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"Could be better... much better"

EA Games are famous company for their games who were hits.But it will certainly not be so famous if it continues creating games such as this one. This game has only one thing- horror. You will be called in some spooky house in order to chase ghosts of a long-time dead family.The story is too long , as you will have to kill the whole family of ghosts , and you will play 6-7 hours between two ghosts. Devastating, I think. You will eventually fight only 5-6 types of enemies who will be placed on some spooky places in order to scare you. Maybe , if you see them closely and somewhere on day time (it will happen several times) , you will see that they are funny and not scary at all. Although, you will have your gun and shotgun, and some funny weapons. The story will be too slow ,with no happenings at all, and in certain times you will be bored fighting silly enemies. From time to time you will hear laughing of the ghosts in the house that are supposed to scare you.The lights will go on and off all the time , but at the end you will be scared only if you are in a dark room and if you are listening only to the music from Undying.
There are , however two bright sides of this game: audio/video , and movies.
Audio/Video: The music is excellent. It really frightens you and keep you tensed. The graphics are amazing, with some engine that reminds me of Unreal. The weapons and movements are as real as possible.You will still need a very powerful machine to play this game (PIII , GeForce2 , 128 MB...), and if you have some other configuration you will face problems in your advancement , because there are loading screens on every step of the way.
The movies... They are great! Watching the movies you will see incredible details- you will see a ghost running in the background, you will see what it is to be haunted...You will too be part of that story , that maybe if some other company was working on , would take a different turn somewhere and ended up as Deus Ex, or SOF, the best FPS ever!
Re playable-maybe. I wouldn't play it again because I wouldn't spend another day just to see who am I really after (according to mine thinkings, you will know the end from the beginning).
Recommendation: First rent it , then buy it. If you must.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 08/05/01, Updated 08/05/01

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