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"A Great FPS from the king of horror"

This has got to be the only First person shooter that has actually scared me. But it is from Clive Baker(from the hellraiser series) so its acceptable. The game is set in the early 19's .You are a soldier turned supernatural investigator. In the War You meet a man called Jeremiah Covenant. You become great friends and save each others lives along the way. But he is hiding a secret about his family. His family live in Ireland and own a huge house,that he lives in with his two brothers and 2 sisters.
When they where Younger they went to a small island called The Island Of The Standing stones... On the island there are three stones with symbol's carved into them. They read a passage from one there fathers books,but they unleashed pure evil. Jeremiah's syblins over the years start to die one by one,but the maids and servents can still feel that they are there.. Jeremiah is the last one left and need's your help in saving the mansion. Jeremiah is dieing from a disease that he thinks was caused by the ritual. Upon arriving there You see ghosts,monsters,zombies a lot of dead bodies and the list goes on.
You not only use weapons you can use a variety of spells as well
One feature that i loved about this game is a spell called synth-just say there is a painting on the wall,You use Synth and it will show what the painting REALLY is. For example a painting of the family--synth is casted- Still a portrait of the family, for the exception of the missing heads the blood the fangs and the basic horror of it all. Or when you are entering the house, look at the post with a light hanging on it-cast synth- a man hanging from it moaning.

This game is great and i would recommend it to people who don't even like FPS games because of the adventure section of the game

Sound---10. Very eariry(spelt wrong) sounds and music that add to the feel of the game

Graphics-8.9 Very good but could be improved a little bit on some of the guns

Gameplay-9.5, FPS but it feels like an adventure game-Run around and blast everything? Nope-Run around solve puzzles collect journals talk to people find objects then blast every thing-Thats more like it

OVERALL SCORE-9.6, A great game that is very scary and stays that way from begging to end-Just what you would expect from the master of horror,Clive Baker.He did the right choice in making games instead of writing books
Go out and buy it!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/18/01, Updated 03/18/01

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