the talking donkey, turn left and use the 
    dispel spell on the wall in front of you, walk into it and it will 
    open and in there you'll find a note from one of the game designers.
    Level: Monastery Present - Cove
    The map is big, and you'll have to play through it to get to this 
    "easter egg". When you get into the barn and jump into the ruined 
    building, note the long plank on the second floor. Jump up and down 
    several times at the end of the plank, and you'll see a giant sheep.
    Level: Monastery Present - Tunnels
    When you get to the underground river, switch to noclipping mode 
    (astral). Go to the right, through the wall. Type walk to become 
    tangible and take the note from one of the game designers.
    Level: Pirate's Cove - Pier
    Play through the level. Go up the spiral stairs. Use astral to go 
    through the wall behind the two barrels. There are two notes, one 
    addressed to the Mole, the other one dedicated to Mario Lemieux, a 
    hockey player.
    Level: Manor - Entrance Hall (V)
    After talking to the fat maid, follow her upstairs and hang around for 
    several minutes. You'll hear Patrick behave improperly.
    Level: Oneiros - Howling Well
    Fly to the building, get inside, push the button on the wall near the 
    purple field, return to the entrance, fly to the roof, scrye and 
    you'll see a purple cloud. This is a portal. Welcome to the Disco of 
    Access the Credits from the main menu. Right-click on the "D" in 
    Daniel P. Keller, "K" in "Richard "Keebler" Benson", "M" in "Michael
    J. Goodwin", "B" in "Brady Bell", "G" in "Jon Galvan" to hear some 
    sound events.
    A very complete page about Clive Barker's Undying
    Less complete, but the "Talking donkey" easter egg is explained, with 
    An interesting forum
    Another one
    This guy uploaded a video walkthrough

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